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SWTOR 4.0 Engineering Sniper PvE Guide by Thrax

SWTOR 4.0 Engineering Sniper PvE Guide by Thrax.[toc]


Hello I’m Thrax/Thraxara/Agent_Thrax and I’ve been playing SWTOR at a Nightmare progression level for about 2 years now as a Sniper. I have had the privilege of raiding with some of the best players to ever grace this game and hope my experience and expertise can help you become the best you can! I’ve raided with such guilds as Drop It Like it’s Hoth, Phantøms, Reckoning, Ufrog and Zorz at a Nightmare level. As of 5/11/2015 I have cleared all 4.0 Content with <Phantøms> playing all Sniper specs and keeping up with those Broken PT’s and hopefully you will too after reading this. I sometimes stream our raids on twitch if anyone’s interested, Can expect dank tunes and Nightmare bosses 🙂

With the release of 4.0 Bioware have finally vastly improved and reworked the Engineering Spec to make it, to be blunt viable. I know many people didn’t bother to learn it in 3.0 including myself because Marksman and 3 Cull Virulence were so strong it made the spec pointless and the boss encounters leaned away for the spec and more towards the others anyway. With the resurrection of the old operations in conjunction with the reworking of the spec it’s now viable and if played correctly optimal on most bosses. In this guide I will aim to give you short, efficient advice on how to play Engineering Sniper. This guide will be oriented towards PvE.

Overall Rating

I will cover 4 areas: DPS, Survivability, Spec Viability in Raids and Rotation Difficulty. Scores are rated from 1-10 followed by a short explanation (1 being the worst & 10 being the best. For Rotation, 1 is the easiest and 10 is hardest).

DPS: 9/10

4.0 Engineering is “Single Target AoE” damage which in it’s self is a weird term and makes actually playing it fun and enjoyable but still gives you a challenge to make you stop and think rather than going on auto pilot. At the moment Engineering is the highest parseing spec on the Parsely ( Leaderboards and to be honest it should be because it’s a hard spec to play in an actual raiding environment with movement because Plasma Probe/Incendiary Grenade being a grounded ability it gives it depth.

Survivability: 10/10

To quote the 3.0 Virulence guide writen by Yolo/Snickerr “To live a Sniper must remain in cover. We have a wide variety of defensive cooldowns to work with such as Shield Probe, Evasion, Covered Escape, Entrench, & Diversion. Shield Probe is used to mitigate moderate damage while Evasion (while in cover) would mitigate massive spikes. One of my favorite things about this class is being able to use Covered Escape at the perfect second to mitigate a high damaging ability 100% (think NiM Dread Guards).” Thanks to 4.0 we have all this TIMES TWO!! Imperial Preparation/Bag of Tricks! Resets the active cooldown on Evasion/Dodge, Countermeasures/Surrender, Shield Probe/Defense Screen, Cover Pulse/Pulse Detonator, Entrench/Hunker Down, and Covered Escape/Hightail It. This ability has a base cooldown of 3 minutes and is off of the Global Cooldown. This makes Snipers basically gods, I’ll talk more about this down below.

Spec Viability in Raids: 7/10 – Class Viability as a whole though is 9/10.

Snipers have always had a reserved spot in most raid groups and with the revival of the “Old Content” this holds true once again with 4.0. The combination of high damage and utilities like Diversion, Covered Escape and especially Ballistic Shield, Snipers are the best ranged DPS to take in most raid encounters (Everyone else re rolled to AP PT anyway it seems #Kappa). Engineering though relies unlike Marksmanship and Virulence on a somewhat static target which limits where this spec can be played but get creative! Throughout my raiding time I’ve played “less than optimal” specs. To give an example Marksman on Tyrans Nightmare 90% of people went Lethality but I chose Marksman because I could make it work and managed to do sick DPS after experimenting.

Rotation Difficulty: 6/10

The Engineering rotation is not hard at all! It’s just implementation into certain fights which at times can get tricky and not destroying your energy in the process. I will explain this more at the rotation section down below.

Patch 4.0 Changes

Here is a list of all the Engineering changes from the 4.0 update if you haven’t already read the patch notes.

  • New Passive Skill: Field Command/Conflagration! Increases the critical chance of your Area of Effect abilities by 15%. -This is a nice general damage buff.
  • Plasma Probe/Incendiary Grenade is now trained at level 42 (up from 41)
  • EMP Discharge/Sabotage is now trained level 58 (up from 57)
  • Energy Overrides/Seize the Moment is now trained at level 60 (up from 59)
  • Imperial Auto Loader/Jury-Rigged Mods is now trained at level 36 (down from 56)
  • Electrified Railgun/Blazing Speed is now trained at level 40 (up from 36)
  • Electrified Blast/Hot Shot is now trained at level 44 (up from 40)
  • Efficient Engineering/Dealer’s Discount is now trained at level 48 (up from 44)
  • Sector Ranger/Spacer is now trained at level 52 (up from 48)
  • Scatter Bombs is now trained at level 56 (up from 52)
  • Explosive Engineering/Independent Anarchy is now trained at level 24 (up from 16)
  • Cluster Bombs/Contingency Charges is now trained at level 16 (down from 20)
  • Imperial Methodology/Insurrection is now trained at level 20 (down from 24)

Abilities and Passives

Useful Passives

energytanks Energy Tanks: Increases maximum energy by 10.
steadyshots Steady Shots: Increases the damage dealt by Snipe, Lethal Shot, Series of Shots, and Penetrating Blasts by 5%.
holdposition Hold Position: While in cover, ranged defense is increased by 20%, you cannot be leaped to or pulled, and you are immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback. In addition, Evasion reduces the damage you take from Force and Tech attacks by 75% while in cover. Very good to note that to obtain the 75% reduction from Evasion you do need to be in cover.
imperialtargeting Imperial Targeting: Increases the range of Overload Shot, Flash Bang, and Distraction to 30 meters, and additionally increases the range of all rifle, probe, and dart attacks by 5 meters. In addition, Corrosive Dart marks its target for 45 seconds. Marked targets take 5% more damage from ranged weapon attacks. This passive makes the Sniper unique. You have 5 extra meter range compared to other classes (35 over 30). On top of all this, Corrosive Dart is now a huge ability for this class. It was important for it to be up at all times whenever possible, but now it is a raid utility providing 5% damage increase from ranged attacks.

Offensive Cooldowns

lazetarget Laze Target: Increased the critical hit chance of your next Ambush/Aimed Shot, Explosive Probe/Sabotage Charge, or Cull/Wounding Shots by 100%. Lasts 20 seconds. (Cooldown: 1 minute). The 6 piece set bonus gives you an extra charge of this making the set bonus a must! This is one of the main offensives for your rotation and should be used on cooldown.
targetacquired Target Acquired: Increases ranged and tech accuracy by 30% and armor penetration by 15% for 10 seconds. The 4 piece set bonus buffs this ability significantly. “Reduces the cooldown of Target Acquired/Illegal Mods by 15 seconds and activating either ability restores 15 Energy instantly”. Another great offensive cooldown. You can either use this as an energy cooldown or a DPS cooldown from my experience.
adrenalineprobe2 Adrenaline Probe: Summons a probe that helps you recover 50 energy over 3 seconds. A resource gain cooldown that lets you gradually gain back 50 energy over time. Very good cooldown in a couple of scenarios:A.) Rotation complications that cause energy problemsB.) Intensive AoE spammingC.) Burn phases in raid fights aka Going Ham

Defensive Cooldowns

shieldprobe2 Shield Probe: Summons a probe that projects a shield around the Agent, absorbing a moderate amount of incoming damage for 10 seconds. Does not break stealth. (Cooldown: 30 seconds)This defensive cooldown is great for mitigating small to moderate incoming damage, regardless of any damage type. Only use this when you can predict miniscule damage, and be very efficient with it.
evasion2 Evasion: Increases your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks by 200% for 3 seconds. Does not break stealth. (Cooldown: 1 minute)With Hold Position, Evasion gains the benefit of mitigating Force and tech attacks by 75%. Therefore, it is imperative that you use it only for massive incoming damage as well as staying in cover for maximum potential.
ballisticshield Ballistic Shield: Deploys a ballistic shield that spans 10 meters around you and reducing the damage taken by allies that remain inside by 20%. Lasts 20 seconds. (Cooldown: 3 minutes// 2 minutes 30 seconds if specced into Deployed Shields)Your raid wide cooldown for your operations group. A very situational, but powerful defensive. You would ideally save this for burn phases where damage gradually takes a toll on your group, and making healers’ lives easier.
entrench Entrench: Entrenches you into cover, becoming immune to all controlling effects. Only grants protection while in cover. Lasts 23 seconds (With Portable Bunker) (Cooldown: 1 minute // 45 seconds if specced into Pillbox Sniper). Entrench is your jack-of-all-trades cooldown with a myriad of utilities to support it. Immune to crowd control, movement-impairing effects, and physics, this cooldown is one of the best defensives a Sniper can have. There are plenty of utilities to list from:a.) Seek Cover: When Entrench ends or you leave cover while Entrench in active, you gain Seek Cover, which increases your movement speed by 50% and grants immunity to movement impairing effects. Lasts 6 seconds.b.) Pillbox Sniper: Reduces the cooldown of Entrench by 15 seconds and Cover Pulse knocks targets back an additional 4 meters.c.) Siege Bunker: Reduces all area effect damage taken by 60% while Entrench is active.
countermeasures Countermeasures: Activates countermeasures, instantly lowering threat by a moderate amount. Your main threat dropping ability. You would want to use it immediately after you perform your MAX DPS Opening Rotation or if you somehow pull threat from your tanks. Really, don’t be a hero and expect to pull threat from tanks. Use it immediately.

Crowd Control and Raid Utilities

coverpulse Cover Pulse: Detonates an emergency charge that knocks all nearby targets back several meters and immobilizes them for 5 seconds. Damage dealt after 2 seconds ends the effect prematurely. Only usable in cover. (Cooldown: 30 seconds). This is your main knockback and can be buffed in the Masterful Utility section with Pillbox Sniper.
debiliate2 Debilitate: Deals X energy damage and stuns the target for 4 seconds. Your “hard” CC stun ability (“Hard” means a stun that persists through damage).
flashbang2 Flash Bang: Detonates a flash bang that blinds the target for 8 seconds. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely. (Cooldown: 1 minute)Your other CC ability but breaks on damage aka a soft stun..
legshot Leg Shot: Fires a shot that deals X weapon damage and immobilizes the target for 5 seconds. Direct damage dealt after 2 seconds ends the effect prematurely. This can come in useful for keeping adds still.
coveredescape Covered Escape: Roll forward 18 meters, purging movement slowing effects and landing crouched behind cover. While rolling, your chance to dodge attacks is increased by 100%. Your “anti-mechanic ability” which allows you to be invulnerable in a short window of rolling about 1.5s. Examples of this are Rolling the Orbs on Brontes HM/Nightmare, The Lightning Storm on Dread Gaurds Nightmare, The Doom mechanic on Dread Gaurds Nightmare, Kephass’ leap on TFB Nightmare and many more mechanics we can fromage with this ability.
diversion Diversion: Reduces the accuracy by 45% and exposes from cover up to 8 targets within 8 meters for 8 seconds. Cannot be used on Operation bosses. Diversion has been buffed to become an AoE utility skill which is a nice change. In certain raid fights with adds, this is a valued cooldown you need to save to help both yourself and the raid.

Spec Specific Abilities

clip_image002 Explosive Probe: Direct Damage dealing ability, and has a cooldown of 18 seconds. Costs 15 energy and deals kinetic damage. This is one of the few instant damage abilities in the spec and by far the hardest hitting one. Also Drops 4 cluster bombs on the target which explode and regen 5 energy per explosion. This should be used with Laze Target/Smugglers Luck to Have 2 uses to make Sabotage Charge/Explosive Probe auto crit.
clip_image004 Series of Shots: 3 second channeled ability, and has a cooldown of 9 seconds. Costs 20 energy (5 energy per tick) and deals ranged/energy damage. Each shot leaves a DoT which stacks up to 3 times and can be refreshed by Thermal Grenade/Fragmentation Grenade.
clip_image006 Plasma Probe: AoE DoT based ability. DoT lasts 9 seconds, costs 15 energy and deals elemental damage. In addition, this ability overwhelms the target for 45 seconds, increasing the targets’ damage taken by AoE abilities by 10%.
clip_image008 Interrogation Probe: Single Target DoT ability. Lasts 18 seconds, costs 10 energy, deals energy damage and can only be applied to one target.
clip_image010 Corrosive Dart: Single Target DoT ability. Lasts 18 seconds, deals internal damage, costs 15 energy and can be applied to multiple targets. In addition, this ability marks its targets for 45 seconds. Marked targets take 5% more damage from ranged attacks.
clip_image012 EMP Discharge: Single Target Direct damage ability, has a cooldown of 18 seconds. Costs 15 energy and deals energy damage. This ability can only be used on a target that is being affected by your Shock Charge/Interrogation Probe. Also, this ability makes your next Thermal Grenade/Fragmentation Grenade free.
clip_image014 Fragmentation Grenade: Direct Damage Dealing ability, has a cooldown of 6 seconds. Costs 15 energy, refunds 5, and deals kinetic damage. Only use this after you use Sabotage/EMP Discharge to make this ability free. This ability also refreshes the stacking DoT left by Series of Shots/Speed Shot (Electrified Railgun/Blazing Speed).
clip_image016 Orbital Strike: AoE ability which strikes the area every 3 seconds, and has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Lasts 9 seconds, costs 20 energy, and deals elemental damage. It does a little bit more damage than its similar counter-part Incendiary Grenade/Plasma Probe, however it also costs a little more energy, so it’s used should be limited to mainly AoE heavy fights or as an energy burn.
clip_image018 Suppressive Fire: A channeled AoE ability. Costs 35 energy, and deals weapon damage. This ability since the 3.0 update is a key Sniper AoE ability. It is now a viable AoE ability, however only use it with an energy cooldown available since it burns energy quite hard in this spec.
clip_image020 Takedown: Direct Damage Execute Ability, which has a cooldown of 12 seconds. Costs 15 energy and deals weapon damage. This can only be used on targets under 30% HP. Only use this to replace Corrosive Dart/Vital Shot if the target still has the 5% raid buff on it.
clip_image022 Snipe: Casted Damage Dealing ability. Costs 15 energy and deals weapon damage. This also applies one stack of Electrified Railgun/Blazing Speed, but this should rarely ever be used. Thermal/Fragmentation Grenade and XS/OS are better fillers to use in place of it.
clip_image024 Covered Escape’s Scatter Bombs: Costs no energy, and leaves a trail of 5 bombs along its path. Each bomb has a radius of 2 meters, and one is placed every 3 meters. This is no longer a viable dps ability and should only be used along side rifle shot as an energy filler.

Utility List


I shall only highlight useful ones.


  • Ballistic Dampers: Entering cover grants 3 charges of Ballistic Dampers. Each charge absorbs 30% of the damage dealt by an incoming attack. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. Ballistic Dampers can only be gained once every 6 seconds. This utility has the best use in PvE by adding another layer of defensives in Hold Position.
  • Snap Shot: Entering cover makes the next Snipe or Lethal Shot activate instantly. This effect cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds This utility is pretty situational. Every six seconds, you have the opportunity to gain an instant Snipe/Lethal Shot which is pretty great if you need to kill of an add or boss quicker in burn phases or If your relics proc and are running out instead of hardcasting and the damaging being at the end of the gcd it starts at the beginning but the gcd still remains the same time which is a common misconception because “it shoots quicker”.
  • Vital Regulators: While in cover, you heal for 1% of your total health every 3 seconds. Only use this if Bioware brake the relics again and make Damage and Healing proc different relics.
  • Imperial Efficiency: Increases the damage dealt by Suppressive Fire by 25%.For any boss encounter with cleave potential aka additions targets, this is the utility to go for.
  • Pulse Screen: Cover Pulse/Pulse Detonator increases your chance to resist Force and tech attacks by 20% for 6 seconds.This is an extremely solid cooldown only down side is it’s RNG based but 6 seconds is long enough and if for some reason it’s not it can also be activated again via Imperial Preparation/Bag of Tricks making this ability even more amazing.


  • Seek Cover: When Entrench ends or you leave cover while Entrench in active, you gain Seek Cover, which increases your movement speed by 50% and grants immunity to movement impairing effects. Lasts 6 seconds. I’ve listed Seek Cover because it has the potential to be useful. For example if you don’t have a marauder or juggernaut tanks for the transition tentacle phase on Brontes Nightmare this ability is great to dodge the beams.
  • Augmented Shields: Increases the amount of damage absorbed by Shield Probe by 30%.I take this in conjunction with Pillbox Sniper 95% of the time because they are both a must for basically every boss encounter.
  • Pillbox Sniper: Reduces the cooldown of Entrench by 15 seconds and Cover Pulse knocks targets back an additional 4 meters.I take this in conjunction with Augmented Shields 95% of the time because they are both a must for basically every boss encounter.


  • Siege Bunker: Reduces all area effect damage taken by 60% while Entrench is active.I mean not much more I can add to the description of that, It’s just an extremely solid defensive buff and is a must for basically all fights. This is one of the trademark Sniper utilities.
  • Deployed Shields: Reduces all damage taken while in cover by 6% and reduces the cooldown of Ballistic Shield by 30 seconds.This a great defensive passive that allows our Utility to shine again. -30s on the cooldown of Ballistic Shield is great for certain strat’s involving damage mitigation.

Common Builds

Build A.) This is generally for single target based encounters.

Build B.) This is for more AoE oriented encounters.


With 4.0 Crit and Alacrity are extremely valuable stats and this is no different with this spec. If you are unfamiliar with the changes you can read them here

I’m currently using this gearing set up (224 Gear):

  • 5372 Mastery
  • 2931 Power
  • 1236 (2xAug) (2xCrystals) Critical
  • 869 (5xAug) Alacrity
  • 679 (7xAug & 1 Enhancement) Accuracy (99.95%)
  • 6/6 Field Tech’s Set Bonus (Now the only Sniper Set Bonus, only negative 4.0 Sniper change :s)
  • Relics: Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution.

In my personal opinion 99.95% is more DPS but you can remove a Crit/Alacrity piece and add 1 more Accuracy enhancement and take out 2-3 Augments to be at 100.10%-ish if you prefer it.


The new rotation for Engineering with 4.0 is a lot of fun and rewarding when executed correctly. The rotation is pretty simple and nothing too fancy, Just a set rotation and making sure you use the right priority on 2 gcd’s when energy or the situation calls for it. There is only really 2 parts to this rotation; The Opener and and the default rotation.

But there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Plasma Probe, Explosive Probe, Series of Shots, EMP and Orbital are used on cooldown.
  • You can only use EMP Discharge on targets that are being affected by Interrogation Probe.
  • Activating EMP Discharge makes your next Fragmentation Grenade free.

The Opener!

For maximum dps use this as an opener. Not much to say on this just follow this and you will be golden. I would agro/threat drop on Adrenal to give tanks a fighting chance. NOTE: Once you cast Orbital wait 1s before casting Snipe so Orbital and Snipe line up with Explosive Probe.


“The Main Rotation”

Once you have completed the opener you now move on to this rotation that doesn’t change until <30% which at that point Takedown replaces Corrosive Dart only if the target still has the Marked Target debuff, marked targets take 5% more damage from ranged attacks Corrosive Dart applies this debuff for 45s. I would only roll on a target for a parse 99% of the time in actual Operations Basic Attack is more viable and A LOT more safe. I would use energy cooldowns such as Adrenaline Probe 40-50/60-50, Target Acquired on GCD 9 and10 aka the Orbital and Corrosive Dart gcd’s to try to squeeze more DPS if you are using the max DPS rotation or saving things for a burst DPS phase.

RS Rotation

On picture/GCD 9 and 10 priority is from top to bottom.

Continuing from the Opener

Just the same rotation as above but you start on the 5th picture/gcd it’s super simple.

Higher DPS Rotation

At points in the rotation you will have high energy or if you are entering a burn phase on a boss encounter and need maximum DPS, I would 100% encourage you to replace basic attacks and roll with:

A.) Orbital Strike > Corrosive Dart if they aren’t already on the target (Including “Marked Target” debuff) or on cooldown.

B.) Takedown > Corrosive Dart if the “Marked Target” debuff is on the target

Of course, you’re going to want to use your high energy abilities when you have Target Acquired and Adrenaline Probe up, but be conservative when they are on CD as it can be very tricky to not burn through your energy, again try not to push too hard until energy cooldowns are available.

This looks more like:

Max DPS Rotation Imp

On picture/GCD 9 and 10 priority is from top to bottom.

Parse Analysis

parse analysis

Here you can get a general idea of what your highest damaging abilities will be on a stationary target with 1.5million HP and decent good crit.

Video Example of Rotation

A general parse not going for anything advanced just a simple rotation. Description of the video explains this more.


Playing Engineering in a Raid Environment

As a general rule only play Engi on either; A.) A 70% Static target or B.) An AoE Intensive fight. This yields the greatest DPS. I would encourage you to experiment with what bosses this spec can be played on, with planning, knowledge and communication it can be a great spec to play on 70% of boss fights.

Use defensive cooldowns efficiently and effectively, Research certain fights/encounters and look for where damage is coming from and use your cooldowns accordingly.

Talk to the raid leader/tanks about when and where the boss/adds will be for maximum DPS it’s essential to always precast when ever you can and a greater under standing of the fight as a whole is always nice to have.

Don’t needlessly dps meter pad (Inflating your DPS by cleaving adds when you should be hitting boss…ect). I see people do this all the time and it annoys me because it mostly results in a wipe or them getting agro and dying. Don’t be that guy “pls m8, pls”.

Also don’t be afraid to save abilities such as Orbital for say a mechanic that releases adds in like 20s such as Draxxus or Grob’Thok as it will yield more dps and we all love DPS!

This is a general Sniper rule but use your Raid Shield as much as you can as it’s free damage reduction to EVERYONE. Obviously there is some phases where you need to save it for example final burn on Brontes Nightmare but on this fight you can use it to reduce damage on the raid (This helps the healers heal the tank more as he gets rekt) at the 100-50 Kephass phase.

Bosses You can safely play this spec on.

(Where this spec out performs the others)

  • EV HM; All.
  • KP HM; All.
  • EC NiM; Zorn and Toth and Firebrand and Stormcaller.
  • TFB NiM; Writhing Horror and Operator XI.
  • S&V NiM; Da’Rude Sandstorm, Titan-6, Thrasher, Ops Chief and Olok.
  • DF NiM; All apart from Brontes.
  • DP NiM; Bestia and Tyrans (if you play smart).
  • Rav HM ; Sparky, Bulo and Master and Blaster.
  • ToS HM; Red Kephass, Sword Squadron, Underlurker and Revan.

Here you can see me playing Engineering on Firebrand and Stormcaller Nightmare. Things you might notice about what I do;

  • Pre-cast Orbital as much as possible, always do this when you can more DPS!,
  • Modify the rotation slightly by using Orbital before Plasma Probe to have all the orbital ticks be able to hit the Tank before the “Defensive Systems” cast ends,
  • I use snipe and other low priority abilities on the adds in the shield to save my high damaging abilities for the Tanks to help beat the DPS check. A good rule for all DPS is you might not be top on the meters like I was because I couldn’t execute my rotation on the adds but I save my damage for the ACTUAL target that needs to die. I would call it “eDPS”, Effective Damage Per Second”.


(For the record I still could of had higher DPS, there is always room for improvement!)

Closing Words

I would like to thank;

Dulfy for hosting my guide and being helpful in setting it up :),

Would like to thank all “my m9s and m10s” that I’ve had the pleasure to talk and to play with over the last 2 years via Twitch and Ingame Phantøms, Zorz, Severity, Death and Taxes, Hates You, Drop it Like It’s Hoth <3, RIP, NGE, and Failure. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Special Thanks to Yolo/Snickerr and Shulk who had some of the ability names and descriptions already written out and for being quality memers.

Only thing I can really add more is:

1.) don’t stand in red

2.) press 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

3.) $£$ Profit $£$

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them below but I’m quite busy, I’ll try my best <3

Note: I uninstalled as of 06/12/2015 so not up to date on changes.

81 replies on “SWTOR 4.0 Engineering Sniper PvE Guide by Thrax”

Just a question to your opener … why dont you use a Plasma Probe inbetween your snipe and the Explosive Probe? it feels lite a waste to not take the 10% bonus dmg on your orbi ^^
but a great guide! thx 🙂

Snipe is pre cast I should probs mention that silly me, So ALL the damage hits as the first tick of Orbital lands at the same time as EP goes off.

jea i thought so, but still why not put the EP one GCD later and istead use the PP to get the 10% free dmg on Orbi? that is free dmg that you pass u just burst 1 GCD later.

You are doing the opener incorrect. Try to follow the images and make sure you follow the simple priority then once you get good at it move onto the Higher dps rotation 🙂

Only use it after EMP because it makes them free. EP > SOS > PP > IP > EMP > Nade > PP > OS/Dart > Roll/RifleShot > EP… repeat

Nice guide! I was wondering why you don’t use corrosive dart in the opener before explosive probe to apply the marked debuff.

Snipe is pre cast I should probs mention that silly me, So the damage hits as the first tick of Orbital lands at the same time as EP goes off.

Yeah I get that, which I think is a great idea to use snipe as a precast, I was just wondering why the first corrosive dart in your opener is not until after the second series of shots. I like to use it before my first explosive probe to apply the marked debuff.

I also like your suggestion of using the aggro dump before your first series of shots, as I usually use it right after and I find that by doing so I do end up pulling of the tanks as a result of the burst damage from the opener. So I will try this and see how it goes.

I don’t get the scatter bombs you have in the opening and the regular rotation. You have it down as no longer being viable dmg yet its in your rotation. Why is that.

It’s because it used to do INSANE damage like 15k per roll and it was still free. Because it’s still free and it does slightly more damage than Rifle Shot it’s more DPS to roll but obviously rolling isn’t 100% viable. tl;dr Roll if you can land all of your scatter bomb or more easily rifle shot.

One thing that’s always bugged me about Engineering/Saboteur, is the lack of a countdown timer buff for plasma probe/incendiary grenade, and with so many people attacking a target with different things, it can be easy to forget you applied it, given that it doesn’t last as long as corrosive dart/vital shot or interrogation probe/shocking probe.

The rotation kinda helps this as it’s a set rotation, Once you get into it you mostly know when it’s running out, Can always make a customer timer in StarParse so when ever you press your Plasma Probe Key it makes a noise after 8 seconds to tell you to refresh or have it physics countdown 8s to 0s on your screen.

Hey great guide! I have a few questions… What adrenals are you using, and what 224 Earpiece/ Implants are most viable to use with your stat numbers? thanks!

There is no “priority rotation” when describing how to dps. It’s either a priority system or a rotation. This particular spec runs a rotation, i.e. a specific sequential order in which you use your abilities. The sage/sorc TK/Lightning spec is an example of a priority system, whereby you use abilities in order of priority, i.e. when your top damaging ability (turbulence/thundering blast) is off cooldown you use it first, then your next most important ability (generally mind crush/crushing darkness) would be used as top priority unless turb/tb is off cooldown, etc.

So i went to do a parse on my sniper, got into cover and applied the debuffs to the dummies. I realized i was in marksmanship and wanted to do a engineering parse, so i switched specs while remaining in cover. I started my parse and got through the entire thing without any energy difficulties, no rolling or auto attack and OS every other rotation and still didn’t need to use an energy regen ability. I realized early on that i was getting 6 energy rather than 5 every second as if I was in marksman spec. it changed back to 5 if I exited cover. So apparently sniper’s nest from the marksmanship tree only goes away once you exit cover. This could be easily used to manipulate parses.

I mean if your into padding your parsing number I guess you could, It’s kind like old Operative Lethality where you would spec Concealment to get the Acid Blade buff then respec back.

Ok, first I wanna thank you for that great guide. But I have a question about gearing that might look noob… I use free/drop gear as much as I can till I hit 65 and my crystals reach the 1000 max .. and have savings around 3kk from missions.. now the question is: I will not use custom gear with mods for now but instead I wanna buy the purple ones with crystals (aka: Outlander armor or Defiant .. etc).. and I noticed that all guides come to gearing in a custom perspective like u did .. I don’t need that now.. All I need is to know what is the right armor set for my eng. Sniper from all these pre made armors .. for God sake someone please make it easy like: if u r sniper get field-tech gear .. if u r jedi cons get force-master gear .. this was my question. Thanks in advance.

I’m really not sure but I would just grind the 216 token pieces that drop from 65 SM Ops or I guess you could buy items from the Comm vendor but since mastery is primary stat you can buy any set to use, Run 2 Accuracy enhancements/Ear/Imp with 7 augments and put the rest in Crit and Alacrity.

Thnx for taking the time to reply, ok .. I kinda know that already .. because most of guides use that way in describing it. And unfortunately most of them use strictly extreme shortcuts that I am trying hard to be familiar with .. so I need it simple plus if you can tell me the exact stats of each piece to achieve maximum dps which I believe in my class is around 6660 according to many forums but they used custom gear on it. So conclusion.. pre made crystal gear .. which armor set name? Other parts 208/216/220 if I am not asking too much .. and thank you so much in advance again 🙂

I’m not sure to be honest I’ve never used crystal gear :<
I guess get accuracy implants and the rest crit alacrity. Since mastery can be used on all classes it doesn't really matter on the set.

Normally Virulence, trying something new. Not understanding this part of the guide…

Continuing from the Opener
Just the same rotation as above but you start on the 5th picture/gcd it’s super simple.

I thought once you finish the Opener Rotation. You start right into the Main Rotation or the Max Dps Rotation and keep it until >30%. Or do you mean going back into the Opener and start at the 5th pic which to me is Plasma Probe?

SO this may be really noob, but i took a break 6ish months ago when it was still 3.0, so im not sure about this. Do you still need 110% accuracy? I’ve seen a few guides on Dulfy with them running 100% max, yet on the forums and all of my guildies say 110% is still needed. So i guess im asking why your not running it? your a nightmare level Raider and missing lowers DPS, so the only reason i could come up with that explains not having the 110% accuracy would be that you dont need it anymore. I might be sounding like the biggest noob but if you could clarify this issue for me i would greatly appreciate it!!!

So I realize this is late but 100% as opposed to 110% accuracy is either a discussion of ranged/melee versus tech/force accuracy or you are reading PvP guides without realizing it. You still need 10% ADDITIONAL accuracy but melee/ranged starts at a base of 90% while tech/force starts at 100%. Bosses have 10% defense against force/tech attacks so you need this accuracy to hit reliably. They changed it so that melee/ranged basic attacks won’t miss at 100% accuracy as well but it only affects your filler.

As long as you have 9.75% accuracy any additional amount isn’t really needed if it will push you over 10% but you should try to get as close to 10% as you can without going over and without being under 9.75%.

You mention fights where this spec is optimal, but what are the boss fights where this spec shouldn’t be used in any case? I take coratanni would be one of them? I do mostly hm ops with guild… I’m pretty new as a sniper and don’t want to bother my head with trying to learn how to use all specs/rotations at the same time so I rather stick with one until I master it.

So i just have a quick question in regards to the use of Rifle Shot during parses/raids. I have examined the top parses on Parsley and have noticed that the majority of them never use a single Rifle Shot during their parse on a 1.5 mil dummy. Is there some type of trick to that? cause without using Rifle Shot (if covered escape is on CD) i run out of energy very quickly. If someone wouldn’t mind looking up my parse on Parsley under the name Brugger and seeing if/where I’m messing up that would be great!

I don’t understand the use of “Covered Escape’s Scatter Bombs” in the opener/rotation since Snipers should be at ranged distance… this wouldn’t do any damage and make you move unnecessarily.
What am I missing?

On the “Higher DPS Rotation” on GCD 9 and 10 does they light up or something that allows you to do them twice and not have them on cooldown?

Gary Moore “After The War”… Great choice, may I commend you for that, Gary was one of my all-time favourites…

Please refer to other guides this might be outdated as I uninstalled 1/2 months after the 4.0 update.
Cheers :)! (Playing League now kill me pls :> )

Not sure if you’re still lookin at comments, but could you label all of the abilities in the rotation section? I’m new to the game and am a little overwhelmed by all of them. Thanks.

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