GW2 Nov 4 Gemstore Update–Exalted Glider and more

GW2 Nov 4 Gemstore update added three new items to the gemstore. Exalted Glider for 400 gems. Dread Quiver Backpack for 350 gems and Mini Bonebreaker for 350 gems.

Exalted Glider – 400 gems

  • Glider skin cannot be dyed, new sound effect.



Dread Quiver Backpack – 350 gems


Mini Bonebreaker – 350 gems


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22 replies on “GW2 Nov 4 Gemstore Update–Exalted Glider and more”

They need to just release wings/gliders as a combo. Make an exalted back version of this and pair it up for 700gems. If they go gimmicky and release a separate back version of this later down the road for 400-500 gems…people will be quite pissed.

True, but judging by the look of a glider, it would look bad as a backpiece. Crystiline glider is i think aswell only glider. Cause these are gliders, not wings, like bat wings and black/white wings. Id much rather see us having glider out of fractal legendary backpiece ^^

There is an Auric Backplate that is attainable by an in game collection that looks somewhat like this glider. My guess is that they would go together as a set and a further backpiece will not be added.

The basic glider that everyone has is dyable- just the tips get dyed though, so it’s cream base, with whatever color on the tips, and the Crystal Arbiter can be dyed. Not sure about this one.

After they showed us that it’s possible to dye particle effects (lunatic guard outfit), pretty much everything should be dye-able now.

Probably not the best place to ask this, but does anyone know if it is possible to buy a glider skin and unlock it without having Heart of Thorns? I’m not sure when I’m getting the expansion (waiting for my partner to get some time off so we can play together) and these sorts of items sometimes don’t hang around long and I’d rather not wait x amount of months for it to reappear.

Ah ok I wasn’t sure if it gave you an inventory item like the cosmetic armors, that’s perfect. Thank you for clearing that up.

If you plan to buy the game HOT anyway, why not buy it now. There is not subscription fee every mouth. Don’t see it will give you any discount until may be one year later. You will pay the same price now or later but you can play it now if you buy it now.

I bought the bat glider. Now regretting it. I plan on using the Auric backpack: this glider looks like an auric backpack which has been activated. /facepalm.

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