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SWTOR 4.0 Deception Assassin PvP Guide by Kre’a

SWTOR 4.0 Deception Assassin PvP Guide written by Kre’a.


Intro to Deception Assassin

Deception Assassin is a rogue-like Discipline that specializes in short ranged combat. This Discipline excels at maintaining constant control over your enemies with your arsenal of crowd control tools while also supplying single target burst damage. You will want to play this Discipline over Hatred if you need extra control in Warzones, enjoy large objective based Warzone maps, want to perform a hard swap composition in Group Ranked, or if there is a large amount of Ranged DPS in the Solo Ranked queue.


  • Single Target DPS: 7
  • AoE Damage: 3
  • Group Utility: 7
  • Difficulty: 8
  • RNG Dependent: Yes
  • Burst: 8
  • Sub 30% Talent or Ability Buffs: Yes

Gearing & Stat Priority

  • Accuracy: 0
  • Alacrity: 0
  • Critical Rating: 1370 (Advanced Adept Enhancement 40X)
  • Power: All secondary stats should be put into power (Advanced Lethal Mod 40X)
  • Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
  • Set Bonus: 6 Piece Stalker’s Set
  • Charge: Surging Charge
  • Augments: Overkill Augments (Power)

Gearing Overview

With the abundance of defensive cool downs in PvP that increase defense chance, gearing for Accuracy becomes a moot point. On top of this, every point put into accuracy will lower your overall burst potential and Deception relies on the ability to heavily burst enemies down with the hopes of killing them to reset Recklessness to open up another burst window. Alacrity is a great stat for sustained damage, but as was previously stated, Deception is more about burst and Alacrity won’t help you accomplish this goal better than going purely into Critical Rating will.

Since 4.0, Critical Rating is now an all-encompassing stat increases both your Critical Chance % as well as your Surge (Critical Damage) % modifier. This is an amazing buff to Deception because it now allows us to have a large abundance of Crit Chance % without sacrificing any Power, which was the dilemma in the 3.0 era. This increases the overall burst of this spec by a large margin.

The Stalker’s set bonus is vital. The 15 second cool down reduction on Recklessness is a good bonus and the auto-crit on Maul or Assassinate is paramount to lining up a burst opener and a succeeding in a kill window. This set bonus is a must have.

The math behind Best in Slot augmentation and Relics can be found: here.


Utility choices will vary based on what type of PvP you’re partaking in and most importantly playstyle! I will go over 3 different utility load outs, one for Unranked Warzones, one for Aggressive Ranked play and one for Defensive Ranked play. Play around with all of these utilities to find which suit you the best.

Unranked Warzones

Unranked Utilities

  • Skillful
    1. Avoidance – Cooldown reduction on CC breaker, Force Speed and your interrupt. Must have.
    2. Obfuscation – Stealth level increase as well as in-combat MS increase. Great for moving between nodes
    3. Electric Bindings – Great utility for rooting multiple enemies. The amount of situational utility that this point provides is massive
  • Masterful
    1. Emersion – Root break on Force Speed and immunity to further roots/slows for the duration of Force Speed. This is a must have as a melee class.
    2. Fade – 25% Cooldown reduction on your Force Cloak, this utility is infinitely more useful in Unranked Warzones since some of them can last anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Heroic
    1. Haunted Dreams – Hands down, the most useful utility in this tier for objective based PvP. Most node caps require a 6 second channel. This is an 8 second mezz.
    2. Shroud of Madness OR Phasing Phantasm – Shroud of Madness will give you access to a second Force Shroud on use of Force Cloak. This can be used offensively or defensively. Phasing Phantasm decreases your ability to be kited by allowing your Phantom Stride to be used while rooted and breaking all slows as well on use. Both are viable options but Shroud of Madness has more situational use than Phasing Phantasm. Choose based on your play style.

Feel free to mix these utilities up to find what works best for you.

Aggressive Ranked Warzones (solo)


  • Skillful
    1. Avoidance – This utility is mandatory.
    2. Snaring slashes – Rotational 30% MS reduction on enemy players. For a hyper aggressive playstyle, this is an excellent utility.
    3. Obfuscation – Stealth detection in ranked can be circumvented by proper use of Blackout. The 15% MS increase is what’s important here. Combined with Snaring Slashes, it creates 45% MS deficit for any enemy you are attacking. This is very powerful.
  • Masterful
    1. Emersion – This utility is mandatory.
    2. Speed Surge – Rotational 50% MS increase with 50% uptime. Combine this with Snaring Slashes to create an 80% MS deficit for your enemy target, equivalent to a marauder’s predation.
    3. Disjunction* – This utility is mentioned because while it doesn’t give you a direct damage increase or movespeed increase, it instead increases the duration of your Force Shroud by 2 seconds, on both the base skill as well as the Force Shroud that is applied through the Shroud of Madness utility. For that reason, it can be utilized for aggressive plays where you want to increase your uptime on a target by extending the duration of your shrouds, which will prevent you from being stunned or controlled with force or tech based abilities. This utility point would take the place of Speed Surge.
  • Heroic
    1. Haunted Dreams – The utility of this skill outweighs any other utility in this tier. The ability to instantly mezz any target for 8 seconds is too good to pass up, especially when used in conjunction with Focus Target and the Focus Target Modifier keybind to mezz a player without actually targeting them.
    2. Shroud of Madness – The force shroud gained through using Force Cloak is affected by the Disjunction utility so if you want to take disjunction then it would make sense to take this utility as well due to the synergy between the two utilities. This utility is great for aggressive gameplay by giving you an extra 4 seconds of shroud, which translates to an additional 4 seconds of immunity to Force and Tech based CC.
    3. Phasing Phantasm – Root break on Phantom Stride. Only take this utility if you also took Speed Surge in the masterful tier. If you took Disjunction, Shroud of Madness has better synergy and will give you the greatest gain per point. This utility fits in with your Emersion, Speed Surge, Obfuscation and Snaring Slashes, by reducing your enemies’ ability to kite you.

Defensive Ranked Warzones (solo)


  • Skillful
    1. Avoidance – Once again, mandatory utility.
    2. Insulation – 30% extra armor on this class equates to about 5% damage reduction. This utility also synergizes well with our Entropic Field passive.
    3. Electric Bindings – The ability to knock back and root enemies in solo ranked is beyond amazing. The usefulness of this utility is augmented further on multi-tiered maps such as Makeb Mesa Arena or Orbital Station.
    4. Shapeless Spirit – 30% Damage Reduction while stunned is great, but Insulation provides the 5% DR at all times. With the abundance of AoE flying around, Insulation will be used more and will save you from more damage than Shapeless spirit will. With that being said, if you want this utility, replace Insulation with it.
  • Masterful
    1. Emersion – Mandatory!
    2. Disjunction – When combined with Shroud of Madness, this utility effectively gives you 4 extra seconds of Force Shroud, double the normal amount that you would regularly have. Must have for Defensive play compared to any other utility point in this tier.
  • Heroic
    1. Shroud of Madness – Once again, combined with Disjunction, this makes for a great tool to reduce and mitigate a large amount of damage. Given that the damage profile in PvP primarily consists of Force and Tech damage, this is the best utility point in this tier for defensive play
    2. Haunted Dreams – Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. The ability to instantly mezz any target for 8 seconds is amazing in that it gives you and your team 8 extra seconds where you are all taking 0 damage from an enemy.
    3. Dark Stability – 4.0 brought a heavy nerf to this utility by cutting its duration down by 50%. In my opinion, this utility isn’t worth taking anymore, but to be honest, it was never really worth taking in Deception anyway compared to Haunted dreams and Shroud of Madness. You can still be rooted and slowed while this utility is active, so its only real use is when you’re in the middle of multiple enemies that can throw out AoE crowd control, such as a Marauder, Operative, Powertech, etc.

Abilities and Rotation


discharge Discharge – While in Surging Charge, this ability is a flat burst damage ability. It does more damage based on how many static charge stacks you have. Only use this ability at 3 stacks for maximum burst. This ability will also debuff your enemy, causing them to take 5% more force damage for 45 seconds from all sources.
maul Maul – Only use this ability when you get the Duplicity passive proc, as the proc will increase its damage and reduce its cost. Any use of this ability outside of the proc will leave you severely force starved, which will hurt your overall DPS and burst capabilities. This ability also debuffs your enemy’s armor, reducing their armor by 20% for 45 seconds.
ball-lightning Ball Lightning – This ability can do more damage than your Discharge if you get the Twin Surge passive proc. This ability is very high priority and should be used off cool down. It’s best to use this ability when you have two stacks of Voltage, to ensure that Ball lightning builds an additional static charge for your Discharge.
volaticslash Voltaic Slash – Filler ability that replaces Thrash. This ability should always be used to build two stacks of Voltage as well as to maintain the Induction passive to help with Force management. Generally speaking, Deception has little force management issues in PvP and this ability augments that pretty well
assassinate Assassinate – Your sub 30% execute ability. Use this ability off cool down when trying to kill an enemy player. If you push a player into execute range and your 6 piece set bonus proc is available, ALWAYS use it on Assassinate over Maul, even if Maul is buffed with Duplicity. An Assassinate auto-crit will do more damage than a Maul auto-crit even when buffed by Duplicity. If you use Assassinate and it misses and your target receives healing of some type to take them out of execute range, then use the set bonus proc on Maul. If maul or assassinate misses, it will NOT consume your 6 piece set bonus proc.
lacerate Lacerate – benefits from all the same buffs as Voltaic Slash AND benefits from the Skillful 30% slow utility, making this ability an AoE 30% slow. Definitely use this if you can hit multiple targets. This can also be spammed before going into stealth to buff your Ball Lightning for 10 seconds.
crushingdarkness Crushing Darkness – Only ever to be used immediately after a Low Slash or Whirlwind and only if you will NOT be interrupted, hindered, or suffer any ability pushback while casting it.
lowslash Low Slash – 30 meter ability that has a 15 second cool down. Incapacitates your target for 4 seconds, with the mezz portion breaking on damage. This ability is the staple of Deception and the sole reason that it is known as ‘the control’ spec. Use this religiously with Focus Target and Focus Target Modifier to essentially take an enemy healer or DPS out of the fight for 4 seconds every 15 seconds. Can also be used as a single target gap closer, but that’s less useful than Low Slashing a healer or even tank on cooldown, ESPECIALLY in a ranked match.
whirlwind Whirlwind – 30 meter ability that mezzes the target for 8 seconds. As Deception, this should always be an instant cast. It has the same uses as Low Slash as mentioned above.
mindtrap Mind Trap – Also known as “sap”. This ability is only useable from stealth and will mezz the target for 8 seconds. Try to get to the enemy before the fight engages in order to sap one of them to create a short advantage for your team.
mindcontrol Mind Control/Mass Mind Control – Use these abilities always, they should never be available and should always be on cooldown. Taunting reduces the damage your enemies do to your allies by 30% for 6 seconds. Be a team player, use your taunts.


This is Player versus Player. There is NO real rotation. You adapt based on your surroundings! However, some versatile openers are listed below.

The most generic opener for PvP is to open with a Spike from stealth > Recklessness, Voltaic Slash(VS)> Discharge > Maul > Ball Lightning.


Spike from stealth > Recklessness, VS > Maul > Discharge > Ball Lightning

This is 5 global cooldowns. The reason for popping Recklessness as soon as you spike is so that the cooldown timer can start counting down quicker. This way, if your target dies, you can reset Recklessness even quicker since you used it at the beginning of your opener instead of using it right before you use Discharge. You want to use Voltaic Slash before maul so that it is an auto-crit. Whether you use Maul or Discharge first will depend on how your target reacted. If, for example, your target is an Assassin and pops Force Shroud, it wouldn’t make sense to use Discharge, so you would use Maul instead with a follow up of Voltaic Slashes or Low Slash until the Shroud wears off. If the target is a Sorcerer and has bubble stun, you will want to open with Discharge from 6+ meters away so that you don’t get caught in the mezz radius of the bubble. PvP is dynamic, and as such, your rotation should be altered based on what’s happening at the moment. With that being said, if the situation allows it, put a higher priority on rotation 2 as it will debuff your enemy’s armor and allow the rest of your moves to hit a little bit harder.

After the initial opener cycle through Voltaic Slash filler, use Ball lightning whenever you can but preferably when it is fully buffed by Voltaic slash as to not delay your static charge stacks, and only use Discharge at 3 stacks. Only use maul with Duplicity procs. Use Low Slash on cooldown on your Focus Target. If you’re in a single target scenario where you without a doubt will NOT be interrupted or hindered, Low Slash the enemy and hard cast Crushing Darkness and immediately spam either a Duplicity procced Maul, Ball Lightning, or 3 stack Discharge. The long cast time will take up a little more than the space of a full global cooldown, allowing you to stack the damage of the initial hit of Crushing Darkness with that of your second ability, which is a lot of burst damage.

There are a multitude of situational “rotations” in which you could cycle through your offensive and defensive cooldowns. They cannot all be listed however, because in PvP, no two fights will be the same, there is always some slight variance which will change the outcome of the fight in the longterm. It’s up to YOU as the player to determine when your chance to strike is and when you should sit back in stealth for a bit longer. These situations will be easier to identify with time and practice. With that being said, I will go through a brief and very basic use of defensive cool downs.

Defensive Cooldowns

deflection Deflection – As Deception, you probably don’t have the Dark Stability talent. Without the talent, this is only of any use against a class that deals mainly Melee/Ranged (M/R) damage or a hybrid of M/R damage and Force/Tech (F/T) damage, such as Assassins or Marauders. Pop this when you predict a large amount of white damage coming your way. For example, if you see a sniper casting ambush but you can’t break LoS, or if you see the enemy Deception Sin has no discharge stacks but has a duplicity proc ready. Or if you are falling into the execute range and fear the impending Assassinate, Takedown, or Viscous Throw coming your way.
forceshroud Blackout – I like to use this ability in conjunction with my Warzone Adrenal to mitigate large burst that I have no means of resisting due to other DCDs being on cooldown.
blackout Force Shroud – This ability is best used to either a) avoid largeamounts of Force/Tech damage or b) avoid Force/Tech based stuns and crowd control. Because of its rather short cooldown, it will more than likely be used before any other DCD. If you can predict when an enemy will stun you, pop this milliseconds beforehand to counter it. The same goes for if you can predict a large Force/Tech based damaging ability coming your way, such as a Powertech’s Energy Burst and/or Thermal Detonator.
overchargesaber Overcharge Saber – This is a good heal that I use after popping Blackout or my Warzone Adrenal. Note, the self-heal portion of this ability does NOT proc from Force damage. It only procs when your surging charge procs and surging charge will only proc off of melee damage (excluding a buffed ball lightning).
phasewalk Phase Walk – This ability can be used while stunned. THIS ABILITY CAN BE USED WHILE STUNNED. This is vital because it has a fairly short cooldown and will save you from having to use your bigger defensive cooldowns. Use this whenever you predict that you will take fatal damage or a large amounts of damage that will be difficult to recover from. After you’ve used it, run away from the fight so that you naturally break combat and heal to full. This saves you from having to use Force Cloak to break combat.
forcecloak Force Cloak – Your bread and butter skill. This should be the last ability you use and is your ‘worst case scenario’ ability. Hold on to this for as long as possible UNLESS you are going to use it offensively to use spike from stealth. Only ever use it offensively if you are more certain than not that it will result in a kill that would put your team in an advantageous position. For example. If using this ability offensively would lead to your team getting a kill on the enemy DPS, but you die in the process, it might not be worth it. However, if using it offensively results in killing the enemy Healer and you die in the process, that’s situation might be more worth it. Judge these things on a case by case scenario. If you are trying to break combat to heal to full, use Phase Walk FIRST followed by Force Cloak. This prevents you from being pulled back into combat from AoE taunts or abilities.


Deception Assassins have a large array of crowd control. First and foremost, use these abilities to peel for your team, especially in ranked. Peeling will put your team at an advantage and once you have that advantage, you want to push it further and turn it into a victory. Setting up that advantage starts with you as a Deception player, to use your mezzes, stuns and plethora of utility to lock down as many enemies as possible to keep your team alive and establish situational control over the enemy team. Peels and team play wins games. Farming damage does not win games.


This section will show you key locations on each map to use for line of sight, various locations to drop your Phase Walk offensively and defensively, as well as locations where you want to force fights to happen.

Orbital Station


This map is one of the best for an Assassin player. Use the red marks for offensive Phase Walks, green for defensive. Try to initiate the fight by getting a stealth knockdown on as many enemies as possible. Force the fight up on the catwalk and use your knock back to force imbalanced fights for the enemy. If you set your PW up top and have focus fire on you, jump down. If the enemy chases you, PW back up and you have now forced a 3v4 in favor of your team.

Makeb Mesa Arena


The green circles indicate places you want to place your Phase Walk to ensure that you do not get popped out of stealth if you decide to Phase Walk and use Force Cloak to heal to full. The red circles indicate common locations that a ranged or even melee class will run to kite you or to escape being focused by your team. If you place your Phase Walk in these locations, you can often teleport behind your enemy when they go to run or escape.

An amazing trick that is severely underused is setting your Phase Walk on the top bridge and jumping down when you’re focused. I will make a video showing this mechanic, as it will make more sense when it is seen. Essentially, if you are being focused, you will want to jump down off of the bridge to the ground level. If you jump at the appropriate time (about 50-60% HP range) you enemy will 8 times out of 10 attempt to chase you down for the kill. This is when you will use Phase Walk to teleport you back on top of the bridge. This creates an extremely favorable position for your team, as you have now secluded 1 or more of the enemy team on the ground level, forcing their team to fight a 3v4 or even 2v4 if more than one person chases you down.

You will want to communicate with your team that you want to force the fight on the bridge. The reason is that you were a superstar and decided to take Force Wave/Overload root. When the fight is just starting, the enemy will more than likely do 1 of 2 things. 1) Huddle together around the base of the bridge, near the LoS rock. Or 2) Rush the bridge to claim the high ground. This is your time to shine, you will use stealth as your gap closer and use Blackout to increase your stealth level so you can get in undetected. Initiate the fight by properly timing your knock back to knock as many off of the bridge as possible, creating an imbalanced fight for the enemy team, and giving you the advantage as now, whoever was knocked down will have to use movement increasing effects to try to re-engage into the fight, effectively wasting their time and reducing the overall damage your team will take. If you can help it, always try to force the fight up top. The only exception to this is in Tank/Heal/2 DPS matches, as attempting to fight up is just a waste of time. In Heal/3 DPS matches, you will still want to fight on the bridge, even more so, because if you can knock the healer down, you put yourself at a very large advantage towards winning the round.

Makeb Mesa Arena


Green squares indicate places to place your Phase Walk defensively. Red squares indicate offensive positions to potentially cut off a running enemy. This map plain sucks for Shadow/Assassin players. It is the widest open of the 4 maps, and as such, is terrible to play on when you are facing a multitude of ranged DPS classes because it makes it difficult to Line of Sight. There are a few LoS objects, but they are situated in such a way that you will not be able to always continue to DPS while LoS’ing. The best thing you can do in a map such as this is to wait for the enemy team to engage on your terms, by simply waiting around a LoS object and attempting to attack from behind it. This strategy actually works well if the enemy team has at least 1 melee DPS, as they will be forced into the center of your team, allowing you to both DPS the Melee enemy while simultaneously LoS’ing the ranged DPS. With practice, this becomes easier.

Tatooine Canyon


The red indicates places to place your Phase Walk offensively, to catch someone kiting potentially. The green indicates locations that are generally safe to heal to full from. This map is really good for Hatred players. The small size of the map forces fights to be in one centralized location, which is optimal for DoT spreading. There are also a large sum of LoS objects for kiting purposes. A small trick that many don’t utilize is using the outer edge of the pit to LoS players who are on the top of the ledge of the pit. The angle is just slight enough that players will be unable to see you if you hug the wall inside of the pit, effectively allowing you to LoS ranged classes with ease. Knock back root is best utilized here by rooting someone behind one of the 4 inner pillars, or knocking them into the pit when the fight is happening on the top level. Make sure that as a melee DPS, you do not find yourself DPSing your target with your back to the pit, as you will inevitably be knocked in, which is a hassle considering there is only 1 focal way to escape the pit and get back to the fight, depending on which side of the arena you are playing on.

About the Author

Special thanks – Special thanks to <Clickers> of the Bastion/Harbinger. Te’fia of Harbinger, Aelanis of Shadowlands and everyone on the Assassin/Shadow forum. Also, a special thanks to No’Touchy of Harbinger, check her out at

Hey guys, I’m Kre’a! I’ve mained an Assassin/Shadow for about 3 years now. In season 4,I achieved 2931 ELO, placing me as Rank #2 overall across all advanced classes and Rank #1 for the Shadow/Assassin advanced class. In season 6 I was Rank #3 for the Shadow/Assassin advanced class. You can check me out at


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Great Guide ..thanks was waiting for such a guide…i do have a few questions thou …and wanted ur opinion

1) I take Snaring Slash instead of Obfuscation to slow my target down for quick burst .. and kill the same .
2) I take surge speed instead of Fade to get the speed to run and chase kiters .

3) I take phasing phantasm as i rarely go to the other node when i do .. i force the guarder to break his first cc ..and then cc giving me 6 sec which is enough to cap ..thou ur idea is not bad to ( not my style :D)

I am ever changing my play style to bring out my classes best i understand what you have written and plan to try it out ..but could u tell me if this current style is gud / bad / ok …..just want ur honest opinion

Also wanted to share that my lag is around 400-600 ms on Harbinger 😐 , so all the help i can get i can use 😀

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So finally we’re getting PvP guides. This is exciting. I’m not expecting that every class gets a guide in the future, but seeing it start is just… it’s warming. It means there’s hope in the community.

Overkill for a 1% damage and dps increase. Mastery augments are all around worse than both Overkill and Critical augments from a mathematical standpoint.

I believe that to be false you get both 1.point crit 1 point power for every 2 points mastery. #2 your damage comes from willpower power only increases the bonus hense the little white extra numbers # 3 I would not use low slash on cd on ur focus a what if he is white barred b its better used when interupting a heal or cc not blindingly throwing it out there. So if yoiu are an assasin you will get bigger discharge procs in the fact that power is for more white damage you should actually do the numbers and look at bonus damage.

This is incorrect. The math can be found here As far as using Low Slash on CD on your focus target, this assumes that you have the common sense to not use it on a full resolve target. I could amend the guide to reflect this, but feel its unnecessary, as I don’t believe that a majority of players out there lack the intelligence to not realize that you shouldn’t use CC on a white barred target.

Ok you are completely missing what im saying about mastery. So let me explain this. This is also based on me playing wow for a very long time at a high match making above 2550. The games follows the same formula. Do not cc white barred targets aka diminishing returns. So if you stack mastery your overall dps will drop But you will have bigger discharge crits. Im not disagreeing with your math im basing your math around pvp and in pvp Forcing a cc breaker then hard swap with burst from a sin is a guarenteed global if done right. Doing a repeated rotation does not make you good.
Being able to see an opening and time your burst is more effective. But in this game the skill cap is very very very low. 95% of players keyboard turn which is terrible and also backpedal. keys that could be used for key binds. So when you add that in there well yes following a cookie cutter rotation stacking power following your rotation will work. But i disagree with that. How ever I have seen you on your sin. You are good but that is like putting Mike Tyson in the ring with people with down syndrome. So where does the skill really apply at?
If you do not peel or taunt for your team then you are playing the class wrong, I have seen only 1 sin ever stance dance and guard swap taunt dps and still put up good damage. Do all that in a video I would def like to see it from you i think your capable of it but you might have to add some buttons to that ui of yours. Glad in wow have more than 130 key binds with macros believe me this game is not hard.

Then doing 100 abilities with 100% uptime it comes out to:
[Crit Chance*(Damage*(1+surge))] + [(100-Crit chance)*(Damage)]
Crit: (35*8570)+(65*5000)=624950
Mastery: (33*8682)+(67*5177)=633365
Power: (32*8756)+(68*5203)=633036 this is the only thing showing mastery there is not 1 post that shows numbers for all mastery look again i looked through it they talk about swapping 1 pice you wont see any change with 1 piece lol. Er go this post is incorrect sow me the numbers from mastery that I got not just 1 piece. Mastery gives you power and crit………..

It showed that swapping 1 piece is a dps loss, therefore it’s easy to conclude that swapping all is a greater DPS loss. If you would like to do the math for yourself, feel free to, it’s not hard at all. I can do the math for you but not right at this moment as I’m busy.

Conclude nothing i have done numbers try all mastery augs again reread what i wrote! There is no conclusion till you do the actual numbers ofcourse one aug would change it because you are stacking something else thats common sense stack all mastery then show but the number is right there he posted highest number came from mastery.

What about Phantom Stride? It makes your Discharge instantly proc, which can result in some insane combos, when combined with Recklessness immediately after.

Using Phantom Stride as a DPS increase is generally a bad idea in practice for PvP becomes it opens you up to be kited, which then just brings your DPS back down.

I didn’t see the part in the rotation where I am suppose spam my /laugh emotes like a tool, or the part where I accuse anyone who kills me of cheating. Will this be in the advanced guide?

I can’t speak on whether there will be PvE guides, I can only say that I primarily do PvP and thus, there will be no PvE guides coming from myself.

Cool! Eventually PVP will just be Sorc/Sages against Ssin/Shadows so this will come in handy. Wish Ssins would realize they have no place in PVE. When I’m healing I have the choice to focus on them or the rest of the raid that mitigates better.

If you are going to brag about your rank in PVP why not play an actual hard to play class like Sniper or Merc.

I’m not bragging about my rank, I’m providing my credentials for those who wish to know more about me as a player and what I’ve achieved as an Assassin. To basically confirm that this information is coming from a credible source. As to playing a “hard” class, I’ve mained Assassin for 3 years and it is my main, so I stick with what I enjoy.

Thank you for your feedback 🙂

Awesome! Not that I was doubting your credibility at all, as I was following most of the information in the guide as it was before reading it.

If you can’t play your Assassin (or Shadow) in PVE, that’s not the class’ fault. My main is now my Shadow, because I have found out that I do more dps than any other class I play with this one, and I enjoy the multiple instants, stuns, defensive cooldowns and special abilities like phase walk way too much.

If you’re going to brag about what a great healer you are that focuses on the raid that mitigates better, why not actually try to play a real combat role and/or understand that ALL classes belong in PVE just fine as long as you know how to play them.

Why didn´t you thank me Krea? Lord and Savior Dacri demands for his gratefulness. I should write a guide actually to help out all the new Sorc/sages hmm

Hey krea,

Why Do you use Power Subjekts? Do you Test it with mastery/crit?

Another suggestion for PvP opening rotation:
Get The utility to have 3 stracks from recklessness, Open with spile, vs, (vs), maul (proc), (recklessness) discharge, (phantom stride), discharge, ball lightning. Situational use your low slash to avoid escape of your enemy.

With your high crit chance bc of new critical rating you have 2 critical strikes from discharge and 1 critical ball lightning with a cahnce it hits twice. There can be a 60k damage burst. What do you think about it?

Thanks and have fun in-game.

The math behind augmentation is seen here:

Long story short, from best to worst, best being greatest dps gain, worst being the lowest: Power augs> Critical augs > Mastery augs

It should be noted that going from Mastery augments to Critical augments is a 1% DPS increase, and from Critical to Power is another 1% DPS increase (1.003% specifically). So the difference between Power and Mastery is now 2% DPS.

As far as the Phantom Stride for increased DPS goes, I don’t recommend it because it then subjects you to being kited later if you don’t kill your target with your opening burst. If you get kited later, then the DPS you gained earlier on becomes irrelevant.

Hi Krea,

Awesome guide. I got a partly off-topic question. I’m a returning player, aiming to get the grip of the class once more. I bought the basic (204) pvp gear and wish to min/max stats before going ranked.

Which spec would you recommend for grinding unranked: deception, hatred, or is it completely irrelevant?

Best regards!

It’s an ok guide but afaik Roudy has no plans on making one himself. Just watch his stream, he’s been best assassin for ages and videos can probably get you better idea of what’s what.

Just wanted to reply here to affirm what Malik is saying. I’ve never played on EU servers and as such, don’t have very good knowledge of EU players. Because of this, I will openly admit that until I have the opportunity to actually play with said players, it’s very possible that they are better than myself. I make a note while I stream to inform my viewers that I am in no way claiming to be the best Assassin/Shadow player around. I have no actual way of knowing that without cross server firstly, but secondly, there are people who have been playing this game far longer than myself who are probably much more experienced than myself.

I think Wonkin meant that it’s not exactly a type of guide he/she was looking for?

@ Malik/Kre’a

No offense to you, Kre’a, but you are not Roudy(as in you and him are in different leagues). It has very little to do with playing on EU servers, it goes far deeper than that.

“I have no actual way of knowing that without cross server firstly” – That’s a very plain statement. Other games don’t have cross server between EU-USA as well, yet top players(somehow?:O) exist there.

Exceptional players always stand out.
I can’t honestly name another assassin that would even come close in terms of skill, experience, perfomance and overall impact on the competitive PvP in this game.


Thank you for the clarification. As far as whether he’s in a different league or not, oh well I suppose. He may be better than me, it’s of no detriment to me. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I’m fine with that. I’m also fine with being deemed at a lower skill level than this player. Nothing wrong with that 🙂

These people never cease to amaze me. I know I should reply to the post the other moron wrote, but I sincerely do not have the patience. I reply to you instead, since I think a couple of points are worth making.

Other than being a gamer, I am a professional musician. As such, I have had over the course of my life numerous attempts at getting better at my craft, namely lessons. It is my personal experience that the BEST lessons I had came from people that weren’t great gigging musicians, but were great TEACHERS.

So there’s some guy someone claims is the best Assasin out there… Well, who gives a fart? Seriously, if as someone states he doesn’t want to do a guide, how is this thread actually moving the pvp Assassin community forward??? So for AGES people have asked for an Assassin pvp guide, it comes out… And what do these guys undercover of Internet anonymity do? Bash the person who wrote, with the best of intentions I’m sure.

They don’t criticize the guide, they don’t name different avenues of opportunity on how to do things… They just put YOU down, stating you are not in the same “league” as this other guy… Well, I for one am not in the same league as these arseholes. I don’t want to, and I would like to congratulate you for taking the time and patience to put the guide out, PROBABLY pro bono.

I’m sorry for the rant, but reading these “comments” really pissed me off. I just want to assure you Kre’a: for each and every one of these jerks there are 10 guys or girls out there who appreciate your honest work. Great job, keep up the good job, and the next time one of these people write something may i suggest you Maul them right where the sun don’t shine…

Here’s one major problem with this guide.. I’m completely new to Assassin/Consular and while this guide covers assassin abilities, It’s a real pain trying to figure out what is the Shadow counterpart. Simply adding /”insert jedi name of skill” next to each listed ability would go a long way to relieving some frustration.

Fear not, I have done a Shadow guide as well! Dulfy just hasn’t put it up yet, but it will be here soon to ease your pain 🙂

If you play the Republic, you’re wrong. If you want to be a reeeel player get a toon for each advanced class for the Empire. Like me.

As of today the Shadow guild isn’t up yet, so I’ll just go ahead and translate the skills for you.

Surging Charge = Shadow Technique
Induction = Circling Shadows
Dark Embrace = Shadow’s Respite
Darkswell = Masked Assault
Voltaic Slash = Clairvoyant Strike
Saber Conduit = Profundity
Twin Surge = Upheaval
Electric Ambush = Potent Shadows
Duplicity = Infiltration Tactics
Assassin’s Mark = Shadow’s Mark
Entropic Field = Kinetic Field
Dominating Slashes = Prevailing Strikes
Sith Executioner = Judgement
Ball Lightning = Psychokinetic Blast
Crackling Blasts = Deep Impact
Ampted Voltage = Fracturing Force

Avoidance = Celerity
Oppressing Force = Pinning Resolve
Shapeless Spirit = Mental Defense
Obfuscation = Misdirection
Insulation = Shadowy Veil
Electric Bindings = Force Wake
Snaring Slashes = Snaring Strikes
Disjunction = Mind Over Matter
Static Cling = Subduing Techniques
Emersion = Egress
Audacity = Force Harmonics
Speed Surge = Kinetic Acceleration
Magnetism = Humbling Strike
Assassin’s Shelter = Shadow’s Shelter
Haunted Dreams = Containment
Dark Stability = Sturdiness
Hand of Darkness = Martial Prowess
Shroud of Madness = Cloak of Resilience
Gait Manipulation = Motion Control
Phasing Phantom = One With The Shadows

Lightning Charge = Force Technique
Assassin’s Training = Shadow’s Training
Lacerate = Whirling Blow
Dark Charge = Combat Technique
Discharge = Force Breach
Static Charge = Breaching Shadows
Charge Mastery = Technique Mastery
Mind Trap = Mind Maze
Maul = Shadow Strike
Exploitive Strikes = Force Synergy
Assassinate = Spinning Strike
Thrashing Blades = Applied Force
Force Shroud = Resilience
Spike = Spinning Kick
Overcharge Saber = Battle Readiness
Phantom Stride = Shadow Stride

Thrash = Double Strike
Mark of Power = Force Valor
Seethe = Meditation
Shock = Project
Force Lightning = Telekinetic Throw
Overload = Force Wave
Whirlwind = Force Lift
Electrocute = Force Stun
Recklessness = Force Potency
Unbreakable Will = Force of Will
Crushing Darkness = Mind Crush
Jolt = Mind Snap

That’s everything in the base Shadow class and the Infiltration tree. Anything not mentioned shares a name between the Assassin and Shadow.

Hey Kre’a.

First of all thank you for a pvp guide, its always good to have someone elses take on the class you are playing so I appreciate your time. I do have a couple of questions.
Firstly gearing: I know you wrote its power secondary and crit as third but any chance of actual values of those stats if you have the chance?
Secondly the opener/rotation: I have been using a similar one to yours but instead of using the Voltaic Slash after Spike I use Maul first, you said use Maul after VS for the proc but Spike already triggers it so maul crits and sunders the armor before the target has even recovered from my Spike. Also I use two VS before Ball lightning for maximum dps. SO its: Spike-Recklessness-Maul-Discharge-VSx2-Ball Lightning-VSx2-Maul-Assassinate.

Hi there. As far as Power and crit go, there’s nothing better to put in those slots, power for modifications and critical rating for enhancements, so you just stack them completely. As far as the math behind the augments, that can be seen here: The reason you should use Voltaic Slash first is because it triggers your 6 piece set bonus, which makes your next Maul an auto-crit. What spike does is actually just make your maul do 20% increased damage and cost 75% less force, via the Duplicity passive in your talent tree. They are different procs.

Finally a pvp guide for deception ! Thanks so much ! had a quesiton on stat priority : i don’t understand what it concretley means when you say All of your tertiary stat points should be put into Critical Rating and All secondary stats should be put into power

can you give an example on what mod/enhancement to use ?

also I see your screenshot and I had question on your binding system I see on the left column binds from 1 to = and the right side what i believe is a shift + 1 to = combination : what gaming gear are you using or should I assume your are able to reach all the way to = while using the mouse ??? (monstruous hands ?)

regarding your cd keybinds (bottom left) I see mouse bind. what kind of combination allows you to have 6 binds with your mouse buttons ?

thanks in advance !!

Hi, I’ve updated the stat priority. It should now clarify that all tertiary points go into Crit rating, meaning you want 100% critical enhancements. All secondary into power means you want all Power mods.

As far as my keybinds, they are based on my Razer Naga:

It has 12 buttons on the side, which correspond to my keybinds ingame.

Thank you for posting a PvP guide.
Have you experimented with alacrity since 4.0? I really don’t want to have 2 sets of DPS gear for serenity/hatred vs infiltration/deception, but I think it’s going to be mandatory for ranked.
Thanks again, Kre’a 🙂

Hey there, yes I’ve played with Alacrity and it is recommended to take about 2-3% in Hatred. You don’t need 2 sets of gear, the easiest way to do this would be to buy 2 alacrity implants and just swap them out for the critical implants as you change specs.

I use the utility to get an extra recklessness charge, open from stealth with spike and (proc’d) maul, then use recklessness to get 3 charges on discharge and auto crit, then phantom stride to get another 3 charges and auto crit, VS and an auto crit shock, this usually brings targets down to below 30, low slash and put in another maul and finish with assassinate (or assassinate first then maul)

pretty good for 1 v 1

I don’t recommend using Phantom Stride for a DPS increase just because it allows you to be kited later when you actually need it. Everything else you said is fine though.

force speed with stun immunity is still up at this point and low slash.
I only use this for taking enemy nodes that are defended by 1.
If kited anyway, stealth out.

I have a question about Force Harmonics. I was under the impression that that the extra stack on recklessness provided a big boost to the dmg of Discharge. I see that you don’t spec that in any of your scenarios. Am I incorrect in thinking its a bigger dmg boost than it is? I know the tooltip on recklessness only talks about boosting crit change and giving you 2 (3 stacks if spec in Force Harmonics) but at least in my testing it does seem the more stacks you have the better the dmg.

Nope, Recklessness does not boost the actual damage of Discharge. It only boosts the damage of Shock, and that’s only in the Darkness tree.

Hey, I have another question. From using the basic unranked PVP gear with a +41 Expertise crystal, I seem to get more damage off of a crit maul than a crit assassinate. Is there something wrong, or is it due to the 30% crit damage bonus?

Oh. I was asking this because in the Assassinate tooltip, you say to use your once a minute auto-crit on Assassinate over Maul, even with Duplicity.

Ahh, yes, in the execute phase, I recommend this because then it ensures that your Assassinate auto crits and right behind it you can follow it up with a powerful Maul that’s buffed with Duplicity for maximum burst. Instead of using an Auto Crit maul and then potentially not critting on Assassinate.

I have to disagree on both the reg utilities and the opener. Avoidance simply isn’t worth the utility point now that Speed has been nerfed. The -30s on Unbreakable Will is a nice boon but considering Phasewalk can be used while under CC it’s not enough to merit that utility, and -2s on Jolt is just laughable seeing as LS and instalift provide Infiltration with more than enough capability to prevent casting.

Electric Bindings: Do I really have to say anything? One of the strongest peeling tools in the game on a 17.5s CD with Audacity (which should be taken).

Shapeless Spirit: Let’s face it, people hate Shadows, and especially if your name is recognized for being a threat you’re going to get jumped on by people who are going to try to CC lock you. A huge boost in your DR during that is invaluable.

Insulation: A passive armor buff to reduce the amount of damage you take, with said DR being increased slightly more when at 3 stacks of Entropic Field seeing as it’s a multiplicative buff rather than an additive one.

Emersion: Much like Electric Bindings, this is obvious.

Audacity: Considering Infiltration’s burst isn’t on par with some of the higher level burst specs this utility isn’t really an option. A 9k Spike isn’t a huge hit but it’s a hell of a lot better than a 3-4k noncrit, and seeing as we can cheat a bit and use Recklessness ~12s before opening to allow us to instantly vanish into another set of charges after using the first 3 it’s pretty powerful.

Haunted Dreams: Like you chose, this isn’t an option imo. Infiltration lives by controlling the fight and an instant 30m 8s mezz can be a game changer when used intelligently.

Disjunction: I don’t take a second heroic utility. Dark Stability isn’t worth anything now that it’s only 6s (and Sentinels have the exact same thing in Skillful…..), Shroud of Madness doesn’t make much of a difference to me since I function just fine without it, and none of the other heroics are even worth thinking about. So I’d much rather have an extra 2s on Shroud to catch people off guard. That and it’s always nice to catch a CC on the tail end of your Shroud thanks to this utility.

Opener wise, the fact that you use Recklessness and proceed to use two white attacks before Breach doesn’t make sense. Not only are you potentially wasting a Surging Charge proc stack but you’re giving the other person a warning before bursting.

Potency -> Kick -> Breach -> Stride + Breach -> Maul -> Ball Lightning -> Voltaic -> Low Slash -> Crushing + Maul

Hits harder and your hits start off immediately, and if you really want to you could pop Recklessness 12 seconds prior to opening and go;

Kick -> Breach -> Stride + Breach -> Vanish + Recklessness + Breach -> Maul -> Ball Lightning -> Voltaic -> Low Slash -> Crushing -> Maul

Both of those hit harder than what was described. Now before you mention it I realize that both of those use Stride for additional damage and the second one uses Vanish as well. I’m quite aware that using Stride in such a manner is a risk, however between my CC’s, Phasewalk, and Speed I feel more than comfortable in my ability to stay on target for 30s while Stride comes off CD.

Regardless I appreciate the effort you put into this Kre’a, even if I disagree on some points, and I always enjoyed your stream when I watched so it’s lame that you’re going to Blade & Soul.

Blade and Soul PvP actually requires skill and it’s going to be part of the E-Sports scene, so I would rather dump a ton of my time there as opposed to SWTOR, where it’s obvious that PvP is a second thought and doesn’t get much love :/

That aside, the utilities I chose for regs are suited to my personal playstyle, as I’ve prefaced many times, utilities are purely your choice. I simply chose to give you guys what I personally use. My play style isn’t to just go in to the crowd and zerg a ton of players, I play objectively, using my stealth as a tool to capture offnodes, double cap the enemy, slip in to grab orbs and undetected without having to engage the enemy, etc. For this reason, I play regs more as a solo player, because most of the situations I find myself in, I’m solo.

With that being said, I don’t take the stun DR because I prefer the extra stealth levels for my play style as described above. When I play regs, I prefer to be able to not be detected at all, or have a much less chance of being detected to completely avoid a fight to capture and objective instead of actively seeking out engagements. If an engagement does occur, I will handle it promptly but in most situations, due to the way the objective maps are built and structured, it’s extremely easy to use the environment to mitigate more damage than stun DR will. I don’t take the extra recklessness charge because I would prefer to have a root breaker on my force speed as well as a reduced force cloak to get in to stealth quicker since most matches last almost 10 minutes and this allows me to make more objective plays. I’m not seeking to do maximum damage in regs, I’m seeking objectives. Same goes for avoidance, the cool down reductions are really good since regs last so long and the CD reduction on your interrupt can be the difference between an enemy taking an node or not, since you can interrupt 2 people on 1 GCD by hitting someone with one ability (assuming you can’t AoE them all) and using Focus Target Modifier to interrupt the 2nd on the same GCD.

Overall, your utility load out truly does not matter in regs. If you’re seeking to do maximum dps and have the best 1v1 potential, then sure, take the extra Reck charge and the stun DR or even the armor buff. But that’s not what I aim for, I aim to be that annoying stealth who is double capping when we would have otherwise lost, or constantly vanishing and reappearing at the other door in voidstar, etc. I play objectives, not to farm numbers, and my utilities are as such. Like I said though, there are hardly any ‘wrong’ answers, and it all comes down to personal preference, which is why the utility system is decent.

Edit: As far as Phantom Striding for a DPS gain goes, it just proves my point, people will play however is most effective for them. There are many ways to play this game to achieve the same results. If using PS as a DPS gain ultimately helps you take down people easier/quicker which leads to winning warzones, then who am I to stop you?

I see your point and I agree that Fade is extremely potent in the long matches, but that said I guess we just have differing viewpoints on the matter. The only one of those I really adamantly disagree with is Obfuscation as I just don’t think an extra point or two in stealth level has ever made a difference for me since Blackout is so potent of an increase. But either way, to each their own.

Obfuscation gives you another 5 meters before you will be detected in stealth and on top of that, the 15% Movespeed, which you will only really notice in combat. It’s a very good utility.

Also, I just saw that you mentioned that I use two white abilities after popping Recklessness, then you proceeded to show me that you use Maul before you use Voltaic Slash. The reason the opener is the way it is, is because if you use VS before Maul, it will trigger your set bonus for an Auto Crit Maul. Because of the way surge works now, your auto crit maul will hit MUCH harder than a regular crit maul from RNG, because on the auto crit, all your crit is rolled into your surge. This is simply too good to pass up, so I suggest you throw in at least 1 VS before Mauling in your opener. It’s your choice though, of course.

I’m aware of the autocrit, however you want Maul’s armor debuff prior to Ball Lightning as it’s energy damage that is mitigated by armor, and using a filler of VS prior to that initial maul is wasted damage time. Considering that I’m putting out such a large amount of damage from my double (or triple) Breach at the very start I’m content with waiting for Maul’s second proc to consume the autocrit, which is also the reasoning behind using it with a Low Slash + CrD combo so as to get the extra “free” damage of that DoT in there.

Utility wise, to each their own I suppose. I’ve never found Obfuscation much use to me. I used to use it when Speed was at a 15s CD because I didn’t feel Shapeless Spirit was much of a benefit to me, but since that CD has since been doubled I’d rather have the defensive bonus during CC. Just in the last two days I’ve survived multiple 1v2 encounters where I had used my break prior in the WZ thanks to Shapeless Spirit, but I tend to skulk around at off-nodes constantly and it’s not uncommon to see the enemy team just settle on leaving two people there once they figure that out.

The damage you’d achieve by using ball lightning on a sundered target would be less than that of an auto crit maul by a lot, so there is no wasted damage. The auto crit damage would more than make up for the VS filler.

I suppose we’re going to have to simply disagree. I’d rather get BL on cooldown (ideally with a Twin Surge) than blow a GCD on a VS so early. In the end I think we can agree on that since we’re both participating in this discussion that both of our methods work well enough that we’re trying to convince each other that our way is better, so if that’s the case I doubt we would make any real benefit from continuing on doing so.

Yea, in the end, whatever method works best for you is the method you should stick to. Multiple different paths, all the same net result.

When you say accuracy isn’t worth it, is that a blanket statement for all classes? or would a class like the merc or sniper benefit from them? and if so are you recommended 1350 crit rest power for all classes?

Thanks for the guide

I’m specifically talking about Deception. I cannot give you advice on sniper or merc since I do not main those classes and don’t want to give you any false information. The same goes with the crit/power for all other classes. I am only speaking for Deception Assassins, I’m don’t consider myself qualified enough to give good advice on how to gear for other classes and don’t want to lead you in the wrong direction.

To follow-up on what Kre’a said, the thing with Accuracy in PvP that makes it not worthwhile (an argument could be made for Marksman/Carnage but that’s about it imo) is this; The vast majority of misses that you’re going to be getting in PvP are coming from parry/resist chance increasing DCDs. An excellent example of this is the Shadow’s Deflection, which grants a +50% chance to parry white damage. Slotting enough accuracy into your gear to give you +5% accuracy would, essentially, be as if Deflection only gave +45% increased parry chance.

The thing is that because Accuracy has to compete with Crit (which is now extremely powerful) giving up much, if any, Critical rating isn’t really a worthwhile trade on a point-per-point basis with Accuracy, especially when you consider that that +5% accuracy you’d be gaining might give you one extra hit through Deflection. All in all it just isn’t worth the loss of Crit that you would be forced to do in order to gain that marginal bit of Accuracy which, after you factor in the majority of misses coming from DCDs, isn’t going to even be that effective regardless.

I have never played any Empire class and have recently switched from Shadow tanking in PVP to Infiltration. Is it safe to assume that if I find the equivalent mirrored abilities in Shadow I can use the same info posted above? Is it then also possible to update the guide to reflect the mirrored abilities?

I’ve done Republic guides as well, they just aren’t up just yet. Give it a bit more time and maybe the republic guides will show up.

might be retarded but what about closing in with stealth spike + recklesnes ->discharge->phantom stride ->discharge this way you get probs 2 crit discharges

I don’t recommend that you play this way, as you will be wasting a gap closer, however, if you are having success by using PS for extra discharge stacks then do whatever feels best for you.

I know Sages/Sorcs are a rather bad class for 1vs1, but I wonder if it is possible to soundly beat a good Sin as either? Call me a noob, but if my opponent is good then I won’t stand much of a chance, given the 100% avoid of force dmg-ability, the high controll (various stuns and slows) and the burst dmg.

A good sorc can beat a good deception sin, but that’s assuming that the sin is Deception and the Sorc/Sage is Hatred. It’s also assuming that the sorc/sage can pull the sin out of stealth before the sin gets the opener. If the sin gets to open then the sage will have a really rough time recovering.

Beating Infiltration as a Sorc is pretty difficult. Like Krea said it pretty much requires you to catch him. Even with your kiting Infiltration has a good mixture of control and damage that really makes life hard as a Sorc, and if the Sorc isn’t great at kiting you’re pretty much guaranteed to force a Barrier within 7-10 seconds. If they can kite you’ll have to actually work for the kill but, in the end, you’ll likely kill them.

As telekinets its basically impossible, as you are a burst spec with activation times, which makes it very easy to predict when the spikes are incoming and then sin can activate resilience=fight won. Imo telekinetics need more love, if left totally alone i can do good dmg, but nowhere near as much as sniper and you are a glass cannon. Sniper is an iron cannon in comparison, loads of defensive cds. Besides bubble is the most unreliable in the game, sometimes gone after one hit, its not even worth the gcd in a fight. If you are Balance, you could win, simply by applying all dots and then going force barrier and drain the sin. But my original comment was from a more from the perspective of a tele sage really. Also the problem with kiting remains, that if the enemy manages to stay behind you while chasing you wont be able to cast attacks (because of los broken) so not sure how you are supposed to kite a sin Strafing sidewards has the same problems and is usually not an option due to surroundings not being an open plain. I started rolling a shadow to better understand my opponent and frankly there aren’t only the countless control abilities, but you can also spec lots of slows or speed accelerations tied to attacks with utility points, making it even more impossible to kite.

hi guys, i new to the assassin scene, i recently started playing swtor again after returning home from my last deployment and seeing all the updates i have missed, i been working on my assassin for a bit now and still quite havnt figured out the dps, im more of a pve guy, currently im deception spec with all 208 gear with 216 dualsaber, any advice would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone wants to contact me in game name is kryen-ebon hawk server empire

Welcome back, you should not be using any 216 gear. All of your gear should be 204/208 PvP gear with expertise in it. Make sure all of your pieces have expertise and you are capped at 2018 expertise.

It’s really good to see the increasing pvp guides posted on dulfy. Aside from specific class guides, maybe it will be nice if one of you guys can write a general pvp guide, like the basic/advanced tactics for each map (hypergate, civil war, etc), how resolve works on pvp, how to have maximum expertise without pvp gears. (the last part is quite essential).

Because i’ve seen an increasing number of people joining warzone matches without having a basic knowledge of how pvp works, ranging from having only 800-900 expertise on their gears, overcommit to one side, etc the list goes on.

Just a thought.

Nice man. I hope players that have interest in pvp and like to queue for warzone would at least educate themselves the basic pvp knowledge before jumping into the stuff. Really appreciate your works.

idk about everyone else, but I like using this rotation as a solo opener: (stealth) > recklessness > Spike > maul >force shroud > discharge > phantom stride > discharge > situational thereafter (like the double v. slash/ball lightning combo or something for gap closing and CCs). Using phantom stride for a second discharge, with the recklessness autocrit, I find generates about 5k more dps than if I were to use the ball lightning method.

Unless you’re dueling another stealther it’s generally not helpful to Spike initially. It’ll just give them free resolve since they won’t break it in all likelihood. The other thing is that Shroud that early is often a waste. Sure if you know the other person is jumpy with CCs or something else important that you don’t want to eat then it’s fine, but in a general sense? No.

Hmm… You are right about the early spike.

I am thinking of a rotation more in line with:

Recklesness>voltaic>maul(crit+debuff)>discharge(debuff)>phantom stride(to proc discharge)>discharge>(Voltaic if you dont have ball proc) / ball

That way, you are sure to get the autocrit AND devuffing the target with all the debuffs you got.

Of course, the stuns etc are situational.

But see the issue with that is that you’re already sitting at 3 Static Charge stacks with Recklessness. Between the two ticks of Voltaic and then Maul you’re more than likely to trigger Surging Charge, building another stack that will be essentially wasted.

Generally speaking Reck + Discharge -> Stride + Discharge (if you feel like risking it) -> Voltaic -> Maul -> Ball is your best bet.

Yeah that was my concern as well. It is, though, quite reliant on the RNG then.

I was actually just sitting and thinking of the exact same rotation you just mentioned:

Reck -> discharge -> stride -> discharge -> VS -> Maul. That way, the maul is “buffed” by both the VS and the discharge (giving the enemy that extra 5% inc dmg)

I dont think that spike in the beginning is worth it, as it is:

A) Only 2 sec stun, giving only room for the first discharge before dropping
B) Gives unnessecary resolve
C) Warns the opponent

My only concern is though to have the opponent “locked” down after the first discharge/stride.

I dont mind risking the stride, since we got egress and LS 🙂

Btw – you mentioned in another thread that you used 2xcrit augs to put you on exactly 40% crit.

May I ask about your gear setup? (Enhancements etc)?

I have 12x Power augments and 2x Crit augments; full Adept 40X enhancements (min/max Power/Crit), Lethal 40X mods (min/max Power/Mastery). All datacrons is required, otherwise you’ll have to substitute one or two extra Crit augments to make Reck an autocrit.

Honestly it’s not a huge issue with augments. You could go full Crit, full Power, or a mix of the two. Power will offer slightly more burst whereas Crit will offer slightly more overall DPS from the higher crit frequency. In the end the difference is fairly minimal performance wise. I just prefer the minimum required Crit since I tend to skulk around off-nodes and hunt people hanging out solo in the back lines.

Thanks for the fullfilling reply 🙂

My only problem is the datacrons… Cant seem to get the makeb ones.

If memory serves there are one or two on Makeb that downright require a 2 or 3 man group in order to do. I’m fairly certain one needs a Juggernaut’s Force Push. Aside from that some on that planet take an excruciatingly long time to actually work your way around to.

Make bones are Presence and Endurance. No affect on your DPS. No group is needed to get either.

Hey, i play with 4 % of alacrity, what do you think ? i don’t find i dps less than 0 % ( about 2k4 in team ranked), and often 2k 8 / 35 more in warzone normal

Alacrity isn’t really something I’d suggest taking for Infil. With the recent nerfs to our damage we can’t really afford to be giving up any crit. That aside, Alacrity is more-so something that you’ll want for sustained damage and that’s not what the spec is about. It’s about control and moderate burst. For that, really, Power/Crit is the best option. As for damage I’ve gone as high as 3.9k per second with 0% Alacrity (and 0 Accuracy) so it’s not like Alacrity is going to be some super stat. It’s more just that you know the spec well and are managing your uptime well.

Hey, I dont know if this is a noob Question but how do I know when my set bonus procs are available? And does anyone know all the set bonuses for the stalker set.

You’ll see a proc on your bar. 2pc +2% bonus damage is a purple-ish icon and 6pc autocrit is a white icon.

2pc – Ball lightning increases damage dealt by 2% for 15s every 30s
4pc – Reduces Recklessness’ cooldown by 15 seconds
6pc – Voltaic Slash grants an autocrit for Maul and Assassinate that lasts for 30s every 60s

It’s mostly up to personal preference and the difference isn’t that big. If I’m trying to go for more overall DPS on something I’ll take crit augments, if I want more burst I’ll go power. It’s just up to you and the difference isn’t even 1% in DPS so it doesn’t really matter.

So what relics would you suggest for deception? From what I saw it was power and mastery? As do I go with all critical augs?

Based on the current meta and the extensive calculations done by mathematical modelling, alacrity and crit are waaaay better than power or mastery. This, combined with the amazing utility of alacrity as a cd reducer and global cd reducer and taking into account the fast paced, target switching nature of pvp I would heartily disagree with the idea of no alacrity. I’ve gone as high as 10% and not regretted it. My burst was just as good, but my flow was way better. Ymmv, but I would never discount alacrity out of hand. Accuracy beyond base though, I couldn’t agree more.

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