SWTOR Level 60 Token Refund Eligibility

Bioware have posted some clarifications on who is eligible for the Level 60 token refunds.

KOTFE Level 60 character creation is bugged | 11.13.2015, 11:38 AM

Hey everyone!

Over the past few days we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of players submitting Start@60 tickets related to getting their tokens returned, including a number of people who deleted level 61-65 characters expecting to get a token back. So, to reiterate what Eric explained, but also to try and clarify what to expect, here’s a list of things to consider:

  1. If you are subscribed using a 7-day Referral, you are not eligible for KotFE, nor do you receive a Start@60 token. If you convert to a full subscription, KotFE, 2 additional character slots and a Start@60 token will then be granted to your account.
  2. If you use the token and level the character to 61 or higher, you are no longer eligible for a token refund. Deleting your character at that point is the same as deleting any other character you have created. If you need to restore one of these characters, you will have to submit a request to Customer Service.
  3. If you did delete a Level 61 or higher character and thought you would have your token returned, please be aware that Customer Service will simply restore the character you deleted. Due to the number of people who made this mistake, it’s going to take a number of days to get through the queue. Please be patient.
  4. If you again delete the character restored by Customer Service, thinking it will generate a new token, we’ve instructed Customer Service not to restore the character a second time. This is the same policy followed for all character restorations. Please use caution when deleting your characters (this is one of the key reasons we ask you to type DELETE before we actually remove a character from your list).
  5. Submitting multiple tickets about the same issue will not help your situation. Tickets are being handled in the order they were received, but submitting a new ticket may lower your priority in the queue. We are working closely with Customer Service to get everyone’s tickets handled. Again, please continue to be patient.

Thanks for your understanding!

  • KShrike

    Guys….. really? Asking for a new token after your character was created and leveled (played) to 61+?
    Uhhh, you JUST got the usage of the toon…

    • JLL112

      If I buy a character slot
      and then delete that character I still get the slot, why would I not be able to
      delete a lvl 60 token slot and not be able to re use that lvl 60 slot.
      Seems lame to me

      • Secundum

        Because you’ve already used the character?
        This is a level 60 pre-made toon, NOT just a new slot.

        • Emprah

          I do kind of feel like that BW was not clear enough on that one.

      • Holyfrog

        Seems lame to me that you don’t understand that you are buying a lvl 60 CHARACTER not the slot. If you delete it it’s not BioWares fault. If you buy a car, go out and “delete” it in an accident the automaker isn’t going to give you a new one.

      • Fuzzypaw

        So what’s you gripe? You bought a character slot and you got one. Not a problem since you can’t delete character slots. You bought a lv 60, and you got a lv 60 character, not a lv 60 slot. If you delete it, then you are just throwing it away. Now that seems lame to me!!!

        • Jennifer Smith

          Actually, the tokens you buy are character slot and level 60 character, the free one with expansion was just level 60 character. I’m currently sitting on 2 level 60 tokens activated, and at 22/26 characters (my free 60 was apparently made before things bugged to heck and gone, and he’s perfectly okay even had a Mandalore statue hiding in one of his cantina crates, but I made him the first night of early access).,

  • Holyfrog

    I can wait to see the bitching about this. Anyone who says “I deleted my alt by accident is either lying or a complete idiot. Like he said you have to type DELETE.

    • Konoha the Wiper

      “I was hacked” then

      • Fuzzypaw

        Looks like you need to get a security key, and a better password!!!

        • Konoha the Wiper

          I have a SK and a good password I was saying to use that as an excuse

    • Secundum

      “But it was my little brother who deleted my character/account/item!”

      • That’s a common one, for sure XD

      • Holyfrog

        Little brother needs to be taken out back and taught a lesson.

      • Fuzzypaw

        This sounds like you need to stop sharing your account with your brother. If you give him access to your account, then you need to responsibility for what he does with that account.

        • Secundum

          ….You don’t get it, do you?

    • poseirus

      How does it feel to be a scumbag?

      • Holyfrog

        Scumbag? I’m not the one reusing tokens.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    so I can get get 8x token gear with single token

    • Sarigar

      You don’t need 8x, because each set automatically appears as its Rep/Imp version depending on which character is logged in. You only need 4 sets, one for each primary class.

      • AbnerDoon

        That is good to know.

      • The Placoderm

        That’s actually not true at all. There are 8 unique armor sets.

        • J

          It actually is true.

          Make a Trooper, stick the armor in a legacy vault, then log onto an Imp and have a look at it. The name and appearance will have changed to the Bounty Hunter version. There are 8 unique appearances, but the armor WILL change based on which side you’re logged in on, meaning you only need 1 for each archetype.

        • Sarigar

          It’s actually entirely true. You are welcome to check for yourself.

    • Paeniteo

      Is that a problem?
      Why would you do that anyway? Is the gear so beautiful or does it have worthwile stats?

      • Deshik

        the stast are nearly the same as citadel tier you get from playing the Ziost story.

        the gear from token characters can be shared in legacy but thats about it. You can’t even sell it. So if we ignore the visual appeal, only players who didn’t play Ziost can benefit from this token set

        • Secundum

          I think the visual appeal is the best bit tbh-costume designer is a thing.

  • Purple Droids

    Be patient people dont fck up.
    The world wasnt build in a day anyway.

  • AbnerDoon

    I am still waiting to create one successfully. Every attempt so far no matter how much time I take and spend watching the intro clips ends up in a level 1 on fleet.

    • AbnerDoon

      Yea! It finally worked after two weeks.

      • Ben Gimson

        You just have to repeat it over and over till it sticks.

  • David W

    Still haven’t used my original one. But judging by the problems that were reported and the rules on refunds, I’ll make sure I use it carefully.

    • Foccan

      They fixed it now anyway

      • Ben Gimson

        They didn’t. As of yesterday, it’s still buggy as hell.


    i know guy, a prefered status player, that used the referal link 24 hrs before the expansion came out an he got kofte, can any one check this info??

  • Ahrngrim

    I did an quick Translaiton of the above for the German Community

    Hallo alle zusammen!

    In den letzten Tagen haben wir einen
    deutlichen anstieg der Anzahl von Spieler eingesendeten Tickets
    beobachte die im Zusammenhang mit Stufe 60 Charakter Token
    Wiederherstellung stehen.

    Einschließlich einer reihe von
    Spielern die einen Char mit Level 61- 65 gelöscht haben in der
    Erwartung ihr Token erstattet zu bekommen. Um zu wiederholen was Eric
    erklärt hat, und um klarzustellen was ihr zu erwarten habt, hier
    eine liste mit punkten die es zu beachten gilt.

    wenn ihr mit einem 7Tage Freunde
    Werben, habt ihr keinen zugriff auf KotFE, noch bekommt ihr einen
    Stufe 60 Charakter Token. Wenn ihr zu einem vollen Abo
    übergeht,werden KotFE, 2 zusätzliche Charakter Slots und ein
    Stufe 60 Charakter Token eurem Account hinzugefügt.

    Wenn ihr ein Token genutzt habe
    und den Charakter auf Level 60 oder höher gebracht habt, seit ihr
    nicht länger berechtigt für eine Token Erstattung. Das löschen
    eines Charakters an diesem Punkt ist das gleiche wie das löschen
    eines normalen Charakters. Wenn ihr einen solchen Charakter
    wiederhergestellt haben wollt, dann schreibt ein Ticket an den CS.

    Wenn ihr einen Level 61, oder
    höher, Charakter gelöscht habt, und erwartet euer Token erstattet
    zu bekommen, beachtet bitte das CS einfach den gelöschten Charakter
    wiederherstellen wird. Aufgrund der menge an Leuten die diesen
    Fehler gemacht haben wird es ein paar Tage dauern die Liste
    abzuarbeiten. Bitte habt Geduld.

    Wenn ihr wiederholt eine Charakter
    löscht in der annahmen das ihr ein neues Token bekommt, ist der CS
    angewiesen diesen Charakter kein zweites mal wiederherzustellen.
    Dies ist die selbe Herangehensweise wie bei allen Charakter
    Wiederherstellungen. Bitte seid sehr vorsichtig wenn ihr Charaktere
    löscht ( Das ist einer der Hauptgründe warum wir euch auffordern
    ENTFERNEN einzutippen bevor wir einen Charakter wirklich von der
    liste entfernen).

    Das einsenden von mehreren Tickets
    zu dem selben Thema wird eurer Situation nicht helfen. Tickets
    werden in der Reihenfolge ihres eingangs abgearbeitet, aber das
    senden eines neuen Tickets kann eure Position auf der liste nach
    hinten verschieben. Wir arbeiten eng mit CS zusammen damit alle
    Tickets bearbeitet werden. Noch einmal habt etwas Geduld.

    Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis!


    • Guest

      That’s terrible german.
      Sounds like copy&paste from google translator.
      Sorry, if my english is also terrible.

      • Ahrngrim

        Sorry, it was 6:00ham and I had only 5hours sleep.

    • Holyfrog

      Why are you translating into German on an English website? If they can’t read the English why would they be here?

      • Ahrngrim

        For the Germans speaking who have guildies who don’t speak English,

        its an offer, so they cold copy and past it.

  • Mr.Obvious

    That 60 token was a bad idea anyway… just more nabs running in the game with no idea what they are doing.

    • John Kosto

      No one is forcing you to be in the same group as they are. If you want to be an elite douche, there are dozens of elite douche guilds on any server that would gladly take you, and do ALL content with them. I am sure the nabs wouldn’t mind at all if they didn’t have you in their groups.

      • KShrike

        lol, groupfinder sure as hell is….

        • John Kosto

          Wait, so when you join the group finder there is someone that is actually forcing you to push the button? 😛

          • Ben Gimson

            So, your solution is, basically, to not play the game?

            Never heard that one before o_o

            • John Kosto

              If you had read my original comment, you would know that I have already answered to that question. Here:

              “No one is forcing you to be in the same group as they are. If you want to be an elite douche, there are dozens of elite douche guilds on any server that would gladly take you, and you can do ALL content with them. I am sure the nabs wouldn’t mind at all if they didn’t have you in their groups.”

              You CAN actually queue for gf with guild members :p

              • Ben Gimson

                Which ignores the reason for gf in the first place.

                Bad players -are- a problem. There needs to be more basic checks before folks can queue for things they don’t have the mental capacity to complete. Some simple tutorial missions would suffice.

              • Holyfrog

                There needs to be more basic checks before folks can post on a forum….

              • Ben Gimson

                I agree wholeheartedly.

              • Lodinn

                I quit my former guild because I felt being stalked too much.
                Now imagining someone who actually wants to run SMs/FPs has the same problem and it’s quickly becoming GF/fleet pugs which are essentially the same. And those have never been that bad from what I remember or know.
                Like it was mentioned, clueless (too clueless) people are quite common. I don’t blame them for wanting to play the game or something, but even in nerfed to the ground in below there’s some weight they’re expected to carry. No, I don’t expect them to answer a questionnaire on how threat works or procs in healing specs, but just a little bit of prior experience with something harder than solo content companion can clear for you would be great.
                I mean, KotFE story is fine except it doesn’t teach you a single thing. For new player most fights there must be “something weird happens, sometimes I lose hp and control over my model but eventually regain them back no matter what I do and after some time boss is dead”. And some of the bosses must be really long and annoying with this approach, I must add. I wonder how BW didnt come up with stacking buff on players so fights won’t take longer than certain amount of time and uber casuals would be happy.
                Player skill level in group content is worse than ever. Just look around.
                You can’t even pug HM not risking to get a group of unable “progression raiders”. Yes, elitism much. Sorry for that, but I’m quite used to group leading as well and I can’t take that much responsibility just because people don’t know basics. Yelling “interrupt corruptors” doesn’t help a bit as seemingly each dps thinks he doesn’t know where the interrupt is so he’d better let it to someone who knows. Pointy fingers or whispering privately have no effect either cause of hurt pride or I don’t know what else. People just zoom in and expect the cake without moving a finger. That’s what happening in 4.0.

              • Paeniteo

                “I mean, KotFE story is fine except it doesn’t teach you a single thing.”

                Yes, the companions are very well able to handle all fights by themselves.
                I once got stuck with no LOS to any spawning enemy and Lana just blasted everyone away, while healing me. Could conveniently /stuck after the area was safe again…

                I also know of a player who almost found the single “silver” guard in front of Arcann in the last chapter an insurmountable challenge (you dont have a companion present there) – and this was after 8 chapters of playing that class.

              • Christopher Luther

                If you’re only meant to group with guild members, what’s the point of a group FINDER?

              • John Kosto

                Meant to? I said CAN, not meant to. Non elitist players can still use gf and occassionally struggle with “noobs”

      • Secundum

        The problem is doing random GF stuff.

        • John Kosto

          Yes, but as I said, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

          • Secundum

            Yeah, but it’s needed for conquest etc. Weeklies and the like.

            • Leah

              which “gasp” you can do with your guild. you do realize that you can queue for GF as a premade, right?

            • John Kosto

              There is nothing you can’t do in this game with your guild. If someone can’t handle the existence of inexperience players, then perhaps an MMO is not the ideal option for them.

              As a community we should try to help new players and make them play better, instead of trying to get away from them as much as possible. For the few elitist smug ones, there’s always the option of elitist smug guilds, as I said before.

              • Secundum

                Yes, but sometimes people just don’t want to do FPs. You do HMs with a guild, but tacticals can be done by anyone who isn’t completely stupid.

              • Emprah

                Long before Shadow of REvan, I had a tactical Kuat run. This was before 12xp.

                The whole group ignored the boss mechanics for the droid boss, and they told me to ignore it too. “We are elite raiders, you can just burn the boss down”.

                I called them retards and stealthed when they all wiped. Than I quit the group. even than there were too dumb to live people.

              • Secundum

                …Well, you CAN just burn the boss down…But that requires a different SET of tactics than the normal ones.
                Sounds like you got grouped with players that TRY to be ‘elite’, and fail horribly.

              • Iron-Clad

                The community also shouldn’t condone people who do not know their class joining ops groups and who are unwilling to admit that they don’t know what they’re doing and are likewise unwilling to accept help. I lead sm ops pugs all the time. I take people regardless of whether they know the content or not, its easy enough to teach. However, since 4.0, every other run I get a “tank” or a “healer” who purchased a lvl 60 for their first char and simply do not understand the fundamentals of this game, and inside an op is not the place to teach it.

                At first I tried helping people, explaining to a tank how to get taunt from their abilities list and put it on their quickbar, or explaining to a healer which healsare ae and which are single target. But again, a healer should not be learning which abilities are healing abilities -inside of an operation-. Does it make me elitist to expect people in operations to understand that there are tanks, healers, and dps in this game? Does it make me elitist to expect that people who whisper me “im a healer” understand that their role is not to dps, but rather to heal their teammates?

                All the time i’ll take people into my pug ops that played from lvl 1 who ask “i dont know fights, is that ok?” I explain fights to them, I help them along. If they are doing something wrong, I send them advice in whispers. But the majority of the purchased 60’s with no game experience are not willing to say they need things explained, and more often than not will not listen to my advice.

                Yesterday in a hm korriban during the droid fight, the healer (a purchased 60) freaked out every time the slugs spawned and started running around in circles. About 5 wipes in a row I tried explaining that he could just sit still and heal and the tanks/dps would take care of the slugs, but instead he kept repeating that they would kill him if he didn’t outrun them, and he also wouldn’t cast a single thing while running. After I realized I couldn’t convince him to stop running around like a headless chicken, I told him which abilities he could cast on the move; however, he wanted to run as fast as possible, and he wouldn’t believe me that using insta-cast abilities don’t slow you down. He was an absolute idiot. I tried helping him, but his complete lack of understanding of how MMO’s work prevented him from even trying to follow my advice. Am I an elitist douche for not wanting people like this queueing into hardmodes?

                I don’t know if it is just information overload for new players buying a level 60, or if that feature just attracts a certain type of person. Sadly, it is these idiots that are making me increasingly less likely to invite undergeared etc. players into my groups. For 4 years I gladly accepted anyone into my sm pugs, but many of the new purchased 60’s simply don’t understand the basic fundamentals of swtor to even begin to teach them how to perform in an op. There needs to be some sort of restrictions to guide them into normal gameplay. It doesn’t have to be much. Require them to heal a single tactical fp before queuing as a healer for a hm fp. Maybe just require them to play through the kotfe story before using groupfinder, or require 2 hours played before queueing for an op, and maybe the restriction could be bypassed if they are grouped with someone eligible. It doesn’t really matter what, but people are just buying lvl 60’s and not even trying to learn how the game works before queueing for hmfp’s or ops. Just saying ‘youre a douche for expecting people to contribute’ is no more helpful to the community than the elitists who require full min-maxed gear with starparse and mumble to do a bolstered sm ev.

              • John Kosto

                And I completely agree with everything you said. I have not enjoyed operations and flashpoints quite a few times because of people who will not admit that they don’t know what to do. I don’t think the instant level 60 token is the problem though. You still had incompetent players leveling to 50 or 55 or 60 during the previous expansions. Was it a smaller number? Yes. I think there should still be an effort from the community to help most of the new players. I don’t think you are the rule, I think you are the exception to that.

    • Evenmoardakka

      had a guy asking whether to use a steadfast or a adept earpiece as DPS on Odessen. i agree with you.

      • Fuzzypaw

        So, did you help that player out, or just make fun of them?

        • Holyfrog

          I’m sure he just ignored him or mocked him. He wouldn’t have made the comment if he wasn’t trying to make a point about noobs.

    • Iain Brown

      Elitist much?

      • Swelke

        Not really. It is indeed going to have an impact on operation groups and such, I’m sure it’s already happening.

    • CUWUGT

      There should a be a requirement to already have a max lvl character before being allowed to use a lvl 60 token. They would still need to learn the skills of that char but atleast they have some experience.

      • Fuzzypaw

        I disagree. Requiring one to have a lv 60 completely negates the reason to get a lv 60 token!!! The new xpac is so easy, and pretty much trains one to use their character within the first few chapters. Even doing SM ops is super easy with no experience needed in any class. Yes, it does help if the player knows how to use there character in the best possible way, but that just isn’t needed in this game now!!! HM ops are for those who want to be better than the casual gamer. HM ops are what need coordination ,and character skill. If you are using group finder (that was designed for casual gamers), then be prepared to play with those gamers.

        • Lodinn

          …Except BW highly suggests that people would see story at least with all the new changes.
          +You won’t believe how bad training mode can render people. They literally keep hitting stuff with 2 attacks they’ve learned during KotFE chapters as they were provided to them in training mode (whoever implemented this was either sick or braindead) in ops. There are multiple reports of enraging Sparky and I’ve seen one myself.
          How’s that? One of the most tanky-spanky bosses in game, with OP bolster, left by people who never know buttons they press at 20-30% hp when it enrages? Huh? Not that it stimulated them to progress further.

          • Fuzzypaw

            These are the people who really need some help getting there character set up!!! Dulfy has these updated class PVE Guides that can help. Please refer these peeps to the guides so that they can do a little research, and figure out how to set up there hot bars. The LV 60 thing was meant to get peeps into the end game content faster. If they can’t get good enough to do SM ops, then just don’t group with those peeps anymore. I would suggest encouragement to get better. The more you help them, the better they will become.

  • Gladeye

    Ehm guys a friend of mine used the refferal link while they launched exp (not early acces) and she still got the expansion AND a character token, while those be deleted or what?

    • Secundum

      Was she a sub already when she used the link?
      And if not, probably.

      • Gladeye

        She used 7 day ref link, and no she wasn’t sub

        • p4v7

          They probably fixed it within the first days because someone during the launch reported in Bug Reports forum that he got the expansion by using the ref link.

          • happypref

            lol an asshole

  • Fuzzypaw

    Here is how I see this. The lv 60 token gives you a lv 60 character. IF this were my game, that would be it. You used the token and got a lv 60. DONE!!! Deleting your character would not result in getting a token refunded to you or getting the character restored. Saying you were hacked… get a security key. Someone else deleted it… don’t share your account. I didn’t mean to… consider this a lesson learned. As for the ignorant lv 60s the game now has… They’ll learn my doing. If you don’t want to do any of the game with strangers, then form your own group. Group finder finds a group for you. It’s better than not having anything!!!

    • Reggie Jackman

      I know this is 5 years old, but I guarantee you haven’t changed in these 5 years and are still a disgusting fucking scumbag asshole who believes this shit.

      Thank god you will never touch a video game (development) in your life. You’re disgusting.

  • Ben Stewart

    Thing is though for the 1st 2 weeks these tokens did refund regardless of if you levelled the character or not so many presumed this was the standard, I myself nuked a couple a few days back and only now when I specifically google about it do I find this info, why wasnt it on the launcher or such like. No big deal as 1 was the freebie and the other bought on GTN just means I’ll have to buy another for the guardian I was gonna make.


    The game overall has been simplified to make things easier for newer players to join in and develop an early interest long-term. You need to look at this from a Developers and overall companies point of view in terms of business profit. Yes I said it, this game like many others is made to create profit and continue to generate as time goes on. People think too small when it comes to content within games. I’m human, I’ll admit that sometimes those changes disappoint me as well, in terms of changing say, mechanics or simplifying things so that there’s less creative challenge to it. These are things that can be disappointing, but are honestly acceptable as long as the game retains its base core game play. The phrase “people are scared of change” I believe to be ‘somewhat’ true, but overall people just need to grow up and accept that there’s things that are going to happen whether they like it or not.

    In terms of creating an MMO element, its important for Developers to create a feedback/forum system for gamers/players to voice their overall impressions and opinions on what works and what needs changing or editing. This is solely a “recommendation” type of system, and something to never get your hopes up on whatever you say will end up being a change to the game. If enough people, for instance like this level 60 token issue voice themselves on the same subject, then its only natural the Dev’s should treat this problem versus others squabbles over simple issues on a higher priority level. I could go on and on, but all in all, updates will always have pros and cons. accept that fact.

  • Güney

    I created i level 60 character,then i deleted it where is my token! it’s a bug it said it will be refunded where is the token? my account is jessy_lighter

  • Randy H.

    Does this mean you can’t delete a character more than once and get a token or is this only for those who go over the original policy of deleting after leveling? If I delete the character before I level, can I do this as often as I wish? I ask because I’ve never had a level this high and not sure I’d like it and may want to try other classes before deciding.

    The game also list these conditions:

    * Completes any Crew Skill mission or task
    * Completes any mission

    This would appear to mean you will lose the token even if you’re nowhere near the next level if you complete one mission. Would it be safe to avoid missions and just do some combat? Because you don’t gain much XP from grinding.

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