GW2 Heart of Thorns Act 4 Story Achievements Guide

GW2 Heart of Thorns Act 4 Story Achievements Guide. Updated with workaround for Untethered achievement [toc]

Bitter Harvest

This is a pretty short instance and I believe all of the achievement can be done on the first run. However, Untethered is currently bugged and there isn’t a good trick I am aware of to bypass this bug.

Line of Fire – 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Crystalline Ore

For this achievement you just have to kill the two Mordrem sharpshooters stationed to the left that you would not otherwise kill if you just followed the story path.They are right after the first cutscene where you tell Kasmeer to scout ahead. Simply glide to them at the located indicated below and you should be able to reach them easily. Do not try reach them from the side as it is not high enough for you to reach them.


Air Superiority– 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Crystalline Ore

This should be done at end of your story instance as the game places a checkpoint near the top of the moving helix and you can just keep trying this achievement until you get it. It isn’t a hard achievement, you just need to fall through the cracks and reach the bottom. Given there is a time limit of 10 seconds, you can deploy your glider maybe once or twice if you feel that you are about to die on the way down.



Untethered – 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Crystalline Ore

According to the description you just need to get to the top of the moving helix without getting hit by the orange circles that spawn tendrils. However, this is not true. You must comply with the following requirements.

  • Do not die once in the instance.
  • Do not get hit by the orange circles on the way to helix.
  • Do not get hit by any of the mobs.

Basically what you can do is via one of the two ways. If solo, you need a stealth class (i.e. thief or mesmer). You start the instance and run all the way to Zoija without killing any mobs (the vine wall to Zoija opens automatically once you arrive at the area). Do the part to free Zoija and Logan then invis your way up the helix, running around the vine walls and avoiding the orange circles.

If you don’t have a stealth class, you can get someone to clear the path up the helix and you just run up after. Of course the same requirement still apply such as not dying even once during the instance and don’t get hit by any of the orange circles.


Hearts and Minds

The achievements in this instance are fairly frustrating since you need to do this long instance multiple times and one of the achievement does not have a restart button so if you screw up you will need to redo the whole instance over and over with unskippable cutscenes.

Dream Warrior- 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Crystalline Ore
  • Perquisite: Completing the Hearts and Minds story instance one to unlock it.

To get this achievement, you will need to run this instance a total of two more times after the initial story version. You can only recruit two allies per instance, forcing you to run the instance again for all three.

Braham will trigger the Blighted Eir fight. The big thing with this fight is killing Blighted Garm first and then Eir will try to revive Garm. You will get the chance to do max melee dps to her when she is rezzing Garm. Eir has a sniper like attack that is easy to avoid if you are moving, a fire circle attack that applies stacks of burning, and Garm will try to immobilize you. Bring a ranged weapon and kite Garm down while pay extra attention to the fire circles and use condition cleanse to remove the stacks of burning and immobilize as needed. Swap to max DPS melee weapon for your class once Garm is down and Eir tries to revive him.


Canach will trigger the Blighted Canach fight. For Canach you will want to bring some crowd control abilities like stun/daze/knockback to break his breakbar at end of the fight as the shield that the real Canach give you is bugged and doesn’t do anything to Blighted Canach’s breakbar. With Blighted Canach you have to watch out for his grenades. The big yellow circles are his burning and bleeding grenades while the small ones are his stun grenades.


Caithe will trigger the Blighted Pale Tree, which is one of the most annoying bosses out the three. Every 25% The Blighted Pale Tree will become invulnerable and summon adds that will walk to her. If you do not kill these adds and they reach her, they will give her a stacking buff that increase the damage of the charged up attack that follows after this invulnerable phase. The charged up attack does have a long animation so you can try to time that and dodge.


Past 75% the Blighted Pale Tree will uses her circular attack which is basically an expanding orange circle that gets bigger and bigger as she gets lower in HP. Below 25% is the “enrage phase” where she will keep spamming her circular attacks while constantly spawning adds that will walk up to her. Basically you need to kill her quick before her damage get buffed up too much that she one shots you.


Migraine- 5 pts

  • Reward: Crystalline Ingot
  • Perquisite: Completing the Hearts and Minds story instance one to unlock it.

You can unlock Extreme Mode by interacting with the orb next to Trahearne. This extreme mode is designed for 5 player parties and be prepared to spend hours on it. I would advise you picking Braham and Canach as they are much easier than the Caithe option as Pale Tree requires some really high DPS checks in extreme mode. If anyone in the party dies during a fight, they can only watch from above and cannot rejoin the fight.


  • Blighted Eir: Brings lots of condition cleanse as the fire circles give you tons of burning stacks (5-80 stacks). The goal here is to burn Garm first and basically focus on surviving when Eir uses her fire circles. Once Garm is killed the first time, Eir will revive him to like 25% HP (sometmes Garm will regain full HP) and your goal is basically kill Garm quick forcing Eir to run back constantly to revive Garm. If you kill Garm fast each time, Eir won’t be able to use her fire circle attacks and you can just dps Eir when she revives Garm and repeat this like 10 times to finish the fight.
  • Blighted Canach: For Blighted Canach you need everyone to bring utility and skills that can break defiance bars. Some classes are really good for this like chronomancers (F3 shatter, gravity well, Tides of Time, Daze mantra etc) and Revenant (staff #5 skill). Blighted Canach has a really long breakbar in extreme mode that requires everyone to use their break bar abilities. Don’t even bother with standing behind Canach or use his shield in extreme mode as they do not work. Just focus on breaking Blighted Canach’s bars and the fight isn’t too hard.
  • Blighted Pale Tree: I have not attempted Pale Tree in extreme mode but from what I heard from other players this fight requires very high DPS check and need a good party composition that can dish out quick burst damage. The reason it needs high DPS check is because of the adds that will explode if they reach the Pale Tree and the explosion is map wide and undodgeable. Additionally, past 25% adds will spawn continuously and either you kill them fast enough or your party will take massive damage (info courtesy of Arrow/Ather).

Flights of Fancy- 5 pts

  • Reward: 3 Crystalline Ore
  • Perquisite: Completing the Hearts and Minds story instance one to unlock it.

This can be a pretty frustrating achievement since the Retry Mote on Mordremoth fight does not reset the achievement so if you failed it you will need to repeat the whole instance and watch the unskippable cutscenes again. 

The requirements for this achievement is to not use the shield bubble that protect the NPCs, not touch the ground, don’t get hit by rocks and avoid the torment orbs that spawn in the third flight phase.

There are three flying phases to the Mordremoth fight. The first phase is after you killed the two Blighted NPCs and is fairly easy as Mordremoth does not throw rocks at you. All you need to do is to make sure you get airborne in time by running (not jumping) into one of the updrafts that spawns. After that it is simply a matter of staying in the air by using the updrafts until the air phase is finished.

For the second phase, it gets a bit harder as Moreremoth will throw rocks at you. I personally find a couple things that helps with this. Lean Gliding Techniques may give you enough airspeed to avoid some rocks but it is a hit or miss. If you are high enough in the air, you can try to drop and redeploy your glider when you see a rock coming. Additionally, flying a good distance away from Mordremoth may help as rocks will have a longer travel time and you may hit an updraft while the rock is traveling to you and avoid the rock completely.


Third phase gets interesting since not only Mordremoth will throw rocks at you, he will spawn spawn orbs in the air that will attempt to damage you. If you get hit by even a single orb, you will disqualify for the achievement. The goal here is to completely avoid the area these orbs are while dodging rocks from Mordremoth and hope you don’t fall down to the ground for whatever reason.


There is a way to “cheese” this achievement and get it done easy by having the person needing the achievement killing themselves before the flying phase of the Mordremoth fight and they can just chill while rest of the group finish the fight.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

73 replies on “GW2 Heart of Thorns Act 4 Story Achievements Guide”

oh wow, this sounds terrible.

i hope anet gets the bugs fixed at least. im not going to spend more time in this last mission as long as i get circles spawning in the air etc.

then i need 4 more people who are resistant to frustration. and a day off at least.

Yeah, tried six times to do the story . . . and each one bugged in some way, shape or form. Nothing like watching a rift spawn outside the zone. 🙁

Rift spawning outside of zone JUST happened to me. Real frustrated right now. I usually don’t let games get to me but this is ridiculous.

Yeah, they’re telling me it’s a known bug. But I’ll be damned if this didn’t happen to me twice so far. 🙁

For unteathered i stealth the whole instance from begining to end on my mesmer only actually killing 1 vine wall at the top of the helix.

We found a cheesy (and horribly long) way to the flight of fancy achievement: you should die before the first gliding part and watch from above while others kill the boss. With my friend we did the achi this way. Hell boring kill alone the upscaled mordy, but not that bad.

so about that untethered achievement, I got it the first time I did the story. I just didn’t get hit. Didn’t realize it was bugged for everyone. Wish I could tell you what I did that was so special. 🙁

Extreme Mode is kinda bug-ish, since sometimes Eir’s breakbar won’t depleted and you’ll end up with less than 5% burn each time she revives Garm.

Simply keep focussing Eir and ignore Gram. I think the infinite break bar is intended. But if you have a few eles in group who put lava font under Eir it works well without wasting damage on Gram.

Untethered right now requires you to not get hit at all, even by mobs, from the time you step on the Helix to the time you jump onto the platform with the boss.

For Flights of Fancy, there is a vine you can glide to. I got it by standing on that vine whenever we had to glide up and 1 other player glided around the boss to keep his agro. I don’t know if it was req the other player keep agro or not, but this is an option if you don’t want to die and not help your team at all. . .

can confirm, this spot works when soloing as well. located on the north side of the arena, neither the rocks or the orbs hit you if you stand as far back as the invisible wall allows

For Flights of Fancy, just crank up your mouse sensitivity and keep circling on yourself on top of one of the updrafts.

I still dont get the untethered achievement. Tried it multiple times on my ranger clearing everything without getting hit by both vines and mobs. I hope my pet was allowed to get hit…. am i doing something wrong?

Played necro with minions to try to get Untethered achievement. Killed every mordrem and vine wall on both paths of the helix without getting hit by any tendril or mordrem, still no achievement. I happened to die to a mordrem sniper earlier in the mission before logan and zojja and I died once to falling damage during the helix, however when that occured I was not in combat with anything. I even fell down on purpose after confirming that everything was already dead so I could climb up one of the paths to the top again, although that didn’t work. I jumped on to where Faolain is situated, killed her as well without taking any damage from anything and still did not get the achievement when the instance was completed.

Either you’re not allowed to die AT ALL, having your minions take damage disqualifies you or it is simply bugged right now. Hopefully for the latter it gets fixed sooner rather than later.

I think so. I just did the whole mission, cleared the entirety of both sides, did not get hit by either vines or punishers and no achievement =/

I got ‘Untethered’ alone with my ranger. Actually, you don’t have to clear both sides (I only cleared one side). I used longbow with taunt pet tankers while climbing up; I did not take any damage including fall damage. At least for ranger pets, both vine and mordrem hits DO NOT disqualify the achievement.

I also finished ‘Migraine’ with pug and wanna give some information of extreme mode.
For Canach, you can also try condi build without breaking his bar (you can solo him in this way, though it takes long long long time : ).
For the last phase battle of elder potato guy, aoe circle pops and FOLLOWS you periodically unlike the normal mode. So, always prepare for well-timed dodge ;).
Extreme mode was so challenging and fun for me. Hope you guys enjoy it too.

The achievements are challenging enough without all the damn bugs. Come on Anet, get it together. Couldn’t even complete the story today due to a bug (rift spawning in mid air and impossible to reach), much less an achievement.

Tried the Untethered achievement again, this time I did not die a single time during the entire instance, and from the second I reached the helix, I cleared both paths of all mordrem and walls without taking damage from anything, finishing off by jumping on to Faolain’s area. Still no achievement. Played necro with minions out, so I’m thinking it’s that.

If you managed to get the achievement on necro with minions, please tell me ._.

Not true, there are plenty of people, myself included, who have done the path many many times clearing both sides without getting hit by the orange tendrils and didn’t get it. You just got lucky on that attempt somehow and the bug didn’t trigger.

This is confirmed. Don’t get hit by tendrils (ok to get hit by the enemies), don’t die, run both sides as in the video. Not sure if it matters, but be the host (worked one time in a party where host got it), and I also soloed this myself just now.

I completed Untethered on my Necro by just running past as many mobs at the beginning as I could. Completely skipped the ‘Kill the Mordrem Archers’ task, which stayed there all the way until I killed Faolain.

Only took out one side of the Helix. Didn’t get hit by any tendrils but that’s hardly a difficult task. Jumped onto the end platform and done.

Second tip – Flights of Fancy, when you fly into the air there is simply a vine in the top right corner than you can stand at the back of, where none of the rocks will hit you and the orbs do not even move or attack from the center. Takes 0 effort using this way.

Your tip made me fail … during very first phase, while trying to reach a vine that can not be reached. It can simply not be reached, there are invisible walls. I’d better have tried the legit way.

I used this on my ranger, I was able to get on the branch by getting boosted by the updraft right in front of it. Using a longbow, I was able to hit Mordremoth anywhere in the area and also damage him during the forced flight phases.

Just got ‘Untethered’ achievement on 2nd try solo with an alt (Norn Reaper) in a rush (probably ard 20 mins. Blame Fallout 4 :p):

– did not die once throughout the story instance;
– cleared all mobs & vine walls on ONE path only;
– never get hit by tendrils and their orange circular AOEs on the way up;
– got hit once by a ranged attack from a mordrem tormentor while on the helix;
– never touched the water at the bottom once I was on the helix. I started on one of the paths and had cleared a vinewall, but I over dodged over the edge and end up gliding/landing on the second path to start all over again;
– got the achievement the moment I landed on the platform where final battle with Faolin took place;

Thanks to tip from Juba & above Guest about no death in the whole instance.

I am unable to get to the Sharpshooters from where the guide says to jump from. Any help would be great. I have gliding tier 2, not sure if tier 3 is needed for the cheev.

This is where I leaped off, which is on top of boulders to the left of Dulfy’s location. Aim at the lower platform to the left of the mordrems. Tier 1 is enough.

got Untethered achievement even though i got hit by a mordrem. just avoided the tendrils. thanks Dulfy <3 – Tiburron

Things to note about Flights of Fancy:
-Mordremoth only aims the rock at the instance owner. That means, don’t host your own, join others.
-Even if the instance owner dies, Mordremoth STILL throws the rock at them.
-Or just do the vine thing. There is a vine at the north (a little east) above. There is an updraft launcher below. Just stand below there and get up and the rocks won’t hit you.

Here is how to actually get past the untethered bug. i just did this, then my gf tried it with a guildee and we all got it doing this on the first attempt. i had about 9 prior attempts at the achieve following what dulfy recommended, but this is what works. to get untethered. DO NOT DO ANYTHING in the story except destroy zojja’s pod, and kill the logan mobs/open logans pod. other than these mobs i didnt kill a single enemy in the entire instance. not 1 mob on the helix. only went up 1 side. yes i did fall into the water once. dont even kill a single vine wall and mobs can hit you on the way up. when you jump onto the platform that you fight faolin on you will get it. this worked for 3/3 people on the first time. enjoy

About Untethered: You can do it solo without a stealth class, when you get to the helix you can bypass the mobs by jumping across to the other branch of the helix. All the vinewalls can be run around too

lmao, blighted Eir fight is hilariously bugged. before deember patch, she could get stuck when ressing garm, which made the task of killing her trivial. now, she gets stuck in her bow aoe attack while at rift close part, making closing the rift completely impossible, unless you are more than 1. im starting to grow so tired of this game and its bugs. somehow Anet seem to think its totally fine wasting peoples time like this.

About “Flights of Fancy”. You cannot “cheese” this achievement anymore more (with the method described). You’ll lose the qualify buff if you kill yourself in that phase.

This information is not true. I just did it with 2 friends and one of them killed himself right in the start of the battle and still got the achievement at the end of the battle. Maybeyou didn’t get it because of the way or when you died.

Another comment about “Untethered” … I just got this achievement solo onmy Herald. It is not necessary to avoid being hit by mobs, although I would suggest you might still want to avoid the channeled AoE from Punishers. I did not die (important), did not take damage from the vine circle things on the helix (important) and the achievement was rewarded when I landed on the platform for the fight with Faolin.

To add onto the Achievement, Untethered, there is actually another requirement. You can’t ever be in “downed state” because that would disqualify you from the achievement. However, I was hit multiple times including the big orange hit by those hammer dudes, but it was fine.

On the other hand, Air Superiority, respawn is kind of a pain. It ported me inside a wall when I died, so I had to redo the story in order to attempt it again. However, it still gave me the achievement in the end.

You can use “/stuck” and after 30 seconds of inactivity you will be teleported @ the beginning …better than redoing it

um is anyone else not able to get Air superiority i jump from the top and dont hit anything to the bottom and i dont get the achievment

You have to be falling pretty much the entire way down, except deploying your glider just briefly to land and not get yourself killed. Your timing may not be as good as you think – I know mine never is.

Untethered: easy to get solo without stealth. Don’t get hit by the vines, and don’t get downed at all during the instance – watch your buffs to make sure the qualifier is still there. I also avoided the ground-targeted channel attacks, but this may not be required base on some of the other comments.

Just finished Migraine with some buds, so I’ll offer what info I learned. Goes without saying that you should bring the best food/util buffs you have, as well as repair cans since you will likely die a lot and you cannot re-enter by relogging like you can in fracs.

For Eir, we found it more useful to just dps Garm and save the CC for Eir, though if your group has excess CC or does better when you keep Garm stationary then go ahead and do what works best. Afaik Eir cannot be CC’d until she kneels to heal Garm so don’t waste it while she’s still running over to him. However, once her bar is broken she’s stunned for a long while so use that time to dps like hell. Also, the speed mushrooms make it much easier to dodge her fire attack so remember to use those.

Canach put up less of a fight than I expected, the main thing is to stay mobile to dodge his various grenades and ranged attacks, and make sure to res allies when they’re downed. As the article says CC is important to knock him out of his grenades-only phase quickly, don’t bother with trying to hide behind Canach or shield yourself. Speed mushrooms are pretty useful here as well for dodging stuff.

Mordy is pretty similar to his fight in solo mode. It does some sort of retaliation/reflect attack that will throw a lot of confusion stacks on you if you’re not careful; it’s pretty manageable if you’re using melee weapons but projectiles will reflect a lot more stacks onto you that can down you quickly if you’re not careful. There is no visible buff on Mordy’s buff bar when it does this but it does lean back and roar, and my friend using different graphics settings said she saw a purple ring effect around it. It always does this attack immediately after you turn Rytlock back to your side, there may be other concrete times but that’s the only one I know of. As always remember to use speed and adrenaline shrooms, and if you have trouble getting up in the air during a flight phase remember that an updraft will always spawn on the friendly npcs.

In addition, during the last phase of the Mordy fight where you have to fight off the smaller adds, there is a repeating attack that will 100% down you if it hits. An aoe circle appears under you and the center will expand, you must dodge right before it meets the outside of the ring (can’t confirm/deny if aegis/blocking works). Use the rift when you can (regular CC may work as well, can’t confirm/deny since I was dead by this time and couldn’t see well), then proceed as in solo mode.

I’ve done Migraine yesterday without dieing once and I think some updates to this guide would be nice. People I find in the LFG still think killing Garm is the way to do it, but 99% of people do nowhere near enough damage. Most die in the first fire phase anyway. What I did: As always, get a Necromancer. I made a Viper Reaper recently, and I brought another Viper Reaper from my guild, and we pretty much duo’d this achievement without dieing once. We both kept hitting eir with our scepter while running in circles around her. It takes maybe 20 minutes, but it’s safe and still quicker than wasting a ton of damage on Garm only so he gets revived in seconds. The Random we had died early on, but he was useful in the canach fight for bringing some CC. In the last fight he was dead again most of the time.
Oh, and Reapers are nice for Eir because she targets minions first, so if one enters lich form and spawns the 5 horrors in the middle, Eir will shoot them and not the party. They die rather quickly, but it takes a lot of pressure off the players.

Now for the other 2: Reapers have CC on warhorn, shroud 5 and Lich Form 3. 2 Reapers that know this will be able to break the necessary bars. Also, they can complete the fights safely with the safety of Reaper Shroud (take the trait that enters it automatically).

For swag, use Adrenal Shrooms. They are incredibly useful, but I was the only one that had them unlocked this time. I’m sure 2 reapers that know the fight and use adrenal shrooms can finish eir in under 15 minutes.

Was trying to do Untethered. I manage to avoid all mobs (using stealth consumables) and orange circle all the way up to the top of the moving helix but got hit by Faolin’s orange circles and lost it. WTF?! D:

I did it today. No stealth is needed, just run up the helis, pass around the walls without destroying them and when you see the circles move on the side. run past the enemies that are all melee and go to the top. when you touch the floor where faolain is you get the ach.

I also died multiple times before since I was trying to do the other ach. and couldn’t reach the 2 snipers, so it doesn’t matter if you die. Remember that this guide is 9-10 months old and not updated.

I can confirm this. It does not matter anymore if you die in the instance, you don’t have to use stealth at all. You can get hit by the mobs as much as you want, it makes no difference. The achievement now works as is intended. You can even destroy all the vine gates if you want, it won’t disable the achievement.

Basically, all you have to do, is run up, avoid the orange circles, jump to the Faolain platform, and you’re done.

I’ve completed all three of the Bitter Harvest achievements and all three show in my journal as complete but the option to complete them and unlock achievements is still showing. What am I missing?

The achievements/total mastery unlock per chapter. Both Bitter Harvest and Hearts and Minds are part of Chapter 4. So in order to get the complete mastery amount, you’ll need to complete all the achievements under Hearts and Minds as well.

The current 2/3 indicates you miss one Mastery Point, not one out of three achievements for that specific episode. And the mastery point you’re currently missing no doubt is the one from the achievement ‘Heart of Thorns Act IV Mastery’, which means you’ll also need to do all of the Hearts and Minds achievements.

Hope it’s clear now.

Ah…ok. That makes sense. What I don’t understand is why Untethered continues to show up as an option to complete no matter which toon I use. That’s where I thought the issue was but apparently it’s bugged. Thanks for clearing that up!

there are other achievements in that part of the story instance.,. you have to get the rest of them. along with those three

Untethered is not bugged anymore. I just have to go up without getting hit by orange circles. Simple and easy.

Untethered was a joke. Just stay to the side as you run up and skip the mobs after each vine. Super easy no stealth required.

Untethered – 5 pts.
“Do not get hit by any of the mobs” and “Do not die once in the instance” = false. I died 4 times – 1 from being killed by mobs and 3 from suicide. Got the achievement right after I jumped off that helix.

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