GW2 Guild Chat Enhanced Squad UI Livestream Notes

Some Enhanced Squad UI information from the latest guild chat livestream. This feature will be live on Tuesday, Nov 17.

Enhanced Squad UI


  • Need a commander tag to access the full functionality of the squad UI. You can still form a 10 player squad UI without a commander tag for spirit vale but you can only invite and not have others join your squad. The squad UI also resizes but show less information as it gets smaller.
  • Squad have a max size limit of 50, and you can form a max of 15 subgroups. Commanders can drag players into various subgroups but you can also move yourself (unless subgroups are locked).
  • Squads can be turned into a full squad (50 player for WvW/open world) or raid squad (10 players only). You must be in a raid squad to enter Spirit Vale.
  • Squads have options to be open (anyone can join without approval), closed (your join request need to be approved), and invite only.
  • Commanders can broadcast to the entire squad, of specific sub-groups. Broadcast messages will appear in chat and also on player’s screens.
  • There is also a ready check feature and option to appoint someone else the leader of the squad by right clicking their name. If the commander leaves, the squad is not disbanded but instead turns into a leaderless squad and someone else can take over.


  • Players can talk to the entire squad or only within specific subgroups. Commanders are unable to see the specific subgroup chat unless they join that subgroup.
  • Boons and conditions are not shown on the squad UI. However, you can toggle into a subgroup mode where you see only your subgroup and conditions/boons are displayed. This subgroup mode is limited to show only 10 player names to avoid screen clutter.


  • Boons have the highest priority within your subgroup, then your squad and then other players outside your squad and finally your minions/pets and other player’s minions/pets.
  • nadrian3k

    Can the tag be toggled visible/invisible? For ex i form a squad of X ppl, then i want my tag to only be seen by them on the map and NOT by anyone else outside that squad i formed.

    • StormCrest

      yes, he mentioned it near the start, the “open join, invite only” feature button, I believe “invite only” will hide your tag, and others won’t be able to join your squad unless you or squad members manually invite them, it was mentioned during the Beta weekend features list as well…

      • CrypticTofu

        Thre was a dev post saying there is no way to hide tag email en in invite only squads

      • nadrian3k

        If that’s the case, awesome. Thx 🙂

  • Alot

    I’m really hoping a mastery track will be introduced for upgrading commander coordination abilities. Nothing to increase any stats, but things like the ability to place a large temporary marker to show people where they are expected to go or the ability to create a lfg portal into the commander’s map instance – allowing the commander to funnel lfg clickers into a single instance without the pains of capping 5 man squads (and join attempts).

    And on the obligatory side note, if the commander of a 50 man squad dcs, is everyone fired? ^^

    • Pink Popstar Ahri

      From what i recall from the beta period that resulted in a leader-less squad with x time for someone to pick up leadership.

  • Asda

    I like how all the other competitive MMOs have the health bars colored by class, but Anet has the foresight to keep them all green because UI minimalism is more important than giving players concise access to information during extreme content.

    • Denvil Ford Chandler III

      In this game, who cares about the class. You can see the name, and if they’re about to die. That’s about all you need. Your focus should be on paying attention to what’s around you and working the combat mechanics.

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