SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence Alderaan Nov 10-17

Rakghoul Resurgence is back from Nov 10-17 on Alderaan. You will be able to finish recruiting Dr.Lokin and get some new decorations since its last iteration pre 4.0.

This is the first time you will be able to recruit Dr.Lokin as his final mission require you to deploy 4 probes in the Rakghoul tunnels which are only accessible during the event. If you missed the event, don’t worry as it is now monthly and you can do the next one on Dec 15.

For those who have done the event plenty before, beware that there are now a bunch of new decorations to get for Rakghoul canisters and you will need a lot of canisters for the items you can get from the Chevin event and the original rakghoul outbreak event back in 2012.

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“Loki-Quest” I hope your not that guy I was chatting with in game that believes Lokin got his name from Loki. He said since he changes into a Rak that he was like a werewolf, and that is why he was named after Loki. Yeah, I couldn’t figure that one out either. I’ve never heard that Loki was a werewolf.

No that guy was stupid. Looking is the only werewolf like Rak. I see them as closer to zombies. You get bitten and you turn into a zombie full time, werewolves turn back into people after the full moon.

I will finally be able to Get the Republic Containment Officer Gear I’ve been waiting an eternity for (missed its first debut to severe bronchitis and a stay in the hospital). I have all the Gray Helix and Bounty Contracts, only thing left is the 100 or so canisters for the full set. T-T < tears of happiness

For those who might like to know totals for a whole set ( at least for Pub/Imp Containment Officer Gear) it is as Follows: 110 Rhakghoul DNA Canisters, 72 Gray Helix Components and 104 Completed Bounty Contracts.

You can buy each piece and sell back. Achievement still tracks fine and credits you with the full set when you get the last piece.

i bought all of it except gloves at 4.0 launch, so you could say i could die happily, and it will be even better when i get the gloves and get the achievement for it

Did the pieces still have the 2 hour buyers remorse timer on it? The reason I ask is I got the Full Tusken Blood Guard set back when the Chevin event happened, however, when they later added an achievement for it in the legacy, it only gave me credit for 2 of the pieces in the set for whatever reason. my tickets about it were ignored so i figure maybe if i buy a piece and sell it back buy a piece and sell it back it will give me my years-over-due achievement credit 😉

I’ve boufht the regular Tuskin set but can’t get credit go the legs. Even though I’ve bought several pair to try to get it. This game is racist towards Tuskins, we can’t even get a gaffie stick even though it’s in the game.

Can’t wait to finish this prolonged recruitment process so I can feed Lokin my lightsaber. I told you I would kill you for infecting me with that shit!

Yeah I’m pretty sure you will be able to get most of the comps eventually. The terminal to get your old ones back asks you if you want them immediately or if you want to get them back as the story progresses.

I’m not 🙁 My PC isn’t up to snuff and I gave up on consoles. I’m waiting to see if I can get a good deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

So, they’ve put this “level sync” crap to annoy us on every goddamn planet, but in the Rakghoul tunnels, where it would be actually useful for the heroic (because you have no chance of getting a group unless you are top level), there is no level sync?! WTF, Bioware, WTF.

You get one from each of the named champion mobs there. You can turn those in for either the new canisters or vaccines.

“for the items you can get from the Chevin event and the original rakghoul outbreak event back in 2012.”
where can i get those? didn’t found it on alderaan surface or tunnels, looked also at the gsi at nar shaddaa

It’s been a long time since I did the Rak event, I skipped it the last few times as there was nothing to gain from it. On Jung Ma where I was it was almost impossible to get groups for the Eyeless and WBs and I had like 80 canisters. So my question is this, didn’t all the missions use to give you canisters? There is the one time find the Jawa for 1 cannister, find the beacons for 1 the Heroic for 2, and the Eyeless that is an op so you can do it once I believe, for 2.

No: only 3 of the daily quests did + the weekly “Find Jeevic” quest. All of the daily quests give rep items though.

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