cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales Nov 17-24

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales for the week of Nov 17-24.


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13 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales Nov 17-24”

Pretty quiet week. I’m hoping we get some good deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. At the very least, I hope they discount the cost of legacy unlocks again this year.

Supercrate is a baby Hypercrate, now with 5 items I believe Hypers are now 30. Considering we only get 2 things per crate, it was obviously some attempt at pacifying…

Erm, so no sale on the previous packs hypercrate before you remove it now?!

What the hell Bioware, that was my cue to buy them, i’m not buying a hypercrate at the ridiculous regular price you are asking for them, certainly not when its only 2 items per pack now!

I saw that someone said that the new Force Alliance Packs do have 3 items per pack.

But still, that’s not as nice as getting 4 to 7 items per pack [sure, there was the end up with so many copies of the same things at times] — for 200 to 300 Cartel Coins.

I wish that instead of the type-specific packs, that they had just added a way to buy specific items that we do want directly from the Cartel Market. [And I mean more than one or two ‘included’ in the weekly ‘sale’ —- more a whole section of the Cartel Market for buying specific items from any of the previous Shipments 1-7, plus the Nightlife Packs].

The problem with that is that you just know Bioware is going to massively overcharge for them, in fact they actually ended up doing just that. I think they had Dewback or something on sale a while ago didnt they for like 1500cc?

It’s weird not wanting another 60 character now, but if I don’t buy one now, that token will be so expensive later D;

It’s been at the 44% ‘discount’ since it came out. I’d wait until it’s at either a 50% or higher sale discount, so I’d be more inclined to get more of them.

A really good sale price is what helped with the Inventory Slot Account Unlock, and Cargo Hold Bay Account Unlock — to help reach the max on each, for my whole account. Best way to go.

I actually thank Bioware for making it so I no longer desire to get hypercrates or packs at all. I enjoyed all the silly stuff and the rep tokens were awesome to be able to buy things along with certificates. Oh well its nice knowing that there is no desire to grab one at all.

Just not inspired by the potential rewards for gambling with these packs anymore. The armor doesn’t impress me and I haven’t even used the insta-60 that came with the latest expansion. I guess I’m not the customer Bioware is looking for?

I have actually been able to save money the past 3 weeks. They have not released anything that is truly eye catching lately. it kind of sucks. I have been waiting for a lightpike at the very least. I still haven’t gotten it. Oh well i will keep my money for now.

It is extremely unlikely they will release the spearsaber as a player-usable weapon. They would have to change all of the player ability animations to accomodate it and that’s just not going to happen. There is a slight possibility that they might make a double-bladed lightsaber version of it but that would remove most of its appeal; it would just look like a pretty boring looking double-bladed lightsaber.

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