GW2 Glittering Weapon Skins Gallery

A gallery of the new Glittering weapon skins available for 1 Black Lion ticket each from the Black Lion weapon specialist.

Video of Glittering weapons


Glittering Axe – [&C+wYAAA=]


Glittering Dagger – [&C3cYAAA=]


Glittering Focus – [&C4UYAAA=]


Glittering Greatsword – [&C34ZAAA=]


Glittering Hammer – [&C3oYAAA=]


Glittering Longbow – [&C18YAAA=]


Glittering Mace – [&C5YYAAA=]


Glittering Pistol – [&CzwZAAA=]


Glittering Rifle – [&Cz8ZAAA=]


Glittering Scepter – [&C9UYAAA=]


Glittering Shield – [&C34YAAA=]


Glittering Short Bow – [&C8EYAAA=]


Glittering Staff – [&C+gYAAA=]


Glittering Sword – [&C/wYAAA=]


Glittering Torch – [&Cy0ZAAA=]


Glittering Warhorn – [&C+MYAAA=]


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57 replies on “GW2 Glittering Weapon Skins Gallery”

You get a 1-time skin that’s free to apply. The instant you buy it, you permanently unlock the skin in your wardrobe. You can then apply it to any applicable weapon for 1 transmutation charge.

I dont know what to answer on this question…. cause not sure if you are trolling or you just bought the game and before trying to play it you went directly on dulfy.
Open up wiki and read something about Wardrobe

Had the game at release but took a damn long break just came back for hot and i wasnt sure if those black lion weapon skin could be unlock in the wardrobe that why im asking ^^

The skins are account-bound. You get a free use once, but after that they cost transmutation charges. 1 charge per transmute.

Ugh what is this flowery crap? Can’t they at least for once make a weapon that actually looked like a weapon? Like fused weapons of all the BL skins those skins were the only one that made me collect 1400g to just get a single skin and I’m still in love with that GS

You might have a point if “flowery crap” was all they ever added… but this is not the overwhelming majority of skins in the game. I personally won’t likely get a Glittering weapon skin, but I’m extremely happy that the art team has the guts to have a more diverse selection of styles than most other MMOs would dare to include.

The fused weapons were neat when they first released them, but I found as time went on I can barely pick them out from all of the other metal/fire weapons floating around the game. I appreciate the diversity.

Er what other metalfire themed weapons? There are only 3 greatswords with a fire theme and volcanus is too flashy and primordus ones is just pure ugly so there was only real one other option for me to go to. that isn’t variety! All this time they have been releasing either this flowery crap or plain weird or plain ugly weapon skins.I mean how many skin in the game makes you go wow and actually feels like accomplishment to have and proud to actually wear .just look at the legendaries on any other mmo and then look at the legendaries on gw2……
.I rest my case

The destroyer weapons, fused weapons, charr cultural, and citadel of flames were all metal/flames. Balthazar’s were borderline, but subtle enough I don’t think they count based on actual visuals. Whether or not you like something has nothing to do with it and proves nothing.

The only true flowery set we have are the glittering weapons. The daydreamers, sylvari cultural weapons, dreamthistle are plants, but look more organic than anything.

Basically, you don’t have a reason to what you are asserting, it’s just that you don’t like them. You are perfectly entitled to that as an opinion, but a case that does not make.

Well my daredevil is female and I might get the staff skin. The flower part makes it look sort of like a huge spear head. Might preview it in game first though to see if that’s the case.

I think they are gorgeous. But I’d probably never use them. My characters are never girly despite being girls. xD

Hmmmm Now debating which would be funny to use for my asura engineer? Shield? Staff maybe for further Daredevil? . . . Only two tickets at hand right now… choices…

Wahhhhh these skins are too girly. Waahhhhh I’m not getting them. Wahhhhhh where are the weapons that look like many other weapon skins that they have already in the game? Wahhhhhhhh

OMG when are the datamined Dragonfly Wings coming out?? they give off the same glittering effect and match these weapons really well!

I’m glad they are girly, there’s plenty of girls who play this game too ya know, I allready bought 2 of them soo pretty 😛

I bet you are bold fat pervert with fake foto and by this statement you try to lure girls into our GW2 sausage comunity. Kappa

Not everyone is up to date with internet memes, there are those of us that don’t know what this ‘kappa’ refers to.

Wow you should seek help before you turn into a serial killer or somthin, there’s definately somthin not right with you mentally…

I’m not a girl and I love that these are delicate weapons. I’m really tired of flames and heavy looking chunks of metal xD

I know what you mean! I am thinking about switching my Elementalist over to this set completely but I got lot of the Crimson Lion weapon set for her. So I got the staff for my Druid!

Rainbows fairy wings, unicorns ECT ..this game caters to female characters..there isn’t enough evil looking weapons or better yet cool looking staves in the game..really depressing if you are a caster class and not gay or female

You’re out of luck too even if you’re playing as a female character if these “cutesy” items are nowhere IC for them. Sads.

Pretty sure there is more bulk tough or cool sleek looking items in the game than girly looking items last I checked.
My caster is male and doesn’t look gay or female at all.
They are catering to all sides which is what they should be doing.
Sorry, not sorry you can’t handle others having varying taste in items other than your own…

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