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GW2 A Study in Gold Herta Tablets Achievements Guide

GW2 A Study in Gold achievement guide. This achievement wil give you another Bloodstone Dust consumer like Mawdrey.[toc]

General Info

How to start

This is an Auric Basin achievement. To do this you must have unlocked Bouncing Mushrooms, Exalted Acceptance (Exalted Lore II)  and complete Chapter 8 of Heart of Thorns story. Go to the west gate of Tarir and talk to Sage Laural. He is in a room to the left of the gate inside the city. He will give you an Auric Viewer item. You don’t actually use this item but having this item in your inventory will allow you to interact with the tablets.


Getting Herta

Once you collected the 17 tablets listed below. You unlock the achievement Where Exalted Dare which give you the Herta item. All you need to do is going to Vinetooth Den which you can get by climbing the stairs next to Eastwatch Waypoint and just drop down to the den below.


Once you are in the den, look for Herta’s corpse and this will finish the achievement.



Herta consumes 250 Bloodstone Dust at once and only eat 250 per day. It will give you bag that contains some random item, 10 Lumps of Aurillium and 1 Pile of Exalted Dust. Lump of Aurillium is used for the currency in Auric Basin for purchases from the Exalted vendors but it is unknown what these Exalted Dust are used for.


Collecting Tablets

1. Westgate: Next to Sage Laural

Basically a freebie and give you an idea of what the tablets look like.



2. Legacy Pillars: Southwest

Pretty easy, run from the southgate and take the descending path that lead you to these pillars surrounding the middle of the city.



3. Legacy Pillars: Southeast

There isn’t a path from south gate so just glide down from the south gate to reach it.



4. Legacy Pillars: Northwest

Same thing here, glide down from north gate.



5. Northgate: Where Water Flows Vertically

From the northgate, glide down to the east and you will find a couple ledges behind the waterfall. The tablet is on the second ledge (the first one breaks you out of the map or something).



6. Eastgate: Where the Falls End and Nature Beings

From the Forgotten City waypoint, start heading towards east gate. The tablet is a at bottom of the waterfall that turns into a water stream. You can just basically run up the stream.



7. Eastgate: A Great View of a Mighty Tree

Start out from the east gate and glide down. You want to land on the circular arch thngie to recharge your endurance to wall and then land on the sloped wall to your left. Past the sloped wall is a ledge where the tablet can be found.



8. Southgate: Tucked Away Southwest

From the south gate, go down the stairs to the west and keep going down until you find a hidden opening in the walls.



9. Westgate: The Way Has Decayed Unless You Fly

From the west gate, take the stairs down the left and at the bottom of the stairs there is a ledge you can drop down to another ledge below. From that bottom ledge, start gliding to your right and you will find another ledge beneath the giant arch.



10. Southgate: Entrance

It is located at the entrance, not much to say. Go from the southwatch waypoint for a faster route.



11. Northgate: Entrance

It is located at the entrance, not much to say.



12. Southgate: You’ll Only Be Able to Reach This from Very High Up

From the westgate, go down the stairs to your right and jump on the bouncing mushrooms in that giant hallway. This will take you up to Luminates’s Throne.


Jump out from the throne room and go south. You want to land on a ledge on the wall that has just enough space for you to stand on.


Recharge your gliding endurance and from this ledge glide to the next tower, then two more towers. On the final tower, you want to stand on the left most position and log out and then log back in. This will move you to the ledge where the tablet is. You don’t need to do this if you have the Lean Techniques Mastery as you can make it to the ledge where the tablet is.



13. Luminate’s Throne: The Jungle Grows Even Up Here

Go up the same route as the previous tablet but this time don’t go all the way up the stairs in Luminate’s Throne. Instead, take a left after the first set of stairs and you will find hidden space blocked by some vines where this tablet is.



14. Northgate: Where We Lay Our Masks to Rest

Head to the Northgate from middle of the city but take a left when you are at the portal that take you to the gate. This tablet is inside the area for the Fallen Masks adventure which is only active when the city isn’t being attacked by Mordrem and you need Exalted Acceptance (Exalted Lore II) to enter.


You will find it at north end of the adventure area at the top which you can reach via a bouncing mushroom.



15. Trial Rooms: Heavy Foliage Hides This One

Only obtainable after Octavine meta event completion. You don’t need to successfully complete it (i.e. your map can fail the Octavine event) but your map may need to be at tier 2 or above for the door to open this far. The doors only open for 5 mins after the Octavine event finishes so you want to get there ASAP.



16. Trial Rooms: Glint’s Words Guide Us

Drop down in the hole and go to the side room that has the portal for the inner chamber.



17. Inner Chamber: One Day There Will Be Another

You need to have completed Chapter 8 of the Heart of Thorns story (Act II). Go through the portal to the Inner Chamber at the room for the previous tablet which is only useable if you have completed Chapter 8. The tablet is on the ground level at the SE part of the inner chamber.



By Dulfy

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44 replies on “GW2 A Study in Gold Herta Tablets Achievements Guide”

It would be nice if you used the in game name for the points, such as “1) Northwatch Descent”. I only miss a few, but I cannot figure out which because the names in the guide are all different from the achievement tracking.

Maybe, so you can use both once a day, but this decision is up to you if you have so much Bloodstones 😉

Hi, dulfy, thanks for all the stuff you provides on GW2
By talking about Maudrey, you mean Maudrey II, because Maudrey is the Ascended Backpack 😉
Thanks again, i would probably not get 25.000 AP so fast since GW2

I actually did finish and unlock, but when I went to get Herta, I got no interaction with the corpse. Thoughts? Did I miss something?

There is more then one corpse here .. I was standing over the wrong one shaking and kicking it demanding its treasure. Minutes later turned around to see the corpse that is SLIGHTLY glowing.

Seems to me that they’ve patched this one. I tried the method described above a few times, and each time, I wound up logging back in in Lion’s Arch. Had to level up my gliding and do it properly.

Still works as of just now. It took me a lot of tries to get to the final spot, just because I’m a klutz about gliding. But I only needed level 1 gliding. Just stood about where Dulfy is in the video, as far left and forward on that ledge as I could, logged out and in, and was in the right spot. Thanks so much for this guide!

Worked for me as of December 2015 on an asura. I went as far left on the triangle as possible and faced the wall. The harder part that took a few attempts was landing on the correct bit of the circular platform at the beginning. Could only do it with a speed boost and lean techniques mastery.

How exactly is #12 supposed to work properly? It appears the log out method doesn’t work. I’ve been at this for 3 days now and easily approaching over 250 tries. Logging out in the exact same spot as shown in the video and reappearing in Lions Arch.

Looks like it’s patched so does anyone know the proper way this is achievable?

Hello everyone this is Mastery of Mystery on Dark Haven server. I will be posting a map and video on how to get to all the boxes in a study in gold in a nice path to minimize walking around everywhere. This path would seem to be the most efficient method to get them all. Dulfy is amazing for content rich information. I am just trying to add a simple pathway and video to follow along a bit easier. I will post in the next few days.

For those without the gliding and cant find a port to NUMBER 12. I have found another way which doesn’t take you to lions arch. go to the same spot dulfy says to DO NOT LOG OUT! instead go to the LFG tool and join a aulric basin party, with luck they will be in a different instance, join on them and you will find your toon up where it needs to be 🙂

As a trivial observation – the “Bouncing Mushrooms” prereq mentioned is effectively duplication; it’s aready supposedly a prereq in reaching the Chapter 8 story (and anyone who tries to bypass that in order to rush through, deserves to fall flat on their face at some point, and this is as good as any other… 😎 ).

I found an much easier way to reach 12. Southgate: You’ll Only Be Able to Reach This from Very High Up, which made me feel stupid, honestly from this point, glide over to the first rest point, wait your glider recharge, go the the first ledge dulfy indicates, then proceed to the second one, where the white arrow points. And this is the stupid part. Instead of following dulfy and exploiting to get on the ledge, just turn right, to the little grass place. walk around and you will be there. (sorry about low quality of screenshot, game only runs on this laptop in shitty settings :c ill try to reupload when i get on my pc)

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