GW2 Upcoming Gemstore Items from HoT Patch

There are some chat codes to a few more gemstore items that were added with the Heart of Thorns patch.

Chat code are taken from that_shaman’s thread on reddit. These items are likely to be released within 2 weeks but you never know.



Lyssa’s Regalia – [&DB4AAAA=]


Lunatic Guard Outfit – [&DBwAAAA=]


Glittering Weapons

[&C+wYAAA=]    Glittering Axe
[&C3cYAAA=]    Glittering Dagger
[&C4UYAAA=]    Glittering Focus
[&C34ZAAA=]    Glittering Greatsword
[&C3oYAAA=]    Glittering Hammer
[&C18YAAA=]    Glittering Longbow
[&C5YYAAA=]    Glittering Mace
[&CzwZAAA=]    Glittering Pistol
[&Cz8ZAAA=]    Glittering Rifle
[&C9UYAAA=]    Glittering Scepter
[&C34YAAA=]    Glittering Shield
[&C8EYAAA=]    Glittering Short Bow
[&C+gYAAA=]    Glittering Staff
[&C/wYAAA=]    Glittering Sword
[&Cy0ZAAA=]    Glittering Torch
[&C+MYAAA=]    Glittering Warhorn

Glittering Axe Glittering Dagger Glittering Focus
gw2-glittering-axe gw2-glittering-dagger gw2-glittering-focus
Glittering Greatsword Glittering Hammer Glittering Longbow
gw2-glittering-greatswoord gw2-glittering-hammer gw2-glittering-longbow
Glittering Mace Glittering Pistol Glittering Rifle
gw2-glittering-mace gw2-glittering-pistol gw2-glittering-rifle
Glittering Scepter Glittering Shield Glittering Short Bow
gw2-glittering-scepter gw2-glittering-shield gw2-glittering-short-bow
Glittering Staff Glittering Sword Glittering Torch
gw2-glittering-staff gw2-glittering-sword gw2-glittering-torch
Glittering Warhorn

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69 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Gemstore Items from HoT Patch”

didn’t we have a couple that aren’t butterflies and pink? balthazar and scientific weapon skins come to mind. gotta cater to other people too, yo!

Man, we’re sure getting a lot of ornate-looking, crystal-themed weapons now.

Wait – glittering weapons… Glitter… And the egg from the story…

…Name of Glint’s hatchling confirmed? Glitter?

Also that new lunatic outfit is downright terrifying-looking.

just a question Dulfy, sorry if i ask here, you know how i can get the mistward set that Rytlock has got? i know only that can be purchased with a collection 😮 do you know anything?

if you are reffering to the mistward armor set that was available to all revs during the beta weekend then yes you can get it. all you need to do is fill the specalization trees, invocation, retribution ect. as each of these lines gets completed the corresponding collection opens. as a side note due to buggy behavior with those achievements that grant the collections, do not complete a trait line in an instance, story, or tutorial.

you can.When you create a revenant you open a specialization collection. It involves having 3 pieces of armor sets skins (very cheap), some pieces you get from killing some mobs (bandits, flame legions, inquests…) and bosses and others you get from dry top, silver wastes and maguma falls vendors (itze, exalted and nuhoc lore lvl 2)

i miss the times when they used to release the “outfits” as multiple parts so we could chose wich part of it we wanted to wear, instead of forcing us to always wear the whole thing or not wear it at all

I do, too. It’s a shame when they rolled out the Outfit system and all the people against it warned about this very thing happening everyone ignored it.

I don’t. Style-wise, being restricted to a single armor type sucks. For example, I main a guardian, but I dislike heavy armor on my guardian. It’s not like new armor sets haven’t been released anyway.

I just wish that they were more like GW1 outfits where the helm was separate. I’d love to wear other helms with some of these outfits, like the devil horns, or the Revenant’s eye covering.

It’s amazing how all these new weapons are all gated behind the gemstore. Yep, won’t be spending one penny in that rip off. Will quite happily stick with my wings of Dwayna

Erm, the weapons are probably ticket weapons. Not like buy from the gemstore weapons. They’re meant for people who open chests and get remarkably lucky.

And those chests can only be opened via keys that are sold in the gem store. Yes you COULD farm them, but not any more because the reward keys from story chapters have been nerfed to one a week.

Yes..EXTREMELY lucky. Where do you think peopel get most of the keys to open the chest for a CHANCE at a ticket. Yes.. the gemstore.

You can get keys from personal story, and from pvp reward tracks now. And if all else fails you can just work towards the gold for it because all black lion skins are on the tp. There are work arounds to everything

As opposed to earning them as a drop or reward in game. I just find the whole thing a shame. I know they have to make money, but so much is gated behind the gem store.

Yes but Anet doesn’t want you to get them from there, they want you to buy them on the store. They only put those there to pretend they aren’t. Why do you think there is such a huge disparity between chest droprate and key droprate?

You do realize that there are multiple new halloween weapon skins, and shoulder skins, added this patch, right? They are just added via gameplay, not pay-walled, so if you want them all you have to do is, you know, actually PLAY the game instead of PAY the game.

1. I have more money than time
2. I have unspent gems that I’d like to use for something I actually want.
3. I really only log in to GW2 for Halloween, as it’s the only time I like the game.
4. I want them to provide a product I want that I can buy, enjoy for Halloween, then leave.
5. Love the sarcasm, keep it up, nerd boy!

So you want to pay money for something you just admitted you don’t like except for Halloween since its “the only time I like the game” and “then leave.” Since you seem to be incredibly stupid with your money I want to tell you about this magic rock I have for sale that is 100% garunteed to ward off evil spirits.

I love opinions! SO fascinating.
I want to support a game I barely play because I can. I know, terrible.. so worthy of scorn.

I’m so sorry I disappoint you. Please, enjoy playing the game for free that I help pay to keep going 🙂

I like how you assume he’s leaching. Entirely possible he bought the expansion, as I did, and thus have done his/her part to support the game for a good long while.

He didn’t contradict me 😉 Everyone makes assumptions about each other. I spend my money as I wish. As long as I have enough money to do with as I please, which I do, then how I spend it isn’t “stupid.” It’s just different from what he would do with it. His problem, not yours, nor mine.

Congratz! You’re the minority, yet also proof that “you can’t please everyone.” People have been complaining for years about all the gem store skins and wanting more added in game, so MOST people are happy. But you want something you can just pay for and forget about…like I said; can’t please everyone.

Yay more outfits……. Can we please have more armor sets, im ok with the weapons thought. So getting tired of outfits

Anet said that they will NEVER add armors in the gem store. outfit in the gem store. Armor in the expac. Now go back to play and grind up your masteries to do the raids and get that legendary armor.

Screw raids, my ascended is already BIS and i have 3 sets of it
Legendary amour came too late for me like the pvp rewards tracks

Ohhh pretty weapons, to bad I’m bored of luminscent armor and gonna use leystone light and mistward.
Shame they didn’t bring back leyline and pact weapons.

Im just praying that they start introducing cosmetic armors instead of outfits soon, the lack of being able to mix and match this armor is killing my decision to buy these nice looking sets.

^ this. Some of those skins are amazing, but are let down by one or two bits. The hexed head piece would be great on a monk for a bit o samurai jacking about with the blinda GS, likewise the mad king boots are amazing on any asura

You guys realize there is a reason why they are putting out so many outfits right? It is because Anet realized a while back that they were hurting the game’s frame rate performance by having so much variation in the armors. They believe by releasing outfits they can put off having to spend resources on creating a DX11/DX12 path for the game and make money at the same time.

frame rate is the same; outfits are just easier to implement since there are no clipping issues. you can design, model and put an outfit up for sale all in one afternoon.

There are all kinds of benefits. I know a couple devs and frame rate is a known issue with so much variation in armors. Anet is hoping that by releasing outfits instead it will help with framerate over the long term.

while you are right about complete outfits needing less processing time than multiple independent objects, you are failing to think Anet is doing it for the framerate. Simple because that lunatic guard outfit up there has at least 4 particle fire emiters that need so much more gpu execution than regular armors without effects.

Might just be me but I like outfits because they let me look at something different without changing my armour. For example, I am super happy with how my guardian looks. I don’t want to change her armour skins. But sometimes I just get bored and want to look at something else. So I pop on an outfit and pretend I am one of the hapless nobles Faren brought to the jungle!

It’s nice to see Lyssa armor, at least Chaos of Lyssa isn’t alone anymore. still the weapon remains.

As for you Grenth, we are waiting for you.

I like the ascended look, and the grind for legendarys is painful but worth it, 800gems to me is better spent on t6 mats. New skin and armour sets should be like “legendary” drops from big events world wide to keep players grinding the entire game I feel. Give people a chance to get a skin drop on any big event world wide would see more activity everywhere, But yer, anet needs funds I guess.

CLONES?!?! EVERYONE LOOKS THE SAME!! Just armour sets. do armour sets
anet. this way theres more variety.

That’s nice. I personally really like getting new outfits and have been wanting the Lyssa outfit since the released Dwanya’s a while ago.

Ok for the last one…

Anet brings up the decision to only sell outfits via gemshop.
Armor sets will you get directly out of the game, like the carapax qnd the new ones in the expansion.

Players want this, so anet changed it.

You want armors in pieces? Play the game to collect them in achievements.

Seriously guys, it has been said over and over that Anet will sell via gem shop only outfits from now on.
Armor sets are acquired in game.

i’m glad i’ve been saving my claim tickets forever. that’s definitely a skin set i would use. i hope the dragonfly wings come soon, too!

One step closer to Grenth’s Regalia. I assume they’ll leave that one for last to not devalue Grenth’s Hood.

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