GW2 HoT Tangled Depths

GW2 Tangled Depths Hero Points Guide

GW2 Tangled Depths Hero Points Guide with video guides for every hero point in Tangled Depths. Special thanks to Czar Tyr Boudabras for guiding me through some of the Hero Points.[toc]

General Info

There are 11 Hero Points in Tangled Depths. #6 requires Itzel Poison Lore while the rest requires Bouncing Mushrooms, Updraft Gliding or Exalted Markings.

  • Soloable: Five Hero Points are soloable #2, #5, #6 #9, #10
  • Two Players or more: Six Hero Points requires two players or more: #1, #3, #4, #7, #8, #11
  • Mastery Gated: Ideally you should have updraft/bouncing mushrooms/Exalted markings so the only one that stands out is #6.


1. Troll Runestone Hero Point (Tangled Descent)

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Spawns a champion troll, 2 players or more.
  • Directions: Head straight south from Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint. You want to keep dropping down to a lower level and  then head to the stairs icon on the map that is away from the hero point. This will allow you to drop down to the lowest tunnels and you can loop back to the hero point.



2. Gilded River Hero Point (West of The Great Tree)

  • Mastery Required: Basic Gliding, Updraft.
  • Difficulty: Soloable.
  • Directions: Go south again from Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint and this time you want to jump on top of a tree root so you can position yourself and glide to a specific spot on a tree nearby that allow you to climb up and traverse through a hole in the middle.



You want to press down on your spacebar so you come out gliding as soon as you exit the hole in the tree since there is an updraft right next to it. After this first updraft, take the updraft to your left to get even higher. This will allow you to get two more updrafts that will carry you into the hero point.


3. Egg Clutch Hero Point (West of Ogre Lane)

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Spawns Champion Chalk, need 2 players or more.
  • Directions: Head north from Dragon’s Passage waypoint and go east as soon as you can. You will do some running but no gliding. Just don’t die to mobs along the way.



4. Nightthistle Bloom Hero Point (Dragon’s Passage)

  • Mastery Required: Updraft Gliding or Bouncing Mushroms
  • Difficulty: Spawns Champion, need 2 players or more.
  • Directions: You want to take a loop around the area on the waypoint so you end up a bit higher than the ground level and can use an updraft to reach the platform where the hero challenge is. You might be able to use bouncing mushrooms to reach this platform as well if you somehow don’t have Updraft mastery.



5. Jellyfish Grotto Hero Point (North of Deeproot Sink)

  • Mastery Required: Updraft Gliding or Bouncing Mushroms, Exalted Markings (to interact with the beacons to keep the piranha out)
  • Difficulty: Soloable.
  • Directions: Go the same route as the last hero point and this time keep going toward past it to a wall with an updraft near it and a hole filled with water. You want to go down the water tunnel (don’t forget to grab the Exalted beacon to keep the piranha out) and swim until you reach the end with the jellyfish and hero point to commune.



6. Chak Hatchery Hero Point (Chak Stronghold)

  • Mastery Required: Updraft Gliding or Bouncing Mushroms, Exalted Markings, Itzel Poison Lore.
  • Difficulty: Could be soloable but there are lots of chak around the hero point so it is best to bring a friend.
  • Direction: Basically follow the same path as Jellyfish Grotto Hero Point but keep going north. It is a long swim and make sure you use Exalted Beacon everytime you see them. Once you get to the north Chak Stronghold, emerge from the water and run t the Hero Point. Beware that you will need Itzel Poison Lore or you won’t make it to the hero point.



7. Guano Incubated Spider Eggs Hero Point (Deeproot Sink)

  • Mastery Required: Updraft Gliding and Bouncing Mushroms
  • Difficulty: Spawns champion, need 2 players or more.
  • Direction: Go west from Ogre Camp Waypoint and follow the stream of water that will lead you to a vista. There is an updraft near the vista you will barely make it that take you up to a ledge with a bouncing mushroom. This mushroom will take you higher up on a ledge you can use updrafts to glide to the platform where the hero challenge is located.



8. Inquisitor’s Campsite Hero Point (Undergrowth Connector)

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Spawns champion, need 2 players or more.
  • Direction: Go up via the ramp next to Teku Nuhoch Waypoint and then go west. The hero challenge is inside a cave structure.



9. Mushroom Spore Cloud Hero Point (North of Rata Novus Lane)

  • Mastery Required: Bouncing Mushrooms
  • Difficulty: Soloable but may want to bring a friend to be safe as the mushrooms are annoying and can one shot you, The hero point is also guarded by two veterans, which can get nasty in such a tight space.
  • Direction: From Teku Nuhoch Waypoint, go up the ramp and then head towards the NE corner where you will find two bouncing mushrooms to take you up to the Beatle Feast adventure. Keep following the ledge until you encounter a passaged blocked by some roots. You will need to kill all the mushrooms mobs. Once the gate opens, jump over the gate and there is a second gate where you need to open it the same way. Past the second gate is the hero point.



10. Ancient Power Core Hero Point (Decayed Hive)

  • Mastery Required: Exalted Markings
  • Difficulty: Soloable
  • Direction: Go down the water next to Rata Novus Waypoint and swim down and north.



  • You will emerge out to a small jumping puzzle and you need to get to the top to be able to reach the Decayed Hive Hero Point which also give you an achievement


11. Newborn Mushrooms Hero Point (SW of Rata Novus)

  • Mastery Required: None
  • Difficulty: Nasty Champion Mushroom, may need more than 2 players. Pull him out of the tunnel when you fight him so he doesn’t AoE in such a tight space.
  • Direction: Go up the ramp from Rata Novus Waypoint and go pass all the asuran drones and such until you come across a set of stairs in an empty room. Glide from top of the stairs to the hole in the wall to get into the mushroom tunnels.



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21 replies on “GW2 Tangled Depths Hero Points Guide”

Thanks for this. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding the dang hero points and it’s frustrating to being able to play my new elite specialization

Hero Point #2 is pretty much impossible to do with any latency. Playing from Australia with 285 ping I drop halfway to the ground before my glider opens making that first jump virtually impossible to do. Is this the only way there?

Actually I found what I’m pretty sure is meant to be the right way to reach HP #2.

If you start at HP #7 (Guano Incubated Spider Eggs) and glide across past the two updrafts you’ll see a platform with a curtain of vines. Walk through the vines and you’ll find yourself up on a ledge overlooking the 2nd updraft you go to in your way to get to HP #2 and from there it’s an easy glide across to the Hero Point with no issues at all.

Hero Point #9 i found 2 ways to do it the first one is like the guide the second 1 is easier: basically u can access the HP while doing the Beetle Advendure, when i reached the zone with the 2 vets i just burrowed myself under the HP and commute it while being Underground, beetle skill number 2 mikes u go underground and skill 3 gives u swift and invi, u get skill getting the blue mushrooms… and skill number 5 summons beetles to kill the vets

I run knight armor with Dolyak runes, a minion build with blood magic and curses.
Basically get defence stats and as much life steal as you can get, be it from auto attacks, your minions, Wells or conditions.
Weapons: scepter/warhorn axe/warhorn for the range, retaliate and daze or staff.
Going melee without a steady source of stability is suicide!
Why? Mobs come in 3 forms:
– AOE damage/swarm groups
– Knockback/Knock down
– AOE damage *and* knock down/Knock back
You’ll often die to getting Knock down then having an AOE field dropped on you, not being in melee will mitigate that.
Your build with valkrie, necro runes would work if you go condition damage with scepter, condition builds work well since mobs not only hit much harder then in the core game but also have more hit points.
Either build for toughness with some vit or stack vit with some toughness, high vit migth be better given the amount of bleeds/poison.
Hope it helps.

all the guides miss the link in the gw2 menu so far (top of the page), or I haven’t been able to find that. Could you add them to the menu ?:)

you’re confused. it’s underwater with nothing but jellyfish around. if you use the beacon the are feared away.

There is an easier way to reach #6, the Chak Hatcherey Hero Point. There is a Nuhoch Wallows (It’s shown on the map south of the Hatchery) that goes straight there. You still need Nuhock Wallows and Poison Lore, but it’s not hard to reach.

I found that one by accident following someone else and died pretty quickly because I didn’t have poison lore. Went back just now and made it easily.

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