Alliance Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Force Alliance Pack Preview

SWTOR Force Alliance Pack Preview. This pack was released on Nov 17, 2015.



Black Vulkar Swooper Armor Set


Insidious Counselor Armor Set



Overwatch Officer Armor Set


Overwatch Sentry Armor Set



Resolute Guardian Armor Set



Outlander Explorer’s Armor Set



Outlander Scavenger’s Armor Set


Outlander Maverick’s Armor Set


Outlander Patroller’s Armor Set



Lhosan Maverick


Longspur Stap Emissary


Rark Hurdler


Tirsa Premier


Vondell Onyx


Meirm Moth


Equatorial Razoronn


Gnarls Manka Cat



Turret Simulator – Regen


Droid Companion – Probe Droid



Gallery of decorations can be found here:

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169 replies on “SWTOR Force Alliance Pack Preview”

Annnnnd the Jedi Knight creation armor is in a pack instead of direct sale, it’s not like Warriors got both their creation armor and Eradicator’s or anything…
At least we are getting closer to KOTOR 2 Jedi robes…and it’s a gold rare…

It’ll be the most expensive silver we’ve ever seen as every JK player is gonna want it. the good news is the lower and supplementry outta be reasonably cheap at least

Wow….the armor looks like crap this go around. Actually, most of this looks like crap. The Vondell Onyx is alight, but….thoroughly unimpressed this time around.

This pack is beyond bad. Not going to bother to buy several crates of this one at all… I’ll wait for the next and hope for the best.
The only ‘nice’ piece would be the Insidious Counselor robe, which could go well with Nihilus’ mask (which would be the first alright looking match with said mask, IMO).
Maybe they should start hiring some more designers that have some new inspiration…

Must admit though, the Black Vulkar armour sparks a bit of nostalgia. I wonder if they’ll do anything with the Black Vulkar clan’s “cat”-ish(?) race from KotOR; really loved those.

EDIT: seems the race I was referring to is “Kadas’sa’Nikto”. Heh.

This is reeeally minor, but I just hate that your character decides to go bald every time you use a hat/hood/whatever. Also I would love if they could make headwraps or something similar for twi’lek and togruta players. That counselor cloak would look badass if my character’s lekku (headtails) were hanging out in front. My “hide head slot”-box remains forever checked.

lots of armor with reskins, the black robe if you look closely is a reskin of the adjunta pall robe
lots of reskinned mounts only 3 look interesting a cool regen toy and a probe droid comp that is rather generic not a good pack this time with no new colour crystals, no new weapons

You mean marka ragnos. Yes it is exactly the same model except this one is barebones and has a completely new hood model.

No weapons. No comp. customization. Crappy mounts. And terrible armor sets. 90% of that armor is just awful.

So disappointing.

The lack of customizations is mindblowing to me. They need at least two custumizations for all the mains who don’t kick the bucket

I didn’t like the old way they did these packs and am not really a fan of the new ones…. I guess I don’t like spending cc when you will mostly get crap unless you are really lucky…

Well I opened one pack – just a regular one – and got 15 premium jawa scraps in addition to the trophy and an armor pack. They must have made a change, I’ll be watching for news on what that entails.

I actually like the look of a lot of the armors…all of the various “Outlander” sets look pretty neat, IMO, but they’re mostly Bronze in terms of rarity so I’ll prolly just get them from the GTN wants they start reaching saturation levels.

…although a couple of the rarer armors and a few decorations ALSO look pretty neat, here, but I’m hesitant to even try gambling on a couple packs after what I’ve heard about how bad the drop rates were in the previous pack of the shipment. Anyone know if they’re any better this time?

I wonder what the reasoning behind that restriction is…

The “not able to sell junk” resctriction is just annoying, it just takes 3 seconds to summon another comp who will do the selling and then 3 more secconds to re-summon the combat comp once the seller is back.

The “not able to craft” restriction might be meant to avoid overpowered lowlevel crafting chars, but once you complete Coruscant/DK, you can have access to 4-5 companions anyway (first story comp, ship droid, HK-51, Treek, possibly Nico) which are already more than you allowed to send out.

They might have a (not very strong) point if it is meant as a roleplaying limit, but I would have thought that we are beyond that kind of reasoning since tanking in bikinis has been made possible. 😉

I think the reason meat be related to the fact that an Akk dog wouldn’t be able to craft or sell anything. I think they are trying to make it “realistic”.

After the BW forum discussion they asked for on the new style Cartel Packs, I cant believe they have pushed this one out at the same overpriced cc cost.

I don’t know how many devs are in the dev team that makes cartel stuff (which is their main source of profit for this game) but this shit is fucking LAZY. I’m not even talking about that they picked the engine for the game BECAUSE it’s EASY to do models and other shit, this is fucking beyond me…

Rark Hurdler looks so silly. Why would you drive upright when you have a long vehicle body that’s easy to put a seat on?

Outlander armor sets though I like. Not as sets but they’ve got some good pieces.

Well, I bought one hypercrate to give it a chance and see. It is better than the previous one. 3 items per pack does feel a lot better. Out of the 30 packs I got 3 rare items. But a whole crate which costs around 35 bucks didn’t give a full rare armour set or something like the droid companion. So it was a step up from the last pack but I still wouldn’t advise people to buy them unless you really don’t know what to do with your cash 😉

By all means, please submit your application to Bioware as a 3D design specialist to change the situation….Oh wait, you are not one.

1) We all know. It is not that difficult to figure out just by your attitude and lack of productive input on an unaffiliated message board.
2) As it is blatantly obvious you are not a specialist in the field, and your juvenile nature, I will use your own fitting words “How would you even know?”

You’re pretty stupid aren’t you?
Firstly, while I’m not a 3D designer, that WAS a valid career choice for me in the past. Secondly, this means I know enough that it’s not hard to make new designs. Not easy, certainly, but for a company as large as Bioware it shouldn’t be an issue. As for being juvenile…try looking in a mirror?

This coming form the person who said I was stupid for saying something that you confirmed was true ..

“I’m not a 3D designer” …How does one misread those simple words?
Sure, you say that it was a valid career choice, but frankly me being an astronaut was a valid option. Same with being a Broadway actor, US Navy Admiral and President of the USA.

Navy Admiral and President of the USA is not a valid career choice for you. You are posting on a web site for an MMO. First off anyone that has any inclination to be an Admiral or Astronaut wouldn’t have time to waste here. Second President is not a career, and if it was see above. So those are not valid choices for someone that would be here.

Oh they certainly were valid choices…Ones I did not pursue…Everyone has valid career choices to make. Hell, you and I had the valid choice to be 3D designers as well. Guess how that turned out.. Just like Secundum

Meanwhile he is stating that I am stupid because I said something that was 100% true and confirmed by him immediately afterwards.

By osmosis. The more they are fed in this salient baitable environment, the more likely they are to breed. Its why I stopped arguing with folks. It was just making me look dumb.

Except, it really wasn’t for you. I actually studied computer programming and design.

And anyone can be President-the only requirement is you need to be a fuckwit American.

So, you say that in order to be allowed to voice a complaint on a topic, one has to be an expert on that topic?

That is a pretty supid attitude (and yes, I AM commonly recognized as an expert for stupid attitudes, so I am allowed to make that comment, even by your standards).

No, I am stating that if you are not going to use constructive criticism, you are not contributing to a conversation and are simply complaining. An act that has no bearing other than waving ones hands around declaring “listen to me, I have nothing to say.”

Your criticism to his his criticism wasn’t constructive… Which is more constructive, the criticizer or the criticizer who criticizes him?

His comment was too many reskins, the constructive criticism would be more unique new skins, was it that hard to figure that out?

Each set has a couple of good looking pieces that could go well with other stuff, nothing surprising here. The exceptions are the resolute guardian and the insidious counselor sets. Decos, meh, I guess Zakuul is the theme of the month. The speeders selection is better than the usual strange-looking flying pieces of metal, I’ll give them that.

Contrary to other opinions here I find that armor sets rather good this time round. Can see uses for almost all of them. Never been much of a mount guy so impartial on those. Imperial probe comp would pair well with an Agent.
Unfortunately, the drop rates are still poor. BW added jawa scrap back into the mix but that’s it. A guarenteed comp gift (drowning in those…), deco,armor or scrap as the other. Its an improvement but still not sure if a hypercrate is worth the 5400 CC. Though I did get 3 of the Insidious Consular upper body armor boxes… Trade someone for a Black Vulkar? 🙂

I like many/most of those armor sets as well. There was almost nothing in the last two cartel packs that I wanted but this one has at least 4 armor sets – it may even be may favorite pack so far. BW will get $ from me.

They added scraps as one of the things that could drop instead of decorations or armour? That makes the packs even more worthless.
I haven’t picked up any packs from the GTN since they stopped putting rep tokens in, but if I thought a pack would just give me a companion gift and a crafting component there’s no way I’d touch them.

I wonder if they’ve stopped putting dyes in the packs. I’ve been waiting for a long time for some softer colours, like olive green, denim blue, primary and secondary medium brown/tan… if they’re not going to drop dyes from packs anymore, I hope they add a lot more crafting recipes for them.

Yes please, it would be great if the name of the items had the quality next to them so we can see which ones we need to start saving for 🙂

Anyone else notice when you bought packs you didn’t get any rares? I bought 3 packs and only got 1 companion item, 20 green tokens for crafting, and 1 silver level item. Didn’t get any rare level item just the 3 things mentioned in all 3 packs. I stopped getting packs cause to me that was a total waste. I did send in a ticket but never heard back.

They nerfed packs in 4.0 so they’re basically worthless now. Not a bug, so you’re ticket won’t get answered.

Well that explains why so many armor pieces are so expensive on the GTN as well. Guess I won’t be buying packs anymore. Just not worth it.

No, it is of silver rarity from what I remember.
If I remember well, Black Vulkar and Insidious Counselor sets are of gold rarity.

Would be nice if anyone could confirm this; can’t log in ATM.

II haven’t been able to check the new packs so I have a couple questions. Do they have 3 items now? A gift, armor or deco, and Jawa crafting stuff? Or is the Jawa stuff random, like instead of armor or a deco? I just don’t understand why they dropped the number of items in the first place, it’s not like they are actual, physical things. It’s costs them nothing to leave the packs the way they were.

There are now always 3 items in a pack: gift, armor/deco, Jawa junk.

I think that was the last hypercrate I bought. Not a single Gold item this time which is really frustrating. I know that it is RNG but it should be at least a bit worth your(my) money.

They must have seen that the nerf crates weren’t pulling in anywhere near as much as they were hoping, so they added Jawa junk to try to entice more people to buy. Well that’s not working on me. It’s not worth it. I won’t buy another pack let alone a crate until they put that second item back in. I’ll buy what I want off the GTN when the prices settle down. They have lost my support.

The Insidious Counselor armor is almost exactly what I want. The number of long-sleeved robes like these is still very small, and all of them have some weird quirk, e.g., chains hanging from the neck (Marka Ragnos), hood covering the eyes (Kreia), awkwardly contoured armor plating (Exterminator). This has a normal hood and a nice cloth tunic underneath. I only wish it had the hood down, because I don’t like going bald. Oh well.

I love the new animal mounts, and a lot of the new decos look great. I’m definitely more excited for this pack than the last one.

Wow that’s a brilliant idea u should suggest it on a swtor forum if they have any I was trying to think of a way they could do something like that but this is so so much simpler they don’t even need to add a hide hood slot they just sell a helmet which acts as a hood remover!

Wow this pack was even worse than the last, 1 Gold item and it was a decoration, 0 complete armor sets, 5 of the same silver armor box. At least I got 6 diff mounts but no cat 🙁 no turret, no droid, all in all awful. Better off buying creds than cartel coins and just paying the 10mil the droid and cat are gonna be 🙂

probably this is not the correct thread to post but someone can help me? Why can’t I get the conquest for the unranked warzones? I’ve done at least 20 warzones and I didn’t get the achievement… I don’t understand why 🙂

I’m really starting to think that CM decos aought to be unlocked in collections like the armor. As is, getting chairs or tables is kinda a let down, but if they unlocked a huge number of them, 50 seems to be the normal max, might be a bit more interesting.

Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of these armor sets look familiar. Not necessarily the colors, but the styles look like I’ve seen them before. I just can’t remember where for each one.

By looking at those sets, you understand, BW losing it’s creativity. All of those pieces of armors can be found in-game, or at least could.

I know, yet that adds the possibility to unlock them via collections.
At least the Insidious Councilor looks sweet IMO.

I would just love if they could keep throwing more companions per pack instead of just 1. I think we need more variety since they are not letting us customize the new ones anymore lol

Why? The Akk Dog and droid can’t craft, can’t go on crew skill missions, can’t do other things, and look boring.

Your third point is entirely subjective though… I for one like my shiny droid, they just made it a tad too large, and it doesn’t beep-boop when you click it, which is rather disappointing 🙂 I like the dog too, for that matter.
As for your first two points, they hold true whilst leveling I suppose, but once you hit Fallen Empire you get so many companions it’s really not relevant anymore. In fact I’m rather relieved that they don’t show up in the craft window, it’s getting crowded!

While leveling it adds an additional companion on top of what you have already. It actually allows you to send your other companions crafting while using this one for combat.

well, considering I have about 20 companions who can craft and go on skill missions but I still have a limit of 6 who can go at the same time, that really is no argument for me. I just think it’s kinda cool to have a droid as companion in combat and that’s exactly what it does. What I don’t like is that these combat companions are not available as a direct sale but have to go through RNGesus to be obtained and therefore sell at ridiculous prices on the gtn. I would’ve bought it if it was like 2k cc or something but like this I’ll see if I ever think it’s worth the credits…certainly not going to spend massive amounts on cc just in the hopes of getting one.

Well, I only thought of the first bit after I remembered about her. And I don’t care what she says-if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and looks like a duck, chances are…It’s a duck.

Well some like dogs and odd looking droid who is currently also bugged.
I passed those new companions and wait / save credits for war droid and nexu companion. Yep they are coming since there are pictures 🙂

The Insidious Councilor is ideal for any sorcerer. Dye it completely black, and you’ve got Palpatine. Hence the In(Sidious) lol

Not really, all you could see on Palpatine was his outer cloak. No doubt the name was inspired by him but it’s really not that he wears.

thing is some armor has a demand for even if it is findable in game. the bounty hunter armor, just for example, is popular with republic players

Well, I have my probe droid, by Black Vulkar, and the Resolute Guardian set; that last one’s been a long time coming, I’m very happy I can use it instead of the hooded Battlelord set.

Whoa… I wanted to get Commemorative Darth Marr Statue, and there are only 3 (three) on GTN, with 8m price tag being the cheapest one. No way I’m paying that much. Previously there was about 20+ of statues.

Do not buy it yet. Anyone who buys anything today needs a lesson in intelligent spending and patience (Caveat being items that are missing digits). Prices are set by the first idiots who let another person’s greed outmatch their own good sense. The first person to cave and spend that kind of cash, establishes that market price. I am sure someone is going to go on some tangent about supply and demand, but that is crap, there are pages and pages of items that cost three times the amount of similarly sought after items of less quantity. This is solid advice that we all forget when we see that shiny thing we want, and think “well, its just fake money” keep in mind its a fake item, and that fake money is a representation of time spent. I am envious of EvE’s market, ours is so unstable because of player turn around and cartel market.

Today is a great day to buy. I bought two Insidious Consular Robes for 50k each and two sets of the hands for 5k each. Now I’m selling the robes for 2.5 mill each and the hands for 700k. It wasn’t that he/she missed the zeros, I think he just wanted to dump them off. The other set market prices didn’t even match their what I thought was a mistake. There are deals. You just have to look for them and quite honestly when I have to buy something like a jet pack or recluse armor I don’t buy top price but I still may buy high and I don’t feel stupid at all. Some guy paid real cash and I used in game creds to pay for it. Cool and the sellers are happy and banking/hoping to get something from what they can’t use. As well the initial flood of items sometimes drives the price down right away and the best deals you can get are 0 day. Worth a look in any case.

Yup, the prices will come down in a couple weeks. But I think that Marr statue will stay close to 4-5 mil area. I was really tempted to but some stuff but didn’t especially when I noticed money missing. There is a decimal missing, I went from 21mil to 2.1 mil. Anyone else ever had this happen to them? I’m rather pissed as the bulk of that came from selling things from hypercrates bought with CCs. I sent a ticket but don’t really expect to see anything back about it.

I am waiting until the weekend but I want a Moth and the Black Vulkar set.

The jukebox this time around is decent as well. The music isn’t jumping but it’s a much better play then the Galactic Mysteries one from last pack.

Just incase folks are wondering where it went, that Outter rim hunter armor is on the event ambassador in the cartel bazaar on fleet. What an interesting turn of events, the best armor is gained through gameplay? Wierd.

Haha, well played. Got me there XD

And meh, it’s another one of those sets that looks super-impractical. And for those prices, with no legacy binding, I don’t think I’ll ever touch a piece of it.

I agree, this armor sucks. Talk about re-dyeing already existing pieces of armor that we already have. As far as I can see, there are absolutely no new armor pieces, they are all currently existing pieces just mashed together in different combinations.


That my friend is grinding. Lots and lots of grinding.

In fact, you’d have to be crazy to exert that kind of effort to obtain a set of armor, especially when it doesnt even look that good. We’re talking months of effort or millions of credits, here..

To put that in perspective, Bounty contracts are going for 100k each right now. Let’s say that during bounty week the price goes down to 40k. That’s still half a million credits, just for the bracers, and it’s not even counting the 2-3? days worth of gray helix comps and rakghoul dna canisters…

Heck, at the rate we see those events it very well might be a year or more before we see anyone wearing this armor (if they’d even bother)

Oh and about your edit: I’d already mentioned where this set was further down the page.

Also didn’t get any upvotes if it makes you feel better 😛

Still waiting on shades personally. Baffles me that they’ve yet to do more shades, but seem quite happy to give up and resort to triple colour blades.

Resolute Guardian Armor Set its omfg omg its sooo awesome it has shoulder backplates totally for a my jedi..
are they so brain dead at making gear or lazy or just incapable …they really need to fire all those who make these reskins ffs all these fuckin years and all u see 1 part off 1 part on part fck off of same gear …fcuk u

well it hasn’t, Guardian exalted armor is blue, doesn’t have the shoulder pads and can’t be worn by Sentinels.
Jedi Battlelord is green and also can’t be worn by sentinels.
Now look at the seven other character creation class armor’s, they have all been available in game exactly how they appear for some time now and wearable by at least both advance classes.
So no it hasn’t been in game for years.

Finally got a moth but that black vulkar set just isn’t dropping much in price.

I think I may be better off waiting for them to release it in an armor box next year. I’m sure it will be in a grand armor pack at some point.

I actually got a few good rolls off of 1 hypercrate this time around: Got 2 tirsa, 1 marr statue, probe, 1 onyx, 1 razoronn, and the lower resolute guardian (and was able to buy the upper this morning on the gtn at a fair price. Gonna Sell or trade that probe and statue to see if I can get that black vulkar set.

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