GW2 Gemstore Update– Lunatic Guard Outfit, Ghoul Backpack

GW2 Gemstore was updated today with the Lunatic Outfit, Ghoul Backpack and Minis, and the Mad King Dyes.[toc]

Lunatic Guard Outfit

Dye Pattern (Yes the flames can be dyed)

















Ghoul Backpack and Mini – 600 gems

Ghoul Backpack



Unfortunately it does look a bit tiny for Asura and looks a bit high up on Charr


Mini Ghoul Legs


Mad King Dyes

125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems or 25 for 2500 gems. You get 6 new dyes in a pool of 25 random dyes.


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31 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update– Lunatic Guard Outfit, Ghoul Backpack”

Anet, please stop this bs of “pool of dyes” I don’t know how anyone could be okay with this. Charge twice as much and throw out all the old dyes. All I see is a gem sink for a chance and a gold sink to buy off tp.

flame CAN be dyed. OMG gem price will skyrocket
a must have outfit.

btw mordrem outfit + bat wings on asura are a good match

Cool. I can now go cosplay either my ele or necro as Dormammu. Now if I can only find a Doctor Strange to go with it… *cough* capes! *cough*

Although I’d settle for a set of cat ears that can be dyed 😀

Its been more or less confirmed that Arena Net has abandoned even trying to add capes. Such a shame too, but they could just never figure a way to make it work….although I did. It’d post it as a suggestion on the forums, but I got banned after coming up with elite specializations (I just called them what they are; advanced classes) and the mastery system.

Oh that wasn’t the reason, but the timing was rather odd. Especially when you consider the suggestions forum vanished (and its archive is locked behind a 404 error) shortly afterward. I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t exactly “clean” on the forums, but I still had one strike before getting perma banned, and had actually stepped away for a while to let my infractions slowly come off. Then I make one innocent comment quoting Colin saying that alt skins for engineer kits were probably not going to happen (spoiler; they didn’t) and somehow I’m “insulting the devs” and get kicked.

Ghoul Backpack Does It Talk? I was hoping for a classic white mummy look when I saw it in gemstore with some zany voiceovers.

Haha, I was wondering that too! Remember the corpse in GW1 Halloween that would complain all the time if you walked over him?

Great stuff! The dyable flames makes that the best outfit to date and that back item paired with the mini is hysterical! I don’t have enough gems for all of this!

The wording in this gem store announcement is possibly the most disgusting doctoring Anet has ever pulled.

Every previous dye pack release (that I’ve seen) has stated that the pack would pull a dye from a pool of 25, 5 of which were new. In this news bulletin however, Anet left out the 1/5 chance to get a new dye and simply stated “new dye kit” with a picture of the 5 new dye colours on display.

Any reasonable person would assume that this item would be a direct purchase of 5 unique dyes – and not an incredibly expensive gamble for a single dye. Not much difference between this and a straight out scam.

You not guaranteed to get a dye from that set. There are 5 dyes from the mad king set, but there are 20 normal dyes you can receive in their stead. There is a 4/5 chance with every mad-king-dye you open that you will not receive a mad king dye.

The dyes have always worked this way but its the first time that the advert didn’t mention the 1/5 drop rate of this gem purchase.

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