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SWTOR Hidden Companion Achievements Guide

A couple of companions have hidden or new achievements with Fallen Empire, here is a guide to them.



There are three hidden achievement for Lokin. One of them, Revolution, currently does not have a known method to obtain.

Below and Beyond – 10 pts


  • Not a hidden achievement but worth mentioning.
  • You need to hand Dr.Lokin Barnacle of the Eyless while attempting to getting 10k influence with him on a NON agent character. This drops from the Eyeless operation boss in Rakghoul tunnels (only accessible during the rakghoul event). Only 1-2 drops per raid so you will need to win the roll as well. Giving him this will give you 4000 influence with him and he will only accept it once.

Eckard Lokin: Rejected – 50 pts

  • Killed, refused, or otherwise rejected Dr. Lokin’s recruitment into your alliance (appears you can only reject him, not kill).
  • To reject him, you need to attack him when given the option when you first meet him on Alderaan. He will send some rakghouls on you and inflict you with the plague. Do the rest of the mission to recruit Dr.Lokin and on your way back from the Sarlaac pit you will be given the option to reject him as a companion.

There You are! – 10 pts


  • Once you have recruited Dr.Lokin into your alliance, go to the military hangar area of your alliance base on Odessen and look for a rakghoul named Scritchy high up on the ceiling structures. Make sure you have friendly NPC nameplates turned on and check all the ceiling structures, including the ones above Dr.Lokin’s console. Scritchy moves around so he will not be in the same spot everytime. Once you located him, check the console next to Dr.Lokin for a small clickable box called Thranta Meat Snack Box and interacting with it will give you a new ability on your temporary items bar called Throw Thranta Snack.
  • Throw the snack at Scritchy will complete a [DAILY] Feeding Scritchy and unlock the There You Are! achievement which require you to do this 10 times (i.e. 10 days on a single character or less on multiple toons).


Revolution – 0 pts

  • Deposed the King, forcing him to live a life of ignominy among the peasantry.
  • You can find the King of the Pen right by Dr.Lokin’s hut in Alderaan (3255, 974). However, this Rakghoul is friendly and level 65 in an area synced to Level 34. Currently it isn’t known how to dispose him. If you figured it out, please post it on the comments below. (/Bow to him doesn’t work and brining Lokin after you have recruited him does not work either. It is possible you may have to feed Scritchy 10 times and then this achievement may trigger?)



Delayed Gratification – 10 pts


  • Do not use the Encrypted Holocommunicator you get from your mail. Instead, do the recruitment mission for him to earn this achievement.


Xalek: Rejected – 50 pts

New Achievements

There are a couple of new kill achievements in the Companions –> General section of your achievement window.

All For the Empire! – 50 pts


  • Kill 1000 enemies with all Imperial class companions (these are the classic 5 companions you get specific to your class).
  • Reward: 20 cartel coins, Imperial Squad Commander legacy title.

All for the Republic! – 50 pts


    • Kill 1000 enemies with all Republicclass companions (these are the classic 5 companions you get specific to your class).
    • Reward: 20 cartel coins, Republic Squad Commander legacy title.

Voiding the Warranties – 25 pts


  • Defeated 1000 enemies each with 2V-R8 and C2-N2 as your active companion.
  • Reward: 20 cartel coins, Geared for Combat legacy title.

Combat Protocols – 50 pts


  • Defeated 2500 enemies each with 2V-R8 and C2-N2 as your active companion.
  • Reward: 20 cartel Combat Designation: L3-E7 legacy title.

The Power of Comfort  – 50 pts


  • Complete the Continuing Comfort weekly mission 10 times to earn 20 cartel coins and Comfort Enthusiast legacy title.
  • This can be found under Companions –> Shared –> C2-N2

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Treek points I believe is bugged. The companions used to have achievement for getting them to influence 10, 20, 30 40 and 50 but those has been removed. Treek had these achievements removed too but didn’t get the 50 pts removed.

Anyone tried to “pull” the rackghoul on the tree stump? worked on companions on your ship once, maybe it works on this NPC?or maybe, what about the lure we used to capture the old tauntaun pet back in the day?

maybe some other ideas?

I hope they increase it some more, sometimes I am still getting non-jerky loot befouling my jerky recipe holder (that thing that used to be an inventory, before the IceScrabblerocalypse had it re-purposed)

Pretty sure the only reason why its dropping so much is because they removed all other schematics as drops. Every time the game triggers that you deserve a schematic as a drop, it’ll give you this last one.

Yea dulfy, that was my thought, but havent had time to test it out since i idea.
But if we give it time, someone Will most likely stumble across the correct Way.

What about /Taunt or maybe one of the racespecific social abilities like inspire, rally, or something? You mention that /Bow dosnt work, and if its triggered by an emote, i think its safe to guess its one, that everyone has as per standard. I mean, probably not one from cartel

I’ve tried all the free ones staying next to him on his trunk, no luck.
Thought about growing up another one using water from Tatooine or something or Jugg/Guardian interceding to the one on rooftops. All of those methods don’t look very promising tho as if there is something clickable, you’d notice that before you can even click it.
Seeker droid is not helping also and I can’t find anything in Lokin’s house/nearby either.

I dont know if this helps, but there is a rakling that looks like this 1 just over the entrance to lookins house: look upwards, he is on a small corner outside

For now at least. For all we know, future story additions (either of a side content or main story involvement) could do this. We’ve basically only gotten 1/2 of 1 season of a potentially few+ season long ‘show’.

Wait can you refuse/kill Lokin but still have him as a companion in the end? or should do those are different characters

I don’t think Revolution can be obtained, and was likely abandoned in testing. Simply because it doesn’t give any achievement points. Just like the Unmarred achievement.

If it wasn’t to be obtained, it wouldn’t be in the game-there are about a dozen existing achievements which give no points.

I’m sorry, but that’s not necessarily true.
Makeb’s Kill it with Fire achievement. Unobtainable…
Personally think it’s highly likely, it’s either bugged (also because it gives 0 points) or undoable at this present time.

It is, at very least, widely reported as unobtainable and in achiev hunting leaderboards people counted it out every time. If you have another info regarding it, feel free to share.

I completed the kill it with fire achievement. the makrin has to die with the debuff on them (radiation burns) that they get from the missle ability from a merc called “Fusion Missle”. I can only guess that “Plasma Grenade” on a commando has the same effect but I dont know for sure.

I know this is a kinda old post but I got the “Kill it with fire” achievement a month or so ago. All you need to do is have a toon with a fire based attack (DoT’s are helpful). For example, my sentinel watchman killing a Makrin with “force melt”/”cauterize” or my PT pyrotech using any of the flame based attacks. It’s good to do this while doing the Makrin kill count achieves in the GSI/seeker droid daily area, however the champion Makrin mob, “Tumbleweed” and the Makrins he spawns do not count for either.
EDIT: The fire-based attack must be the killing blow for it to count.

Revolution – 0 pts

• Deposed the King, forcing him to live a life of ignominy among the peasantry.
• You can find the King of the Pen right by Dr.Lokin’s hut in Alderaan (3255, 974). However, this Rakghoul is friendly and level 65 in an area synced to Level 34. Currently it isn’t known how to dispose him. If you figured it out, please post it on the comments below. (/Bow to him doesn’t work and brining Lokin after you have recruited him does not work either. It is possible you may have to feed Scritchy 10 times and then this achievement may trigger?)

/Bow doesn’t work? Why would you even try that? You don’t depose a king by bowing to him. I’m thinking there’s just as good a chance that you need to do something with the STUMP as there is with the rakghoul himself.

PS: This is, of course, entertaining the possibility that the achievement even exists at all.

When I focus the King on the pen, I can’t /kneel.
Without focusing him, I can kneel. I can also kneel when I focus a companion, any neutral, friendly or hostile npc.

God I hope not! NOT MY LANA!!! I’ve only groped her but once dammit and one time isn’t nearly enough!!!!

I’ve noticed the #3 body style for females when kissing Lana as their hand perfectly on her ass.

Where the #2 clips.

The rakling king on the pin gives 0 achievement points!
Most of the 0 points achievements include very rare items, or cartel market items, or items you no longer can get.

FYI: the weekly for C2 requires you give him:
Adaptive Circuitry x 4
Farium x 8
Molytex x 8
Metamorphic Cell Culture x 8
Anodyne Extract x 8
Ruusan Crystal x 8
Biocell Memory Core x 6

Tryed to interact with the king of pen with a most of the free emotions. Nothing. I have to say – i refused lokin with that character.

so i’ve done Lokin’s stupid chain 3 times now…and not one of those times gave an option to attack him. So what am I missing? I want to reject his butt!

on my sith assassin i choose a option and his rakgouls attacked me. when i finished the last mission for him, there was an option to tell him to go to hell (reject him). it’s there, you just have to choose the right options.

Screw hidden achievements. Yay to the rest though! Nice rewards (the titles, since I find 20cc pitiful even for free cc) and reasonable requirements.

Yeah, 200 would be better, right? Just like they should increase the amount of monthly Cartel Coins, based on the longer one keeps their subscription up-to-date, or something.

I’ll take your 20cc. Ohh wait you can’t give them to me.
Nothing like free stuff huh?
Nothing like bitch about not getting enough free stuff.

I’d actually rather get nothing, or another in-game title, than to be insulted by that kind of reward. It’s almost like it’s there so they can say that you don’t HAVE to spend money to get Cartel coins.

And no, I’m not free to play and never have been.

WHy on earth would you want to reject companions? Those achievements are completely ridiculous. Once you reject them you cannot obtain them. I really fail to see the point of putting that kind of achivement in the game that essentially LIMITS your character and what they can have.

With so many followers we get in KotFE its no longer anything special to have followers. That coupled with the fact that some ppl hate some companions its great to get an option to refuse them. Some followers also doesnt fit the RP of certain characters.

I myself hate xalek so Killing him AND getting an achievement is awesome.

And another thing. I dont think BW design achievements with the point of anyone getting them all. Some have even been impossible to get for years.

And that’s the problem with BioWare. They introduced a pointless achievement system. There are no achievementiers tiers with any rewards for reaching them. (And less than 99.5% of the achievents have no reward on their own.)

You will never get them all. You will never get 80% of them. Never!

Well designed achievements would be completely different, and not as pointless like BioWare designed them.

please tell me how rejecting a comp limits your character in any way..?
As of 4.0, because of the excessive amounts of comps and the fact that any comp can do any roll, they are nothing more then a cosmetic change.

It’s unknown now. But what if Lokin/Xalek is required to get a companion down the road. Killing/Rejecting may limit that.
Choices Matter after all…

There might also be “conflict of interest” companions down the road as well. Example: Jedi companion wont join you because you accepted Xalek for the alliance.
So, just have multiple characters go through the storyline, choose 2-3 you want to actually follow the story, and another 1-2 just to accept/deny the right people for achievements.

Limit what though?

I have more companions now than ever before and they all do all three roles.

My agent isn’t fond of SCORPIO and of course they put it in the main story so I have to keep the thing that threatened me on more than on occasion.

I very much want Quinn dead on my Juggy. I also want to kill Guss.

Simple idea for this, on your main get all the comps and on another alt get rid of the ones you can. There is no point in having 20+ comps. You can only us a max of 7 at any given time so there is no reason for more other then just to have them.

It depends on how you play your character. You might not agree with the Doctor’s experiments, or with Xalek’s bloodthirst.

I have Lord of the Raklings title, tried interacting with Alderaan rakling; including attempts with Crimson, Contaminated, Fungal, Midnight, Pale, Irradiated and Symbiote raklings present. No cake.

I thought that maybe if you get up on the stump, it might dispose of him? (Room for only one) But that doesn’t seem to work. Hmm.

if it involves the Ice Scrabbler Jerky, then there is something else required. Having it active does nothing.

Curious, has anyone actually tried /question, since it says from his buff that “None may question his might” . I can’t as it seems it’s a sub only emote and I let mine lapse for Fallout 4. No point paying for my sub when most of my attention will be on FO4 this month lol.

Anyone else having problems finding Scritchy today? I did the daily last night on two characters, but only one of them were able to locate Scritchy today. I tried changing instances and relogging, no luck so far.

I couldn’t find him initially. First character logged out and back in and found him. Second character zoned from SH to Aygo back to SH and back again and found him. Strangely, in the exact same positions as yesterday.

Tried so far on the “King” with no success: jump on it 20 times (remember Alex Kidd and its /prey 100 times haha…), /taunt, /menace, /intimidate, /superflex, /question, /bow, /kneel, /kiss (one never know… lol), intercede, legacy flame thrower, legacy orbital strike on the peg, jump on it from the sort of tent nearby, mad dash through, trying to use tauntaun lure, NVSCCS, red detonite (lol), ice scrabller jerky buff, aoe taunt, /duel.
Then tried bow kneel etc on dr lorrik as well.
Have seen nothing so far inside lokin’s house but maybe i haven’t looked close enough yet lol
No clicky around either, i hope it’s not a tiny item you get parsecs away.
There’s a tiny digging site nearby, nothing worth in it.
Binoculars have nothing spotted.
My first idea was to use /intimidate so you mimic the cut his throat move but well, this is not the french revolution hehe;)
This “hidden” smaller peg nearby definitely wants you to climb on it. Leads nowhere, though.
Or maybe it’s Kill it with fire v2.0 ^^

Done with a toon that refused lokin and another one that accepted it.

Not gonna give up yet but i’m slightly running out of ideas xD

Nope but someone try to blow up on it with no success.
Maybe there’s a way to tame scritchy when you fed it up fully.

Could be like the “sniper” thing from Bounty event maybe?
its been ages since i did that one, but as far as i remember, you had to stand at a specific area, and then make an emote while having the sniper on target. If i remember correctly, that is. Only did it once, no reason to do it ever after you get the achiev, and its been sooo long 🙂

but maybe “get to higher ground” and do some emote?

just a thought

Tried grabbing the Meat buff for Scritchy and having a Guildmate Summon me to the King, buff went away as soon as I left Odessen.

My theory for Revolution is Scritchy was the First King of the Pin, but was then deposed by the current one. Once you gain his trust by feeding him you will help him reclaim his throne by helping him start a Rakghoul Revolution and defeating the Usurper King. ( Or maybe you’ll just have to kill and then get your achievement )

Either way this is an interesting one.

I don’t know since the achievement for feeding Scritchy is legacy-wide, and as far as I can tell I haven’t seen any misions/quests, nor any NPC quest holder that is shared with your characters in the legacy, thus, I believe the key of getting the achievement has nothing to do with getting a previous achievement.

You bring up a good point. One possibility I was considering is that the achievement is more of a way to point in the right direction and may require a single character to feed him a certain number of times before you are able to progress. After looking at the King of the Pen I’d say Scritchy Beene at least one training montage to stand a chance

Hmm, the text up there says “Deposed the King, forcing him to live a life of ignominy among the peasantry”.. it sounds like you would somehow have to move him down the tree-stump and down to the other rackghouls, to “force him to lice among the peasantry”.
I have no idea though.
What about transforming Lokin into his rackghoul form – does he still do that in DPS-stance?? i dont have access to a pc that can run SWTOR for the next few weeks, so cant test anything out.
Just thought that Lokin in rackghoul form might have an ability to “communicate” with the “King”?

Guess I’m having the same problem as the others. Can’t find Scritchy anymore. Even tried logging out and back in.

Go into your keybinding and bind “target nearest friend” to something. Then search for Scritchy. Some times he’s in places you technically can’t “see”.

Don’t think this will work. Scritchy is green. Target nearest friend won’t let you tab-target green NPC’s.

You’re not tab targetting, you’re specifically binding “Target Nearest Friend” in your keybindings. Its default is unbound, so you need to add a keybind for it. It’s designed specifically to target the nearest green NPC and seeing as I’ve now got my 10/10 feeding Scritchy achievement through this method, it definitely works.

That’s specifically what I was talking about, and it does NOT work half the time. For same faction players, yes. I use it on healers all the time.
For NPC’s it tends to only work if I unbind, and then rebind it. And then stops working again when I log out and log back in again.

It worked EVERY SINGLE TIME I used it to find Scritchy. No unbinding. No relogging. Bind once per toon, wander around the military hangar pressing the bound key until I find Scritchy, profit.

Jesus, why are you still arguing?!?! There are a thousand tiny bugs in this game. Been that way from the beginning. What are you, 12? Let it go.

And another insult. Insinuating that a) I don’t have a job and b) must spend every moment logged in 24/7 because I actually regularly see my e-mail and posting notifications. I see obviously that when you don’t have something constructive to say that you resort to insulting people and trying to shove attention elsewhere in that they even responded, instead of dealing with the content of the post.

Since a whole 9 days had passed since the response, why not, in your own words “let it go” instead of coming out swinging with an insult? Too much to leave it alone? Needed to get the last word in?

Well, I tell you what, anything you post further, I’m going to ignore. If you still want to respond and rage about the horrible “no-life no-job” lady who pointed out that her solution to finding Scritchy worked every time she did it, knock yourself out.

Did you receive anything special for 10/10 Scritchy? Like a Scritchy pet or throw meat ability through Achievement unlocks?

Funny you should mention that. I actually resorted to doing that when I was in that area I kept hearing him. Thought maybe he was up on top of one of those ceiling pipes where you couldn’t see him. After phasing a few times though, from my SH and back, he was literally right above my head where I kept hearing him, plain as day. Don’t know if it just glitches him inside the wall or it just doesn’t have him appear, even though the sound mechanics for him are apparently still working, thank goodness. That’s the only thing that tipped me off to his location.

It’s funny, I went to my SH and back three times and he finally showed up. Right in that area where I kept hearing him. Freaking buggy!


To those who can’t find Scritchy, go to the fleet and then go back to Odessen.
Relog, doesn’t change anything, going to personal stronghold neither

I don’t know. It took me three tries to my SH and back, then he finally showed up right beside where I kept hearing him. Don’t know if he was just glitched in the wall or what?

He physically wasn’t visible when I couldn’t find him. You could hear him, though. I found him easy after re-phasing back there a few times. He was sitting right above me, plain as day.

If nameplates aren’t helping, simply listen for the typical rakghoul sound in the hanger — if you hear it, you are close. Remember where you heard it and stand back so you can search the area.

I recall treek used to have some ach’s for pvp

I was thinking of the “revolution” achivement: and if you wan’t to deposit a king, i doubt it has to do with bowing before him. Id rather say it would be more in the line of mocking or threathining. Maybe it involves bringing another rakghoul, like one of the pets

Maybe bringing one of the rackghould pets, and bowing to it, and like that “choose another king” to “spite the self-proclaimed king”?
just a thought

i dont have access to a computer that can play SWTOR for the next few weeks, so i cant test it out myself..

I tried that after reading this, and had MRC-100 pet out with it just in case. NOTHING. I think it is bugged 🙁 or u have to feed Scritchy to unlock this, I need to do it 4 more times…will update in 2 days when I get it.

The Rakghoul King isn’t interested in the Magenta Crystal Shard found on Alderaan at unusual crystal formations.

And he isn’t interested in 50 Rakghoul DNA Samples.

I run out of ideas.

I believe that the Hidden Achievement is connected to the act of rejecting Dr E. Lokin. Currently i’m leveling a new toon so try this.

Doesn’t work when you reject Lokin, I tried everything with no luck! I also took out EVERY single plague pet in the game, and /bow to each in front of the king and NOTHING. ALSO note I had my MCR-100 miniprobe out with each of them, in case it would trigger the Rak King to attack it (Like the quest chain happened in the tunnels-I was scanning and than the Tunnel Lurker attacked and killed my scanning droid) NOTHING. I also told them to /attack and /mock even tried the cartel emotes and pets for Rak event. NOTHING!!! It has to be bugged. (NOTE: I tried to use the scanner when it was in Mission Items also to lure him to it, that did nothing just said “You are not near the tunnels” and “pit”.)

I just tried a few more after getting the achievement and nothing seems to work. Will try everything I did before that achievement triggered, when I have the time, but until then ANY info is greatly appreciated

I was going out of my mind today trying to find Scritchy. As others are mentioning below, apparently he likes to turn off his name plate from time to time to make things more difficult.

Wondering if anyone has tried the newest pets? to knock the king off the throne? The Dog that attacks stuff? I’m not wasting 10 mill on a chance it might work, but if you have it could u let us know if that is what is needed to get him off the thrown?

For the revolution achievement, I tried going back to him after feeding Scritchy 10 times but couldn’t get him to react to anything I did. He shows up as lvl 65 and has that King of the Stump buff. I think his lvl may be a sign that to interact with him we need something from the Alliance. We may only need to knock him off with a push ability but we need to make it so we can attack him. I think the next step is in the Science area of the Alliance HQ. No luck yet but there is a dead Rakhoul on a table in there and Lokin is connected to both the military and science areas

There is a sith lord vendor only available on the imp side that is working on that table. Nothing uncommon since Lord Renning was studying tuk’atas in the Korriban valley.

After feeding him in the Mil Hangar he doesn’t move to the Science Lab does he? Perhaps linked to the dead Rakghoul on the table in there.

The dead rakghoul is being studied by a sith lord vendor only available on the imp side. Nothing uncommon since Lord Renning was studying
tuk’atas in the Korriban valley.

As the imp side is missing the 2 jedi vendors in the Force wing… it sells their equivalent. Elite gear I think.

Actually noticed this in a Reddit thread:

“Worth noting that the rakling pen appears to have phases.
Pre-Lokin companion pen has a bunch of raklings and the king.
Post-Lokin companion pen is empty except for the king.
If you haven’t started the expansion, you only see the King.”

Has anyone tried deposing the king before you actually have Lokin as a companion? Also, has anyone tried using those lures we had to use to get the Taunlet pet?
I don’t suppose there’s a way to destroy the stump, like by using the Red Detonite stuff you get from that vendor in the middle of nowhere on Alderaan?
Maybe something on Taris (where you originally find Lokin as an Agent) they added that no one has discovered yet?

Just throwing some stuff on the brainstorming board that I haven’t tried, yet.

There seems to be seismic activity around the area- maybe there is a link to that and King of the pen needs to be thrown off with that somehow.

That’s pretty common on Alderaan, though. It does that every time a player finishes one of the particular planetary story missions. Can’t remember which one, but when you complete it, it blows something up that shakes everything on that side of the world map.

I found a very friendly player that had a Akk Dog pet to see if it would attack the King of Rak’s, NO LUCK. So another “what won’t work” to knock him down is taken off the list.

Is there a forums thread that actually has a list like that? That would actually be a good idea for people to quick scan, instead of having to read through so many posts to see what’s already been tried.

It’s crazy what people have tried.
Well, nobody got moisture from the vaporators on Tatooine and went freezing it on Hoth, so I have to try this tomorrow…

Allready tried it with a PT, doesn’t work because the “King” doesn’t accept my group invite 😉
Also tried it with a operative no luck.

Had another crazy idea. There are 9 Rakling pets, right? Everyone that has tried using their Rakling pets to depose him have been by themselves, right? Has anyone tried to take an Ops group of 9 people, each with a different Rakling pet out, and then tried to depose him?

We tried that tonight Sadriel. 9 people in ops with all 9 different raklings. No luck. We also all did a /bow before him :P.

For Revolution has anyone tried searching around the stump for an interactive item. I tried looking around the base of the stump but couldn’t see anything. I was thinking it could be in the tree or one of the nearby boulders.

Maybe it’s some kind of hidden camera 😀 Dev is masquerading as rakling king to record all the things ppl try and later laugh 😀

Has anyone tried to thow Thranta Meat Snacks to the King instead of Scritchy? or the ability is gone when we travel out of instance?

There is enough time to get there, but the buff/ability removes itself before you enter Alderaan, had a guildmate summon me there on my machine which only took about 30s after picking up the meat.

I couldn’t find him either but my husband found him no problem at all. Think it may get harder to find the more you have fed him as I am on 5 times and my husband is only on 2.

Turn on Friendly NPC names in preferences. (the bright green name bar really stands out) You can also bind a key to Target Friendly. I’ve had issues getting it to target them, but seems to work fine if you dismiss your companion, or are mounted.

I truly believe we have to interact w/the tent that’s beside him somehow, i mean why is it there, and for what purpose other than protecting the log atm? So, maybe it will eventually come into play. Tried to jump up on it but no luck, couldn’t reach it no matter what I tried. Looked up above at the tree, wondering if maybe using the MGGS to pull may also eventually have to be used. If u can use it and a combination of other stuff peeps have tried maybe the mystery will be solved. G/L

Hahaha. I hear ya. I still think it’s one of those weird challenges where you have to go to two or three planets to do it and the only way to figure it out is if one of the Dev’s drops how to do it. Like that Magenta crystal stuff on Ilum. First, you had to get that water buff from one of the moisture collectors on Tatooine, then you had to go to Hoth before it timed out and you specifically had to drive to the top of Higmount Ridge for it to turn into Shock Frozen Water. Then……you could finally go back to Ilum and interact with that crystal formation to summon the Force Ghost who drops the crafting material to make that Magenta crystal. I mean, come on, there was no way, no way, someone figured that out with a Dev dropping how to do it. There was nothing that led you to do all those actions in that particular order, like all the other puzzle quests. If someone figured that out on their own, then they must be autistic or something, you know?

Then again, it could be something simple that’s been staring us right in the face.


Has the devs positively announced, that the “Revolution” achievement exists? noone has it, its supposedly hidden, and gives 0 pts. Maybe someone is trolling, or maybe its a joke. It could also just be bugged. I cant see anywhere, that any devs talk about it.
So is the info valid?

also, the fact that a hidden achievement gives 0 points makes it untracable if you dont know it exists.. that begs the questions, or whether there exists more of these hidden achievements. for all other known hidden achievements, you can calculate, if there are hidden achievements in a section, by calculating the known achievements points and comparing it to what the section shows of total achievement-points available.

so, does the achievement actually exist? and if it does, do we know of any other 0-point hidden achievements?

ya I did everything so far with him there…nothing…without being there…without xpac, u name it I thought of it. Nothing worked.

Somehow can’t find Scritchy anymore, he’s not on his regular spawns and even with nameplates he’s nowhere to be found

He doesn’t always show with nameplate, if you reset phase he won’t always reappear with nameplate either. Best bet to just look for him in the places he spawns, if you look close enough you’ll see him.

The Domesticated Rakling followers occasionally patrol over the top of the big stump, I have waited them out (around 40 minutes between each pass) and /bow at them, and /question to the King with no avail.
Back to the drawing board…

If it gives 0 pts, I think it’s safe to say the Revolution achievement isn’t implemented yet.
I don’t know of any other achievement that rewards 0 pts.

Swordmaster gives 0…Getting the holographic stipper item gives zero. Getting a certain pet gives 0. Getting a title gives zero (5 of those). Etc.

Today I tried to die by rakghoul infection on top of the stump right on top of him. When I blew up however I ended up below on the other side of the log on a direct line with the smaller stump between us. So the game likely didn’t recognize me on the stump with the King. In any case. It didn’t work.

what if you just stand on top of the stump for some uncertain amount of time. If im thinking of this correctly, “king of the pen” is a parody of the young kids game of “king of the hill/rock/etc.”
The ‘king’ believes that the stump is his source of power, so if someone stands on top of it with him, he may get mad and try to push you off, just juke him or stay there until he gets pissed enough to leave.

Could totally be stabbing in the dark, but seems semi-logical? then again it may just be a “broken” achievo.

Ah see that I had not gonme back to alliance guy and told him of the rejection- did that and got achievement.
I was hoping the ragkhouls might attack me and I could get the King of Pen but nothing happened re that.

how do you manage to rejected? tried wit h2 different toons so far (trooper and sniper) in both couldnt make him attack me, no option at all.

Tried putting campfire on and under the stump. No luck.
Has anyone tried dressing up in an all-green Hero of Time outfit and rolling into the stump to shake the rupies loose?

I had a theory that you had to collect all the raklings.
Maybe some emphasis is required by a third party?

Read the clues, we have to force him to live a life of ignominy among the peasants. Break this down:

Ignominy = shame or embarrass

Among the peasantry = there should be peasants there.

* find a way to knock him off
* find a way to /bow to him from a higher spot (like on top of that overhang)
* find a way to get others of his kind into the pen
* get up on the stump and have a friend /bow to you shaming him

…all I can think of tonight

The new WZ that they are building is supposed to be a “king of the hill” game. There might be some new ability or item associated with it that will work on this guy after it comes out. Would make sense since no one has figured out how to do this achievement yet…

Lokin said that all his raklings were Kowakian monkey-lizards. Perhaps that has something to do with King of Pen achievement.

For the Revolution achievement, maybe it has something to do with the Lord of the Raklings title from the Rakghoul event?

Or perhaps summon a Rakling Pet and get it on the stump? It doesn’t say that you’re supposed to be the one who deposes him. Might be possible for a pet.

For King of the Pen – brainstorming: will it have anything to do with the new PVP map which is King of the Hill- I know that seems ridiculous but well maybe can but something with having done so many of them that gets the King down.
Another less wacky idea, and maybe this has already been suggested is that one can dig up something to get the King down with in the nearby GSI digging spot, but the rewards from those digs never been updated from lvl 55 days so guess unlikely.

So [DAILY] Feeding Scritchy is broken now? When I pick up the meat it does not grant an ability to throw it. Just a timer for the buff to despawn.

You can still do the achievement. Get the buff with the meat. Once you have that and found scritchy open up your abilities go to the general tab at the bottom you will find the ability which allows you to throw the meat to scritchy when you have him selected as your target.

Has anyone with the Lord of the Rakling Title tried to interact with the King of the Rakling on his stump?

I have before, during, and after recruiting Lokin, and with various of the rakling pets, but with no luck. Has anyone else noticed there is a research site in the eyeless instance? I didn’t have any more probes at the time so am wondering if anyone has tried sending out a probe there.

When rejecting Lokin, I chose a conversation choice where he says the rakghouls outside used to be Kowakian Monkey Lizards. Anyone tried using one of those pets on the King of the Pen rakghoul?

Lokin is saying that he didn’t turn humans for these specific rakghouls outside his hut.

Malak has little to do with Rakghouls other than his bombing didn’t help the infection. Karness Muur created the Rakghoul species before/during the 100 years of Darkness (~7000BBY). The Muur talisman is the cause of the current Rakghoul plague on Taris. And the talisman was only rediscovered on Taris during the Mandalorian wars, before Alek took on the name Darth Malak.

To “Depose” means to remove from office or power. Not to be confused with “Dispose” which means to get rid of.

So, the achievement has to involve figuring out a way to remove the King from the pen.

Has anyone tried that place swapping move that Vanguards/Powertechs get? Probably won’t work on NPCs but you never know.

i did and u must be in a group to use the skill, thus unless the king would except group invites lol it wouldn’t work.

I tried getting infected with the rakghoul virus during the THORN event and blowing up at Stage 3 to knock him down, but that didn’t work either

Revolution – achieve. get dr Lokin, finish scritch 10 times. tried to get the thranta food (for scritch) and travel to alderaan to feed this raghoul, the time is not enough, also i think it not work coz i get the food andtravel to fleet and loose it when i land in fleet.
1=SO if some1 has REJECT dr Lokin maybe THEN we can finish this achieve.
2=remember a food from Hoth that need it to claim a ton ton maybe work, ill try it.

> how do you manage to rejected?
As Dulfy writes above, first get him to attack you early in the mission. Then after the Sarlaac pit

Going off the convo choices in TOR community:
blahblah, he gives you a sedative
Choose the option that makes you say “What… What did you do…?” (prob choice 3)
He tells you it was a sedative.
Then “Forgive…! After this… ?” (choice 3?)
Lokin: I could go anywhere, do anything. What do you suggest commander?
Now here you can either choose Zakuul or to reject Lokin.

I don’t know how to find this emote but maybe “bow respectfully” next to the little rakghoul on top on the house of lokin on alderaan. The buff on the king says he is “higher” than any other, but this little one on top on the house is higher placed than him. (sorry for my english i tried to translate as best as i could) Maybe it can work if someone can find this emote on the cartel market, because i tried just “bow” and nothing happenned.

or maybe by wearing the title “lord of the rakgouls” (obtained during the rakgoul event) next to him and bow or another emote ?
a lord is higher than a king ? maybe he will be mad and attack ?
I don’t have this title yet so i cannot say if it works…

So, it is now update 6.0 – had a thought.

I looked at the “King” and he is now level 70 and used to be a lower level. All of the other Domesticated Raklings have also been leveled up. If it is broken, would it be odd for these mobs to be leveled up upon update. Also noticed the Domesticated Raklings have levels in ascending order, one of them is even a Level 75, 5 levels higher then King.

Also was curious about the achievement that requires you to infect 1000 people, its a hidden achievement – wonder if it had any affect.

Interesting occurrence today, Rakghoul Resurgence began today and I have a fresh 75 Op that had not done the Lokin quests yet. I have fed Scritchy for the cheevo there and received the badge.

Had first conversation with Lokin and selected the 3rd option where it asks him what kind of person keeps rakghouls around or something to that effect and it gave a little background on them as story. Went outside jumped to the first low stump, then the second stump and finally onto the tent upon which my companion, level 50 K1-3ZN died

Intersting enough it talks about the rakghouls being descendants of Kowakian monkey lizards

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