SWTOR Wants Your Opinion on Subscriber Rewards

SWTOR development team is looking for your feedback on subscriber rewards to make it worthwhile to stay subscribed.

Subscriber Rewards Survey | 11.12.2015, 04:00 PM

Hey folks!
One of the things our team is exploring is to continue giving increased value to your subscription time. Example being the additional rewards we issued each month of being a subscriber leading up to Fallen Empire’s launch. After some internal discussion, we decided, why not just go to the source to get some of your feedback as well!

At the bottom of this post you will find a link to a survey which will get your insights into the types of things you like, and would like to see as a subscriber reward. If you have time please take a few minutes and fill out the survey.

Thanks everyone!


Survey link:

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136 replies on “SWTOR Wants Your Opinion on Subscriber Rewards”

I would take a Eric Musco companion. XD
and…I would finally roll a Sith-raced character just so I could backhand him lol

That acutally might be a cool feature if you could just tell it to loop from like a little in game playlist. Then my Sorc could just kill everything to the Palpatine type of music.

Yeah but what I think Sarigar is saying is like, you walk into a room and everyone else hears it, or at a certain distance it starts to play for other people. So that Yoda riff comes on and people know they are about to be host to the Great Blue Hope.

Oh, that reminds me, I want all npcs in cutscenes to call me Naq. Even for other players.

Lol I like the billboard mount idea. I’ll take one that points at you. I’ll help everyone know that you are special.

I was implying that’s what your arrow mount would say. I know, its the internet, people aren’t used to seeing folks make fun of themselves : )

During the first twitch they did for KotFE, the devs used a one-shot ability. That was sooooo cool. I want that! Oh and yes, Eric Musco companion. For my Sith Pureblood toons. With the /slap racial ability :).

We will only get a Musco comp if arcann gets a fixed face and becomes a comp. But tbh i think musco would be a nice adition to my alliance, he could be my community/propaganda manager.

Anything but shitty recolours. Nothing says “we don’t give a fuck about subs” like offering a cool jacket, only to reveal later that it’s just a recolour of gear from launch.

Speeder and pistols were fine, however.

I would describe the rewards about like I do for the items on the Collector’s Edition vendors – “Wang” sums it up quite nice.

My suggestion was Cartel Coins.

Start all subs at 500 per month. For each additional month you stay a sub, it goes up by 25, to a max of 1000cc per month (110 with the security key)

If you let your sub go for a month, you are back down to 500.

There are probably better numbers but the point is to start with enough for people to want to sub and then set the max high enough so they don’t want to let their sub run out.

I asked for our companions to be unique again – of all the changes into 4.0, that was the one that I don’t like. We lost the bulk of the companions we could customize (at least for now), we’ve gotten a ton that we just can’t customize (not even the humans?), and don’t even get me started on HK and Treek and other characters who had unique abilities.

It’s not the worst thing they could have done, but it is a disappointment. I really, REALLY miss using Assassinate.

I said the same thing. Nico would of been a lot cooler if he wasn’t a copy/paste of every non-force sensitive companion.

Companions lost all of their appeal with 4.0 😐 What’s the point of having one if everyone in the game has the same one that LOOKS exactly the same. So much for customization.

How to make it worthwhile to stay subscribed:
Make a less streamlined
and less content-recycling
and less companion farming game

That would make ME re-subscribe. Anyways: Spilled Milk as we Germans say.

When you re-release old armors for direct sale in the CM for 2,400cc, and plenty of the account unlocks for armor sets are between 400-740cc, you could either reduce the price or, do what STO does, and give an increasing series of benefits for the longer you’ve been subbed, retroactive for those like me who have been around for years now, even if I just made it into the story last month.

Someone below posted gradually increasing the number of cc awarded each month to a cap, if you’re asking asining prices in the CM, it’d be the least you could do.
Gradually decrease the costs of account wide unlocks for the same armors you overcharge for.
Decrease the cost, or grant automatically, certain legacy perks, the longer you’re subbed. The discounts on appearance customizing options is great, but it could go further.

Can we get Nico to talk when you send him on missions? When you click on him? So much inherent humor potential there, and the character feels rushed.

since all we’ve seen of Nico is apparently drunk – i imagine his words were all slurred: “Shhhhhore, I’ll get on that *hic* roit away”
or Angry drunk when you click on him: “Dun shove me!” “You tryin’ ta shtart sumtin’?” XD

Oh please, that would finally give me a reason to actually use him, especially since all companions are the same now.

Nico not talking was actually a glitch. I tried clicking on him recently, and he’s definitely talking now.

How about…. new raids?
Oh… no… they’re asking for a fix that doesn’t require much dev time. My bad.
A “thanks for continuing to give us money monthly even though we release crap annually” badge.

Like, first it was the crystals in March. Then it was a week early in 4.0.
I think before it was “free nar shadaa stronghold” which, I may actually say was kind of worth it.

I don’t know. It would depend on the content they release…. if they release any.

It doesn’t even have to be early access crap. Just, we are funding the game (probably not as much as the whales are). We deserve a little recognition other than “Look, a badge! A crystal to show that they subbed in March when we weren’t releasing anything!”

How about you allow us to give companion gifts a stack at a time so we dont spend half our damn subscription time handing out gifts?
Please and thank you.

I went with unique ability or appearance for the companions.

People talked mad trash to me for using Pierce instead of Lana, Senya, Theron or Koth. But honestly Pierce has what 7 different appearances and can be slapped into any gear I want with any dye combination I like. I much prefer to have a unique companion while waiting for my sweet Kaliyo to return.

You made a good decision! My Warrior runs around with Pierce, he excels at all roles. Much rather have him than one of the Clone Brigade.

True story. Proof being I got the kill achievements with Pierce while on Odessen, while I hadn’t cared for him at all before the expansion.

Hell, I prefer using the non-KotFE-centric companions outside of the main story because I’m tired of seeing the clones everywhere. I like choosing one of the non-story companions because they’re a bit more unique now. Plus, I just love using Pierce, Qyzen Fess, and Talos on my Agent.

I wonder how they interpret the answers.

I rated the niko duster quite low.
Wich could be read as: this guy doesn’t like armor rewards.
Or, this guy didn’t like that piece of armor, but maybe he likes armor with a different look.

I voted the coat as lowest, too, but for two reasons: I didn’t really care for the piece itself (it was just a palette-swap of what was already in-game), and I wouldn’t really care to see armor pieces as rewards in the future, since they’re not really class-universal. For instance, a Sith or a Jedi character may not care too much for the Nico Okarr coat, since it doesn’t really match their aesthetic.

I also voted the armor low. But that is because the palette was horrible. I was expecting what he wears in the videos. What we got was some pale brown something. Yea I could dye it, but dye prices have gone insane since 4.0 hit. Dyes that used to go for 30k are hitting the million mark ugh.

This was my biggest concern for the survey as well. I didn’t like the duster, the blasters, or the mount. That doesn’t mean I don’t like custom armor, custom weapons, or custom mounts, they just gave us shit this time. What I would like to see is if they offered a few in each of those categories and you choose the one you want vs everyone gets the same one. It would be even better if they let the choose be by character and not by account.

lol I wonder if anyone actually wrote in the suggestions for an eric musco companion. I wonder what the devs would think if a good number of people actually did that.

Bioware should fire people who’s responsoble for Niko’s duster. This was unacceptably lazy and impertinently. They didn’t even tried to hide their laziness.

This shouldn’t be a subscriber reward this just needs to be done, I love the concept of a bunch of the new companions but their looks need work.

At first I just really wanted a SOR cust for Lana. Now I want new customizations for all of them. Sick of the clones in fleet

I have a feeling since there have now been 3 different models for Lana we will get them as customization slot items, I’m afraid that’s the best we will get but god I hope they go beyond that and let us do full customizable armor like we could/can with the original companions.

I’d honestly love a SOR customization for Lana, the changes they’ve made to her face for this expansion are hideous. Especially the eyebrows, now she always looks angry.

Her face looks fine to me, I figure that it’s part of the graphic updates they put in. I hate her current outfit, but praise Jesus for Senya and Koth’s pants it shows they can make baggier pants. That’s all I’ve wanted since day 1, just a pair of pants that aren’t armored, skinny jeans, or a dress.

get rid of the pvp requirement to recruit M1-4x and Pierce. I have multiple alts im playing through the content and doing extra pvp which I hate is not something I am going to do. also, the recruit Qyzen requirements is nonsence for altoholics such as myself since I have to do it to be able to get the quest to recruit Dr. Lokin. and..remove the rakghoul tunnel part of recruiting Dr. Lokin since once that event ends we must wait till the next time it rolls around..about twice a year I think? we altoholics that have 20 plus characters don’t want to waste time with these moronic requirements. and as others have said, customizable gear for all companions since everyone has a favorite and want to customize them. well I could say a lot more than this but those are the ones I most want changed.

This was exactly what I suggested: when you have several alts all this grinding to get the companions and the influence with the specialists is a chore and there are no variations in the story.

Well they can’t plan all events around your schedule sorry buddy, you’re not the only one with a crappy schedule though. Your “altoholic” argument is void though, until January you have nothing to do but grind away on your alts. Even then we get 1 new chapter each month so the other 27+ days after completing it on your main you can grind.

Suscriber reward?
Fix bugs only for suscribers, let the pref/f2p bugs stay. That’ll keep me subbed and make everyone else sub.
Of course, this is Bioware we are talking about, so no.
How about fix the utiliy bug and let us get back our abilities (every time I respec I lost abilites and don’t have a trainer on me). It really irks me. The other abilities were perfectly fine sitting there, even if you didn’t use them.

Wow, someone doesn’t understand how video games work… It would take more development time to fix bugs for some and not others vs just fixing the bugs.

While I love Starkiller’s fighting style you realize they would have to create new animations for EVERYTHING. Otherwise it’ll look like you’re constantly stabbing/slicing yourself and hitting with air. It won’t happen unless they make a new AC.

Would love it, but it’ll never happen. Reverse grip in cutscenes is the best we can hope for.

Actually, that could be pretty cool. Imagine getting a dialogue wheel during duels in cutscenes. Choosing how your character attacks/defends would be pretty cool.

Vet Rewards program like Star Wars Galaxies did and Everquest 2, Star Trek Online do. Increased rewards for the amount of time you stay subscribed, retroactively. Such as, housing that you can only claim after being subscribed 2 years. XP buffs. Crafting buffs! Some Vet Reward program that makes playing worthwhile. Again, see SWG.

More Cartel coins. 500cc a month is kind of a joke when you keep increasing the pricing. 2400cc for an armor set? Laughable.

Cartel sales that are SUB-ONLY. That would be awesome. Flash sales? Yes!

Vet rewards was something I put in under the other section. It seems like a good idea to reward those that have been paid subs for X amount of time with something interesting.

Loved the vet rewards in SWG. Always had a hard time choosing which reward I was going to claim when that time came around.

All of the previous rewards were lame. Had I not already been a subscriber, none of them would have enticed me to subscribe.

Please give preff and f2play their own server and let sub have a sub server noob problems solved 😛 also fix all old bugs 🙂 from items ect 🙂

And how would that work for subs that have their days run out, now being. A preff on a sub server. Or those f2p,preff on their own server turning sub.

You know how simple minded that is right and how much of an hassle that would be..the friends they got. The guild they joined for progression or other reason. Items that they may have on gtn. Impending mail.

And not to mention subscribing doesn’t make a “noob” pro. So this whole idea is flawed and redundant. At best

Yeah we don’t want those pesky noobs to learn anything from longtime players. Let’s go one step farther and give each guild their own server so that everyone can have the Galaxy Conquerer title…..

This is the Mmo equivalent to Oscar Wilde’s “Eat the Poor”, but not done ironically…..
To keep it in video game terms though, why not go the dishonored route, and just inflict FTP and Prefered players with a mind eating virus while also sectioning them off away from high subscriber society?

A PvP map only for a select few sounds like a terrible idea, especially since you can’t choose what map you get. This map would get a lot of play early on, then as the people with that reward fade out the map would never pop and basically cease to exist.

What kind of open would PvP reward would make sense for a subscriber bonus? Not sure what the thought process is there. Not that it matters their engine can’t support significant open world PvP and this new expansion doesn’t even have much open world so it would never happen…

E.g: Subscribers can receive some wz commendations by invading other faction’s bases. This level sync system brought population many deserted planets.

I find it quite sad that the options they gave we so limited, the best would be early access, which they already do. But there was nothing there that thinks outside of what they’ve previously done.

And we all know that any written “Other” answers will be ignored, as they will only look at what scored the highest.

What I’d really love is if they stopped misinforming players about rewards.
“Subscribe now to obtain a unique companion at 4.0 launch! That literally every other sub that misses out now will be able to obtain 10 hours into the expansion!”
“Subscribe now to receive Niko’s Duster Coat! Which is a recolor of Subversive jacket, which is a recolor of an even older coat!”
“Stay subscribed to earn early access! Help us beta-test the expansion a week before more people see it!”

P.S. None of the rewards convinced me to sub. I used a referral to get Niko, which in retrospect was a mistake. Should’ve used that referral now to get KotFE and SoR. At least I’ll get an achievement for hiring Niko without using the item that was mailed as a sub reward.

Unique Niko Duster Coat, existing for about 3 years already in game TD-07A Scorpion coat, dyed in color nobody want to wear. Guns are poorly executed, tho pre-renders looked rather decent. Another mount? The only reason I am sub is because of franchise itself. Rewards were junk, claimed them on 1 toon just to see how they look like and thats about it regarding rewards. On the other hand, they gave us old ops gear (Underworld, Dread Guard etc) gear that WE WANT, but under RNG implementation which is pretty much full retard…

And don’t forget that they failed to mention that the Nico outfit and guns we would be getting was his NEW look, not the ones that we all saw in the trailers.

As a person who plays from the start, with some breaks ofcourse. I would gladly see Rakata armor sets as a veteran sub rewards. I had shadow with Rakata gear plus guardian with Columni but I sold them to vendors long time ago. I know that we have cartel market shells now, but I m talking about the real skins od those legacy armors.

I am hoarder and still have Rakata, Tionese, Columi and old-old Black hole pieces (BH set). Shame that they didn’t though of it

That survey was a joke. No free form options unless you select other and only 3 questions. My answers are misleading because I didn’t rank the customization very high because the ones the offered this time sucked IMO. However in general I’d rather have unique player armor IF it’s done better than what they did this time. Also custom mounts are great, but I found the one they offered this time to not be very appealing. I’ll have to find another place to fill out the survey and just answer other for everything so I can actually give legit feed back…. So dumb.

Yes. The questions are asked in a way, you can’t tell what player really want.
There is so much room for interpretation, and the reasons why players anser this way or another aren’t clear.

But it’s BioWare. Who expects them not to fail even at something like that?

Honestly, that’s probably intentional. The vague questions give them the ability to interpret the data however they want then say ‘this is what you said you wanted’ later. A lot of companies do stuff like that with surveys.

I guess you fail to see the point of “other”. I checked it both times it was there and have my opinion. Like ” I thought Nico was a cool reward until they made all comps the same.”

No I think you don’t understand “other”. Other in a choose one scenario means none of the default options listed I agree with and that’s not the case. I really like having a companion as a reward for example. What I wanted and what a well made survey allows you to select the pre-existing options (which in all honestly will probably be all they really look at) but also add comments to expand on why you selected that. I wanted to select what they had a clarify it with more detail.

You were given an option to say you liked a comp as a reward and expand on it. If you didn’t use the “other” option that is your choice. It is your OPINION that they don’t look at the other option.

My peeve is that the answers for the survey implied that some of them deserved a rank over 2.
Early access aside, at 4.

It wasn’t that they deserved a rank above 2. You didnt pay attention to the question, it was rank them from best to worst.

What would be really nice IMO if they gave you an option of 4 or 5 different rewards and you choose what’s best. That would be even better if you could make that choice per character. For example, a custom weapon of blasters, no big deal if you only play force sensitive characters, vice versa a lightsaber reward would be pretty lame if you only play non-force sensitives. Having multiple options would both limit the amount of everything having the same item and encourage some playing on multiple characters. But they never do anything right so I’m not sure why I’m even typing this, it will never happen.

Ultima Online has this for their Veteran rewards, which is every few months you got a choice of 3-4 items and you could pick whatever you wanted. The same ones appeared next time minus the one you picked, and every new veteran tier they added something new to the list. In the end the longer you stayed subbed the bigger change of eventually getting all the rewards.

I really hope that this is not a reflection of the feed back they got from the survey. I see a lot of just bitching and “fix the bugs” replies. Not a whole lot of ideas for actual rewards.

A lot of players can’t see farther than their own wants. But I’m guessing they’ll end up with enough feedback to give them an idea of what people like and what they don’t. Recoloured gear seems like a clear “don’t like”.

For me, I’m not so interested in ‘rewards’. But there are a few things I’d like to see changed (like being able to customize KotFE companions) and this served the purpose for being able to voice that.

Ok, so this is just my guess, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to customize them once you finish the whole storyline (not the first nine chapters, I mean all of them). Having Lana look like a twi’lek dancer would make no sense while playing chapter 10. I think that’s the reason, and if it is, I think it’s a good one.

What reward would make me stay subscribed? Well, how about fixing the thing that made me stop being a subscriber? Like, implementing a goddamned tech support that actually provides support?!

Since version 4.0 I’ve been unable to play at all – the game crashes to the desktop. Version 3.x worked just fine. My computer hasn’t changed. Updating to 4.0a, 4.0.1, 4.0.1a didn’t help. Repairing the game didn’t help. Turning off Bitraider didn’t help. Re-installing the game didn’t help.

So, I contacted tech support, explained my problem and asked for help. And what does tech support do? They send me a canned message that is completely irrelevant to my problem, doesn’t tell me how to solve my problem, and doesn’t even hint that they have read my message to begin with. So, I explain them all this and what do I get? The exact same canned message, word-for-word! And so on, six more goddamned times!!! And I am expected to pay for this kind of idiocy?! No bloody way!!!

Your computer hasn’t change but maybe…just maybe it needs to. Try updating your drivers for your audio, video and chipsets.

I had a similar problem.. I deleted the game and reinstalled it a number of times and it would work for a day or sometimes even less. I did a complete reformat and guess what, it worked. I haven’t had a problem since.

It’s a pain in the butt, but try that before giving up. Worked for me, might work for you.

How about each month, a subscriber could unlock one item or decoration from the collection? Would be more rewarding to subscribe…

I’ve got to say that so far, the subscriber rewards connected with KtoFE have been unanimously disappointing. I’ve shelled out money for account authorizations, hutt cartel and more in the past, but i will never subscribe to this game again. I vary well know i won’t be getting my money’s worth.

You should never shell out actual money for account authorization. I bought every one with in game credits before I went F2P. If you are going to pay you may as well sub and get them for credits.

Would love to see some Purple Droids and some real nice Batmobile style mounts as a monthly reward !
Thats would be really good for most of us.

first thing i thought about writing them was their “new” gear if your gonna give us reskins in packs at least put in the effort and make rewards gear that is actually new not like the Duster thats been used in 20 different sets….

On subscriber perk I would like to see (and probably won’t get) is seeing something along the line of 10%-15% discount for CM items. We already pay quite a bit per month, and I just can’t justify buying things of the CM with the current price. I would buy things like the hypercrate if it were like 2500 Cartel Coins. As it is, I have bought close to 10 hypercrates of GTN over the years and have received 0 of the super rare items, so there is no way I would pay close to $50 for them.

What was expected:
A unique, customizeable companion
A blaster set with a new skin
A duster chestpiece with a new skin
A mount with a new skin
Early access

What we got
A mount with a new skin
Early access

Actually, they never said he was customizable.
We did get a blaster set, I’m not sure if it was a reskin as you say or new but we did get them.
We did get a duster that was a reskin, they never said it was new.
We got everything you said we expected.

“Actually, they never said he was customizable.”

You are right. However every human companion in the game was customizable up to that point. Cannot blame people for expecting the same thing for Nico.

I can see some sense in -temporarily, until the end of the storyline- disallowing customization of story-related companions such as Lana and Theron (also something that *could* be communicated better). But Nico is wholly different.

Actually they really did since they announced the duster and said “give it to nico or keep it for yourself” since armor is purely cosmetic and he’s not customizable you can’t give it to him

1. I said what was ~expected~, not what was ~promised~. Big distinction
2. For a vast majority of us, Niko was the first non-customizeable companion we ever got. After a large, large number of fully customizeable companions.
3. How hard would it have been for them to assign a unique skin or at least a new skin to the duster? Dune Stalker’s or Renowned Duelist’s chestpiece recolor, done. Same principle for the guns as well.

its kind of sad despite being recognized as having the highest production budget that they give a bunch of altenately colored items and stuff you cans still get normally if you have patience to their CUSTOMERS instead of making some ACTUALLY UNIQUE items with a fraction of the 200 million they reportedly used to develop the game

How about you add content to make subscription worthwhile rather than trying to give us rewards that are meaningless and more often than not, just recoloured/reskinned items.

Let’s talk about why people are leaving. And no amount of reward will keep em. Constant Nerfing. You flushed me down the toilet with it. And I guess 3 years of sub is not enough?

Numerous things that could improve the game. Shared pets and vehicles for all your characters. More players, which means making F2P better as well, way too many restrictions, so once a subscriber goes F2P, they usually quit altogether. Better guild activities. Better Cartel Market, what a mess you created there. Increase the number of quests one can have. I for one loved the FE expansion and playing more now, than ever before, I am hoping for more interaction between companions as the story, Ops and guild are the primary reasons I play.

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