GW2 New Skins from Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

A gallery of the new skins that drops from new Treat or Trick Bags in Halloween 2015.

All of the skins can be brought on TP as well since they are tradeable.

Karka Helm Skin


Nest – Scepter


Nightwing – Pistol


Pumpkin Smasher – Hammer


Vassago – Axe


  • Raven

    Awwww a karka hatchling that hugs you. :3

    • Shadow Tech

      I hope it don’t lay an egg in my chest….anyone want to be a test subject?

      • Figo Ligo

        Meanwhile a fully grown Karka have a corpse hanging beneath its body.

  • CharmingRogue


  • Nostram

    the karka is giving you a scalp massage

  • Alot

    Face hugger ^^
    If a friend of mine hadn’t quit the game years ago due to lack of content, I could have gotten her to quit by attacking her characters with that spider’s nest on a stick ^^

  • Ralph Ellison

    Haha that karka helm lol

  • Colosso

    THIS Axe is a good option for necros those pistols … hum …. nananananananananana

    • Alastor999

      And it’s called “Nightwing” ;p

    • Gareth Martin

      batman? you think he would use those? Or is anything bat related his deal?

      • Colosso

        Why so serious?

        • Gareth Martin

          atleast you know you got nothing.

  • Alastor999

    “Nest” huh? Yeah… I’m just going to call THAT the “Scepter of NOPE!”

  • Josef Tauser

    Headcrabs !!! Half Life 3 confirmed 😀

  • Rick


    Where the heck are the bat shoulders that have been pictured? They aren’t in achievements and they aren’t in the candy corn vendors. I’m talking about the shoulder item that gives you the swirling bats, not the batwings.

    • Only thing I know at this point is that you can combine 4x Tattered Bat Wings, 250 Mystic Coins, 20 Bloodstone Bricks, 120 Powerful Blood into the mystic forge to get An account bound Bat Wing which is the first step of the process. No one knows the subsequent steps yet.

      • Rick

        Ahhh, I assume you’ll have a guide when that’s all known?

        120 powerful blood….OUCH!

        • Archi

          i;m more concerned with having to use 250 mystic coins on just the first step

      • grey

        Anything bout the mummy back piece?

  • Lucy

    Dulfy do you have the chat codes for these please?

    • Rick

      You have to chant, “I SUMMON THE ALMIGHTY POWER OF THE DULFY!” 🙂

      • Lucy

        Edited 😛

  • Mark A Torres

    Looking at the helm… Face Huggers…

  • Raz

    None of them look remotely good… I wonder if these are even worth investing in. I honestly don’t think anyone would pay higher than 50g for these even 5 years later lol.

  • Drychsyllu

    If the pumpkin hammer was a staff I’d be so excited for it. Hammer just doesn’t make much sense.

  • Rafael Cobrah

    someone have tried plastic fangs for nightfury’s recipe

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