GW2 Auric Basin Hero Points Guide

GW2 Auric Basin Hero Points Guide with maps and videos points to all 11 hero points.

Nov 17 Update

  • #4 has been changed so it no longer works with experimental rifle but there is a way to reach with Lean Techniques.

October 27 Update

  • #2 no longer require any mastery at all or need adrenal mushrooms or alacrity to survive it. It can now be done entirely solo with no outside help.

General Info

There are 11 Hero points in Verdant Brinks.  #4 requires Bouncing Mushrooms, #5 requires Exalted Markings, #9 requires Nuhoch Wallows or Ley Line Gliding and #11 requires your map sucessfully completes the Octavine meta event AND your map is on the highest possible tier.

  • Soloable: Four hero points are soloable: #2, #9, #10, #11
  • Two players or more: Seven hero points require 2 players or more: #1, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8.
  • Mastery Gated: Three hero points are mastery gated: #4, #5, #9 but they can be all be bypassed.
  • Meta event dependent: One hero point depends on your map completing the meta event: #11.


1. Young Mushrooms Hero Point (Tarnished Treetop)

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Spawns champions and adds. 2 players minimum.
  • Directions: Jump down to the very bottom near the Wanderer’s waypoint and you should see the Hero Challenge.


2. Toxin Cured Hog Hero Point (South of Tarnished Treetop)

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Soloable, all you need to do is use the heal provided by the bacon at the right time. It will heal you by 25% per heal so do some math to see when to use it.
  • Directions: Drop down from Wanderer’s Waypoint and look for an opening on the ground. 



3. Suspicious Orichalcum Hero Point (West of Maguuma Shallows)

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Spawns Champion Arrowhead that does massive slams and knockdown. 2-3 players minimum.If you break his break bar he will be stunned and you can do max melee DPS to him for a few seconds.
  • Directions: Run from the Northwatch waypoint, no gliding required.


4. Ancient Golem Part Hero Point (West of The Falls)

  • Mastery Required: Bouncing Mushrooms and Lean Techniques
  • Difficulty: This hero challenge spawns a veteran golem with two guards if you are doing it with few players. Despite the fact that it is only a veteran, the encounter is pretty rough solo so bring a friend.
  • Directions: Start the run from Westwatch Waypoint to a ledge with bouncing mushrooms. Beware that this path is filled with pocket raptors so you want to have some defensives or you will get downed trying to run past them. Hop on the bouncing mushrooms to get up a ledge with a big tree stomp in the middle.


  • Go up as high on the tree stomp as you can and then glide to a nearby branch. Go up as high as you can on that branch and then glide to the area with the hero point challenge cave. You will need to run through a tunnel guarded by some golems and smokescales before entering a cave where the hero challenge resides.


5. Balthazar’s Statue Hero Point (Balthazar’s Rest)

  • Mastery Required: Exalted Markings (Or have a mesmer who has it as they can port you)
  • Difficulty: Depends if the Balthazar champion is up or not. If it is not, all classes can solo this by communing with the orb. If he is up, then you will either need stealth or a group of 3-4 players with Bouncing Mushroom mastery. When fighting the Champion Avatar of Balthazar, he will raise his hand at about 30% and burn everything in the room. You need to use bouncing mushrooms to get up to a safe spot and range him from up top. Mesmers/Theives can run up to the orb and stack stealth to commune with the orb even if the Avatar is up.
  • Directions: Run from Southwatch Waypoint, it is in the SW corner of the map. You will encounter a vine wall that cannot be passed unless you have Exalted Markings mastery. Once you are inside the courtyard, there is another gate that cannot be passed unless you have the mastery. Mesmers can port through both.


6. Egg Clutch Hero Point (Chak Hollow)

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Champion mob with two adds. Need 2 players or more.
  • Directions: Run south from Chak Hollow waypoint, need to jump up a bit to reach it since the cave entrance is a bit higher.


7. Mordrem Flower Hero Point (East of Mossheart Walk)

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Champion mob. Need 2 players or more.
  • Directions: Run south from Eastwatch Waypoint. You will pass through a tunnel and exit to an area with bunch of bouncing mushrooms and Bristlebacks. You can either use the mushroom or jump up the ledge. The hero challenge is inside a cave at the top.


8. Notice to Trespassers Hero Point (NE of Bristleback Chasm)

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Champion + 2 guards with veterans in that area. 2-3 players recommended.
  • Directions: Run NE from Eastwatch waypoint, fairly straightforward but you need to do some jumping on fungus pads to get to the top.


9. Burnisher Quarry Hero Point

  • Mastery Required: Nuhoch Wallows or Ley Line Gliding
  • Difficulty: Soloable
  • Directions: If you have Nuhoch Wallows, take the one just south of Tarnished Treetop. If you have Leyline Gliding, head NE from the Northpass Waypoint. If you don’t have either, ask for a port from a mesmer who has access to it.


  • Once you make it across, go down and take the tunnel to your right. It will go up and take you to a chasm where you need to glide across.


10. Exalted Overlook Hero Point

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding
  • Difficulty: Soloable
  • Directions: Glide from the north gate of Tarir the Forgotten City.


11. Hero Point Below Tarir

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Soloable
  • Directions: You must complete the Octavine meta event to successfully defend the city from the Mordrem AND your map level must be at max tier (hover over your minimap to see your map level).  Once your map has down this, you can drop down the hole in the middle of Tarir and go through the rooms filled with Exalted chests. If you just complete the Octavine event but your map isn’t at the maximum tier due to failing of some preevents etc you will not get the hero point.


  • Svc

    Thank you so much as always, Dulfy!

  • Mazino

    for #2 you’ll also need itzel 6 to refresh the heal or am i missing something?

    • Apparently there is a way now to do it without any mastery. I have updated the post and uploaded a new video.

      • Windowstar

        For #2 you can solo it as a mesmer, the ground entrance of the cave has two boars that you can use to stack regen using the Inspiration trait that grants regen on phantasms. You can add more regen by using dwayna runes, F5+F4 twice with Chaos trait that grants regen on shatter. To minimize damage on the way in from the ground level entrance, you can place portal, blink in, place portal exit, then walk up to the corpse and press heal (I used human dwayna heal) before picking up the meat, then taking the portal out. I guess you can also use the two boars to stack alacrity but I don’t have the proper chrono traits to try.

  • infernalmed

    any news about halloween new items ? so far i know about Nightfury but haven’t seen anyone crafted it yet and we saw in the photos for the halloween a mummy back item !! where is that now ?
    i know you’re working really hard to cover heart of thorns so i’m sorry to ask you about halloween

  • Martin Mecar

    I love your posts and really apritiate (dont know how its spelled) your work but i would love to see post about legendary crafring collections because noone updates wiki so i have no idea what to do 🙁 managed to get lover v.1 and everything i figured out i posted on wiki but would be nice to see something official or at least some info 🙂 because i depled my gold reserve on this and crafted lot of things im not sure if i need 🙁 as soon as i fugre something out ill send it on wiki so feel free to ask anything and ill try to help till something official comes out 🙂 in game my tag is Martin Kraken.2970 and character name Jöhana 🙂

  • milkis

    #2 dont influence any healing and boon while take bacon

  • Christopher Kania

    #7 is relatively easy to solo with revenant as he has literally one type of attack chain. Strafing to side (you don’t even have to dodge) lets you avoid most of it and rest can be healed.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Thank you for this again!

  • Xioulious

    Number 4 is actually doable without the gun, stand on the same tree, get as high as possible in the corner and glide to the somewhat lower edge of the rock that Dulfy uses, you can get up from that spot. I don’t have screenshots of it, but yeah gives Dulfy the option to try it and adjust it.

  • Kidel

    you can also do Toxin Cured Hog Hero Point with revenant and such using food+booster+dolyak rune. You just have to be perfect and spam X as soon as you reach 13.4k hp.

  • Chris

    Thank God for Dulfy, this guide has made the expansion almost bareable as I’m actually getting to play as the reaper/chronomancer that I was looking forward to! The other two zones can’t come quickly enough!

  • TemplarTempest

    At nr.4 you do not need a rifle you can glide there. Its a little bit harder and tedious but its doable.

  • Vilenya

    The guide is about Auric Basin, but the text says at the beginning: “There are 11 Hero points in Verdant Brinks.” 😉

  • Tost

    Number 4 is possible without experimental rifles. It is fairly difficult though

    • Tavis

      Yes, you’re right. My friends and I simply glided to that platform without using any rifles.

  • slyfoot

    Don’t you need the Exalted Mastery to do #10?
    I couldn’t Interact with the portal because it said I was missing it.

    • Sloop

      It might be possible to get to that place walking, so without the mastery?

  • Tyler Rowe

    the falls hp is actually possible with basic gliding. same thing, you just have to hit a very small corner from the rightmost (if facing the tree) edge of the tree.

  • Cronos Dage

    Another error: It says ley line gliding is V, but it’s VI.

  • Keorl

    For the one behind the Falls, you do not need that experimental rifle. At the point where you use it, I just climbed a little higher on the root and glided to the place that you reach with the rifle (only had to land on a small ledge and jump up). So it’s doable with basic gliding.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Thank you again.

  • VladR

    #7 is soloable

  • Juan Gonzalez

    I got #9 without ley line or Nuhoch wallows. Where can I submit the pictures / video to show this?

    • Jon Gardner

      Yes, it’s easy to get there with just mushrooms and gliding. There is a video on YouTube showing the way. Hopefully Dulfy will update this and the golem part of the guide (possible without rifle). Dulfy’s guides are awesome and the go-to place for all things GW2, so people are struggling with the golem especially when they don’t need to.

  • Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    On #2 with the toxin, just calculate 3/4 of your hitpoints. For example, if you have 20,000 hp, 3/4 is 15,000. In this example, the moment your health drops to 15,000 or below, you hit the heal button, then when it’s greyed out you turn “autoattack” on for the heal button. Pretty much automatic after that.

    No special masteries, regeneration or healing tricks are required.

    • Doghouse

      No calculation needed, even. Just count the damage ticks, and hit the first heal immediately after the 5th tick. I’ve done the Hp successfully that way with 4 characters now.

      (By the way. If it works, using auto-attack’s a really nice solution. Not necessary – I’ve always simply spammed the heal skill when it got near the end of cool down – but very neat.)

      • Doghouse

        (Full damage is 20 ticks. So 25% damage is 5 ticks. Easy.)

      • Doghouse

        Must admit – I went back just now and tried to do exactly the same on a further character, and it took me about 7 attempts to get it right. So much for “infallible” techniques.

    • writinwater

      Still much easier to do it with some “health regain” food ( like halloween pies ) – after all there may be lag or klicking just a tad too slow

  • Axolotl

    You really dont need experimental rifles if you dont have leyline gliding for the ancient golem, …. “you will need” lolol, dulfy why you so bad at figuring shit out the proper way, if anything all you need is basic gliding and bouncy mushrooms maybe and not be a retard.
    Also the HP itself is really not that hard, but i guess you get carried around like some princess everywhere you dont actually know how to do stuff yourself, it’s one of the easier HP’s in AB.

    • Nick Rhodes

      Somewhere in here there are valid points, but I can’t get passed the obvious emotional distress you’re signaling. Must be the psychologist in me. Do you need help?

  • Baron Daniel

    #4 can’t be done with riffle anymore.They made the cliff taller now.Din’t even bother to move the tree next to it, there are branches coming out of the rock now.

  • Sashera

    hey Dulfy, just want to let you know in regards to #4 and the workaround you guys found for it by jumping to the rock, it seems like sneaky ANet have actually patched a fix for it and made the rock a lot higher up, so you cant get to it! definitely worth checking out just in case, it may be that im just a goof that cant jump / glide properly.
    Thanks for the awesome guides regardless! <3

  • Supernaut

    With the 11/17 patch, it seems they’ve changed the HP at Balthazar’s. It can no longer be stealthed. As soon as you click the portal entrance, it removes stealth, and you get one-shot by the boss.

  • Valters

    Why for me #4 hero point in auric basin looks different from that in video? (that part where in video he uses experimental weapon)

  • VOjta Šostok

    They made changes in the map .. so Ancient Golem Hero Point isnt corect here anymore =/ they made the rock bigger and you cant jump on it =/ shame .. because thats one of 2 Hp I need =/

  • VOjta Šostok

    Nice .. at the Ancient Golem one … you dont need gliding III .. you can do it with II only . You will land a bit lower .. but then you can use Experimental rifle to jump up :3

  • Meian

    Finally managed to get through the event successfully and down into the room for #11… only to find a Group Event Champ waiting for me.

    He didn’t hit very often, and when he did it was for half my health. But there simply wasn’t enough time available to whittle him down solo, nor could I seem to make a dent in his bar on my own, and the dozens of people strewn amid the chests in the treasure rooms had no apparent interest in it. What a shame.

  • Necraloth

    It should also be noted that in your new way for #4 you also need Advanced Gliding, not just Lean Techniques. Without Advanced Gliding you run out of stamina before reaching the spot. Other than that, thank you for another great guide! <3

    • Veetoo

      I made it without Advanced Gliding just now. Just aim to the left, there’s a branch you can land on and then just jump to where she lands.

  • MissLana

    #11 is not soloable. It’s a champion (iirc), but if the meta event succeeds there’ll be plenty of people who want to nab it too.

  • Bearodactyl

    I just found how to get into #9 without any mastery or Mesmer. If anyone wants to know I can show them. Yes, it is possible to glide into burnisher quarry without any mastery at all solo.

  • matt

    no.10 requires exalted mastery point to use that teleport, not just basic gliding

  • UDChicken

    Video I uploaded for getting ancient golem part HP without leyline gliding.

  • Lamer

    #6 Egg Clutch can be soloed with range and AOE. Activate the challenge and jump on to the right side of the area and hide by the corner while attacking (see picture).

  • Halcy

    #11 no longer requires meta completion – the hole into lower Tarir is open at any time. (Except when the city is blocked of course)

    It’s also quite easy to solo despite being a champion: It spams a very low damage channel skill the majority of the time. It will cast a high damage slow moving projectile on a very high cooldown (30-45s?).

    Just dodge/block/absorb or simply move out of the way of the projectile – it has a telltale cast animation. Or just heal through, if you have regen of some kind for the main channel attack.

    Very easily solo on any class, but a bit time consuming – still best to bring a friend to save on time.

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