SWTOR Companion Balance Changes

Bioware has detailed the companion balance changes they plan to do based on feedback.

Companion Balance Changes | 11.23.2015, 05:28 PM

Hello, everyone.
My name is Michael Backus, and I’m the Lead Designer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I wanted to take a minute to apologize for the recent Companion changes and address combat balance. I wanted to do so personally because as fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic and our customers, we cherish your feedback and value all of you, and I feel you deserve to hear this information directly.
I would like to go over why the changes were made, what we’ve learned, and what’s going to happen going forward. There’s a short summary at the bottom if you want to skip the Why’s and get to the What’s.

Why the changes were made

Combat balance is a tricky thing. So many factors contribute to the question of, is this too easy or too hard–ability rotations, number of enemies and their abilities, player play style, player skill level, player class choice, Companion role, and even how well your computer can run the game. All of these things and more impact how well you play and how successful you are in combat. Jennifer might say, “This game’s a snap,” while Joe might say, “This is the hardest thing I’ve played in my entire life,” and there’s literally no way to tell who is “right”. The best we can do is create goals and do our best to make sure as many players as possible hit those goals. We posted our goals with different content types recently, here.

The one thing that was obvious was that Companions were overpowered in 4.0. We came to this conclusion, not only from player feedback and our own playtests, but from watching how players were playing—it is not ideal to send your Companion into combat in a [Heroic 2] and then go make tea, only to come back and collect your loot. We want combat to be engaging, to be fun. We want combat to be something, since you do it for so many hours, that can challenge you. If it’s too easy, we risk players not being engaged and getting bored. If it’s too hard, we risk players leaving and not even trying certain content anymore.

So, in 4.0.2 we toned down Companion power significantly to be in line with our stated goals. And that’s where the problem occurred.
What we didn’t realize was how with Knights of the Fallen Empire gameplay had evolved. As a community, you were playing differently than we had expected. I’ll give you an example.

Emergent Gameplay
[Heroic 2]s. Before Knights of the Fallen Empire, Heroics were not very utilized content. Most players ignored them after doing them once. So when we highlighted areas of improvement for our leveling experience, we knew we wanted to make Heroics sexier. We wanted players to have good reason to go do them, but also give players a reason to join up with their friends. What we failed to realize was how much most of you would enjoy them, but also how frequently you would engage in them. [Heroic 2]s were initially meant to be challenging content for what we would say is an “average” player. If you had good gear and really knew how to play well, you could solo them but you’d still have to pay attention to what you were doing. If you had expected gear for your level and didn’t think of yourself as that skilled, you’d probably find a friend to join you so you could both reap the rewards together.

With Companions being the power level they were, “everyone” began enjoying them. And that was the point that we hadn’t realized. By reducing Companion power, we took that away from a lot of you. You could still engage in [Heroic 2]s and beat them, but they had become arduous, even grindy to many players.

Our misstep was in not realizing that our goals we had set no longer fit with the game all of you were enjoying. The emergent gameplay that was created didn’t fit what we had embraced as our mandate within the Design Team.

Going Forward
So, what does that mean going forward? We will be increasing the power level of Companions. And while they won’t be as powerful as they were when Fallen Empire launched, the increase will be significant. I have gotten together with the Design Leads and we have re-discussed our goals for combat and content difficulty. We want players to enjoy [Heroic 2]s and level up their Alliance. You can find the exact changes coming in tomorrow’s patch, below. And I assure you, we will continue to carefully watch how content is being enjoyed and adapt as necessary.

  • Companion healing has been increased by roughly 48%. (Influence level and character level will determine exact amount.)
  • Companion damage has been increased by roughly 15%. (Influence level and character level will determine exact amount.)
  • Companion base stats have been increased by about 15%. (Influence level and character level will determine exact amount.)


  • Companion channel heal power increased by 61%
  • Companion single target heal power increased by 42%
  • Companion single target heal over time power increased by 43%
  • Companion base stats increased by 15%

Star Fortresses
Which leads me to Star Fortresses. We are going to treat Star Fortresses as a different topic from Companion balance. The initial difficulty level for Star Fortresses are clearly story content, meaning, we expect all of you to take part and enjoy them while earning new Contacts. This hasn’t changed. The difficult mode for Star Fortresses, though, we feel is a challenge that players should aspire to achieve, and not something players should easily do without gearing up their character and increasing their Companion’s Influence level. We obviously set an expectation Heroic Star Fortresses were going to be similar to [Heroic 2] content, but that was not our intention. As a result, we are going to change the “Heroic” nomenclature for Star Fortresses to something different. We’ll let you know what we decide the new name will be soon. In addition, this will allow us to balance Star Fortresses independently of Companion power, but still make it challenging without making it impossible for many players.
So, in conclusion, or the tl;dr for the internet savvy:

  • We will be increasing Companion power. It will not be as powerful as before, but the changes will be significant.
  • Heroic Star Fortresses will get a new moniker to denote that it’s a different type of challenge. And we will balance Star Fortresses independently of both Companion power and [Heroic 2]s to ensure they are tuned appropriately.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to more of your feedback as these changes go live.
May the Force be with you,
Michael Backus
Lead Designer

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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So they expected us to do the Alliance stuff, which requires a ton of boxes which are best gotten from Heroics 2+ BUT they didn’t expect us to play a lot of Heroics and enjpy them XD
Anyone else see a logic mistake there?

Yes that’s what blew my mind about the post. Either he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he intentionally lied to admit saying they are restructuring the game from how they intended.

Or the combat team doesn’t know what the story/grind team (whoever designed the alliance stuff(=whoever copied wow stronghold)) does? 😀

That’s what I intended by doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If that’s true that would just prove the people making the game aren’t actually even attempting to play it so they have no concept of the reality within their own game. Oh well, all they want is money and they will make more with a P2W story so that’s fine for some, but not for me.

Yeah, that was a stupid statement. The end game grinding just sucks. I’m getting max alliance on my main and that’s it. No way I’m doing all that shit on every class.

Maybe you just enjoy the companions and you want to get some gifts? Main point for me would be finding a specific armor from a crate. It takes horrible heroic grinding to get enough crates to have a good chance of getting it. Take for example the Remnant Underworld sets. Some people including me never get any of those.

Not hard considering Eric Musco is a fucking joke at his job what with Eric’s very selective and sparse commenting on threads despite being the so called Community Manager or how bad he comes across in livestreams (Goes for a coffee break in the middle of a livestream and thinks the game will take over 3 minutes to load before returning) but I do agree, this guy is far better at not only explaining but in how he gets his message across.

Though I do have to wonder why Bioware knowing how OP the companions were from “our
own playtests”, why they still released them as such rather then scale them down before launch.

With how the companions were in 4.0 I went all the way to narshada and finished it without having any gear besides light sabers on my sith mauader.

You can’t even try to tell me companions weren’t way over powered.

You don’t need 2 buttons with OP companions. There should just be a forward arrow and that’s it. They should add a pay feature where your character runs on a rail so you don’t even have to touch the keyboard or mouse.

oh, bull. I’ve seen the videos of “companions soloing stuff” yeah, if you want to spend 5 minutes on a single trash pull.. and that’s with that trash pull being 4 levels bellow your own.

if you weren’t playing your character, leaving companion be? that’s on YOU, not on the game.

That’s not the problem, it’s just a symptom. The problem is there there is 0 challenge, you can’t even force your character to die by not playing. You can’t get much more broken than that. It’s like playing ping ball but the ball returns are sealed shut and the flippers move on their own.

We could always wait tomorrow and see the actual patch efects no? I mean, they are buffing healer by 48%, but they were nerfed by around 75% so it’s still a net nerf of more or less 23%.
This might make Heroics *just* hard enough for death to occur if you make a wrong move or if “you go make tea”
All your arguments are based on pre-nerf experience, I mean the patch is not even out yet but you concluded it effect on the game already…

its actually less than 40% of what it was immediately post 4.0. (.25 x 1.48). So you can cry less now about how easy the noobs have it, how in your day you had to walk 20 miles uphill on voss without sprint with just a butterknife through wave after wave of feral beasts with a passed out drunk gault as your only available companion to complete your class quest.

This game has been catered to the lazy and hopeless for a long time well before the OP companions came out in 4.0.

That may be so, but 4.0 went from occasionally I go through the drive through and get McDonalds to now I have lard been fed to me intravenously.

I hope they also go back and review each heroic, and tune them so that they all present some challenge, but none are “avoid at all costs”. There is a vast gulf between the absurd simplicity of “Jungle Flight” on Belsavis and “The Viper’s Nest” on Makeb, or “Cyber Mercenaries” on Voss, but the rewards are essentially the same. That needs to be remedied. Either tune the heroics, or at the very least improve the rewards on the former H4’s.

Cyber Mercenaries are not so hard but Viper’s Nest, unpassable, at least with my 25 lvl companion. We kill the 1st wave, and then the 2nd wave kills us. There’s another quest on Makeb where you have to blow 4 gas vents, this one seems unsoloable too.

only my shadow/assassin with phase walk can solo them without fail. The other classes that have a speed burst can accomplish the task with a little luck.

I honestly hate the time sink of the former H4 missions more than the difficulty in combat. If companions or the recharge move was an instant heal that worked while moving and reset my health to 100 after exiting combat I would have had almost no complaints with the nerf.

Since the boxes are bol I just do the quicker ones multiple times and move the crates around as needed.

Well, Cyber Mercenaries isn’t that hard, but it is tedious. If they cut it down from 12 cryo-tubes to 6, it would help a lot. That’s “False History/For the Record” (I think), yeah, the gas traps are not practically doable by a single player with a companion.

That one on Makeb is a pain in the ass, but it can be done solo. I did it on my Merc I died after finishing it and didn’t realize I had compleated it and was very confused for a couple mins trying to figure out why I couldn’t click the panel.

some of them are absurdly short – ie both of the Korriban ones, while others on makeb and such are absurdly long. It does seem unfair that they both have the same reward as you say.

Agreed Voss republic side heroics were to be avoided at all costs after the first time. But imp side it was always a fairly quick run and how I did my Voss rep grind.

I utterly loathed Cyber Mercenaries. 7 or 11 champions to kill, plus loads of others — it took the best part of an hour to do even when I was 55 and the mobs were 50. Even the couple of times I went back to do them at 60 (for Conquests) it was dreadful beyond believe.

Haven’t done it since 4.0 came out, but before there was a fairly easy way of doing it, even at level 55. Break all the kolto reservoirs, aggroing all the elites, and run out of the cave (unlike in many other phased areas, you could exit even if still in combat). Then get back in – the elites are gone.

“Companion healing has been increased by roughly 48%. (Influence level and character level will determine exact amount.)” Aww yeahhhhh.

Well, there we go. Everyone happy now?


I’m kind of not because world pvp, but whatever…. I’m not in control of this game.

Yep you’re not, and it’s refreshing to see you admit that. In any multiplayer environment, the majority of the playerbase will always win.

However much you may think I am wrong, open world pvp (unless it’s gree) is already been dying. There are other aspects of the game to enjoy and honestly how are you going to bring new life into a game without ease of access? Yes it may be redundant for a geared player to have an “overpowered” companion but you cannot relate the same thought to someone without any idea of what they are doing. New players take a long time to better themselves, this just provides them with steady resources to gain creds, comms, and what else have you to do so.

Not every low-skill player plays on auto-pilot. I myself have raided and cleared all NiM content and 8/10 SoR hm content. I have taught a few of my friends who joined the game not knowing fuck all of what to do and they are now stable raiders in the game that put out decent numbers (heals and dps).

Effort on both parties is needed for the game to better itself and to make it an uphill battle for players to learn or participate will just drive them away.

Now I don’t really engage in the “Nerf” vs “Buff” companions debate (in fact I’m more pissed they broke the romance on my main), but Mr. Backus states that they reason they are buffing the companions again due to the grindiness of collecting alliance boxes. Why not just make Alliance Boxes worth 2-4 times more? Like on easier, lower lvl heroics like Hutta or Ord Mantell make it still worth 500, while around Hoth give boxes that are worth around a 1000, then at Voss make them worth 1500, and finally doing Star Fortress heroics you get a 2500 crate? It would fit into the story AND give a reason for doing harder missions.

In addition, since your PRESENCE attribute bonus is the root cause of companions being op, you can play around with that. If you are PVP flagged, doing a 4 man Flashpoint, or doing KotFE story content, PRESENCE is reduced to zero (temporarily). That way you don’t have companions one shotting players in PVP or putting out 50000 points a second healing in duels, or players getting kicked in FP because they have no way to keep up with companion heals.

On top of it, they could have a item akin to the thing you could pick up during the x12 EXP event that turned off the x12 exp. But instead of expierience, using it give you a “buff” that caps ones influence level at 10 or even 5 so hardcore players can get the challenge they want.

Well, this seems like a sincere address to us as the player base, and it does restore some of my lost hope in BioWare after the companion nerfing. This to me, sounds like a nice in-between. Now all I need is some good looking gear sets for customization! (New sets, and not Cartel pack pieces).

So Bioware’s knee-jerk reaction to the problem followed by their nuking from orbit instead of fine-tuning didn’t work. Who’d have thought it!?

It still wasn’t that hard after the nerf in heroics and solo quests. Tank/dps, dps/tank or dps/dps while having less hp the companions still took decent hits and put out good damage.

I still grouped with people for weeklies just because a duo or foursome is always better and faster. While it was nice they are returning to story mode an mmo should not become completely solo play.

Yup, the 4.0.2 levels were actually pretty spot on. It’s a damn shame that a bunch of whiny babies unsubbed because they liked the mistake better than the actual game.

Yeah I can’t imagine how folks have been struggling, pre-patch or post-patch. Even doing it with comps with no influence has been pretty straightforward.

They address the comp nerf but not the dead bodies causing lag issue? I’ve seen people say they don’t have an issue and I’ve seen people say they do. I’ll admit I don’t have the best internet but I didn’t have any lag problems before the last patch, this is a game breaking issue. It needs to be fixed before some stupid nerf/buff issue.

Hey folks,

We are aware of the issue currently in-game in which corpses aren’t despawning, leading to lag issues in some areas. We are exploring a fix for the issue for Tuesday. Also, we may be doing a brief server restart tomorrow at some point to help alleviate some of the lag. I will have more information on that tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for your patience.


this was posted on the dev blog so they are aware of the issue and say they will fix it Tuesday.

Nice changes. I was in the “I like 4.0 stats, but knew they needed to be changed” camp. I wonder if you’ll be able to go into enemy areas again w/o dying like I did on Tatooine.

All in all, nice “in between” values. Not ridiculous and not garbage.

Always lovely to see that the incompetent randoms ended up winning out. Now we get to deal with OP companions once again. Hooray for brainless godmode games!

Geez they are damn heroics not operations.
Noobs be noobs. making them die over and over isnt going to make them better it will only make them cry out in chat for help. One of the nice things about overpowered comps in 4.0 was infintely less “please help me with my class quest” begging in chat.

And those noobs would be far better off by taking the time and putting in the effort to properly learn their class/spec rather than getting their hand held through everything by broken companions.

Sure they would benefit from putting the time and effort in to learn.
Nerfing their companions isnt going to make that happen any more than complicating.the endgame gear would help them learn to gear themselves.

Some people are just stupid and helpless. There is a whole wide internet out there for anyone who has half a brain and gives a shit.

Comps post nerf were just too weak. Hopefully they find the right balance between god mode and weak little 4k heals on an 80k hp toon.

If I’m able to solo the Voss heroic SF on a 208 geared Assassin with a post-nerf companion then I really don’t see how they’re too weak. Seems to be a massive issues sitting behind the keyboard.

So quit playing if you are going to be that butt hurt about it. Not everyone plays YOUR way. Goddess forbid anyone from being different or not giving a damn about NIM and the like. Some people just enjoy being able to play by themselves for whatever reason. Kindly get over yourself, thanks!

Last I checked every single bit of content intended to be able to complete solo is still very much possible to do so. That being said, I’m not really sure I see the issue that all these people keep proclaiming exists.

You’re straw manning the fuck out of your own argument, why not just stick to your original complaint that it made OWPVP harder for you.

That’s an interesting thought you have there. My memory seems to recall having done all of the “impossible” or “too hard” high level heroics, as well has heroic SF’s solo post-nerf. Still not sure what this so called issue is.

Your original argument for your complaint was that OWPvP was being broken because of the companion buffs and yet here you are attacking a whole other crowd for what you believe is an attack on something you’re interested in.

lol so all the un skilled players who cant be bothered to red up on skills can finish end game too rubish why they just dont name H2 a storry moide its piss easy any way

sounds elitism to me. so other people who may not be as skilled as you, shouldn’t be allowed to see content in a game they also pay for? just food for thought.

They can, they’d just have to group for it.

And for the record I hate grouping and I’m glad this change has happened. All the same, don’t apologise for the brain-dead players who can’t learn a simple rotation.

It’s amusing how that’s always the standard response. Hate to break it to ya cupcake but not all content is made for everyone. Just because you pay 15 bucks a month doesn’t mean you have a ‘right’ to see a certain content. I’m not going to carry you through a SM/HM/NiM operation because you’re too lazy or uncaring to figure out how to play this game.

It’s anything but elitism to expect competence. Rather, it’s laziness on the part of those who refuse to improve upon themselves and it’s selfish of them to expect everyone else to accept the game being dumbed down to their level.

There is a difference between doing well organized strategic operations with a well geared character and grinding the same heroics hundreds of times on multiple alts to get a legacy achievement. There is content that should be accessible for most players. You don’t get the Dread Master title, Revanchist or Crest of the Dread Master for nothing. You shouldn’t have a hard time doing absolutely worthless heroics just because you want to increase your affection with the alliance commanders.

Yes we are. I think the over 155 pages about companion feedback has shown that the majority of players clearly thinks this way. We are not speaking about low level heroics. If you look at the feedback more skilled players with 216+ Set Bonus gear and high influence companions are complaining than newbies. The 50 operations take less skill than some heroics. You are boosted to an extreme. Are the heroics hard? Not really. Are some too “hard” for how pointless they are? Yes.

So um….you’re bitching about easy content, way below your skill level, being made easier? Content that was never, since the release of the vanilla game, MEANT to be particularly difficult? If it were NiM raiding being dumbed down, I could see your point. But you’re talking content a truly skilled player should always have found pretty mind-numbingly easy.

It’s like someone who normally does the NY Times crosswords in pen saying the crossword puzzle in my Mom’s Soap Opera Digest should be tougher. Because we all know that a Soap Opera Digest crossword is an absolute training ground for doing the NY Times crossword in pen. Making them tougher would get the daytime soap-watchers ready for NY Times crosswords eventually. In pen. Heh. About like a x2 Heroic is in any sense a training ground for HM FP or Ops.

Why does all the content have to belong to you? The top quarter percent of players is never outnumbering the other 75% of the bell curve. Therefore, at least 75% of the content should be tuned for the absolutely average or below, right where I want to be. I have no desire to join the min/maxers of the MMO universe anymore. Been there, done that, threw away my t-shirt. Difficult content is as tedious to me as too-easy soloable content is to you.

I would never ask to be carried through difficult content, therefore I expect people doing difficult content to stop all the whining about changes that really only effect content that was easy to begin with. The solution to OP companions in more difficult content is to….ban companions in your group. Which fits quite nicely with your philosophy that MMO’s should require actual persons to play together in groups. It’s hypocritical to advocate that, then say that OP companions are ruining content for you. You do that yourself if you use them when you could be grouping with real people. Though I’m sure there likely just aren’t enough living people who meet your standards for grouping. But that’s an entirely different complaint.

I’m annoyed by the fact that the few handful of heroics that actually required a brain and using DCDs (pretty much only like 1 or 2 on Makeb) are now no longer going to require that, and the same for heroic SF’s without buffs. I suppose it’s a shocking concept that some people don’t enjoy falling asleep at the keyboard while they play, or rather while the game plays itself for them.

Maybe spend some time learning to properly structure a sentence so that we don’t have to use “leet skillz” to make sense of it.

*companions start going postal and killing off PCs*

Did anyone stop and ask the companions what they’d like to do?

I would really like them to allow us to give a stack at a time but I would gladly settle for them just removing the damn channel and allowing us to click them like we do decorations.
Its really the least they can do. I unsubbed recently and have no desire to resub so I can spend half my sub time clicking comp gifts.

I understand your pain. it has to change giving a stack at time is a long shot but insta give like decos will probably happen. it has to happen

Ikr.. I literally spend 15 minutes spamming 1 key today..
No clue why they stopped alacrity affecting cast time on that

If it’s 15min, even the small effect from alacrity is worth it, as it could literally save minutes of braindead time
Anyway, was just surprised they actually put work into changing it for the worse

I’m OK with a middle of the road approach. I’m not a new level player but not a raid level DPS player either.

My concern is that they give us a definitive answer on IF we’ll be able to change the looks on the new comps or get a customization vendor.

Sadly, I would bet RL money that customizations for the new comps will be obtained through CM packs, and would also bet the customizations will change only the clothing and not the faces, as the customizations for say, Bowdaar or Treek do. It would make it infinitely easier for them going forward with cutscenes. Not that I don’t want to eventually see the new comps with full slots, but I don’t hold out much hope for that given that the new comps seem to have been designed with body/clothing tied together in one texture rather than using the same character creation setups with small tweaks in faces that the classic humanoid comps used.

I have no opinion on this new changes themselves. This new change seem to be some sort of middle ground.
What I liked most about all of this post was the transparency. They had already exposed the power level the companions had on 4.0 release made the content easier than originally intended. Hence the nerf (or rebalacing or whatever you may call it).
However, they admited once the companions were out with theyr high power level the game changed. The geenie was out of the bottle and it couldn’t be thrown back in. The game is dinamic, the way players interact with the content alter the way devs look at the content and design future content.
What I found to be very refreshing and interesting was their transparency with the comunity, explaining what the original vision was for H2 quests, how that changed by the way we played the content, and how they’re planing to move forward.
I’m very happy to see it. As a long time player I’ve been anxious to see more dialog with the comunity. No matter what I’ll come to think of the changes themselves, the comuncation is certainly a step in the right direction.

I only wish we could get this kind of candor about operations and when we can expect more. Stop punishing the rest of us because zorz took their ball and went home after you gave them their shiny plaque.

I dont think its a good use of assets to create an instance like asylum that you will spend 15 minutes in and never visit again versus creating an op a single player may literally spend hundreds of hours in. but thats just me.

I’m not sure if I’m more impressed that they addressed it or more concerned that the lead designers had no idea that their “vision” would be realized. They had underutilized content, their vision was to make it “sexier” (thus more utilized), they succeed, then think they’ve succeeded too well so they destroy that success, then express surprise that their vision came to fruition.

The only problem I have with star fortress is the time to kill on the trash mobs, it takes way too long compared to what would be normal flashpoint trash. If I didnt have to grind so much over hp’d trash I would like running star fortress a lot more on my non stealth classes.

And have to liberate 6 planets to complete the quest chain, again too much grinding.
They should have picked a planet for each class and had them liberate that one planet to complete the quest. Like warrior=korriban, BH=hutta, op = dk, etc. Would have been so much less grind and more story immersive. Believe me they inserted plenty of grind into the game with heroics and the never ending companion gift farming.

Yes, it is. The majority of the players will ALWAYS, and rightfully, be the priority for game developers. It would seem the majority wanted the companions stronger, so the companions became stronger. If that bothers you, I’d refer you to my earlier picture.

It actually isn’t. Content being too difficult for someone to complete should serve as nothing more than motivation for them to improve.

Most people play it purely for fun, not as some sad attempt to get good at something. Spending time dedicating to improving your
skills playing a specific class in a specific game is, in the minds of a lot of people, better spend
elsewhere. But again, you’re very much welcome to stop playing it it’s bothering you so much.

You really don’t realize the hypocrisy of your statement, do you? Not to mention that people apparently can’t comprehend the fact that people can *gasp* have fun playing the game WHILE not sucking at it. Noble concept, I know.

It’s amusing how hard you’re crying and whining because you don’t like something on the internet.

Calling someone insecure for not logging in while hiding behind an anime profile pic yourself? Certainly allows the usage of said word.

And considering the amount of times you’ve failed at attempting to presume my understanding of things so far, it’d be a safe bet not to try again if you want to look intelligent. Which you seem to want, keyword being want.

The amusing part is that you apparently aren’t capable of comprehending that an avatar image is nothing more than colored pixels. However as much as I wish I could say otherwise, I can’t say I’m surprised to see a Human being, especially on the internet, that lacks the intelligence to comprehend such an apparently complex concept.

I mean really, have you tried reading what you typed? If not I highly suggest doing so, it’s quite humorous. The day that colorful pixels making up a profile avatar mean anything is the day that we have socially binding rankings and a re-institution of the Caste system.

AHAHAH man you’re goin on the defensive again. You’re adorable. “PIXELZ’ “MUH PIXELZ”. How about you just say the most abrasive crap and people are left with ad hominem because you clearly don’t want to see their point of view, instead you completely dodge any point being made and turn it into a player skill issue.

Seriously dude go do your homework and shut the hell up.

I dunno, possibly because the single only issue here IS a player skill issue. Funny how that works.

Funny how you point out player skill issue yet you’re the one that keeps going on and on and on about your OWPvP being broken by this, maybe, get better?

Rigghhhttttt. I mean the fact that I was able to 2v1 people with 4.0 launch companions without having to even CC the players themselves means nothing. The point isn’t that you CAN’T kill people, the point is that I shouldn’t have to make their NPC companion a higher priority than the player itself because the companion’s healing output is so high. That’s the issue. It’s also a bleedingly obvious explanation that shouldn’t even be necessary.

So you’re crying because you can’t win a 2 v 1 and that’s more important than most of the population again how?

Actually he’s spot on, you’re bitching about not being able to down any players in OWPVP yet here you are on the forums complaining about player skill.

You’re reading into it wrong “cupcake”. I don’t mind your complaining, I just like responding to it like this. So no, I’m missing the hypocrisy. As for your comprehension, I’m fully aware. The thing YOU seem to not comprehend is that there are also people who don’t have fun like that. And it would seem they’re the majority.

What they apparently don’t seem to comprehend is that all content is not created equal. Like it or not their solo play isn’t supposed to be able to see all content, or all versions of content.

That’s your vision on it love. The new game play changes say otherwise. And why do you even care? The more people enjoying the game their way, the better. If you feel they’re too powerful, do the heroic without them. To each their own.

I think its hilarious and a bit sad how much energy you have invested in the experience you feel inferior players should have playing the game.

If they took all of what you consider sucky players out of the game it would fold in 2 months. Play the game how you want and quit worrying so much about other people. Overpowered comps dont affect any of the things that are actually challenging in the game like pvp or progression raiding. I used to enjoy the challenge of a heroic once in a while when I was leveling, but any challenge from heroics was already murdered by the level sync anyway. All nerfing comps did was make them slightly more grindy.

Making companions broken again breaks OWPvP and turns it, once again, into a game of who can kill the healing companion first. Try again.

I’ve often found that going for the player over their companion is the better way to go when it comes to open world PvP.

Then you’ve fought some bad players if pre-nerf and post-buff companions aren’t your first target.

No, I’m just good at PvP, and have the achievements to prove it. Not saying I’m the best or invincible, as I do get bested from time to time. I just know what I’m doing.

That changes nothing. If you weren’t an AP PT you weren’t bursting through 4.0 launch healing from a high level companion without CC, and even with it was simply easier to target the companion first and avoid the headache alltogether.

A 60% nerf rather than a 75% nerf is going to kill owpvp (people actually do that for something other than trolling)? ok.

And if you have a live cc you just use that on them and they are out of the fight anyway.

Not sure where you’re getting your numbers. They’re getting buffed by 50%, for comparison the nerf was 75%. AKA 3/4 as strong as they used to be which is still broken.

they were nerfed to 25% of 4.0 they are being buffed 48% from where they are now, supposedly, which would result in less than 40% of post 4.0 levels.

Math is hard.
Start at 100. Take away 75%.
100 – 75 = 25
Add 50%…. 25 * 1.5 = 37.5
Companions are between 1/3 and 2/5ths of what they were at 4.0

Well if you’re a “skilled” player, why not focus down their companions first in world pvp and stop crying?

I assume you play on a PvE server and have never even seen another player of the other faction, let alone fought them. Allow me to clarify something for you.

Companions have an 8s long mezz that neither builds to nor respects resolve. In 4.0 launch this 8s was more than enough for the comp to have both himself and the player back to full HP

Companions benefit from resolve generated by CC applied to the controlling player, and vice versa. This means that you have a very limited amount of CC to use to control two separate entities, and if the player breaks your long mezz on them well GG, hope the player isn’t smart enough to CC YOU while killing your companion, especially if you either don’t have a CC immunity or a breaker up.

With that taken care of, thanks for stopping by. Now that everything has been taught please return to your corner and put the Dunce hat back on. Thanks.

Keep on being salty. Put your poopy diaper back on your face and keep spewing verbal diarrhea everywhere you post you toxic dump heap.

OWPvP is not a focus of Bioware anymore, get over it and just quit the game already.

Apparently one can be comfortable with being shit at something if he “does it for fun”. I’ve never had fun sucking at anything, whether others pointed and laughed or not. We’ve all been new at some point, but not wanting to improve is really not ok, regardless of what’s being discussed. Perhaps mediocrity really is a genetic trait.

Now that BW “listens to the community”, maybe we’ll get cross-server queues? Heh.

Don’t know about everyone else, but as someone who’s been playing since launch I can say that I don’t care to spend a crap load of time hashing over old heroics and other content. Level syncing was a bad idea, and no one asked for it. It was forced on us by the devs. Now, the they have to waste more and resources on re-“balancing” companions because of another fuck up. They’re gonna have to step up their game if they wanna keep my interest, as well as my money spent on a sub and Cartel Coins here & there.

The level syncing is actually in response to people complaining about not being able to do parts of the content due to out-leveling. This way people can do whatever content they want while still leveling and gaining experience and all that. Or so I vaguely recall reading.

As for your “spending a crap load of time”, that’s completely understandable. New people and less experienced people who never did it before, however, would like to try them out. Now they can.

But yes, I do agree they’re spending too much time on this companion thing. Although I guess you could see it as working with the feedback of players (on their own forum), which is something people have been complaining about wanting for years.

I was heavily against level sync, but now I barely notice it if I’m not looking at my character portrait. I think they gear capped us too low, but otherwise really doesnt bother me other than I miss soloing world bosses.

“The level syncing is actually in response to people complaining about not being able to do parts of the content due to out-leveling.”

Maybe it’s because I have quite a few toons, and found quick ways to level up, but I still don’t get it. I do remember reading that somewhere, though.

If ever I wanted to go back and do something on a lower level planet, like datacron hunting on Nar Shaddaa, I don’t feel like dealing with trash mobs at lvl 65 just to get to the datacron. Just not appealing to me is all. I mean, you can go back and do whatever content you desire so long as it’s not something truly requiring a group, like ops or pvp warzones. You just won’t get XP for it if you’re too high a level, but the content is still there.

You are full of it, m8.
Like jeeze, just can it already.

You are literally permeating elitist douche-baggery. Look at the above meme, apply to your self. Simple.

I’ll never stop being amused by the fact that whenever inept people are faced with the reality that the issue is simply their own lack of capability that, rather than looking inward and desiring to improve themselves, they toss out the ever so popular elitist defense.

Let’s clear up something that people apparently can’t figure out on their own; I don’t think anyone at all has a problem with the so called “casual” playerbase. No one cares if someone sucks at the game. What starts getting under people’s skin, however, is when these “casuals” start using their own lack of skill as a legitimate reason to dumb shit down.

The proper response would be to look on what they can do to improve themselves. And before anyone brings up the “I play this game for fun” crap, don’t. We all play this game for fun, however that doesn’t mean that you have to suck at the same time. Practically no one started this game right off being great at it. I’m sure a handful of naturally talented people did, but the rest of us had to learn and work at it.

Nothing is stopping the “casual” playerbase from doing the same. Time isn’t a legitimate excuse, I’m full time in college and all of my friends are either full time students or hold full time jobs (two of them, in one case). The only excuse people have is laziness. If someone doesn’t WANT to improve, that’s on them and no one can likely convince them otherwise. But those people who choose to be lazy also get to deal with the consequences of being lazy.

It just so happens to turn out that the vast majority of the playerbase in this game are lazy beyond belief and can’t bear the thought of having to turn their brain on while playing a video game. Sad, really.

Oi vei. You keep saying the same thing over and over in all your comments, like a broken record. You aren’t even right, and you know it., yet you continue to attempt justifying yourself by throwing the “instead of improving, they do x” nonsense.

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, people are actually do know how to use their classes, but don’t want to sit around grinding for as long as they would have to under 4.0.2 changes, or that people play the game casually, but *gasps* don’t actually suck at all, and are probably better then a lot of you “hardcore” players? It hasn’t, or you would have shut your mouth by now.

Also, I love how you assume I lack skill because I’m calling you out. I’ve played this game since summer 2013, and have 12 characters to show for it that are at least lvl 52 (plus one token character.) I’m pretty sure I’m at least somewhat capable of playing this game. 🙂

Character amount or level means less than nothing. And no, I’m not wrong. Nor is it grindy to complete heroics to get the crates. I mean, sure, you can’t complete and entire planet in three minutes by letting your companion annihilate everything in its path, but you shouldn’t be able to do that.

When people complain about something so easy as heroics being hard or grindy then a likely accurate assumption is made as to the skill level of said player. Most of these heroics don’t take very long to do at all, and the small handful of those that do can easily have their time-taken reduced by using heroic moment skills on CD.

The only solo “heroic” content that anyone can legitimately say takes a long time to finish are the Star Fortresses, and rightly so they should, as they are intended to be done, by AVERAGE players, with two people.

I mentioned the character bit because it would seem that you are trying to label me as an unskilled player. I was not trying to impress you.

Who said I was complaining about the heroics being hard? The matter being discussed is time, not difficulty. No one wants to spend the kind of time that they would’ve had to spend doing the content with companions on 4.0.2 levels. End of story. No, you cannot make a skill assumption based on someone’s opinion of heroics, because you do not know anything about the person making said opinion to make an accurate assumption. No, people are not unskilled because they do not have your point of view on things. Please do shut up.

You are hard headed. I hope you are studying to become a lawyer, seems you’d be pretty good at that.

Someone found a meme they like posting. I’ll bet you’ve put this in several other forums too and feel all warm and tingly each time you post it with a big ol’ smug smile on your face. I mean, if you’ll post it twice on the same thread you’re a special kind of trying to look clever stupid.

Already found the door you smug asshole, but thanks for showing that being an asshole isn’t limited to ‘elitists’

All 2 player missions should be able to be soloed by the player and his/her comp. There isn’t a 2+ in the game that I did with a second person after I learned how to play.

You are suppose to be able to solo them. There is an achievement for that. Just need proper gear and know wtf you are doing.

It’s supposed to be difficult to do that, not a cake walk. Also it was supposed to be something that you needed to have pretty decent gear for and/or high influence comps. Just because there’s an achievement for it doesn’t mean you get it just because you log in…

I logged in and tried the companions after the patch, a Influence level 40 Scorpio was healing for less then my Mako was pre-expansion…Anyone who thought that was reasonable was a damn idiot. People were right to be pissed. While they were clearly overpowered pre-nerf; they were also clearly overnerfed….So this change should make them reasonably hopefully.

The nerf was exactly where they should have been, barring a very minor (5-10% tops) buff. If people weren’t able to do post-nerf content the issue wasn’t the companion.

Most definitely NOT. I am still able to solo every single heroic in the game. Companions are still OP, just as not as much as with 4.0 Really, there is no excuse for dying anymore in heroic missions, even if you solo them.

Are you trying to say I don’t know what my companions were capable of pre expansion? Because after the nerf they are clearly weaker then they were pre-expansion. It doesn’t matter if you can solo heroics right now or not. The companions are currently worse then before.

That’s horse shit. They felt like they did pre-3.0. Problem is twofold IMO:
1. Many people were(are) using the idea that soloing the non-solo star forge should be easy, when in reality it should be difficult.
2. Many people either forgot how they were pre-3.0 or simply liked them better now then then are lying to support their preference.

Hoperully they find the right balance. Were definitely overpowered post 4.0, and underpowered with last patch. My influence 20’s were less than 2000 ehpsat level 65 in most cases, which isnt going to cut it for some content unless you are geared and a pretty decent player.

What they need to address is the complete and utter lack of Tanking by comps! They don’t hold agro for s$%t anymore! I’m nothing but a squishy n armor & I’m getting my a$$ handed to me on a frickin’ platter at every encounter! It’s really bad.

I’m perfectly fine with these changes. Comps didn’t need to go back to 4.0 levels but they did need a boost from the 4.0.2 nerf nuke. Especially heals.This seems to be a nice middle ground for heals. DPS I thought they were pretty good and as a tank I’m not sure since most my characters are tanks. So I don’t need them in that role.

I spent most of the week getting my sage healer through the chapters and the star fortresses. I expected to have issues doing the heorics, but was able to solo them while under geared and without a lot of influence (I had Lana at 15).
I then went and did the weekly on my sent. Fully augmented gear, 216-224 with my comp influence at 35. I got destroyed several times at the 3rd control room just before the Exarch fight. Just couldn’t deal with the 2 knights and the constant adds. My comp got trounced and shortly after I’d be gone.
Logged off and tried again on my Sage, cleared it no problem. The lack of an AOE on my sent was really the only difference between being able to pass that final room and not.

It’s doable. Use your HM and hit the two Knights hard at the start. You should be able to get one down pretty quick. Use your AOEs (you have several) on the large group that enters the room. Then focus on the add that the Exarch activates and burn it fast or it will destroy your comp.

I’ve found that last room harder than the Exarch every time.

I really hope that tanks can do their job, at 4.0 they did; right now, I’d favour dissolving wet paper over them as a fortifying influence.

The best one of these changes is the name of the hard mode of Star Fortress. I didn’t care when they nerfed the companions, I don’t care now that they will buff them again. I was able to solo ALL the heroics (except from the Makeb one which needs two people to click on the consoles) after 4.0, I was able to solo them after 4.0.1, I will be able to solo them after 4.0.2.

If people use their interrupts, stuns, heroic moments and whatnot, there is no excuse for not being able to solo any heroic, even after the nerf.

Perhaps, didn’t bother more than once or twice, found someone else to help out. Worst case scenario, I’m not gonna do the Makeb heroic… don’t mind :p

Another perfect player. How much time do you spend playing? How many hours do you devote to being such a perfect person in game? Very curious because most people I know have these strange things called lives. I know, weird right? Why shouldn’t someone put hundreds of hours into perfecting their play in a video game as opposed to anything else? Silly people….

Trying to imply someone who is better than you is a sad basement dweller who devotes all his time to gaming. Lol.

Be less bad, perhaps?

Ah you got me! Nah, I don’t have an issue with it at all, just hate know it all ass hats treating everyone else like crap because they are so awesome….at least in their minds. I sadly don’t have more than a few hours to play each week because of that odd thing called life.

Perhaps get a dictionary?

Wow you’ve got issues. I did not treat anyone like crap, in fact I happen to help new players in the game all the time, and I will be the one to usually defend them against elitists. I do not expect ANYONE to be able to finish hard mode operations for example, and I have posted 100 posts about how story mode operations like ToS and Ravagers should be easier, so that even the casual player can finish them.

But planetary heroics… come on man. Seriously, you can’t handle mobs of a couple of strong opponents and 1 elite? Not my fault…

Not once did I say I could not. My sister has a hell of a time even though she pays very close attention to everything. Does great until her companion wonders off or gets overwhelmed by the trash mobs. Your statement “there is no excuse for not being able to solo any heroic, even after the nerf.” IS bashing those with less skill. Not everyone is perfect, kindly keep that in mind. Also not everyone is comfortable grouping. Some people have issues with that and to be honest that is not on them nor should they be called noobs, idiots or unable to play.

I will redirect you to my original statement in its entirety, since it includes a conditional: “If people use their interrupts, stuns, heroic moments and whatnot, there is no excuse for not being able to solo any heroic, even after the nerf.”

That conditional was there for a reason, and it was not a figure of speech.

A thousand pardons. I guess my sister is an idiot because she cannot time everything perfectly? She uses all those as soon as they are done cooling down yet still has issues. Guess you are right, she must have issues such a grand person as yourself never suffered from.

Well sorry to hear you have an idiotic sister, though I would not go to that length, I think you’re being a little harsh.

No sir, you are the one calling her an idiot because she is having issues. No problems with the prior content whatsoever. Hell, she even does Ops and raids which I will not due to elitist assholes that think they never had an issue with any game and want to tell you in detail what a noob you are.

I never called your sister an idiot, or even implied it, that was you. By the way, if someone is doing ops, there is simply NO WAY they have an issue with heroics. So you are either lying or your sister has amazing talents, which is the exact opposite of being an idiot.

All I know is she was doing fine until she got to the boss puke on the Star Fortress then splat. She was monumentally pissed because yes, she is a better player than that. I have no reason to lie but eh, believe what you will.

Who ever mentioned Star Fortress? I have been talking about planetary heroics throughout the whole discussion. Star Fortress is NOT a planetary heroic, it’s the new endgame flashpoint (for which they mistakenly added the HEROIC +2 label, and they realized it, therefore they are removing that name)

Which is the only issue my sister has had. Your saying people that cannot play at your level have no excuse for having issues with a Heroic….which said Star Fortress was labeled as. My bad.

Yes it IS your bad and you should feel bad about it. There is a clear distinction betweehn the heroics on Alderaan, Coruscant, Makeb, Tython, Korriban, etc etc and the heroic mode of the Star Fortress flashpoint. It should go without saying that they’re not in the same league, and yes, the SF is really hard to solo after the nerfs, and it was challenging even before the nerf, so I guess we agree on everything. But now you’ve started making me think that your sister is smarter than you…. :p

Btw, I never mentioned “my level” and your whole passive aggressive smartass responses are not very constructive, but I guess we both know that this was never your goal anyway. You see foes and “perfect players” all around you, instead of actually trying to talk them.

I thank you for a great laugh. I have talked to much better players than I and some are pretty decent people. Sadly the assholes FAR outnumber them. I do apologize for misunderstanding what you meant by Heroic missions, we all make mistakes. However, perhaps instead of saying there is no excuse for having issues with ANY content you might think for a moment that not everyone is going to be a good player, no matter how they try. Many say hell with it and quit without trying harder but that is their choice.

I have repeatedly had friends doing SM raiding since 4.0 release tell me it is easy to the point of being Tactical Raiding, and, yes, easier than soloing some of the heroic x2’s. But obviously your anecdotal evidence trumps theirs.

Being that planetary heroics becoming a huge grind is the centerpiece of their new alliance system, it must be accessible to every, and i mean EVERY level of skill. What about this is so hard to comprehend. Buffing healing comps from 25% of 4.0 to approximately 37% is this big of a deal? really? It shouldnt be to the point that you are unkillable but not low enough where its essentially a dps race.

New players start out without any companion buffs, extra quickbars, gear, or legacy influence unlocks. Its easy to forget the cool stuff we have.

Why would a new player complete and grind planetary heroics BEFORE acquiring access to Odessen, a few quickbars of abilities and a few hours of playing that make them actually learn to play their class? Gear is irrelevant, level sync.

Being an elitist about HM ops is one things, being an elitist about planetary fricking heroics is just being a douche.

Yes because non subs can afford those extra quickbars on the gtn.

There are different tiers of skill throughout this game and there is a learning curve for each and every player, and bioware somehow has to cater to all of them. That is what Mr Backus was trying to explain to you in his post yet it has completely gone over your head.

It is kind of a sad cliche of human nature where people have a tendency to look down on those below their skill level, forgetting there are those who feel the same way about them. Getting better at a video game isnt everyone’s life ambition, some just want to play and have fun.

All classes arent created equally either. Taking on a group of trash mobs is cake on a gunslinger, but not as much on a concealment op much less a tank or healing class. Nerfed to ground healer means more time recharging health, even more grind.

You sure assume WAY too much, and almost everything you assumed was completely inaccurate and just plain wrong.

“It is kind of a sad cliche of human nature where people have a tendency to look down on those below their skill level”

When bad people’s badness is spoiling the game for the people who aren’t bad, they have every right to look down on the those people.

Why would I feel bad for those lad? They just got their problems solved. Yours aren’t going away, ever.

Ikr? But, bad players are a part of gaming. I’ve learned to accept that they’re here to stay 🙂

I’m still praying every night the same doesn’t go for the likes of you. Or I should say, your view on bad players. I’m sure minus that you’re a lovely person.

Oh I’m just so terrible, aren’t I? Wanting to keep SOME semblance of challenge in the game? /yawn

As I responded elsewhere on this page, we were talking about different things. I’m perfectly fine with you wanting to keep the challenge available. I was just saying people should be allowed to experience all content with story, even if it costs them the rewards. Again, my apologies for offending you, it was a simple misunderstanding.

No offence taken. I’m outspoken and I always will be. Pretty used to arguing with people I’ve never met at this point 😛

Thanks for proving my above point for me. You are the only one out there who isnt bad. Congratulations.

Seriously? I don’t see how easy content, way below YOUR superior skill level as self-reported, being made easier, is in any way impinging on your ability to do actual difficult content that the people doing the easy content will NOT be doing. How is it spoiling the game for you? Because if you are all that, you would have always found x2 Heroic content laughably easy. If you found it in any way challenging, you cannot possibly be as good as you’re saying you are. Therefore, any changes to said x2’s should have no fricking impact on you whatsoever. Since high end players should be seeking their challenges in high end content, not content meant for the plebeian masses of average players. Which will always, by simple statistics, be 75% of the population by bell curve.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but we don’t live in a fantasy world where everybody who is shit should be treated like a little princess. This game is NOT difficult to learn, and it is NOT difficult to master, either.

If you want, I can try and convince my nephew (who’s a toddler, btw) to play the game and group with you. You might learn something.

Ah comedy. My sister has all classes up to 65, never had an issue playing until these so called “solo-able” heroics. Never needed to have anyone hold her hand and seriously? A little princess? I bid you a good day.

Think you missed the part where I said I had no issue playing but alright. You are the best player, we all suck compared to the grandness that is you. hahahaha

You don’t need a lot of time to pay attention to the fact that you have 25 different abilities on your various taskbars and be able to use them when needed. I am in fact a casual player (by the standards of most players in this game) that plays 2-3 hours a day at most, and sometimes not at all, especially during weekends, where I’ve got a lot of life.

I’m a full time college student who not only has to be at school from 7-3:15 every day (with an hour drive there and an hour drive back) but also has homework and test studying to do while at home. Yet I’m still able to managed to be quite capable of clearing this content and keep straight A’s and B’s on my grade sheet. The problem isn’t lack of time, the problem is lack of willingness of the player to put in the effort investment that is required.

Bro….are you sure you’re not in high school? Those are high school hours and the hour drive is equal to a bus ride. How are you not in a dorm?

There are also breaks in cost for affordable living for students and programs that help supplement for those needs. I know, I’ve used them while I was in college years ago.

“If people use their interrupts, stuns, heroic moments and whatnot, there
is no excuse for not being able to solo any heroic, even after the

all those hardcore actions require brain activity, unfortunately for most swtor players

“The difficult mode for Star Fortresses, though, we feel is a challenge
that players should aspire to achieve, and not something players should
easily do without gearing up their character and increasing their
Companion’s Influence level.”

So what are they going to do with the achievement for soloing a heroic star fortress without buffs? It was difficult even with 4.0-level companions. Now they’re talking about buffing companions a bit, but making the challenge harder. It sounds like it’ll still be at least as hard as it is right now, which is darn near impossible (unless you don’t mind dying a whole bunch, I guess; the mobs don’t really respawn)

Most of it’s what I would consider a reasonable challenge (barring some paladins that do pretty crazy damage), but the two-knight fight is extremely difficult to do in one try and the 2nd and 3rd stage of the exarch fight is pretty tough too.

Nah. It can be tough on some classes (mara) but not “darn near impossible” by any stretch. I got it on my first try (jugg, I admit), after the nerf, and I’ve never even set foot inside an ops instance. And considering that there is no reason outside of e-peen to solo it without buffs, I don’t think they need to do anything about it.

Uh, yes, I know. You want a vanity title and an achievement (i.e. e-peen), and that’s fine. So get better and earn it. It really isn’t hard. 🙂

By that logic, most everything you do in this game is for vanity and e-peen. My point was that what you said (“There is no reason outside of e-peen…”) was untrue. Character titles can be considered a means of progression as much as getting better weapons and armor; it’s a tangible reward, you’re not just doing it so you can say you did it or brag about it.

And that would be flawless logic. It is indeed akin to gear: you aren’t meant to get 224s unless you can clear, at the very least, HMs. Like higher tier gear, you aren’t meant to get it unless you have a working understanding of the mechanics and content. But unlike gear, it has zero gameplay effect and it’s only for show, and specifically for show towards those who haven’t earned it.

Go earn that distinction instead of asking for the bar to be lowered. It’s “The One and Only”, not “The Faceroller”.

So it’s now considered E-Peen to use a title that you’ve earned? I have the Lone Wolf banner in ME3 for soloing platinum, and yes I wore that banner with pride but not once did I ever act like dick/elitist to those who didn’t or couldn’t get it.

Yes. I did the “without buffs achievement” (The One and Only) after the nerf. 0 deaths on the Exarch as a corruption sorc with Lana Beniko also in heal mode. That said, I can definitely see where pure DPS classes might struggle a bit more. I will also add though, that SF gets easier the more you do it. And people shouldn’t be afraid to use “Heroic moment” if they are struggling. 😉

Amazing how many perfect players there are in this game who never had an issue playing. I guess that makes anyone that does have a problem “lazy, stupid, blind, etc” or so they say. Go figure.

Did you ever try asking for help, finding a friend, actually using your guild for things other then looking at decorations on a ship, even using this website, or the forums to help you push forward on content? I’ll tell you right now the 2 new people that don’t have much experience can tackles those heroics 2’s much much faster and easier then just 1 and a companion.

And if someone doesn’t like grouping? Wanted to do the so called “solo story heroic” as it was labeled by themselves because of constant exposure to asshole elitists that bash them for not being perfect? I guess they are screwed right?

Nope not screwed, keep working at it like a mario level, or use the resources available to you like finding a guild, working with friends or making a forum post on, like you know what this game is an MMO, next you be saying you should solo 8HM content.

Let me clear this up for you. I myself have no issue with the game. I have however seen many people get shit on time and again trying to learn the best methods. Just comes down to people in the end I guess. You seem like a decent person so I do wish you luck.

I do indeed if I am able to do so. Totally understand. I sucked so bad at this game when I started I almost deleted it but thanks to wonderful sites like this I was able to see what I was doing wrong and improve.

I’ll help anyone who asks for it on any planet. I have yet to see anyone ask (Ebon Hawk), and I’ve done all the heroics on all the planets. If they make it a little easier/faster for me, that’s fine. I know I’m a good player, but that doesn’t mean I won’t help someone who needs it, or share what I know with others.

Again, if someone has been shit on time and again for trying to get help such good people as yourself wont be given a chance. Sucks but there it is. FAR too many ass hats out there making the good players that really want to help look bad too.

If your feelings are that hurt by people being negative to you in chat, then you shouldn’t be attempting an online game. I wish it weren’t the case, I really do, but how do you propose we fix the issue? The internet is a place where people can go to anonymously or semi-anonymously be assholes to each other. It probably says that much on the dictionary (or at least wikipedia ;)). That problem has absolutely nothing to do with the issue we’re debating an is inherent to any online game that has a chat feature.

Sigh, I just wish people who can’t do these things looked inward and said I am not good at this, how do I get better? When did it become taboo to be challenged into thinking of some way to get content done. I wish more players opened up gen chat seeking other players for help, or using the forums. I was nothing but a shitter when I started this game, Interrupt for 4seconds? Worthless it does’nt do damage, but I asked for help, found a guild, talked to friends, I got better. Do we now live in a world where people would say Super Mario Bros NES is to hard and it needs to be nerfed, this shit has got to stop its ruining it for everyone.

Welcome to modern gaming.

Bring back the old games, where you had to complete the whole game with just a handful of lives.

Many people in my guild tried the whole gen chat help bit…..and got “noob! L2P, get a clue, do you even game bro?” and countless dreck like that for the effort. From what I’ve experienced I would NEVER ask another person in game for assistance for just that reason. FAR too many little children playing for it to be worth the time or effort. Logging off and using Google is a better use of time.

Hi Don Loco, I’m the Jaffack and welcome to the internet, there is trolls everywhere, its up to you to sort through the answers that you get and go searching for the solution. That is what its all about, do you not like being challenged?

Love a challenge, been playing video games since it cost a quarter every play. But it’s not about wanting a challenge it seems, it’s all about being the best player. *smh*

Then I would say get your head out of that pessimistic world and do the things I wrote above and if you can’t or refuse then perhaps this is not the game for you.

I do not have any issue with the game. What I have issue with is the ‘perfect’ people shitting on anyone that doesn’t have their skill level yet. Goddess forbid someone be starting out and trying to learn the game.

Wow, Aflack. That’s quite the elitist drivel. Since you are prone to hand out information about how only those experienced should play the game and everyone else should just go elsewhere, let me fill in a few minor points that you conveniently leave out. You see, the “best” gamers are those able to crack the code hidden in the spreadsheet formulas that all of those damage numbers, etc exist in. They aren’t interested in the journey, just the trophy at the end that they can use to strut around proclaiming their superiority. The game itself, be damned, as long as you get to sit at the top of a leader board or that your name pops up as “first” at something. Grant it, getting the formulas down to a science enough to proclaim something is “easy”, does take time and often a little effort. More effort than people with actual lives and/ or responsibilities are willing to impart. Many gamers only care about putting in an hour or two, here or there, and still be able to walk away feeling like they have accomplished something. They don’t care about being elite. They just want to play the game.

Oh please, you can stop tossing out your nonsensical vitriol now. I suppose you aren’t capable of realizing that it’s more than possible to have a life and not be horrid at playing. Or does my full time college enrollment with homework and test studying not count as a “life” in your book?

Actually, when I was in college, I also had a full time job. So yes, if homework and test studying constitute your only real life responsibilities, then you have very little.Your “horrid at playing” comment is subjective at best. Your version of “horrid” can be considered anything less than your version of elitest. “Wow, that pvper was a horrid player because I was able to beat them” “Wow, that player is horrid because they aren’t fully decked out in top level raid gear” Sometimes, some people don’t care to be elite. They just want to be able to play the content they paid for.

Yeah man, you’re right, 2-3 hours of homework and 1-2 hours of studying for medical exams while going to bed at 10 and getting home from school at 4 is totally such a massive amount of free time. Why I practically have enough time to level a fresh character to 65 every other day!


Not everyone has homework that takes 15 minutes to do, and medical stuff isn’t exactly something you can read once and have it down.

I know being an “elite player”, and being a pre-med student, you might have a decent grasp in math. So let’s take your stated time frame. You gave yourself a 6 hour window, from time you got home to when you went to bed. You said possibly a total of no more than 5 hours spent related to studies. That leaves an hour of play time per day, with the intention of being elite. Which by itself, is fine. But again, your goals aren’t always the same as someone else’s. Perhaps other people just want to play and not worry about if they are the best of the best? But since I know a thing or two about life both within and without college, I also know that you don’t spend that whole 5 hours a night studying, every night. In fact, most nights- even as a premed, you can probably reduce that to a mere 2 hours. Which leaves 4 hours/ week days. 4 hours to choose to be some sort of self proclaimed gaming god. First, not everyone has the luxury of 4 hours, or even 2 hours on that regular of a basis. Even fewer choose to spend that time being the best at a video game. Those people are called casuals. And those casuals still want to walk away with some sort of accomplishment during their time spent. When people have to “l2p” and become “l33t”, just to experience storyline content, then it becomes a chore. So let me ask you this, do you pay a monthly fee to be forced to do chores?

Whoever said that you have to try to be “good” at the game? All you have to try to do is CARE to improve. It doesn’t matter if it happens in three days, two weeks, or six months. Improvement is improvement. Regardless, even if someone only has half an hour to play, there’s this wonderful thing called getting a friend to group with them and finishing their chosen content faster. That way they get twice the content in for the same amount of time.

Oh but grouping in an MMO is scary. You might get your precious feelings hurt by words on the internet. Oh noes

Everything you said is true, to a point. But consider this. There is a broad spectrum of people who are “elites” and those who are just trying it out for the first time. There are many more of those who are somewhere in between. Some that might understand the overall basics of the class, but who aren’t going to have the best gear for things to be “easy”, etc. That is where many players fall into. Especially many of those casuals who help keep the game afloat so that those “elites” have a virtual space to stroke their epeens. Yes, being an mmo, you will eventually have to group. But many guilds out there are only interested in warzones, not in helping mates get through the story. Other guilds are too busy declaring their lightsabers to be the longest on the server, to bother with a random toon in general or guild chats who is just asking for a quick assistance. Basically, many “elites/ hardcores” offer themselves as a stereotype ass to those who have zero interest in joining their ranks. If people understood a little better that the prize was in the journey and not nearly as much in the destination, then they may be a little more interested in helping others through content than they would be talking trash in chat. Sometimes just picking up a decent person or two for group content can be seen as “Hard Mode” by itself. And it doesn’t need to be. If those same people who like to say they know how to play so much better than others, would actually work with the players they are constantly denigrating, then net results can only be improvement over time. And isn’t that exactly what you want?

Thats also a way to look at all of this. Challenged to ask for help or what? Like people could only get better by taking advice from self titled pro players. You speak like you are some kind of god trying to convince the dumb ones of your view on the world lol. I went from absolutely horrible to legacy 50 and being good in roughly a couple months without any help. And do you know how? Not forcing yourself to listen to what people try to tell you. Not everything is right. Experience for yourself, be aware of whats going on and improve on that.

Then you clearly don’t understand the position and are hiding behind straw men rather than actually debating the issue.

I find it interesting that it’s such a common claim that people have gotten bashed when asking for help. From my own experience, I haven’t seen that. So that tells me one of two things are going on;

1) I’m just the luckiest person in the world and have never, ever, run into these toxic players.
2) People didn’t actually ask for help, instead they asked to be carried and that’s why they got bashed.

Considering that #1 is so very unlikely as to not be possible to be put into words, I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s most likely #2 that’s actually happening. In that case, the responses are quite justified.

Don is quite right. We don’t live in a world where things get nerfed because people don’t want to get better, we live in a world where things get nerfed because people who do want to get better get crucified.

Here’s what it basically comes down to in the end. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink to someone else. We agree to disagree. Good day 🙂

You’ll find that everywhere on the internet these days. Have you thought about having tougher skin, or better yet doing the things I posted above, these notions that all players are out to get you to try to keep you down are just narcissistic, and the truth is there are tons of people that will help, especially if you join a guild there is kind of a secret though, YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR HELP.

And get crapped on by all the beautiful people who never have a problem. I have encountered MAYBE 15,20 players tops that were not assholes to anyone asking for help and they are now part of my guild. Maybe it is just bad luck or everyone had a bad day, no idea. I know that if I ever have an issue with the game I will use google or ask my dead grandmother before I will ask for help in gen chat.

The problem isn’t people asking for help. The problem is people asking to be CARRIED. If someone asks for legitimate help I’m more than happy to offer advice, I can’t count the number of Assassin/Shadow players that I’ve helped improve at their specific class/spec. But y’see, people don’t want that.

I can’t recall ever seeing in genchat in a SF or Odessen something along the lines of;

“I just tried to solo the heroics Star Fortress but I can’t get past X enemy. I’ve tried doing Y and Z but it’s not working, what could I do differently to beat it?”

However I have seen;

“This Star Fortress is too hard someone help me finish it.”

I don’t have issues with people wanting to improve or simply looking to group up to do the content. My problem begins when, like the vast majority of people complaining about the nerf, people can’t be assed to seek advice and improve and would rather just have their hand held. It’s the same reason I only do flashpoints when I can have at least three out of the four people in the group consist of my friends, because a large percentage of the time the people that you get from group finder don’t know a thing about mechanics and simply expect you to carry them.

When you don’t group you don’t meet people, so it’s no shock you don’t know many that would help. That’s like saying I don’t know that the great wall of china has that many bricks because I’ve never personally seen one…

I wish people like you would realize that they are in the vast minority. Most people these days want to start the game, play for 15-60 minutes, and quit. And those people don’t want to die 500 times while doing it. They want to have fun, and dying is not much fun.

And since the gaming companies are now pretty much required by the amount of investment to appeal to the majority, you’re gonna see this sort of thing more and more.

Your SMB remark actually proves the point. If you play the latest SMB, 100% of the game to completion is accessible. It even has gameplay videos embedded in it if you can’t make it. It does have a set of extra levels which are hard, but if you’re a regular gamer, you don’t ever have to look at em.

If you want it back the way it was, you need cheaper development. That means game developers have to get on with much less than they’re used to now in terms of salaries, and you have to be able to make a game with fewer. And that is not going to happen, so get used to it. The *best* you can hope for is a game like Fallout 4 where there is a super hard mode. Yes its a buggy super hard mode, but its there.

Trouble is, folks here would want that super-hard mode made easier so they could do it too, leaving the good players with nothing.

False. A majority of people just want to experience content. You’re perfectly welcome to keep your hard mode achievement for those able to complete it, those are the ones that earn it. Just try keeping a simplified version of that content, minus achievements and such, for the solo players so they can experience the story behind it.

And that’s fine. ‘xcept people here are bitching that they can’t do the harder version of the Star Fortress, because it’s hard o_o

Perfection isn’t relevant to this discussion. You don’t have to be perfect to solo it, you just have to be decent.

Not what you seem to think mate. As stated my sis had no issue with anything in this game until that final boss on the Star Fortress. According to you it is a cakewalk but for others not so much. Thus my statement.

For the record I think the dumbing down of the game is damn near criminal but people need to understand that not everyone is going to be great while learning. Many want everything for free granted but not all.

So it should be nerfed so your sister can beat it? Why doesn’t your sister practise and get better? Or group with you? There has to be SOME content left that has at least a modicum of difficulty to it. Most of the game is a piece of piss, is it REALLY not enough for you?

Assumptions abound with you good sir. She doesn’t want it nerfed, I don’t want it nerfed. I would LOVE it if people would admit they were beginners too but that might mess up that great image they have of themselves lol. She has been practicing and keep dying and dying to the point she says bugger it and quits for a while until she calms down the goes at it again. So far she cannot beat him but eh, that matters not to you because she isn’t as good as you. Therefore it seems you think she is lazy. How nice.

So I’m just going through the comments here, and I’m a little confused on your position. First your up in arms about the nerf, saying your not one of those people who cant do heroics, then your bashing the community, then you say your trying to save it and save people who are being “shit on”. Yet your the only one here who has used foul language and aggression when met with the challenge of hey, use the resources like your guild and this website. So if you could clarify that would be great.

^^This. What the actual fuck is Mr Loco asking for here?

EDIT: On that note, sleepy time. Have fun folks :’)

So you just enjoy posting yourself talking in circles with no clear point. Are you a developer for the game?

Apparently you have not read all of what I wrote lol. My sister has had issues with it, not I. I have problems with people saying it isn’t hard because I can do it. I at no time said I am trying to save this community, only that if I see someone ask for help I will if I can. Because I and many people I started this game with were crapped on asking for help. I do apologize to the children here for the bad language, I shall do my best to refrain from offending them in the future.
Stated more than a few times I will not ask for help and have used sites such as this to improve myself and to help those I can. I am sure there are some lovely people in game but not many have I found using gen chat. *shrugs*

All your sister has to do is rep up with the Alliance specialists, the turret will deal about 60% of his total hp the force focus will do about another 15%

I have a feeling we somehow ended up responding to one another in seperate convo’s or something. The people you’re insult are perfectly valid targets. My apologies, I thought you were complaining about something else.

Actually, we are complaining because Bioware requires us to do the harder version of Star Fortress to unlock more of the story. Give us the story. You can have the extra rewards.

Rubbish. We would want to see the story without it being stuck behind hardcore content walls. If Bioware wants to give better rewards for hardcore players, I have no problems with that.

No I’m pretty clear on what people are whining about. If you can’t solo something, group for it or get better. It applies to everything. Star Fortress, Heroics (2+, btw), whatever.

Feel free to just post another ironic meme, though 😉

No you’re not clear on things. You seem to think that players that haven’t the advantages you have need to “L2P” and want everything easy. In actuality, they want to experience story content at their own speed without the need for grouping if they don’t have the time to group or have been disillusioned by the jerks that do exist out there.

The fact that you personally have no problems with it does not make your experience “normal” and the other people “bad.”

or find a different game. Don’t hate the game because it’s not your type. I wouldn’t buy a puzzle game and then complain on their forums that there’s not enough first person shooting and way too much puzzle stuff…. same thing here.

Honestly the REAL problem here is the developers tried to make a game that’s an MMO but also a single player RPG and it does neither well enough to satisfy either group so the two differing communities are constantly battling for the devs to cater more than them. They need to pick a direction and stick with it. If they want that direction to be single player, fine, just say that so those of us that signed up for MMO quit waisting our time.

Read the comment in context. It was a reply to this statement:

“Trouble is, folks here would want that super-hard mode made easier so they could do it too, leaving the good players with nothing.”

Perhaps I’m just ruffled by the human spirit that does not want to be challenged, and when they are and they fail, just shut it down instead of thinking what they could to better or how they can be better, I really feel it comes down to someone being afraid to ask for some help. When did helping become pitiful in the human eye?


I’m having trouble getting to grips with the controls for Star Citizen, but I’m sure as hell not giving up just because it’s not easy.

Apparently too many children in game that love to make others feel like crap. If I see someone asking for help I will do what I can as I’ve been there. Most just bash away at anyone asking which might have something to do with people not wanting to ask. It is a community thing that I fear will never change. Just the nature of the beast.

When I’ve asked for help, especially on the fleet, I tend to get a bunch of dumb joking, but I usually also get two or three pms with useful help.

It’s one thing to ask for help. It’s an entirely other thing when no one responds after waiting an hour, spamming guild and general chats, for over a week- just to advance a storyline.

#1 Biggest issue with grouping with random people is the pace, not
everyone wants to go at a snails pace and listen to every dialog.

It takes a half day just to get through all the content, most people
are not going to add to that time by grouping with someone who is just
going to slow them down.

Now I know allot about being alone
and trying to do content, I was stuck on a dead server before the server
consolidations. Like anyone else in my situation I learned how to get
by, and I was pretty successful in soloing most of the content I needed
for progression.

So if I can do it, anyone can. No needing to spam chat for hours to advance in story line.

It’s never a smart move to make “necessary” grinds boring and painful. The bonus mission rewards for doing heroics in a group are a great incentive to group up with friends and have fun, but when you don’t have that luxury, it’s nice to be able to do what you consider necessary without feeling bored, annoyed or scared…

Some of us simply don’t have the time to grind half a day per toon or wait around to get a player to group. Solo mode is more efficient I can get up when I want come back to finish later. If you’re still on elementary school with no responsibilities that’s not others problem.

Yup. Honestly to me this seems like this is a large part a change to gaming from ‘Let’s Play’ generation who are perfectly fine just watching a video of someone playing the game vs actually playing it. Ultimately I’m fine with this, I’ve enjoyed a let’s play before, but to give up on all challenge just because you want to only see the story while you check facebook, or go through and entire expansion to an MMO in 6 hours, it cheapens gaming and I fear for the future of it.

Dude, I’m challenged enough in my life and work. I don’t need to come home, get setup to do cool shit, and then do it without getting the crap frustrated out of me.

I’m way cool with you or anyone wanting a challenge. This problem has a solution, hell video games for the last 30+ years have had different difficulties as a solution to this very problem. Of course that doesn’t mean we get different rewards. If you’re truly wanting to be challenged, then why should you get a better pink bunny of doom reward? Isn’t the challenge its own reward? If you disagree, then you don’t want challenge, you want to be elite. And that I don’t agree with. I actually find the elite attitude pathetic and I’m about as uncool with that as possible.

Video games should be inclusive. They are not zero sum entities, and everyone can have their pink bunny of doom. You want real reward, then do it in real life.

I had no problem playing the new content and soloing this. I even complained that it was all too easy… However, when you need to get some things done to advance the story, especially the fortresses Heroic 2+ which, if you have several toons, constitute pure grinding, you want to get done with this stuff done asap. One fortress is fun…2 as well but 6 of the same for each toon?

Nah mate, I said I got better then what I was which was shit. By any chance do you need any help sir, you seem kind of angry, perhaps I or someone else here can be of assistance.

I don’t group for two reasons.
1) Internet can suddenly give me the red x of latency without warning
2) My duties at home mean I can be called away at any time

I think it would be unfair of me to group with someone else when he or she will have to deal with those limitations on my part.

Pretty much this. Because people are too stubborn, lazy, or oblivious to learn to play correctly the story now becomes a boring chore to those of us that know how. It’s pretty sad and why I’ve moved on from the game for good.

I think they should leave the star fortresses alone…but make alliance companions can be recruited in solo mode. problem solved.

Not sure what you mean by making the alliance companions solo unles you mean having a planet version a solo and then the heroic can become a FP

I think he means just make alliance companions accessible in the Solo Mode only, so no companions in the Heroic 2+, so you would have to find a group.

No, he means that the quests to recruit companions currently require heroic Star Fortresses, and, like me and most people I know, he believes those companion recruitment quests should require instead the solo Star Fortress, as companion recruitment absolutely should come under the “story content” label accessible to essentially everyone. Speaking, only, of course, with regards to the companion quests requiring completion of Star Fortresses.

I think you missed the conversation, we were trying to decipher what Nomad posted as a potential solution to the companion problem. Perhaps your reading comprehension should go back to hooked on phonics.

No, you made it clear you think he said companions should not be allowed in Heroic Star Fortress. He said no such thing.

What he MEANT WAS: currently, you can ONLY recruit alliance companions by doing the H2 version of Star Fortress for their planet.

Pretty clear he means make it so you can recruit the companions by running the Star Fortress in solo mode. Personally I would say make it so you can do it in either so people who like playing solo can still get the companions and those who like grouping can also do so.

Agreed. It’s kind of BS having to find a group to do each specific SF, for each and every toon, just to complete the recruitment process.
And the only benefit, as far as I can tell, from recruiting them is a brand new set of achievements to grind.

So boosting heals by 48% on average sounds nice. My companions have been healing worse than pre-4.0 Treek and Doc once 4.02 hit.

I’d like to second the proposal to make the companions recruitable for doing Star Fortresses in solo mode instead of making them H2 mode only. Sure, give bigger rewards to the players who do them H2, but don’t lock companions behind heroic content for players who prefer solo content or feel uncomfortable doing groups.

Especially don’t lock companions behind heroic content if recruiting later companions will require us first recruiting these H2 star fortresses.

Yeah, I’m sure the hardcore players will say L2P as they always do. But not everybody are as good as you. Just saying…

And not everybody has the best machine running the game either, and I can tell you that alone can make a big difference.

I’m glad we got a response from someone who actually matters and did a great job of explaining it. I am of the same mind as others that maybe the new companions should be recruited through solo mode as well (with less rewards). Important story content shouldn’t be blocked by grouping up, especially when not completing it prevents you from moving on in Story content.

Says you….what constitutes half-decent? Personally, I was able to do it after making some adjustments (namely using my comp as DPS instead of Heal). Doing a Raid or not doesn’t stop you from going past that point in the story. Not getting some of the comps can stop you from progressing according to what the devs have been saying.

Actually, it does. You can’t finish oricon storyline unless you do raids for example.

And the devs have NEVER said not getting a comp stops progression.

Well, you won’t apparently get additional companions without completing the quests that come before them… however, you can always refuse a companion. which counts just as well.


“Will I need to complete currently available alert Missions to unlock future alert Missions?

As of right now, the answer to this is yes. Inside of each Alliance Companion type (Military, Underworld, etc), the Companion recruitment alerts are very much looked at like a Mission chain. Generally, you must complete one alert Mission before you will receive the next. Note that you only need to complete the Mission itself, not necessarily recruit any Companion associated with it. There may be exceptions to this later on, for story reasons, but this is the general rule right now. It is worth noting that this is something the dev team is talking about, so it could change, but this is how it works right now.”

So the question is, will these alert missions be important down the road? Will players who don’t complete the Star Fortress H2 be cut short? I’d personally like the devs to answer this.

IIRC, you started each of the planet’s SF chain with an alert. You had to destroy the planet generator and wound up on Ondessen with a new H2 mission.

If it turns out that we have to complete these similar to how we had to complete Qyzen before we could do Loken, that could be a problem.

Well i’m fine with these changes, anyway, i did all heroics after 4.0.2 with no problems almost died but not because of companion performing bad but the fact that there are so many bugs, sometimes comp just stands doing nothing than he stucks on stairs and you die even if comp is like 4m away from you and tanking well there is no tanking from comp. as they lose aggro all the time not starting about no shield bug that’s annoying on its own.
I’m just saying that they would need to focus on fixing game itself all these bugs some of them exist far to long, i have no idea why people cry over not dying in heroics, im happy if i survive, whant some challenge do some hm flashpoints or operations…

I’m just glad for the buff to the healing spec. I can’t remember the name, but the heroic is on imperial side and is a straight hallway filled with Eshka and 3 terminals to deal with. Each mob group has like 3 golds that some how are able to call in 2 more golds for a total of 5 golds and 2 silvers to deal with. That’s overkill for a player and comp who can only CC 2 of the 7 mobs.

I think I remember the one you are on about I can’t remember exactly the mob mix, but it was one I disliked doing. There are also 1 or 2 on hoth that I had a similar issue with.

LOL @Michael Backus @Bioware

“With Companions being the power level they were, “everyone” began enjoying them.”

Duh..Unintended but obviously worked in your favor before the nerf.

“Our misstep was in not realizing that our goals we had set no longer fit with the game all of you were enjoying.”

Moral of the story is…. you can’t please everyone.

im all for making so that these comps can be unlocked by doing the
solo mode but why? these comps add nothing to the story, dont have any
comp quest and quit frankly are pretty meaningless in general.

my opinion nobody has to do this content as it doesnt add story other
then oh this planet is being suppressed lets do something about it.

i like the story but these comps add nothing to it other then some mundane grinding
so my question is why do we the players need to do this bioware? these comps have no story other then go destroy this fortress for us and ill join you
same with the other comps we can recruit they have absolutely nothing to say after 5 years of what happend. no time to add some conversations ? ran out of money for it? or the voice actors didnt want to do it?

thats my question for bioware of why do we need to do this star fortress thing when it really doesnt add much in terms of story

Lets see, this is about the companion change which brought up issues with Star Fortress which is about getting new companions….so..not the wrong thread at all

He was whining about new companions and story content…Whereas this is all about the mechanics changes…So yeah, wrong thread.

But wait with the tomorrow’s patch we will be able to get the comps in solo mode? and as for your question they might have an impact later in the coming chapters depending if you destroy the star fortress or not and could help with crafting think about it 23 comps to learn crafting is way much better than 6 comps

I don’t much care about crafting what i do care is getting the companion and i dont want to spend hours finding a single person to do it in heroics or get good gear and influcence before getting one single companion so can we now get the companion in solo mode or not?

“im all for making so that these comps can be unlocked by doing the solo mode but why? these comps add nothing to the story, dont have any
comp quest and quit frankly are pretty meaningless in general.”

Because we don’t know if Bioware will make future content dependent on the recruitment of these companions.

If it turns out that Bioware *won’t* make future content dependent on doing the H2 Star Fortresses and won’t make unlocking of future companions dependent on recruiting these players, then I won’t worry about it.

But if constraints prevent us from completing these Star Fortresses, then making any future content dependent on it means we have the right to object.

Yeah, the Star Fortress I tried tonight was a nightmare at the end. But eventually my friend and I made it through the final battle.

I really fail to see why people are trying to make this about “good” players vs. “bad” players. I am a 224 hardcore raiding Lightning Sorcerer and I was one of the first up in arms over the companion nerf, even though I am more than capable of soloing the Heroic Starfortress even w/o a companion! It has never been a question of “good” or “bad,” which are points of view to begin with (you would think Star Wars fans would know a thing or two about differing points of view, oh the irony). For me it was just the fact that with the 4.0 companions doing solo content was much faster than before, which coupled well with the ridiculous amount of grinding they had us doing with the alliance and the new companion influence.

Who in their right mind would want companions nerfed just for the sake of a challenge? If you really want a challenge just play w/o them! I for one don’t have the time or patience for that kind of idiocy. This is empty bravado and posturing at its worst, and I am glad BioWare decided to fall on the right side of the argument for once.

“It has never been a question of “good” or “bad,” which are points of view to begin with (you would think Star Wars fans would know a thing or two about differing points of view, oh the irony).”

Hear Hear!

I don’t pretend to be good, I know my rotations and actives and that, but no way should I, nor anyone else, have to treat heroics like Ops.

I think they are a lot of bad players (or at least, those who have failed even HM FPs) who themselves feel gated, and so want to gate everyone from their “territories”, the grinding heroics, then try and shame anyone who cries foul by calling them “lazy”.

I suppose we’ll know come the patch how “right” they are, I, myself, would’ve cut companion strength from 4.0 to 25%-50%, closer to 25, and then went from there. And that’d only be because I felt companion dps and healing was just a tad too high (when people kick healers in FPs to use a companion healer, that sounds like there’s a problem, though I have to say, I’m not against companion healers replacing healers who don’t heal well, if at all *recalls just how many PUG healers I encountered didn’t have a healing spec, or healed only themselves, or only when it suited them*). I was perfectly happy with 4.0 tanks, they’ve been sodden wet tissue paper since the last patch.

“Who in their right mind would want companions nerfed just for the sake of a challenge?”

Who, indeed? Not me, that’s for sure. Those who want to gate everyone from “their” content (content they feel stuck with) just don’t want to touch group content, and most probably because no-one in their right mind would group with them if they knew them, because they try to be King of the Castle every time they get a group.

” I, myself, would’ve cut companion strength from 4.0 to 25%-50%, closer to 25, and then went from there.”
But that is exactly what they did?

No, it isn’t. They went from 100% OP, reduced down 70-75%. This patch will bring them up, still nerfed I’m guessing around 30-40% below what they were doing in 4.0, but not near the absolute worthless shit pile stage they were at with 4.0.2.

I want bolster in HM that will bolster me to 224 gear. Same reasons you just gave can be applied to this.

Companions didnt need a nerf because people wanted a challenge. It was needed because:
– You ….. couldnt ….. die
– You could sent in your companion and drink tea or whatever drink you fancy
– You could kick players out of flashpoints and grab a companion who did a better job at it

Why would someone want to have a godmode? Who is crazy enough to defend godmode? To bad that a lot of people are like that apparently.
Just reduce the damage done by adds by 99%. Has the same effect 😉

Ofc I liked overpowered companions. But do I want to live with it till the servers are closing down? Do you? Do you want to play a game where its that easy? What if they bolster HM and NiM to just below 224 rating? What if they buffed all classes with 100% so that enrages would never be an issue?
Its a dangerous path to take. Where does it stop?

Anyways, enough chicken little here. Lets hope the buff is not to much and/or bioware can keep themselves from making the ‘lets buff everything’ mistake they made in the past (and have admitted so).

I moved on to greener pastures aswel. I really liked SWTOR but the bad fps (10fps in warzones on a 4+Ghz) and weird server spike lags (30-200ms). No unranked arena’s.
In WoW I have a rock steady 9ms and 95fps. Sure swtor graphics are a lot cooler but if gameplay sucks major donkey balls it is no fun at all.

Since there is no new Operation(s) I seen a lot of older guilds just quit this game (who carried casual players through the operations). I have played since prelaunch and all the people I have played with either stopped or started playing other games. Shame on you BW Austin!

Quite…moar operations… Oh, wait, but first we have to wait 6 months after their release for Bioware to actually fix the bugs on the bosses that make killing them impossible. Or have you forgotten Draxus’ random enrage after the 3rd phase, nightmare mechanics on story mode Tyrans. Underlurker’s cross never being where the boss was originally, as well as him randomly one-shotting a person during a green cross for fun, hitting the roof as a tank on Raptus when he throws you in the air, one-shotting you, the hand bug on Brontes, Nefra’s and Malaphar’s frustrated howl killing the raid during a tank switch, Operator IX not having any colours up during the phase, causing a wipe, Wandering mend one-shotting tanks during force leetch on Dread Guard…and there are more, so many more.
Personally, I’m pretty happy with the ops we have at the moment. It’s nice to do the old classics again properly, even if they are half-assedly tuned…say, compare Soa HM to Styrak HM, yet when we do get new ops, I hope they will be properly designed and tested before they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public…

I stuck with SWTOR as I was still having fun, though this will make it less of a grind and is a good change. I am happy with their resolution and will be interested to see how it all plays out.
I probably still wont be able to solo (Heroic) SF with my DPS, but fun anyway.

I was all aboard the changes in 4.0 until I witnessed someone soloing an enemy commander with just a healing comp, I think perhaps it was time to nerf healing. If people can go back to soloing commanders, I give up.

Its good that they are getting some of their mojo back, but when it comes to world pvp, i am sure they can somehow make it so that companions are unable to target players or their companions and even maybe forcing you to dismiss them prior to doing world pvp of any kind.

I personally find pvp to be boring and tedious and not worth the resources to do, but thats just me, but for some unknown reason some players like it.

i never see the point in achievements unless they give bonuses once achieved….otherwise its just a ‘ i got this one’ type of brag, which everyone should be realistically grown out of by now.

It’s the principle. If it’s there, it has to be obtainable. It has nothing to do with bragging most of the time, it’s a way to keep track of what you’ve done, and when, and it also allows other people to see that you have too much spare time, if they are interested enough to check your achievements.

Well, achievements tend to cause more harm than good, since most of the players looking for players for operations and stuff like that, expect the achievement as well as overgeared players, i am assuming they just want easy wins as much as possible, even though they moan when its too easy. lol

I’m… an average player. Decided to do heroics for some credits on commando and only there remebered that I dnt have any comps at the moment (was at the start of new storyline). Well, I decided to give it a try. Those were Makeb heroics, and only time I died was when i accidentally had run into assasin in pvp gear xD All current heroic 2+ content is doable if u know what are u doing. With companion – for sure.

It’s nice to have op comps who can outheal pretty much everything even with low influence level and do not die even while standing in aoe during the whole fight… But then we get stealth classes who don’t know what is “cc”, support classes, asking what is “cleanse” and players in general, who have no idea they have defensive abilities.

I was ok with recent changes in companions output and not because of the challenge, but because content actually started to require me doing something once again.

I’m impressed from their stasis. What is changed? They finally feel that players need attention?
Well done then…..

I’ve been reading this site forever but never posted here. This particular topic got me interested enough to bother posting as well.

I played SW:ToR at launch and all the way up to the Rise of the Hutt Cartel xpack, mostly as a Jedi Guardian tank. I remember at the start I was “forced” to play with the single healing companion most of the time as many thing were just too much of a pain to solo without at least that bit of healing. I missed Shadow of Revan pretty much completely, but got interested in playing again after KotFE was out and I read some of the changes…like for example the fact that companions were now more versatile than before – any comp could now heal, dps or tank! Cool. I’m no longer forced to play with Doc 🙂

I basically played through Shadow of Revan storyline and proceeded to run through KotFE too…I didn’t really pay attention to too much of the comp healing for the leveling except the odd fight with another player where I seemed to just stay at full HP all the time and even if I was burst down to 50% the comp just instahealed me back to full…that felt a bit odd but I didnt pay too much attention to it.
After dinging 65 I wanted to have a look at the new weekly heroics & star fortresses. There it started feeling like there’s something quite wrong with comps. We did a couple of heroic star fortresses with a friend and we kept laughing how his influence level 5 or something comp kept us and my dps comp all above 80% hp all the time.

So definitely some sort of reduction was required, but did they go overboard with it? Yes I think they did. So now they are buffing them up again and we’ll see what that brings. Even with the nerf I was easily able to solo everything as a tank Jedi Guardian (with comp as healer). I dont have any experience as a dps at this point but I could imagine thats where the nerf hit the hardest.

Well, this is a start.

I would say they should shut up the nerf-whiners by making companions dismissed by PVP.

They could just make Heroic Star Fortresses into a Hardmode flashpoint and be done with it.

Tactical flashpoints also don’t work. They are laughably easy with a healer-tank-2dps team, but almost impossible with a full dps team. Again, they screwed up there too.

I would say they should buff companions a little bit more than the new patch, since it will bring them back to around 40% of what they were in 4.0 instead of the 25% they do now.

I would put them at 66% , but at least 50% should be enough to make the grind doable once more.

It depends on the team. The only problems I’ve had with 4 DPS is either on the ones that were always harder (such as Blood Hunt) or when I just ASSUMED there was a tank and that someone was going to taunt because I should have been paying more attention.

Oh…this again. Stuns, ccs, interrupts, set comps to right specs, learn to kite. Get faction 10 on all alliance leaders, spend some data crystals to get influence 20+ on a comp you like. Learn to click the thing at the SF instance start for the buff. Before each boss, place the turret, during each boss use the other toys. Use heroic moment. Make a damned friend. Sometimes i think I exist in a vacuum, I barely missed a step from pre-nerf to nerfed, probably won’t notice un-nerfed either. Its adorable there are 350 comments on this in under 24 hours, although admittedly 1/7 of it is Don Loco trying to figure out what he is arguing about.

Yes, I’m sure most people agree that it is more profitable in a group of 4… that is what I do with my friends. It’s a great way to level, it’s profitable, etc. It’s also a MMO. Happy? However, if you seriously want to drive off everyone who is not interested in learning how to play their class properly, how to manage crowds, how to understand even the base mechanics of fights, and everyone who raids fiercely enough to not want to do anything requiring brain activity during the quiet hours, you are killing the game. It has been shown time and time again that the hard core of the player community in this game Is not large enough to keep the game alive, so certain sacrifices have to be made to keep it enjoyable to the very significant group of people, who do not enjoy spending hour after hour doing content for rewards they find underwhelming, Very many people play this game for fun alone, for kicking the ass of a large group of enemies for credits to be able to buy that clever looking hat they want from the GTN. Not because they want to progress into progression raiding…unfortunately.

I ran through all 73 planetary heroics last week post nerf, levelled to 65 doing it (so was 65 by a third of the way through tops), the character was one i had played hardly at all since the new style skill trees were introduced (levelled through SOR and stopped) , he had all 60th level (mostly 186 rating) gear, I was half assing the gameplay – kept letting pet break cc cause i couldn’t be bothered etc etc…

Do you know how many of those heroics were even vaguely tough to complete?


Out of Seventy -three!

I am not majorly skilled at this game, I’ve never bothered to read a
gamerplay guide for the character, i keyboard turn, I have no keyboard
presets and use a mouse to click abilities etc etc.

My companion was influence level 10 thanks to being maxed prior to the overhaul. The only other ‘advantage’ i had was havin all the datacron’s and etc to boost presence.

The only thing i couldn’t solo after the nerf would be the Heroic starfortress. Something their quote about the companion being the second player was NEVER related to – the question was referencing planetary heroics.

The specific achievement was a fair indicator to show that it was meant to be a challenge – as the producers letter clearly still shows – as was fairly obvious to anyone not caught up in the butthurt.

Though y’know, even mr half assed player me could probably get that achievement with some better gear and some more influence on the comp. It’d just be a PITA and is therefore something I haven’t bothered with – ’cause here’s another little secret that ought to be obvious to anyone rational – just ’cause an achievement exists it doesn’t mean it’s your god given right to have it handed to you on a platter.

If people were genuinely having trouble after the comp nerf then all can say is i had no idea the playerbase was this pathetic, jaded and/or self-entitled.

Read between the lines of that Producer’s letter, you’ll see they hadn’t realised it either.

Anyhow, they’ve bowed to the majority, it won’t particularly impact my gameplay experience since I don’t have the slightest horse in the race about leet skills, I’ll just blow on through that little bit quicker with all the other idiots. =D

*Looks up* hmm, lot of text.

Ah well, i suppose wasting my time on this rant at the self entitled whiners was at least a tad theraputic. I know i should be the better man on this – but C’est la vie – I’m not a perfect human being, but at least i know I’m better off than some.

So I guess that’s something. 😉

You don’t find it a little insulting that “Casual” seems to mean “Talentless player with no sense of self preservation or interest in improving their playstyle”? You can be casual and still learn the very basic functionality of cc, stuns and interrupts. I remember when Casual just mean no hard modes. I think saying the game is going to die by expecting someone to learn their class by level 65 in order to do 2+ person content solo is kind of short bus retarded.

I like my companions to be powered for PVP stuff. Since 1.7 i’ve had nadia grell in full tier gear to wipe the floor with other players who only geared themselves. Thankfully I no longer need to worry about grinding gear. Having a companion introduces an extra dimension to being a good open world pvp player which I quite like.

Open PvP is now a matter of how much influence you have. The player with the most influence on his (healing) companion wins.

Maybe some players can be tricked, if you choose a tank companion – and they try to kill him first, because they think you chose a healer…

Mine went quick (surprisingly good internet conditions). I think there were two assets downloaded with the total size of ~30mb for today’s patch.

Anybody who still cares, turns out its about 150Mb you’ll need for downloading. Takes forever though as most of the patching process is internal, even when it says “downloading” its doing things that somehow dont use CPU power nor memory nor disc access…how wonderfully odd.

I have a better idea: Tell the SWTOR developers to %&#@-off and just buy a copy of KotOR 1 & 2 from Steam (or Gog) to get your Star Wars fix. Problem solved.

b ^_^ d

Lol, my guild-clan-facebook-group got deleted today. Maybe because I used a monkey-stormtroopers picture without the copyright? But I never said that it was by me and didn’t steal the rights of them. Just used that pic as a banner.

Yeah, and you are so cool trying to looking down on me.^^ That’s so basic and common or in Star Wars language: just like a droid from the droid army.^^

I have actually read the above now properly cough cough, and must say this is a wonderful bit of feedback. The tone and manner as well as the spirit in which its delivered is fantastic and very inspiring for further subbing from me at least, and the issues addressed remain to be proven in game, but looks good on paper. Nice.

It would be nice if they would introduce Hard Mode Star Fortresses, with a new set of achievements, to make it worth grouping with people once you get good at soloing them. Though I’m curious how the difficulty level is going to change; right now the only non-lag-related challenge I get on a Star Fortress is if I repeat the steps required for the “One and Only” title.

Ran H2 SF with my tank char, solo with companion. Wasn’t a challenge, but also wasn’t as easy like with 4.0 companions.

With a damage character it will be harder, I think.

It’s really not. I facerolled through it on a 208 geared Hatred Assassin and used DCDs exactly one time; while facetanking the Exarch.

Just finished up the Voss heroic SF on a 208 geared Hatred Assassin. I spent the entire time standing in one place and facetanking while going through my rotation. The only time my HP ever went below 80% was when fighting the Exarch, which forced me to use my cooldowns exactly once. Had I actually been playing as I should have been and kiting during the fight I most likely wouldn’t have had to use any cooldowns whatsoever, on a level 35 Senya.

Guess I get to turn my brain off yet again. Yawn.

Or maybe use a level 10 companion if you find it too easy. Nobody forces you to use an uber-grinded power gamed level 35 one.-

I barely see any difference between lvl 10 Senya and lvl 47 Talos healing my mara. Only thing that came after a nerf was no tea brewing while pulling, at times heroics even made me to use cc/defensives.

P.S. For Lord’s sake, devs, can you bring any numbers up when you’re speaking about, say, “very good gear”. % increase on companion performance is a nice thing to see in the post, though, but still a lot of things are missing from it.
For me, “very good gear” is essentially BiS with, maybe, a couple of 220s or so.
If comparing with KotFE starting gear from insta 60s, 208 is really good, and SM token is just OP. So I kind of want explanations about this.
Also, those wearing complete scrap instead of a gear going for is either a hardcore raider trying to prove it’s easy or a really really casual player. So gear is not that independent of skill and hence affect possibility of clearing content more than it should.

No, writing it thinking that people actually care that you “turned off your brain” does. But, you already knew that.

No what I already know is that people can’t stand the thought that some content should be challenging. Heavens forbid we challenge ourselves. No that would be a fucking crime.

I can. That isn’t what this is about. Again, its about time invested, not difficulty. Heroics being done with companions on 4.0.2 values were not “challenging”. They were tedious. That’s the issue. At least now the inevitable grind for alliance crates will be more bearable.

Try it with your lowest influence companion then. If that’s still too easy, try it without one for most pulls. Guessing it’s still easily doable with proper CC.

If you find the content too easy, use the choices available to you to adjust that difficulty yourself. Don’t whine because others want to play a different way.

The thing you people don’t seem to comprehend is that it isn’t the responsibility of the player to gimp themselves to make content halfway challenging. Besides, removing a companion with the ability to cleanse wouldn’t make it harder, it would make it annoying due to the amount of CC a lot of the heroic mobs have, and since PvE CC doesn’t give resolve you can’t really do anything about it.

Single player games allow you to change the difficulty settings. MMOs don’t. MMO’s have to be accessible to people of different levels of play skill or people wind up not playing them and the game fails because non-hardcore players will always outnumber hardcore players. Because of that, the most hardcore players might find boring what an average player might find difficult. That’s the nature of the MMO.

So, if you want a hard MMO, then yes you do need to gimp yourself because nobody is going to create a hardcore only game. Maybe you need to petition Bioware to create a higher tier of difficulty when it comes to heroics or Fps etc?

I have no objections to the idea that people who work harder at a game than me get proportionately better rewards than me. I know I’ll never get the ilevel 224 gear from nightmare level and I don’t resent the fact that I’ll only have 216 gear with a handful of 220s when I finish the Ondessen grinds

But even then, there will be limits. Bioware will put limits on how powerful the rewards are so as to avoid people gearing up to the point that they already overpower upcoming content.

Again, that’s the nature of the MMO.

So go play something else? If you don’t enjoy it, leave. Or do you feel that just because you’re not having fun, others shouldn’t be allowed to have fun either?

If I didn’t enjoy this game I wouldn’t have wasted as much time as I have on these comments. I’m doing that specifically because I enjoy this game as much as I do and that it’s saddening to continually see content made easier. These SF’s and companions are an excellent example but have you set foot into a SM raid recently? I mean SM was never hard anyways but you gotta do them to get comms as well as gear tokens so you can start building up your gear set, yet with 4.0 they nerfed the mechanics in fucking SM.

You can stand in so much stupid and not die. The suicide droids after Draxus barely do 3.4k damage to people with 75k+ HP, Draxus Subteroth’s don’t explode anymore, Mass Affliction can easily be healed through, Brontes Reaches take 3-4 ticks to kill, Corrupter Zero’s chest laser near the end of the fight only does around 1/4 of your HP instead of being nearly fatal, and that’s just off the top of my head.

My friends and I downed Brontes with FIVE PEOPLE, only two of them being DPS. People were talking too much on TS and not calling out Nanites cleanses (which actually still kill thank god) and we had deaths due to that, by the time clock phase came up a tank and two DPS were dead with battle rez on CD, so we chugged on. Turns out the enrage timer is so long now that 2 DPS (Vengeance and Deception) in full 208 PvP gear can clear said enrage timer all alone….

I’m sorry but sooner or later there comes a point where enough is enough. There is more than enough brainless easy content in this game. It would be lovely to have been able to keep at least one bit of solo content that wasn’t faceroll with the heroic Star Fortresses. Those were fun to take on with nerfed companions because they actually forced you to work at it (barring use of the 4 Alliance commander pickups). Now it’s just as easy as the planetary heroics.

Those are SM, they are suppose to be easy. Go do HM or NIM if you want real challenges. Same with SM flashpoints, HM is where you get the challenges.

The issue arises with what is challenging?
You could have me, who’s been gaming for decades primarily in RPGs and could quite easily solo things after the nerf, were I to go to the effort of actually making some gear for my character rather than using story unlocks exclusively to save time, but a challenge for me would be different from a challenge for you, which would be different from a challenge for an average player.
An average player who doesn’t 100% understand all the mechanics, hasn’t googled an optimal build and built to that, who doesn’t grind for companion levels, and just kinda follows what they think is right is going to be challenged by far, far easier content than you or I, yet these people need to be considered too. You can’t make basic Heroic 2s impossible for them, or else they’re just not going to play.
The trick is in making certain parts of the game challenging, and certain parts easy. Originally Bioware had intended for Heroic 2s to be basically impossible for the average player without a friend, but the players themselves disliked that idea, so they’re moving that challenge to other content instead.

Don’t know what Star Fortresses are like, but if they’re hard, well, you can be challenged. But not all content should be of the same challenge level, and if most of the community is used to soloing heroics, it’ll only end poorly to pull them away to cater to the top 10-20% of the players instead.

They are gonna be tuning the HM Star Fortresses up, to account for the latest companion changes. As well as change the name from Heroic2 to something else. Not sure when they will do that, but atm im soloing those like there is no tomorrow!! Cause when the changes go through, not many will be able to solo them anymore, the way they make it sound.

Impossible to take anybody serious who plays an assassin, “hates” Inquisitor companions, but prefers no-personality Senya.

Its now a hell of a lot more tolerable doing Heroic2s, its no where near 4.0 godlike companions, but its certainly not crap like the over the top nerf. I could solo everything before and after the nerf, that wasnt my beef. Mine is how long it took to do, i hate grinding anything over and over week after week, and the alliance faction is hell to do on 16 different toons. Thats another thing most people dont think about. SWTOR players have a TON of toons. If you only had one or 2 toons, then yeah you would be done in a month or so. But with so many toons it is gonna take many many months. Making things less grindy is a win all around, especially for sanity.
Face it, it was never a challenge even with the nerf, it just made things more tedious. Star Fortresses are a separate issue and sounds like Bioware is making the HM version alot harder and tuned with the new companions power in mind. So theres your challenge, they tossed ya a bone.

Nowhere near? Someone already did the calculations; the difference in total healing output between 4.0 launch and now is 3.5k heals. Not HPS, Just healing. The difference is pathetically marginal.

I cant just leave my companion alone and go off afk like i did with 4.0, companions will die fast if left alone. DPS and Tank companions die really fast, but my main is a tank and i use mainly a healing companion, i use DPS ones for the lowbie Heroics just to speed things up, but im sitting in regen alot. Healing comp i dont ever sit in regen which is fine with me.
I am in 220/216 fully 208 auged, with a rank 50 comp, as i said, i could solo fine before and after the nerf, and that was never my problem. I dont find killing zillions of trash mobs challenging, id rather rip though them with the least amount of downtime as possible as i farm Alliance crates week after bloody week. I have 15 other toons to feed, anything that makes that slogfest shorter im all for! lol

I really don’t see the point in doing KOTFE on more than one character. It’s not like the story changes so there really isn’t any replay value.

I wanted to try each class and sub class, 8 imps and 8 reps, also having that many helps with Crew Skills and farming Reputation for events like Gree, Rakghoul and Bounty. Also doing Heroic2s with 16 toons, the Alliance crates rain from the sky, even if you only do the first few lowbie planets on each. 40 Armor sets to complete and the mounts and decorations that drop in Alliance crates, which means alot of farming. Even with that many toons farming i still have several sets of armor not complete and a couple decorations and mounts that havnt dropped. I only did 2 of my Toons through the new story my main rep and imp. Which is the one thing i am dreading to do on the rest.

I did it to see the different options, to test if they’d have an impact in later chapters. Further, I raid on multiple toons, and wanted them all ready – while I don’t have to level through the story, I did it anyway.

I think it depends on what you mean by ‘changes’. The main plot doesn’t change, no, but your actions do have an effect. For example – if you agree to use Valkorian’s power twice, but then have buyer’s remorse and refuse to allow him to help you in the final fight against Arcann, he overrides your decision and forces your character to use his power anyway.

It’s little touches like that where I find the replayability value. For me, consequence isn’t about changing the plot, it’s about the path you take to get there. It’s been that way in BioWare games since Neverwinter Nights. That’s just kind how they do things.

I guess you have a maxed influence companion as my level 28 companion isn’t putting out heals in that high (not in the double k’s).
Now is a nice point where weeklies are not guaranteed, but at the same time not too long winded. If you play it properly it is a lot less grind.
Have yet to try Heroic SF, but then I struggled on this with OP companions as I never had one over 20 influence and only had the Alliances at influence 10 back then.

35 isn’t exactly ‘maxed’ and the only reason Senya is even that high is because the rest of the KOTFE companions are utter trash and I hate the Inquisitor companions anyways. In the last month Senya has only moved from level 33 to 35 because;

1) I rarely do PvE and the few basic comms I earn have nothing to spend on other than companion gifts
2) Things are easy enough as is that I really can’t be bothered to level Senya higher.

Well, the good news is that with only half a dozen more influence increases I should be able to solo the SF Heroic…thanks for letting me know they do improve steadily as you go up.

It matters because it affects the entire game, though I suppose something that simple is too difficult for the brain dead playerbase of this game to comprehend.

You must be enjoying all the PvE players you get to massacre in PvP since the new chapters. It must really help getting all those PvP achievements, so that is a plus.

I’ve actually come across a single person in PvP that was PvP’ing solely for the companion, and in all but one match said person got on my team and got carried to easy wins. So not really.

Then you wouldn’t know if the Rep players were there for PvP or PvE reasons really, so it would be difficult to tell.

I’m assuming you haven’t read most of the responses from Eric’s thread asking for feedback. Said feedback has a saddeningly large amount of people claiming that it either simply isn’t possible with the (then nerfed) companions or saying that it takes such a massively long amount of time to not be worth the effort. I mean really….

If you don’t have anything better to do, do it on 16 different alts, lol. A pair, republic-empire is more that sufficient to see what is about.

Well did some heroic weeklies and some bounties today. IMO, Koth was healing me a helluva lot better today than yesterday. No idea how the healing works compared to before the Nerf though—I never did the going AFK while the companion did everything.

Between the not geared companion who used to have minimal stats before 4.0. and a not gear-able companion who’s power is derived from a number of magical formulae, there is a space unnoticed by the developers so far, and that is the possibility to improve your companion with gear, but starting from some default non-zero level. For example, let’s assume that a good player has equipped himself with 156 rating gear on reaching lvl 53. Then, the default not geared companion would have invisible rating of 148. But if the player wanted better performance from the companion, he might still equip him with any gear, thus replacing (presumably improving) the default gear level. The default level of companion “invisible” gear would rise with the player character level, always 8 (or maybe 16 would be better) below the gear rating allowed for the level. Why not implement this?

Well, it’s a great improvement. This has cut grind time hugely and I took my Merc to the heroics that ghosted him the other day and got through it this time without death, though incoming damage is still noticeable (so no, I couldn’t go and get a cup of coffee without being dead when I got back).
Liking the changes very much.

Did Star Fortress HM yesterday with my fresh lvl65 Sage DPS. A couple of 208 gear I bought from vendors, rest is leveling gear. Companion was Talos Drellik at influence level 9. I used Talos as tank up until the last part and clearly saw that my companion was much better at holding aggro than my earlier attempts with a tank companion. We managed to reach to the last part easily.
For the last part I changed him to heals. Only in the last room I wiped once. The next try I popped up Heroic Moment and things were a lot smoother. The last Exarch was challenging as expected but not as horrible as I was fearing. Downed him at the first try but as I said, it was challenging.
All in all, I can say that I like the changes. Last week Star Fortress HM was impossible for that fresh lvl65 toon with a low influence companion. This week I did it, but had to pay attention to everything happening around me and it was a nice challenge. It absolutely wasen’t godmode but it wasen’t as tedious and impossible as last week either. Nicely balanced.

My Assassin facetanked the Exarch and only had to pop cooldowns once, had i been kiting like one should I wouldn’t have had to use any CDs through the entire SF. It’s entirely faceroll.

Whoa, your Assassin did? My god, you are a hero. I never thought it would be possible to faceroll that, but, you have most certainly convinced me. You and your companion cleared content meant for two players, alone, while rolling your face… whoa…that should never happen. Ever.

Well, a bit off topic, but while leveling my last Sniper of my toon bunch, the Virulence, I came across a game stoping bug: the main quest on Taris is bugged, when you try to talk to Lokin in “the cult of Ki Sazen” the quest doesn’t update. Just so you Snipers out there know… This is what you get when you pile up on patches like this, weird bugs in the most unexpected places…

Not sure if this is related, but there have been times doing the weeklies where the “Gather X of Y” doesn’t update to the next stage. I can have twice the number of items than required but I can’t advance.

I *think* it happens because I have switched to a lower population instance of a planet in the middle of the quest. In such a case all I can do is reset the quest.

Not sure if this is relevant or helps you, but this is my experience.

I have had an issue with the “Prisoner Extraction” Heroic where once you get the 6th prisoner the quest completes and gives you the reward, but it still sits in your mission log at 5/6 prisoners rescued.
If you move to a new location (teleport somewhere) you can then abandon it out of your mission log (it doesn’t matter as you have already had the rewards).

Thats like In the Korriban heroic2 “Armed and Dangerous” When you kill Lord Sundar the quest updates to “Loot Lord Sundar’s corpse” or something like that, but if you loot him by clicking to loot the corpse of one of his bodyguards it will give you his item but the quest wont update and give you the weekly reward. You have to literally click on his body to loot him without bugginess.

Heroic2s should be for soloing. It might not have been what Bioware had intended, but the Customer base forced them to be that way. Course, them making Companions near godlike had a huge hand in showing people how fun grinding/farming while soloing can be. lol
Bioware was losing alot of subscriptions and it wasnt the usual people just making threats to cancel but never do. they were actually doing it. My best friend did right in front of me, which sucked he got me in the game in the first place. He still refuses to resub and he played this game for 3 years straight.
Ive never seen Bioware reverse a nerf so fast and apologize for making it in the first place. They couldnt ignore it like the Contraband Slot Machine nerf, that only effected a minority of people. Companion nerfs effected everyone, casual players the most and they make up the majority.
Money does talk, and corporations go where the money goes.

Since the last patch to raise companion power, no one is complaining anymore on the SWTOR forums, not the pro nerfs or the anti nerfs, maybe a troll here and there looking to stir the pot. I think people have calmed down and are satisfied for the most part with the new changes. I wish they had went this middle route in the first place and all this fighting would never have happened.
You can bet your ass they are never gonna nerf down companions ever again, instead they will just tune the content around the companion powers, which is what they said they plan on doing to the HM Star Forts.

The heroic SF’s are hilariously easy now in DPS (+shield) gear Darkness….. I even turned Senya off at multiple points while fighting the Exarch to make it halfway challenging, only turning her back on when I was at 15% to not die.

They were hilariously easy before the nerf. Try doing them as a DPS rather than a tank. Tanks could faceroll them even in the wake of the companion nerf; you are not doing anything special.

Ummmm I did it as Hatred post-nerf, which is one of the squishiest specs in the game, and I was still able to solo it just fine. It’s not fucking hard and it never has been.

I couldn’t do them as a heal spec. I guess they don’t want us using healing? Once I went DPS it was fine.

Yep EA lost this 3 year sub. Cause of what they feel. I used to enjoy playing dailies and doing weeklies, or soloing FP’s. But as long as they keep nerfing to their hearts content. As a sub I’ll let my account lapse. I will never touch another EA branded product ever. This is payback for you jerks killing my love of a star wars branded MMO. And Battle front proves my point. Watered down garbage. So the fact that they say they care about every, dollar loss. Is all it’s about.Keep dumbing down games. Soon all the fans you will have left is the tablet crowd.# Charley Sheen- WINNING!

So companions are now only marginally weaker than they were pre nerf and you’re going to stop playing? Man you must have some serious pent up anger.

You know, guys, I understand you good intentions and all that. But the major feature of the moment is that you have done what you have done.

So I have a counter offer for you. What if you return our companions to the state there were before you stripped them and let us, your customers, enjoy having our nice, beloved and powerful side-kicks once again and let us have fun replaying Heroics2+ solo and in a company or in a way we like it, and we all will happily recall these last changes as a short nightmare, uh?

We all appreciate and support your drive to make this great game better, just let us decide how powerful our companions are to be by allowing US customize OUR companions as we did before the Killings. Within certain limits, of course, but let US do that. What’s left of it so far sucks. Totally.

P.S. By saying ‘the state there were before’ I mean companions with implants and earpieces and off- hand things I enjoyed so much so I would make them again as powerful as I like or as I can afford or whatever.

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