GW2 Verdant Brinks Hero Points Guide

GW2 Verdant Brinks Hero Points Guide with maps and videos points to all 11 hero points.

Updated for October 27 Patch

  • #4 is now soloable and no longer require Nuhoch V.
  • #8 is now entirely soloable since it has been moved away from the poison grass and you can drop down directly on it without aggroing the mobs nearby.
  • #6 and #11 have swapped places. #6 is now soloable while #11 now spawns a champion.

General Info

There are 11 Hero points in Verdant Brinks.They can all be access with regular gliding but Updraft will help with #7.

  • Soloable: Seven hero points are soloable: #1, #3, #4, #5, #6,#8 #9
  • Two players or more: Five hero points require 2 players or more: #2, #6, #7, #10, #11.
  • Easier to access at night time & updraft: #7


1. Wyvern Nesting Grounds Hero Point (Wyvern Cliffs)

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Soloable. Hero Point guarded by Adolescent Electric Wyvern and Adolescent Fire Wyvern. Both of which can be soloed.
  • Directions: Head west from Jaka Itzel Waypoint and climb up a little hill. Glide down from the hill to the plateau with Hero point guarded by the wyverns.


2. Nightthistle Blossom Hero Point (Creeping Crevasse)

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Mordrem Champion with 4 Mordrem guards. Needs 2 players minimum. Difficulty depends on the type of champion that spawns.
  • Directions: Glide from Shipwreck Point Waypoint and basically keep dropping down. The Hero point challenge is near the bottom in a roof type structure with Mordrem sharpshooters at the top.


3. Ancient Fighting Pit Hero Point (Shrouded Ruins)

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Soloable. It is basically something you interact to consume.
  • Directions: Go right from the Shrouded Ruins Waypoint and keep going up the stairs.Can use glider to get between the buildings.


4. Nuhoch Alchemical Energy Hero Point

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Soloable, simply commune
  • Directions: Glide east from Pact Encampment waypoint and drop down in the crevice below. You will find an opening in the cliff with a Nuhoch Stomper.


5. Abyssal Depths Hero Point

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Soloable. It is basically something you interact to consume.
  • Directions: Go left from Pact Encampment waypoint, drop all the down to the very bottom, almost near the roots. There is little cubby hole on the cliff wall.


6. Pact Airship Wreckage Hero Point

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Soloable
  • Directions:  Climb the big vine behind Faren’s Flyer waypoint and then glide from the mastery point.


7. Pile of Guano Hero Point (Skyclaw Peaks)

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Need 2-3 players minimum. Spawns champion vampiric mob that siphons health.
  • Directions:  Take the chopper at Pact Encampment waypoint during nighttime to get to the canopy where the Legendary Wyvern is. Run past his platform and use the updraft to glide to an airship where you will find the hero challenge at the top of the airship. There are ways to get to this place during the daytime but it is easier to access it at night time. Additionally, updraft isn’t required as there are ways to get to it by regular gliding although it is not as easy.


8. Ancient Tree Hero Point (West of Coztic Grounds)

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Soloable, you can glide down directly on top of the hero point to commune and avoid all mob aggro. Just don’t go into the poison cloud.
  • Directions: Go NE from Faren’s Flyer waypoint and drop down following the big tree branch. Start slowing your descent when you see a tree branch sticking out.


9. Cliffside Ruins Hero Point (South of Doomteeth)

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Soloable, skill point guarded by a single veteran only.
  • Directions: Go west from Mellaggan’s Valor waypoint and glide your way to the next cliff. On that cliff you will see some pathways leading up. You just need to go up the path a bit and then start gliding to reach this hero point.


10. Security Console Hero Point (Treacherous Paths)

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Champion, 2 players minimum.
  • Directions: Go up the hill in Faren’s Flyer Waypoint and get on top of the giant root to glide across to the platform with the hero challenge.


11. Coztic Itzel Belongings Hero Point

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Requires 2+ players. Spawns a champion.
  • Directions: Simply glide over from Treacherous Paths Waypoint.


  • DT

    Number 10, Security Console Hero Point, does not require night time or a chopper. Just go to Faren’s Flyer Waypoint, proceed up the switchback until you climb up a large metal cylinder. From the top of that, glide over to that giant root you see on the mini map that leads northwest.Run across the root, then glide down to the platform where the hero point is.

    • Thanks for the info, I have corrected it. Will need to redo the video as well

  • F.A.

    Would like to point out that #8 is soloable if you have stealth, or if you buy an Ash Legion Spy Kit from Plains of Ashford
    It’s possible to stand right next to the point without touching the poison

  • Dean

    Thank you so much for this, you’re a lifesaver 😀

  • Cerv

    HP #7 also does not require the chopper if you go through the Shrouded Ruins Waypoint. It would instead require you to have unlocked the bouncing mushrooms mastery as well as updraft though.

    • Josh Hicks

      I was able to do it as well with out updraft or mushrooms. It requires some gliding, and hoping around, but very doable ad long as you get to the canopy, you can do it :). Easier to do it you way though.

      • Lakshmi

        I found a pretty easy way to do it with just gliding. Take the chopper in the far NE corner of the zone. Cross the platform you are dropped onto to the side closest to the HP and just glide over.

  • nesogra

    Thank you Dulfy 🙂

  • Lief

    You are my #1 hero.

  • Blizt

    The Hero Point at Skyclaw Peaks actually doesn’t need updraft. To the east of the airship there is a canopy called Last Leap, if you go to its left and climbed onto a highest point, you can glide from there to the airship (just about enough, so ppl with high ping might have some issue).

  • WantedOne

    You can do #1 without gliding.

    There are steps you can jump up the side of the mountain. (Southwest of the point I believe is where I jumped up.)

  • Cenutrio

    Thanks Dulfy, you’re inspirational.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Thank you as always. This saved me so much time.

  • Lyndis

    In fact #8 requires resistance to itzel poison (itzel mastery IV) : it makes the vines go away as you walk on them.

    • Kulvar

      My guildies and I did it without resistance to itzel poison. It helps sure, but not required. Just kill the frogs from the other side (grap skills help). Then fly, use the updraft, go back and land just before the vines. Come close slowly. You’ll be able to take the point without touching any vine.

      • Lyho

        Yeah what I meant is that it is supposed to require it 🙂

  • DJW

    11 is not soloable. Spawns a champion and two regular mobs

  • Glenn Cassidy

    #2 is soloable – its only a vet.. with some add’s.. take out the add’s first … much easier with condi based character

  • Carl

    Attention: Number 6 is bugged. They changed it so it’s a commune hp but it’s off from the marker on the map and when u click it it says you completed it allready but on the map it appears as you didn’t.

    • Doghouse

      Numbers 6 and 11 are currently messed up. If you’re showing one of them as not complete, go do the OTHER one.

  • Samy

    What is the best way to gain experience and can I do that in the normal map(Tyria) as well ?

    • Nope, only HoT maps. Basically just do events and kill mobs that havn’t been killed in a while for added bonus xp.

      • Samy

        Is there a difference between the events during the day and the ones during the night? Because from what I have seen, people rarely fill the night progression bar.

  • Raivis Carriedo

    i did #11 like 5 times today but it didnt count for exploration

    • RichGonga

      Try doing #6 instead, I had the same problem and tried #6 (since they swapped places) and it finally gave me 100%

  • jose ortega

    was wondering if you could make a guide on how to get all the point of interest, I know its a lot of them but would be helpful, thx.

  • Doghouse

    With only basic gliding, I tried the jump shown to number 6 a dozen times or more without success – missed every time (sometimes by so little that I got my glide cancelled). Frankly, it was driving me nuts. I finally got the necessary distance by jumping from up by the mastery point.

    • Thanks for showing me that option – I tried a few times and gave up because I was so lagged my glider was only deploying after falling for a while and I’d end up below the height before I had a chance!

      • Doghouse

        You’re welcome. Definitely WAY easier from up there. I’ve now done it on about 10 characters, and only missed it once (when I accidentally cancelled my glider straight after the jump). And once you get Lean Techniques and a little extra glide speed on demand, it becomes downright trivial.

  • Rowie Formaran

    This was very helpful! 🙂

  • Koyomi K

    how do I get to use my glider?

  • Colloy

    #10 is soloable on minions necro 😛

    • neek

      #2 and #10 is soloable on Ranger with pet rotation.

  • jwillbr

    10 the way point is contested 25 hours a day. stupid GW2. dumbest addon to any game.

  • Ted Herman

    There is also a Nuhoch Wallow that goes from Scout Adan to #5.

  • LaNae

    Number 6 is listed as soloable and two or more players.

  • alccode

    The directions for #1 are completely wrong. You have to go SOUTH from the waypoint, west across the bridge, and up the cliffside steps to get to the hero point. (If you follow the directions and go west, you fall to a lower level and can’t get up. There is no “little hill” – the elevation difference is huge.)

  • Raoul Lartist

    did number 2 solo, was down and threw rocks at the last remain enemy. Defeated him in the last micro second… that was close

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