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SWTOR 4.0 Operative PvP Healing Guide by Hottie

SWTOR 4.0 Operative PvP Healing Guide by Hottie[toc]

Intro to Operative PvP Healing

General Info


  • LoS – Line of Sight
  • AoE – Area of Effect
  • HoT – Healing over Time ability
  • DoT – Damage over Time ability
  • HPS – Healing Per Second
  • DPS – Damage Per Second
  • CC – Crowd Control (stun)
  • Hardstun – CC that is doesn’t break on damage (Debilitate/Dirty Kick)
  • Mez – CC that breaks on damage (Flash Bang/Flash Grenade)
  • CD – Cooldown
  • DCD – Defensive Cooldown
  • GCD – Global Cooldown (1.5 seconds)


  • Very mobile
  • Sustained healing over time
  • Can self-cleanse DoTs/Roots
  • Best AoE healing in the game


  • HPS is strongly affected by how you manage HoTs
  • Weak when stunned
  • Weak single target burst healing
  • Can be easily shut down with interrupts


  • The stat Surge has been removed. Surge has now been rolled into the Critical Rating stat. This means that Critical Rating now determines both your chance to critically hit, and the damage bonus you receive when you critically hit. Due to this change we have tweaked the values that this rating converts into. Generally an equal rating prior to Fallen Empire will result in less critical hit chance and damage from before, but this is simplified by only having one rating.
  • To ensure that Critical Hit Chance is never a wasted stat, any abilities that automatically critically hit now convert any Critical Hit beyond 100% into additional critical damage.
  • Lastly, we have rearranged how we distribute ratings on items. Now, Power and defense share the first rating slot on modifications, while the rest of the stats (Accuracy, Alacrity, Critical, Absorb, and Shield) will share the second rating slot.” – 4.0 Patch Notes

4.0 gear is going to look a lot different. You will see the difference with how the stats are now shifted, surge is now merged with crit and cunning is now replaced with a stat called “Mastery”.

If everyone is interested in the diminishing returns of Critical Chance verse Critical Rate


4.0 equations posted by dipstik:

  • Critical Chance (from crit rating) = 30 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.3 ) )^( ( CritRating / max(level,20) ) / 0.8 ) )
  • Critical Chance (Mastery) = 20 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.2 ) )^( ( Mastery / max(level,20) ) / 5.5 ) )
  • Surge Percentage = 30 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.3 ) )^( ( CritRating / max(level,20) ) / 0.8 ) )
  • Alacrity Percentage = 30 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.3 ) )^( ( AlacrityRating / 65 ) / 1.25 ) ) )
  • Bonus Healing (Mastery) = (Mastery) * 0.14
  • Bonus Healing (from force/tech power) = (Force or Tech Power) * 0.17
  • Bonus Healing (from power) = Power * 0.17


  • Advanced Alacrity Augments x8: 73+ Alacrity 48+ Endurance
  • Advanced Critical Augments x6: 73+ Critical 48+ Endurance

Note: For those of you with old 3.3 Augments listen up. If you have augmented gear with the old MK-10s you do not need to re-kit your gear. MK-8 is now the highest kit so you can just put the new augments straight into your old gear.


Relic of Focused Retribution – Healing an ally or preforming a damaging attack on an enemy both have a 30% chance of grant 882 of your Mastery Stat for 6 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds.

Relic of Serendipitous Assault – Healing an ally or preforming a damaging attack on an enemy both have a 30% chance of grant 882 Power for 6 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds.


  • Power/Alacrity: 995 (10.19%)
  • Rest in Power/Critical Rating: 1397 (38.58%) 

Optional Advanced Gearing

In this section I will talk about other ways to gear if you are able to. This would require players who have certain PvP gear/PvE gear which is available before 4.0. If you are a new Operative in this section I’m afraid cannot apply to you.

1) Kolto Injection Crit Build:

I talked todkinvoker  about a way to improve our burst healing for Operatives which ended up having excellent results. He brought up my attention about stacking our (2) piece set bonus twice. This never occurred to me because I assumed you would have to wear PvE gear to do this and the loss of expertise/other stats would be too much of a hit. I did not think about the fact that you could stack the old (2) piece bonus from the previous PvP gear set (this is where I suggest to ALWAYS SAVE POST PAST PVP ARMORINGS just in case).

This would require you to have two of the old Dark ReaverPvP armoring (174). Why is this significant? Stacking these two set bonuses will give you two (2) 100% Critical percentage to your Kolto Injection. Since they are part of two different gear sets the procs will not override each other and will appear together.

What does this mean in relation to burst healing?

  1. This means Crit on Injection will proc more often (30%) because of RNG since they are on two different proc cycles.
  2. If you get a double stack (two procs stack) it will give you 200% Critical percentage to your next Injection. With the changes in 4.0 Crit/Surge were merged. Critical percentage also effects your surge of your heals. I don’t know if you are all aware of this, this means if you crit without the proc your Injection will hit for 10-12k. With your proc your injection will crit for 14-17k. With a double stack proc your injection crits for 18-27k.

I tested this out myself and it is a significant increase to your Injection heal. The highest recorded crit heal I pulled in a warzone was close to 27K. Just think about that. If your target has RN/Probes on them and you heal your target for a 26K followed by a Surgical Probe after, that could be easily over a 30k+ heal.

What do you lose in this exchange? This is just when you switch out two (2) armoring for the old PvP set bonus.

You lose in stats:

  • 1068 HP
  • 112 Mastery
  • 194 armor rating (-.68 Damage reduction)
  • Six (6) piece PvP Exemplar set bonus. This means you are dropping -3 seconds on our Nanotech.

Is it worth it?

I specifically looking at this from a high level PvP perspective. This means from a solo rank/group rank perspective. Since burst comps are meta over dot/cleave this build is worth it. Solo ranked revolves around you healing one target who is going to be bursted by 2-3 players. If your Injection is criting more often/crits with 200% it will be an extreme benefit. I have also tested this out in group ranked vs. hardsplit and mez comps last night and it worked very well. I would call out to my team when I had a crit/double crit stack so they wouldn’t need to pop all their cooldowns. When I had a double proc it heals my team mate almost to full.

This does mean if you run this build you have to prioritize getting your injection out above all else when you have a crit or double crit. This means bait at least 1-2 interrupts (cast Kolto Infusion and Kolto Wave first) before attempting to cast Injection. 
If you are fighting solo ranked/group ranked vs. dot/cleave comps this build could be provide less benefit and going your six (6) piece Exemplar bonus would be an HPS increase. Just keep that in mind.

When switching to this single target burst build. I switched out two (2) of my alacrity enhancements for crit which dropped me down to around 7.79% Alacrity (721 Alacrity rating) and brought me up to around 39.37% Crit (1525 Critical Rating). To account for the loss in HP I switched out two (2) of my critaugs and replace them with Advanced Foritiude Augment 40 (+73 END/ +48 POWER). This brought my HP up to 70,150 which I feel a little more comfortable with (still a -511 HP loss).

2) Injection Crit Build/Nano Boost

For more theory crafting I also am trying out the old ArkanianPvE 2 set bonus which increases your RN/Cloud by 15%. This was because I was trying to see if I could make up for the loss of -3 off of cloud set bonus which you cannot get if you are double stacking Injection Proc. Why stack this? This lets you keep your OP double stack of Injection (crits for 24k easily) while also not completely nerfing the HPS of your RN/Cloud. This is also possible because our four(4) piece Exemplar set bonus for healing is garbage strongly outweighed by 15% to our RN/Cloud increase.

My set up is really weird. I used 2 fortitude augs (to get hp to 70k) also a mix of power/crit/alacrity augs to balance out my stats. The PvE 2 piece set bonus surprising bolsters to 2018 in a warzone. The best bolster I could get with the PvE set bonus was green 190s (mods/enhancements) which could be found on fleet. 

A run down on losses/gains:

My old min/maxed gear set:

  • 70662 HP
  • Bonus Healing: 1635.5
  • Crit: 38.58%
  • Alacrity: 10.19%
  • 5253 Armor Rating
  • 29.26% Damage Reduction
  • +15% chance of a 100% crit Injection proc
  • + 3 seconds off of RN/Cloud
  • + 2 energy off of Injection/Fusion  

New set:

  • 70193 HP (-469 HP)
  • Bonus healing 1628.0 (-7.5)
  • Crit: 37.62% (-.96)
  • Alacrity 8.58% (-1.61)
  • 4639 Armor Rating (-420)
  • 27.05% Damage Reduction(-2.21)
  • -3 seconds off of RN/Cloud
  • -2 energy off of Injection/Fusion
  • +15% increase to RN/Cloud
  • +30%~ chance of a 100% crit Injection procs (stackable for 200% surge increase) 

I will be testing this build in group/solo ranked. Remember if you want to test out this new gear set up that out of warzone you will have 1718 expertise and need 2018 to get into a ranked warzone. You will have to make 2 different gear sets, one with the old pvp gear and one with the pve gear. This way you can switch them out to queue and put on the pve gear when in the ranked wz.

Note: If any of you try out this build and find a better way to bolster please contact me!


Datacons are objects that can be found and collected around the many worlds of SWTOR. When collected you will gain a small stat increase.

The four primary stats Strength, Willpower, Cunning, and Aim have all been replaced by a single stat called Mastery. For all intents and purposes, Mastery acts identically to the primary stat it replaced.” – 4.0 Patch Notes

What does this mean in relations to datacons? Bad news is, you will now have to collect all datacons that use to be Strength, Willpower and Aim to fully min/max for PvP. If you do not do this, you would be missing out on 140~ bonus Mastery. The good news is, datacons are now legacy bound. So technically if you get them for one toon, all toons on your account will have max bonus to Mastery.

Companion Affection Bonuses

You will notice that when you max out you’re a companion affection you will gain a small buff to your character. This is also legacy bound meaning you only have to max out one group of companions to gain all the small bonuses.

  • Kaliyo: 1% Max HP
  • Vector: 1% Critical Damage*
  • Doctor Lokin:2% Healing Received
  • Ensign Temple:1% Critical Hit Change*
  • Scorphio: 1% Accuracy

The only ones you really have to worry about maxing their affection is Kaliyo, Vector, Doctor Lokin, and Ensign Temple. This is extremely worth it if you are min/maxing and I would recommend it.

*Since 4.0 these two changed alittle bit because of the Crit/Surge merge



  • Nanotech Suit– Reudces all area of effect damage taken by 30%
  • Chem-resistant Inlays Increases damage reduction by 5%
  • Flash Powder – Reduces targets accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds after Flash ends.
  • Optional: Slip Away–Reduces the cooldown of Debilitate by 15 seconds.


  • Forified Kolto– While your Kolto Probe is active on yourself, your damage reduction is increased by 3% per stack.
  • Endorphic Rush – Adrenaline Probe now immediately.
  • Optional: Counterstrike – Countermeasures/will also purge all movement-impairing effects when activated.


  • Evasive ImperativeEvery time you get attacked, the active cooldown of your Evasion is reduced by 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
  • RevitalizersStim Boost/Pugnacity now additionally grants Revitalizers, restoring 5% of total health every 3 seconds and reducing damage received by 30% for the duration.

Note: The only thing I would switch around is if you don’t have issues with energy management you can remove the utility point in Endorphic Rush place it in Slip Away which would lower the CD on Debilitate.I prefer myself to go extra energy because you get into a cast heal situation where you are forced to dump a lot of energy. I like the extra energy in case of emergencies. If don’t like taking Endorphic Rush and you aren’t going to use Debilitate/Dirty Kick off CD I would pick up I would pick up Counterstrike/Dirty Trickster. This will make your agro dump into a root/slow breaker.

PvP Healing Overview

Operativel healing revolves around instant heals, HoTs and superior AoE heals to keep their target(s) alive. Majority of your healing rotation will include: Kolto Probe, Surgical Probe and Recuperative Nanotech. These are all instant cast and instant heals. Your healing also determined around getting procs that stack three (3) times called Tactical Advantage. With these procs, which are gained by casting majority of your healing successfully and will allow you to cast other abilities such as Surgical Probe. which is an instant heal and Kolto Infusion which is your small cast heal.

Your healing priority should be:

Two (2) stacks of Kolto Probes on four (4) targets ->Recuperative Nanotech ->Kolto Infusion ->Kolto Injection or Kolto Wave

Important Abilities


Tactical Advantage (Passive)- Proc gained by successfully casting healing abilities. Stacks three (3) times

  • You should never run out of stacks if you are maintaining HoTs on four (4) targets and using Recuperative Nanotech on CD. This alone should always give you 3 stacks to be used to cast Surgical Probe or Kolto Infusion.
  • Note: You have a passive called Tactical Medicine/ that states once you consume a Tactical Advantage with a healing ability all your healing is increased by 3% for 6 seconds. This means every time you use Surgical Probe or Kolto Infusion you will receive a small healing bonus of 3% for 6 seconds after. This is super important if you want to Min/Max your HPS. Make sure you keep Tactical Medicine buff up at all times.

Tactical SuperiorityExploits Tactical Advantage to Stack the Deck for you and your Operation group members within 40 meters, increasing critical chance by 10% for x seconds. Does not break stealth.

  • This ability works in 8 man warzones and not arenas. So you will not be able to use it in regular warzone arenas, solo ranked or group ranked.I try to use Tactical Superiority/Stack the Deck off cooldown. Really nice to time it with in combination with Kolto Wave for large group healing.

Adrenaline Probe – Recovers 50 energy over x seconds.

  • This is your emergency energy regeneration, use it sparingly it’s on a minute cool down. Could be the longest minute of your life if you are energy starved.
  • Tip: If you spend a utility point Masterful –Endorphin Rush/Keep Cool, it will increase the energy it restores by restores 15 additional energy. I would recommend this is you are struggling with energy management.

Diagnostic Scan – Channeled heal for small amount for 3 seconds. When heal crits it restores your energy.

  • You get a passive in your skill tree called “Patient Studies” which allows your scan restore 2 energy per crit heal which making it your secondary energy regeneration. Since 3.0 you can do this on the move. This should be used to try to keep your energy above 50%.
  • Note: Your natural energy regeneration drops off at 3 points, 75%, 50%, 25%. The best natural regeneration is going to be 75% then 50% and so on. It’s really important for long fights that you maintain around if possible above 75% or at worst case 50%. At 25% it’s really difficult to get your energy back without spamming Diagnostic Scan the whole time.
  • Tip: If you are really low on energy and Adrenaline Probe is on CD there is only two options. Wait for energy to come back by spamming Diagnostic Scan or activate Stim boost + Tactical Superiority and spam Diagnostic scan. The alacrity bonus will increase your channeling speed as well as your increased crit rate from Tactical Superiority
  • Tip: The HPS of this ability is pretty much worthless (it was an HPS decrease pre 3.3 then the healing was nerfed again) only use it for an energy regen. There are situations when you are kiting and you have no procs left and you can’t afford a cast heal, use it on the move to restore some HP. That is the only situation you should use it as a heal, when you have NOTHING left.

Stim boost- Gains a Tactical Advantage and increases 10% alacrity increase for 15 seconds.

  • This is the only ability that will help get your heals out as fast as possible. It will lower your GCD, ticks between your abilities and help you channel faster. I use it in combination in cast healing to burst heal someone or burst heal a group of targets with Kolto Wave.
  • 4.0 Change: When activating Stim boost you will receive Enduring Kolto this will let you cast your next Kolto Infusion or Kolto Injection instant. I would recommend using it with Kolto Injection. Always go for your biggest heal because you should be activating Stim boost to burst heal someone.
  • Tip: Remember about Cynosure/Exemplar Gear two (2) piece bonus which gives you an instant Proc to crit heal to your next Kolto Injection.It procs around every 30+ seconds. Using in combination with Enduring Kolto passive, after popping Stim boost your next heal will be Kolto Injection instant and a crit.
  • Note: If you spec into the utility Revitalizers this turns your Stim boost into a DCD which decrease the incoming damage by 20% and heals you for 5% your maximum hp over 3 seconds.

Healing Abilities


Kolto Probe -  Heals for X amount over 21* seconds.

  • This ability is the foundation of your healing. Maintaining two (2) stacks of HoTs on four (4) targets. Trying to keep any more targets HoTed would be overkill and you will be spreading the whole match refreshing more than healing. After HoTing up four (4) targets this will give you 4-5 abilities in-between refreshing your HoTs to cast heal/AoE heal.
  • I can’t stress enough how important it is to not let your HoTs drop. Letting them drop will cost you a lot of HPS as well as pointless GCDs restacking. The better you get at remembering to refresh the higher your HPS and increase your ability to save players.
  • Note: I say “4-5 abilities in-between refreshing” because you have to take into account you being CCed. Make sure you are always watching the CD of your HoTs on your selected targets so you don’t miss refreshing them.
  • Tip: Your HoTs can be refreshed (if stacked twice on a target) by Surgical Probe. A good refreshing rotation is two (2) refreshed by pressing Kolto Probe, while the other two (2) refreshed by Surgical Probe. This will save some of your Tactical Advantage procs for emergencies as well as give those players who are refreshed by your instant heal, a 3k-8k heal as well as restacking their HoT. If I’m in a group taking heavy damage I do refresh with Kolto Probe once and three (3) with Surgical Probe focusing my three instant heals on the players taking the most damage.
  • Tip: Who should you prioritize your HoTs on? Yourself because you will most likely get heavy focus fire, possibility a tank and two (2) other players taking damage. If you speced into Masterful – Fortified Kolto please prioritize HoTs yourself at all times.

*Activation time buffed by 3 seconds in 4.0


Surgical Probe– Instant heal for X amount, needs a Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand proc.

This is your emergency heal as well as a way of refreshing your Kolto Probe. It heals for around 3k-8k~. It’s a good spamming ability if someone is at 10% and you don’t feel confident that you can have enough time to get a cast heal off to save them. Mostly you will be using this ability as a HoTs refresher majority of the time.


Recuperative Nanotech- Heals up to 4 allies within 10 meters for X over 9 seconds.

This is your instant AoE heal. This should be always used on CD and is one of the best way of maintaining Tactical Advantage procs. Should be placed on a target close to three (3) other players. This also now is a smart heal which means it prioritizes players who are low HP over ones who are full HP.

Note: In your skill tree you will notice Recuperative Nanotech gives a 3% healing increase to all sources for 45 seconds, so it is imperative that you use it on CD.

Tip: Before entering combat with your group activate Recuperative Nanotech helps stack your procs as well as helps you heal the beginning burst of combat.

Tip: Even if 1v1 duels you should be using this ability on CD to maintain Tactical Advantage


Kolto Wave – Heals up to 8 allies that remain within 8 meters of the targeted area for X health over the channel duration.

This is your primary AoE channel healing ability. It cannot be used while moving so be aware of your positioning when using it. It is an amazing ability and crits a lot (sometimes up to 60% on my healing parses). Never underestimate the strength of the AoE healing.

Tip: It’s worth using this ability when you have 3+ players in the wave healing range. This might be hard because it requires you to place it somewhere and players to not walk out of it. Just do the best you can with the placement.

Tip: You can either place it manually (drag and drop) or double click the ability while targeting a player. Careful how you place this ability it’s not always wise to double click because you could get more players if you drag and place it manually. This will take practice.

Note: Don’t forget about your new 3.0 ability Tactical Superiority which increases your raids crit chance by 10% for 10 seconds. If there is intense AoE battle, I time it with my Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Waves and even my Stim boost for high HPS.


Kolto Infusion -  Uses a Tactical Advantage heal a target for X and X amount over 9 seconds.

This is your small casting heal with a low cast time which also places a HoT on your target. You should be using this ability on CD. It heals for 4.5-10k which is pretty decent. It also gives the player Resistant (since 3.0) which gives 45 second resistance to 3% elemental and internal damage which is great fighting against Assassins/Shadow, Powertechs/Vanguard, Pyro Mercenaries/Commando, Operative/Scoundrel DPS.

Tip: It is smart to use this ability like a buff. Buff yourself and your tank or other players before combat. 3% might not seem as much but over time it is worth it.

Tip: This is a good ability to bait interrupts with if you really need to get out a Kolto Injection or a Kolto Wave. Meaning, casting this ability for the soul reason to try to get the enemy to waste their interrupt so you can cast something else freely right after.


Kolto Injection– Heals a friendly target for X amount.

This is your big cast heal which heals for around 7-17k~ with a large cast time.

Tip: Since the cast time of this ability is 1.8 seconds which is a lot, use in combo with Stim boost which will increase your alacrity by 10% which will help you get your cast heals out as soon as possible.

Tip: Burst healing for an Operative isn’t our strong point. To help with that, it is really imperative that you have HoTs rolling a target before cast healing. It helps make up for our weak cast heals and ensures eventually HP will start going up instead of down.

Tip: Try to use a Surgical Probe right after Kolto Injection because if it crits with HoTs it all adds up for a great burst heal. If it all crits that’s 17k (cast heal) +8k(instant heal) +3k (HoT heal)= 28k+ heal.

Note: When you get your Cynosure/Exemplar Gear two (2) piece you will have a bonus that gives you instant proc to crit heal to your next Kolto Injection. Looks like a purple icon on your bar. Be aware of this buff because then you can save a crit heal for a player who really needs it. Used in combination with the new Stim boost passive it will make your next Kolto Injection an instant crit heal.


Burst single target healing rotation:

Two (2) HoTs on target ->Kolto Infusion –>Kolto Injection x3 [Pop Stim Boost for 1 instant Kolto Injection instant]->Surgical Probe –>Kolto Infusion ->Surgical Probe -> Repeat

This rotation is what I used in solo ranked for solo ranked burst. It’s the best for healing heavy fast burst. You cannot maintain this and it will destroy your energy management. The key here is to keep up your 3% healing increase from Tactical Advantage. Also if you can sneak in a Recuperative Nanotech which is another 3% healing increase to the target for 45 seconds.

Burst healing rotation 2:

Imperial: Two (2) HoTs on target ->Kolto Infusion ->Surgical Probe ->Stim Boost ->KoltoInjection (should be instant/auto crit) ->Surgical Probe ->KoltoInjection ->Surgical Probe ->KoltoInfusion -> Repeat.

This rotation is easier on your energy regeneration and is best for steady burst healing. Again if you can spare a GCD for Recuperative Nanotech do so for the 3% healing increase to target for 45 seconds.

AoE Rotation:

Two (2) HoTs on four (4) targets ->Recuperative Nanotech ->Stim boost (increase alacrity) ->Kolto Wave –>[instant Kolto Injection or Kolto Infusion] –>Kolto Infusion ->one (1) Surgical Probe-> Refresh HoTs (Two (2) with Surgical Probe and two (2) with Kolto Probe) -> Repeat

Careful with this you will have to throw in a Diagnostic Scan once and a while keeping your energy steady.If you use your instant on Kolto Infusion you have time for one (1) Kolto Injection or two (2) Surgical Probes before having to re-HoT your targets. Don’t forget to upkeep your 3% healing increase from Tactical Advantage buff by using Surgical Probe or Kolto Infusion.

Healing conclusion:

Being an Operative healer is being a mobile healer. You aren’t supposed to be standing in the same place majority of the fight. You healing style should be mobile, flexible and you should be always adjusting positioning depending on how the fight is turning out.As an Operative healer you should never be in the middle of cleave damage or AoE damage (unless you have a tank). Always try to be healing a safe distance away from the fights.It’s extremely important for you to always be in a position that you can LoS by a pillar, building or tree. This will insure you will always be able to LoS any range at all times. Work on your positioning, being mobile, rotating through your defensives correctly and healing under pressure and you will be a successful Operative healer.

Defensive Counter Abilities

Let’s talk about some of the ways you can react if you are taking damage or being pressured.


Shield Probe– Absorbs a moderate amount of damage over 10 seconds. Does not break stealth.

This ability should be used on CD whenever you are taking damage. It is also perfect for migrating burst damage if you see it coming.

Tip: Sometimes when I need to escape quickly and my Evasion isn’t up, I use the combo Cloaking Screen ->Shield Probe. This lets me absorb whatever DoTs or projectile damage coming toward me for a short time when I combat stealth. This helps to not be popped out of stealth right away. Again, this is only if I Evasion is on CD otherwise use Evasion.

Note/fun-fact: When absorbing damage by this ability it is added to your overall healing seen at the end of each match.


Evasion– Increases the change you dodge melee and range attacks by 200% for 3 seconds. Doesn’t break stealth.

One of the most overpowered abilities you possess, use it wisely. When activated it cleanses all DoTs, roots, slows and gives you the ability to dodge all incoming white damage for 3 seconds.

Tip: Used in combination Cloaking Screen it will let your stealth out safely and not pop out early because incoming damage.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to use Evasion sometimes to break roots or any movement impairments on yourself. I mostly do it when I see myself out of position. I use Evasion so I can double Exfiltrate to get into a safer position to heal.

Tip: Prioritize using your Evasion/Dodgeto cleanse or dodging:

  • Crushing Darkness/Mind Crush DoT – Sorcerers/Sages

Note: You know when this ability is on you by looking at your debuffs or just by listening. When it is casted you will notice a loud sound like a heart is beating, when you hear this cleanse it.

  • Ravage/Master Strike – Juggernauts/Guardians and Marauders/Sentinels

Note: Majority of Ravage/Master Strike’s damage is the final strike, if you can’t dodge the first two strikes in the channel isn’t a big deal. Just try to evade the last strike.

  • Ambush/Aim Shot – Snipers/Slingers

Note: You know when a Sniper/Slinger is channeling this ability on you have red square on your character. Really easy to notice and counter.

  • Railshot – Powertech/Vanguard

Note: Main PT rotation is similar to: Thermal Detonator -> Retractable Blade -> Rail Shot -> Magnetic Blast -> Rail Shot. Be ready for it because it is instant cast.


Exfiltrate– Roll forward 12 meters. Activating the ability a second time within 10 seconds allows you to roll again, but puts the ability on cooldown for 10 seconds. While rolling, your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks is increased by 30%. Does not break stealth. Cannot be used while immobilized or hindered.

This is another very strong ability that Operative have. It lets you roll two times while giving you a 30% damage to dodge incoming white damage.

Note: Never forgot the 30% change to dodge white damage. If you have nothing left and you can’t LoS time your roll to dodge an Aim shoot or a Railshot. Its RNG if it works but it’s better than dying.

Tip: Stagger your rolls. It isn’t always wise to roll twice right away. When kiting it’s best to bait abilities such as Force Speed from an Assassin or Leap from a Marauder with the first roll then roll again to successfully gain distance from melee.

Tip: Roll can also give you the ability to go farther if rolling off edges. If you are kiting or want to get to from point A to point B faster, try to roll off cliff sides or ledges.

Tip: If I really need to get a cast heal off I sometimes will use the combo, Roll -> Cast heal if they interrupt that, Roll -> Cast heal again.


Holotraverse -Supercharge your stealth generator, quickly moving you to a friendly or enemy target and increasing your movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. Does not break stealth, cannot be used against enemy targets in cover, has a 45 second cooldown, and is off of the Global Cooldown.

Great kiting ability, helps you get into range to heal or fall back to reposition. It works like a teleport or a leap to a friendly target who is in range. So this means if someone is up or downstairs it will teleport you to their position. So this means jumping and leaping up to a ledge is possible now! You can use this either in combination with Exfiltrate or use it defensively to create distance when your roll is down.

Picking a good target to teleport to during battle is extremely difficult. It depends on your positioning as well as theirs. Majority of the players you will find have terrible positioning which makes it hard to decide on the spot which player to defensively teleport to. The better you get with thinking under pressure it will help you make the quick decision who to use this ability on to save your life. A trick that I use now is whenever I am being focused or I’m taking any damage, I take a quick scan around my group. I am constantly planning who I will teleport if the damage is too much for my CDs to handle. Always try to be one step ahead with this ability, it will help you use it in the most effect way you can.

Tip: This ability is also good for getting away from a melee who is interrupting/stunning to get a cast heal off fast.

Tip: I tend to use this a lot if I’m AoE healing an enemies constantly push me back from the fight. I just teleport back into the group to continue healing.

Tip: If the team is trying to separate you and your tank this is a good ability for you to teleport back in range of guard by using your tank as your teleporting target.

Note: In early access this ability is extremely buggy (as expected). You will notice that it only really works if you are on flat ground and the player you are teleporting to is not moving. It’s very easy to get caught on rocks or objects in-between the player you are teleporting you and only go half away. It also sometimes doesn’t even teleport you. Be aware of this and hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Debilitate -  Deals X amount of damage and stuns target for 4 seconds.

This is your hardstun. I use it defensively, offensively and even to get cast heals off. It really depends on the situation you are in. To use this ability in a defensive situation is when you are taking a lot of incoming damage or under a lot of CC or interrupt pressure. Use your hardstun to mitigate some of the damage by stunning a target and create the distance you need. In an offensive situation, I would use it to CC a healer or DPS that is freecasting. For the last scenario, sometimes you are in a situation where you really need to get a cast heal off yet a melee is doing everything he/she can to interrupt your casting. Sometimes it really helps to stun the melee and cast heal right away to insure you will get a cast heal off successfully.


Sever Tendon – Dealing X kinetic damage and slowing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 12 seconds.

This is your slow which will help you kite melee. I use this ability more in duels then warzones. It’s a great ability for kiting but I find I don’t use it as often in warzones because I don’t want to waste a GCD on just slowing a player. This is my personal preference. In my opinion, normally as a healer you will get peels or the melee won’t stay on you for a long period of time. Unless a melee is truly harassing a healer I would suggest to slow him on CD to discourage him till he switches targets.


Flash Bang – Flash grenade that blinds the target for x seconds. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely

This ability is one of my favorites. This is your AoEMez. I personally use it on CD. If you spend a point in your utilities to get the 20% accuracy debuff (Skillful – Flash Powder) it makes it even better. I use it offensively and defensively. Any class that uses majority of white damage is really susceptible to the debuff from your Flash. That means Marauders/Sentinels, Juggernauts/Guardians, Snipers/Slingers and Mercenaries/Commandos.


Cloaking Screen– Overloads your stealth generator, immediately exiting combat and entering stealth mode. For 10 seconds, you become virtually undetectable.

This ability is your combat stealth out and should be your last resort. It lets you stealth out in combat but be aware that if you have DoTs or projectiles shooting you when you combat stealth ,they will still hit you in stealth and have the ability to pop you right back out. This is where I suggest using Evasion/Dodge right before so after you stealth, it ensures you will escape without your stealth being broken by damage.

Tip: Be aware that using combat stealth puts you out of combat. That means it resets the cooldown of Warzone Medpack which can only be used once per combat cycle. Try to use your Warzone Medpack as a CD before being forced to use your combat stealth. This means you will be allowed to use it again after you stealth (if not on CD). There are many situations where sometimes the best option is to stealth out so you can use your Warzone Medpack to save yourself from incoming damage. Always remember you have that option.


Stim boost DCD* – Gains a Tactical Advantage and increases 10% alacrity increase for 15 seconds.

Utility Heroic – Revitalizers turns your Stim boost/Pugnacity into a DCD which decrease the incoming damage by 20% for 15 seconds and restores 5% of your total heal in 3 seconds. If you are getting tunneled majority of your warzones I would spec into this utility. I don’t like how I have to sometimes clip the Alacrity increase when I use it as a DCD but it’s worth it if you are getting tunneled.

*Only a DCD if you spent a Utility point skill tree.


Warzone Medpack and Warzone Adrenal – You will always have the option to use these in a warzone as well if you buy them from the PvP vendors. I use them as CDs and have them in my defensive rotation.

I use Warzone Medpack as one of my emergency heals. Warzone Medpack could be useful is if know someone is about to burst you, use your Medpack so I have enough HP in your pool to not die.

Warzone Adrenal is a 15% damage reduction. Never think it is worthless because any damage reduction option will help your catch up in healing yourself and others.

Tip: Try the combo Adrenal + Stim boost DCD, it will increase your damage reduction to 35%. If you are about to die to incoming burst pop these together for a large damage reduction.

Tip: In a situation that you see your tank is low on HP and you are taking a lot of his guard damage use your Adrenal. I sometimes use my Warzone Adrenal to reduce 15% of my incoming damage since 50% the damage is transferring to my tank.

Tip: If you don’t have your Evasion up to reduce the damage of a Juggernaut/Guardian’s Ravage/Master Strike use your hardstun but be aware of their CC immunity after their leap. You will notice the player is glowing when he/she leaps which means he/she is CC immune. The key here is to wait for the last tick of Ravage/Master Strike to CC them where there CC immunity wears off.

Cooldown Conclusion:

Try not to use all your defensives at once. You need to spread them out in combat and use them wisely. If you have a good rotation you will always have something back up when you need it. Always be thinking of ways to use your defensives to maximize the largest amount of damage. With practice you will be able to use all your cooldowns effectivity even under heavy pressure.

Tip: If you put a utility point into Masterful:Fortified Kolto you should have two (2) HoTs rolling on yourself at all times. This is a new 4.0 perk which gives you a 3% damage decrease per HoT on yourself. Damage decrease is 6% if double stacked so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.

My CD rotation priority goes:

Imperial:Shield Probe ->Evasion ->Stim boost DCD* ->Adrenal ->Medpack -> [Anything else that is back up] ->Cloaking Screen -> Repeat.

Don’t forget to also be using Holotraverse and Exfiltrate to kite melee and LoS range damage.

Remember that this rotation is adjusted depending what kinds of things you are experiencing in combat. For example, if you enter combat and the first damage you are taking is a Sorcerer DoT damage, you would use Evasion before Shield Probe because there is no need for you to absorb DoT damage when you can just cleanse it with Evasion.

Tip: If you are taking large amounts of damage you should also be using your Flash Bang as well as your hardstun defensively on CD. Flash big groups if you speced into the accuracy debuff, even if it breaks right away the groups accuracy will be decreased by 20%.

Tip: If you know you are about to get attacked and take large amounts of damage. For example, you see 3 players about to jump you without having a guard, if you can’t Flash them, use your Stim Boost DCD + Adrenal. That will be a 35% damage decrease and you will most likely survive. It’s really smart to use these abilities prematurely in case you get stun-locked and aren’t able to break.


By using Toxin Scan you can cleanse all tech/physical/mental hardstuns, mezes, slows and roots. Unfortunately the game doesn’t prioritize hardstuns/mezes over slows and roots. This means if you try to cleanse a Flash Bang on a player, it might cleanse a root or a slow instead. Be aware of this, it happens and it sucks.

Majority of the abilities you can cleanse come from Operatives/Scoundrels, Mercenaries/Commandoes, Powertechs/Vanguards and Snipers/Slingers. You can also cleanse Warrior AoE mezes.

Using Your Stunbreak

Knowing when to break a stun is something that is incredibly important when playing a healing class. Something that might be a force of habit is to break the first time you are stunned but you have to try to never break your first stun. The only time you should break your first stun is if you are 100% certain you are about to die or when you want to save a friend.

Why shouldn’t you break your first stun? Simple, good players will stun-lock and kill you. I would say 70% of the time I die is when I am being stunned and my breaker isn’t up. Stuns are what can kill healers, so be careful when you use your break. It will increase your survivability if you are patient with it. Awareness is also very important with stun breaking. Knowing who is attacking you and if you can survive the damage without stun breaking takes practice.

Normally a good healer will use break when they are completely white-barred. Meaning, they are immune to stuns for a short time and cannot be stun-locked. There is no point to break a stun unless, I will repeat, you are 100% about to die or to save someone who will die if you don’t heal them.

Tip: Please don’t break first stun over one DPS. For example, if a shadow popped out of stealth, stunned you and started a burst rotation, don’t freak out and break that stun. Let him burst you then break the second stun and stun him, heal up and roll away. If, for example, two shadows open on you, they could and will probably kill you before your stun breaks so, quickly break and stealth out, then use Evasion so you don’t break stealth. Even while stealthed DoTs can break your stealth and force you back into combat. By using Evasion it will cleanse any dots as well as help you get away without putting you back into combat.

Tip: Let’s talk about Mercenary/Commando’s Electro Nets. Once this ability is casted on you by an enemy player it will slow you and if you move you will take heavy stacking DoT damage. Every time you move you will gain more stacks of DoT damage. It will also hinders you from activate Exfiltrate and Cloaking Screen. Don’t panic, by stun breaking the Electro Net you will be able to use Exfiltrate and Cloaking Screen/Disappearing Act but remember that the stacking uncleansable DoT damage will still be ticking if you move. Sometimes it’s best to save your Stunbreaks for Nets if you know you will be a target.

Other Abilities

Misc Abilities


Resuscitation Probe- Revives an incapacitated ally in combat.

This is your combat revive. Please put it on your bar and use it. Majority of healers in warzones don’t know what this ability is, don’t use it or don’t even have it on their bar. Don’t be that guy!


Distraction- Interrupts the target’s current action and prevents that ability from being used for 4 seconds. This ability is off the GCD.

Majority of the times I use my interrupt is on healers to help my DPS down a target. If you have an opportunity, do it. It’s a great habit to get into. You can also macro this ability so you don’t have to switch targets to interrupt a healer using focus target.


Infiltrate – Cloaks all group members within 10 meters of you in a temporary stealth field that lasts 15 seconds. Only able to be used in stealth.

I use this a lot in arenas to stealth my group into combat. It helps my team be the first to engage from stealth or get good positioning against an enemy team. I use it sometimes in regular warzones to stealth up to the node or sneak a couple players to an off-node for a surprise attack.


Sneak- Increases your stealth level by 15 for 8 seconds. Only used in stealth mode.

I use this every time I stealth my team into combat in arenas or if I want to not be seen or popped out of stealth by the enemy team. It allows me to not be caught in stealth even though I might be standing close to an enemy. Use this ability to hide and set good positioning in an arena while your group engages.


Sleep Dart – Puts the target to sleep for 60 seconds. Makes on damage. Can only be used on targets that aren’t in combat and only one target can be incapacitated at a time. Can only be used in stealth.

This is a good ability to go into combat with if you are alone or trying to Mez a healer going into combat for your DPS. The only other time I use this is if I go try to cap a node. This is a very situational ability as a healer more for DPS Operatives/Scoundrels.

Damaging Abilities


Corrosive Dart- Fires a dart at the target that deals X amount of internal damages over 18 seconds.

Worthless to use as a healer because it costs 15 energy. I only use it to put on a stealthier if my group is chasing for a kill to pop the enemy out of stealth.


Shiv- Attacks target for X kinetic damage.

Close range melee ability when you use to damage a target.


Backstab- Ambushes enemy for X kinetic damage. Only usable while behind target.

I used this in combo with Shiv for a for around 10k~ damage if they crit. Don’t use it unless there is nothing to heal.


Overlord Shot- Blasts a target for X amount of weapon damage.

This is your spammable close ranged damaging ability. Can’t be used a lot because it costs 15 energy. Normally I use it to finish off a target if there is nothing to heal.


Fragmentation Grenade – Deals X amount of kinetic damage to the primary target and X amount of kinetic damage up to 7 enemies within 5 meters.

This is your main AoE damage attack. Its best use is to stop node caps or using it as a range attack for an enemy who is running away.


Carbine Burst- Fires a carbine burst that hits up to 8 targets in a 10 meter cone in front of you for X weapon damage.

Kind of worthless ability to use as a healer. You should only use the cone AoEto pop a stealthier out of stealth for your team to kill.


Just want to thank guilds: Lukewarm Tauntauns, Sick Innuendo and Sick Twisted Individuals for all your support!

I seriously hope you all enjoy this guide and it helps you improve in your Operative/Scoundrel healing in PVP. Thanks!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

95 replies on “SWTOR 4.0 Operative PvP Healing Guide by Hottie”

Have to remind you that it was under progress (see notation on guide). I am always updating it depending on what myself and other players discover. It’s really complicated.

Augmenting with anything but tertiary stats(Crit, alacrity, accuracy et) are almost always a DPS/HPS loss. Plenty of augment guide write ups on Reddit and SWTOR forums with math to back up the outcomes. Stick with Alacrity and Critical augments. AFAIK accuracy is pointless on healers. I build all my healers with 12% alacrity first then rest into Crit.

I read these threads when they came out a little after 4.0 was released and that is where I came up with the sweet spot for Crit/Alacrity for Operatives. It might not be wise to run 12% Alacrity. Alacrity drops off hard around 10% and Crit around 38%. In my opinion running around 10%~ alacrity and 38%~ Crit is the spot you want to be at. In team ranked and regs I have gotten 7.7k~ HPS three or so times with this build. The record holding HPS for Operatives in PvP healing, on Harbinger, pulled 8.1k HPS with 10-11% Alacrity. I would say that is the best place to be at.


With the new gear set up I am running Critical Rating: 1397 (38.58%). It is working. I recommend it. See guide updates!

I second this. Pretty much across all 3 healers I was running 40% crit, 12% Alacrity and the rest into Power.

I agree with you. A lot of times though healer don’t even know what it is or that they even have one. Even when i ask for a rez I never get one. To me it’s just a way for healers to understand their abilities and be aware they have more options.

Pretty good guide, though I’d personally add the positioning tip, that if the enemy doesn’t see you, they don’t attack you
So keep an eye out for safe spots (there are a few in every map)

I would love to write a section on positioning when I have time. It’s just this took me a long time to write out and edit. I will have to do it sometime later.

yeah, there’s a LOT you can say about positioning, and I can imagine how long this took you (I started writing a guide myself for guildies, but gave up after an hour or so :P)
it’s already a much better guide for pvp healers than anything I’ve seen before ^^

Hey guys, Hottie here. Sorry about the gear section, I just wanted to remind you it was under progress. I wanted to test out different builds before I updated it. It will be fixed!

Hey @Dulfy

I know this might not be the place to ask, but any chance you’ve heard something about the romanced companion bug from 4.0? I feel like people are missing content based on one of the at least longer aspects of the game.

The duration of Kolto Probe has been bugging me since 3.3 and no one seems to mention anywhere. 18 sec wasn’t 18 sec; now 21 sec isn’t 21 sec. Tool tip says so but mouse over the buff shows 2-3 sec less.

Tool tip is bugged. When you increase your alacrity it decreases duration of your HoTs because it is increasing the speed your HoTs ticks. So more alacrity = less HoT duration but they still heal for the same amount just faster.

Hope that Helps!

Why the fuck did she made this guide? This girl is only half as good as she actually think she is. With her saying her average HPS is 4.0, while no one ever saw that happen on her stream. Really someone else should have made a guide, not this person.

How is your opinion have any relation to my guide? I am posting information from my PvP experience about ways to help Operatives understand their class better. Players can take it as they well. If you believe the information I posted is incorrect in any way you are welcome to post constructive criticism.


So can we follow the augment section for mando/merc and sage/sorc?


Advanced Alacrity Augments x8: 73+ Alacrity 48+ Endurance
Advanced Critical Augments x6: 73+ Critical 48+ Endurance

Mercs probably but it might differ little for Sorc because Power effects how much their force barrier aborbs. There is a thread of SWTOR forums which basically stats that its a DPS/HPS loss to go anything but Alacrity/Crit augs (math to back it up). But be aware of up time, for example if you are being CCed a lot Power would be better over Alacrity since you can’t utilize all your gained GCDs and ability activation speed. It’s really up to you.

Hope that helps!

I really need a concealment 4.0 DPS rotation badly. I play concealment and can’t get my DPS numbers up 🙁

Sorry! This is something I cannot help with. Have to ask a skilled concealment operative for advice. I only feel comfortable in giving Operative Healer advice since I play it all the time.

What are your thoughts on Merc PvP healing? still worse than a Medpac? lol. In all seriousness I feel like the Operative HoT’s are under-performing vs the current burst happy Meta, Sorc to me is too ez with not much challenge to it. It feels like in 4.0 Damage and HP scaled well, but healing potencies did not. often times I feel like I’m trying to outheal 50-60k bursts with 8k heals…

“What’s a Merc?” – Hottie 2015

My thought on HoTs is that our HP has increase in PvP almost twice as much and out HoTs are still healing for the same amount. They are under-preforming because they haven’t been buffed at all. Currently all we are good at is AoE cleave in one small given area if people stand still. If there is 1-2 good bursts on the energy team without a support healer or a tank people will die.

Merc= Mercenary

Those were my conclusions as well. Healing with all 3 classes yielded about the same result. HP and DPS went up, healing potentcies did not. Hopefully they have changed that since I left 4-5 months ago, as I am looking to get back into SWTOR, but before 4.0 Sorc was a faceroll to heal in flashpoints. post 4.0 I went in with Sorc again 216 geared and barely was able to keep party alive, actually has to use kolto stations like crazy. With my 216 Op healer, I had to flat out bail, couldn’t keep party alive if no kolto station around. PvP yielded same crap.

Thanks for the equations.
Just a question about it : Are we supposed to replace the value “max level” with 65 ?

Thank you

Great guide. Any advice on maintaining kolto probes? Lol I have a hard time remembering to refresh on 1 person, let alone 4.

isn’t a good way since SWTOR doesn’t let you prioritize your HoTs on the
Ops Frame (like why?). But here is the advice I would give you.

1) The best way is memory. Just remember 4 people who are HoTed. HoT
them in a certain order or remember the order. Trick: HoT yourself first
and when your HoTs start to get low on yourself, know you have to
re-HoT other people.

2) Make sure you play around with your buffs on your Ops frame till you
are able to see 4 buffs at a time and/or increase their size. It’s easier to catch it that way.

3) When you are stunned and don’t want to break or can’t break, use that
time to be looking through your Ops frame and click on people to check
their HoTs. I do this a lot. I always am targetting the player who I
need to re-HoT coming out of a stun.

4) Find a good single target/AoE rotation. Notice how many abilities you
can use before you have to re-HoT. This way you will be in the habit at
a certain time to re-HoT players.

Just try to be 1 step ahead and have good memory. This is as much as you can do. Good luck!

Where are the Scoundrel/Operative PVE DPS/Healing guides? I can’t find them. Seeing how the game has a PVE focus, I would think posting PVE guides first would make more sense than posting PVP guides first. Just saying.

Do you know when we will see a PVE Medicine OP healing guide? I have been waiting patiently and now a new patch will be out in 4 days.

Actually if you can heal in PvP, healing in PvE is a joke. Same applies to DPSing as well. So really following a PvP guide and getting good at it, pays dividends in any PvE after.

Yea, ok. More like a premade PvE team trying PvP for first time. The only time I’ve ever personally witnessed a good PvP’er fail in a raid environment, is when they come IN PvP gear.

Untrue, in all three roles of the trinity.
For a tank, in PvP your ability rotation will be based off of damage, in pve it’s based off threat generation.
For a dps, in PvP your ability rotation is based more off of priority to include your CCs/interrupts and prioritizing instant abilities ahead of heavier hitting casted. In PvE it is based off a rotation to maximize DPS.
For a healer, you will require many more instant heals in PvP versus PvE.

They are different monsters. That is not to say that a skilled PvP player cant walk into PvE with the proper knowledge and do well. I do it myself. However to sit there and say PvP has a higher skill cap and therefore all PvP players are also great PvE players is a complete fallacy.

How is that a fallacy? because you want it to be? top tier PvP’ers statistically are better because they have to be. To be the top of any chart in PvP, no matter the MMO, you need to not only know your class inside and out, you also have to know most other classes, if not all inside and out so you can exploit it’s weaknesses. You need split second reaction and ability to make thousands of calculations per match. For PvE, yea you need to know your class, if you don’t want to be carried, which many do, especially outside hardcore raiding parties/guilds, but you also don’t need to know other classes, you just need to know the fight, or know how to listen well on a VoIP software. Its not a PvE vs PvP argument. its a statistical one, one in which top PvP’ers tend to adapt and assimilate well into most if not all situations, than PvE’ers do.

Tanks builds in PvP are more or less pointless. No matter the MMO. Unless you have a shit ton of CC’s to dish out, you are more or less a paper weight on the team. Any PvP’er or Premade worth their salt is going to figure out real fast you are a tank and just ignore you, as a true tank build sacrifices DPS for raw sustain. Without tons of CC’s, you are a non-threat.

I have a question (it comes rather from PVE end, but I think it still might hold in PVP). Since operative healer lacks burst healing, what would you say about double (2) piece bonus. Bonus sets from 3.* do not stack with bonus sets from 4.*. This means that sacrificing (6) piece bonus and some minor amount of stats, you can get 3.* (2) piece and effectively 2 times the buff for autocrit of Kolto Injection. This would give twice the number of autocrits on Kolto Injection or even megacrits (with 2 buffs for autocrit you have +200% crit chance, which using new supercrit formula translates to some ridiculous numbers (near 30k in PVE gear)). For PVE or non-ranked PVP you could swap even (4) piece to get 2.* (2) piece bonus.

Good question and interesting thought.

First, Operative lack of burst healing isn’t that Kolto Injection is a bad heal, it stems from our easily interruptible cast heals in PvP. When we have to cast heal it’s predictable and easily countered by players rotating interrupts. When we are able to get a Kolto Injection out, it is almost always a crit because of the high amount of crit we are now stacking as well as our (2) two piece set bonus (looking back on parses it’s always 60-100% crit rate which is high). So I don’t know if dropping our (6) piece bonus would be that worth it.

Second, dropping our (6) piece bonus which is our Recuperative Nanotech would be a significant loss to our HPS. Remember that RN and Kolto Probes accounts for around 70%~ of the healing we do in a warzone.

Third, we also have to consider the lack of Expertise because I am assuming running (2) pieces twice you would have to use PvE gear. Is the gain worth it over the loss of two pieces worth of expertise? Less expertise will result in less healing bonus and damage reduction.

Question: Is it even possible in the first place? Does the game register PvE/PvP set bonus as two different ability procs? I say this because the buff is on an internal CD of 30 seconds or so. If they aren’t able to proc at the same time you couldn’t stack them or get he benefit you are thinking of.

I like your comment and insight. As all advice and theory crafting I will test this out myself and return back with the results.

Thank you and I hope this helps!

The essential thing is that one set must be from 3.* (so PvE Ressurected or Revanite I don’t remember PvP sets name) and the other 4.* (Exarch, Cynosure etc.). PvP and PvE sets from the same iteration (e.g. current 4.* sets) do stack. So you could have 2 pieces Exarch and 2 pieces of Cynosure and you would have (4) piece bonus not twice (2) piece. Unfortunately I destroyed my 3.* PvP set armorings before I realised this :(. So in order not to loose expertise you could use 174 (tremendous drop in rating:/) PvP armorings with bonus set for this trick. I proposed old old (2.*) bonus (+15% for RN instead of -2 energy for Kolto Infusion), because before the rework of (6) piece I had run it even in PvP. Now it potentially could be useful only in unranked.

3.* and 4.* sets rolls happen separately and can trigger at different times (I’ve tested it and got Kolto Injection for 28k in PvE gear with double proc, while with only one (2) piece I got sth like 20k on autocrit). So you could perform other abilities and use it when you have 2 stacks for the megacrit or use it right away and have another autocrit sooner. I know that it’s not how one would use Kolto Injection (it should be natural flow and autocrit should be just a bonus :)), but that’s what you could do in principle.

You are right. It works. Interesting.

I will be testing this out in soloranked (since burst is meta). I will come back with results. I am critting between 18k-26k regularly. I have to also consider the loss of HP/HPS from RN.

Again thank you for your insight. If this works well, I will quote you on my guide :).

Hello guys ,

very nice guid btw my + for this , i am using as my base 🙂

anyway i was reading this and i have a question, if you are using the sugestion above and u need 2108 expertixe to enter ranked if u drop PVP gear lets say even 2 pieces f

or bonus you will lose the extra Expertise needed to enter Ranked WZ or i am understanding this bad?

If you are using the 2 old PvP gear set you should still be at 2018 expertise. If you are using 2 old PvE sets yes you would be under 2018 expertise OUTSIDE A WARZONE and cannot enter a ranked warzone. However fixing this is easy. Put on 2 PvP pieces so your expertise is 2018, queue for ranked then replace the gear with your 2 piece PvE set. All you need is 2018 to queue after that you can switch your gear around.

Sometimes it can bug out. The bug i have encountered is that even if you switch to full 2018 the ranked option doesn’t show up. If this happens when you switch to full 2018 queue for a reg, leave it right away then queue for a ranked. The system should recognize you have the matched expertise requirement when you queue for a reg. Then again switch back to your PvE set once queued.

Hope that makes sense!

So you are SOL if you don’t have any or all of the legacy sets? Or are the new 4.0 sets just fine?

The current PvP is fine for number farming and getting the most out of your AoE heals. For solo ranked it’s another story. I feel like running double injection proc (using the previous PvP set bonus on top of the new one) is extremely useful since the meta is still burst. Since you would have 30% (up from 15%) chance of getting a crit proc with your injection and if you cast with a double proc a chance to get a 30k crit heal on a target. Majority of PvP matches in solo ranked is just you healing one target against 2-3 DPS tunnel. Running this hybrid build is just so much better. If you see cleave on the other team’s side, switch your gear back to the current PvP gear.


Nevermind, found it out. Is it ok if I use Recuperative Nanotech > Kolto Infusion for the 2 HoTs on the 2nd burst rotation?


Yes you can. Just remember that if the target is taking heavy, spiky burst dmg you might not have a GCD to spare to fit in a RN. In an ideal world yes, you would fit that into your rotation. Just feel it out each situation and go from there.


I am sadly only a PvP player and have been since I started playing SWTOR. I have no experience in anything PvE to do a guide on that aspect of the game. Just keep an eye open on Dulfy maybe another player is still working on uploading their PvE version of Operative Healing.


I feel like a guide should come from players that are experience in the content. I only have experience in PvP so therefore I am uncomfortable in writing any guide related to the topic. I have literally 0% experience in everything PvE in SWTOR.

I’m sure there are a lot better candidates that PvE on an Operative regularly who you can ask. Anyone is better then me lol.


Trust me, if you can heal in PvP, anything PvE is a joke. PvP almost always translates well to PvE, but not the other way around.


I’m an old Operative Healer player. I’m thinking about play SWTOR again but I saw that 90% of healers now are Sorcerers.

Why should I play Operative again? What makes him good right now?

Operatives are still the best AOE cleave healer and have a higher HPS cap. Highest I have seen a Sorc pull in ranked is 7.5k HPS while operatives can pull 8.1k HPS.They are still very good healers. The only issue is that sorcs are extremely over tuned since 3.3. This doesn’t mean Ops are bad they are we’re they should be relatively, while sorcs need a small nerf since they are extremely easy to play and extremely more forgiving with CDs and healing.

What you play is up to you. Play what you want both are great classes, it just comes down to play style.


*sniff sniff* no :(((((. No Sorc nerf either. It’s going to be a long season if they don’t fix the obvious.


Hey Hottie, im trying to gear my operative into a great operations healer. what augments should i use and how many of each?

It depends on what gear set/enhancements you have in your gear. I have 8 Alacrity/ 6 Crit I believe. Just try to buy augs till you get your Crit to 38% and Alacrity to 10%.


Amazing guide as always. I have also read your guide posted to the SWTOR forums and I am impressed with your knowledge. Because you are clearly the master, I wanted to ask if you would minding checking out a healing “rotation” I made. It is pretty simple but I posted it in an effort to help others with keeping stacks of HoT up as well as getting used to the class. (Sorry in advance if this video gets embedded, I don’t want to advertise my channel in your comments but I can’t find another way to share a link)
Thanks in advance, I just want to make sure I’m not leading people completely wrong as I am more of a DPS guy myself 🙂

Every well done video. It seems you have a strong understanding of the class as well. The only thing I can add it would be impossible to maintain this rotation if you are being CCed or forced to kite. It’s hard to talk about a real ‘rotation’ when it comes to PvP because situations change all-the-time. You could be double hardstunned with no break, forced to kite back or stealth out and have your HoT’s all drop… forced to prioritize healing different people before getting back into an optimal AoE rotation. It’s easier to explain the class in a priority system more then a rotation. HoTs -> RN -> Infusion -> Injection or HoTs -> RN -> Kolto Wave -> Infusion.

Not really a big criticism just a comment. 🙂

Keep up the good work! Let me know if you ever need help.


I agree, usually not a feasible system, but I am glad that it looks good to you for the purpose of getting new healers used to the spec. Thanks for responding so quickly. As to help, I am just trying to get my YouTube channel (and possibly a twitch channel down the road) more popular so if you have any suggestions…If not don’t worry about it, all of your guides are tons of help in of themselves 🙂

I am fully in support of players helping other players get better. Keep sharing your knowledge and experience and keep up the good work! I will look forward to your Youtube videos. 🙂

Have a good one!


Hey hottie. I mainly play op healer and in this guide it says that they have really bad burst healing. Why is that? Every time I see one of my teammates low on health I have no problem with burst healing them. Idk if its the more crit or what it is just wondering if I can get a answer. TYVM

Our strength is our sustained healing over time not our burst. Our burst healing is weak and really crit depended unlike Sorcs where you can pop almost anything and it’s average burst healing is much higher then ours.

If someone is getting bursted we have three (3) options: Infusion (4-9k), Injection (5-17k depending if your auto crit is up which buffs the crit multiplier) and Surgical spam, which heals for (2-5k). When someone is getting bursted our options are limited because our only instant is only good if it crits and our two cast heals are … casts and again very crit depended. Casts can be interrupted, you could be pushed back or cced. That is why our burst is weak.

Extremely crit depended, your only doing a decent heal if you already have HoTs ticking (if hots are not ticking and your cast heal isn’t a crit, it’s a loss in HPS on target) and can be interrupted.


Hey Hottie I saw what you said about defenses, but I keep getting tunneled by so many people. I’m fairly new to op healing but it’s crazy how fast I get targeted. Any suggestions? Also resuscitation probe you said revives? What do you mean?

Hey Hottie I saw what you said about defenses, but I keep getting tunneled by so many people. I’m fairly new to op healing but it’s crazy how fast I get targeted. Any suggestions? Also resuscitation probe you said revives? What do you mean?

Positioning, positioning, positioning. It is something I see a lot of Operatives/Scoundrels struggle with. The only time i’m not 20 meters away from a red enemy is when I have a tank and guard. Other then that, you will always see me by a tree or wall 20 meters away. If the enemy shifts positioning or your players start dying you move away back constantly. This means you really have to pay attention to everyone around you. Always be adjusting your positioning so you can kite away and LoS to save your life. If you are always out in the middle of nowhere, people are less likely to always follow you and more likely to be killed by your allies.

Surviving while being tunneled isn’t easy it takes practice. Rotate through your CDs. If you need a lot more help spec into the decreased CD on your Dirty Kick/Debilitate. Use it on CD to reduce pressure and get heals off.

Also remember there are times where you will die and there is nothing you can do about it because you got no peels from your team. It will happen. My thought is if you don’t use everything you can to stay alive such as rotating your defensives, medpac, adrenal, stealth out, mez, hardstun etc before you die you need to keep practicing.

Hope that helps!


Resuscitation probe is your battle revive! You can use it if you are in combat and have an opportunity to revive an ally to fight again.


Looking good per parses from the latest patch!

Ultimate Exarch (224 ilvl) Healers

Sorcerer – Corruption || Sage – Seer
44.5 APM | 6375 Endurance | 5393 Mastery (Stim) | 2940 Power
1514 Critical (8xE, 2xC) | 1358 Alacrity (2xE, 14xA) | 0 Accuracy
1 Target: 8280 HPS
2 Targets: 10323 HPS
3 Targets: 10790 HPS
4 Targets: 11949 HPS
8 Targets: 14746 HPS

Mercenary – Bodyguard || Commando – Combat Medic
45.9 APM | 6557 Endurance | 5393 Mastery (Stim) | 2940 Power
1623 Critical (3xE, 13xA, 2xC) | 1249 Alacrity (7xE, 1xA) | 0 Accuracy
1 Target: 8444 HPS
2 Targets: 9233 HPS
3 Targets: 10128 HPS
4 Targets: 11200 HPS
8 Targets: 13648 HPS

Operative – Medicine || Scoundrel – Sawbones
43.8 APM | 6375 Endurance | 5393 Mastery (Stim) | 2940 Power
1528 Critical (2xE, 14xA, 2xC) | 1344 Alacrity (8xE) | 0 Accuracy
1 Target: 8450 HPS
2 Targets: 10676 HPS
3 Targets: 13257 HPS
4 Targets: 16734 HPS
8 Targets: 21477 HPS

Looks like the resource management adjustment to Sorcs in the last patch really did equalize their HPS compared to the other two healing classes. The longer you last, the higher HPS potential Operatives have over Sorcs.

Sorcs still are the best burst healing class in the game which still leads them to be the best healing class in PvP. Even with that being said, I have seen more Operatives in warzones which is good to see! We are making a comeback!

Thank you for posting the parsing results. It is always good to see how each class stands in healing over time.


Hello, don’t know if it interests anyone, But my personal combo is this, and I find it very useful, Maybe you give it a shot…
– 1616 Critical,
– 776 Alacrity,
– Relic of Reactive Warding
– Relic of Serendipitous Assault

9 Critical augments, 5 Alacrity Augments

Since I have no power augment, I need to balance it out with heavy power to the critical rating number.
PS: It’s not a tank Relic, it’s meant for slight protection, since lack of Mastery Relic doesn’t affect much my heal/ dps.
It maybe sound pretty weird this combo, but helps me out much at using the humiliated Surgical Probes. With critical from surgical probes you can get decent burst and activate Tactical medicine (3% heal for 6 seconds). Also, this critical rating number, 1600(40%), seems to significantly improve critical chance of kolto injection, which is crucial for massive single heal. Seems to be a lack of alacrity, but I can live with that, using much surgical probe. I quite find that under 40% critical kolto injection crit rate start to get significantly lower. My advice is to try all the possibilities and go for what you like. I’m not super mathematical player, but I’m open to any ideas.
Use the operative medical abilities the way it’s meant to be.
If you would like to leave me a message, please leave a comment and I will respond right back. Thanks.

Update. Seems i see more potential in 13 Power augments and 1 crit augment, followed by 4.73% alacrity.
Both Mastery and Power relic on xD

When Crit/Surge were merged it improved the effectiveness and importance of the stat. By ignoring crit in your stats this put you in a huge disadvantage because that means not only do you not crit that often with your HoTs but also when you do crit it will be extremely low.

I personally do not advice Power builds. Power builds were argued by players such as Tefia (mostly because of how power scales with Shield Probe) but I was never really on the bandwagon from doing my own research. I tested it myself and found that crit/alacrity was extremely more successful in healing overall.

Goblin_Lackey on SWTOR forums also tested the difference in DPS gain of power vs. mastery vs. alacrity and also concluded that running a split crit/alacrity build is the most optimal. You can read it here:

It’s hard to figure out which stats are the best for healers because it’s hard to get a controlled environment in PvP to see how stats effect our healing. From my experience it’s best to look around forums and see the calculations other players have done and their testing to help with your stat theory crafting. What I learned is to be on the look out to see what PvErs are running. Normally what is optimal for PvEr becomes BiS for PvPers as well.

Good luck!


Hello, You may be right,
But, I tried again that combo crit/alac
Seems crit is more single target, and power more aoe (waves) IMO.
I just went mad that nobody got healed like I used to with Power augments, feeling sad, did terrible heal aoe, single target was decent…
I suggest all you guys try what u like best.
I really appreciate your reply hottie, it helps me much to overthink my stats.
Cheers, friends <3

People have done extensive testing on how each stat works and single target vs AOE isn’t a factor in what makes one better over another.

I urge you to check out this thread, it has the ideal stats for multiple tiers of PVE gear mapped out. And there is one consistent theme: crit and alacrity are simply better than power. Alacrity doesn’t translate as well into PVP as it does PVE but this is less of a concern for healers than other specs, especially melee classes. Alacrity is just a better stat than power for healers.

Totally agree with you, didn’t say I don’t like alacrity.
I just feel that max power+ balanced crit (35%) it’s high way better than max crit (around 38-42%) +no power/1 power augment.
I suggest alacrity as well, but operative first big problem is switching healing target,
Mercs and Sorcerer have a easy switch target.
Biggest pain of operative is switching target.
That’s seems logical why he does better aoe heal than other classes.
Katrinka uses full alacrity, 35% crit, nothing else.
Everyone has its own playstyle.

No one is arguing about “playstyle”. Playstyle isn’t a factor when analyzing which stats give you the highest HPS potential. There is only facts. Facts that players already did the math for and wrote out detailed explanations about why each stat are better then the other.


Stacking Crit (up to 38%) – Crit for healers is the most important stat. There is no debate that crit gives you highest HPS potential in the game.

Alacrity (8-10%) – There is no debate that Alacrity gives you the best HPS potential after hitting 38%~ crit rating.

Power – Power gives healing bonus which is good but doesn’t have higher HPS potential then Alacrity. Therefore the only benefit it serves is that it doesn’t have to deal with “uptime” which is something Alacrity suffers from. If you can’t utilize the GCDs Alacrity rating gives you and don’t use your abilities off CD etc. you could benefit more from Power then Alacrity because of your decreased uptime. BUT ALACRITY IS STILL OVERALL BETTER THEN POWER.

Master – Gives you healing bonus but it’s worse then what Power gives you, therefore it’s garbage. All you need is the default on your PvP gear and you are set.

Crit (38%) > Alacrity > Power > Master

Hope that helps.


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