GW2 HoT Maps Timer by Famme

GW2 HoT Maps Timer by Famme. Includes timers for meta event in the new HoT zones and Dry Top.

This map timer uses the code created by Famme. The timer below has a slight modification on the author’s original code

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Adding all the jsfiddle stuff to a simple html file causes that only the pointer is loading for me. All the bars are not there. I am trying to solve that problem for a few hours now but I am out of ideas at this point. If I add a setInterval(setupBars,5000); to the code (what is a bad idea), I get the bars after the five seconds delay. It seems somehow that the .append function is loading before the DOM is loaded or something like this. Maybe someone of you has an idea how to solve that problem. ( )

holy crap…. finally I found a solution:
$( document ).ready(function() {setupBars();… });
A jquery ready function arount the function calls that setup everything.

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The final version with a checkbox is available to download here , unfortunately does not work with “jsfiddle” because of “changeStatus.php” has to be on the same server with rest of files. The “datecheck.php” file check time on a server if is UTC then replace “changeStatus.php” -1 with 0 as described for correct reset of bosses. Special thanks for Elnoyle for help in resolving the sessions time reset on a server. Enjoy 🙂

Falls jmd plugins für e107 haben möchte kann er sich gerne melden 😉 habe für die HoT Events ein plugin gebaut, sowie für die gesamtübersicht von “Ardan” auch.
If u need an plugin for e107 tell me. I created plugins but they are in german.

hi Dulfy, can you please make iframe window with timers a little higher, i have Dry Top line cut in half and i must use scroll bar from frame to scroll down. I have 1920×1200 LCD. Thanks

Right click – Inspect element – Look for “<iframe src=" then change the height property from 500 to whatever you want

Hi Dulfy .. will you be adding the new meta event in Bloodstone Fen as well into this ? Would be nice to add them all . The night/day ciclus for spirits and White Mantle , The timer for Justiciar Halbion and then for the Jade Constructs ? Would be nice to be able to see the times so commander could make a maps and coordinate it for those events :3 Thank you o/

Jade construct event spawns at random times, pretty sure that Justiciar either. Maybe day and night even. Because this whole map designed as one big anomaly.

Jade Constructs are 90min respawns . I was there .. I was sitting and trying it myself . Its 90min. Now you even have that on Wiki . About Justiciar thats something else =/ I dont know that one yet =(

It’s so weird because today i was sitting there either. First appeared at 11:18, second at 12:34. Then i was just monitoring LFG, joining squads and jumping between maps continuously doing Jade Construct events 1 after another. Can you post wiki link that sais 90 mins?

would it be possible to show the future timeline more prominently than the past? currently it’s one more mental calculation to see what’s the next time X stage would happen

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