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GW2 64 Bit Client Now Available

Arenanet has introduced a new 64 bit version of the client, hoping it will reduce some of the crashes with launch of Heart of Thorns.

Download the 64 bit client here

We’ve introduced a beta version of a 64-bit client for Guild Wars 2. Please review the following FAQ for more information:

What is the 64-bit client?
It is an alternative to the 32-bit client currently used to play the game. Aside from some technical details, the two are identical in functionality.

What does it mean that the client is 64-bit?
Modern computers generally have one of two types of processors: 32-bit, or 64-bit. 32-bit processors can only execute 32-bit applications, while 64-bit processors can execute both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. The fact that the client is 64-bit means that it is intended to be executed on 64-bit processors.

What are the benefits over the 32-bit client?
64-bit applications have a significantly higher limit on how much memory they are able to use compared to 32-bit applications. Due to this, the main benefit is significantly less “out of memory” crashes.

What are the requirements of using the 64-bit client?
Your computer needs to have a 64-bit processor, and your operating system must also be 64-bit. To find out whether you fulfill these requirements, please refer to Microsoft’s Knowledge Base. If you are using Windows 10 you may follow the steps for Windows 8, and replace the first step with simply clicking the search button in the task bar.
Please note that we do not support 64-bit Windows XP.

How do I get the 64-bit client?
Log in to and go to the Game Content page. Under “Other Clients” you will find a button that says “Windows 64-bit [Beta]”. Press that button and then follow the instructions in the next paragraph for installing the executable. Installing the 64-bit client is a manual process and is recommended only for people familiar with Windows folder management.

I already have the 32-bit client; will I have to completely download the game again?
No. The 64-bit client uses the same data as the 32-bit client. If you already have the game installed, you can follow these instructions to avoid needing to reinstall the game:

  • Download the 64-bit client.
  • Copy the downloaded program into your Guild Wars 2 game folder.
  • Update any shortcuts to the game to point to the new file instead.
    This process will be automatic once we get out of beta.

Are the two clients mutually exclusive?
No. If you have both installed (or copied to the same folder as outlined in “I already have the 32-bit client; will I have to completely download the game again?”), you may launch either client as you see fit.

Does the 64-bit client only benefit players with more than 4 GB of system memory?
No. It is true that the 32-bit client in theory can access up to 4 GB of memory. In practice however this is almost never the case, due to gaps in the address space that slowly build up over time (known as fragmentation). Most players crashing today due to being “out of memory” are actually only using between 3 and 3.5 GB of their system memory.

In addition to this, modern operating systems use something known as “virtual memory” to extend the available memory beyond what the system has physically. The 64-bit client will allow you to benefit from the increased address space by making gaps largely irrelevant, and will allow the client to use more memory than it could otherwise rather than crashing.

Are there any performance differences between the 64-bit and 32-bit client?
There may be some very slight differences in favor of either client depending on your computer’s configuration. In the vast majority of cases it should be negligible.

Why is the 64-bit client using more memory than the 32-bit client?
Due to the technical differences between the two platforms the memory usage will never be directly comparable.

Is there a 64-bit Mac client?
Unfortunately, a 64-bit Mac client is not available at this time. We are hoping to be able to provide one in the future, but have no timeline to provide it.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

68 replies on “GW2 64 Bit Client Now Available”

This launcher supports 4K resolution also with proper UI scaling. Thank you soo much, my eye will not hurt anymore 🙂

Does it? How about in game? That’s been one of the main draws preventing me from taking 4k monitors seriously–UI scaling. Mind posting a few pics? I’m sure others here might be interested.

False alarm, sorry. First time I started client it had completely wrong scaling. Have no idea how to achieve this again, like borderless-nonnative. It was fullscreen borderless window, but in game had non-native resolution 1080p. I made screenshot about it.
But on screenshot i recognized that its not truly 4k, wasn’t very clear at 15inch, so I reset resolution, and everything went back to tiny UI normal. Actually after few week of game not feel so bad about it, but need to really concentrate to read chat.

On a 15inch screen I’d recommend not going above 1080 (full HD). 4K is overkill on such a small screen and since you mention simptoms of eye strain you should really be mindful of this.

To achieve that you have to right-click on shortcut/.exe of gw2, Properties, Compabilities tab, Disable display scaling… But this keep reseting

Move everything related to SweetFX/Reshade in your /bin folder to the new /bin64 folder. Delete the existing d3d9.dll file. Redownload Reshade and copy the 64 bit dll and rename it d3d9.dll.

Is there anything in game or on the launcher that shows you are in the 64 bit beta. I put it in the folder, but wanna make sure my shortcut is redirecting properly.

Just putting it in the folder won’t redirect your shortcut, you’d need to remove the old one and rename the 64 bit exe to be the same as the old one.

Deleting the old exe mightn’t be the best way to go. This is still a beta and is likely to have issues for a while. I would recommend that once you have the new 64 bit .exe in your GuildWars2 program folder, right clicking on the file and creating a new short cut. Then move the new shortcut to the desktop and rename it something along the lines of GW2 64. That way you still have the original program file & shortcut if you have problems with the new beta, and can choose which one you want to use.

I wonder if I can use this on Mac by copying into the correct folder inside the Just like I did with WvW beta clients. Takes a rename and keeping the old exe just in case. Will try it soon.

Nope. Looks like it needs windows system 64 dlls and such. I’ll just put up with the crashes until they get one out. Hope it’s soon.

Hey Dulfy i was about to ask what can i do to fix the client. I could not downloaded the game, because every 5 min the client is crashes 😀 hope this will fix it.

The advice for not having to reinstall does not work. I placed the x64 client in the same folder as the x32 client, and when I launched the x64 client, it proceeded to install the full game again.

5 hours without crash
i believe this benefits older pcs (64bit compatible) like mine, and will have full potential in huge wvw fights
i have double fps with the 64bit even in LA and VB. (i can now reach 30fps in LA) 😛

This worked. After all these years, no more skill lag during a meta event. And, after HoT, no more crashes either.

Yes, and it’s positive. I had zero lag during my meta fights. This included the meta for Tarir. My settings are set to max appearances in all areas. And, again, I experienced no lag, no skill lag (which was a first in many years), and no crashes.

I would HIGHLY recommend everyone download the update if you have a 64-bit system.

It’s a Godsend.

SLI doesnt want to work with x64 executable=( Can this be fixed? Oh, and still no highdpi screen support, i barely can see text on 23.6″ uhd monitor (even with Largest UI)

You might want to save your condescension there buddy,you do realise that this game is very cpu bound so running it in sli is pointless even at much higher resolution.The game is very taxing on the cpu,and hardly taxes gpu at all.That and there is no sli profile because it’s not needed and wont make any difference.The game utilizes 53% (@ 1440p and doesnt change very much for 4k)of my gtx 980 but will stress my 3770k @ 4.6 ghz.Sli won’t give you more fps.As for your UI issue you can scale the UI in the game options.Being polite generally tends to make people want to help you faster, you may want to try it sometime..

“The game utilizes 53% of my gtx 980”

Sorry but I literally had a no shit Sherlock moment. SLI is not exclusive to gtx 980 and up you know, A lower system wo7uld very much benefit when you want to run at high settings. And why not use what is available to you in the first place. SLI should be a possibility to use when you have it, needed or not.

And when throwing the gtx 980 and i7 in there i really wonder who is the condescending one…

She’s using a League of Legends name and picture, So her being toxic is to be expected 😉

obviously. Not really though. I generally brows through S@20 (yes a league site) and the name is just a thing that people do for fun there. but it does look a bit weird on any other site :/

There was no condescension on my part,a misinterpretation on yours is the honest truth.I take it your having a bad day and need some where to vent,well that’s too bad I hope it gets better.I never said it was exclusive,I said there is no need for sli and that it is not supported to begin with.Sli literally will be of no benefit,sure you can force it but for what?Drops in fps do not come from the video card end of things,it more from population and a poor game engine.It’s not rocket science to calculate utilization.Yes it it literally only uses half my card at peak, I said that just to show my point that an sli system wouldn’t be beneficial… and it’s a well known fact that guild wars is cpu intensive, not gpu..The game will literally run ultra on older gen cards like a 7750 and gtx 650.A more power card/cards will make no difference,sure you will see some benefit from overclocking It’s called advice.

Then i suggest reading your own posts and thinking about it. you
asked as for why he wanted SLI and he gave an answer that in no way was attacking you, then you react as if he was condescending towards you. I see no reason to assume that yet you seem to do for some reason. So what, he has two cards and wants to link them and that does not work. Is that attacking you in any way? He was also not impolite. just a general joke like reaction that was in no way attacking or degrading towards you.

Sorry about the majority of my fast writen post but at least acknowledge that there was NO condescension going on in his post just a damn joke that you felt like was attacking towards you.

And lastly. there is a difference in FPS when going SLI. And a 980 is not really a great example for that is what I am talking about. a 980 is really bad as a baseline to prove if SLI Does or does not work regardless of actual effect. SLI will still salvage a few extra frames on most systems though so it is not like there is no difference at all.

Sli will bring no benefit to guild wars anyone that says otherwise is clueless/lying period end of discussion.I couldn’t be bothered addressing the rest of your petty nonsense.Have a nice day

Seems the proof is in the pudding. Again, the 64-bit update is amazing. I’m running the same settings as Shane shows in the video. No lag, no skill lag, and most of all: no crashes. 🙂

Thank you for posting the video.

You just contradicted yourself, and he is right. Sli is pointless when that game uses so little of the video card firing in more will not increase performance of a game that is not already fully utilizing one card even…

Shane, read your first post, then your second–and then ask yourself who is the one being condescending.

@Dmitry K You will need to wait for Nvidia to create an SLI profile. You can make a request over at the Nvidia forums.

Well then I guess I was misinterpreted,in honesty I was just bemused as it genuinely will make no difference at all..

There wont be an sli profile,why would there be?The game already doesn’t even utilize the full power of even lower end NVidia cards currently available.

Well maybe he has SLI because he plays games other than GW2.
Also if a game can’t take advantage of dual GPU after all these years the problem is with the game itself.

What you are saying doesnt make any sense. It is not arenanets problem. It is nvidia’s fault that sli at this game doesnt work.

Nvidia publish SLI profiles for pretty much every popular game.
GW2 on the other side can’t even use the full power of high end video cards because their engine sucks, so yes, it is Anet fault.

Overclock your cpu, because sli won’t make a damn bit of difference. Seriously ,people need to educate themselves. If a game is not utilizing one gpu fully (gpu usage) , then what makes you think you will gain performance from adding another card in that will be even further underutilized??It’s not rocket science.Download HWmonitor and leave it running,then check the usage between your cpu and your gpu and you will see that your gpu will hardly be utilized at all, whereas your cpu will likely be at or close to 100% utilization….

Jesus what the fuck with this discussion…
I fixed the problem by renaming the file. I got doubled FPS. Period.
Yes, the game is cpu intense, but it uses gpus as well
And there is a GW2 Sli profile.
Phoenix says bullshit, hes high I guess

Rubbish and lmfao @ double fps ,impossible.Link the NVidia official sli profile for Guild wars then,you’rre full of shit mate period.In fact I would go as far as saying you’re not even running sli as you clearly are bullshitting your results. Two card does not equate to double fps in guild wars =fact so link this so called sli profile

You are full of shit, angry toxic kid. But ok, ill make screnshots.
There are scenes where fps is doubled sometimes is nearly doubled
(screens are resized due 2mb limit)

Why do these people keep saying SLI doesn’t help? Here’s the deal: if you already have a 980 or something like that, you may not see much difference. I can ABSOLUTELY see the difference when using my lower-end cards.

Anyone have any issues using Nvidia Inspector after adding the 64-bit client? I haven’t done it yet, but I wanted to ask in case there were any weird surprises waiting for me. It shouldn’t affect the video card profile at all, but… one never knows.

I’m also using Nvidia. It had an update yesterday. As far as I can tell, it’s not causing any issues with the 64-bit update. But I also did, indirectly, what Dmitry said, and replaced the files when I moved/dragged them into my GW2 folder.

“Is there a 64-bit Mac client?Unfortunately, a 64-bit Mac client is not available at this time. We are hoping to be able to provide one in the future, but have no timeline to provide it.”

Really unfortunately =(
I wish they will make native client for mac, not over cider…
And I want linux client )

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