GW2 Mini Red Spark and Mini Angry Chest Guide

A guide to getting the Mini Red Spark from the Mini Angry Chest sold on the gemstore.[toc]

Step 1

Buy the Mini Angry Chest from gemstore (400 gems). This will grant you the Mini Angry Chest.



Step 2

Talk to Evon Gnasblade inside The Vault area of Lion’s Arch. Evon paths around Lion’s Arch but he won’t talk to you unless he is inside the Vault so you will need to wait for him to get back inside the Vault (this can take a few minutes). He won’t talk to you immediately either, you gotta wait a few minutes and wait until he finishes his rumbling.


Step 3

Talk to Krepet near Brill Alliance Labs in Metrica Province. This step is currently bugged on some maps and will need to wait for a hotfix to progress as Krepet won’t talk to you. If Krepet isn’t bugged, he will path around the area and tell you to head to Wayfarer Foothills and find Frostblast.

gw2-mini-angry-chest-7 gw2-mini-angry-chest-8

Step 4

Once you talked to Krepet, go to north section of Wayfarer Foothills and look for Veteran Frostblast. He may path a bit in the area as well. Killing him will give you a buff where you have 5 minutes to run to the Maelstrom Core in Mount Maelstrom.


Step 5

Run into the lava near Maelstrom Core with your Angry Chest pet out and you will get a popup message and receive your Mini Red Spark. If the waypoints are contested there are tunnels you can go through to get to to the Maelstrom Core (see map dotted path)



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28 replies on “GW2 Mini Red Spark and Mini Angry Chest Guide”

It wasn’t bugged for me. He told me to kill elemental called Frostblast in north part of Wayfarer Foothills, it’s just veteran mob with special name. Then you have 5 minutes to walk into the lava in the volcano in Mount Maelstrom and then you receive mini red spark.

step 3: npc isn’t bugged all the time.

Step 4: Travel to wayfarer and kill frostblast mob.

Step 5: Run like the wind to mount maelstrom and run through the center of the lava. (try not to die :P)

(laugh) You can waypoint there. I seriously doubt anyone can ‘run’ from Wayfarer to Mount Maelstrom in five minutes. That said, ‘run like the wind’ is a saying that means ‘get there as fast as possible.’

It doesn’t mean you have to run there . . . literally. 😉

krepet talks, some maps are bugged
it says to go to wayfarer foothill to find frostblast at the north side (i think its the champ at the meta event at top)
and then go to mount maelstorm in the flowing lava
and all that between 5 min

If Krepet is standing still and shows Greet don’t talk to him. It seemed the more who tried to talk to him, he took a lot longer to move. Once he moved if you can hit F fast enough you should be able to talk and get the next clue.

I found Frostblast north of the roadway from the fort but he was moving so he may be anywhere the frost elementals are but that is not a huge area and he is a Veteran so should be easy to find.

I only had the mini in my inventory up until Mt. Maelstrom and everything worked just fine. I went into the lava on the eastern edge and died so when I wped back I wore the mini and then went into the middle/main part of the lava and that worked. I am not sure if you have to have the chest on at that time or if it was the location in order to get the dialogue.

Meaning you have to pay for it and wait around for npc’s to blah blah before you can actually get it. I’m thinking the “novelty” of that will wear off quite quickly. If you consider it a quest you basically just paid for a quest or content rather. Not sure if everybody will be happy with that concept.

Dulfy I love you and your guides S2
I unlocked all Legendary collections, any chance of a guide about where to get all items from all collections at same time by every region/map/fractal? wiki is not updated yet.

Step 4 is bugged for me. Killing Frostblast does not grant the Hyperchill effect regardless of whether the mini chest is equipped or not.

Yeah, Syep 4 is bugged for me too. Curious I added added the chest to my mini wardrobe first. Did I screw up by doing this???

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