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SWTOR Game Update 4.0.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 4.0.2 Patch Notes.


  • Missing Matrix Shards have been returned to their rightful owners.
  • Vendor Map Icons now display correctly when in a phase.
  • All planet and companion names and descriptions now appear in the French and German clients.
  • Companions now correctly follow players on Guild Flagships.
  • The Blaster’s Path Cantina Quick Travel location on Rishi now persists after log out.
  • Players starting the Shadow of Revan Mission chain on their ship now see their Companions react more specifically to their relationship status.
  • Imperial Agents are now granted the Red Blade codex entry during the Mission “Nothing is Ever Easy” on Hutta.
  • The Achievement “Alderaan Civil War: Punching Bag” is now awarded properly.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain areas to appear extremely foggy when using Very Low graphics settings.
  • Fixed typos in the Alliance and Companion & Contacts tutorial windows.
  • Fixed multiple instances of missing Achievement icons.

Cartel Market

  • The Republic Cartel Contraband Reputation vendor now offers all intended items.
  • The following Cartel Market Color crystals have had their artifact permission requirement removed:
    • Advanced Lime-Green Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Pink-Purple Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Lime-Green Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Pink-Purple Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Pink-Purple War Hero’s Crystal
  • Treek’s armor set is no longer granted on completion of her acquisition Mission, as companions no longer wear armor.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause players to create a Level 1 Character after using a Start At 60 Token.

Classes + Combat


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to commit their Utility points in the Discipline window.
  • Some Cartel Market Reputation items have had their bind rule changed to Bind on Pickup as intended.

Jedi Knight

  • Burning Storm: Burning effects now properly spread to all targets damaged by Force Sweep or Vigilant Thrust if the affected target is defeated by the initial hit.


  • Burning Sweep: Cauterize and Force Melt burn effects now properly spread to all targets damaged by Force Sweep if the affected target is defeated by the initial hit.

Jedi Consular
Jedi Shadow

  • The duration of Circling Shadows now matches the duration of the Deception Assassin’s Induction.

Flashpoints + Operations

Star Fortress

  • Addressed an issue where Companions could sometimes be defeated by the Lightbridge after the fight with the Skytrooper Praetorian.

The Ravagers

  • The FIX-4U Droids no longer get stuck when attempting to repair consoles during the Torque encounter.
  • The Shoots Lasers Droid are now spawned at fixed points around the encounter area rather than being pets during the Torque encounter.

Items + Economy

  • Crafted weapons introduced in Game Update 4.0 now have color crystal slots, as intended.
  • Random world drop items no longer require Rise of the Hutt Cartel to equip.
  • Numerous Armstech crafted items no longer require Underworld Trading materials and instead require Investigation materials.
  • The craftable Biochem Implants Exarch Quick Savant, Adept, Initiative, Bulwark, and Bastion MK-26 Packages now have the correct stats.
  • The Advanced Medpac given to new Start @ 60 Characters is now Bind on Pickup.
  • The Bounty Hunter Crystal Vendors on either Fleet now sell the Outlander Boltblaster’s Generator MK-4, Defiant Boltblaster’s Generator MK-4, and the Exarch Boltblaster’s Generator MK-4.
  • The Locked Medium Elite Commendation Container has been renamed to Locked Medium Glowing Crystal Container.
  • Names for items in the Mission “Hunger of the Vrblthers” on Nar Shaddaa now appear in French and German clients.
  • The Enslaved Underwalker Decoration no longer drops from the Dread Palace, and is now found in the Dread Fortress.
  • Hook sizes have been updated for the Jury-Rigged Battledroid, the Dread Forged Rancor, the Gree Core Guardian, and the Regional Annihilation Droid Decorations.
  • The Ancient Rakata Alchemical Beast Decoration is now properly granted by the associated item.
  • An Imperial and Republic version of a Generator Node Decoration have been added to the Warzone and Starfighter Decoration vendor. They are available for 750 Warzone Commendations.
  • Red and Green Fortitude Crystals are now automatically learned by players when choosing the Artifice crafting skill.
  • The weapons on the PvP Weapons vendor found on either Fleet no longer have default Hilts, Mods, or Enhancements. This also means that those weapons no longer have Expertise by default.
  • The Signet Ring of Ancient Tion now costs 5 Common Data Crystals instead of 10 on the Companion Gift Vendor.
  • The following items have had their appearances corrected:
    • Defiant Targeter’s Jacket MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter’s Jacket MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter’s Boots MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter’s Boots MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter’s Gloves MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter’s Gloves MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter’s Headgear MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter’s Headgear MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter’s Leggings MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter’s Leggings MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter’s Belt MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter’s Belt MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter’s Bracers MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter’s Bracers MK-2
    • Defiant Mender’s Jacket MK-4
    • Defiant Mender’s Jacket MK-2
    • Defiant Mender’s Boots MK-4
    • Defiant Mender’s Boots MK-2
    • Defiant Mender’s Gloves MK-4
    • Defiant Mender’s Gloves MK-2
    • Defiant Mender’s Headgear MK-4
    • Defiant Mender’s Headgear MK-2
    • Defiant Mender’s Leggings MK-4
    • Defiant Mender’s Leggings MK-2
    • Defiant Mender’s Belt MK-4
    • Defiant Mender’s Belt MK-2
    • Defiant Mender’s Bracers MK-4
    • Defiant Mender’s Bracers MK-2
  • The following mods no longer require artifact entitlement:
    • Versatile Hilt 7
    • Resistive Hilt 9
    • Versatile Hilt 5
    • Resistive Hilt 7
    • Versatile Hilt 11
    • Resistive Hilt 13
    • Versatile Hilt 9
    • Resistive Hilt 11
    • Versatile Barrel 40
    • Resistive Hilt 2
    • Versatile Barrel 36
    • Resistive Barrel 40
    • Versatile Hilt 3
    • Resistive Hilt 5
    • Versatile Hilt 2
    • Resistive Hilt 3
    • Versatile Hilt 13
    • Resistive Hilt 29
    • Versatile Hilt 29
    • Resistive Hilt 25
    • Versatile Hilt 25
    • Resistive Hilt 40
    • Versatile Hilt 40
    • Resistive Hilt 36
    • Versatile Hilt 36
    • Resistive Hilt 17
    • Versatile Hilt 17
    • Resistive Hilt 15
    • Versatile Hilt 15
    • Resistive Hilt 21
    • Versatile Hilt 21
    • Resistive Hilt 19
    • Resistive Barrel 17
    • Versatile Barrel 17
    • Resistive Barrel 19
    • Versatile Barrel 15
    • Resistive Barrel 13
    • Versatile Barrel 13
    • Resistive Barrel 15
    • Versatile Barrel 19
    • Versatile Barrel 25
    • Resistive Barrel 29
    • Versatile Barrel 29
    • Resistive Barrel 25
    • Resistive Barrel 36
    • Resistive Barrel 21
    • Versatile Barrel 21
    • Versatile Barrel 2
    • Resistive Barrel 2
    • Versatile Barrel 3
    • Resistive Barrel 3
    • Versatile Armoring 29
    • Resistive Armoring 29
    • Versatile Armoring
    • Resistive Armoring 31
    • Versatile Barrel 9
    • Resistive Barrel 9
    • Versatile Barrel 11
    • Resistive Barrel 11
    • Versatile Barrel 5
    • Resistive Barrel 5
    • Versatile Barrel 7
    • Resistive Barrel 7
    • Versatile Hilt 19
    • Resistive Armoring 29
    • Versatile Barrel 19
  • The following mods are now bind to slot:
    • Advanced Resistive Hilt
    • Advanced Resistive Hilt 40X
    • Advanced Resistive Hilt 39X
    • Advanced Versatile Hilt 39X
    • Advanced Resistive Hilt 41
    • Advanced Versatile Hilt 41
    • Advanced Versatile Hilt
    • Advanced Versatile Barrel 40X
    • Advanced Versatile Barrel
    • Advanced Versatile Barrel 41
    • Advanced Resistive Barrel 41
    • Advanced Versatile Barrel 39X
    • Advanced Resistive Barrel 39X
    • Advanced Resistive Barrel 40X
    • Advanced Resistive Barrel
    • Advanced Versatile Hilt 40X
  • The following Color Crystals can now be trained at the Artifice trainer once again:
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange War Hero’s Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue War Hero’s Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue Eviscerating Crystal

Missions + NPCs

  • Players who were missing Class Missions have had them restored.
  • The Mission [WEEKLY] GSI Valued Partner Initiative now additionally rewards 12 Glowing Crystals.
  • A confirmation dialog has been added to Conversation choices where a player is directly and knowingly choosing to kill or otherwise reject a potential follower. As a note, options that have unclear or unexpected outcomes (such as a follower rejecting you as a result of your previous actions rather than the player directly choosing to reject the follower) will not present a confirmation.
  • Companion abilities can no longer interrupt casting times of NPCs and players.
  • Fixed an issue with the Companion Locator Terminal where it was not allowing players to unlock the following companions: Blizz, Skadge, Khem Val, Broonmark, Rusk, Zenith, and Guss.
  • Players no longer automatically target their Companion after summoning them.
  • Companion base stats have been reduced.
  • Companion damage and healing output has been reduced.
  • Companions in the Tank role now generate additional threat.
  • Despite being astoundingly proficient at it, Vector no longer does his best Kaliyo impression while in his Healing role.
  • Companions are now able to use Gathering abilities after switching roles.
  • The introductory Missions with Hylo Visz, Beywan Aygo, and Sana-Rae now have purple Story icons.
  • Completing the Mission “Honor or Glory” now properly unlocks Torian Cadera.
  • 2V-R8 can now equip the Butler Droid customization as intended.
  • Corrected an issue where some player characters would snap back into a kiss animation in Chapter IX.
  • All PvP and Galactic Starfighter Daily and Weekly Missions now grant Experience based on Character Level.
  • The final defenders in all Star Fortress Shield Bunkers have been increased in difficulty.
  • The following flashpoint quests will now grant the SOLO Flashpoint access quest instead of the Tactical:
    • Call to Arms (Boarding Party and the Foundry)
    • The Jedi Prisoner (Taral V and Maelstrom Prison)
    • Violent Uprising (Republic Directive 7)
    • Immediate Vengeance (Imperial Directive 7)
    • Ilum Under Siege (Republic The Battle of Ilum and The False Emperor)
    • An Empire Betrayed (Imperial The Battle of Ilum and The False Emperor)
  • Jedi Knights are no longer offered additional off-hand item choices as rewards from the following Missions:
    • The Architect of Annihilation
    • The Search for Agent Galen
  • Sith Assassins are no longer offered healing gear as a Mission Reward for any Chapter.
  • Sergeant Namada now spawns currently during the Alderaan Mission “The Devouring Plague.”
  • The “Ancient Relics” Bonus Mission has been removed from the Jedi Knight Class Mission “Doomsday” due to deprecated Companion rewards.
  • The Alert Response Team Walker no longer respawns after it is defeated in Chapter III if a player exits the Chapter and reenters. This change will reset the Chapter for any player currently on it.
  • Talos’s team now appears properly during the Mission “Fighting Power with Knowledge.”

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233 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 4.0.2 Patch Notes”

All good stuff. Just a shame about the companion nerf. As they now heal even more at high influence, everyone with a 30+ rank comp won’t notice a thing…

I disagree, that was the best update in the list. The difficulty level was a joke with god mode companions. Hopefully this makes running through the story less tedious when there’s some slight risk of losing….

I didn’t miss that. All that tells me is that I don’t want to rep grind companions because the ‘reward’ is actually a punishment for me… Really poor design when some of your players thing your rewards are punishments… My highest comp is around 10 and I’m gonna endeavor to keep it that way it looks like, assuming I continue playing at all.

“Players no longer automatically target their Companion after summoning them.”

Thank you! That was so annoying….

My take on it.

It’s as a result of the optimization patch they did to make the game run a lot smoother.

In order to fix this they’d have to completely change the animation.

I really hope they also fixed the self-debuffing companion issue. It is really annoying having to target and re-buff companions every time you zone, dismount, etc.

I never look at my comps buffs. I guess I need to pay attention to them. I just assume if I’m buffed they are buffed. Thx for that info.

Currently the buff seems to automatically reapply itself seconds after dismounting if they had it before mounting.

Khem’s back 😀
This means I can have a Dashade without waiting on future Alliance recruit Ak’ghal Usar 🙂

And I thought the Dashade he was mentioning was Khem Val. (IIRC he [Oggs] never said names, just a description of a “Force-sensitive consuming Dashade,” which fit the bill for Khem rather easily, considering Talos also knows him)

I’m telling you that the datamined info has a new Dashade companion named Ak’ghal Usar found on Yavin 4 based on items Talos has found (mission’s also been datamined). He looks like the red Khem Val customization with the cloth armor.

Look up the mission “Reclaimed Treasure” on TORCommunity.

Ak’Ghal is Khem. Look at this glitch after getting Khem back in my SH. His name was accidentally showing his KotFE name and new look.

I think it’s a different Dashade story-wise, but the same Dashade in terms of game mechanics.
Note: I think Talos would know it was Khem if it was him since they lived on the same ship.

While I see your point, I feel like its very possible that Ak’Ghal is simply the new Khem identity when he comes into our story in KotFE, if not its very strange that my Khem Val in my stronghold happened to transform into Ak’Ghal :p also raises even more suspicioun for this. And yes Talos would probably know its Khem I will definitely give you that point, but that is if he had actually come face to face with him. (However as an Inquisitor I simply commanded Talos to rejoin me without having to do this mission)

Unless I’m mistaken , it makes no mention of better defining companion roles more clearly, having my healer face tank everything is annoying.

I play a lightning sorc..I am no tank..and my healer should be smart enough to not just stand there and face tank

Are you using a melee companion? The ranged ones don’t do that. Similar to your complaint I’m annoyed how Risha face tanks everything even though she should be a ranged tank.

“Aric Jorgan can now use assault cannons.” Haha just kidding. I’m sure the rest of havoc squad leaves them in his bunk to tease him and he has to get somebody else to pick it up for him.

totally agree. No reason Vik is carrying around a blade. The man was made for a cannon! And to tease Aric about it at that!

imo Vik carries a blade because he likes getting up close, personal, and dirty with his kills. But if he carried Jorgan’s cannon he’d definitely have something snarky to say about it.

he should be though, in chapter 2 on my commando well not gonna spoil it but lets just say aric held his blaster rifle like it was an assault canon….broke the immersion for me

in chapter 2 of kofte where valkie talks about your comps then seeing aric holding that tiny blaster rifle i gave him as if it was his assault canon yes that will break the immersion of this expansion that touts STORY

Personally, I wish they would let you finish the Star Fortress quests in Solo mode. I can now get to the final fight in H2, but I still get slaughtered by all the mobs when the fight starts.

In all seriousness; how? I can’t even fathom how you could get stuck on it. Set your companion to heal and you’ll be at full health for pretty much the entire run.

I’ve even done it with comp set to DPS for the lolz, still fairly easy :S

Final fight, all the mobs swarm me. Companion dies, I die. Rest of it is easy. If there was a trick to avoiding the swarm, it would be no problem

Which final fight are you talking about? There are no adds in the Exarch fight. Are you talking about the elevator fight with two gold Knights and four adds?

This would be the fight where, in the solo version, the Ephermis hologram shows up. In this fight, the elites pick off my healing companion and then me. If there’s a trick to controlling them, I don’t know it.

I am a combo of 216 (augmented) and 208 (not augmented) so maybe it gets better when i get all 216 gear. Advisors are level 14-15 and Koth is at influence level 26.

Honestly, you should not be having too much trouble with this, at the gear level you’re describing. Set your companion to Heal and pull aggro on the elites as soon as they emerge. It depends what class you’re using, but I’d recommend engaging one elite with a heavy damage attack, while taunting or hitting the other with a stun/CC (which won’t last long, but will out-aggro companion heals). Hit the group of them with AOE to keep them busy and off your companion, kill the adds with AOE, then kill the two knights.

Apparently the issue is not knowing how to play. I and my whole guild were soloing the heroic right on lvl 65 ding. My companion was rank 10. So to the David guy I will suggest checking the class guides here and arranging key binds and carefully studying what all your abilities do. Not being able to solo the solo version is simply mind boggling.

Exactly. Soloing it was easy on the first playthrough, with that kinda gear it should be a breeze.

No, there’s a bug going around with companion armour and some other mitigation stat being 0 at 65. Maybe, just MAYBE, this is the cause of his their distress?

He’s not talking about the solo version, he’s talking about the Heroic version where you have to fight the two groups that come from the elevators. He just didn’t word it very clearly.

The companion is set for heals. But he ends up fucking dying when they swarm him first, then me.

Based on what’s being described (gear level and companion influence level) I would have to concur that this is a gameplay-knowledge/fight management issue. But instead of just yelling “L2P” or other unhelpful crap, here’s what I suggest (peppered with my own experiences with the SFs in both heroic and solo mode).

1) having your companion in healer mode is good, though not necessary for this fight, and certainly not at the gear/influence levels you’re describing. The phenomenon you report with the NPCs mobbing your companion is precisely what happens when you lose aggro/threat*, and if you’re not in a tank specialization, your options at this point are limited to: a) try to do more damage than your companion is healing and/or b) use your stuns/interrupts/knockbacks if you have them (not every DPS class has knockbacks) to maintain distance between the NPCs and you/your companion as well as increase the time it takes for them to do damage.

*aggro/threat is specific to each NPC and is effectively a measure of which player/companion is attracting the most attention from the NPC, which will affect who the NPC targets.

2) if you’re already having problems with threat/aggro, the only way in my mind to utilize option a) above is to use your Heroic Moment and the abilities that appear in your temporary abilities bar and any AoE attacks you might have. Option b) is better but because these moves are often on cooldown their ability to save you in a fight is limited.

3) if you’re on a stealth class (Scoundrel/Operative, Shadow/Assassin), stealth out before starting the fight, use your CC to put one of the Zakuul Knights (gold star) to sleep, turn off any companion AoE moves, and send the companion to attack (even if the companion is set to heals) the Skytrooper that shows up behind the sleeping Knight, and manage the other Knight and Skytrooper that show up by yourself (protip: defeat the Skytrooper first) until your companion shows up. By that time you will have done some damage to the Knight you were on, and the other Knight will be close to coming around and joining the fight. When that happens, let your companion handle the Knight you were fighting and go start the fight with the just-waking Knight. During this entire time don’t hesitate to use your Heroic Moment abilities to speed/up manage the fight. Unless you’re doing something terribly wrong, by this time the fight should be well in hand.

4) if you’re not using a stealth class, do effectively the same thing as in point 3) but instead of CCing the one Knight, you’ll have to use a stun on him, which doesn’t last nearly as long but may still be long enough for you and your companion to deal with both Skytroopers. Since you don’t have a CC to worry about, don’t hesitate to use your Heroic Moment abilities ASAP; on my DPS characters I do this even though I don’t have to because it saves me so much time.

5) be aware that in the Star Fortresses, aside from the Paladins, there are at least 2 distinct classes of Zakuul Knight, with different abilities/strengths. The gray armor Knights are melee classes, with a Ravage channeled move and a knockback; the white armor Knights are casters and mostly try to only channel Thundering Blast, which at the moment appears to do nothing at all in either solo or heroic mode. However, the caster Knights seem to have higher armor/HP than the melee Knights so as a result they may take longer to defeat but they are also less of a risk to you/your companion. The melee Knights are far more dangerous and fighting them requires better management than the caster Knights. If you see a melee Knight channeling Ravage, try your best to stun/interrupt the move.

I soloed the Alderaan SF in heroic mode (I don’t run the SFs with others in any mode, as doing so in other flashpoints seems to reduce my own loot and increase the time it takes to clear) on my primary character (a shadow tank) without the alliance buffs on the first try in 192/198 gear and a companion under level 15 influence. As I was a stealth class, I did exactly what I described in point 3) for the ambush fight and it went off without a hitch – I didn’t even have to use my Heroic Moment abilities. On subsequent characters I headed into heroic SFs in 208/216 and a smattering of 220 gear, and companions whose influence level exceeded 15, and with liberal use of Heroic Moment abilities I was able to clear those fights in under a minute. With time and some practice, you should be able to as well.

OK, now this actually helps. I’ll experiment with my play style and see what I can achieve. (I play a Watchman sentinel).

Thanks for the advice. Here’s hoping the companion nerf doesn’t make it harder while I learn.

This isn’t the final fight. There’s a whole other section after this.
Take out the lesser enemies first. The weaker ones shouldn’t take too long and it cuts the damage you and your comp take by about 40%.
Save the knights for the end.
You’ll need to repeat this tactic a few more times as you progress. Any time you encounter a champion and lesser mobs, take out the lesser ones first.

The H2 has been easy except for the final fight Vs the Exarch, where once he destroys my healer companion he finishes me off before I can finish him, except on one occasion when he didn’t focus on the companion as much.
With the new changes to companions, I imagine this will be even harder.

Even those have been easy. I did them all and the only time I died was once I got a knock back that knocked me off the platform. It’s a total joke.

How on Earth is he killing your healer companion? I honestly can’t imagine how that’s happening. I’d struggle to lose my healer even if I actively tried to kill her.

Mind boggling :S

I guess it depends on your influence levels and the like. At influence below 15 it wasn’t that difficult to get the companion killed by boss level opponents in the Star Fortress if you got things wrong. The Exarch just managed to squish my companion constantly.

But I did it in Ziost gear, with the only influence with my comp being from the KotFE conversations. It should still be impossible for your comp to die.

Well, it definitely was not impossible for your comp to die, that much I can guarantee. By definition, that means your character could die too.
I have to say it didn’t happen often and only regularly on the Star Fortress (heroic mode) and even then, only at the point with the Exarch battle. Seems your companion had something going for them that mine didn’t.
We’re not talking about the solo mode Star Fortress which is considerably easier.
From what I have seen on the forums, it does seem to vary from companion to companion as to how good they were (even though they should all be the same). For example I always found melee style companions better at healing than ranged style companions.

I’m full of it? You sure you’re not just shit? Never once had my companion die while they were healing.

How are you not doing this? It’s piss-easy even on heroic. If you’re bad enough at the game you can’t do it without them, grab the buffs at the start and the extra abilities throughout the fortress….Or, you know, do it with someone else? What with it being a HEROIC 2+ and all.

Heroic moment. Start with Orbital Strike, kill the 2 regular mobs first and fast, then use your other heroic moment abilities on 1 of the knights. If the other knight is on your healer, don’t bother. He can keep himself alive. Kill the one knight you’re fighting, use defensive cooldowns if needed. You will most probably be able to your use Heroic moment abilities a 2nd time again, which will simply end the fight.

I wonder if they fixed the mission item bug, where if you have Area Loot enabled it will sometimes fail to correctly update a mission if you loot a mission item via area loot rather than from that specific mob. Switching Area Loot on and off for different missions is tedious.

I “fixed” it by clicking on mission items one by one in the pop-up window and then clicking collect all to collect all garbage.

Fixed an issue where players were unable to commit their Utility points in the Discipline window. – Finally!!!!!!

Ops aren’t the point of the current expac.

The older ops have all been made relevant now.

It’s not like ops were ever meant to be the hallmark of content variety.

There aren’t going to be any. They’ve decided this game should be a single player RPG with some optional grouping at end game only. They aren’t going to do any more dev work on OPs or PvP or FPs, just use what they already have and keep bumping them to endgame.

“The following mods are now bind to slot … ” Does this mean I can no longer purchase the offhand weapon and remove the hilt/barrel and put it in my main hand?

So none of my alts will have a decent main hand because I was too slow to level them to 65?

Buy them today, take the barrels/hilts out of the offhand and have them either sit alone in your cargo hold (it’s unlikely they’d make them bind to a slot if it’s not in a slot at all) or stick them in a mainhand so they bind to a mainhand slot.

Well, I thought of that, but to purchase the offhand requires the purchaser be level 65. And, since they’re BoP I can’t have my main by them for my alts. Thanks for the advice though.

Yeah, but I forgot about them. Never had to use them before. With each expansion I leveled my craters first so I could just make the best mods for each of my alts. Can’t do that anymore. Was also my main source of income. I got screwed with this expansion.

“Vector no longer does his best Kaliyo impression while in his Healing role.” WHAT??? I no longer have a transssexual Vector??? And I had him dressed as a drag queen… looooooooool!!!

That would be interesting to see…

I wonder whether Raina Temple will still do a Kaliyo impression as a tank, one would hope not; they don’t sounds remotely alike.

Hmm so origin companions that are missing from 1-50 class stories aren’t fixed still. gg bioware looks like I’ll never get into kotfe until they are fixed so I can finish their stories

Still no word or fix for the lag of just running around on Odessen or the ability delay when doing Star Fortress. Damn.

“Players starting the Shadow of Revan Mission chain on their ship now see their Companions react more specifically to their relationship status”
Wonder what this means.

There are several reactions from romanced companions in the intro to SoR. But due to the bug their conversations lines were like they hadn’t been in any relationship/marriage with a player character.

Generator Node Decoration

I can’t tell how long I’m waiting for them. I think since Stronholds have been introduced, with them in the preview window,

“The weapons on the PvP Weapons vendor found on either Fleet no longer have default Hilts, Mods, or Enhancements. This also means that those weapons no longer have Expertise by default.”
This is only for below level 65 gear right?

Was really hoping for a tuneup on the lowest parsing specs.

Even if it was just some tiny change for concentration/focus/fury/rage, or concealment/scrapper, or TK/Lightning, just to push us in the viability range.

Rage has always been at the bottom since 1.0 -it’s primarily a PvP spec-easiest to play in PvE, lowest overall damage.

Lol, by that argument, marksman should also be at the bottom because it’s super easy to play, best in PvP, lowest overall damage.

Except it isn’t.

Focus being at the bottom isn’t really be design. It was mostly because of overnerfs before the official 3.0 launch.

I never even mentioned snipers-what holds true for one class does not for another.
(And imo all three sniper specs are pretty easy to play)

meh, they kind of are, I agree.

Regardless, the changes Bioware made to concentration/focus/rage/fury was to make it a viable PvE raiding spec for single target (I’m pretty sure they even SAID this). Right now it’s at the bottom.

It was an aoe spec which was great for pvp before 3.0. At the moment it doesn’t do higher aoe damage than the rest but it’s still great for pvp.
Bioware’s combat philosophy has changed since then though, it used to be that pure dps classes was supposed to be ahead of everyone else by up to 5%, at the moment however it’s changed. Melee is supposed to do the most, then hybrids and then ranged, and dot based specs are supposed to do the most sustained damage, which translate to a dummy parsing scenario pretty much. The exact positions of every spec I don’t know but that’s the general gist of it. You can find the sources to that in the early 4.0 design videos when they talked about all the upcoming changes.
They’ve never been particularly close to their ideals though, so specs are most likely always going to be needing nerfs or buffs in some way or another.

Another thing, there are no official “pve/pvp specs”, they’ve never gone down that road. The terms and recommendations are player made.

in 3.0, it’s no longer an AoE spec. Bioware turned it into a spec that’s worse than the other three in AoE, and does “high” single target damage.

… except they nerfed the crap out of singularity (now renamed koan), and the bonus damage you get from zen is absolutely pathetic.

“Despite being astoundingly proficient at it, Vector no longer does his best Kaliyo impression while in his Healing role.” LOL, I remember hearing him say one of Kaliyo’s quotes and it just made me laugh and creeped me out at the same time!

I wonder about this too. It seems from the story that my romance has been remembered, but romance gifts are not acknowledged.

Count yourself lucky then. Of all the characters, my “main” toon, a sage, does not acknowledge his romance with Nadia. No extra dialogue during the dream sequence with Val nor any mail from the love interest. Funny thing, I have 2 other toons whose romance is acknowledge who both cheated with Lana while the only one who didn’t fool around is glitched.

“The final defenders in all Star Fortress Shield Bunkers have been increased in difficulty.”

Whaaat? Why?

These are the ones on the planets, right?

Nearly onehitted them.

So making them a bit stronger won’t change anything.

“Imperial Agents are now granted the Red Blade codex entry during the Mission “Nothing is Ever Easy” on Hutta.'”
Is this retroactive? It better be.

“Missing Matrix Shards have been returned to their rightful owners.”
Cool. Now if only the matrix shard relics were worth all the effort…

This is the bit I am least sure about…

“Companion abilities can no longer interrupt casting times of NPCs and players”

Does this mean they’ll loose their interrupts Vs targets now? I liked the fact they were also able to interrupt opponents (cant say about PC’s as I’d not PvP with a companion).

While I expect bugs with an expansion, there were ceratinly some wacky ones that really should have been caught. Vector-Kaliyo healer, disappearing matrix shards/cubes,pantless companions (I said they had one heck of a party while I dealt with the 14 hour install thanks to the streaming client)… Blater’s Path isn’t the only QT point that seemingly got forgotten. My scoundrel no longer had the library on Alderaaan either.
I am VERY happy about them increasing threat generation for tank companions. As a scoundrel healer, I had a few rough fights where I either died or nearly did because the companion tank would only hold aggro on one mob.

I think companions do that by default, you should practice target swapping your companion to generate threat on different mobs at the same time, since it’s what a tank would do, if you let him tunnel one single mob then you will probably always have more threat than your companion.

I’d never had this issue before, and I’ve been playing with a tank companion since launch. It was as if Lana decided she was tanking an op – “DPS can pick up adds; I’ve got the boss.” I didn’t send her to the boss nor did -I- have it targeted since I was either trying to kill the ones mobbing me or healing. Again, never had this problem before with my tank companion.

“Players starting the Shadow of Revan Mission chain on their ship now see their Companions react more specifically to their relationship status.” Why bother with that now? It’s a year too late for that…

This doesn’t sound like a bug fix, this sounds like a change/new development. My point was that it seems odd that they would modify the intro movie to the last expansion when a majority of people have probably passed this on their main at the very least. Seems like a very low reward for the development.

Ironically I went through SoR on an alt I almost never use this weekend. I was annoyed this didn’t come out a week earlier so I could see it without a major leveling effort.

Cant help but wonder if anyone else is having the same problem as myself. I cannot finish the companion story arcs for Blizz and Skadge on either my merc or PT. Thought maybe the last patch, then this one, still nothing

Maybe this note applies? Fixed an issue with the Companion Locator Terminal where it was not
allowing players to unlock the following companions: Blizz, Skadge, Khem
Val, Broonmark, Rusk, Zenith, and Guss.

This patched fixed Zenith for me! He never showed up when he was supposed to for my Consular, and I logged on and hooray, he’s there! However.. Skadge on my Bounty Hunter -still- refuses to speak to me. I was hoping he would be fixed this patch, especially since Zenith is fixed, but, nope.

“Companion base stats have been reduced.”
“Companion damage and healing output has been reduced.”
I really hope companions aren’t useless again. Yes, they needed tweaking, but I hope you’re still able to solo heroics and story mode flashpoints. BioWare don’t seem to have a middle point it’s either over powered or under powered. The best solution is to have them at a level where they’re competent that if you use you’re brain you’re coming out of the fight in good standing and not getting your arse handed to you because your companion is a total gimp. This situation will determine whether I renew my sub for a second month.

The Achievement “Alderaan Civil War: Punching Bag” is now awarded properly.
It’s a shame they couldn’t have fixed Imperial Scholar achievement as that’s the only codex entry I need to have them all on Korriban.

I would much rather them be useless than overpowered. I found myself incredibly bored going through the story mode by the second play through. Without the challenge of even mildly difficult combat I may as well just watch the videos on youtube… Frankly you shouldn’t be able to easily solo H2, the 2 is supposed to mean it’s recommended for 2 players. They either need the difficulty to match or rename them.

This will effect if i renew as well.

Agreed, I need SOME form of difficulty to allow me to feel I’ve earned what I’m doing, not just mashing keys and hoping for the best. Also removes something from being a Legendary player knowing a lot of them muppets just finished 8 classes in about 3 days instead of months of careful gear and time management.

So, instead of just going and doing HM FP and OP, you’re going to bitch about people enjoying solo content. Lovely.

Even Bioware have stated that one of the 2 from H2 should be viable with a companion. So that really says that yes, it should be able to be done solo with a companion.

I saw that after my initial comment. Seems it was a design decision. So basically they now consider/want a companion to be the same as a player is what that tells me, which again points to they don’t want this to be an MMO anymore.

Good god. It’s SOLO content. Go do a FP or OP if you want to group up.

Or bitch at the people who decline group invites for heroics.

It wasn’t solo content prior to 4.0 and they are using the same terms like Heroic 2, Heroic 2+, etc. So when they change the definition of terms, people are gonna get confused. Get over yourself.

As was I, but they weren’t easy and the challenge made it fun. Now I can start a fight then get up and take a crap and my companion won, that’s ridiculous.

You do realize there is an achievement for soloing Herioc 2 Star Fortress so it was meant to be able to have heroic 2s soloed

I do realize that, but there’s a difference between you’re meant to be able to do it and it’s meant to be easy. There have been achievements for nightmare mode OPs in 3 hours, those generally are meant to be doable buy very challenging. It was my impression this achievement was meant to be like those, but it probably wasn’t.

Or you could just not use a companion. Stop trying to nerf content just to make yourself happy. If you want a challenge, make one for yourself.

I used to make a challenge for myself, but why should I bother jumping through hoops to enjoy the game. Yes I’m trying to make myself happy, that’s the point of games. If I’m not happy playing I’m going to stop playing/paying, which was my point in this will effect my review. Get over yourself.

Yeah but remember Heroic Moment is also Level synced to the planet and level as well (which kinda sucks) but it is better than nothing.

So, companions have had their stats lowered, but if they tank they generate more threat? Well, that should be a joy to work with…

I believe they decided to boost threat in order to compensate for the damage output they’re nerfing, would have to see how it is in live, but it does sound like the right move.

Maybe, but like an earlier poster, I’m just concerned about comps being useless again. Solo play had just gotten to be a viable high-level option.

Im happy that hilts barrels and armorings dont require Artifact Equipment Access, now just for Unify Colors to be available for all Prefered Status!

Wish they had done that a few weeks ago before I purchased the unlock authorization from the Cartel Market. With quest reward weapons requiring Hutt Cartel xpac, these mods are the only way to play.

The Ravagers
“The FIX-4U Droids no longer get stuck when attempting to repair consoles during the Torque encounter.
The Shoots Lasers Droid are now spawned at fixed points around the encounter area rather than being pets during the Torque encounter. ” … we’ll see…

now if they would only set up vendors in the fleet for the older FPs, H2 missions, and planet vendors gear I would be so happy.

pre-KotFE certain Heroic +2 missions gave orange modded equipment and weapons as rewards now they are just blues. Flash points had some great looking orange modded armor unique to that FP while on the planets and in the fleet there use to be planet armor/weapons vendors that sold lvl appropriate items in exchange for that planets commendations(currency at the time). Now I will admit that I haven’t had much time to explore the fleet vendors so I don’t know if BW snuck them into a corner somewhere.

The maintenance window just went from “Extended 60 minutes” to “NO ETA”!!!! Uhhgg….that can’t be a good sign.

Extended Maintenance with no ETA=We don’t know what the problem is and have no idea how to fix it.

let’s hope whey they do come up, they don’t add more bugs to the game than they took out.

If there is an issue with the patch they can still roll back to the previous one (yay!). But out of curiosity I’d like to know what is going wrong.

Has anyone been able to successfully download and install the patch yet? I just tried and keep getting “this application has encountered an unspecified error please try this patch again”, is this why they extended maintenance?

The update went fine, 100% in like 5-10 mins or so….The servers aren’t doing so fine, as it seems. Maybe the servers themselves were nerfed this time around :))))

Ah it’s downloading for me now, but pretty slowly, might just be my internet connection. Wish they would tell us how big these patches are.

“Fixed an issue with the Companion Locator Terminal where it was not allowing players to unlock the following companions: Blizz, Skadge, Khem Val, Broonmark, Rusk, Zenith, and Guss.” hmm, don’t tell me i’m noob and i could unlock those companions after 9 chapter of KOTFE all this time?!
i thought they are unavailable untill next chapters come out..

At launch the terminal was broken and didn’t allow anyone to locate their missing companions. Then it was “fixed” but there were still some mission companions. Now (supposedly) it is actually fixed so all the missing companions can be located.

According to the text when you use the terminal recruiting your old companions now will NOT change the story of futures chapters where you can actually do a mission to recruit your companions. For example as an inquisitor I used the terminal to recruit Ashara even though there isn’t currently a mission to recruit here in KotFE. But if in the future BW adds a mission to recruit Ashara I can still go through the story and do the missions and bring Ashara back to my team properly.

This last patch must’ve not fixed as hotly as they were hoping – from SWTOR’s own site:

“Update: Today’s maintenance window has been extended with no ETA…”

If you’re reading this and have yet to patch the game, DO NOT TRY TO PATCH THE GAME WHILE ALL ISSUES HAVE NOT BEEN RESOLVED. Not my warning, it’s BW’s. Guess we all remember that saying: “never play on patch day”…

Hey everyone,

We’ve seen reports of people getting stuck while downloading or encountering other issues with the Launcher. We recommend not attempting to patch the game while we are investigating the ongoing issues. If you are already in a stuck state, we will update you later on what needs to be done to resolve your issue.


Oh, damn.

Yeah, the SWTOR site said traffic on the servers was light, so I patched, and then boom – no servers up.

I was done before I ever saw that warning. Fuck.

Oh, I see what’s happening… Comps went on strike, that’s what this is!!! “So you guys at BW are not happy with nerfing AC’s, now you want to nerf US too??? Screw you, we’re going to work for another MMO… ” Loooool…

Oh wait, so if we updated it and the status says ‘all servers offline’ then that was a bug in the patch. Amazing.

“Hey everyone,

As you can tell, the website is back online, but the game servers are still down. We are actively investigating an issue with client patching. Unfortunately, I don’t have any ETA for you right now, but will keep you updated as I find out more!



let’s get back to gaming guys:

“All servers are now available!

Please note that if your patch is downloading slowly, allow the patch to finish, even if you experience periods of download inactivity. We are working with our external content delivery partners to remedy the situation.

Players who previously started their download, the same applies: allow the download to complete, even if there are periods of inactivity. It will ultimately download.

Thank you for your understanding!


Okay, now it’s actually done; wow, now force-healer channels are less than tech ones. 😛

And here I was complaining about them being higher than pre-patch tech healer channels…

The companion stat loss is pretty shitty. Can no longer solo some of the heroics. Really guys! I have awesome gear and I kick ass but it still gets handed to me from lowbies. I’m all for a challenge but this is ridiculous.

For 1.5 year forcequake animation has been broken..they should really fix that it’s not fair when sorc got their force storm animation perfect !

Also there is no way to obtain advanced blue(original blue) war-hero crystal anymore except for those who already got the schematic in grade 6 pvp crafting box…the only way to get this crystal is with the GTN if some people put some on there…it Sucks !!! 😛

An Imperial and Republic version of a Generator Node Decoration have
been added to the Warzone and Starfighter Decoration vendor. They are
available for 750 Warzone Commendations.

NOPE! They addad the imperial version to the vendors of both factions.

Ok… The comp nerf basically sucks big time. I will proceed to explain:

No, I’m not one of those guys that likes to single click everything to death while I’m playing, and as some of you might remember, I was one of the people championing Level Sync not so long ago.

It’s not really the nerfing that sucks… It’s basically the fact that you can’t gear your comps anymore. So you are in fact reduced to mindless grinding comp gifts to boost your Influence… And that’s just for ONE comp, if you want to have an actual team of comps… Oh boy, you’re in for a ride I tell you…

It’s just an unusual amount of time lost around something that used to be simple, you got down to Yavin 4, do the Dailies and gear your comps, one each week, more if you had alts… If not, getting those Ziost tokens would suffice, for 190 gear…Now it’s become an end in itself, and it’s BORING… And mind you, I do the Heroics on my Operative Lethality guy, so I bypass most of the trash, CC one organic and a droid if need be… I can’t begin to IMAGINE someone going in with a Jugg tank for instance… The amount of time lost will be much worse…

Yes, we get a lot of options as far as comps are concerned… But why, since we can still only send 6 of them on missions? And I would trade those options for having the option to gear my comps again, because it would be faster… I don’t want to grind the game, I want to play the game… Big difference…

Not to mention, LOTS of people who just started playing this will move away from the game faster than you can say Knights of the Fallen Pants Empire… And that’s not good, I don’t care if they’re noobs, the more people play this game the better chances we have to continue playing it as well.

Sure, I don’t need comps to do Ops or Flashpoints… But I DO have to grind my behind off to get AT LEAST some comps in good condition for the things I need them for… And let’s not talk about PUG, because that’s another matter altogether, and a really bad experience atm for me…

hahahah :’D
Allright it’s something like – there was no need for these heavy nerfs, heroics is daily monothon stuff, gearing companions before was easier than grinding affection, gifts for them now.

I just came back from a round of H2s in Belsavis and Voss, on a Vigilance Guardian and T3 healing (1587 presence, rank 10). The time it took was roughly the same as it took me yesterday before the nerf, only today I actually had to pay attention to what I was doing, and had to pop a DCD here and there. I died once in the whole run because I accidentally pulled 6 dogs and 2 gormak at once on Voss.

I think this may be working as intended, then again I know of such *advanced tactics* as DoT spreading and prioritising the weaker targets. 😉

Joking aside, depending on what their intent was, they may have gone overboard: before the nerf I already saw people get themselves killed in the aforementioned heroic area on Voss. For me this is the right level of difficulty, I can make some mistakes but it’s not so easy I will struggle to remain awake. Not everyone is going to agree, and I can see the shitstorm forming on the horizon already…

For the record, I don’t do ops, just HM FPs.

Yeah, it’s not impossible. Hey, I used to solo every H out there at lv 60, save the one in Makeb where you had to switch off some things, the one in a library or something… “The Observer”, is it? Some H4’s in Makeb were definitely harder…

The point is, it doesn’t have to be. We’re talking menial, everyday stuff that, well, doesn’t have to be REALLY challenging. Because these are GRINDING tasks. If I want a challenge I do some Ops. Ad it’s not like you don’t have to do the H’s, because you need those boxes for furthering your Alliance. So, what we are left with is boring, tedious, repetitive stuff that takes longer to accomplish.

But the BIGGEST problem I see is BW gave us something that whether you like it or not was liked by the majority. And now they take it away. It’s too radical, and I see lots of inexperienced players going away. And if anyone thinks that’s good, because the noobs are going away, think again. It’s bad for the game, and consequently bad for all of us…

Kinda sucks the comps got nerfed this bad. Sure some tweaking was needed but what’s the point of grinding out all that influence now if they actually preform worse than pre kotfe

Yes, they’re definitely nowhere near even averagely geared pre-4.0 companions now.

For one, my Pierce heals far less than my pre-4.0 Quinn did.

So as mentioned in this update, it allowed Khem Val and other previously locked companions to be taken from the companion locator terminal (where pre 4.0.2 they were not able to be). BW stated that this was because these companions would appear soon in the story, but now they have decided to put them in anyways. After unlocking Khem Val from my locator terminal upon returning to my SH and seeing where I already had Khem placed, I noticed something quite unusual that seems to reveal info about his new story in KotFE. See image below

It’s the Dashade that Oggurob mentions after you find Talos Drellik. Look up the mission “Reclaimed Treasure” on TORCommunity for info on recruiting Ak’ghal.

In terms of game functionality: His class could be “Khem Val” even though he is not. Major Pierce’s class is “Lieutenant Pierce.”

As always, tricky to locate the actual patch size, why the installer cant simply give me 500/1000Mb instead of this horribly misleading %age thing is beyond me. I’m on 0.21% which seems to imply I’m downloading the entire stuffing 32Gb again?

Anybody have an accurate patch size please?

I doubt this would ever happen, but it’d be nice if they just added a buff that you could get from fleet to put the comps back to pre 4.02 levels. If you don’t like it, don’t get the buff. If you que up for something, the buff falls off. If you get flagged for PvP in the OW, the buff falls off. If you decide to group with a friend and the both of you run into an instance, the buff would stay, same as if you went solo. It wouldn’t be ideal, but it would go a long ways to keep player interest/retention.

The Nerf was a bad idea, 4 new/returning players from guild all said they hate it and are not returning once the subscription runs out. the funny part or should I say sad part was just a week ago they all loved it and were on all the time. This is not going to turn out well for players on already low pop servers.

The nerf to the companions is kind of a slap to the face for players like myself who aren’t part of a big guild (the guild I’m in is family and that’s about it) and who do NOT enjoy having to pug to do herioics. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to run heroics last week on my characters with just my companion and myself.

Now I’m looking at the heroics and going, “You know, I don’t really feel like running 90% of these missions since I have to wait for my SO to log on so I can run them instead of being able to run them on my own time.” I had FUN running on my own and completing the missions.

Seriously, stop nerfing stuff and instead fix the problems that people have been reporting since BETA!

Companions losing their buffs, standing around not doing their roles….now was that supposed happen with the patch?

Man, I am normally not the guy to complain about game updates but….
I lost an entire morning of gameplay for an update that fixed problems I had never once experienced but that eliminated the huge xp rewards for first time PVP and GSF which IMO were the only things that made up for the loss of 12x for new toons. Net result: I’ll never play GSF again, I’ll likely never roll another new toon and I missed out on 1 of 3 daily WZ missions which sets me back a day. Way to go Bioware.

Back in the glory days of MMORPG’s people loved and were eager to get in groups to form friends,socialize and do content otherwise not able to solo. Now, everyone is so disconnected they demand everything be made a solo content and any patches that don’t feed that grasp for loneliness they riot together(which is ironic). That’s so so wrong. But so is getting out with your friends just to stuff your face in your phone and ‘communicate’.

Lol? We are talking about KotFE. Devs did everything to make SWTOR since 4.0 solo game. That is why people complain. It’s not about communicate. Look at WoW and GW2. It’s still MMORPG not solo game with sub like SWTOR. Look at GW2 and WoW forums where you can see how community managers must communicate with their customers and players. BW and SWTOR suck. And they suck with every patch more and more. They launched KotFE with so many bugs. Soa bug was even before. Did they fix it? No. These last patch notes just a joke. They do nothing. They should fix every week bugs with huge patch notes not with 5-10 fixes like now. Especially sine KotFE has very little content. So it’s not wrong that people want back their solo world at SOLO game. There are another wrong things: lazy devs, lazy comunity managers like Musco and ignoring by them all the real problems and SWTOR’s players.

Not really true. The MMO Geeks who put their headphones on before firing up SWTOR and start saying to people in guild chat ‘what are we doing i’m bored’ have PVP, HM FP’s , and Operations they can do together. SF H2’s are how you unlock personal companions in your story quest. If people help you with that they are assisting you in the same way people who couldn’t kill the Isotope Droid in Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

So many people complaining about the companion nerf and how they now can’t solo Heroics 2/2+. They’re called Heroic 2/2+ for a reason. It’s not meant to be solo content, it’s meant to be completed with the assistance of other players. If you want solo content there is plenty of other things you can do, but stop complaining about things that require groups in an MMO, that’s the entire point. People that complain about everything being too difficult are the ones ruining the game for everyone else. Hard Mode Flashpoints (Kaon/LI) used to actually be a fun challenge, but because people complained they were too difficult, they got nerfed and now we get tactical flashpoints and hardmode flashpoints where the bosses have no mechanics and the trash is harder than the boss. And people still complain the tacticals are too difficult. Bioware may as well just give everything including ops a solo mode, give everyone a Jesus Bot and a free set of top end gear and be done with it.

Eric himself posted that every H2+ was supposed to be completable by a player and a companion for it’s rewards.
Meaning you’re not supposed to have gear higher then rewarded to finish a H2+ by yourself with the help of a companion.

Even if thats the case, with the companion nerf that doesn’t make them unable to be solo’d. People need to learn how to play their class and not expect everything in the game to be a faceroll for them. The fact that they intend them to now be soloable is just another example of content being nerfed where it should retain at least some difficulty. If everything is soloable in this game and if everyone wants to do everything solo, then what is the point of even calling it an MMO? Because it’s not if that’s the case.

Group content has *always* being the challenging part of an MMO, not he solo stuff and with 4.0 all heroics are now solo content.

Just to clarify this comment. The most recent post by the Games Lead Designer has stated that they did intend for heroic 2s to be challenging for the average player, and that they were expecting players to group up to complete them. Only players who were relatively skilled/geared could solo them but while still having to pay attention to the combat. So clearly they didn’t intend initially for them to be able to be solo’d with a companion. But of course due to the fact they overbalanced companions, and now that they are nerfing them people were complaining they couldn’t do them solo anymore, so they’re rebuffing companions to appease players that cbb grouping/putting in a bit of effort.

The companion following me in this pic is Veeroa, the alliance contact you recruit on Nar Shadda. The one I am looking at is Khem Val’s noncannon copy placed in my stronghold revealing a possible new name

Ak’ghal Usar is the Dashade companion you will eventually be able to recruit through alliance alerts. He is not Khem Val, although he clearly uses a Khem Val skin.

Horrible. You need to do many heroics for the alliance people if you want to save your crystals for gifts or gear. Yes they are meant for 2 people. You and your companion are 2. The problem isn’t even the nerf itself just that it completely broke everything. On Belsavis with about 15K Health i get healed for under 400 Points every 10 seconds if i’m lucky. And my companion is influence level 23

So playing a bit more, ya getting through stuff isn’t too bad, but when I can out heal my healing comp when in DPS spec, and my tank can out DPS a DPS comp, they def need to do a bit of adjusting.

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