GW2 Nightfury Halloween Shoulders Crafting Guide

A guide to crafting the Nightfury Halloween Ascended shoulders introduced with Halloween 2015.


Nightfury Ascended Shoulders

  • Special thanks to Audeley for the modeling.
  • The shoulders have no actual graphic, it just show up as a swarm of bats around your character.
  • The stats are Power/Precision/Condi. You can pick on armor weight for the shoulder (it will unlock all 3 armor weight skins in the wardrobe), the screenshot below is just an example.
  • It DOES NOT work with outfits (even though the shoulders have no appearance) and it CANNOT be dyed (only black bats)



Crafting Process

You will need to combine the following in the Mystic Forge to make the Nightfury

What you need from Halloween

Everything else can be obtained later.

  • 1x Endless Bat-Wing Brew (Trick or Treat Bags)
  • 4x Tattered Bat Wing (can be purchased on TP or earned from Ascend to Madness dungeon/Mad King Says)

Preserved Bat Wing is made in the mystic forge via the following materials

Picture and info taken from TyndeI on reddit.


Vial of Green Goo (Tradeable)

This is a discovery recipe (Huntsman 400) and it requires the following.

Bat Wing (Account Bound)

This is a mystic forge recipe and requires the following

Gift of Darkness (Account Bound)

Gift of Darkness is made by 400 armorsmith. Recipe can be brought for 10 gold from Miyani next to the mystic forge.

Material List and Acquisition

Material list (taken from Evadrepus on reddit)

1 Endless Bottle of Batwing Brew Tradeable Rare drop from Trick or Treat Bags
4 Tattered Batwings Tradeable Rare drop from Ascent to Madness (farmable) or Mad King Says chest (daily)
250 Mystic Coins Tradeable Login Rewards
120 Powerful Blood Tradeable T6 Mat
20 Bloodstone Bricks Account Crafted from 4000 Bloodstone Dust. Need 450 in weapon/armor making profession.
250 Glacial Lodestone Tradeable T6 Mat
6000 Flax Seeds Tradeable Harvestable material in HoT zones
1500 Milling Stones Account Drops from chests/crates in HoT zones
300 Milling Basin Tradeable Crafting Vendor
20 Ectoplasm Tradeable Salvaging L76+ rare/exotic
50 Pristine Toxic Spore Samples Tradeable Kessex Hills gathering/events
150 Coarse Sand Tradeable Drops from Silk Sands in Silverwastes
50 Thermocatalytic Reagent Tradeable Crafting Vendor
1 Vision Crystal Account Crafted using 5x Bloodstone Brick, 5x Dragonite Ingot, 5x Empyreal Star and 1x Angur’s Stone. Need 450 in weapon/armor making profession.
500 Ascalonian Tears Account Reward from Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon or PvP Reward Track
500 Orichalcum Ore Tradeable Gathering
750 Hardened Leather Sections Tradeable T6 Mats
100 Onyx Lodestone Tradeable T5 material

How to get Linseed Oil

There is a flax seed farm below the Jaka Itzel Waypoint in Verdant brink. Drop down all the way to the very bottom. You can farm this daily.


Additionally there is a Heart of Thorns story achievement that give you 10 Vials of Linseed Oil but you can only do this once per account.

How to get Tattered Batwings

You can farm Ascent to Madness dungeon infinitely for a chance at Tattered Batwings. They are a rare drop so be prepared to farm it for a while. This is a 5 man dungeon.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

143 replies on “GW2 Nightfury Halloween Shoulders Crafting Guide”

Hmm, what rarity is it tho? Seems crazy for an exotic… Thanks for the quick update and info gathering as always Dulfy! 😉

Well…. on the other hand…. now the people with Nightfury will look waaaay more badass considering how much effort they put into it. Its not gonna be like Mawdrey, who took some effort, but pretty much everyone have him.
This is pretty much way to show, that you are either very rich, or have mastered Flax farming. ^^

Its a status piece, and everyone loves flashy effects. It also might combine well with some other batty skins. But ya, if you don’t love bats, to each his own ;D

It’s in the top 3 bullet points:

“You can pick on armor weight for the shoulder (it will unlock all 3 armor weight skins in the wardrobe), the screenshot below is just an example.”

So, is Nightfury only craftable during the event? I kept hearing while everyone was trying to crack the recipe that you can only get Nightfury during the event. Does that mean you can literally only craft it until the event is over? Or that you can only farm for items such as the tattered bat wings during the event?

You just need tattered bat wings and batwing brew from halloween. Rest are all normal mats. They are tradeable too so you can buy them on TP if you don’t feel like farming

Hehe, that has same probability as Anet adding Snowwhite as a story charactor or Shrek as a dungeon boss. ^^ You just cant simply add whatever you like into your game, the copyright is real.

Quite curious, If i have Whisper hood or Dry bones hood (both of them cover the shoulder part), would these bats disappear?

If it replaces the shoulder slot, then yes. If it allows you to still wear shoulder items (but clips) then it won’t disappear (the shoulders are invisible, strangely).

calculated between 2500g and 3000g to craft one of this if you would buy all items from tp.
are they insane???? most of the items used are not even from Halloween.
+ they were trying to fix the prices, however they didn’t include the other Halloween material (nougats etc) in order to increase their price, their price is same as selling to any vendor

Not insane. Just realizing that there are too much of certain materials floating around so they implement a heavy handed method to remove them from players inventories.

If you characterise it in the legendary section due to the animation, yes its not expensive. However this is just a skin, legendaries give you the opportunity to change stats. I believe that they should had used more halloween mats in huge quantities rather than hot mats and keep the price arround 1500g. Even queen bee is around 1000g.

Exactly…. besides, we have enough skins that are available for everyone, making this cheap to make would mean everyone would have them….. think about it as making legendaries cheap, ooor queen bee cheap. Cool effects just HAVE to be expensive. Otherwise they wouldnt be that cool anymore.

Things are not cool or not cool by people having them. They aren’t diminished by being more common, unless you choose to diminish them yourself.

If you feel less special because someone else has something too, that is entirely on you.

Good I spend 100 gold to get the 4 tattered wings and bottle. I’ll have the rest if the year to get this. Lol…

LOL Going to need more than one then. I realized the bottle was a separate requirement after posting. I originally thought the 4 wings were used to make the bottle.

They should ‘nerf’ the ingreedient requirements for this (and not other game content), since it’s not even a shoulder skin, but a friggin batwing brew effect you get as an ascended joke. I’d be – somewhat – okay with it, if for example the endless batwing brew could be obtained through crafting – which is not the case afaik. Also haven’t encountered the tattered bat wings as a drop either.

Its not like anyone is forcing you to get it. If you dont like it that much to put effort into it, then dont do it. I mean its just another skin, and just like legendaries brings new cool type of improving your look. Take it as queen bee similar item…. If you see people with this on, you know they put A LOT of effort to get them (or money).

The fact that you are just complaining about them not adding another trash skin that everyone has just makes no sense.

How we make gold now ? without dungeons ?
i need gold for crafting and buy stuff and i dont like farming or look around for things it was better for me running dungeons and buy the things i need. I will never farm because i hate it and probably other players feel the same. Thats what i liked about gw2 because they never forceed u to play only one kind of content u had freedom but now its nothing u can do ….. its literaly no way for me to progress into the game … ill wait for raids if they arent good enough or to lonng like 2 hours to get 1 gold ill quit the game and find another one

easy, farm flax under the waypoint. ^^
besides right now you are just bullshiting, because of the item is too expensive for you to get. Fact that noone has came up yet with good way to farm, doesnt mean there is none!! You have to realize it takes time till all the people finish masteries and stories and look into the new way to get a gold.

Of course i am…. I ve been at the GW2 launch, where 1g was such a big amount. Then people figured out, they can run Cursed shore to get money and karma. Anet nerfed it. So people figured out they can farm CoF. Anet nerfed it. So people started to run champ trains. Anet nerfed it. Nevermind…. People figured out that you can get gold out of new halloween items (ToT bags) and dungeons. After adding SW people started to run SW aswell. You have 1 week of HoT and people already figured out how to farm masteries with least effort (central tyria ones)…. So now tell me…. Am i too gullible? I dont think so.,I know GW2 comunity… I know MY favorite comunity 🙂 These guys can adapt very quickly (even tho with ALOT of complains ^^)

So just sit back and watch. 😉

Silverwaste is a pretty decent place to gold farm. Might be a bore, but just mix up the events with the shovel train and you should get plenty of ways of obtaining gold like salvaging mats or hopefully getting good rare or exotic drops from champ bags. Got my precursor from that.

People were exploiting grubs to get loot in curshed shore..ofc a nerf.
CoF…what nerf? Untill HoT (when all dungeons were nerfed because in a shift of mentality by ANet) that dungeon was one of the best to get gold. Each day you would see CoF runs. If anything they fixed some problems with cof runs lol.

You forgot to mention the ton of nerfs they did which easily doubles amount of gold-farm-nerfs, to every day so called “hard content”.

The only surprising factor in HoT for me atm, is they didn’t nerf the Kryta xp farm…they actually said it’s ok.

Yes still gullible…..being able to adapt has nothing to do with generally lowereing the gold income of this game which is firstly noticed by people who don’t dedicate their flesh and blood to this game. I am talking about normal players.

Yes people will adapt i am sure…but it’s like saying “hey look we now have a waste-land in front of our house..we need to adapt..let’s buy hazmat suits”. Ok you adapted..that doesn’t change the fact u live in a shithole at best.

It makes no sense to quit a game where you can’t get enought gold, especially when you don’t need the gold in order to play the content…

Waaaaaaaaay to much of a gold sink….and this game has fewer and fewer gold sources. The gold income is slowly becoming lower then the gold-sinks..that is bad.

Wow, this is far, far, far too expensive. Well, I can’t be bothered spending the cost of a legendary on this. It could have been fun getting this but instead it’s just another cash/materials sink.

The bottle of batwing brew alone is over 500g ATM (funnily, it spiked when this article was created 🙂 ). I think that in general for items like this the materials (especially the starting items) should be obtainable through a method other than the RNG/TP.

Well, except the brew and bat wing, everything is pretty much gatherable. Since lodestones drop as a reward in certain maps (that is Mount Maelstorm, ect.). And i am sure that if you grind halloween enough, you can besides of tuns of ToT bags (good source of gold) get the wings also. But agree on the brew, it should have recipe.

It is expensive, but no one to blame but the players. Economy 101. The only reason it costs this much is because people are willing and actively paying this much.

That is a rather funny assumption since you attribute “economy” to the speculation market system of the modern western world and then presume the game developer to have no other alternatives. It’s hardly the players’ fault that Anet choose to create a speculation market and then added a bottleneck drop to their new recipy. The players behaviour in this situation is nothing out of the expected :).

Yeah, if we’re looking for someone to “blame” then I’d say the people who made the recipe, made it require that brew but neither increased the drop rate nor offered one for, say, completing the halloween meta-achievement would bear of lot of the responsibility. 🙂

When I get home from work today I will update with a screenshot or a video. I am rocking the bat wings backpack and a black refractor. I also already had an extra Endless Batwing Brew so I am completely bat themed out. 😉

That would be cool if the Rev could use it. I am using a Shadow Mace/Shadow Axe and Shadow Sword/Ghastly Grinning Shield. Looks really evil looking. Like I said earlier I will post pics. I had some Anet devs on last night that said the look was really cool.

It would be AMAZING if Anet could make it so players could use the Nightfury with outfits and also make it so the refractors work on back items and weapons. If Anet could make these tiny changes it would make a world of difference IMO.

That’s only for the Vial of Green Goo, the Preserved also needs 250 Vials of Linseed Oil (250 x 20 = 5000)

You can only see the bats/dragons when you’re standing still. When you run they lag way too far behind so unless you’re really really zoomed out you can’t see them.

This is just ridiculous. ANet singlehandedly killed hearts of hundreds of necros who were hyped for this item. With the ridiculous amounts of materials needed, it should be atleast legendary quality. It’s increasingly hard to get excited over anything in this game because it’s either locked behind gemstore or behind idiotic grind.

It says on the table that Ectos drop from lvl 76+ rares and exotics, but they drop as low as lvl 68. Just to make sure this wasn’t changed I tested it on 5 lvl 68 items and got back 8 ectos.

I find the endless batwing brew requirement insulting. Every other component required I’m okay with – the ends justifies the requirements and heck, it would actually be cool to spend a few months farming for something this cool.

What isn’t cool is requiring an unobtainable, 2 week available drop that has been cartel’d to heck on the trading post. 500 gold for a piece of junk with no worth besides the crafting of these wings? Anet remodeled the entire legendary precursor sytem because of the hatred towards the mystic toilet roulette – and then they regurgitate the exact same concept for a two week span bat potion?

I’ve been doing an every-event-run of the labyrinth, mad king says and 5 ascents to madness every day and will continue to do so until Halloween ends. This nets just over 210 trick bags. Why no batwing brew recipe was released, requiring 2 solid weeks of halloween materials is beyond me. Seriously annoyed.

I’m talking about design principles, their implications and how “fun” they are. Not the dozen hour scramble to escape market rigging.

I’ve opened thousands of bags, and never got that thing. Meanwhile, some asshole opens 10 and gets one. It’s precursor (huehue) drop, all over again.

So, because someone get’s dealt a better hand than you, they deserve to be insulted. Noted. Also, although irrelevant, you’ve used that term 3x in less than one scroll. Just an observation 🙂

Another thing worth mentioning that has been brought up elsewhere is that this is an ascended piece with a seasonal theme. I think alot of players were prepared to put in some time and effort into crafting these since they had a unique skin, but I also think alot of players were considering the base cost of an ascended item sprinkled with some seasonal goodies and an effect-worthy shine.

Instead of such a month-long project we got the year-long project of a legendary and even if players with alot of resources will still pursue this as an alternative to a legendary, that is what this has become – long before content strangulation has made it a rarity (ie., when it has been unobtainable for more than a year and drained from the market).

It is a shame this couldn’t be allowed to be a seasonal pursuit for more players because of the terrible market system. The fact that the batwing brew has essentially been made into a precursor also sets the tone, that should you obtain it, you’re easily as likely to sell it to build a legendary (especially as legendaries have more wellrounded use), making this item even more a collectors item for a select group who farm income and/or play on the market and already have all other goodies they want, rather than playing the game or this season in any other shape.

I’m sorry but if you think it takes a year to make a 2000g recipe you’re absolutely terrible.

I bought Eternity for 3700g after farming SW for 4 weeks, and I already had most of the mats for nightfury besides linseed when patch hit – just waiting for linseed to drop in price while I gather hundreds of flax per day by parking all 8 characters at the Flax Farm.

I do think the batwing brew is stupid, though.

You get insulted way too easy.
If you don’t want to spend the time/gold to get it, don’t. You will be no worse off, except for that tinge of envy you will see when you see someone running around with them. Stop whining that they put in a special skin that is hard to get.

Who are you to decide what others should or should not find insulting?

To the first half of your clichéd response I would point out that I specifically stated that I was happy to spend months farming components. What I am annoyed with is that the cost is shifted onto a rng seasonal junk item instead of being distributed through higher quantities of all the other farmable components required. Given the displeasure with the previous precursor crafting system, Anet seems to have one upped the issue by not only requiring a limited time mythical drop but by also providing a situation where the entire stock of this item can be cartel’d by singular individuals. The ease of market manipulation (and not the ultimate cost) of the item is thus the annoying part – as it reeks of short sightedness, not implied or expected effort on Anet’s part.

Should items with these sets of requirements exist in MMOs? I don’t mind their inclusion but only if there exist rewards at all the lesser tiers of effort. Currently we have festive items which can be bought for zilch on the trade post and festive items which can be crafted with large amounts of festive goods (which are hard to amass in sufficient quantities outside the festive window). Then we have the usual festive requisition types which are missing from GW2: rng aquired soulbound items, festive items which can only be crafted during the festive window and rng blueprints with moderate crafting requirements. And then we have Nightfury, with acquisition requirements somewhere between an ascended leather set and a legendary weapon. The amount of effort required for purely consmetic items like Nightfury is unique to guild wars 2. Its not standard nor normal in any other mmo I’ve played. What infuriates me is Anet’s knee jerk tendency to expect this much effort for all new interesting armour pieces.

If Nightfury was an ascended trinket or a gem I would wholeheartedly agree with the current acquisition system. As is, we already have highly animated shoulders. Having an animated shoulder piece, with no shoulder piece, and the animation shifted slightly lower, doesn’t impress me that much. The value Anet places on a 1/2 work shoulder piece is fairly irritating though.
Though I must say, what I find most amusing about your post is the emphasis you’ve placed on me feeling jealous. Read my post again carefully and tell me if I’ve once stated I actually want these shoulders?

Yeah, you definitely get insulted too easily. Relax, take some time away from computer games, maybe get laid. If you don’t want the shoulder piece, that’s perfectly fine. Other people do and are willing to pay the price (hence why the price is so high), so stop your damn whining.

We engaged in a discussion about game design. Stop assuming everyone around you is instantly offended and try contributing something to the topic at hand. Failing that, try improving your literacy skills. I find insults far more engaging when they actually aimed at things I’ve said.

Relax Alot, this guy is one of the sad people that likes to make other people mad just to try to fell better. You are perfectly ok on sharing your thoughts.

You shouldn’t be surprised when something in GW is unique to the MMO world. That is the underlying principal in a lot of what they do. Item acquisition shouldn’t be excluded. Now, I do agree for the cost it would have been nice to be a legendary piece, but on the same token, legendary armor is not yet obtainable through their intended method (raids). So to have one available sooner, through what I assume is a largely lesser time/effort cost, wouldn’t make sense. Perhaps in the future, they might change it the armor rarity to legendary.

If it had been a legendary piece it definitely would have been worth the griefing of the batwing brew. As is, I feel the expected effort for items of this type has been set too high.
I will say though, a full set of legendary armour was stated to be the same effort as a single legendary weapon. Nightfury seems like half the effort of a legendary weapon, which seems a bit high for a single sub-legend piece – to me anyway.

My thoughts are why in the world didn’t they make use of the now worthless chattering skulls and nougats? They went from being absurdly rare the first year to trashing extras because there just isn’t anything to do with them. It would have been better if Arenanet had made these shoulders use mostly Halloween items, instead of a tiny fraction of the ingredients being related to the festival. And for crying out loud, there should be a recipe for the Endless Batwing Brew. Though that would likely have involved chucking your soul in to the mystic forge for a chance at receiving the recipe.

The whole process for obtaining these shoulders just seems odd.

Hey Dulfy can you do me a favor and ask a friendly dev to float the idea of making the refractor’s effect apply to back pieces and weapons like the Potion of Ascalonian Mages does? I want to make my bat themed look more intense. 😀

Did not know about these refractors – but I’m fairly certain I haven’t looted any and sold to merchant by accident. Fairly. Thanks for the heads up.

You mixed up the tradeability of Milling Stones (which are tradeable) and Milling Basins (which are account bound)

ah ok.. so i can choise heavy or mediaum or light.. thk. ehm… when i can choise class? after craft on forge?

Forge crafting gives you an item called “Nightfury Skin”, you click on it and you can choose your Shoulder THEN you unlock skins.
Trust me: I know too that a thing called “Skin” cannot come with an armor piece, but it works like I stated above XD

Sigh. I was better off not knowing this even exists. Disappointing cost requirements, especially with time exclusive components.

ANet should add a Forge recipe that uses the Halloween specific MF items (skulls, nougat and oil) along with some number of regular Batwing Brews to craft the Endless version. Or make it an Artificer recipe. I can’t count the number of stacks of ToTs I’ve opened, but still none for me (while others get two or more!). RNG is not a good way of moderating limited time content.

I am the only person that has no issues with it requiring a super RNG time gated item.

Because I was able to acquire one for 50 gold.

But think of it this way, if it is “grindable” with no RNG involved, it would be like everything else they released… labeled as “garbage skin”.

Just my observation of certain parts of the community.

You got one for 50g, that’s why you’re OK with it.

Between the potion and the bat wings it costs about 600g before you can even begin to make this skin (and the other mats cost a couple of thousand). Given that I don’t think that anyone could consider this a “garbage skin” (not to mention that I’ve never heard anyone ever use that term).

Given all that I fail to see how your “observation” could be correct.

Well, I’m okay with it regardless, I purchased one for 50 gold, and EVERYONE THAT HAD/HAVE AT THE TIME 50 GOLD had an opportunity to even buy it as low as 16 gold. There are plenty of RNG items I couldn’t get and I do not worry about it, no sir, I just play the game and TP things that are awesome. Oh I also never got an ascended drop ever with over 3k hours in playing, couldn’t careless, but just had to bring to your attention that i am alright with not having things.

I used the term “garbage skin” because people label Caparace armor skin as “garbage” quite frequently when I bring it up as a “obtain through gameplay skins”, but you wouldn’t notice, you are too busy being not OK about your lack of decisiveness to buy an item in speculation of a possible recipe. Or.. maybe you didnt speculate, in that case, I am sorry to hear that.

I purchased a batwing brew AFTER it was hinted by the community that it may (3 item that works in forge) be part of a recipe and that’s the only reason why I had to pay 50 gold, I made a decision and it worked out. I am the one who saved 400 gold on this item, so I guess I made a wise choice to invest. Oh I also got the bat wings for 8 gold each, also made a decision after my observation of the market.

Do you also fail to see that if RNG is not involved the skins are generally underwhelming? (Mawdrey/dungeon armors/cultural weapon skins) Because I saw it, but maybe I saw wrong. The only good thing about RNG is that it forces people to NOT have an item. I have no interest in having the same item as 100k other players, IDK about you though.

-taking a swig of that batwing brew- 🙂 Sorry, I am just responding to your comment since you seem to not understand the situation.

Congratulations, you managed to buy something when it was cheap, this is truly the most amazing feat I’ve ever heard of! I think I speak for us all when I call upon you to rule us as a king! All hail this guy who happened to buy some stuff while it was cheap!

A little heavy on the sarcasm there, perhaps. I didn’t know these items had anything to do with the shoulder piece. In fact, I didn’t know they even existed. You figured it out or read some speculation on reddit or somewhere else and took a gamble so well done you.

I am quite alright with not having things despite your assumptions about me and how I feel; there are lots of things in this game that I don’t have. Some I haven’t gotten around to getting but will, others I will never bother with. I just don’t think that these kind of things should start with a few random rare drops as that just allows profiteers to drive up prices. I also think that this particular thing is expensive enough in itself that it doesn’t need a player imposed 600g entry fee before you even start to craft it (I believe it costs about 3000g all in). But yeah, you got them cheap so that’s all irrelevant. To you.

Surely you understand that buying something isn’t any more prestigious than earning it? Personally, I like the items I like regardless of whether or not other people have it and in games I appreciate something I’ve “worked” for a lot more than something I buy especially something I buy quite cheaply.

High five!!!

But how did you get the item? Grind and rngesus? Lots of cash? Lots of gold? Lucky and did your homework?

Because sometimes… Its important to let people know how you got the item, so they can judge you on how you achieve results… In a game. Lol

I’m not bitter, in fact I’m too busy laughing at your idiotic assumptions and basic inability to comprehend anything that’s been said to be bitter.

I apologise if English isn’t your first language though.

Nope you still sound dumb to me. You are still replying to me.. Guess you don’t understand what you are doing. Here’s one for ya… “Lol”. You don’t have a problems. You made one up from my post

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