GW2 Heart of Thorns Act 3 Story Achievements Guide

GW2 Heart of Thorns Act 3 Story achievements guide.


Finishing all of the Act 3 achievements will grant you 60 achievement points, 5 Mastery Points, and an ascended amulet.


Roots of Terror

The achievements in this instance are very easy but you need to run it a total of 4 times to get all the achievements. Luckily the instance is fairly short.

The Dark Path – 5 pts

  • Reward: Superior Sigil of Rending.
  • Perquisite: Finish Roots of Terror once.
  • Pick the left path when you get an option to do so. This path is the dark path and you just need to follow the green circles through the tunnels and they will guide you to the end.

The Pit of Despair – 5 pts

    • Reward: Bag of 10 Ley Line Crystals
    • Perquisite: Finish Roots of Terror once.
    • Pick the middle path when you get an option to do so. This path is the path where you can’t touch the water by jumping on the branches and rocks above it. Dropping into the water will cause all the grubs to aggro you.


The Troll Road – 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Oversized Rucksacks.
  • Perquisite: Finish Roots of Terror once.
  • Pick the right path when you get an option to do so. This path is the longest and you will need to run past mushrooms and cave trolls. The way out is actually up a ramp.


Chak Killer Achievements – 15 pts

  • Reward: 3 Heavy Goo Covered Bags, 3 Goop-Covered Satchels, Chak Weapon Crate (pick any Chak weapon of your choice)
  • Perquisite: Finish Roots of Terror once.

The three achievements Chak Master Beginner, Expert and Master are kind of the same so I grouped them up. For the beginner achievement you just need to kill 1 Chak, for expert you need to kill 10 Chaks and for Master you need to almost clear the whole room. The master achievement only require you to clear a set amount of Chaks (around 50) so you can leave some Veteran Chaks behind and the achievement will trigger when there is around 4 Chaks left in the room, regardless of if those are regular or Veteran chaks.

You cannot die for these achievements but you can be downed. Dying will disqualify you for the achievements.


The Veterans are the most troublesome and there are around 10 or more in that little room. The Biltzer got an energy beam attack you should dodge and a damage shield where you need to stop autoattack or you will kill yourself. The Lobbers are the more annoying ones as they will charge you and spit goo all over. If you get knocked down by a lobber from the charge and he spits goo immediately afterwards it can be a death trap.

It isn’t hard to get all 3 achievements. You just have to take it slow and use a ranged weapon. The Chaks are a bit dumb and won’t all aggro on you at once so you can range them one at a time from afar. Braham will also tank some of them for you which helps in avoiding some of the veteran attacks. The number of mobs and difficulty won’t scale up with a group but you may have some trouble getting the Master Killer achievement as it didn’t trigger for some people when the room was cleared in a group.

Buried Insight

You only need to do this instance once more after finishing the story version to get all the achievements.

An Ignoble End – 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Noxious Seed Pods
  • Perquisite: None (can be done the first time you do the story instance)

When you first enter the instance, turn 180 and go up north. You will find a Mordrem Guard Punisher by a rock. He isn’t hard to fight but watch out for his telegraphed cleave as it can one shot you if not avoided.


Cleaning House – 10 pts

  • Reward: Deluxe Gear Box
  • Perquisite: None (can be done the first time you do the story instance)

You will need to deactivate 32 Rata Novan security mechanics. 4 of them are sentry golems and the rest 28 are all Ballistic Cannons spread throughout the map. 4 of them are underwater inside the little tunnel where the waterlogged page is for New Horizons. There are 6 in the area around the broken golem near the waypoint area and some of them won’t attack you so you have to hold down ctrl to find them all. You should have all 32 before the step where you have to test the dilapidated asura gate.


New Horizons – 5 pts

  • Reward: 10 Bags of Alchemical Materials
  • Perquisite: Complete Buried Insight story instance once to unlock this achievement.

You will find your first clue at a Derelict Sentry Golem near the Rata Novus Waypoint inside the story instance.


Now if you swim down the water near the waypoint you will a little tunnel with a waterlogged page next to a terminal with more hints.


The third hint is located inside the lab next to another terminal


The terminal to finish up the achievement is located at the very end of the instance. Enter the code 01172. Once you do that, go through the terminal and proceed forward to get the achievement.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

60 replies on “GW2 Heart of Thorns Act 3 Story Achievements Guide”

What helped me (and some of my group mates):

– Wait until Brahams dialogue finished
– Don’t die

Another thought: As i got the master achievement, everyone in my party got it except a thief. He stealthed during the fight and also ran out of the pit because he was low, maybe that’s somehow connected, probably not, worth a try though.

I think there may be something to the stealth here. I was on a thief, with a ranger, and warrior doing it. Ranger was using a long bow. Guess who got the achievement? The warrior.. me and the ranger didn’t.

Second Tomok on:
-Wait till you finish the dialogue with Brahams;
-No death once you started the pit fight, but you are allowed to be downed (lost count on how many times I downed :p)
I got the achievement on 1st try with a Thief solo, luring 1-2 chaks at a time out to the edge of the pit, but never pass the platform where I had last dialogue with Brahams. Took me about 15-20 mins before master achievement popped up

The chak in the chak pit can get stuck in the walls when running from you at low health, or through fear and knockbacks – it’s incredibly frustrating. If you are observant, you can notice this happening and kill them through aoe damage against the wall – however sometimes they just get stuck too far in. You will know whether one is stuck because you will have a clear room and yet still hear their screeching. I’m unsure however as to whether this is a reason for people not getting the achievement, or whether the achievement itself is bugged.

Additionally, one of the turrets near the Rata Novus lane in Buried Insight seems to be a bit buggy too, I – and a few others – found that the turret will be activated and can damage you, however you cannot select it nor damage it. Restarting the instance seemed to be what fixed it for each of us.

Question about the Clean House achi: The first time I played through the story I didn’t care for the achi and just cleared 20/32 turrets, that’s what the achievement icon says. Do I need to finish the remaining 12 ones now or I need to clean every single one again?

In my 2nd playthrough only the turrets i did not destroy before counted towards the achievement, so finishing the remaining 12 turrets should do it.

New Horizons story got interrupted, but had the two clues in inventory and entered 01172. Do I have to reestablished clues, cause I didn’t get credit for it

aye, had the three, didn’t know how to edit my text… 🙂 needed to walk to the BACK of the room for it to catch

I did not pick up any of the clues & entered 01172 at the end of the story sequence :p
Got the “New Horizons” achievement after I stepped through the portal gate

ok ive cleared the pit twice now and nothing anyone else having problems with this or know of a solution to this

There were 3 sentry golems spawned for me too. I got all 32 though, probably there were 10 turrets around the pool at the centre of the map instead of 9 turrets, or there were 8 turrets in stead of 7 at the bottom of the map

I’m having this issue too. I have triple-checked all the turret areas, and killed all of them – including the ones in the floor – and have only killed 3 golems. I only need one more thing to kill for the achievement. I would really like to know where the 4th one is meant to spawn. I don’t want to have to do this all over again.

on HoT act 3 achievements chak killer master is the last one im missing the percentage doesnt even goto %1 when i kill them

Again. It’s an 0/1 Achievement. It won’t have a % because it doesn’t track your killing score, it tracks if you achieve or not.

I think for the Chak Killer – Master achievement, especially when doing it with a group, you need to tag the enemies for getting the achievement. Similar to the Weed Whacker achievement from Torn From the Sky. We just did it as a group, the first time we all just went our own way to kill them all, the second time we called targets and all of us made sure to tag the enemies. Also, some of them spawned in the wall right below where Braham sits after the convo with the Magister. Hope this helps.

For the three paths in roots of terror, you don’t have to actually follow the paths. When the objective “choose a path” comes up, I walked to the right green star so I had “eligible for troll road” and then just ran through the middle path with the grubs because it’s way quicker and I got the troll road achievement at the end.

I was a bit disappointed with the “New Horizons” achievement. I was expecting something Lore related behind that portal. All I found was an empty room?

For those doing the Chak Killer- Master in a group, every member of your group MUST tag each Chak that is killed. It is helpful to designate one person to call target and every one attack that target. Continue to do this until you clear the room. Just ran this 3 times and everyone got it. Hope this helps.

You do not need to complete the story mission in order to obtain the achievement “New Horizon”, inputting the code and entering the portal will unlock it.

I’ve tried redoing Buried Insight a couple of times now, in order to hopefully get a different reward that I need for a collection. However, at the end of Buried Insight now I get absolutely NO rewards. Is this a glitch? Or do I need to redo it using a totally different character?

Only to mention: maybe something they changed but I could complete ‘Cleaning House’ cleaning only the ones above the ‘Rata Novus’ map label as stated on Dulfy’s map, including the underwater ones.

To note: that was at the last step of ‘Protect Taimi as she turns…’

you only need to find and kill each of them once. which means if you already killed some the first time you ran the instance, you’ll need to kill less when doing it for the achievement.

For the Chak Killer…

“Braham will also tank some of them for you”

This dude is outright refusing to help me aside from rezzing while i’m downed. >_> in fact once or twice he ran ahead to the end of the instance. Without him at least rezzing me I can’t do this, it’s so frustrating.

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