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GW2 No Mask Left Behind Exalted Masks Achievement Guide

GW2 No Mask Left Behind Exalted Masks Achievement Guide in Auric Basin.



This achievement give you 25 achievements points and an Aurillium Node. This node unlocks a node in your home instance that you can mine daily in your home instance for Lump of Aurillium.


Lump of Aurillium is the currency used in Auric Basin (Tarir City, requires Exalted Acceptance mastery)in exchange for Auric Weapon recipes, Viper (Condition Dmg, Power, Condition Duration, Precision) stat inscription/insignia, runes/sigils, and cooking recipes.


1. Northwatch Descent: Deep underground below the outpost.

Very easy to get, literally just drop down the pit north of the Northwatch waypoint.



2. Bristleback Chasm: Somewhere up high in Vinetooth’s Den

Go up the same route as the hero point north of Eastwatch Waypoint and glide down from it into the ledge above Vinetooth’s Den



3. Eastwatch Bluff: Overlooking an Eastwatch plyon where an Exalted sage is pulled from his duties.

Likewise, go up the same route as the hero point but this take take a left and go up another set of fungus stairs after the first one.



4. Griffonfall: Hidden at the bottom of a secret waterfall.

Go from Southwatch Waypoint and near the location for the adventure A Fungus Among Us (on top of a big tree you need to jump on some fungus to get to) you will find an entrance to a little alcove with a waterfall at the end.



5. Chak Hollow: Overlooking a razed Nuhoch village

From Chak Hollow village, get on the roof of the village. If you done story act 2 you will know how to reach it pretty easily since it is in the same location as one of Taimi’s Hologram



6. Morwood Wilds: Behind the vine wall, but be aware that timing is everything!

The vine wall blocking access to this area only opens when the meta event is at Outpost:Southwatch stage so you will need to act fast if you see this meta event is in this stage.



7. Bristleback Chasm: Across the falls, stuck on a tree

This mask is on a branch/tree structure sticking out from the wall.



8. Eastwatch Bluff: Look behind the various waterfalls.

Head straight east from the waypoint and glide your way to a ledge behind some of the waterfalls.



9. The Falls: Check every south-side tree branch leading down to the falls.

Head from Southwatch Waypoint and enter a small tunnel that leads you to The Falls area. After you pass through the tunnel take a left and climb up the fungus pads to get to this exalted mask.



10. The Falls: Somewhere behind the expansion wall of water

Go to the very bottom floor of The Falls and you will find a secret cave. Enter the cave and go past the two asurans you will find a path leading up to an area behind them which has a skeleton with a hat. The mask is located next to the skeleton.



11. Westwatch Patch: Within the upper walls of the golden ooze cavern

Head to the ground level from Wanderer’s Waypoint and go through the hole in the ground for the Toxic Hog hero challenge. The path behind this hole will lead you to the cave where you can find the exalted mask on the ledge.



12. Tarnished Treetop: Look on the southern-canopy tree branches for this mask.

Glide down from the waypoint, it is on rock in the middle of the canopy.



13. Northwatch Descent: On a southwestern ledge with an amazing view of the outpost.

Getting to this one is a bit tricky. You glide from this spot not far from the waypoint by a pack of raptors and then stop at the branches in between if possible to recharge your endurance before reaching the rock/branch structure where the mask is located.



14. Maguuma Shallows: On an upper perch near where creatures grow big.

Go up the tree branch with fungus pads and get across the lake. The mask is behind the waterfall on a ledge so you will need to glide down to it.



15. Burnisher Quarry: Within the waters at the top of the waterfall

You need either Nuhoch Wallows or Ley Line Gliding (or a mesmer with either to port you) to get to the Burnisher Quarry area. Once you are inside, follow the tunnel up and once you are at the top drop down to the top of the waterfall below.



16. Mossheart Walk: Within a small cave opposite wyvern’s pylon

Follow the dotted path from Chak Hollow waypoint, you will see a pile of rocks conveniently located there for you to glide across to an alcove with the mask.



17. Chak Hollow: Located within a southern alcove with a good view of the entrance of Tangled Depths

Not too far from the waypoint and easy to reach.



18. Morwood Wilds: In the sky overlooking one of the blighted saplings.

Climb a tree to reach this mask.



19. Balthazar’s Rest: On a rock with a clear view of the temple door

Use the bouncing mushroom to get up to a ledge and then catch a series of 3 updrafts before turning around to land on that ledge with the mask. A single updraft will almost carry you to the ledge but it is not enough so you will want at least a second updraft.



20. Southwatch Creep: Look behind the northwestern wall that faces the outpost itself.

Use the bouncing mushroom to reach this mask.



21. Southwatch Creep: Look to the east by the top of the Tarir entrance

Climb the big tree branch next to the Southwatch Waypoint and use it to go up to a ledge where the mask is.



22. Southwatch Creep: Check the top roots when heading east on your way to the crash site.

Go up a tree root near the waypoint and follow it to the mask.



23. Tarnished Treetop: Keep an eye out on the lower canopy near fung royalty.

From wanderer’s waypoint, drop all the down to the floor where all the mushrooms are. The mask is right on the floor.



24. Lastgear Standing: On the outskirts of the cave entrance.

This one is right outside the cave you need to enter for the hero point. You will need to have either experimental rifle or lean gliding to get there. If you don’t know how to get there, watch the video as it takes a bit long to explain.The route starts from Westwatch Waypoint.



25. Arrowhead Vale: Overlooking the northern entrance to Tarir

Near the hero challenge and not too far from the waypoint is a big tree you can climb up via the fungus pads to get this last mask.



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37 replies on “GW2 No Mask Left Behind Exalted Masks Achievement Guide”

Dulfy, just wanted to give ya shoutout and thanks for doing these guides. Really makes many of these scavenger hunts and achievements doable. It was also rather funny running into you in Verdant Brink.

Bouncing mushrooms, updraft gliding are the two main ones. There is one you need Nuhoch Wallows or leyline gliding but you can bypass if you have help from a mesmer with it.

#15 is reachable with lvl 2 of gliding (maybe could with lvl 1 but I’m not sure).

I’ve done all of them with gliding and bouncing mushrooms only,

#24 can be done with basic gliding. The jump you are supposed to do at 21:23 video time can be done by walking back all the way to the highest point of that vine/tree (left back corner) and jumping slightly diagonally to the lowest bit of the platform. Takes some practice admittedly. Nevertheless, great guide as always, thanks to it I just mined some Lumps of Aurilium in my home instance.

Ley line gliding is not necessary for 24th. I started gliding from the same point, ended on that trunk just a little under the point where you’re supposed to land. After that I simply glided again on the right side of the trunk and landed on a branch that let me reach the mask. Not hard. I have gliding 5 but I’m not sure it’s necessary.

I tried 24 now and I can’t find a way to get tru, the rock formation dulfy uses has been made a lot higher, without the green leaves on it anymore. Somenoe says dulfy got a new vid but can’t find it.

Nr. 6 – I did the event, went in, and voila, that last exalted mask just wasn’t there for me. Love you ArenaNet… And yea, I only needed the Morwool Wilds one according to my achievement tab. :S

The is a second find the X achievement in the zone, Treetop Retriever, which is to find 10 lost priory explorers.

There are vine barriers to areas like Morwood Wilds it seems unless certain event chains are progressed far enough. I’m currently searching for another way into 18.

#24 is no longer a viable solution. They patched the shortcut pillar to be taller. Ley Line Gliding is now required, far I as I can see.

There is nowhere that you can “get high enough” that I have found. Ley Line Gliding does seem to be required now (from the same point as the ‘short cut pillar’ was previously.

I stand corrected. It *is* possible (just) with Lean Techniques, but it requires some very fiddly jumps/gliding to hit the right spots. (jump from the tree where Dulfy used the rifle to the slightly higher platform on the right, then glide across to just below where you *should* be, then jump around the tree and glide to one of the narrow branches on the left, then manoeuvre your way to the ledge).

I just did #24 with only Updraft Use. At 21:20 in the video (just before Dulfy uses the rifle), go up all the way on that tree trunk on the side facing the chasm (just below the lower of the two leaves growing out of the trunk). From there it is just possible to glide to the knothole in the tree across the chasm. Hop up that tree on the left side of the knothole until you’re standing where it forks into two branches. From there it’s a short glide across to the thick branch clinging to the rocks. Carefully make your way towards your destination (visibility is extremely poor due to the foliage), jumping up where possible and generally sticking to the cliff face on the left. You’ll come out on the rocks above the cave entrance to the HP.

An old thread but just to let anyone who finds this on Google know I did this just now without advanced gliding and it worked.

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