GW2 Changes to HoT Story Mastery Gating

Arenanet is removing the Itzel Prison Mastery gating from Act 3 Chapter 14.

Hey all,

I just wanted to pop in here real briefly to let you all know that the team discussed the complaints we’ve been seeing here about the masteries gating story progression, and with tomorrow’s patch we’ll be removing the Itzel Poison mastery gate from chapter 14 “Sign Cutting”. If you were already on this step, when you next log in, your story step should automatically advance as though you had earned the mastery. If you haven’t reached this point, you shouldn’t notice anything different (apart from the fact that you can progress the story faster). If you’ve already advanced past this point by earning the mastery, well there’s just no other way to say it: you’re a rock star, and you deserve an ice cold beverage and a toast from the story team at Arenanet! 🙂

I don’t have an exact ETA on when this fix will go Live, but we just wanted to get the word out there ASAP so that if you’re currently on this step, you might want to wait as you will have the ability to bypass this gate sometime tomorrow.

We wanted to use mastery gating as a way to try and prepare you for the challenges ahead the deeper into the Maguuma that you went, but we realize that in this particular scenario, it ended up not being the experience we wanted for all of you and we wanted to correct it.

See you in the jungle!

  • burntorangenavyblue

    Good to see them take swift action on this matter. Haven’t played HoT much but having to non-stop killing for exp in the name of story progression is not something that I would feel okay with to enjoying the game (story-wise). Had a migraine when I played last so all of the new content was overwhelming.

    • tinnic

      It hasn’t been too bad for me. Everytime I had to do that, I just went off exploring and capping hero points. Just stopping and smelling the roses seemed to be enough to get me the experience I needed to unlock the mastery and continue the story. That said, I am glad they are removing the poison mastery because that’s a level 4 mastery! Totally uncalled for, for the story.

  • Firle

    Itzel “Prison” Mastery gating, should be Poison aswell shouldnt be?

    ty for ur great guides 🙂

  • Alot

    I’ve approved of the gating so far. Its like a cross between the level locks and world hearts – encouraging you to explore the maps in between missions. Not sure how onerous the poison mastery is though.

    • George Smith

      incredibly. if you just doing them as the story requires you have itzel 1 THEN it asks you oh go get itzel 4

      • Alot

        I see…
        That’s pretty dumb.

  • John Ax

    Good riddance. That poison mastery would have required a days worth of grinding meta events.

  • Tyler Sears

    I like the gating that they added in the expansion, but man was I upset when I saw that I had to get THREE more masteries to advance the story. I’m pretty happy about the change their making, and it’s good to see them listening to the community.

  • Lil Puppy

    STOP GATING THINGS! If I want a tougher challenge, let me have it my way!

    • The Malkavian Villain of Tyria

      I think they took it a wee too far in this case. With that said, I still intend on working on that Poison Mastery.

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