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GW2 Auric Basin Mastery Insights and Strongboxes Guide

GW2 Auric Basin Mastery Insights and Strongboxes Guide.Special thanks to Versepelles for the help in creating the guide.


There are 8 Mastery Insight points granting 8 Mastery Points and 8 AP in total. Additionally, there are 5 strongboxes granting a total of 5 Mastery points and 10 APs for a total of 13 Mastery points and 18 APs.

Mastery Insights

Auric Basin Insight: Mask of the Fallen

From Wanderer’s Waypoint, glide south but don’t decrease your altitude too much. Your goal is to be just high enough to glide to the Quetzal camp north of the Exalted city so you will need to stop at some tree branches in between to recharge your endurance. Once you are there, run to the wall with the mastery point and jump on the ledges.

  • Mastery req: Basic Gliding



Auric Basin Insight: Lastgear Standing

Begin at Westwatch waypoint. Run south through a valley of pocket raptors, then jump on a bounce mushroom which will send you directly to the mastery insight.

  • Masteries req: Bouncing Mushrooms



Auric Basin Insight: The Falls

Begin at Southwatch Creep waypoint. Run west past some mushroom chargers and Mordrem, then turn north through a cave with some pocket raptors. Through the cave is an open area with a prominent protruding rock. Glide off the rock directly into the waterfall.

  • Masteries req: Basic Gliding



Auric Basin Insight: Jawatl Grounds

Begin at Chak Hollow waypoint. Run west up the logs surrounding the Mordrem camp. Through the large hollow log, jump to the northeast and immediately glide into the updraft. Turn to the west, and follow the updrafts to the insight.

  • Masteries req: Updraft



Auric Basin Insight: Southwatch Creep

Begin at Southwatch Waypoint. Travel west through some mushroom chargers and Mordrem. Hop up the mushroom, then glide back north then east, following the updrafts.

  • Masteries req: Updraft, Bouncing Mushrooms



Auric Basin Insight: Eastwatch Bluff

Start at Eastwatch waypoint. Travel south towards the exalted pylon. Near the pylon are two mushrooms which lead to the insight point, but if the pylon is inactive, there may be many Mordrem guarding the area.

  • Masteries req: Bouncing Mushrooms



Auric Basin Insight: Burnisher Quarry

Use either Nuhoch Wallows or Leyline gliding to get to the Burnisher Quarry area and then head south via the caverns there to a pit filled with poison. You will need Itzel Poison Lore to be able to survive long enough for a channel. The poison will interrupt your channel so even if you can survive for a few seconds, you won’t be able to channel it.

  • Masteries req: Nuhoch Wallows/Leyline Gliding and Itzel Poison Lore



Auric Basin Insight: Luminate’s Throne

From westgate, take a left into the wall with bunch of pillars. You will find bouncing mushrooms on the north side of the hall you can use to get up to this area. The mastery point is at the end.

  • Masteries req: Bouncing Mushrooms




Straight and Narrow Strongbox

Begin at Wanderer’s waypoint. Travel southeast to a bounce mushroom which leads to a number of exalted portals in a tree. Jump off the east edge and glide to the mastery point.

  • Mastery Req: Basic Gliding, Bouncing Mushroms



Endurance Strongbox

Run west from Southwatch waypoint to the “Fungus among us” activity (it is up a tree you have to climb). Travel up the activity path into the cave. The strongbox is at the top of the cave so you will need to do some jumping to get to it.

  • Masteries req: none



Slice of Sky Strongbox

Run south from Westwatch Waypoint and take the bouncing mushroom at the bend near Lastgear standing. This will put you up to a platform and you can glide to the strongbox.

  • Masteries req: Basic Gliding, Bouncing Mushrooms



Vengeance Rising Strongbox

From Eastwarch waypoint, head to the waterfall and drop down to the water below. You will find path to a cave to your left that leads to a strongbox. A veteran mob spawns when you enter the cave but you can bypass it stealth if you do not wish to fight it.

  • Masteries req: none



Obsidian Triumph Strongbox

Run south from Eastwatch waypoint to the exalted Pylon Area. You can either use the bouncing mushrooms or the pile rocks to get up the ledge and head to the strongbox.

  • Masteries req: none




Special thanks to Versepelles for the building the guide and providing it with images, writeups and videos.

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11 replies on “GW2 Auric Basin Mastery Insights and Strongboxes Guide”

Yeah the one that you need to fly down to from the HP and into Vinetooth Den to get. The one that also requires Poison Lore to get.

Burnisher Quarry mastery point: I just did it without the antipoison mastery on a Guardian: cast a good healing skill right when landed (signet), use regen shout, and cast stability shout while channeling. Got it and died 2 second after.

You don’t need poison mastery for Auric Basin Insight: Burnisher Quarry. I just completed it on my mesmer without mastery. You just have to be fast, the poison doesn’t interrupt the channel.

for Burnisher quarry you dont even need leyline gliding, just run up to top of Vinetooth Den (thru Tengu HP, go to clif and jump down in direction of mastery, there is small balcony with entrance to mastery

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