Patch 4.0 SWTOR

SWTOR World Bosses Locations Guide

A list of SWTOR World Bosses and their locations. Designed with patch 4.0 Qyzen recruitment in mind.

Respawn Timer

Most world bosses have two hour respawn timer except Dreadtooth which has a respawn timer of 30 minutes. Swap instances if your planet has more than one instance open.

The First – Dromund Kaas (Empire Only)

  • (200, 1643), Level 18, 233k HP


SD-0 – Coruscant (Republic Only)

  • (2543, 951), Level 18, 195k HP. He is located in the Old Galactic Market District


Subject Alpha – Taris (Republic Only)

  • (-400,700), Level 21.


Grandfather – Balmorra (Empire Only)

  • (-1900, 1300), Level 22, 308k HP. Has rapid health regen and reduces ranged damage by 75%.


Trapjaw – Tatooine

  • Level 31, 603k HP. Spawn him by interacting with the skull in the middle of the dead jawas. If the skull is not there, he has been killed recently.


Battledroid R4-GL – Nar Shaddaa

  • (2000,2800), Level 32
  • Empire players can get to him easily in the Network Security District. Republic players can get to him via Lower Industrial Sector -> Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse -> High Security Lockdown -> Network Security District.


Ulgo Siegebreaker – Alderaan

  • (300,-200), Level 35


Rogue Cartel Warbot – Quesh

  • (300,200), Level 38


The Ancient One – Taris (Empire Only)

  • (-750, –713), Level 38. 595k HP. Spawn him by interacting with Mysterious Jedi Corpse. If the corpse is not there, he has been killed recently.


Snowblind – Hoth

  • (452, 1066). Level 44, 979k HP


Gargath – Hoth

  • (-2200.500). Level 49.


The Primal Destroyer – Belsavis

  • (-450,-3450). Level 50.


Dreadtooth – Section X (Belsavis)


The Nightmare Pilgrim – Voss

  • (10, 1300). Level 50. Need Rakata Neural Wave Inhibitor and a full 16m raid group to kill. Spawn by clicking the tablet.


Lucky – Corellia

  • (828, –2511). Level 55.


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I also cannot find it and it cannot be crafted anymore because the schematic was removed from crafters that had it pre 4.0 so stop saying it is crafting only until you verify where the schematic can be obtained

I have heard such a variety of responses about this. Many say you don’t need, many say you do. Where on Voss is the vendor? Voss is a big place.

There is a pub boss you’re missing on taris that is in the lake. I don’t know what it’s called or the coordinates.

You’re missing 2. First, the Revanite Walker on Yavin 4, and Worldbreaker Monolith on Ziost. Or are you only listing the world bosses that drop Qyzen mission items?

here is 2 more World bosses in SWTOR

1) Worldbreaker monolith (big open world monolith on Ziost)
2) Command Walker on Yavin 4

Yesterday night we tried SD-0 on Coruscant, but I Think the Proximity laser is bugged. Sometimes its ok, sometimes it blows you up no matter where you are how far to each other, you can’t even react in time. But the boss can be killed relatively fast, so if you manage to put together 16 people of pugs – good luck with that – you can do it, even of 4-6 of them dies.

On the other hand Subject Alpha on Taris is easy. 10 ppl, no tank, One low level healer was enough.

Did Subject Alpha with 4-5 people, 3 of whom were tanks, and brought a healer in from my guild, but the other guys started the fight before she got on the scene. Actually, most of the WBs I’ve killed since 4.0 have been minimum 4-5 people, even without tanks and/or heals.


with this 15 bosses
I think good idea add another Not operations boss in some list

[*] 16)Worldbreaker monolith (big open world monolith on Ziost)
17)Command Walker on Yavin 4

[**] 18)Golden Fury sm/hm
19)Colossal monolith sm/hm

[***] Events boss

– classic rakghoul (3 bosses 20,21,22)

– new rakghoul (23Eyeless sm/hm and 3 mini bosses on planets (Chellchock,…24,25,26))

– Gree (27 Xenoanalist sm/hm and 2 side bosses (28,29)
[****] Secret boss
30)tfb 16hm
31)sv 16nim
32)yavin4 secret boss

Instanced Bosses that you can adjust the difficulty for and have Lockouts count as operations bosses. This includes TC (Golden Fury), HoR (Colossal Monolith), Xenoanalyst II, The Eyeless. Dreadful Entity and Hateful Entity are in between, as they are Instanced Bosses, but have only 1 difficulty and no Lockouts. The rest are all World Bosses though, and at a minimum the Rakghoul Event bosses should be included as they drop pieces for Dr. Lokin’s quest and achievements.

There is a third one on Hoth called Stomp Claw, who’s not on this list , but I’m not shure, if he counts for Qyzen’s recruitment.

Not really a worldboss. Doesn’t have an achievement tied to it, doesn’t count for Priority targets weekly and yes, doesn’t count for Qyzen.

Name me another enemy that isn’t a world boss that paralyzes your companions with fear.. and I’ll agree with you.

If not, he’s a 3rd world boss on Hoth. He just never counted for the World boss quests.

Even if it was just him an d nobody else who paralyzed your comps, he still wouldn’t be a World Boss, simply because he doesn’t have the ‘Heroic World Boss’ title.

I ran into that guy the week before the expansion launched, when I was exploring all planets on my Guardian (trying to get Galactic Explorer). Tried to fight him solo, but it was obvious that was not happening, even at 60. Was wondering what that area was supposed to be part of.

He’s found in an area that was added with the GSI Macrobinocular/Seeker Droid stuff.

It’s an area where you go digging to find the parts of the Dreadseed/Star Forager armor.

He’s not a world boss, and technically neither is/was Lucky unless they changed that. It was all part of the Dread Seed Quest Line leading up to Oricon. The areas where the the Seeds of Rage landed infected creatures and each planet had an infected/darkside corrupted boss type monster in it.

When you deliver the tokens to Qysen, you can see all available tokens, and who drops them, and on which planet. this one is not included.

hope that answers your question 🙂

although if Bioware/EA notice it some time soon, it might be added.

Regarding *The Nightmare Pilgrim* on Belsavis… Someone told me last week that you DO NOT need the *Rakata Neural Wave Inhibitor* anymore and he told me that you can’t buy or craft it anymore… Is this true..?

iirc the Section X vendors used to sell it for basic comms. Not sure if they still do-and Artifice for sure-maybe others.

Nothing from the vendor. Nothing on the fleet. Nothing on Voss. Nothing for sale on GTN (neither item nor schematic, across three different servers — Harbinger, Shadowlands, and Jedi Covenant). Nothing from the Artifice crew skill trainer. Likewise, nothing from Cyber, BioChem, Synthweaving, Arms, or Armor.

So, if it’s still in the game, how and where do you get it?

Guess the vendors were completely removed then-you’ll need to rely on crafters who already had it.

Agreed. My guess is either that a), they wanted crafters to have more power like in 1.0, or b) it’s still in the game, just sold by an obscure vendor (like a random Jawa standing somewhere in the middle of the Tatooine desert).

As a crafter i KNOW i had the schematic, it has been removed from my crafting page. I cannot find it anywhere. So I assume it must be sold somewhere.

Just to clarify, and i know this is an old post/question… you no longer need the alpha wave inhibitor for NP on Voss.

If you were level 60, prior to 4.0 the Pilgrim and his “dog” were both level 50 and basically could not hit you with the thing that the Inhibitor used to block, so it was in practice unnecessary.

I’ve not been back there lately, since I’ve not had any cause to do so…

Yeah, now they’re whatever the max level for Voss is (think it’s still 50), but all players get scaled down to the same level.

Just to clarify, and i know this is an old post/question… you no longer need the alpha wave inhibitor for Nightmare Pilgrim on Voss.

You might want to add this dulfy.

Some bosses are very easy to acces by picking up heroics from the fleet and use the ‘travel to functionality’.

For example the narshadda boss is easy to reach by picking up ‘H2 – Shadow Extraction’. That one drops you off halfway into the high security lockdown.

It saves you the steps from flying to narshadda and the ‘Lower Industrial Sector -> Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse’ part

I think a lot of people don’t understand just how easy (and free) travel has become after the expansion launch. You can travel back to Odessen for free using Travel to Contact on any of the Alliance leaders, and a few of the recruits. You can travel to each planet just by picking up the Heroics from that planet. And all of it, without spending a single credit to get there.

Yeah I figured out the “Travel to Contact” freebie AFTER I spent 200k credits on the Travel to Ondesson perk. Oh well, live and learn

I did the same, I bought the Priority Transport as soon as the Storyline cinematic finished on Odessen on my main, and only then realised it.

In fact, with a number of my other characters, I’ve just flown to Odessen and recruited the “opposite faction” ship droid, and can now travel to that one for super easy access to the Crew Skill materials vendor.

I was lucky. When I was doing the weeklies on Taris, somebody was setting up a group. Then I just traveled along the north border of Hoth for Jaggernth creatures without competition—I think that everyone must have been hinting world bosses.

Are the trophies from the WB BoP. Like if I kill a WB on Kass can I send the “trophy” to a Republic character or not?

i would think the item for the nightmare pilgrim could be bought from lvl 50 mod vendors, i KNOW for a fact pre-4.0 makeb had Campaign stuff back when that was (and after it was phased out as) the “entry-level” gear along with the wave inhibtor thingy, same with ilum. weather or not this is still true currently i’d have to see, but i’d reccomend checking vendors on either of those planets (not the orbital station as far as i know)

Why Shellback Nerf is missing? Especially when the quest changed and nowhere on internet you can find how to find the recon droid to give the quest?

The Rakata Neural Wave Inhibitor is no longer required to take down The Nightmare Pilgrim. I thought I’d heard this before, but wasn’t sure. We tested it out yesterday with no one equipped with any. I guess you can’t even craft or purchase them in-game anymore.

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