SWTOR Bioware explains Companion Healing Nerfs

With tomorrow’s patch 4.0.2, companion healing power will be reduced. Eric went on the forums to explain why.

Companion Changes in 4.0.2 | 11.16.2015, 08:19 PM

Hey folks,
If you haven’t yet seen the 4.0.2 patch notes, you can view them here. There are some patch notes that we wanted to highlight and talk about specifically.

  • Companion base stats have been reduced.
  • Companion damage and healing output has been reduced.

Some of you will certainly ask, why the need to nerf Companions? This is something that we definitely saw the community be divided on, and it was good for us to hear feedback from both sides. Ultimately, this decision came down to our own goals for Companions, along with data on how they were performing. What we saw in those instances is that Companions, simply put, were just way too good. Their healing and damage output could be greater than that of a very skilled player with a fully maximized character. In order for you to understand why we are making these changes, we thought it best to explain our goals for Companions in Fallen Empire.

In KotFE, with a large focus on going back to story, we wanted to make sure that all of our story content was accessible to all of our players. The power that Companions bring to the table, definitely played a part in that accessibility. Companions, from a combat perspective, should complement and provide support to your character, not overshadow them. However, in looking at how strong Companions are, we may have gone a bit too far in that direction. Simply put, while playing through much of the game, there are a lot of situations in regular combat where it is practically impossible for you to be killed if you have a healing Companion. Although this can be fun for a time, this wasn’t our goal. Companions should be strong, they should fill any role you need, but they should not make your actual gameplay be overshadowed by how strong they are.

So with 4.0.2 we have brought their effectiveness down quite a bit, let’s talk about some of the specifics here:

  • There isn’t a flat % that healing was reduced by. Effectiveness reduction varies greatly depending on level, Influence, level sync, etc. That being said, the healer companions are still quite competitive, but they no longer trivialize content that was meant to be challenging.
  • Healing power increase by Influence level has been increased. That means that as you scale up Influence levels with a Companion they will get more powerful per level than before. This helps to offset the base healing reduction a bit as you gain influence with your companion.

We did want to make some improvements to tanking Companions:

  • We increased the threat generated by tank companions, so they should be able to hold the attention of enemy NPCs better than before.
  • We fixed an issue involving the tank companion’s mass grapple ability, it will no longer pull in enemies that are out of combat.

Will your Companions feel a bit weaker than they did when KotFE launched? Yes. But believe me they will still carry their weight and fill the role you need them to in combat. All that we ask is that you log in tomorrow, and check the changes yourself. Play around with the Companions in each role and let us know your feedback. Thanks everyone.


The only questions I would like answered | 11.16.2015, 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by Ghisallo

First… Eric, thank you for actually speaking about the elephant in the room. Most MMOs I have played would have just let the threads run on, say nothing, launch patch and move.

Second… HOWEVER, questions. For people who have a basic understanding of MMO design the issue was obvious. Maybe not the exact cause but we were like "holy junk this is not right." So… First… how did such an obvious issue get pushed to live? Wasnit a QA issue? Time crunch issue? Second… Is this the "real" issue or a band-aid?

I ask number 2 because sometimes the "real" cause is unknown at first but you know you have to at least address the symptoms. If you do not know the real cause of the issue you have to make a fix that works "for now"

I ask the second question because this change will be a rather large shock to some and people can only sustain so many of them.

Hey Ghisallo,

Good questions, let me take a stab at them.

First answer – This wasn’t a QA issue as it isn’t a bug. Our goal with Fallen Empire was to ensure that all of our story content was very accessible to all players, new and old. The power of Companions was certainly a part of that, and so we do want them to be strong. However, we went a bit too far on the strong side, and need to bring that back in line.

Second answer – You can kind of see from the first answer that this will work to fix the issue and not be a band-aid as it is just a question of balancing. Now, it is always possible we will make future tweaks, but this should bring Companions more in line. They will still be strong, but they will not overshadow the power of a player.


Companion Changes in 4.0.2 | 11.16.2015, 08:30 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by AdarnVote

just one question then eric:
for those of us who like to play solo like me, will I still be able to go through with my healing companion and do the weekly heroics to build our influence/alliance? because right now that’s all I’ve got to work with solo wise.

Absolutely! It certainly may be a bit more challenging than before but you can complete them. The intent is that you can complete any [Heroic 2] with your Companion counting as one of the two. If you find this isn’t true for any Heroics tomorrow, let us know.


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Again BW messed it up and now have to clean it the only way they know, as always, nerfing things!!! *We went a bit to far*… For real? Do they EVER test things before release? Why are they even bothering to pay the damn testing team?

Most testing is done on the public test server, of which not one of the players are paid to play on that. Unless they take sponsorship deals, etc. Typical “esports” bit. But then that would be the first I’ve heard of an esports player making money on a testing server.

A big issue is making sure that all companions of the same influence rank heal for exactly the same, then people can use whichever companion they want to have around. Melee tech healers and HK-51, ranged tech healers, and force healers (Khem’s a little bit weaker than the other force healers) have quite disparate healing. So, I hope that when the nerf does come; the only difference in healing between any companion comes from Influence rank.

That’s the best part about FE to me! I can use whatever comp I LIKE and not whatever comp I HAVE to use. ICYMI there’s no such thing as force healers or ranged tech healers anymore. They’re either healers, tanks or DPS’ers, period. I always hated Mako but due to my play style I had to use her LVL 10 all the way thru eternity as she was the only heal comp. I always liked Kaliyo but I couldn’t use her since she didn’t heal me. This new system is superb in every way.

That’s not exactly what I meant, at the same influence rank, different types of companions have disparate healing. Force companions heal the highest, so I’m hoping that when 4.0 comes around, they’ll all heal for the same amount, depending on influence rank. Go ingame, please have a look at that, and you’ll see the difference.

My point being, that Mako should not outshine any other comp set in healing mode, nor should Talos, or Quinn, or Doc, or Tharan, or Lokin, or Elara, or Guss.

So, I’m hoping 4.0.2 will actually make them equal, because 4.0 didn’t.

” ICYMI there’s no such thing as force healers or ranged tech healers anymore.”

Actually, there still is. You can’t change the force/tech and ranged/melee role. I wouldn’t mind being able to change a few melee comps to ranged ones.

This I see as a great adjustment to the game. In my opinion, the current companions since 4.0’s launch have made us lazier players. With the very fact that we can either skip mechanics that aren’t operations, or the very fact that we literally can take a 15 minute break against mobs and never have to worry about our companions failing to keep us alive. This goes back to simplification, and how its nearly impossible with a high influence companion to die given your doing the general minimum required things to accomplish ‘X’ mission. This will allow people to really learn mechanics and survivability for their class and rotation sets.
Again, I see this as a good thing. I remember a great challenge for me with my companions pre 3.0 and before 4.0 was Oricon’s dailies + weekly, on solo as a level 55. That was a great challenge, even with todays influence system and level sync, that is now a cakewalk. I hope they make missions like those a challenge to players again, rather than being carefree trigger/melee happy missions.

I have to say, leave the open worlds as they are, so that everyone can enjoy them, regardless of skill.

However, it would be nice to have a WoW-style Proving Grounds series of scenarios, so that players can really get to know their class. People should be gated from instanced group content (FPs, Ops) if they don’t do these PG scenarios (a check would assess number of PG missions completed, of every type relevant to their role, , because I don’t want people in my group who cannot actually contribute, I do not want queue-jumpers like healer-designates and tank-designates who don’t actually fulfill their roles, or dpses who just use one other ability on CD. Certainly, there need to be more specialised, instanced, challenge scenarios that have damn-all to do with story, solo, or 4m, or 8-16m, of varying difficulty modes, and need to be a million miles away from the open world.

“They will still be strong, but they will not overshadow the power of a player.”

This is good, I don’t particularly want to be overshadowed; but I don’t want a useless companion either, anyone who wants to relax should be able to do so, but not if going AFK. I have to say, I never AFKed since 4.0, since it’s not a good idea anyway, to do that in a combat zone, as a matter of principle; QT to a safe area if you have to, better safe than sorry.

A separate instanced off training ground isn’t a bad idea for those that wish to know more about a class and general abilities, but since it doesn’t exist, we have to focus one what we got to work with. I don’t use the term AFK as something people do, but as an example of what you could do if you wished while your companion kept you alive the whole time, thus my affirmation towards this patch. Your point about not wanting people in a group that don’t contribute is understandable, but at the same time something that we all can’t have.
Going back to my point about over-powered companions, since that’s what this topic is about. After the implementation of this patch, I honestly don’t see companions as being that much worse, more than likely still better than 3.0 companions. The things I liked most about the companions was their consistency when throwing out heals, a change simply to the amount of heals they dish out is something I see as possible change. I would much prefer more consistent lower heals than delayed high spike heals.
All in all, I hope they adjust it accordingly to make it so that progression through each planet is still possible solo-able without too much difficulty, but still a challenge at the same time. When people are not presented with enough of a challenge when progressing, the enjoyment of reaching goals is diminished greatly.

I’d just as soon they add separate instances for those Dark Souls fans while keeping the rest of the planets casual-friendly, I really don’t want my regular swtor gameplay to be a challenge (And I suspect your idea of a challenge may be a lot harsher than mine, anyway), like I felt it was pre 3.0, and even to some extent, post-3.0, so I don’t suppose we’ll ever agree on that.

Are we talking about 4.0 companion healing consistency?

They still note you can use influence to boost them, so we’ll have to see how well that works. But if influence really matters, the downside is you’re back to picking a main because it’s not cheap or easy get your whole team to the same level.

The whole uproar about companions, to me, seems to be one of bad players who don’t want to learn to play. The issue is that the content is too easy, not that the companions are overpowered. Doing solo content without a companion is stupid easy too, if you learn your class and the base game mechanics.

BW:A should seriously consider taking a leaf out of BW:A’s book with the Proving Grounds scenarios, if I’m right, they’re no cakewalk.

Devil’s advocate: And what about the “learn to play”? You mean “learn to play your way”? Many people don’t care to be uber elite, and they don’t want to be locked out of actual content (not prizes) for not being uber elite. Perhaps your style is different from theirs? Or vice versa? Playing a game shouldn’t be who is best at figuring out spreadsheets full of stat formulas, unless that’s your thing. But for those that don’t want it to be theirs, they should all just quit gaming?

1. Did you read my comment? Or just “learn to play”? Who is being locked out of what? I am frustrated that people claim that companions are overpowered and that the supposedly irrefutable proof to this is that they are better than player characters or that they can solo the game content. I find that none of my companions have out-performed me, so what player do we base this ‘overshadowing’ on that the companions are doing? Companions were not useful for actually difficult content before 4.0, now they are, and they’re going to get nerfed, seemingly because they can easily solo content that is easy to solo. Again, where draw the line? I’m sure that after the nerf there will still be players out there that are worse than the companions, I’m even sure there will still be plenty of enemies that the companions could beat by themselves. Surely they need to be nerfed more!

2. I am not ‘uber elite’. I have a few achievements for HM ops that I got on-level (4 or 5 bosses in total, maybe), I do have many more that I got while overleveled, I am not even almost one of the best players out there. I’d say I am a good tank, a competent healer and a dps that knows her rotation and will not make a fool of herself but cannot approach the top parses. I also tank better than my companion tanks, heal better than my companion healers and kill better than my companion dps. This does not really show well in solo content, because everything dies so quickly (I maintain that most of the solo content is too easy), but put a companion under some real pressure, when they’re not just responding very fast to top you off, but have to suddenly keep three players alive that are all in trouble. Sure, a healer that has never had to push themselves will also struggle, but they can learn to cope, a companion will not. Same for the other roles.

As long as they don’t nerf them like they did the a lot machine I think it will be ok. Although some of those heroics may actually take two people now.

It’s still an H4, but you could solo it with good gear, and some smart tactics. I imagine that it will be harder to solo now…..maybe.

I’m pretty sure we all knew this was coming – with the way companions are now you can walk through all the PvE content – including heroic missions, even if your toon is wearing completely unmodded gear.

At least, that’s how it’s been working for my smuggler that I’ve been leveling. And I have a lvl 65 jugg who has been doing Star Fortress using nothing but a three attack rotation. And THEN I realized I had him in tanking gear, but trained into a dps build. It’s straight up nuts.

first of all, Bioware should finally decide whether they want single player game with some group content or failed MMO from 2012

Here we are, from the patch notes:

Companion base stats have been reduced.
Companion damage and healing output has been reduced.
Companions in the Tank role now generate additional threat.

This is good news about tank threat, though; they’re having a hard time holding aggro atm…

“We fixed an issue involving the tank companion’s mass grapple ability, it will no longer pull in enemies that are out of combat.”

I’m happy about this. As superb a tank as Pierce has been, he’s often made a dangerous situation nearly impossible by hauling in an additional 5-6 silver/gold enemies to deal with. This was exemplified to a comic (if ultimately fatal) degree in the Belsavis H2 “Old Enemies”.

That was actually quite a spectacular, I found, but not something I’d want to happen on a regular basis, and not with as many enemies mobs as there can be.

haha i yelled at my companion every time. Use the punish companion legacy skill each time my tank comp did that. hahhaha minding my own business killing npc’s when all the sudden 4.5 npcs come flying through the air like “hey whats up”

Well this sucks. For those of you saying that the people who didn’t want companions nerfed because they “don’t want to learn to play the game” or “don’t know MMO mechanics”, just know that you’re wrong. I didn’t want companions nerfed exactly because of people like you: elitists who ridicule and punish others for not playing the game the way you think it should be played.

I don’t like playing with others for that very reason and would prefer to do my own thing. The companions before this update were a Godsend to me and other players like me, because we could finally trek around the galaxy and do whatever we wanted without being forced to group with others. Now, we will likely have to go back to the way things were in the before-time, needing to group up with rude people to play certain things.

As someone below said, BioWare needs to figure out if they want to focus on the singleplayer story aspect of this game or the multiplayer MMO that it was initially designed to be. Focusing on one playstyle gimps the other. The same thing happens when they make gameplay changes because of PvP issues, which then negatively affect PvE. Prioritize, BioWare!

It sounds like you just need to learn how to play the game with a companion that won’t let you spam your basic attack and succeed.

LOL, I’ve been playing SWTOR for three-going-on-four years. I have a character of every advanced class and a character for all healing, DPS, and tank specs when you count faction class mirrors. Some specs I liked so much I even have two characters using them, like Vigilance/Vengeance and Telekinetics/Lightning.

I know my rotations and I know how to play this game just fine, I just don’t do anything greater than the occasional Heroic or Flashpoint because I don’t like group content that much. Even with companions being as strong as they are, I never just spammed my basic attack when playing, I still used my full skillset. The companions just made gameplay less tedious and frustrating for me; it didn’t make me lazy.

Thanks for proving my point though! I appreciate your “constructive” criticism!

This has been pretty much my experience, 4.0 did not encourage me to spam the basic attack, or allow companions to tackle mobs themselves. Always do I do my rotations, always do I endeavour to outshine my companions.

… then what the hell are you talking about. You seem to know the game just as much as these people you call “elitist”

Hell, if the content wasn’t challenging, weeks from now you’d quit the game becuase the game’s just a “Mindless grind”

Me knowing what I’m doing doesn’t make me an elitist. I don’t go around bragging about how much DPS I can put out or how nobody dies while I’m healing. I don’t feel I’m superior to everyone else because I know what I’m doing. I just consider myself experienced and competent. I also don’t expect everybody to be able to do as well as me or be better than me. Everyone in SWTOR has varying levels of skill and experience and I don’t mind that.

also, not everyone needs to be challenged in order to have fun. Casual gaming is a thing.

You say you know what you are doing, know your rotations and use your full skillset. But previously you said that 4.0 companions are a godsend because now you can “trek around the galaxy and do whatever without needing to group with others”. If you really knew what you are doing, you wouldn’t need faceroll companions to do whatever you wanted because that was already possible before 4.0, considering that you rarely do group content. Even gold mobs will be dead before you go through an opener + full rotation normally.

The benchmark for competence isn’t solo leveling or dailies, it’s group content or endgame PVP. So you are either lying, humble-bragging-trolling, or grossly overestimating your own ability. If you don’t do high-end group content regularly, you simply don’t know what competence in this game looks like, regardless of how many 65 alts you have. Dunning-Kruger effect, look it up.

It’s funny because apparently, suggesting that content that is balanced for group play isn’t meant to be beaten by solo players who aren’t exceptionally skilled and in min-maxed gear, i.e. you (or me), gets you labeled as a “rude elitist”. Well, them’s the breaks.

“If you really knew what you were doing, you wouldn’t need faceroll companions to do whatever you wanted because that was already possible before 4.0, considering that you rarely do group content.”

Thanks for proving my point again, since you’re implying that your level of skill and your opinion on how and when someone should be able to “do whatever they want” applies to everyone. There are varying degrees of competence, and just because I can’t do something exactly the way you expect doesn’t mean that I am therefore incompetent. If you read my post below, you’ll see that you are doing exactly what I said “elitists” do; your statement is basically an implied “get on my level or GTFO”.

Honestly, group content is a great measuring tool for players, but it’s not the sole measuring stick out there. Personally, I consider someone competent in SWTOR if they can hold their own overall without much, if any, assistance, and don’t hinder the group’s performance. Companions don’t count as assistance, by the way. Competence does not equal excellence. You don’t need to be breaking the DPS meter to earn the title “competent” in my book. However, many said “elitists” have that mentality, and it appears you may as well.
It just seems that one can’t be a casual player that does their own thing in this game anymore and still be considered reliable and competent. Only the hardcore, elite gamers of SWTOR that can clear Nightmare Operations count as good players and everyone else just sucks by comparison. If you don’t meet up with their standards or play by their rules, you are labeled “incompetent” and told “you have no idea what you’re doing”. That, ladies and gents, is what elitism is.

Yeah… that’s not really how proof works. Suggesting that somebody who doesn’t know what they are doing, doesn’t know what they are doing isn’t elitism, it’s calling a spade a spade. Don’t take it personally.

Sorry, but you aren’t supposed to clear content by going AFK, by (Bioware’s) design, as apparently this is what you mean by “doing what you want”. There is no difficulty level that is low enough that nobody will ever fail, except at the point where the game plays itself. We are pretty close to that point, and the game requires player input to go from point A to B and little else. The developers disagree with you that this is reasonable or working as intended. But no amount of explanations or arguments will sway your opinion, because you simply label anyone who disagrees an “elitist” and disregard what they say.

Let me remind you that it was YOU who brought your own level of
competence to the discussion, not me. “Yes, I’m a perfectly competent doctor. No I don’t know what a fever is, but there are varying degrees of competence”. Again, solo/story content has (and always has had) the lowest skill requirement and companion heals on steroids make absolutely no difference if you use all tools available to your class, because everything melts before you need any serious healing. Since by your own admission you rarely do group content, this is the context we are discussing. So you either do not in fact know what you are doing, or you do and what you want is for companions to _carry you_ through group content (H4 and FPs). Note that those are still soloable for someone who “knows what they are doing”.

Remember guys, AFK gaming is a thing, and if you aren’t into it, you are a rude elitist and you are proving some point.

Maybe everyone should chill out and actually wait for the patch and see how things work before throwing pitchforks at each other. Stop throwing around words like ‘my level’ ‘your level’ without actually saying what your level is. If you are going to have a discussion like this, first wait and see how they ACTUALLY do after the patch. Also it would help if you also pointed out what level gear you are wearing and what influence level your companions are.

I for one am running around in 216-220 gear and run around with companions between influence of 10-25. My companion was throwing out heals at me that were greater than 20K, yes once again… heals GREATER than 20K! One of my guildy who is the best healer I know around for the last three years and is geared in almost full 220 gear with full augments is usually throwing out heals between 17K-20K. So when my companion is actually doing better than one of the best progression raider that I know, then the companion is much better than they should be.

Also note that these are my companions ranging from influence 10-25, so I can’t imagine what it would be like once they reach 40+.

From Day 1 of the expansion, most of the people I play with suspected that they would get nerfed (and we have many guildies that just play solo mode and work through Heroics and Flashpoints and is not interested in Operations).

There will always be casuals, and there will always be the ones out there toxic enough to go around calling them “trash” and “bottom feeders”. It’s a vicious dichotomy.

If you’re used to independent play, I doubt you’ll notice a big difference. The only thing that’s likely to get notably harder is the final boss in Aurora Cannon/Long Shots; if you can beat him, you can beat every other heroic solo, no question.

I’ve had trouble already tackling the mobs there, post 4.0; they’re not H2+ mobs, they are still H4 mobs.

Just as an example: 2 elites, 3 strongs, 1 standard. Another example: 3 elites.

This is definitely not H2+ strength, it is H4.

BW:A got rid of the group mechanic, but they kept the H4 mobs, and the boss has H4 HP and strength.

Usually both You and the Companion can CC… só 3 elites will become 1 most of the time…

Plenty of tools to work that out.

Well, because of the lack of physical barriers, my stealthies should have absolutely no issue with the SX Weekly. The others though…yes, the others, hmmm…

The problem is the final boss, not the trash. The final boss can’t be cc-ed, you can’t click the switch until he’s dead, and if you can’t interrupt faster than he can start channeling self-heals, you just can’t beat him. With a healer comp I can make the fight last forever, but I can’t beat him solo.

Sorry, but then maybe you should look for a single player game… it’s bad to get a multiplayer game, MMO, and destroy it for the sake of playing it as single player.

Everyone debating on this topic seems to assume that the power level of companions has to go from one extreme to the other. There is a middle ground. Pre-4.0 many companions were useless. Post 4.0 they were ridiculous. I play a tank spec character and I have been soloing the H4 in the Rakghoul event and I’m wearing entry level PVP gear. It’s a H4 and whether fighting the mobs or the elites I have not once had to use a self heal or DC due to my companion healing me. Not a single defensive cooldown. That’s just crazy. And I’m not talking about full influence companions either, they are level 15. Even halving their healing won’t stop you soloing H2s. It may just mean you need to occasionally pop a DC or maybe even a heroic moment.

People are assuming that because BioWare’s track record when it comes to balancing attempts has been poor. They like to take things nuke them from orbit first instead of making fine-tuned adjustments. Just look at the Contraband Slot Machine. People still cringe and cower in terror over that whole debacle, LOL.

Honestly I think they should give a toggle to turn off presence. Pre-4.0 my comps were not useless, but I have like 1500 presence and frankly I’d rather play with 0…

I love group content, and I enjoy doing flashpoints, operations and anything else that might require full groups to complete, especially since 4.0 ALL the operations now need mechanics and are actually somewhat challenging.

Having said that, when there are no friends/guildies online, or when I want to play on my own, I LOVE having companions to help me complete any heroic on any planet I want. This is the threshold for me. If I can’t solo heroics on planets with my companions after tomorrow, then I will be disappointed by the update. Otherwise, I think the companions were indeed a little bit too powerful since 4.0

Say all you want but SWTOR is becoming increasingly a solo RPG experience. As a longtime guild recruiter I am seeing more than ever before people who want little to do with guilds apart from maybe playing with a friend. Check out pubside on any pve server especially harbinger and you will see what I’m talking about.

Tools for them to enjoy the content should be there too. Not everyone wants to tour through the game in a school bus. Some of us may prefer to weave in and out of traffic in a hover bike.

>For those of you saying that the people who didn’t want companions
nerfed are only doing so because they “don’t want to learn to play the
game” or “don’t know MMO mechanics”, just know that you’re wrong. I
didn’t want companions nerfed exactly because of people like you:
elitists who ridicule and punish others for not playing the game the way
you think it should be played.

…. what the hell am I reading? How are we wrong again? Since when have we punished you for doing solo content a different way? If you go into a flashpoint or raid which *demands* that you know your class and role, that’s not us “elitists” punishing you for playing content “our” way. That’s the game punishing you with an ingame death for not following mechanics or learning your class, and your party’s increasing frustration with your refusal to learn what’s required to be in a raid. And how fucking dare you get upset at us for refusing to carry your ass.

Currently, I could go into a Heroic 2+ with a Rank 10 Healing companion, pull a group with multiple Elite and Strong enemies, and then AFK while the companion manages to keep both of us alive and slowly kill everything.

Try and tell me that is balanced and fair. Try and tell me that the expectation to do more than go AFK is ‘rude elitism.’

I’ve read this post and your replies below and I call BS!! NO WAY do you need to micromanage companions to keep them standing. Gear them right, use them right, KNOW HOW TO PLAY (you say you do, but your words indicate the exact opposite) and it’s not a problem. It seriously sounds like you need to go find yourself a nice little single player game and never worry about people. Honestly, you probably suck and that’s why “the elitist” (reg players probably) are “rude” to you. Go. We won’t miss you.

This is one nerf that I welcome because the game has been way too easy since 4.0.

I don’t care about the nerf, but what did u mean gear them right lmao umm are we playing the same game. no gear needed lol

Way off base on the first 3 paragraphs, but spot on in the final IMO. Bioware really needs to stop trying please both an MMO and a Single Player RPG crowd, because all their doing is screwing over both crowds in the end. They either need to pick one and go with it or split the dev team into two different games. Honestly this expansion would have been a great spinoff game as a single player RPG.

The companions were powerful because the player character is very weak. It is easy to overshadow a pathetic character.

Maybe BW should buff player health and efficiency by 100% and than nerf companions.

I wish tank companions had some base mitigation. Specifically Qeyzen. Maybe its me, maybe I am bugged, but I check Qeyzen’s defensive stats, and his armor rating is a big goose egg. I understand he has abilities that reduce dmg etc, but when those are on CD, he is taking 40k hits from hm starfortress bosses. I guess maybe he isnt supposed to be tanking them…but should I be mitigating better than him? If so, why spec tank?

I mean that sounds like a typical HM boss crit, which was rolled against nomod and shield. Any tanks that get crit by anything will be hurt, I can assure you this.

At 65, Armor Rating for tank companions goes to 0. They have no damage reduction whatsoever and crumple like pieces of paper. This is an error that BioWare has made and they mean to fix it for 4.0.3.

Of course, it would make more sense to fix it BEFORE they increase threat and aggro on the tanks, but then this is BioWare we’re talking about.

My apologies then. I didn’t test the tank companions extensively myself, so I had no idea, and should have kept my mouth shut.

Before the patch goes live, everyone should just… do world pvp for a moment before complaining about the companion nerfs.

Ordinarily I’d be inclined to agree with you on BWs overzealous nerfing, but comps are atm outrageously overpowered. It may be fun for some, perhaps the same kind of people who like to use cheat codes in games that support them, but make no mistake: THIS is a legitimate nerf. Solo PvE is not something I’m enjoying as much as I used to because of this.

I agree with you that BW didn’t have to explain this one, not for the reasons you said but because it was obviously necessary – whether some like to admit it or not.

Good. I haven’t gotten into a big argument about this yet, and don’t plan to, but I’ve been wanting and waiting for this. I want companions to be companions, not the heroes that can kill everything in front of me as I AFK. Weak enemies sure, but not everything.

To put this into perspective for those inclined to whine about how unfair all of this is:

Earlier today I was playing through the weeklies on Nar Shaddaa. After clearing a group of mobs I had to take a phone call and I just left my client open as it was. I knew that the mobs would respawn and I’d come back to my PC to find myself dead, but it’s not a big of a deal so I just left it.

I came back after a reasonably lengthy chat to find that: (a) I wasn’t dead; (b) my comp was just finishing off the last Champion mob of the group; and (c) the ground was littered with lootable corpses from AT LEAST one other group. Surely even the most ardent supporter of the 4.0 companion changes can agree that this is just downright ridiculous?

I’m happy about this, especially since the companion nerf wasn’t that extensive. I’ve noticed a lot of critics about the nerf seem to forget that a companion’s effectiveness is improved with each influence rank they have, in addition to how high your Presence is. If you’re upset with your companion being “too weak” now, just keep pumping them with gifts and find ways to boost your Presence. The Influence cap is 50, after all.

As much as I loved to see my companion throw out 20K heals, I think this is for the best. Yesterday I was running heroics and I don’t think my health dropped below 90% at any time AND my healer companion had enough time to destroy mobs between pocket healing me.

It was really bad. I’m pretty sure I never dropped below 90 either. Takes all the enjoyment out for me. Someone on the forums said they created a new level 1, played until they got a comp and was able to let the comp do 100% and easily got to level 24 with 0 work. That’s not a game, that’s a joke.

It kind of sucks, but I honestly can’t blame them. With a healing companion, the number of HoTs was ridiculous. Even against gold enemies I never dropped below 95%. I like things to go quickly, but the way they were made everything into a joke.

Well, I honestly want to just say, “Fuck you Bioware, and here’s why.”

I hear a lot of people complaining about “how good the healing companion is” and that’s great – if you don’t like it, then turn off some healing. It’s that simple. What the implication is from this #CompanionLivesDontMatter clique of these people is however, is that my healing companion, whom you have nothing at all to do with as players, seem to be greatly affected by the fact that they do their jobs better than most players. Is that a bad thing? No, it’s not at all.

I like to solo m content in this game just as much as everyone else does. If you want to play with a group, you have that option too. The concensus that I’m seeing thrown around BY OTHER PLAYERS is they are absolutely butthurt that they cannot get groups for H2 Star Fortresses. No joke, these are the same people that can’t solo them, want to be carried through content and are mad that their companion can’t cut it because they go balls deep DPS and can’t stay up. So, they turn to us tanks to carry them through content, but have to whine and complain that we don’t need them. So, in turn, it’s really just come full circle-jerk of “us versus them”.

If you don’t like my companion healing me through content I can do without you, well… that was too bad. Now, knowing how Bioware over-compensates for nerf after nerf, I will challenge myself in the morning to try to obtain the One and Only achievement – and I bet you it wont be accomplished. Why? ~50% reduction in something good won’t keep up.

Don’t believe it? Prime example – Orbital strike first reduced 75%. Then it was taken away from healing Agents/Smugglers. Pigeon-holed into healing only existence – fuck you and your damage. We want you to be tossed into the deep end of struggling. Things don’t change it seems. Guess we will see how this works out.

You can always find people to do the Star Fortress in Heroic mode. Even the people that have the One For All achievement (like I do!) don’t want to spend 45-50 mins to complete a flashpoint that takes 20 mins if you do it with someone else.

I have to say I normally doesn’t take long to find one person to team up with for the Star Fortress. Sometimes I have too many people wanting to group when I put out a call.

Not hard to find a group for Star Fortress at all. I think most of the complaints were from PvP servers, wherein a player could have their healing comp out and wreck players encountered in the wild.

I don’t think this change was necessary, it was fun to have overpowered companions, but I can see why they changed it from a developer standpoint, as it rendered most challenges obsolete.

I was soloing content with a tank comp, so it’s not like it won’t be possible to continue doing so going forward. Exarch might be more of a bitch for those who were running it healer/healer – but that wasn’t the only option, and some have achieved it without the healer comp.

Again, I get where you’re coming from, and I wasn’t happy about this change either, but it’s not worth dusting off my pitchfork over it. A change made to preserve some degree of challenge isn’t a bad thing, especially in SWTOR.

Ummm no. – open world pvp is DEAD. Even PvP’ers do PvE. The complaints were just from the usual whiners who whine about anything they can find.

^ This post I feel nails my sentiments on being forced to group with ‘bad’ when all I wanna do is ‘Solo’ the content.

Just soloed a Star Fortress without buffs-with rank 20+ comp, it’s even easier. The comp can now out-heal the exarchs dps when they focus on the comp.

Not sure if I am happy about the coming change or not. I have liked the companions being stronger as it means I can make more of the time I get to play the game, but that said, can admit they have been pretty good.
I guess it comes down to how much they actually nerf the companions. If they are still stronger than pre-4.0 and you can still get through the boss fights in solo content without dying all the time, then it’ll be fine.
Even with the super power companions I have had some deaths, mostly due to accidently pulling in an extra group or making a bad call, but then that was while they were still rank 10 influence levels.
I guess it is a case of seeing how it is after the patch in doing the weekly heroics with the level sync and seeing if they are still mostly doable or not as the real test.

I found soloing the Exarchs on my dps sorc quite easy, even with a rank 10 companion, and without using any of the buffs or heroic moment/unity. Only time I ever died was when I got knocked off the platform trying to kite the boss into it’s own radiation. It was really way too easy for a heroic 2+.
I’m assuming post-nerf it will be much more of an effort to solo, but if you pick up all the alliance boosts and use your abilities like heroic moment it still shouldn’t be too hard.

I think a lot depends on your class and gear. I know a well geared Sorc can put out some serious damage by the way they kill me so often in my few PvP sorties.
When the Exarch focused solely on my character, I could sometimes do it, but if he went and wiped my healer companion, I couldn’t kill the Exarch before they killed me.
Then again, while I am reasonable at playing the game, I’m certainly not Ops elite (having only done Ops a handful of times), so that has something to do with it as well.
My main issue I guess wasn’t that my companion was OP, just that they generated more threat than my character and I couldn’t seem to draw the Exarch away from them.
As Gunslinger and Sage (generally full 216 geared), I died most of the times I tried to solo the Exarch, with all boosts and heroic moment active. Could just be that I suck more than I thought. 🙂

Yep, I can image there is a rather sudden turning point there, I generally could out-threat my companion, so there was no problem. But maybe if your dps is just 10% lower the companion draws aggro and you’re in trouble, I haven’t tried that.
Thing is, the nerf might actually make the exarch easier for you know, because the healing companions will pull much less threat you can hold aggro, and use your mitigation abilities properly, while the healer stays up.

I have been thinking that too, the reduction in healing may work in my favour and make it easier to keep aggro.
I guess i’ll find out later. 😉

not sure how to feel about this… cause at first you take away our ability to solo breeze at a fast pace. with emphasis on fast pace our dailies and what not. now it will take even longer.

Doubt things will be unsoable now but still, if lets say getting rank 50 with comp, probably wont notice a difference at all but yeah..

not the end of the world so guess will have to make it work.

on the other hand i might understand. saw 2 people attacking enemy player with his comp out and he kept going back to full health. so either they lacked xp… or comp heals was massively op

I’m not really happy about it either, but its very easy to solo the heroics using a tank (I use Xalek, lvl 20 influence) and I’m a rage jug in fully augmented 208 PvP gear.

I can understand the healing nerf, but the dps nerf I don’t think was as necessary

Exactly, this won’t render heroics impossible at all. A tank player might have to pace themselves, but even so – tank+heals wasn’t the most efficient combination for soloing heroics anyway.

i used tank 20+ influence comp for a while but switching to healing comp was more effective imo.

in sense of you will out aggro the tank, happens with me all the time getting the huge dmg inc. still survivable but then you have your 1.4 sec stop to heal to full health while with comp i can keep going and going without a stop.

but nonetheless doesn’t matter which spec it still wont make it unable to solo, just seems bit… meh

Don’t care. Stop breaking shit that ain’t broke, and focus your “efforts” where they’re really needed. Anyone notice their list of known bugs, and how some of them have been around since launch?

This was extremely broke. IMO this was one of the most broken things I’ve seen in the game. Glad to see them addressing it.

I was initially really irritated by this, because having an OP healing comp was amazing in tacticals, and I was worried that this would make Heroics more of a pain in the ass..

However, I usually use my comp in tank mode in heroics, so I can spot heal if necessary (usually isn’t) – so long as that hasn’t been undermined, which I don’t think it has as they now have increased threat gen, they won’t pull additional mobs, and they don’t mention stat squishing – thus it shouldn’t pose much of an issue, even for those who don’t have an offheal ability.

It was fun to have OP companions, but I don’t think this change is necessarily going to break the game, especially considering they don’t mention changes to comp DPS – I’ll still miss the heals.

It does state companion damage and healing have been reduced, so I took that as the DPS has been changed too.
I don’t think this’ll be a game breaker so long as the reduction has not been over the top.

You obviously haven’t experienced an mmo nerf before, they will over-nerf it and the only players that will love it and fight as hard as possible to keep it like this are the hardcore gamers that seem to think a massive challenge for little reward is what a game is about.

i’ve found that the argument over this change is between people who want the game to be as easy as possible and those who prefer a challenge. while i’m not in any way a “super-gamer”, i have taken the time and put forth the effort to learn swtor (part of why i’m on dulfy in the first place) and become moderately proficient at it. we all play games for different reasons and in different ways and everyone is entitled to their preferences, however, since 4.0 (and before today’s nerf) companions have made it virtually impossible to die. i’ve seen on reddit and in the forums that people are threatening to quit because of the change and i’m somewhat perplexed given that with “normal” strength companions the game wasn’t that hard anyway (outside of hm/nim fps/ops). some four years after launch was swtor meant to become a casual game? is the game supposed to be a series of cut-scenes with meaningless “combat” in between to see if we’re still awake? my guess is no, and that the super-strong companions (and insta-60’s) have been a detriment to new players who haven’t had the need to learn even the basics of the game and their characters because they can breeze through with little or no effort (general chat abounds with basic questions…and not just on drumond kass), but i could be wrong. “the sims: swtor” might be the direction bioware wants to go.

Its a pity really, but i am gonna wait until they buff the companions back up, cause like all nerfs of this type of thing, they ALWAYS over nerf them.

Also, they had better increase the influence gain while levelling up, cause its just too slow and the only way to increase it while levelling is to pick everything they like or spend millions, upon millions of credits worth of gifts, neither is very immersive in my opinion.

When it comes to the quests that they say is ‘meant to be challenging’ are they going to double or triple the rewards for doing them? cause if i will need a group now to do the heroic +2s, i just don’t see the point in actually doing them for a mere 5 data crystals…considering they are once per week, i would expect a reward of 35 data crystals….if you need a group now for these heroics, then the rewards need to be significantly increased to be worth the hassle in finding a group to do the heroics.

Hope I can still solo the heroic 2 Star Fortress missions as I really don’t like to beg my guild for things I can do by myself while drinking coffee. ‘But it’s an MMO’ yeah I know but why not have things I can do on my own and things for groups like FP’s and Op’s. ‘No, everything should require asking on fleet’ LFM etc. Well then with that train of thought we should all be forced to do everything at prime time evening and not be on the game at other hours. ‘That’s exactly what I’m saying’ because it’s an MMo and you should never be allowed to do any of the content solo.

to all those that are whining about the nerf it can basicly be summed up like this

whaaaaaaaa they are taking away my godmode whaaaaaaaaaaa

get over it you will adapt or be gone either way the game will be better.

Its like those pro mandatory lvl sync retards that wanted to take away the godmode (aka being overlvled for content to not take any damage) of everyone else who dont like lvl sync.
Now they are the ones whining that bioware is nerfing their godmode some fucking double standards do they have.

im glad bioware is nerfing healing and dps output of comps they are really op
it came to the point where i was just BORED to death by it, even logged out alot of times cause boredom even the exarch fight was piss easy
the 4 man herioc in rakghoul event pfft easy did it on my lvl 43 jugg with rank 11 jeassa, the only thing was that it took alot of time.
soloing the 4 man herioc should not be done by 1 player and a comp thats how broken they are.

Oh, you’re bored? Whaaaa! Think the rest of us feel like
taking all day with anything that can be really monotonous, such as dailies or
FPs for the purpose of getting some pocket change or decos? No! Introducing level
syncing was bad enough. I thought companions’ abilities kind of made up for it.
Now, I guess I’ll go back to being a big and powerful master of the dark side
who gets their ass interrupted, knocked back, or generally kicked by rogue
rebels on a backwater rock like Balmorra…

I’m stuck on updating, as are many folks, it’s hanging in the 95% range. Some folks that have managed to get in are complaining that comps are seriously reduced.

Everything loaded up fine this morning and I got on and done an hour of weekly heroics, but never tried with a companion below influence 20.
I’ll try that tonight with my other toon that doesn’t have a companion with influence over 20.

If you want to make a competitive game right, you’re right, but then: because they put the option of creating a character level 60 directly, that is here not too easy? come on…

This was such an important issue. Screw the lag on planets, screw the bugged ops and screw the class imbalance. Great job lol

Companions were more than powerful enough up until 3.0. The fact that they became better than 90% of players in the actual game come 4.0 is insanity that never should have existed.

Citation? How about the fact that the overwhelming majority of players in this game are god awful and can’t even clear SM operations without cheese class stacking and need help on planetary heroics?

Most of people around this game are not eager to play for example i tried to fiind a group and kill a conquest commander and get some encrytions guess what no one however it was week-end with a very high population so i wasnt able to do the conquest commander so eighter make more soloable content or be sure that people are much more eager to play games content rather then idleing on fleet which they do rather then kill some commanders (which u cannot deliver) so better keep the companions at the same level i mean now if they lowered too much i wont be able to kill commanders cause now i have to get a group that i cant get cause people wont join am i mistaken?

You tried to PUG a commander? lawl. That’s what guilds are for. Nobody wants to bother with killing commanders unless their guild is running an event.

This did was a very big issue, the achievment for soloing the heroirc star fortress seemed like a joke as you just needed to have a heling companion and do basic atacks on the exarch while ignoring the mechanics to get it. But there were many issues in the game post 4.0 besides OP companions and all we get with the patch is this and a new pack, so after a month there are still a lot of issues like the huge unbalance between classes and all we have gotten so far is a few fixes on crafting, normal companions and a new pack. As the pack simply means more money for BW, it sounds like they are more interested in getting money than in giving a decent product.

Not everyone had an easy time of the Exarch with the companions as they were. I think class and influence had a lot to do with it, but there seems to be a huge disparity between those that say it was easy and those that found it really hard.
It may have been easy for some, but that doesn’t mean everyone had the same deal.

My first solo kill was as a sage healer, mixed 216 and 208 mods and enhancements with my 196/198 set armorings, and an influence 10 HK. I didn’t get the achievement, HK got the kill. I had to do it 2 more times to get the achievement, and the successful attempt had me soloing her completely solo, healing myself and kiting the exarch like a champ. No basic attacks for me.

My compaion had influence 30 and I never went near 50% hp, with a lvl 50 one you could simply go afk while the companion does the job.

There is only two companions i would ever use, and they both begin with HK. 51’s tank skills are still obsolete, thus i am faced with using heals or using another companion…

I like how they nerf the healing stance while leaving the tank stance broken till next patch. As a healer who needs a tank I was using a companion in healing stance since it was doing a better job at holding agro and had more survivability.

So if tanks can’t tank and healers get nerfed, who is going to tank for me?

And crumple like paper because they have an armor rating of 0.

Do you actually play the game or do you just make shit up to troll other people on Dulfy? Because I’m leaning towards the latter.

Just read patch notes/devposts?

“We did want to make some improvements to tanking Companions:
We increased the threat generated by tank companions, so they should be able to hold the attention of enemy NPCs better than before.
We fixed an issue involving the tank companion’s mass grapple ability, it will no longer pull in enemies that are out of combat.”

They still have an armor rating of 0. This is something that they’ve said would be fixed in 4.0.3. I’d even show you on the forums where Eric states this, but the SERVERS ARE DOWN. Sure, they’ll be able to generate greater threat, but they’ll still CRUMPLE LIKE PAPER because they still have an armor rating of 0 and no damage reduction.

Yeah, I find this an odd way of doing things…making them aggro better, but not fixing them to be able to do what they then need to do. Paper Tanks.

Tanks have zero survivability with their defense and shield being screwed (my companion is rank 50, I have a mix of 216 and 220 with a full set yet I spent some encounters healing Lana non stop for the whole fight with no chance to deal any dps…). So they just made the tanks take more agro while being still squishy, that’s so clever.

Does anybody solo the Heroic on Makeb where you have to turn off the 4 gas traps and the 4 panels in those 2 rooms?

yeah, in order to solo that room inquisitor/consular needs to force speed on one side and phase walk to the other side, agent/smuggler needs to save their roll to roll to the other side of the room, warrior/knight have to mad dash/blade rush.

the reason why I didn’t say merc/commando is because I don’t really play merc/commando. I have to wait until server is back up in order to test it out. I would think poping a hydraulic override/Advance the Line would work

Nah, it’s easy with Hydraulic Override. You just have to be specced into the extra couple seconds and you’re good to go.

Are you in combat during that? I don’t recall. I do know that hydraulic override doesn’t speed up a commando unless you are in combat at the time. I’ll have to test it out. I think it may speed up vanguards out of combat though.

That use to be a heroic 4, was intended for a minimum of 2 players with 2 companions Or 4 players. Never meant to be done solo.

I main an Assassin so i can only speak from that standpoint, but as a sin (now a sorc too since they have Phasewalk) it’s possible to solo but you have to be fast. Set your Phasewalk to one of the gas traps before you activate them. Then you can hit one gas trap, turn around and get the one behind it, force speed over to the other side of the room and get the third trap, then Phasewalk to the 4th. It’s a tight check but doable.

i dont know if i have played to much this game, but every time i hear nerferd, lvl sync, reduced,

I wonder, a game must be fun to play, isnt a game should help you to relax and forget about the
real problems in life and this game has been a real pain lately maybe if quit and left my 16 toons rest from
that eternal war that doesnt have any sense any more that war was lost bioware and ea make this
fabulous game into a cow milking money!

It’s not fun if it plays itself. It’s more fun if you actually have to think and plan your actions than just click the “lol send comp in” button.

So the second something is “reduced” it’s automatically a “nerf”? I rarely dropped below 90% health doing heroic star forge missions solo, the healing on the companions was way op. Nerf is when it’s rendered useless, I wish people would stop tossing this term around so loosely.

No.. that’s what the term “nerf” means. To reduce effectiveness. Conversely, “Buff” means to increase effectiveness.

Regardless of if it’s being reduced by 1 point or 1,000… a nerf is a nerf.

” it will no longer pull in enemies that are out of combat.”
LOL I bet that was entertaining to watch.

Player: “Alright, two down, one to go.”
Companion: *sheepishly grins back at player*….Yanks everyone in range
Player: -_-

they got nerfed badly. solo’ing a heroic 2 with a companion is no longer possible. you would get better heals using a med-pack than from you companion. i guess it was fun while it lasted.

Exact opposite experience here, just soloed a heroic star fortress, and while it got a lot more interesting at points (especially the last terminal before the final fight) I didn’t die once, and didn’t have to use any of the alliance buffs (other than the one at the entrance), didn’t use heroic moment, and only had a rank 10 companion. This was on a dps sorc in a mix of 186/198 and 216 gear.

In short I think they pretty much got it right. You now actually need some skill and take the fights seriously to solo them, or alternatively be overgeared and bring a high-influence companion.

What exactly are you doing? If it’s what I’m doing, I should maybe be alright.

My main concern is Oricon’s H2+…

Oricon’s H2 is even more of a joke now than it was prior to 4.0. You can be lazy (or if you’re a stealther SUPER lazy) and just use your Heroic Moment and 8 (you should have all 8) legacy skills to kill the first champions. Then just run to the next run and use your now off-CD legacy skills again to kill him. Then it’s just a couple second of running to the shuttles and blowing them up. It’s a snore fest, really.

Not really, I had to switch my comp from healer to tank because my Carnage mara, DCDs and all, couldn’t soak up enough damage or get enough healing from one of their sniper champs. Still, switching rank 5 Pierce (expansion Pierce) to tank did the trick.

If you have to go out of your way to take those champions out it’s a problem on your end. My Assassin has much less potent CD’s than a Marauder (Obfuscate is hilarious strong on those champions) and I have no issues without heroic moment. All you have to do is learn what to do and when. Use your interrupt on Terminate as it’ll take 50% or more of your HP in a single hit. If your interrupt is on CD run out to 10m and Charge back in, use Choke and/or Intimidating Roar to stop the cast. Only break their CC if they’re casting Terminate during it and you can’t risk taking the hit. Really other than that those champions are boringly easy.

Have you every asked anyone else’s opinion of them, or just those players as good as or better than you?

I haven’t nor do I frankly care to. Oricon’s heroic is part of a daily area chain. Daily content is intended to be done by yourself (from a balance standpoint) quickly for a relatively decent benefit (credits, comms, etc). The heroic is required to complete the weekly, and as heroics go it’s one of the easier ones. Even if you manage to have difficulty with it all it takes is using your heroic moment (now on a 5m CD with 1m CD skills, each of them being able to be used twice during HM) and you’ll kill the champions so fast they’ll barely have time to dent you.

Your advice is noted, but it still sounds like only your opinion on what’s good for the game matters; and screw anybody else, that will really sell the game(!)

My opinion is that a game should not be centered around bottom feeders. You can think of this like you would a sports activity; one wouldn’t go into such a setting and expect to perform terribly yet still have rewards shoveled to them. That’s basically what was happening with pre-nerf companions. Now, was the nerf perhaps a BIT too much? That I can see. My level 33 Senya is getting 4k noncrits and 6-7k crits on her big instant heal. When my character has just shy of 72k HP that seems a little how. However the fact that they nerf may have been 5-10% too much doesn’t mean that it wasn’t very sorely needed.

Does yours have the fact that you’re incapable of making a comment without resorting to a failed attempt at personal attacks due to the fact that you have nothing substantial to add to the conversation?

All I keep hearing is “I’m rubber, you’re glue.”. Pretty bad when a bully has to resort to using that methodology.

Except that this is not a sports activity, it is a GAME, to be played for FUN; not everyone shares your definition of it, the only thing we agree on, and are likely to agree on, is that 4.0 companions were overpowered.

Incidentally, this game is being kept alive by those “bottom feeders” you’re so keen to spit on.

Bullshit. It’s bad. How long did it take you? did you consider that? I’m not playing for hours just to do one Heroic… This game is so F***ED

The whole star fortress took about 55 mins, but that’s with a lot of chat breaks, would probably be closer to 40 without.
Rank 10 companions are still stronger healers than 3.0 companions were, at higher rank they’re much stronger. You just can’t rock up in your underwear and press ‘1’ every now and then anymore, you’ll actually have to play the game to solo a heroic mission. Soloing two-man content is supposed to take some skill, not be so trivial you can just press autorun and afk.


Musco said that the number next to heroic INCLUDES companions. As in, ANYTHING that is listed as heroic 2 should take YOU and YOUR COMPANION.

I went into H2 star fortress to test out how badly comp healing was nerfed. My influence lvl 27 companion was unable to heal me through a single gold zakuul knight mob. Shit is broken. It’s not okay. Anyone who thinks that little healing is reasonable should just stop using companions altogether, as the effect would be basically the same.

My comment up the top shows what has happened to companion stats, compared to player stats, they have been very severely gimped.

One good thing they did though, all companions pretty much do the same dps, same healing, and tanking, if they’re the same influence rank, except possibly Treek. All your other companions are EQUALLY gimped. If I want to use Jaesa instead of Quinn to heal, I can, for one of my maras, they’re the same influence rank, and so heal for the same amount.

How on earth do you manage that? I never drop below 80% on the Zakuul knights with a rank 10 companion. No offense, but if you manage to die from that you really need to practice on regular content some more, and get some gear that’s above rating 160. Soloing two-man content in your underwear without using any defensive and control abilities should never have been possible. Shit was broken for a week or two when you could do that, and it’s now properly working again.

The self-healing is why I don’t end up with any damage, but with just the companion healing I’d have 3 minutes to finish off a knight, that should really be plenty. And if you have decent armor, like a PT, or good defensive buffs like a sniper, you should be taking less damage.

Only class I see having it fairly hard is a concealment assassin, with no back-stabs (can’t afford taking a dps comp), no self-heals afaik, and low armor it will be harder. But heroic moment is on a 5-min cooldown too…

Even playing a Deception Assassin (Concealment’s sister spec in the same situation backstab wise) it’s not an issue. I originally did the heroic Star Fortress missions solo in 174 Dark Reaver gear with a level 12 companion. Even with the nerf that we got I have no doubts I could achieve the same thing with augmented 208 Exemplar gear and a level 33 companion.

i was playing as a 208/216 geared engineer sniper, i spent all of my defensive cooldowns one after another. He was hitting me for 4k regular hits and 10k ability hits. and my companion did nowhere near enough healing to keep me alive.

and “heroic moment is only on a 5 minute cooldown” is a bullshit response. You expect people to use a 5 minute cooldown on a single gold mob? just reverse the nerf.

my companion heal DID NOT HEAL ME. i was taking 2100 dmg per second and NOT GETTING HEALED. so I took a net 2100 dmg PER SECOND. and it took about 30 seconds for me to die because my HEAL companion DID NOTHING. is that clear enough? or do you want pictures?

Hmmmm i´ve been playing and doing heroics (not SF yet) and I agree they were op before, but now, really, healers suck.

I should correct myself; companions suck at healing at low levels of influence, as you progress and get around 20ish, they get much better. I´m using the nautolan girl, and she can even dps in between heals, so yea, not bad at all. This didnt happen with Theron though (aff lvl 23), he´s still a horrible healer.

Hmm, I just soloed one of the sniper champs on Oricon, using Engineering, at 65, with rank 4 Kaliyo tanking, she has less than 5% of HP remaining. This is actually worse than 3.x.

And, testing the companion healing with several Oricon champs, it could be better, it’s still not as good as 3.x. I would advise that for some Oricon champs, you switch your healer comp to tank mode, maybe even vice-versa.

Nope, I would’ve fixed them, and only nerfed companion effectiveness by 50%, tested the result, and gone from there. I’m feeling very very real difference in performance, healers are far worse now than in pre-4.0.

They should get proper testing done, and not from the point of view of endgame players, but players far less skilled.

Balance should be made around the high end of endgame players. Balancing around the lower level characters or players with sub-par skill is a terrible idea. If balance is made so that any player of any skill level can take X class/spec into Y content and get an acceptable result then that makes endgame content meaningless because there’s no room to find the small ways to improve upon what you’re doing, both with gear and spec usage.

Average players should be the focus, grinding alliance materials shouldn’t be the monumental chore YOU want it to be.

You’re not talking about group content anymore, BW:A’s own fair text has made it crystal clear that they want people to be able to solo them. Our experience of H2+s should not be equivalent to non-solo FPs or Ops.

Your apparent attitude is why people unsub and leave in droves, I don’t know about you, but I want this game to last; going EQ or Dark Souls isn’t going to do that, it might make you happy, but you and I are not the only

Getting alliance stuff is a grind? I’m sorry but in what world does taking 15 minutes to finish off two planets (or 20 minutes for 3 planets) worth of H2’s count as a GRIND? That 15-20 minutes nets you a sizable amount of alliance crates to turn in as well as something in the range of 200-300k credits, for a pittance of time.

And again, no, average players should not be the balancing point. Balance should be made around the very top players. Set the optimal point of what each class/spec can do around the optimal players and everything else will settle properly into place. It’s just the fact that sub-par players have a mental belief that they either are better than they actually are or that they would be better if Bioware balanced around them, both of which are fallacies.

Your exaggerating, it takes longer for some; but then I guess the rest of us are just “unworthy filthy casual scrubs”, and everything will always be our fault, no matter what we do.

Well then, heaven help the casual player-base if BW:A eats out of your hand; I think you’re the traditional kind of MMOer, which is fine, but Wildstar is thataway.

Wildstar is boring as hell. Spamming telegraphed AoE’s? Yawn. And no, I’m not exaggerating. I can finish Korriban and Kaas within 15 minutes on my 65’s and if I do Balmorra to it only takes another 5-10 minutes (depending on class). That’s anything but a grind and it still gets you a relatively large sum of credits and a good chuck of alliance crates (2 from Korriban, 5 iirc from Kaas, and I think 6-7 from Balmorra).

Every comment from you so far has been about as off-topic as I can imagine possible. Please keep on the topic of the discussion. Your sad attempts to attack me for an avatar on an online discussion really just shows how little you have to add to the conversation.

You’re not conversing, you’re putting down everyone you talk to besides your brony buddy. Thought I would enact the same tactic. You insult everyone who disagrees with you, you profligate..

I’m putting the facts like they are. If you can’t deal with that, well, that isn’t my problem.

Calling people bottom feeders and trash players isn’t a fact. The fact is you were butthurt with the way things were so everyone who disagrees with you is wrong. You wonder why I’m choosing to “attack” you. Lol attack.. man have sofyened to the point where this is considered an “attack”? I’m merely spoonfeeding you your own bullshit back to you 10 fold.

Calling people bottom feeders and trash is entirely fact. When people need help completing a planetary heroic the pure and cold truth is that they’re terrible and need to work on their personal skill level.

Sidenote, calling you a weeaboo is a fact then too yes according to your logic? Seeing as name calling due to one’s opinion makes it fact.

I don’t think you understand what the word ‘fact’ means. I’ve based everything about how awful players are upon their own admissions. You, on the other hand, are just someone who seems to be very angry that he lost easy mode and has resorted to nonsensical name calling. It’s along the lines of an angry toddler crying and flailing his arms when he doesn’t get what he wants.

I see you’re still trying, yet you’re the one who began calling people names in this thread. Keep grasping at that ever elusive self-righteousness.

I don’t have to try anything. Every comment you make shows how little you actually understand the various posts on the topic and that, rather than attempting to get properly informed and educated, you would much rather attack people due to assumptions based upon an image.

All I understand you falsified “facts” based on your assumptions of a players skill level and insulted them all by calling them “trash” or “bottom feeders”, you obviously don’t see I’m just feeding you back your own bullshit. But continue to try and mock what I do, just makes you look like you’re in denial.

noun: fact; plural noun: facts
a piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.


noun: citation; plural noun: citations; noun: cit.

a quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in a scholarly work.

There’s something I don’t understand… Wasn’t there a poll done recently where something like 90% of the voters were happy with comp performance? So, why mess with it? Comps are used for menial tasks, for grinding… You don’t need comps to do Flashpoints or Operations… Let the people who like to do solo stuff do it solo…

I would rather have “them” take a look at some of the stuff that was converted to Tactical, because that’s not working at all atm… Some things were designed for the Holy Trinity, and if you end up with 4 dps’ it’s gonna hurt someone BADLY lol…

The problems that I’m aware of involve companions being used to replace healer players that were kicked, so that they could use healing companions, this is in FP content.

Also, that healing companions made OWPvP impossible.

What I would’ve done, had I been BW:A, is actually test the changes, by reducing companion effectiveness by 25-50%, not 70+%

Well, I just finished a run with my Operative, and it’s definitely harder. Not impossible, but harder.
The problem, as I state in another post under the patch changes, is not really the nerfing. It’s the amount of time spent doing these boring runs to “gear up” your comp and get the boxes to advance your Alliance. It’s just… you know, mind-blowing GRINDING. And that sucks. By having OP comps, the amount of time you lost in these runs was not so bad, but now? And not to mention some new players are going to walk, real fast… Not good man, not good…

You’re right, it’s not impossible, but you have to be really good; most people who play this game, frankly, aren’t going to cut even the H2+ stuff.

All the testing I’ve done today has been on either easy specs, or high-damage ones.

Whether they intended to or not, BW:A just punched casuals in the teeth with the hardcorers egging them on. I don’t think they intended to, however.

If they’re not going to buff companions, even a little bit, the very least they could do is to buff players; and since they mentioned companions outshining players, a buff to players would ensure this is not the case.

Yep, I agree 100%. and, as always, it’s a matter of poor planing on BW’s part. They need to get their stuff sorted out, is this an MMO or an Online Single-Player experience? Because they might just scare the living daylights out of this recent player base they got… Just saying…

Pretty sure 4.0.2 has done and will do just that, another thing BW:A could experiment with is this, tying companion strength, not just into influence, but into the rating of gear our character wears in each slot. We’d still not have to gear companions, and we could still dress them up like we can post-4.0.

BUT, by gearing our characters, we’d be gearing our companions. My Pierce does not heal ANYWHERE near like my Quinn, or any other 186-geared healer comp used to do pre-4.0. My currently-logged character has 190 mainhand and offhand, if my idea got implemented, Pierce would not be OP, but would not be so weak.

Plus, it would mean we can still give companions any model of clothes and weapons, their stats would not be affected by that, only by what we characters gear up with, corrected for companion role.

This is just my opinion, but I think we should be able to reasonably easily solo everything on every planet, except world bosses.

The only things we shouldn’t be able to solo are: non-solo FPs, Ops, which are basically group content.

I have done my usual set of varied weekly heroics this morning and certainly found them more challenging. They certainly were not impossible, but a noticeable difference.
My main issue is that now I am sure my geared pre-4.0 healer companion was better than my influence level 26 healer.

That’s a given, ANY of my pre-4.0 healers on Yavin comp gear was better than a healer post-nerf… AND considering you have NO choice but to run these Dailies and Heroics to boost Influence on comps… Yeah, it sucks, big time. They went too far, too soon…

Yeah, they definitely cut too deep. I admit that comps were OP, but max of a 50% cut would have been enough to find the balance required.

The thing is, companions should have the same base stats as our characters. I just had my 65 marauder take off every single piece of gear, I have 773 mastery, and 674 endurance, and 1438 presence. Our companions should be no different, correcting for influence/presence, then once we gear ourselves out, our companions get boosts to stats, depending on their role. Say, if you give yourself a 188 dps wrist piece, which exist in both healing and tanking variants as well as dps, I’m pretty sure, as would every other gear part, then your companions would be stat-boosted with every piece of gear you upgrade your character’s stats with. Presumably, for every piece of gear for a dps role, there is now a healing or tanking equivalent. So, if you put on that piece of dps gear for a slot, your tanking companion would get the tanking version of that in STATS, not gear. Basically, it’d work a lot better than it does right now, but also alot better than 4.0 and pre-4.0, imo.

My Annihilation Marauder, level 60: 3259 mastery, 3779 endurance, 1534 power, 502 critical rating, 636 accuracy, 1053 presence.

My level 60, Influence Rank 1 HK-51 for that character, in dps mode: 3127 mastery, 2884 endurance, 582 power, 298 critical, 150 alacrity, 150 accuracy.

The same companion in healing mode has this: 3127 mastery, 2884 endurance, 502 power, 378 critical, 280 alacrity.

And, that same HK-51 in tank mode: 2906 mastery, 3428 endurance, 330 defence, 300 absorb, 560 shield.

All companions of the same influence rank seem to have the same or similar stats, even Vette, who is Influence Rank 5.

To give you all an idea of what 4.0.2 has done, number-wise.

So, essentially all my hard work with companions to get them all maxed was, yet again, pointless. Not only did they remove being OP on planets when you EARNED your high end gear by FORCING Level Synch on people. now companions get nerfed. I am SO FREAKIN TIRED of the elitist and people who only play video games for a “challenge” ruining it for the rest of us. If I want challenges I’ll do HM and Nim Ops or FP, not level and run around planets. Life is enough of a CHALLENGE, I play games to escape and realax. And yes, that means I ENJOYED being OP and beating the crap out of things “easily” when I EARN my high end raid gear. People who cant just log in a game and relax need to take a step back and re-evaluate their life priorities. They need to leave their ego’s out of the game. People like that have exxentially ruined this game for me since 4.0 hit and why I really don’t play anymore compared to what I used to play before 4.0. All I do now is the daily ops, and that is it. The rest has essentially become pointless and not fun for me anymore due to level synch and companion nerf.

There are two sides to this argument. You may have enjoyed being overpowered on lower level planets but some of us enjoyed the game not being a mind numbingly easy faceroll (or frustrating to the point of not being fun when it came to players with healing companions in OWPvP). Frankly you’re still overpowered on low level planets.

Level sync was done very poorly and the damage:HP ratio is terrible. The planetary balance is made around players of that actual level (i.e. meaning they only have a set number of abilities and passives) so players who are actually a 65 with a full set of skills still tear through enemies like paper. On the really lower level planets (Korriban, Kaas, Balmorra) it’s whimsically easy to 1 or 2 shot enemies, even champion level adds. Even when you get up to Belsavis, Corellia, and the like it still isn’t challenging. You still have a large amount of skills and passives more than an actual player of that level has.

Really the only difference between level sync and prior is that you take a bit of damage, however your outgoing damage is still significant enough that it’s anything but challenging. Weekly heroics are still mind numbingly easy and take all of a minute or two to complete for most. You’re still OP on level sync’d planets.

BS, I was defeated several times on Belsavis on a class and spec I know well. Some of these H2+s are still containing H4-size mobs.

H4 sized mobs, yes, and you also have much more skills and passives than actual characters of that level have access to. Therefore you’re still much more powerful.

I’m sure I would’ve noticed, what is the bloody good of it being an H2+ if there are still H4 mobs? They need to go, BW:A needs to retune them properly.

I think everybody is missing the point here… I’m supposed to love these grinds being challenging? I should feel challenged going up against Torque or something, this is MENIAL TASKS!!! This is GRINDING! And you guys tell me, for the love of the Force, what was the last MMO that had “challenging grinding” that SUCCEEDED??? Think for a while, get out of your own preconceptions about the game and what the playing level of OTHER people should be, and you might just come to the same conclusion as me: NONE WHATSOEVER!!! As I pointed out in some other place: BW, get your #### together, make the decision of what you want this game to be, and go with it!!!

Just ignore him, he thinks those are challenging but the revan solo fight is boring. I’m surprised he isn’t using the same logic here, but I guess one can pick and choose what to dislike based on personal experience. That being that his World PVP experience was ruined by overpowered comps but he’s using the “solo content should not be facerolled” argument instead.

If you tried some of the converted H4s, you’d not be so dismissive; but no, that’s too much to hope for. Elitist issue…

Probe several h2 and really not worth it, among the things that are annoying is that they go directly to your companion (if healer) to death, you can be away and detect the companion but not one, this is ridiculous.

Use an AoE or two to keep aggro on yourself, if you’re a Sorcerer or Shadow take Electric Bindings (Force Wake pubside) and Overload/Force Wave the adds to root them for 5s and give your companion breathing room. Or you could just play the higher AoE spec (if your class has one) or just use more Aoe’s so that you’re the one with aggro and let your companion just do his/her job and heal.

It does not bother me to heal little tedious but a companion (healer) win more aggro (even more than in tank mode)

It’s been stated various times on the official forums that tank companions are simply bugged and useless. It’s an entirely different issue.

Don’t panic people. I’m a pretty casual (a.k.a lousy) player in madness sorc spec and just finished all Voss heroics with Theron (lvl 11 – very easy to get with gifts from fleet) as healer. No probs, in almost the same amount of time. Yes i couldn’t go make a coffee and wait till Theron does all work, but still faceroll easy.

Not a face-roll by any standard, I found them doable, barely. But then I know rotations and the like, but they should still be easier as they’re part of the alliance grind; they should not be tedious…

By heroics are you talking about the weekly heroics from the fleet terminal? If so then those have and will always be faceroll easy. Absolutely anything [Heroic 2+] in this game is capable of being soloed. If I can do it on a Deception Assassin with a healer companion (i.e. I have target aggro and on bosses I can’t use Maul, which means both a DPS loss and much worse energy management) then there really is no excuse on a non-positional spec to be able to do it.

I did all the heroic Star Fortresses on a level 12 healing companion in augmented 174 Dark Reaver gear pre-companion nerf. I can certainly do the same on a level 33 healing companion with augmented 208 Exemplar gear post-companion nerf. The simple truth is that companions were too strong. Not only could a high level healing companion keep a player alive in OWPvp for an obscene amount of time (and forget trying to kill a tank) but they made non-HM Flashpoint and non-operation group content a joke.

TL;DR – this nerf was needed and a good thing

Not everyone has your gamer’s blue blood, you’re opinion that they’re super easy post-4.0.2 is not one I share.

Just how easy do you find the SF H2+s now, more brain-dead face-roll? Just remember, your idea if difficulty is just one in a huuuge sea of player difficulty perceptions.

Yes, companions were too strong; now, post-patch, they’re too weak (when a companion has a third of your power stat, something’s wrong). It’s out of our adverserial hands anyway, BW:A will do whatsoever it wills. But listening to the voice of “casuals be damned” is pretty much guaranteed to ruin any modern MMO, because not everyone is as gifted as you, or has my albeit limited knowledge of the game, for that matter.

I haven’t touched KOTFE content since I finished with it two days after the expansion because it bores me to tears, however for sake of discussion I’ll go take on the Voss SF (the hardest one) when I get home tonight. I expect a moderate challenge but it’ll still be doable. That’s the thing though, Star Fortress heroics are intended to be group content. Soloing group content is supposed to be difficult and require some form of skill. Pre-nerf all it took was you to hit a key every now and then to avoid going AFK and let your high rank companion do all the work. Now you actually have to be competent.

If they’re intended to be group content, why make a solo, buff-less achievement for them, any other “group” content you know that has such an achievement?

Because Bioware went back to a focus on doing things solo (in an MMO no less, smh). It makes perfect sense to have an achievement for completing the SF heroic mode solo. That said, you have SOLO MODE Star Fortresses which are, obviously, intended to be done solo. The Heroic mode is intended for two or more players but is still capable of being done solo by a skilled player.

Shake your head all you like, but MMO does not mean “group up or get lost”, no matter how much you might think that it does; being able to solo more content in an MMO is always welcome by people who either don’t care for endgame, or have had it up to here with PUG groups, because then you get the CHOICE (yes, heaven forbid we actually give people a choice) to group up, or go it alone. You google “MMO definition”, see for yourself.

Perhaps you should seek an audience with BW:A CM, get a clear answer on whether all H2+s, SF H2+s included, are supposed to be solo.

Whether you like it or not, a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE game will require a group to do certain content. If you dislike that then the genre may not be for you. It’s wonderful to have a choice and that’s why there is content intended to be done solo and content intended to be done with a group. Next thing you know people will be petitioning for a solo mode to operations.

Except, that’s not an operation. The solo version of finishing the story is merely another daily type mission with a super long (and boring) fight.

But you wouldn’t ask for them, would you? You’d ask for every corner of every planet to be inhabited by 16m NiM bosses with long-range aggro, and planet-wide aoe channeled series of terminates. It’s never enough to be in a game, everyone has to suffer a virtual crucifixion, don’t they(?)

Oh come on… We get it, you’re an accomplished player who can take on anything… So am I. I’m not a “casual”, I used to enjoy raiding, did ALL the Ops material in this game in ALL it’s levels of difficulty, with moderate to complete success…Then all my friends were gone, all my cool Guilds disappeared, and now I have PUG… thx, but no thx… And the stuff we’re talking about is GRINDING, doing boring stuff to get the stuff we need for better things… Saying that doing a Heroic on DK should be challenging is the same as saying that Cristiano Ronaldo, the footballer from my country that plays for Real Madrid should be challenged when taking his son out to play ball in the park!!! Yes, comps were overpowered, but now they’re worse than pre-4.0 Yavin equipped comps.

TL;DR – Nerf was needed but they went too far with it, as always with BW…

They’re about the same as they were pre-4.0, actually. One could make a case that they should be buffed VERY slightly due to the fact that stat pools increased with 4.0, but we’re talking something along the lines of like 10% at most.

They’re not the same. I had mine on augmented gear, and pre-4.0 comps had MORE abilities, as you may well remember. Not to mention, having HK as dps or Treek tanking OR healing was a HUGE difference. So, not the same, worse.

Though, I have to say, I didn’t have a rank 11 companion, my Pierce was rank 5-6. Maybe we get a decent-sized bump every 10 influence ranks.

nah they broke it thx to all the people crying the companion are too op well it was good for healers and tanks to clear shit faster now all companions have a base stat no matter your influence lvl

I had like 5900 mastery on my lvl 36 lana now she has 4300 mastery and my lvl 1 influence Nico has the same stats so whats the point in grinding the influence up if they all have shitty stats lvl 1 or 50 influence and don’t say the crit chance because I just did some crafting too and out of 23 relic’s 3 crits that seems pretty low to me so Thx for the broken companions

A lot of the whining tantrums came from the pvp and rp-pvp servers. Many people were saying that it was too hard, or w/e. The thing they forgot was that PVP and RP-PVP servers were MEANT to be hard, difficult, borderline nightmarish, and a complete wasteland of merciless player on player ambushes. You would think they would welcome more challenging content, but apparently on those servers, rationality would be like ash in the wind. If they didn’t like it, they could have moved servers instead of ruining the game for the other 80% of players in the game. hopefully in time they’ll fix it. i was just glad to be able to finish the star fortresses before they made it impossible to complete them solo.

I wish people would stop with the straw man “whiner” issue.

There weren’t whiners. The healers were a real issue that broke world PvP and trivialized content.

It’s a mixture of both hilarious and sad that, as far as Humans have come in the terms of technology, we are still lagging so far behind when it comes to actual interaction. The humorous part is the knowledge that the vast majority of people talking like this over the internet would be far too cowardly to actually speak to another Human like this in the real world.

Yet another instance of anonymity over the internet giving randoms the sense of security they need to attempt to belittle others for no reason other than to make themselves feel better about their own sad existence.

The only reason we remain anonymous is so idiots like you who get mad at statements we make don’t come and shoot up our places of interest.

Oh and fyi I’ve trash on many a weeaboo and brony in real life and they only ever respond to this online, speaking of anonymity.

Yes, I’m sure you have totally “trashed on” anyone in real life. After all you’re such a big strong person that you feel the need to attempt to attack people over an image on the internet.

Your “best” is lacking anything worth adding to the debate and merely making assumptions based upon an image.

You mean like the assumptions based on your personal experience and then applying them to everyone else and passing judgement? Seems pretty equal.

I believe you meant to say my breakdown of various players lack of ability based upon their own admissions, namely those incapable of doing a SF solo or even being so awful as requiring help to complete faceroll easy planetary heroics.


And by “trash”, you actually mean “stare intensely at”, right? But only when they weren’t looking back, ofc.

Go on, tell me all about your massive bench and your MMA bouts. I’m dying to know. No, really.

Yeah, you know it! MMA jocks are just posers and you are the real deal, i.e. you trash weeaboos. Possibly ex-Marine (though don’t let anyone know you were actually a pencil pusher), or perhaps a bar fighter (emphasis on bar rather than fighter). That about right? Damn, son.

You do realize how ridiculous it is to talk about “trashing” people in a website dedicated to the quintessential nerd pastime, don’t you? Get a grip, fool.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Giving 1000+ gifts to Skadge takes a lot of time, have to find my own pastimes to preserve my sanity.

10/10 Great trolling, would participate again.

Actually I’m a martian special ops on recon to Earth to scan for weaknesses before my lizard brethren invade in full force.

The exact same question can be flipped to the other side; why does PvP have to suffer over broken PvE?

The answer is that neither should suffer, frankly. It’s entirely possible to have both PvE and PvP in a relatively balanced and stable state, however if the developers MUST, out of lack of time or funds, choose to focus balance around one aspect of the game, it should be PvP. There’s a simple reason why;

PvE can be tweaked via the enemies themselves. This is especially true of operations. The bosses and mechanics can be adjusted to work properly around the various classes and specs. That’s not a luxury you have in PvP. You can’t control what another live player will do. Set the state of balance of classes around PvP and simply adjust the PvE encounters to work properly based upon that.

Win/win. Both sides get their proper amounts of balance and viability and neither side gets to complain that the other side is getting more attention.

Making things have two effects based upon the environment just complicates the coding and will result in unintentional errors.

Thats another damn Nerf because of all the shity whiners, once again.
If they don’t like their companions they can leave them out.

Or they can make another companion that would be called “whiners companion” so they can play only with that one, super nerfed and underpowered as whiners like them.

All the rest of us were happy with how our compies were performing.
Go home whiners go play super mario or something like that and complain about the super power bananas there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should just stop releasing difficult content, and actually while we’re at it remove all the skills from everyone’s bars, so we can only complete content by using auto attacks and watching our companions kick ass, and make heroic farm all about pokemon leveling your companion.

… see, I can use straw man too.

lol how so.

And i”m not white knighting Bioware. I think the level of nerf is ridiculous too, but something *had* to be done, because world PvP was literally a pokemon tournament.

And if you couldn’t clear heroics with a DPS or tank companion, you were garbage anyway. Get good.

I only use heals for SF Heroic and Aurora Cannon. People really need to learn to use all of their tools, gear correctly, and improve their game skills, rather than rely on massive overheals to carry them. It’s not as hard as people think.

How DARE you insinuate that people are bad at this game? You should be thrown off a cliff! Clearly every single person in this game is an amazingly skilled, god tier player who does no wrong.


What speaks even more volumes is the fact that someone feels so angry over a discussion on the internet that they attempt to attack other members partaking in said discussion over something as trivial as an avatar. I suppose it’s too much to expect randoms online to have even an iota of maturity, let alone to understand the fact that an image is nothing more than that; an image.

It truly is sad how deprived of attention some people in society are.

I’m just impressed that, after all the last straws Bioware has crippled them with over the years, there is anyone left to scream, and tear at their breasts, and tearfully unsubscribe over this latest intolerable outrage. Truly, they are the most tenacious of all quitters.

so far my experience has been good, did 5 planets worthy of heriocs now 3 or them wont count as they are the easiest republic side, i was taking far more damage this time and m1-4x could keep up
then got to tatooine and i noticed that while synced down he only has 30 power and 30 critical and in tank 30 defense rating and nothing else that to me is broken and should be fixed
though comps could use a slight buff now
its a matter of fine tuning from here on end

and another note after doing 5 planets of heriocs with me taking all the beating, i find out that my gear hasnt lost any durability 😛

This still begs the obvious question: Why should I even bother having a companion?

They are a waste of time to pursue.

On a side note, nerf the free companions if you must. However, I paid money for the power of Treek and HK-51 – both of which were sold on the promise of being more powerful than the average companion. After Patch 4.0 they’re both borked with the same garbage skills and stats the free companions have. This smells too much like a bait-and-switch scam, now.

Restore Treek and HK-51 to the pre 4.0 versions or just refund my d~~m Cartel Coins already!

Crafting is basically the only reason why you have them. Trust me, lvl 50 crafting companions are pretty ridiculous. And while it takes a ton of time to get them there, its definitely worth it.

“both of which were sold on the promise of being more powerful than the average companion”
When did they EVER promise that treek or HK were more powerful than other companions? Yes, they in actuality were more powerful than other companions, but that was never an official feature or a promise or whatever you want to call it. A month ago 198 gear was more powerful than any other gear. Now its outdated. Do you also want a refund for the sub time you spent getting 198 gear?

Treek and HK happened to be more powerful. However bioware never said they were supposed to be. This is no different than leveling up a fotm class and having a patch change the fotm to a different class – just because you invested in trying to work the system does not mean that you are entitled to a refund because imbalances were fixed.

I agree with this. In fact, I always considered those two to be a bit of an unfair advantage over people who could not have them. What I don’t agree is that they lost some of their uniqueness, as they were very different comps to the rest of them. HK’s Assassinate comes to mind, not because it was overly powerful, but because it was SO cool lol… And Treek was the only comp that healed while in tank mode, also lost… Well, you win some, lose some I guess…

I agree 100% that the loss of uniqueness is a shame, and I wouldn’t mind having it restored. HK’s Assassinate was the best part of all companions imo. It’s just the above complaint of “they’re no longer OP, give me my money back” that rubs me the wrong way.

Although I really hated Treek’s audio chirping every 5 sec, so I don’t mind not using her anymore lol. Treek was just too good due to both her mechanics and bugs (e.g, she used to be able to taunt while incapacitated) that I could never put her away.

In a way, when I say you win some lose some, it’s pretty much on the money: I ALWAYS went with either Treek or HK, depending on my char. These days you can run with… oh something like 20 comps lol… But Treek was a BEAST, I cannot recall how many times someone exited a FP for some reason or other, I pulled out my AUGMENTED Treek (lol), and the general response was something like ” oh cool, now we have a PROPER tank”…

Lol I had fully augmented my HK-51. One time when I was doing dailies on Yavin, I was using my aoe on some Revanites and a flagged pub ran into it so that I would get flagged and he could attack me – HK 2-shotted him with Assassinate XD

And HK… The only way I can describe HK to those who never played with him pre-4.0 is he was like a hot knife on butter running through mobs… 🙂

Disliked my experience with companion on heals. Right now Koth is healing worse than Treek or Doc did pre 4.0 and he’s at level 27 influence. Just doesn’t feel like my Jedi is heroic any more.

I still find the healing to be sufficient as a Gunnery Commando, of course I still kill stuff really fast. The thing that really makes me sad now was that for some content, like the Weekly Heroic+2’s, I could put my companion in tank mode, and actually enjoy playing at range, instead of with 4-5 mobs running up to my face. It was a very welcomed change, and while I could still do that post-nerf, it requires more in-fight companion maintenance, or more down time between pulls, which doesn’t add to the challenge, it just makes it more of a time-sink. I’d even be fine with companions in tank mode doing crappy damage, as long as they could hold threat and take some punishment without needing too much in-fight maintenance.

I just don’t feel like I should have to heal a companion in tank stance the entire time he’s fighting a group of mobs, he should be able to withstand some punishment, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

The nerf doesn’t seem too bad to me. I tried out several heroics (some of them with a character at the same level as the heroic and a companion at affection level 12) and they were still perfectly soloable with relative ease.

The main difference is that I doubt I could aggro four or five mobs of heroic enemies and stay at or near 100% health the entire time.

Sorry to break the bad news to all of you people but not even 10 minutes ago I exited the game after having soloed the Voss heroic Star Fortress on my 208 geared Assassin (Hatred) with a level 33 Senya. If you people in PvE gear can’t manage to do the same the issue is entirely a lack of player capability.

You know what? You might just be right: it IS a lack of capability… Now go and explain some guy who just started playing the game, made his fresh lv 60 toon exactly WHY he can’t do it… Oh, but that’s not important, because those guys are “noobs”, they pollute this sacred piece of space for all us “Elite” players… You see, if you don’t know what a cleanse, taunt, aggro drop, CC or whatnot is MAYBE, just MAYBE you have the exact same rights to play this as any other person, experienced or not. AND if you think these people are going to stick around because YOU or BW think grinding should be challenging, think again. At the VERY LEAST, this was poorly planned and executed by BW…

Y’see, the thing about that is that if someone is new to the game, or just doesn’t understand that kind of stuff, they have no right to be doing this in the first place. Rather they should be focusing on improving themselves. Or perhaps it’s too much to expect people to actually try to improve at what they do, whether it’s a game, a job, or something else entirely.

Missing the point mate, as in many of your other posts… The fact of the matter is that THEY COULD DO IT ON MONDAY, COME TUESDAY THEY CANNOT! BW giveth and taketh away…

As they damn well should’ve. Initial 4.0 companions, especially at high influence, was nothing other than pandering to incompetent players who were too lazy to put in the effort to improve and instead wanted to keep their easy path of godmode companions. In no logical environment does laziness and ineptitude give anything rewarding. It’s no different here. It is a game but if you want rewards go earn them. It took me 25-30 minutes to do the Voss (the hardest one) Star Fortress heroic on a fully PvP geared Assassin. I could probably cut off a whole 10 minutes if I were in 224 gear and had used the turret and other buffs.

lol “elite” its not hard to take 30 minutes of your life looking up how to effectively play your class. You have to remember that all the so called “elitist” players we once those fresh players. Its definitely not hard to solo things. I can solo SF with my 208 PT, so I don’t see the problem.

The problem I see is that too many people seem to be under the impression that Heroic Star Fortress is SUPPOSED to be soloable. It’s not. That’s why it’s classified as a Heroic 2+. The devs intend you to work your way up to soloing it, which is why soloing Heroic Star Fortress is significant.

Yes, of course… THAT’S why there’s an Achievement for doing them SOLO, WITH and WITHOUT buffs… AND at the start of this thread Eric Musco says this:

“Absolutely! It certainly may be a bit more challenging than before but you can complete them. The intent is that you can complete any [Heroic 2] with your Companion counting as one of the two. If you find this isn’t true for any Heroics tomorrow, let us know.


Please inform yourself before saying something incorrect…

I recommend you read my whole post before you pull on that hair-trigger of yours. I’m not saying you’re not supposed to be able to solo Heroic Star Fortress, you’re supposed to work up to soloing Heroic Star Fortress. It’s not something you should be able to do right out of Chapter IX. It’s a case of progression, like Hard Mode Flashpoints.

Work up how, if people are doing it in 208’s? With lower than 30 Influence comps? Hell, I’m doing that! It just takes a loooong time that’s all…

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Heroic Star Fortress is definitely doable solo, you just need to to get your gear to roughly 208-level and have a companion with a decent Influence (I managed to do it yesterday with an 13 Senya in heal mode on my Concealment Operative). Some people are just freaking out because they seem to be under the impression that Heroic Star Fortress is intended to be something you can solo right out of Chapter IX, but it’s not. That’s why there’s a solo mode separate, and why the Heroic is designated as a 2+. Soloing HSF is definitely possible, it just takes some time.

I did the Hoth SF last night and I was surprised to notice that the Exarch, final boss, doesn’t heal himself anymore, or if he does it is not nearly as effective. With all the talk of the companion nerf I was a little worried that fight might be an issue, but I think the overall difficulty level is probably about the same as it was before.

Did I say me specifically? No I don’t recall, read back on some of his previous comments directed towards the community that doesn’t have the same experience as he does. You’ll find it.

Its def doable, but – at least for me (Tank BH, Tank Jug), it feels tedious and so grindy. Def not that easy for newer players and some classes.
Sin is one of the easiest classes – you can bypass most mobs (eliminating the tedious) and got tons of CC and also a DoT class with self heals that can kite . . .
And looks like you’re a regular PvP player, so def NOT the average newbie. I.e. as a hatred sin in PvP you know all about kiting / movement and whatnot.

A DoT class with self heals that, even with the self heals, is one of, if not the, squishest specs in the game. 3/4 of the Exarch fight I had NO DCDs up, relying entirely upon my minor (aside from Leaching) self healing and smart kiting. Sorcs have even more healing and the benefit of range to make the fight slightly easier, Snipers have godly burst and a CD reset, AP has a pathetically low CD on its shield when getting attacked, Marauders have comparable self healing but are more sturdy, etc etc.

And really, who cares that I stealthed past a handful of mobs? They aren’t the ones that make the SF even marginally difficult so they’re of no consequence.

Actually, with 4.0 Hatred became a very interesting class again because of the way Crit Rating works nowadays… You probably know this, since you are a pvp’er, and everybody and their mother is going crazy on Crit Rat atm… So, not as squishy as it was before… And in fact i predict that any day now Hatred is going to get the nerf AGAIN loool… That reminds me, have to get my Serenity Shadow (silly name, Serenity) before that happens…

I main my Assassin/Shadow. The spec is still extremely squishy. It has very VERY good damage (PvP wise at least) from the fact that it has a 55%+ DoT crit chance on a 100% uptime, as well as 50% melee crit chance on a 100% uptime. That made the self healing much more reliable than it was during 3.0, however it’s still squishy.

Hatred has absolutely zero passive mitigation aside from a 15% reduction in DoT damage it takes and, being a Shadow, the amount of defensive cooldowns you have access to are moderately limited. I will grant you that due to the nature of how Lightning Charge works that Overcharge Saber will proc more often than it will for Deception, resulting in higher healing from said cooldown.

Even with that factored in, though, the overwhelming majority of your survival as Hatred comes entirely from your healing. Deflection has a low uptime with its 2m cooldown and Shroud has a limited number of attacks that it works on in a PvE setting. So you’re left with Mass Mind Control’s (amazing) 30% damage reduction every 6s out of 45s as your only non-healing defense that has any amount of uptime.

Once you’re waiting on DCDs to come off cooldown you have to rely upon your self healing, which is only moderate without either a DoT spread (something you won’t get in an Exarch fight) or using Leaching Strike and hoping that it gets a crit. I’m not saying there aren’t worse specs to run this on (like Deception) but Hatred is far from an amazing choice purely due to its squishiness.

Yes, I do play a Serenity Shadow as I mentioned, not my main, but I do know how it works. I didn’t say you could go and tank Torque in 4.0 lol, yes it is still squishy, but not as much as before. I do prefer my Deception Sin, which has much better passive mitigation, although for pvp it lacks in Burst, even compared to Hatred. And passive mitigation ALWAYS works better than self heals. Mind you, I’m a noob pvp’er AT BEST lol…But I prefer Deception, because for me it’s much more fun. To each is own I guess…

Deception/Infiltration is my main spec, always has been and always will be, but since you have aggro on the Exarch and can’t use Maul (which is both a DPS loss and massively hurts your Force management) I opted to run the SF as Hatred. I imagine Darkness in DPS gear would have even less of an issue, which is something I should probably do for the lulz.

Yeah, it’s about time someone did something about Maul in Deception… Use from anywhere, like tank Shadow/Sin, not positional? I mean, it hurts the spec SO BAD… Oh well, never much love for Deception, that’s a fact… 🙂

Well it’s a problem in ops and FPs when your tank either is incompetent or simply isn’t expecting to have to work and you pull aggro. Which honestly isn’t a rare occurrence these days considering that Stride has made Infiltration’s opener pretty damn strong.

Oh tell me about it, tanking is a lost art… I’m a lousy tank, I do pretty good with dps or healer specs, but tanking… But even so I think I would do a better job than most people I get to play with… But hey, dumbing down the game has it’s drawbacks…

I don’t think it’s even so much that. Tanking has always been the role that 99.99% of people are awful at and that finding a really good one is like a diamond in the middle of a sea of coals. But with the extra Breach in the opener it’s just made that more pronounced.

Yep, a tank can make or break a group. Back in my nice guild days we had two excellent tanks, one Jugg and one Sin. A good Sin/Shadow tank kicks proverbial *** in my opinion, people say they’re weak, but well played I think they excel. They have little self healing and are spikey if badly geared, but well played and geared they are my favourites…

They made this poll and moved it to off-topic, probably because of the enormous negative response it was getting. Not my opinion, this is the opinion of subs, like me. As you know, only subs can post on Read and judge for yourselves if you can (coincidentally they also did a poll for companions and 70% of the voters said leave comps alone)…

I’m more annoyed because I’m heal specced, and it takes me longer to kill things to start with. Lesser damage on the companion just extends that.

Nah, you’re just trash remember that. You’ll be told you are shortly by some of the “better” players in here just wait for it.

Because this game is not meant to be enjoyed, but a pissing contest.

If anyone’s trash it’s you and way you talk, your clearly under 17 years old age, because a real adult wouldn’t come to and start trolling and making fun of someone because they have a bad time at playing, sir your not perfect your self.. so i’d shut up, any continuation of your troll behavior will leave me no choice but to report your comments, as your behavior isn’t welcome here.. If you have nothing constructive to say don’t say anything at all

I wasn’t making fun of her at all actually, rather the opposite, you see there are people on here in the comments dishing out against people like her for being “casual” where as I defend that position. So please calm down.

I think you completely mistook my sattire of the shitstorm in this comment section (which was a warning to her) as a direct comment to her instead of the sarcastic comment of which it was.

You’re really better off just ignoring skid. He can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that an image can be nothing more than pixels on a screen, let alone comprehending anything halfway technical.

Can’t understand how people judge each other over solo content and apply it to them being “trash” or “bottom feeders” either.

You’re so butthurt over defending your own avatar you didn’t even see why I insulted you in the first place. Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?

Whatever the reason you’re trolling Atzfel, it’s not fun anymore dude. I disagreed with him/her, you don’t see me trolling. I followed your posts… You are contributing NOTHING to the general discussion, you seem hellbent on making life difficult for this other person… Which I don’t think you will, you are just making a fool of yourself… But that’s ok, every circus needs a clown, glad you’re up for the job…

Agreed. When I asked for a Solo vs Solo Queue PVP they told me to find friends. When I said the 4.0 HM FP’s are barely doable they told me to L2P. I guess since I’ve been playing for launch I simply never will. Personally I think the trolls are Eaware interns that are trying to curb the conversation that everything is status quo.

It seems like you’re the only one getting what I’m trying to even say (albeit not many understand satire anymore). When the community drives away people trying to learn the game, the community will become secluded and toxic and hence the game will ultimately die.

I was wondering what they was gonna do with the godliness as I felt it was too easy to even do a SF and I pretty much haven’t touched the game as it was just too easy to really run things. I prefer a challenge and it seems I can go back to this and work my characters the right way.

For me, BW SWtoR team really screwed this one up. I am nowadays a very
casual player and I really felt they found their calling with Revan expansion
and everything since.

got limited play time and I can log in play a couple of PvP matches maybe
work on alliance by breezing through some heroics

Logged in last night and ran my somewhat geared Jug through SF H2 (in
unranked PvP gear, no augments). Used Xalek at lvl24 influence set to heals.
Started out in DPS spec. I managed, but only after 5-6 deaths. Had to switch to
tank spec at the boss that spawns adds and it was fu*cking tedious. It wasn’t harder
it was so bloody grindy. Took me twice as long as before.

Further enjoyment added as companion keeps bugging out and just stands
there and either stops healing all together or only heals himself. That def
contributed to at least half the deaths.

Before, like most other people I used HK for DPS and Treek
for heals/tank. Both where properly geared and I don’t have exact numbers, but
my rank 24 companion now def feels nowhere near as capable at any role as
HK/Treek did before.

I thought the whole change to the comanion system with each comp doing every
role is to allow people to use any companion they want rather than all using the
same as they were better then most. Well that didn’t work, cause now I again
have to stick to one companion the one I will grind out 50 influence lvls with ….

So it comes down to not harder for me, (but I imagine harder
def harder for newer players without maxed legacy and stats) but so much more
grindy. Compared to before, H2+s feel tedious and like chores.

Sorry if I want it to feel like a job I stay at work and plenty of chores to do
at home. I don’t need more of that crap in a game. Especially if I only have 60
or so min to play.

After being a sub since lunch I cancelled my sub yesterday.
I will be back once they released a couple of chapters, but then for a single
months sub and def no more unless this gets “fixed”. I have stayed sub even
when I didn’t play for weeks at a time, because I liked the game and always
felt there is cause to support it. But, going by the silence to the 40+ threads
and thousands of posts, you have to vote with your wallet to be heard.

They lost out on a couple months of sub at minimum. How this
debacle can be fixed, no idea. I do not believe for 1 second that they didn’t know
the impact this would have – releasing companions in one form at expansion
launch and then doing a 180 a couple of weeks later.

And I really find it astonishing that there has been no
response at all to what seems to be the biggest thread / post count discussion I
have seen on the forums.

“very casual player” … “breezing through some heroics”

You really don’t think there was something wrong there that needed fixing?

If you find playing the game a chore, then don’t do it. But don’t expect the game to be on auto-pilot for everyone even in heroic content, there’s enough trivial stuff in the game as is.

Companions needed an adjustment. No discussion about that. I just hoped that the dev could have met half way between what you stand as “casual” and “hardcore”.

Besides, I think that if the game requires farming something (like heroics) it shouldn’t be too hard for any given player.
I you want PVE challenge then the game should offer you the option to choose an extreme difficulty on operations and FP. Rewarding you the best and most shiny stuff of the game.

Making the farming more tedious doesn’t make the game any better. Quite the opposite IMO.

I think the main problem there is not so much the companion adjustment (they still heal pretty decent, although some of the melee ones do seem to have an issue where they can stop healing). If they don’t bug, rank 10’s heal about 1500 hps, or heal-to-full every 50 secs. That’s hardly immortal mode, but it’s decent. At rank 40, it’s around 2200 hps (on my Lana at least).

The problem as I see it is the fact that you need to do an unholy amount of heroics (which don’t have a groupfinder) to get your alliance level up. Imho there should have been a better way to build alliances for casual solo players, by having a set of solo missions that award crates too. Adding them to flashpoints would be nice too, they’re not solo but at least you can queue for them.

So I agree that some fixing is in order to allow casual players to build their alliance, but I don’t think (re-)buffing companions to the point where they overshadow players is the way to do it.

The 4.0 needed an adjustment, but not this. And need to work properly 100% of the time.
I have played the game since launch as sub and defended it a lot over the years, but this has been really mismanaged and i actually personally (?!?!) disappointed on how poorly BW team is handling this customer service shit storm.
And a lot of people forget its not the hard core raider or pvp player or player with 16 toons legacy 50 that is the core audience and pays the bills. Its the casuals and the cartel store whales.

I still think the heroic grind required for alliance is the main issue, not the companions.

If you think about it, is there anything you could do easily in 3.0 (other than by being overleveled) that you now can’t do in 4.0.1b?

I am fine, but most new players and casuals are not.
also, as i said just above, i am convinced that post patch these new companions are worse then the good geared ones before.
Granted my highest lvl companion is rank 34 (?) so i dont know how it would be with a rank 50 companion.

OMG!!! Someone with an actual BRAIN!!! TYVM, that’s what I’ve been saying all along! This is grinding, boring stuff, and all these new players are going to walk away faster than you can say “Knights of the Fallen Pants Empire”! I have atm 15 lv 60 toons, 3 lv 65 toons that have done KotFPE… I have NO TROUBLE doing all the stuff I’m supposed to do in the game… But it’s BORING! “You guys need to learn your def cd’s, your aggro drops, your interrupts, bla, bla, bla…” Bullshit. No one is going to learn all that, they will move on to something else. The dumbing down started in 3.0, don’t stop now please! And I’m not being ironic, this is serious! The nerf was necessary, but not like this, they’re worse than Yavin comp geared comps! Typical of BW… Remember the Operative healer nerf? Op healer was my main!!! ffs…

yep. thats it.
And re gearing, dont have the numbers, but I am convinced that my HK in Yavin gear was a better at DPS than my rank 30 something companion now. Same for heals.

I don’t have pre-4.0 numbers either, but I’ve seen pictures of Senya as healer criting for 1810 hp’s at lv 50 Influence. It’s bad, my Treek or ANY healer could do better than that pre-4.0…

No, they don’t. I am getting my behind handed to me in the new story. I have 1000+ Presence too. So, I don’t even want to know how much trouble new players are having.

This probably plays into the huge drop off in server populations. PVP requires groups to succeed. HM FP’s are impossible (I know your a pro right), SM Op’s have a long wait time to form the group. They have kind of done away with the things that a person can do in any given odd hour of the day. The guilds I belong to had very large populations but now have fewer than 15 or so on in prime time. Hopefully, their stats compilers will find the fatal flaw made and fine tune the companions to be a bit better.

Agreed. But that is not the whole story. Tacticals are a mess, because they need redesigning. You wind up with 4 dps in the group, one is gonna die, because those things were designed for a healer. THAT’S one of the reasons for the comp nerf, people were kicking players out to get their comps in! Again: poorly designed, not tested dare I say, and badly executed from BW. But instead of redesigning the Flashpoints, they nerf the comp… I’m getting so fed up with their mistakes and lack of general judgement I am actually considering FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE LAUNCH to stop subscribing…

ok, no sarcasm, just a true, civil question;
what would be a civil and mature way of saying ‘they nerfed the companions a bit to far. any way of tweaking it to a more balanced solution?’

because that’s something i would try to ask, if possible.

You can ask that just like that, but I don’t think you’ll get an answer. They want to hear player feedback, asking them a question to which the only realistic answer is “probably” doesn’t help a lot. Offering your input on possible solutions would be more valuable to them.

ah, ok. thank you. sometimes its hard to find the line that separates a mature, civil, and courteous question, and an immature dumb one. and you’re right that they probably wont answer it. but the fact that the want player feedback for 4.0.2 is somewhat strange. something must have jarred them between Tuesday and Thursday.

MMO developers are like new parents: the baby is screaming its head off, so clearly something is wrong, but the baby can’t communicate effectively, so it’s difficult to determine if there’s actually a serious problem, or if the baby just needs to fart really badly.

You’re absolutely right. As a parent, I can understand COMPLETELY your line of reasoning. BW, however, do not.

If one of my baby sons starts crying his head off, I take him to a hospital, to a paediatrician. In TOR terms, that would be the equivalent of PTS server, to diagnose the disease…

They’re asking us to do their jobs, AFTER they messed up. We’re not game developers, we’re paying customers (well, at least I am).

It was more an indictment of the belligerent, unhelpful way most players choose to communicate their issues. Cursing Bioware and threatening to unsubscribe elicits exactly the reaction you would expect: “fine, go then.” Hostile, abusive posts get ignored, plain and simple. If people could manage to be patient, and express themselves rationally and thoroughly, they’d get much better results than page after page of “F U BIOFAIL UNSUBBED LOL K BYE” and similar garbage.

I agree. Those should get ignored. But, and this is a big but (lol): how long has the community been treated like trash? How long have they sent disarray into our midst by doing things half-heartedly and poorly executed? I know of no other MMO that displays this level of… Well incompetence! The list of things done ill-mannered is too long to go though here. As I said above or bellow, riding the Star Wars license will only carrry you so far. The truth, and I humbly ask you to pose the same question i did myself, is that if this was not a Star Wars MMO I would have walked LOOOONG AGO!!! Just my opinion, it’s worth nothing actually…

Let’s be fair, and realistic: the community does not get treated like trash. The developers do not come to the forums and belittle people, or harass them ingame, or suspend their accounts for posting things the devs don’t like. It may be hard to believe, but all of those things used to happen in EverQuest, way back when. It did not work out well for those developers, moderators, and GMs.

However, I do agree that the Bioware team does a very poor job of communicating effectively with the players. And I will never dispute that their customer service in general is terrible. Musco alone cannot do the job he’s been tasked with, and it will eventually crush him, like it crushes anyone who is forced to be the lone point man against hundreds or thousands of angry, abusive, inarticulate, unreasonable people. And those people definitely outnumber the rational people when it comes to forum posting.

The point is, effective communication is a two-way street. Expecting Bioware to intuitively know what will make the most people happy is irrational. Expecting them to be endlessly patient while having abuse heaped on them is unreasonable. At some point, even though they don’t post it to the forums, they have, and will, say “fuck these jerks”. It’s best if things don’t get to that point.

Players have a responsibility to be civil, just like Bioware has a responsibility to be attentive and responsive. A subscription fee is an admission ticket, not a deed of ownership. Your subscription buys you admission to their park. If you go to Disney World and are abusive and disruptive, you’re going to get thrown out of the park. Bioware’s threshold for ejection is a lot higher, but it’s there.

You’re dealing with human beings, not AIs or aliens. Treating them like humans, and acknowledging that they can make mistakes, helps make the process easier. Players who curse, and threaten, and throw out fabricated statistics and make predictions about the game dying, only make things worse for everyone.

We’re on the same page here, I cannot find one thing to disagree with you on. Damn (loool)…

However, and at the risk of repeating myself, going to Disney World and then being asked to help out around the work done there is a stretch, by my accounts…

And you know what? I’m seriously pissed because I think they had it right this time! Yes, the comps needed toning down, not being hit by a nuclear blast from orbit. And although I was here in these forums complaining about no new Ops for over a year some time ago, i wielded and adapted. Thought: ” I’ll just enjoy soloing for a year and I’ll get back into it then…” It was a JOY for me to log into The Red Eclipse and see “FULL” on the server. It was YEARS since I saw that! damn! I love this game, why do they do such a good job of messing with it… 🙁

I think it’s likely that some changes will be made. But they won’t do anything immediately if it seems even slightly like they are giving in to pressure from the angry crowd (except in cases where a game-breaking bug existed). That’s probably the worst thing about these situations: they never, ever want to give the impression that they are yielding to threats or abuse, so problems that might get attended to quickly are artificially prolonged by the people who are screaming about them.

but doesn’t both sides, in a way, have an angry crowd? it would seem that they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t. they could come out and say there was a technical error, in which it had increased the reduction of the companions abilities far more than the 75% they had originally stated. it would be a good way to possibly giving in, while looking like they aren’t. “oops, our bad :P”.

It’s not looking good. The vast majority of the players are not happy about this. But does it matter, since BW did do a poll regarding comps and went EXACTLY the opposite way of the majority of the voters?

i certainly wasn’t “breezing through” the heroic star fortress. they weren’t impossible to do before 4.0.2, but it did require certain tactics, special rotations, and CC awareness. in a way, that was fun. and it did yield good rewards. and also planetary heroics were fun to do, and you could do them without asking any other troll out there for their help. it was a good sense of independence. but now, now it seems like every planetary heroic after nar shadaa had the very same difficulty as the heroic SF, but with rewards they give doesn’t make the grind worth it.

personally, either increase the rewards for planetary heroics to match the true difficulty to make them worth doing, or increase the companion stats, not to where they were, but, maybe, by 35%. their abilities wouldn’t be as much as it use to be, but it would make surviving and making it through those heroics a bit more bearable. balance for balance.

Pre-nerf heroic SF’s were far too easy to complete solo. To say that I went through it with my brain practically shut off is only a very slight exaggeration. After the nerf it’s a challenge which is as it should be, however it’s still quite possible. It requires a combination of exceptional class/spec knowledge, good to optimal stat allocation (that includes augments), a moderately high influence companion, and good tactics.

Just from my personal experience a minimum of 204 gear (Unranked PvP gear) is probably the bare minimum as I ran it in optimized 208 (Ranked PvP gear) gear and faced a good challenge. This includes the use of heroic moment. Running it as a Hatred Assassin works. You take a good chunk of damage however your ability to down mobs quickly with DoT spread and the self healing will be of great use.

Running Darkness in DPS gear (+shield) would be my personal recommendation for Assassin players (Kinetic Combat Shadow if you’re Republic). It does take a bit of time longer with that setup but it’s a large margin easier due to the passive defensive buffs that you get simply for being in tank spec while wearing a shield.

All in all Heroic SF’s (yes even Voss) are very much possible to complete solo given the player meets the requirements to do so, however the only real reason to do them solo is for the achievement that goes along with it. Aside from that single instance you might as well grab a friend or two. Not only for the fact that you both get credit as well as the fact that it goes much faster, but because it gives a perfect opportunity to spend time with said friend.

TL;DR – Still possible to solo heroic SF’s, it’s simply a challenge and that’s a good thing.

even though i haven’t done them myself (i took care of all the heroic SF before 4.0.2, knew something fishy was about to happen) I’ll take your word for it. I’m a marksman sniper, lvl 65, 216/220 gear, augmented. been playing sniper/gunslinger for almost 3 years now (25th being my anniversary). I’ve been able to do most of the planetary heroics. my issue is that even though some of us can do the heroics,, i cant say the same for the new incoming players that came in around the time when 4.0 dropped.

some of those people went away for a time, and returned. others are brand new to the game, people who were both intrigued and enticed with the trailers, the developers twitch game-play. the saw an immersive game they wanted to dive into. at first, everything seemed to be player friendly. the missions weren’t too hard to understand. it gave them a chance to discover, and play around with the abilities, a chance to learn how to play their class. so many of them had enjoyed the expansion that they bought subscriptions, cartel coins, etc.

but when 4.0.2 dropped. all the many new players were thrown into a game they cannot learn how to play, because it doesn’t give them a chance to really learn how. it was a bait and switch to all the new players, because some of the older ones had complained about how too easy it was for the ones who (strangely) already had 220 full bonus set pieces.

To be fair, the companions were overpowered, even though it was possible to turn off most of their abilities. but, they went too far overboard. how can the new blood be able to play, when no matter what they do, they kept dying over and over. how can the game bring in new players when there’s a huge hurdle for them to climb over. discouraging many players to keep playing.

TL;DR – even if they are solo-able, the rewards don’t make it worth while. and the nerf hurt, not only alot of new incoming players trying to get a grasp of the game, but also hurts the only chance to bring new life and more people into the game. A nerf was needed, but they went a little too far with it. not asking to turn it back as before, but more tweaking is desperately required. an increase by, say, 30%? that’s fair, right? they wont be immortal, but they wont be dead weight either.

These SF’s have nothing to do with new or returning players learning how to play. There are SM/HM Flashpoints, SM Operations, Dulfy guides, other skilled players that can be asked for advice, etc etc. Attempting to solo something intended to be capable to be done by skilled, advanced players, is not something your category of player is going to be doing for some time. So I don’t see the issue.

but that’s the thing, a lot of new players cant really do those things off the bat, especially asking other skilled players in game. there are a lot of trolls in this game, people who would harass new players until they rage quit, because that’s how some people in this game get their rocks off. same can be applied to doing flash points. the que can take up to 30 minutes at least to find a group. and once you are in one, there is a good chance you’ll have someone rip into the new player. its these things that intimidate the new players.

before nerfing the companions, the heroic missions were the best way for players to get good enough gear to join a fp group without getting verbally ripped apart for having sub par gear. try to view it from a new players perspective; daunting challenges, bullying, trolls, nightmarish grinds to just get an implant, no real chance to complete any solo content without having to beg on general chat for help. it can be a nightmare for them.

the OP companions were probably the best chance at learning how to play, even if they would have nerfed them by 30%. if they did too much damage, the player could have set the difficulty level just by deactivating some of the companions abilities. long story short, most new players are either intimidated, or discouraged to even bother playing. not if its a game that viciously punishes people for just being new, or having difficulty learning how to play.

They were a joke before. I was breezing through them in 208 gear with an influence 11 comp. Now after the patch I cannot complete them with this same setup (as it should be). I have no doubt with increase gear and influence I could solo them with the current state of things. I do not think they over nerfed, it’s exactly where it should be for the difficultly level of the content.

In the last couple of days all I have seen people say is that now they can’t do the planetary heroics…they’re too hard now. I don’t agree with that at all. I’m doing them just fine, albeit not a faceroll anymore. Here is where I DO AGREE with everyone…Star Fortress is a major hassle now. I can’t do it. I’m wearing mostly 216 gear, with some 220 and Pierce at Influence of 34 and I got demolished before I was half way through. Someone might ask why it’s bad that you actually do need help for a heroic….well, maybe because they have a few achievements, decorations and what not tied into soloing this heroic…including soloing with NO USE of the Alliance boosts.

Yes, it did seem the comps needed a BIT of a nerf. They got a big one, and while I can still do a lot of the content with no major issues…the current stuff, with solo achievements now seems impossible.

Add this to the mess that is Tacticals and you’ve got some serious issues that are clearly affecting the game and population.

It is doable. It is. I can do it, and so can you. Just be prepared to use your def cd’s, try out different tactics… And wait for them to pop up again lol…And Interrupt is your friend, use it as much as you can.

That’s not the issue. You CAN do it. The REAL question is: WILL you do it? Are you willing to take 30 to 40 minutes of your life to do it? I certainly am not. Want a challenge? Let’s go do EC,DP, Rav… Any of those or others, HM. THAT’S a freaking challenge. This? This is grinding, and it’s not a successful tactic for a MMO, not in this day and age. It’s boring, tedious, and it’s not fun anymore.


I did manage to solo a couple…I took Pierce of Heals and made him a DPS with me and just used my off heals and alliance buffs. Got a bit hairy a couple times but I did it. It took over an hour.

There’s a lot that’s disturbing in the way they communicate with their player base… Riding a license that says “Star Wars” will only carry you so far…

This is the same company who took a year with their typical PR bullshit “Working as intended.” When shields were not reacting to force or tech powers. Then they finally realized a problem, among many, and fixed it. So it’s not terribly ridiculous to think they think they know better than the player base.

When they nerfed healing for Will-tanks, they preached constantly that we were OP’d but, despite number crunchers revealing the spike-damage issue, they based their information on launch-day numbers where we were a little bit of a big deal.

The majority? A thousand complaining votes (no way to tell if that’s 1000 subscribers, or just 100 bored ex-subs) is not a majority with over a million players. Considering this poll is only found by people looking to complain about companions the number of votes the other way is stunning. It’s like taking a poll at a republican congress and finding only 20% wants to vote democrat…

If you look at the actual reports there, most of them are either fine, or having trouble in one or two heroics. In between are a couple of trolls who keep posting long rants without any specifics that are useless for any kind of fixing. A couple of people screaming because they actually have to learn something aren’t an issue. And yes, some of them literally complain that they don’t have the time to learn something to play this game, anything that makes them go back to Candy Crush, and away from flashpoint queues is a good thing.

Oh come on… Drop the attitude… It’s of no use to me, I’ve cleared ALL Ops material in this game in ALL levels of difficulty pre-4.0, I could probably teach YOU a thing or two about playing.

I don’t raid anymore. Wanna know why? All my friends are GONE from this game. All the cool guilds I was in are GONE. I recently got two of my friends FROM MY HOME TOWN that started playing this game to come back. Wanna know where they are? GONE AGAIN. Get your head around this concept if you may: people leaving the game is BAD. B-A-D.

Yes, the guy that has no clue what a cleanse, aggro drop, taunt, crowd control, kyte,correct cylinder, correct stance,etc, etc, etc, is and just wants to log in, feel like Luke Skywalker and bury is well earned money in Cartel Coins is NECESSARY for this game, a lot more than you or me perhaps, “Elite” players. So get off of your high horse and open your eyes to reality. Abandon your pre-conceived notions of what other players abilities should be and understand this was a bad move from BW, like, oh sooooo many before this.

I went and picked up a shield, slotted DPS mods/enhancements into it, plopped an augment in, and went into the Voss heroics Star Fortress as a Darkness Assassin in 100% DPS gear (+shield). The results were….. hilarious.

Not a SINGLE TIME did I drop below 45% HP, and the only time I got below 60% HP was fighting the Exarch. Now being a tank, even in DPS gear, it took a fair bit longer than it did in Hatred, however the much greater ease more than made up for it, in my opinion. If I do another SF heroic solo it’ll most likely be using this build as it’s vastly easier.

But did you actually respec or just switched the mode? I want to know, just so that I can copy your tactic lol…

I was playing actual Darkness spec and using a shield. The shield just had power/crit in it rather than tank stats. Everything else was my normal DPS gear. It was the exact same run as I did in Hatred, Voss heroic SF with a level 33 Senya.

Making chances at this scale WITHOUT testing it on the PTS was their biggest mistake. I seriously have no idea how they released this patch to live servers without testing it.

Exactly. And NOW they ask for PAYING customer’s feedback on how things are… These guys excel at incompetence, making US do their jobs on LIVE servers… If I did something remotely like this I would be out of a job… Incredible…

After playing through the majority of late-game heroics (Belsavis-Makeb) last night on two characters (DPS Jugg and Tank Guardian) with no significant difficulties, I think the problem is not so much the companions as the heroics themselves. Most of the old Heroic 4’s had a few mobs removed or downgraded, but they need more tuning than that to make them enjoyable (especially on Voss and Makeb).

I used either tank or DPS companion for my runs, and had no issues. Companion tanks hold aggro better than ever, but because they are pure face-tanks, it’s basically a countdown timer measured in hit points until the enemies come after you. They need to either increase tank stance HP again, or find a way to add shield/absorb mechanics to companion tank stance. Having tank companions as pure hit point sponges is not very fun or interesting.

I agree that the old H4’s need to be redone. Even where they properly changed the mob difficulty, many of them are simply 10x longer than the old H2’s. Some of them either need many more mobs removed, or for the quests to be rescripted to reflect the new H2 status.

Regarding 4.0 companion tanks not having shield/absorb, I’ve seen this complaint in probably every post-4.0 companion thread. BW did account for this, and companions do have mitigation. However, for whatever reason, they decided to make it an ability based % dmg reduction rather than a character sheet shield/absorb like it was pre-4.0. I’m not logged into swtor right now so some small details may be wrong here, but it is generally as follows: When a tank uses one of their abilities (i believe single target taunt) they receive a buff that reduces all dmg taken by 50% for X seconds. This is far far superior to any shield/absorb they would have otherwise had, but I believe it only has like 1/2-2/3 uptime, which makes it time averaged roughly what a geared tank can achieve through shield/absorb. Perhaps it is bugged and not working as intended (I haven’t tested it or noticed one way or another, as I almost always use dps companions) but there is definitely a mitigation mechanic for tank companions.

Here are the more accurate details now that I’ve logged in to double check:
The single target taunt gives them an absorb bubble (haven’t tested the amount) which scales with damage and presumably will scale with influence. Their AE ability grants them 50% damage reduction for 10s, on a 15s cd, or a time averages 33.33% dmg reduction, more or less the equivalent of 60% shield 55% absorb. If you take this ability off of auto-cast and manually use it at opportune times, it will far exceed that. However, their armor and defense appear to be flat numbers and do not scale with influence. Thus, regardless of influence level, tank companions seem to have 27.22% armor, 11.68% defense, and the equivalent of 60% shield, 55% absorb. The armor and defense are both quite low, but the equivalent shield/absorb is very high; not as good as a real tank but should suffice for any content where companions are usable. I think the main problem is that absolutely no mitigation scales with influence level; for tanks it merely increases the HP pool and does nothing else.
TLDR: Tank companions do have adequate defensive stats, but do not scale with influence.

Aaaand not a problem with the heroics on my four farming toons, and the vanguard I was leveling is not having trouble either.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (through Sherlock Holmes, of course):

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Guys, I have come to the realization of the truth: BW WANTS to bury TOR.

Let’s see how they treat their player base:

Pvp: oh those guys get no love… Tell me pvp’ers, how long since a new map? How did this expansion have an impact on you?

Galactic Starfighter: omg, let’s not even go there… This was delivered and forgotten the same DAY…

Raiders: oh well… “There will never be another year long interval between Ops…” Hum hum… Right… What month is it now???

Casuals: “BW returns to epic single player oriented story telling… Oh but we forgot to mention: by the end of the story you WILL have to do 20 pvp matches, and learn to play your AC really well, or you won’t be able to do all the content. Oh and by the way, we wanted to go SOOOO retro we decided to put KOTOR-like conversations and get the comps back to pre-4.0 levels…”

So, as Sherlock Holmes puts it, however improbable, my only conclusion is that they WANT to bury the game! Why they want it… Beats me. They must think they’re some kind of tank, because they’re aggroing EVERYBODY loooooool…

I was hoping to back up what I said about HK-51 and Treek being advertised as being more powerful than the average in-game companion. I distinctly remember this when HK-51 and Treek were first offered to new subscribers in email advertisements and Facebook. Apparently, SWTOR at some point removed those posts from Facebook… unless I’m not going back far enough. And so, unless Miss Dulfy can get confirmation from a Dev, I cannot at this point prove what I said but I’ll keep looking.

What I can say is that when I first used HK-51 and Treek respectively with a new character, my experience was they both performed far better than any of the other companions to the degree that I didn’t need the others for anything except to run crafting missions. For example: Treek in healer mode was so good that I could easily run same-level heroics solo. This was not the case if I used Mako. Once I hit level 50 and had Treek in fully augmented artifact gear, she was a monster but Mako was still weaker in spite of being fully geared up.

Treek’s only advantage was being able to heal herself as a tank. As a healer she wasn’t really anything special. She was marginally better by a small amount in actual healing output, however her lack of a long CC actually made her perform overall worse. HK was quite inferior to the melee DPS companions as said companions, when used in their DoT stance, performed almost 500 DPS higher than HK (at level 60 in Yavin gear). HK’s entire benefit was the ability to one-shot a silver enemy, which made him useful in taking on heroics solo for the larger pulls. Other than that he had nothing making him “better”.

That’s not to say they were bad, they simply weren’t optimal. I personally used HK-51 on my Assassin main because I have always loved HK and the fact that an Assassin had a personal assassin droid was always amusing to me, and my Shadow used Treek because her psychotic nature meshed very well with how I played my Shadow out in her story. Never did I run into an issue that forced me to swap to another companion, even when doing heroics by myself. So both Treek and HK-51 were more than viable, if not optimal.

There were 2 minor problems with either Treek or HK:

As far as tanking, Treek was a BEAST. No problemo there, anything more she would jump out of the screen and aggro real life people lol…

In healing mode, she had 1 minor problem, as far as I’m concerned: she didn’t heal that well on the run, so in between fights she would not be as effective… But once in the fight she would make up for it;

HK, for all his glorious power, did not have an AoE attack… But he killed mobs so fast it wasn’t really an issue…

I remember seeing those advertisements myself. Personally, I think it was just a come-on to get people to subscribe… but then EA would probably been bitch-slapped for false advertising. On that note, there may have been statistical improvements made to HK and Treek. The weapons and armors were just a perk, although once modified and augmented, I’m sure the improvements made would have made their effectiveness been more noticeable.

If… and its a big if… EA had sold these comps with a promise of being more powerful, then they need to give people exactly what they paid money for or offer a refund.

HK-51 was mentioned in the promo email on 12/4/12: “Game Update 1.5 HK-51 Activated Embark on an epic mission to activate of one of the most deadly Assassin Droids, HK-51.”
The wayback cache for at least 11/16-/12-12/4/12 has HK-51 as one of the banners on the main page: “Game Update 1.5 is here! Activate HK-51 and fight through Operation: Explosive Conflict in Nightmare Mode!” The patch notes for 1.5 (11/15/12) include “HK-51 can now be acquired as a Companion Character! A shipment of the infamous Assassin Droids can be found in the wreck of an Imperial transport ship, The Fatality, in Section X. Reactivating HK-51 requires finding and assembling parts from across the galaxy.” There’s a dev blog and a swtor news article about HK at

The swtor fb page references that news article on 7/16/12, with a series of HK wallpapers after it.

Treek was mentioned in the promo email on 7/5/13: “Introducing Treek, a new companion available in-game and in the Cartel Market” and a promo email on 8/7/13: “Befriend Treek, a small companion with a big attitude!” The patch notes for 2.3 (8/6/13)include various references, such as “New Companion Character! Treek can now be obtained as an additional Companion Character via the Cartel Market or Legacy Vendors in the new Cartel Bazaar hangar of the Fleet!” or “Players can now purchase a Mercenary Contract to obtain the new Companion Character, Treek. Cost: 2,100 Cartel Coins”. The wayback cache’s throughout that week don’t show any mention of Treek on

Aside from the phrase “one of the most deadly Assassin Droids, HK-51,” I couldn’t find a single hint that could even be conceived as either of these companions being more powerful than the rest, nor do I remember hearing swtor advertising them as such. Again, i do believe that these companions were in fact more powerful than others; I just don’t believe they were ever promised or advertised as being more powerful than others. I also don’t doubt that some players purchased treek for the sole reason that they knew that treek was more powerful than the others; however they don’t have standing to complain for a refund just because balancing occurred. They were promised “a small companion with a big attitude” and after the balancing, treek is still small and annoying as ever.

I plan on running through the heroics of the Chapter 3 planets and beyond when I get home tonight to test them out and entertain the ‘too difficult’ claims. I’m not expecting any real issues other than some of them forcing me to actually use DCDs instead of button mash. We’ll see.

If you play as a tank, you probably won’t notice anything. If you play as a DPS, especially one with limited defenses (Gunnery Commando), you may feel some pain if you use a healer instead of a tank companion. If you play as a healer with a DPS or tank companion, same thing.

I just did all of the Chapter 3 planetary heroics and never dropped below 60% HP, only having to use cooldowns a handful of times. It’s still mindbogglingly easy.

for the situation at hand, i think its fair to say that it would seem that they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t, when it comes to either fixing it, or leaving it be. of course they could come out and say there was a technical error, in which it had increased the reduction of the companions abilities far more than the 75% they had originally stated. it would be a good way to possibly giving in, while looking like they aren’t. “oops, our bad :P”.

actually, i think they beat me to the punch

new feedback from me
after doing atleast 7 planets worthy of heriocs with the latest on hoth i found myself barely clinging on life with xalek rank 21 he just doesnt heal well infact his heals are noticeble worse.
treek on the other hand at rank 10 had some trouble keeping me alive but was doing better then xalek.
when on nar shaddaa i was doing some heriocs with xalek when i noticed that he had in tank mode only 10 defense rating,and in heal 30 power and 30 critical rating while i had atleast 5x more power and roughly 15x more crit thats broken no other word
on hoth while doing some heriocs with xalek at rank 21 well it was tough and tedious and simple put not fun. with treek it became easier yet i still had to self heal quit alot
the nerf was needed but not by this magnitude
long story short and TLDR
comps need a buff not to 4.0 lvl but atleast a 30-40% buff

a buff? intersting idea. just a guess, if they went that route, how would they implement something like that? kind of like the debuff they had back during the 12xp thing?

its different cause only bioware is ”capable” of adjusting exp gains but the buff im talking about which i didnt in my post stupid me
would be a adjustment to power/crit alacrity for healers comps cause i will not accept that xalek only has 30 power or crit on nar shaddaa when synced down it made doing ht eheriocs there tedious, and defense rating/aborb/shield rating for tank comps as it stands and i will take a screenshot of it to prove that xalek only has 30 power and 30 crit as healer and 10 defense rating as tank on nar shaddaa:P

From the Dev Tracker:

Hey folks,

First off, we want to thank all of you for your feedback about Companion
balance following 4.0.2. As we go into the weekend, we wanted you to
know that we have gone through this thread, the forums, Reddit, and
social media to gather everyone’s perspectives. We have come out of this
with quite a few action items that we are going to take, including
buffs for Companions. On Monday, we are going to release a forum post
highlighting our plans to address current Companion balance, along with
the state of Heroic Missions and Star Fortress.

Thank you all once again for your feedback.


basically, sync wasn’t enough, but we have our comps nerfed……does bioware just want people to stop playing this game?

Well, they were healing for too much, I do agree they nerfed them too badly, but hey there’s datamined stuff out about 4.0.2a which will increase it again, just not to as high as before.

It was mind boggingly easy to do anything, that was the problem. You could do a heroic, pull a couple groups, make a cup of a tea, come back and finish them off.

exactly. it was a more relaxing experience, no aggravation with finding groups. i play to relax…….NOT drive myself crazy.

if Swtor is serious about feed back why then they do not allow both non subscribers, Preferred and subscribers to give feed back in game and stop messing around with introducing newer contents that is bugged and reducing your ability to fight and fix the dam Swtor 4.0 game bugs from graphic issue with laptops to the Mission find a findsman as well as fix the good dam Swtor community sign up sites that won’t allow you to become a member.

Eric Muso should look at the large amount of in game tickets about these issues instead of saying sign up to the community forums to give your feed back and worrying about reducing companion healing.

Secondly the game is becoming a joke to play first take away the ability to need to group then make it you have to group just to get through heroics that was once a choice between friends and or guild members and game players.

Level syncing is ridiculous, annoying and down right stupid i am afraid to say their no fun in the game now at all its quite boring give me version 3.2 over 4.0 level syncing any day.

The Star Wars the old republic Knight of the Fallen Empire 4.0 is in need of serious stability instead of market gimmicks that result in bugs.

I like how they focus on stuff that really doesn’t matter that much, rather to fix annoying server lag if you do weekly heroics (balmorra in general)…
Tank companions without shield and worst defence that myself and usual bugs that really affect gameplay…

They took out maxed companions and killed their affection and when they were actually useful for players they dumbed them down.
So we’re left with a double nerf. ‘Great’.

There abilities should be “SLIGHTLY” equal to ours. Ex: If you had another player say HEALER with 208 amour level and you had 208 amour for DPS. Then both of your damage and healing output should be about the same. YES. The better the skill level at using the abilities play a part as well.

But companion should not DIE 10 seconds into HEROIC 2 / TATICAL flashpoints

in the end its the lvl sync crap
before 4.0 we could actually overlvl and overgear content and clear it with lvl sync thats no longer possible
and with the comp nerf it has now highlighted just how much stats are being cut and how much gearing actually played a role.

Gear really isn’t the issue, it’s players that would rather turn off their brain and have ez mode than actually taking the time to figure out their chosen spec and improve themselves.

Well I hope people are happy. All the unnecessary whining from people too incompetent to actually learn and improve led Bioware to giving companions a 50% buff (the nerf was 75% for perspective). Now not only does planetary heroics become a boring snore fest where you can fall asleep and still complete them, but heroic SF’s go back to being able to be done by a lobotomized money and OWPvP becomes nothing more but a game of who can kill the companion first……

I suppose it was too much to ask for any halfway challenging content to be left in the game that wasn’t ranked PvP or HM/NiM operations. Apparently it’s a sin to have moderately hard solo content. People must really enjoy having a game that plays itself for them.

As long as things works im fine with all changes but after update i didn’t have any problems do h+2 an all planets just fact that game bugs can kill you faster than lack of skill in game

It’s rediculous that people are even debating this. Bioware has killed SWTOR, no one plays it anymore because of the destruction of gameplay, and anyone new who tries it will become bored in the first hour. Now people who Are still playing and singing it’s slovenly praises, realize they now make up the entire community and most likely play because for whatever reason could never get ahead in MMOS that resist the player in any way. There is no point. No valid pvp, no struggle, no problems to figure out. Crew skills have been turned into another museum piece not worth involving your self in, don’t bother going for that rare weapon or piece of armor, it makes no difference, whatever. Everything is just handed to you by default, it’s a total travesty from what SWTOR used to be. I’ve got news for you bioware, the gameplay and environments (which no one will ever see again) were the real selling point of the game, the story was a nice bonus, definitely not worth ruining an entire game over.

So the community wanted this? Where did the community go? Looks like they either didn’t want it that badly, or your company has serious problems reading its clients habits and wishes.

Game is destroyed, no one is joining, discussions are dead for a year now, and you’re not doing anything about it?

I shall tiredly reiterate what has been stated multiple times on the forums. The player should not be forced to impose a self-restriction upon themselves to make content challenging. What’s next, should I go into PvP wearing nothing but my lightsaber because I deem it too easy? Shall I walk into an operation with level 7 whites just to make SM Brontes partially challenging?

The answer to the above rhetoric questions is; ‘no’.

You haven’t even done the STAR FORTRESS since the 4.02 patch or watch vids of “SKILLED” players that cannot complete. I DO NOT impose my personal issue and demand that BIOWARE change the software for MILLIONS because I think it is too easy or too hard. This is a majority that actually do the FALSHPOINTS.

When MY ASS is in a HARDMODE Flashpoiint ALONE with my healing companion and we are BOTH at 50% health and I am KILLING as fast as I can. I DO NOT want my only source of healing NERFED.

For east stuff. I turn off my companion. DONE.

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO YOUR OPINION. BUT show me proof that you were able to SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE the STAR FORTRESS HEROIC mode without trying to CHEAT the flash point under the 4.02 NERF patch. AND I WILL SHUT UP.

I’ve done the SF’s in all three stages. 4.0 launch, post-nerf, and post-buff (today). I was able to solo them each time. Try again

I’m not really sure how my recording of a speed hacker and putting in a ticket about it has any correlation to this discussion. And if you’d like me to upload the video of me soloing the Exarch with the nerfed companions I can do that tomorrow…..

That would be good if you uploaded proof. I have all level subscribers on my channel. Just because I can do something hard. I do not expect everyone to be at my level. That the POINT OF ALL this.

We are suppose to help each other out not be jerks about it.

ANYWAY. I am checking out your videos and play style. Interesting.

That would be good if you uploaded proof. I have all level subscribers on my channel and try to support them at the level they are. Just because I can do something hard. I do not expect everyone to be at my level. That’s the POINT OF ALL this.

We are suppose to help each other out in SWTOR not be jerks about it. That one reason I SOLO and play alone. Unless I meet someone or someone needs help completing a mission.

ANYWAY. I am checking out your videos and play style. Interesting

Okay, and? Don’t demand proof so heavily if you don’t want people to assume you’re arguing that something is impossible.

On a side note, that opener could use a hell of a lot of work. Using Recklessness and going into a Spike is a pretty poor idea in 4.0 (especially if you don’t take Audacity), and using Ball Lightning prior to Discharge makes absolutely no sense.

I tried over Christmas break, a lot. The only way I was able to clear the Star Forges with my consular (who has all the top level vendor gear), it’s okay now, but you have to be fairly well equipped. I miss outfitting companions…

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