GW2 Plasma Weapon Skins Gallery

A gallery of the new Plasma Weapon skins that can be acquired for 1 Black Lion Ticket each.

Plasma Axe Skin


Plasma Dagger Skin


Plasma Focus Skin


Plasma Greatsword Skin


Plasma Hammer Skin


Plasma Longbow Skin


Plasma Mace Skin


Plasma Pistol Skin


Plasma Rifle Skin


Plasma Scepter Skin


Plasma Shield Skin


Plasma Short Bow Skin


Plasma Staff Skin


Plasma Sword Skin


Plasma Torch Skin


Plasma Warhorn Skin


  • Kuma

    soo…. how do these bows work?

    • Braghez

      Guess they have a plasma string ? xD

    • lithlius

      They are actually gns, you wav hand wher the string should be and they shoot plsma beams instead of arrows lol

    • commentor

      these bows don’t work, or at least we don’t know. Anyone who tried lost their fingers…

  • lugiar

    its rare kind of compound bow, they really exist. there is a mechanic build in so that they require less strength if you pull them do their fullest extend like a compound bow.

  • Harold

    Please make a Raid Masterys post and Raiders Gemstore kit information

  • Artemisflo

    May the Force be with you

  • RKC

    So the sword is the closest thing we will have to a lightsaber in this game

  • Alastor999

    Ouch, Dulfy! That pic with the plasma bow looks like you just lost your left leg! D:

  • jedimasterbater

    I’m so getting the sword, although I hardly use that among my characters. December 18 here I come!

  • narg

    actually, that greatsword looks cool, i think i go for one 🙂

  • Skobie

    seems like a curious set of weapons just in time for the star wars craze, now if anet would just stop dancing around it and straight up give us a lightsaber…..

  • EvilStepQueen

    ARGH! I just used 3 tickets on a Dreamthistle greatsword yesterday!! Waaaaahh…*sigh*

  • Saarleen

    No Focus or Sword?

    • There’s a focus near the top, the sword is 3rd from the bottom.

  • zenight

    Okay, those bows are gonna cost a lot of characters their fingers XD
    I am so getting a lightsaber thou!

  • The pistol, rifle, warhorn, mace, hammer and greatsword all bother me. They all seem like they wouldn’t work. The Hammer and Mace seem like they would actually soften the blows considering that some of main parts are essentially floating. Idk how the rifle or pistol would shoot regular-looking shots, so I’m hoping it doesn’t, otherwise, HOW?? The warhorn.. probably makes the most sense. The plasma probably sends the sound out like electricity does for electric guitars.. The greatsword seems like it would me like the silly scimitar and bend while the outer edge of it tries to keep up with the base of the weapon moving..

    Definitely unique skins though..

    • Hawks

      Pistol might work with the Engineer though, especially if you got Magitech Armor and go with a similar green for the glowy parts. Only their auto is an actual bullet with pistol, otherwise they shoot lightning/glue/fire.

      • True.. Knowing me, I’d probably still focus on that one aspect though(the auto’s bullet). I just can’t stop thinking of how broken it is for that one attack. lol.

  • zod

    Why not red/green and blue colors? 😛

  • Axel Villar

    Isnt the bow a bit dangerous for the owner? I mean, it wouldnt even be able to shot arrows, the arrows would melt in contact with the plasma, the hand of the user would also melt in contact with the plasma string…

    • Lirabelle

      The screenshots even show it hitting the user’s leg.

    • Rick

      The bows could have been more intelligently designed. That’s for sure. They should have had the plasma parts in the upper and lower limbs, not the string.

      • Takahami

        the arrows should have been made of plasma, everything else is weird.

    • snowgim

      if you look closely in the second bow screenshot, there is a hand hold in the centre of the beam/string. Still not entirely safe though.

  • Korey Garabed

    Besides the shield, these are kinda boring.

  • Rick

    Ahhh yeaaaa! Now I can make an Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and kill me some necromorphs! 🙂

    • Rick

      Would have been cool if they gave them “plasma” noises when the extend/contract.

  • Guest

    LIGHTSABERS! 😀 Lol. I kinda want that sword skin. I don’t have a clue what character design goes with it, but … >.>

    • Rick

      Anything steampunk-ish.

    • Shaggy

      it could also fit with magitech, since it looks similar in texturing to other magitech weapons. just gotta color your armor’s energy bits yellow.

  • Alot

    Longbow wins the Darwin Award. Hands down -.-

    • Hillbo

      well…. u have to take a closer look…

    • Nate M

      Abigail did alright with it in Blade Trinity.

      • Alot

        A great example of someone using a beam of light as a blade edge. You hopefully understand though that the ranger does not use its bows as melee weapons but rather places it’s hands around the plasma string and pulls back hard – in this alleviating the need to clip nails by alleviating one of said fingers.

        • Nate M

          On first glance, you’re right, However, look more closely here:

          You can see they have included a finger saver (literally) on the bow ‘string’.

          • Alot

            Ah, I see. Good catch.

            Idiotic use of a high density heated particle beam but not finger destroying. It might shear off the front of your upper garb though, depending on how you draw your long bow -.-

            • Nate M

              Not to mention your hair when it’s slung, but this is fashion wars damnit.

  • Raven

    Wish the Plasma rifle and pistol made different firing sounds. Would make it worth getting to me. An that shield look pretty dang cool, like some kinda futuristic riot shield.

  • Chris Tung

    The shield and longbow is nice but everything else is just fcking awful. The plasma sword is the dagger but longer. That greatsword is a shield but with a handle. Seriously, who designs this stuff? Please fire that designer. Please.

    • Alot

      Shield is awesome. Longbow is a great way to slice your hand off.

    • Chris Utirons

      Pistol is good for asura engis 😉

  • commentor

    with the fantasy world’s standard, these …THINGS make no sense. Though might appeal to folks that have a thing for floating pieces – Anet greatest obsession.

    • Takahami

      gw2 is not your standard fantasy world though. its mixed with some steampunk and some… asura/charr technoligy. with laser beams shooting teq since start of the game the new skins are nothing to wonder about or to say “make no sense”.

      im not a fan of the skins myself, but for other reasons.

  • Ares Zax

    Well, it’s official. GW2 now officially has lightsabres. XD

  • Angry Player

    these weapons are dumb, they need better art designers for their weapons

  • Shaggy

    very different. different is good.

    but impractical is not. i like that theyre being creative, but not a lot of people want to wield weapons that dont look like they could do their job. so close, anet. just gotta get your mind in the right place.

  • Anthony Cole

    Awww man i was hoping they would make a cool sound effect when drawn out and used. thats a wasted opertunity right there.

  • Cyzt

    Anet really need new designers…. WTF with the end of the lasser? havent them watch star wars before?

    • kroenen979

      ANet is probably scared of getting sued if it was too Star Wars-ish.

    • Toolbox Motley

      I much prefer having the cap. Star Wars lightsabers are completely nonsensical and make me sad. 🙁 These things seem relatively explainable.

  • guys come on chill

    guys… i dunno if you know this, but a plasma stream must be contained in order to remain a coherent beam. star wars is not a good reference material for what is realistic. having a ‘cap’ actually is more physically consistent than the end of a plasma stream terminating in space on its own. how it’s suspended there is anyone’s guess, but all kindsa stuff in gw2 floats around randomly, and i’ve never seen so much bitching about it.

    also, if the plasma is contained in an electromagnetic field (likely) then in trying to touch it, you would be stopped by the electromagnetic field. it would still be pretty hot, though, probably.

  • Guest

    I sure hope the greatsword is bugged and supposed to be more like the shield, even the icons look the same. (greatsword icon shows plasma field in middle)

  • Nenesse

    Why are you all complaining that the caps make them look less like lightsabers, when it makes them look more like fucking Beam Katanas from No More Heroes!?

  • Jedi Master Kormir

    Just bought the plasma sword and staff. Do I wish they had thicker beams, no caps and made special sounds? Sure. I also want an X-wing fighter and Ewok mini… but that’s a different game.

  • Truth Teller

    They team who makes weapons should be fired, they are terrible.

    • Dominic

      agreed. there hasn’t been a good black lion set in so fucking long I don’t even care about the tickets rotting in my bank

    • Toolbox Motley

      I love the Scientific, Improvised, and Plasma weapons. 🙁

  • kroenen979

    I think some of these are some of the best weapon skins they’ve had in a while. The shield, mace, hammer, great sword, axe, and rifle.

    Would say the bows are okay too, but seems odd to me that a beam of plasma would be your draw string.

    Last 3 or 4 weapon sets to me have just been sad.

  • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

    So weapons with beams for blades sound like metal still? k

  • Chan P

    looks like Made by Dredge
    Hammer, Mace is good
    Another weapons are Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V

  • Fadewu1 .

    Wish they would add skins with unique sounds like the adventure box weapons.

  • regulate

    2 bad the staff is not like a darth maul kind of wapon, i would look awesome on my thief!
    The beams could have been a little bit thicker do…

    • nadrian3k

      Yea…a Darth maul staff for thief i would definitely consider getting. It would fit perfectly well. Maybe even put in some SW sounds….considering thief’s moves have absolutely 0 sound feedback. He’s every move is extremely underwealming and unapealing to the eye.

  • lightsabers! not….

    wow these weapons could have been SOOOO much better… like not having a cap on the end of the sword lmao really? a lightsaber with a cap… some of them are decent tho like the mace, shield, and axe mabyy

    • Nu Gary Gnu

      No special sound effects either. PASS!

    • shodannet

      Because its not a lightsaber.. Star Wars is this way ->

    • Rick

      Why do you need Star Wars in your Guild Wars 2? It just makes it tastes funny.

      • EagleBach

        Star Wars lightsabers are everywhere. Even the Starcraft, the Protoss have their own lightsabers colored in blue, green, and red.

  • Czan

    But shield is cool.

  • Doodle Kins
  • Petra

    Bow-string made out of plasma…. and this year’s Darwin Award goes to….

    • Tingle

      Dwayna award

  • nadrian3k

    The sword tip is just the dumbest think i’ve seen :))

  • رالف

    GW2 started out with fine designs, but after their main artist left all all devolved into retarded shit. It’s just over the fucking top… uninstalled.

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