GW2 Upcoming Gemstore Items and Raid Rewards

GW2 gallery of upcoming gemstore items and raid rewards.[toc]

Chat codes taken from that_shaman’s datamining post.

Gemstore Items

Bandit Sniper’s Outfit – [&DB8AAAA=]



  • This will unlock the Herald glider skin in your account wardrobe.
  • Golden Feather Wings Glider
  • Soul River Glider


Minis from Raids

These minis appear to drop from the bosses in Spirit Vale

Mini Blue Guardian [&AgFbLgEAAA==]

Mini Green Guardian [&AgGRLgEA]

Mini Red Guardian [&AgE6LgEAAA==]


gw2-mini-green-guardian gw2-mini-red-guardian

Mini Vale Guardian [&AgEWLgEAAA==]

Mini Gorseval the Multifarious [&AgHwLQEAAA==]

Mini Karde[&AgH/LQEAAA==]

gw2-mini-vale-guardian gw2-mini-gorseval-the-multifarious gw2-mini-karde
Mini Kernan [&AgFJLgEAAA==] Mini Knuckles [&AgEhLgEAAA==]

Mini Sabetha [&AgEbLgEAAA==]

gw2-mini-kernan gw2-mini-knuckles gw2-mini-sabetha

Weapons and Backpacks from Raids

Sabetha’s Weapon and Backpack

  • Sabetha’s Assaulter Boomstick [&AgFULgEAAA==]
  • Sabetha’s Malicious Crucible [&AgF1LgEAAA==]


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50 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Gemstore Items and Raid Rewards”

The Bandit Sniper outfit is like a strange combination of Heritage, Viper, and Assassin armor skins with a little Bladed flaire. I kinda like it.

Errrr… Whut? No they weren’t. I’m an archer; a longbowman., in fact. Also, a (lapsed) re-enactor. And a lover of words. Sorry, Cassius, but your statement was so absolutely daft, that I did go & look it up.

“The verb “to snipe” originated in the 1770s among soldiers in British India in reference to shooting snipe, considered a challenging target for marksmen. The agent noun “sniper” appears by the 1820s. The term sniper was first attested in 1824 in the sense of the word “sharpshooter”. A somewhat older term is “sharp shooter”, a calque of 18th-century German Scharfschütze, in use in British newspapers as early as 1801.”

Long after bows went out of fashion as a weapon of war. Next time you want to tell everyone where a word came from… At least look it up first! 😉

I certainly do not disagree with you. However, if you are going to give someone his comeuppance, you should cite your source(s).

His info is from Wikipedia, in a sense he is not wrong however thats only because the term “Sniper” was only coined in the 17th Century… If he had to read the entire Wiki Article he would’ve come across this passage “Even before firearms were available, soldiers such as archers were specially trained as elite marksmen.”

So basically “Elite” Archers were traditionally trained as “Elite Marksmen” before Firearms were invented but only after the 17th Century “Elite Marksmen” became “Snipers”.

Both Cassius and Raedwulf are correct.

The “lol lets put blades everywhere” design ruined it for me. Remove all the blades and this outfit would look awesome.

Seriously though, someone at the Anet design team LOVESSSSSSS throwing daggers and blades on every armor (mostly the medium armors), and that person really needs to be fired. This concept is getting old. We’ve seen it a dozen times before. For once I’d like a bandit or ninja-esque outfit for my thief/daredevil without all the retarded blades.

I have a fair share of outfits…. but I’m not gonna lie. I’m disappointed that the Sniper outfit isn’t a medium armor set. It would be nice if we could have gotten more skin sets in the expansion than we did, at least.

*sigh* I’m probably going to end up with this one anyways.

More skin sets? Your kidding right. Yeah why not add 100 new mini’s to! Also i agree, it should just be for medium.. ruins the entire outfit for me. This is for a assassin, not a ele or mes…

I meant skin sets as in in-game rewards, like carapace, leystone, etc. But yes, I should have known they wouldn’t add more than a few in.

I actually started to think the outfit would look cool on my Revenant with her head-wrap, but then I remembered I can’t use it with it. 😐 I got spoiled by how outfits worked separately from head gear in the first game. I still would have preferred this as medium armor more than anything, though.

I also find it funny blades are the new fashion statement in Tyria at the moment, but I guess it helps keep back the strangling vines.

I previewed it on my Charr alt and noticed the blade in the back of foot is simply not adjusted on Charr and goes up and straight through their upper toe in back. D: Looks really painful.

Exactly what I thought. The hardest content in the game should reward much better skins. I wouldn’t use those even if cheap.

I like the outfit. Happy to see tight fitted Medium Armor added to the game that doesn’t have a giant skirt flopping all over the place for males. Except it’s an Outfit for some reason and most likely priced at 2050 gems. I bet the Legendary medium will be a shitty trenchcoat like all the other junk. Great job meeting us half way and giving up before reaching goal.

Female outfit looks terrible imo. Just looks like a mash up of various already existing armor skins. Medium inquest head, viper chest, heritage boots, and bladed shoulder and bits.

But no butt cape for men so there’s that. But there is a crotch drape.

They have the audacity to continuously add hideous costumes to their repetitive market and STILL havnt added any hairstyles for like 7-8 months now? Anet needs to hire new stylists ffs

They have the audacity to continuously add repetitive costumes to their market and STILL havnt added any hairstyles for like 7-8 months now? I mean.. i rather new hairstyles than these dam outfits. I never like the entire outfit, there’s always SOMETHING wrong with it.

Thank God the rewards for raid look like crap, now I don’t have to gear up to get into them.
Seriously, they look like a random pile of garbage vaguely shapped like the item there’s supposed to be…

That’s exactly the kind of appearance I like, personally. 😛 I want that rifle and backpack, big time. (I also adore the Improvised Rifle skin, and all the other Improvised items, so that probably gives a good idea of what kinds of things I go after.)

“This will unlock the Herald glider skin in your account wardrobe” What “this” will unlock if I can ask? I just can’t understand that sentence

Damn.. what’s anet thinking.. why anet can’t make awesome outfit with much detail and look awesome like other games? Tera, Lineage, AION, Black Desert online,etc. it looks like anet designer having weird ideas for outfits. Damn those weirdo fetish..!

I don’t think anyone goin to display a human mini unless it’s a stripper. That outfit fails on every level I would rather wear a black rag

You can only have the mini version of the boss if you have beaten it at least once, you can bet ppl will use it once they get it.

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