GW2 Gemstore Update–Lyssa’s Regalia and Gathering Flutes

GW2 Gemstore was updated today with Lyssa’s Regalia for 700 gems and various Gathering Flutes for 1000 gems each.[toc]

Lyssa’s Regalia – 700 gems

Dye Pattern

















Gathering Flutes– 1000 gems each

Firefly Mining Flute


Butterfly Harvesting Flute


Swarm Logging Flute


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46 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Lyssa’s Regalia and Gathering Flutes”

I think it is melody from gw1, I notised that the harvesting tool’s last harvest sounds a lot like the audio they used backwards on mesmer portals.

1k gems for each tool… When you can get a costume for 700gems – 1kgems aswell… Anet is out of their f*cking mind -.-

Well, this use have much more utility than any kind of costume they could put…it’s an infinite gathering tool. Ofc it have to cost more.

A costume is infinite aswell and can be seen more then a silly tool. I understand where ya comming from but it is still bullsh*t in my opinion :/

I remember when they were soulbound and costed 800 or so. I’d see the gathering as a better choice because it actually brings in ingame currency. The outfit isn’t profitable.

That is a good point. Tho in my case a costume gives me so much more joy. I think 800 gems for a tool would be more reasonable. x.x I never gather much material. So ye. Guess every player has it’s own preferances. Mine is costumes so I would be willing to pay more for character costumisation and such then a tool. I understand your point tho. I guess it bringing currency makes it worth a bit more.

costume has zero use compared to armour-skins, tool on the other-hand is very useful and is account bound; you still bitching about it – leaves autistic smell after you, considering the fact that this is not NEWS and they’ve been doing it for a long time now.

I was just stating my opinion. Don’t have to get rude about it. Every gamer has their own reasons to play. For me a costume is much more valueable then a tool. Also, you have no idea how long I have been playing this game so think before you speak please.

Am I the only one who finds Tools descriptions confusingly stating that once equipped these tools would be available for “any” character?

Such helmet! Only on outfit. So sad :/
I really like the mining flute – the other two are kinda odd. Unfortunately I need to start hording gems for items which aren’t even in the gem store at present. Fashion and necromancer are not for the faint of heart.

I agree; the mining flute might actually be worth getting. And the little tune it plays is relaxing. What’s up with those butterflies though? Maybe it’s because I didn’t watch in HD, but they look more like blue ovals to me.

The mining flute hardly looks bug related. The problem with the butterflies and locusts is that I don’t see how they supposed to benefit me. Fireflies melting ore – good! Locusts devouring the tree I was going to harvest – bad? Butterflies pollenating plants – good for the people after me who actually harvest said plants?

That Lyssa costume on the Charr and Asuran is an absolute laugh. That orange dude looks so grumpy wearing that outfit, haha…

Mining flute?! Now I have seen it all.

I would love to use the Lyssa helm as a separate piece. The rest of the outfit is just yet another boring trenchcoat.

The mask/helmet thingy to the outfit is weeeeird, but the rest looks nice :3 everyone can’t like everything! 😮 but maybe the dyes are just making it look weird.
Looks like the kind of outfit the bad guy would wear in a movie :> feathers and fur and stuff xD

Thanks for the update! Just a tiny request, whomever is doing the screenshots, could they not do it via the action camera/weird angles? Not being able to see part of the previews at the funky angle makes it hard to see a lot of the details. (Please and thank you!) Otherwise, awesome stuff as usual, thank you! <3

I fuckin ADORE the helm on this outfit unlike a lot of people. It’s awkwardness and originality is what makes it beautiful. Also, is Dulfy going to come out with a small video for the outfit?

Why are unlimited tools not some account unlock?! I’d consider buying one of these since they look cool but I’m not interested on having to transfer them character to character as I’m an altaholic

Because it would hurt Anet business model a lot XD I have many characters too…so i just keep them on my main….at most i was considering taking another set to swap between the most used character in that moment.

In what way is that hurting their business model?

1) Most people obviously, including you, buy one set @ most, because if you were to buy one set for 3k gems through real world money, which is worth 37.50€, that’s a lot already.

2) Many more people, including PJ and myself, would only consider to buy a single set under the conditions given by PJ. Even if they were to be account-bound they are still pretty expensive and it would take a lot of time just until they start to pay off.

The pay off is really not considered much in the equation (at least for me). Just the watchwork mining pick could be used for that as extra income…but the main reason about those items (just like the salvage-o-matic) is just about the sheer comfort how not having to buy kits every two seconds (especially thanks to the fact that most of the drops of the game are salvagable stuff ) and not filling your own inventory with recycle kits, gathering stuff and so on.
For giving them account bound they would have to cost much much more, since Anet would want to recover the income loss from people not buying multiple of them.

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