GW2 Heart of Thorns Act 2 Story Achievements Guide

GW2 Heart of Thorns Act 2 Story achievements guide. This is a work in progress.[toc]

Prized Possessions

After you have done the story version of this instance, the following achievements unlock. You may have to repeat this instance twice to get all the achievements as Wild Dragon Chase is hard to get on the same run as the escape achievements.

Flawless Escape – 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Exalted Keys
  • Perquisite: Complete the Prized Possession instance once to unlock it.


While being pursued by the Mordrem beast, avoid taking any hit. The best way to do is this to get ahead of the Ruka NPC as waiting for him will spawn things that can make this achievement very hard to do. You need to have an idea of where to go and once Ruka get on the ledge with the Mordrem wolves below, do not follow him. Instead, use your #1 skill to directly leap to the top and doing so will avoid spawns of Mordrem tendils which will make this achievement very difficult. Other than that, the only thing you have to becareful is avoiding the traps and run between the red circles to not getting hit by them. I use the #3 leap to get past the first circle since it is hard to navigate.w


Deathless Escape – 5 pts

  • Reward: Black Diamond
  • Perquisite: Complete the Prized Possession instance once to unlock it.

While being pursued by the Mordrem beast, do not die. You can get this achievement along with Flawless escape. If the Mordrem beast catches up to you, you will die instantly.

Wild Dragon Chase – 5 pts

  • Reward: Black Diamond
  • Perquisite: Complete the Prized Possession instance once to unlock it.


A bit tricky achievement. You need to gather all 23 blue orbs that are out there. After the Mordrem wolves/tendrils on the ledge you should have 8 orbs. After the first open area where you need to glide past you should have 14. In the narrow section with the plant traps there are a bunch more at the top so keep an eye out. You should have 20 orbs after passing through the traps section. Follow the video if you need. Keep in mind that there is a buff you get while doing this achievement that keeps track of how many orbs you have gotten.


City of Hope

Never Say Die – 5 pts

  • Reward: Bag of Aurillium.
  • Perquisite: Complete the City of Hope instance once to unlock it.

Complete the trial of strength with no deaths. This trial of strength achievement is pretty easy. Make sure you have a ranged weapon and some cripple/immobilize as most of the mobs that spawns are pretty easy to kill from ranged. The only one I really had trouble was the Destroyer Harpy that spawns first as he evades attack and launch fireballs at you that are hard to avoid. Remember that your heals do not work while in this trial. Also watch out for mud puddles on the ground that will cripple you and don’t stand next to the trial altar as rocks will fall down and knock you down.

The five mobs you will get in this trial are Destroyer Harpy, Icebrood Elemental, Risen Plaguebearer. Branded Minotaur (watch for his charge), and Mordrem Stonehead (also charges).


No More Time – 5 pts

  • Reward: Bag of Aurillium.
  • Perquisite: Complete the City of Hope instance once to unlock it.


This achievement sounds hard since you have to navigate a maze under a certain time limit but it is actually pretty easy thanks to gliding. To the left of the maze entrance is series of steps you can climb on and basically glide to the top of the maze and work your way to one of the objectives. Make sure you have swiftness as you will be put in combat and will not make the jumps between the walls that make up the maze otherwise.


Predator Prey – 5 pts

  • Reward: Bag of Aurillium.
  • Perquisite: Complete the City of Hope instance once to unlock it.

Defeat all the Mordrem mobs in the teamwork trial. Make sure you kill all the normal Mordrem wolves before you kill the alpha or you will fail this achievement. If you use the “cheese” method you can do this achievement at the same time as Leave it to Me painlessly by having your party members kill all the wolves in normal form.

Leave it to Me – 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Exalted keys
  • Perquisite: Complete the City of Hope instance once to unlock it.

This is a pretty painful and tedious achievement if you attempt it solo. You need to complete the trial by killing the marked Mordem while in rabbit form. In rabbit form you have only #1 attack skill so it can be really tedious if you try it solo (prepare to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hr). Bring friends to make this quicker and less painful.

If you have any Fire Elemental Powder or Ogre Pet Whistle it is time to bring them out as they will help you immensely with this. There is another way to “cheese” this by having the instance owner stay at the start of the room without going in and everyone else in the party go and kill the Mordrem wolves. No one will be transformed into the rabbit form as long the instance owner does not move once you get ported into the trial room.

Strange Observations

You should be able to do the achievements in one run of this instance after you have completed it once to unlock the achievements.

Video of Strange Observations achievements


Avoid Traps – 5 pts

  • Reward: Superior Sigil of Ruthlessness.
  • Perquisite: Complete the Strange Observations instance once to unlock the achievement.

This achievement appears to be bugged as reaching Taimi without getting hit by the two sets of traps did not grant me the achievement. For the traps it mostly comes down to RNG and a bit of practice. I find it helpful to move as soon as you see an empty space in the next row of traps. Swiftness helps too. You don’t really have the time to dodge if a trap spawns under you as the trap basically triggers instantly. Mesmers can cheese this by using double blink with mimc. Same applies to other glasses with blink like abilities.

  • While this achievement is bugged there is a way to get it by completing the instance (get to the step where you share the news of Rata Novus with the rest of your party) and then go back to purposely get hit by the 2nd set of traps before heading back to Taimi’s room. This will trigger the achievement oddly enough.


Mordrem Usurper – 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Noxious Seed Pods
  • Perquisite: Complete the Strange Observations instance once to unlock the achievement.

For this achievement, you need to kill the Mordrem wolves only using the skill you get from the pad that the Mordrem controller is standing on. You need to basically displace one of the Mordrem controllers away from the pad he is standing by either crowd control abilities like push/knockback or kill him without killing any of the wolves.Once the controller is no longer on his pad, you can hop on it and use the #1 skill to basically one shot all the wolves for the achievement. If you attempt to jump on the pad while the controller is standing on it, you will be knocked off it. Make sure you don’t use any AoE abiltiies here as the mordrem wolves have very little HP and if even one dies not via the pad ability you will be disqualified for the achievement.


Mushroom Conservationist – 5 pts

  • Reward: 10 Sawgill Mushrooms
  • Perquisite: Complete the Strange Observations instance once to unlock theachievement.

Help Taimi collect saurian bones without using more than 4 mushrooms. I am not really sure how to fail this achievement as all you do is collect a Tasty Mushroom outside the cave and throw it inside the cave with the #1 skill to spawn a random creature that will drop the saurian bone once killed. Once you have the bone, just interact with one of the pillars with the green star.


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66 replies on “GW2 Heart of Thorns Act 2 Story Achievements Guide”

Hey dulfy wasn’t sure of best way to contact you. Are you currently making a HP guide? Like a list of one’s that don’t require masteries or groups, and ones that do? Would help out a lot of players

thanks again for your diligence. theres a ton of content still to cover, and you havent even touched the non-gem store item sets like Reclaimed. i know i would never be able to keep up with it.

You can fail Mushroom Conservationist, if one of the random spawns isn’t a dinosaur. Happened to me, while playing the story.

I got avoid traps. I don’t know why. The first set of traps I avoided, but the second I got hit by. Gave the achievement to me when I entered the room Taimi is in.

same thing happen to me, actually some friends are getting achievements before even getting the right to replay.

Leave it to me achievement can be done easily with a party if the party leader stays at the door when you spawn into the bunny room. This will let the other players stay in normal form and attack the boss. I went in when the boss had a couple hits left to get a hit in, but idk if that would be required or not.

it isn’t… I never attacked the boss but we got a funny bug.

I guess they really wanted you to rely on your comrades at the end.

Leave it to me is easy if you go in with a party and have the opener stay at the start of the room without going in. This will let everyone else attack in normal form. I went in when the boss only had a couple hits left to get a hit in just in case, but idk if that’s required. It doens’t say you have to be in rabbit form, just to not rez any of the npcs.

Brently is right about Avoiding Traps. Finished the whole instance, then ran back, purposely got hit by the 2nd set of traps, went back into Taimi’s room and got the achievement.

worked for me too 🙂 :
1- Finished the whole instance
2- Then go purposely hit by 2nd sets of trap
3- go to Taimi Room
4- Well DONE !

Thx Fred Wang

For the Leave it to Me achievement, you can do it easy solo. You can use food and consumables like the Fire Elemental Powder and Ogre Pet Whistle. You can range a few foes just as you enter the room without going too far in. The tablet is as far as you should go. If you get the Alpha in the doorway at the end, you’ll be able to get it done in no time. Skill 5 to apply vulnerability helps it go faster.

I don’t know if they nerfed it, but these summon pets can’t take a beating. I recommend you save the time and money and just bring a friend. Don’t know if the other tactic works (were you stay behind while they beat on the mobs), but I’ll try that later.

This … didn’t work.

for avoid traps, I avoided all the traps then went into the room with taimi then went back to the traps and got hit and finally went back to taimi. I got the achieve then.

Hey Dulfy, not sure what the best way to contact you is, but I was wondering if you need help on the part 3 story achievements. I know where most of the Buried Insights achievements are and can easily grab screenshots to send you if you’d like.

For Leave it To Me in City of Hope, you can use consumables. The elemental summon, ogre pet summon, and other things can be very useful.

For “Leave it to me”, you can make this even easier solo without the use of consumables by using an instrument such as the christmas bell or even the warbler you got from act 1 to transform into your human self, thus granting access to your utilities. Obviously not intended but you can only imagine how easy this is for say, an engineer with kits.

It does indeed work with the warbler, as it only takes up skills 1-5. Still irritating that you can only use your utility skills though.

Mushroom Conservationist you just need to pick up the mushroom back instead of using more than 4 mushroom. use one mushroom pickup it up then throw to the next cave

Leave it to Me another solo tip.. lure the alpha wolf to the door. When you die, instantly respawn and keep hitting.

Thanks for the tip 🙂
I lured all wolves to the start point where the altar is, and headbutted all of them to death…. after ard 1 hour of non-stop deaths and respawnings myself. Got both “Predator Prey” and “Leave it to Me” achievements at the same time.

prepare for rabbit supremacy…

for “leave it to me”, there is a way to do it that I’m pretty sure they would patch… took us 1 minute at most. the one that opened the instance don’t fricking step away from the safe zone, let your party kill fast the guy. since you will transform the moment you pass the box.

actually after this you will bug, since you never stepped from the box and you will have the funniest moment having a bunny deliver the egg.

Hey, if anyone is still trying to get the super broken Avoid Traps, here’s how I got it.

Avoid first set of traps, trigger 2nd, kill mobs. Return to 1st set, trigger, kill.

Also, the achievement will not trigger until you reach Tiami! Don’t forget that.

Avoid Traps Achieve: You can do this achieve by gliding over the traps. #1 Climb up the tree out front directly opposite the first set of traps then glide over to the ledge above the first traps. #2 (if u need to get higher there is a inlet around to the right side that allows you up) but basically just glide over the 2nd set of traps from here. You’ll have to do the bugged version as the achieve doesn’t pop after you get by the 2nd traps. but much easier then RNG.

Just got ‘Leave it to me’ finally done, the easy way. Just use the warbler you get in Act One, once activated you can use your utilitie skills. Do not that not all skills seem to work, sylvari hound and turrets worked fine but others didn’t do anything. Also, pull the alpha to the door where you start, that way he won’t reset when you respawn. Good luck!

Just got the trap achievement by running through both (Triggering them), it came up once I got to the data server room. Not sure if it’s bugged or if it’s a joke.

Thanks a lot for those guides! I have two things to add/correct: Predator Prey can be done the very first time you do the instance and does not require any unlocking. And you want “Prerequisite” instead of “Perquisite”.

You can simply get the ____”Trap Achievement”___ with ranger (druid) staff #3 by zooming into an empty spot on the final row and running on
Should supposedly work the same with blink etc – simply by porting/wisping through them

I got the “avoid traps” achievement by running passed all the traps before the conversation between Jory and yourself is over. I got hit by both sets of traps and then I ran back to the mission objective by not getting hit by the second trap and é voila. Achievement unlocked.

The Wild Dragon Chase video says it’s restricted. I also tried logging in with a google account, can this be corrected?

Engineer turrets don’t get destroyed when you turn into a rabbit for “Leave it to Me”. Drop them before you transform. They won’t help too much but they do help.

“Leave it to me” – cheese way does not work any more. Nor does the Warbler tactic. Now you have to do it as it was intended. Such a pain!!!!

Did the “Avoid Traps” achievement today by triggering both traps then killing the 2nd mob and going into the room where Taimi is.

Did the “Mordrem Usurper” achievement by having another party member with higher Armour stat kiting the wolves away without attacking them and then killing the controller and then entering the circle and using the skill provided.

Avoid Traps triggered for me without even avoiding traps. I got hit my a trap and still got the achievement. My guess is that you only have to avoid the first set of traps, not the second.

Can confirm. I was testing to see if block or evade would work on the traps, neither did, and I triggered at least one of both sets.

Did Mordrem Usurper instead. Completed it, and moved on into the room with Taimi to do Mushroom Conservationist, and got a popup awarding me Avoid Traps…

It appears it’s broken the other way now. #workingasintended

I could not get the “No more time” achievement. I did everything as it is shown in the video, except in the last run, I used the staircase on the right instead of the one on the left. But I don’t know what was wrong.

can you still get wild dragon chase ach…the one where you collect echoes of glint if you die and restart from last checkpoint or not

If I’m understanding correctly you want to know if you restart from the checkpoints instead of restarting from the beginning? Then yes, I died at the first cave and it started back right before Faolin entered the cave.

For “leave it to me” u can pull the boss to the spawning area and keep respawn. hit boss few times then get killed, respawn hit few times, die, respawn. repeating it, u will pass.

More than that I found you HAVE to pull to the respawn point or else the wolves will walk away and regen. Quite frustrating.

Regarding Leave It To Me, use the Pocket Jade Armor consumable pets from Ember Bay. They hit hard. They have a 30 min cooldown but if you buy more than one you can re-summon and it will restart the cooldown timer. I bought 15.

First set of traps can be done the “cheesy”way – climb the tree infront the cave with the traps as much higher as you can and glide over…And Mushroom Conservationist fails if you die 🙂

For City of hope seems like i cant progress to redo achievements. I have exalted markings but the quest log is stuck on get exalted markings in auric basin.

Cant cheese the achievement for not ressing friends at the bunny-room anymore. Please update the page so more people dont waste their time. -.-

Leave It To Me 2k17 pre-PoF: buy 10 pocket jade armors from Ember Bay, 7 if you’re pro. They’re soulbound + heart vendor, so have fun. Turn into bunny, stealth to the left, pop an armor on the boss. When you die, it dies, so play it safe. Really try to isolate the champ or the Jade will fight another wolf. If you’re losing hard, pull the boss to spawn room and hit 1 on it while you question your judgement of how you spend your free time.

Whoever made “Leave it to Me” can go fuck themselves. Whoever co-signed that crap can also follow suit.

Leave it to me – The wolves no longer spawn before the instance owner enters the room; you must turn into a bunny to spawn them all.

Being a minion-mancer won’t work; all of your minions die when you enter bunny form. It was a sad day.

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