GW2 HoT Tangled Depths

GW2 Tangled Depths Mastery Insights and Strongboxes Guide

GW2 Tangled Depths Mastery Insights and Strongboxes Guide.


There are a total of 6 Mastery Insights and 5 Strongboxes, granting you a total of 11 Mastery points and 16 AP. One of the strongboxes has not yet being discovered and one of the Mastery Insights could be bugged currently since it is granted at a different location.

Mastery Insights

Tangled Depths Insight: Order of Whispers Outpost

Head southeast from Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint. You want to drop down on the hole on the ground and then glide down to the Order of Whispers outpost below.

  • Mastery req: Basic Gliding



Tangled Depths Insight: Tangled Hive

From Ley Line Confluence waypoint, head northeast towards Terraced Hive Points of Interest. When you reach the area with a bunch of bouncing mushrooms, jump on the one at the back. This mushroom will put you high up in the air and you can glide to the mastery insight location.

  • Mastery req: Bouncing Mushrooms, Basic Gliding.



Tangled Depths Insight: Northern Confluence

From Teku Nuhoch waypoint, climb up all the way to the top where the Nohoch village is and glide east towards the ledge where Beetle Feast adventure is located. You want to follow that ledge south until you come to a gate and then jump off the ledge to glide along the wall.

  • Mastery req: Bouncing Mushrooms, Basic Gliding.


Keep hugging the left wall when gliding and find a ledge to recharge your glider endurance. You want to glide to a rock that is blocking the entrance to a valley filled with bouncing mushrooms.Your goal is to reach the set of bouncing mushrooms at the front as they will chain bounce you directly to the mastery insight location.



Tangled Depths Insight: Twisting Viaduct

From Ogre Camp Waypoint, head west towards stream that leads to a vista. Glide off near the vista on the updrafts and you want to keep traveling the updrafts west until you get to the final updraft in the SW corner that will take you up to a ledge.

  • Mastery req: Updraft


From the ledge, drop down to a hole. You don’t want to drop all the way to the bottom as the Mastery Insight is in the middle of the hole guarded by a single veteran mob which isn’t hard to kill.



Tangled Depths Insight: Nuhoch Lane

You will need Ley Line Gliding for this or find a mesmer with Ley Line gliding so they can port you. Go NW from Ley-Line Confluence waypoint and hop on the big shroom pad to jump into the ley line and glide with it until you reach the mastery point. You can park a mesmer alt next to the mastery point and just port people as needed.

  • Mastery req: Ley Line Gliding



Tangled Depths Insight: Decrepit Nest

Not sure if this is bugged or not but currently the champion that spawns in Chak Stronghold grant this Mastery Insight, which is very odd. You will need Itzel Poison Lore to access the area. Start from Dragon’s Passage Waypoint and head north via updraft so you can drop down onto the water and swim all the way to Chak Stronghold area. Don’t forget to use the Exalted Beacons (needs Exalted Markings) as otherwise the piranhas will eat you alive.

  • Mastery req: Itzel Poison Lore, Exalted Markings, Updraft. 2-3 players minimum.


Once you are in the Chak Stronghold area, you need to kill keeping Chal until you get the event Help the Orders of Whispers clear out the Chak Hive. Completing this event will trigger another event with a champion




Strongbox from the Cryptonym

This strongbox and Sword of Smodur are located in roughly the same area. You want to grab this strongbox first and then the Sword of Smodur as there is an updraft that will carry you to it from Cryptonym strongbox.

  • Mastery Req: Updraft

From Order of Whispers waypoint, you want to head east towards the cave near a waterfall. Follow the cave until you are inside an open area with some fungus pads on a tree root.


Keep going up the fungus pads and the tree root until you reach a ledge. Run past some vampire mobs on the ledge and head to an opening on your right. This will take you to another area with an updraft.


Glide towards the marked branch and try jump up it. It is a tricky jump and if you fall down you have to start over. Once you make the jump, proceed to the fungus pad and glide to the strongbox on your right side. This is the Cryptonym strongbox.



Strongbox from the Sword of Smodur

From Cryptonym strongbox, take the updraft to the ledge above and keep following the ledge until you can drop down to grab this strongbox.

  • Mastery Req: Updraft



Shard of Brilliance Strongbox

From Order of Whispers waypoint, head SW on a ledge to hop on the nearest updraft then use the series of updraft to reach the strongbox at the very top guarded by some Mordrem sharpshooters.

  • Mastery Req: Updraft




Whitebear’s Pride II Strongbox

You may want to bring another player for this as you will need to kill 3 Veteran Earth Elementals at once. It definitely can be soloed but if you are not confident in yourself it is best to have another player. Head NW from Ley line Confluence waypoint and follow the ledge on the right. Once you see an opening on the wall, take the path right and follow the bend.


The goal here is follow the path to reach an updraft and then take two more updrafts to end up on a platform occupied by 3 Veteran Earth elementals (they may not be there until you stand on the platform). Defeat the 3 Veteran elementals will cause the wall next to the platform to open up and spawn the secret Earth elemental. Kill it by attacking the hands (3 Veteran Earth elemental will spawn once the first hand is killed) and once he is dead the wall behind him will open up.



Plains of Golghein Strongbox

This strongbox is only available after successful completion of Tangled Depths meta event completion (King of the Jungle). After completion the door opens up and the strongbox is right there.



Special thanks to Masis, Versepelles, and members of [LoD[ Legion of Doom, [EG] Eternal Guardians guild for their help in getting some of the mastery insights.

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38 replies on “GW2 Tangled Depths Mastery Insights and Strongboxes Guide”

Tangled Depths Insight: Decrepit Nest
Quicker way to get there if you have Nuhoch Wallow mastery, from Order of Whisper go east towards waterfall, near pact pistol is deep hole, so jump in and fall like 4 floors down till you hit water, go ne to closest wallow, if you are lucky you will pass stealthed NPC that starts an event.

The Mastery Insight has been removed. The achievement is now for Chak Crusher. Also, there is an NPC named Venga Sneakpath in between the staging area and the hatchery area that you may need to talk to get the event going. Stage one is to kill chak, then the Chak Driver appears. He burrows at one point and becomes an enraged Chak Driver champion further along the path.

Yeah, i went into HotM and back right after I wrote this hah, should have been the first thing i did really :p

Okay so I got it to work and I’m not sure if this is the issue but it could be something. I unsummoned my minions and landed on the rock again and it worked. Could be the reason or could not, maybe I was just lucky.

This is possibly the worst map of the 4 in terms of people liking it, its just so awful to explore, looks pretty though.

Dulfy, i can’t seem to get ley line gliding for me to work to get the mastery insight at Nuhoch Lane at all. Is there something I am doing wrong?

yeah… tried this way 20 times barely made it. Apparently you can ride one of the leylines from the leyline conference wp and ride it all the way to the mastery point.

am really struggling with the shards of brilliance strongbox with getting onto the first updraft keep falling too low, I have updraft mastery – but do you need lean gliding level 3 to make it

Okay, I found a partial solution. Follow this video’s backdoor route from Ogre Camp Waypoint:

Only thing is I couldn’t do it via his updraft route. I had to make my own. I kept taking the more gradual approach by taking the updrafts that were slightly higher than I was and retaking the closest one possible if I screwed up.

It’s trivial to get to Shard of Brilliance strongbox from the Gilded River HP. Just jump out to the updraft at the left as you look out from the ledge by the HP; swing sharp right and follow the cliffs through two updrafts; swing sharp left and glide in to the tree and the strongbox.

Yes I fucking hate this map, idk if it’s the “mega server” problems or what but it’s always fucking dead. Hardly any LFG taxis for the meta either going to make getting collections for the regent a huge pain in the ass since its not even worth doing. Grind 2 hours of events at outposts just to fucking fail the meta in a 1 min and 30 seconds. No thanks.

Just a tip: You don’t need to get the Cryptonym strongbox first. If you get the Sword of Smodur strongbox first, you can drop down to the ledge below and glide toward the other updraft to the right of the Cryptonym strongbox then just turn left and aim for the mushroom pad.

Was just doing mine and noticed that the Insight for Terraced Hive is not here. Take Scar WP, go to Scrap Rifle Challenge, jump down and glide in and up to the right, take the mushrooms up to the commune.

I manage to get to Nuhoch Lane mastery without Ley Line gliding, and without port too. I just drop from above and did a glide to the mastery.

Started from Orge camp and going past The Great Tree. Up to the area level above the Nuhoch lane, there’s a hole to go to the level below. I drop down there and start gliding, turn around to see the mastery and make the way there to land inside.

Hey, thanks! Everywhere else I looked said this was “the only Mastery Insight you can’t get without Ley Line,” but I knew that couldn’t be right. ANet might mess with us a bit, but they aren’t going to make only one MI unreachable.

Anyway, it took me a long time to find it, so I made a video for future reference.

I did as the video, but at the point where he jumped on the ley line, I went down a bit further (the bouncing mushroom at the bottom of the hill in front of that big mushroom), glided off to the right (as you face the mastery point) and then used my springer mount to make a few jumps until I got up there. Only took 2 tries (mis-jumped on the first attempt)

i think it takes a few minutes to reset… i had the same problem and went to my guild hall, then back down after a minute or two…. it worked to reset the elementals.

Are there any guides for the achievements in Tangled Depths? I can’t find them, have they not be published yet?

i’d like that too….. for getting all of the regular achievements – like the diving goggles… that one gives a mastery point and i need 20 of the dang things to finish off everything

Is there some sort of known bug with the 3 Veteran Elementals for Whitebear’s strongbox? For the life of me I cannot get these cursed things to spawn. Redid the landing many times to try and trigger it but nothing.

as of NOV 17 2015: patch notes
Renamed the Decrepit Nest Insight achievement to Chak Crusher and updated its description to properly reflect how the achievement is earned.

There is a mastery point over ley line confluence. Ley Line Glide all the way to the roof, look for a glowing ball and fly through it.

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