GW2 Patch notes

GW2 Nov 4 Game Update Patch Notes

GW2 Patch Notes for the Nov 4 Update.

11/04/2015 – November 4 Release Notes
Halloween: Shadow of the Mad King
Mad King Thorn and his Lunatic Court have returned to the Underworld; Lion’s Arch has returned to normal.

  • Fixed a bug in which the following items were tradable rather than account bound:
    • Nuhoch Hunting Stashes
    • Fulgurite
    • Chest of the Casual Fractal Hero
    • Chest of the Core Fractal Hero
    • Chest of the Elite Fractal Veteran
    • Chest of the Fractal Master

Profession Skills

  • Into the Void: This skill now pulls foes to the center of the wall rather than to the nearest point on the wall.
  • Chronomancer—Illusionary Avenger: Increased the distance traveled for this phantasm’s charge attack by 346%.
  • Chronomancer—Seize the Moment: Updated this trait to count the player as an illusion, as do other similar traits.
  • Chronomancer—Tides of Time: Fixed a bug that allowed this skill to destroy unblockable projectiles.


  • Signet of Spite: Fixed an issue causing this skill to not play an animation while equipped with a greatsword.
  • Putrid Explosion: Fixed a bug in which this skill’s blast finisher activated several seconds after the UI icon for the finisher appeared.
  • Reaper—Chilling Victory: Updated this trait’s skill fact to correctly show 8 seconds of might duration instead of 5.
  • Reaper—Soul Spiral: Fixed a bug in which this skill would not display a skill fact for the casting bar or casting time.
  • Reaper—Deathly Chill: Removed the 50% health threshold on this skill so that it now does the same damage at all times. Adjusted the damage ratio. Decreased the base damage from 40 to 10. Increased the level multiplier by 25%. Increased the condition damage multiplier by 87%.


  • Fixed a bug in which upkeep skills would turn off when crossing certain parts of maps.


  • Berserker—Dead or Alive: When activated, this trait no longer ends berserk mode.
  • Berserker—King of Fires: The burn duration increase modifier has been increased from 20% to 33%.
  • Berserker—Eternal Champion: In addition to its previous effects, this trait now also grants 3 stacks of might for 8 seconds when you break stun.
  • Berserker—Rupturing Smash: Added 0.5 seconds of daze to this skill. Increased immobilize duration from 1 second to 2 seconds.
  • Berserker—Fatal Frenzy: This trait now grants 6 seconds of fury in addition to its previous effects.
  • Berserker—Bloody Roar: This trait no longer grants fury or inflicts bleeding. This trait now increases all direct damage dealt in berserk mode by 10%.
  • Berserker—Always Angry: This trait has been reworked so that it now grants an effect for 15 seconds when entering or leaving berserk mode, increasing outgoing damage and condition damage by 7%.
  • Berserker—Outrage: This skill can now be used underwater and while airborne.
  • Berserker—Blood Reckoning: This skill can now be used underwater.
  • Berserker—Scorched Earth: Updated skill facts to show the correct number of hits.

New Items and Promotions

  • A new set of Glittering weapon skins is available from the Black Lion Weapons Specialist for 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket for a limited time.
  • A new Exalted Glider is now available in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 400 gems.
  • A new Mini Bonebreaker is available in the Toys category of the Gem Store for 350 gems.


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19 replies on “GW2 Nov 4 Game Update Patch Notes”

how about fixing the howler legendary for a change? 11+ pages on the forums, thousands of views, hundreds of responses, but still not one from a dev.

Anet tends to put low priority things on backburner for a long time. Howler is one of the least popular Legendaries on a not so popular weapon category so it won’t get as much attention/love from Anet. They’ve revealed this mentality quite a few times, like their comment regarding Charr being least popular so low priority on fixes.

it’s a matter of manpower effectiveness. Solving all the Charr “clipping” etc problems… huge amount of work with the texturemaps and each and every combination of Charr hair, horns and fangs, equals a massive amount of work. With very little return.

Solving a problem with a legendary…. no idea. but stealth nerfing a new pet ? Easily done.

The various Charr clipping issues I’m okay with. Not quite sure why using hellfire greaves on Charr gives them human feet though -.-

The engineer hobo sack thread had close to 40 pages with 200k+ views over 3 years before they did something about it.

If I’ve got 500 points in Condition damage, will my reaper’s death chill deal more or less damage now? The wording and impact of the 25% level multiplier is hard to discern :/

Berserker—Dead or Alive: When activated, this trait no longer ends berserk mode.
lol’ed at that they really wanne see those guys in pvp

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