GW2 Gemstore Update–Bandit Pack and Mini Sabetha

GW2 Gemstore Update today added the Bandit Appearence Pack for 2000 gems and Mini Sabetha for 350 gems.

Bandit Appearance Pack- 2000 gems

Soul River Glider


Bandit Sniper Outfit

Dye Pattern

















Mini Sabetha – 350 gems


  • Cuddy

    Another pack…is this going to be the future trend of GW2 gem sales? Because it seems everything since HoT launched has just been one giant attempt at getting people to buy gems. Not that I’m particularly interested in this pack, but let’s assume something I like does come out – I’m going to have to throw 2000 gems ($25) at something that I wouldn’t mind spending $10 (800 gems) for.

    Instead of producing quality pieces that people want to buy, they just lump it into a pack to force you to pay a higher amount? Is that their new endgame? Whatever happened to just making good items that people wanted to spend money on.

    • Mizu

      Yeah, I’m starting to worry that these packs are going to be ANet’s new thing. I mean, one now and then isn’t a big deal, especially if they’re billed as a sort of “collector’s set” for people who want the Immortal and/or skins, but this is basically right on the heels of the Crystal Arbiter pack. Blatant money grab is blatant.

    • Ares Zax

      Yeah, I’m not a fan of this bundle approach either. I did buy the Crystal Arbiter pack because I liked both the Wings AND the outfit, but this time around I only like the Wings and 2000 gems is far too high a price tag to pay for the rest.

      Still, if we want this practice to change, we need to vote with our wallets and NOT buy the pack. ANet will only stop this approach if it proves to be a flop with sales. As long as people continue buying, they will continue selling.

  • disappointedbadger

    mini mai looks better.

  • EduardoPaperShaper

    Wait what?….Why I am forced to buy the whole pack? *rolls newspaper* Bad Arenanet Bad Arenanet!

    • Arrna

      I like you. xD

  • NoxInfernus

    I can justify spending up to $10 on pixels…sometimes.
    $25.00 for a bundle that I really only want one of the included items? No.

    Now I know why it’s called the Bandit bundle – Anet named it after themselves.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Sigh, knew they were gonna overprice it.

  • xerzyx

    Why leave the breast shadow on the asuran female version?

    • Taiwan Wolf

      Females have pectoral muscles.

      • When did asurans get breasts?

        You can see in the side shot that they don’t.

        • Shaggy

          its the cut of the clothing. both male and female have shadows in the same place, but since the design is different, they look different.

          at least, thats me giving them the benefit of the doubt, instead of just saying “oops looks like the anet armor design team fucked up again”

  • Alsodisappointed

    25 Bucks, and they can’t even make decent headgear for Asura/Charr -.-

    • Da Po

      It’s always the first thing I look at with these helms/outfits. If it makes my horns disappear, it’s mostly a non-starter…

      • Rev

        It makes the Charr look like it got his head stuck in a bottle or something….

  • Rick

    They need to get rid of the ex-EA chick in charge of the gem store. This is only going downhill. People are smelling the gimmicky BS a mile away. Player goodwill goes a long way and this doesn’t build any.

  • Tingle

    Stop complaining. No one is forcing you to buy this package.

    • visher

      Stop complaining about complaining. No one is forcing you to read comments in the internet.

      • Tingle

        I guess you don’t under stand the point…. Sad

        • visher

          i guess we don’t share a sense of humor. 🙁

          • Tingle

            Lets be sad together.

            • KJ

              Kooloo limpah!!!!

        • Vagrant Zero

          How do you stand under a point? Shouldn’t you stand beside it?

          • visher

            so it’s obviously a local humor competition.

    • Rick

      I don’t think I can take anything seriously, coming from a name and avatar like that.

    • visher

      it’s a really corrupt *cough EA* practice though. for example – i wouldn’t mind having that glider, but i don’t want other junk – ‘pay 25 bucks anyway’ says anet. i won’t buy it, yes. buuut some people will buy because they REALLY loved just one thing.

  • LiZzz

    Damn, why do I have to get the whole package if I only want the outfit. ANet why :c

    • nadrian3k

      Because $$

  • Da Po

    G’dangit. Can I trade my Assassin outfit for the better Sniper one? ;_;

  • A tiny meme

    And yet another outfit with random patches of skin uncovered in the female version but not in the male version. Guys, I just want another sexy outfit for my sexy ele. ): Is that so much to ask for? Daydreamer’s only has a bare chest but no bare arms or legs. Meh.

    • Taiwan Wolf

      Happens more often to males than females.

      • A tiny meme

        And I have yet to come across male armour that unites ‘uncovered chest area’, ‘uncovered arm area’ and ‘uncovered leg area’. I really tried hard finding that sort of combination. Can’t have it. ):
        Daydreamer’s Finery might uncover the chest area, but unlike the female version it fully covers arms and legs. Gets old after a while.
        In general, Guild Wars 2 offers more skimpy armour for female character models than male ones. At least balancing these two would be fair. ):
        It’s not my fault that I prefer male sexy ele over female sexy ele.

  • Nasty Greed

    Now that we got a second “pack”, it’s clear. ArenaNet is showing more and more of its greediness. Take for example, the Immortal weapon skins. For people that wants these (not me btw), they would have only one option: to buy this big package. Obviously, a business tactic, a DIRTY business tactic: getting the customer to buy MORE. And, don’t bother defending ArenaNet by saying, “you don’t have to buy them”. I’m way ahead of that statement. But, these kinds of sales should make us, players, wonder, has ArenaNet fallen this low?

    • Alot

      You way ahead of this statement? That’s you witty retort? That’s your irrefutable reasoning?

      I really like the glider, the rest is worthless junk to me. That doesn’t make the sales model dirty. These are cosmetic items. Had we been required to purchase total-remake kits to obtain content I would have called foul play. Had we been required to purchase total-remake kits to purchase new in game functionality I would have called foul play. What we’ve been given however is 2 brands of cosmetics with an outrageous price tag. And you know something odd? It would be “dirty” if these extremely expensive immortal skins ever sold for less then 2000 gems – because that’s the worth which Anet has branded into them.

      I came here to express my annoyance over the glider being stuck in this bundle. They way you represent the case though, leaves me rooting for the other side -.-

      • Cuddy

        Eh it’s basically “foul play.” And I bet he is way ahead of that statement, anyone with basic life experience knows the whole “you don’t have to buy it” is bullshit even if they can’t put a finger on why. The brutal truth of the matter is: ANet’s business model is supported by micro transactions. The gem shop isn’t a “luxury” provided to players, it’s a way for ANet to provide optional development while scoring an income. It’s their business responsibility to provide us players with gem store stuff at a respectable price (while, in this case, it’s a respectable price – the problem is they lobbed it all together out of the expectation to get people to drop $25 instead of $10 on the game).

      • gamersagainstableism

        It doesn’t matter if the items are cosmetic or not. It’s a dirty business practice because not everyone has the time or money to fund a package worth over $20usd or 320+gold, and they are trying to force peoples hands by packaging exclusive things together and labeling it as a deal– but making it the only way to get it and not making it even giftable to others. The point is it should have been offered separately or packaged at discount, not mutually exclusive. Maybe if you all got your heads out of your asses and realized that the disabled and the poor exist, and stopped being ableist classist pieces of garbage, you’d stop being arrogant dickwads for 2 seconds.

        • Alot

          You’ve clearly indicated that you upset you can’t obtain something in a reasonable period of time. You’ve also managed to point out that the only way to obtain any of the contained items it by buying them together.
          What I can’t seem to pull out of your post is any explanation of why highly priced cosmetic items are dirty business practices? If you going to complain about 320+ gold items, surely you should have been complaining about the cost of buying/collecting precursors for years now?

          • visher

            i’ll just ctrl+c, ctrl+v.

            problem about this particular pack is that it feels just unfair that
            they use such a trick. main problem is if ppl won’t critize such selling
            practice it would lead to even more awful practice from anet. because
            they won’t as much mo-ney as they can get all in once but we don’t want
            to pay for things we don’t need/want.

            • Gareth Martin

              Then don’t pay for it. Hard isn’t it? You don’t need this stuff. it doesn’t do anything important.

              • Orion

                Well you probably also don’t need alot of stuff you have paid for in your life. Now if that stuff only comes bundled with other stuff you dont need what would your reaction be?

              • Gareth Martin

                If i only wanted 1 of the items in the pack and deemed it not worth the price for it alone, i probably wouldn’t get it. Does this mean it’s bad? Nope, my preferences should not dictate what they sell to everyone.

                I wouldn’t bother trying to make an argument using my personal expenditures. If i couldn’t afford anything out of the gem store or i’m super rich and buy everything as it comes out just for the lols, my argument would be the same.

                If you can’t save $20 bucks over say a month i really would be more worried about that then some silly little gemstore pack in a game.

                It’s not needed to play the game and is cosmetic. wipe your tears and move on.

            • Alot

              Anet has never crossed the line into dubious sales practices. This is a cosmetics pack. Not a content pack, not an in game mechanics pack, its a fashion option with no effect on in game play.

              I’ve complained about a lot of things across many games, heck, I enjoy ranting about business models. Alas, just because a shop offers an a bundle which hurts your feelings doesn’t make the bundle unethical.

              Ands thats just it, all these complaints contain nothing but hurt feelings and vague warnings that such deals will lead to even worse practices. The moment Anet releases a bundle which does force people to buy junk to access new content we can have this talk again. As is though, I’ve yet to see anyone support the claim that this pack is unethical with coherent facts.

        • Gareth Martin

          I don’t see anyone forcing anyone to buy anything. What you are describing happens for every thing in a shop in the world. Except these items don’t do anything and just look nice. No reason to buy them at all.

          • visher

            actually this doesn’t ‘happen to every thing in a shop in the world’. because most of the time shops don’t pack different things together.

            and imagine u really liked some dragon figurine in a gift shop and u are willing to buy it just for sake of it, it’s useless but u like it. but it’s bundled to a pile of some other junk and the only way for u to buy it is to pay full price of all junk.

            no, most shops don’t do that.

    • Gareth Martin

      Once you come down from what ever the fuck is in your system, i’d like you to read your own comment and see how fucking stupid you are.

      Did you know i bought a ps4 and now sony wants me to buy games for it? obviously a DIRTY business tactic.

      • gamersagainstableism

        Another insulting comment with blatant aggression-based rebuttal and zero critical thinking. With a side-order of ableism and a lack of basic understanding regarding the subject matter nor desire to consider multiple sides. Let me guess, another white cismale.

        • BurnTheCows

          you sound like you would be a douche in real life

        • Gareth Martin

          This argument has nothing to do with anyone’s sex, gender or race.

          multiple sides? There is the reasonable side (mine) and the crazy side (his), Buying this stuff does not get you further into the game. In fact it helps you 0%. You guys are making the bold statement of it being dirty but i still see no evidence.

          • visher

            problem about this particular pack is that it feels just unfair that they use such a trick. main problem is if ppl won’t critize such selling practice it would lead to even more awful practice from anet. because they won’t as much mo-ney as they can get all in once but we don’t want to pay for things we don’t need/want.

            also, your ps4 example is invalid in this case.

            • Gareth Martin

              Don’t buy it then. This isn’t something for everyone. Did you know Anet aren’t listen to you here? See how your “main problem is if ppl won’t critize such selling practice it would lead to even more awful practice from anet.” is in effect right now?

              Go tell them you don’t want their product. It is frivolous items that don’t do anything. It doesn’t matter how much it is.

              • Orion

                The main problem here i think is that anet switched to a different tactic by selling things in bundles instead of selling them separately. before xpac you could just buy whatever item or outfit you wanted for the price of that item only, now you pay more for several extra items many people dont want. it’s in a way robbing peoples freedom of choice and it is also in a way anet trying to get more money out of it, and this upsets people.

              • Gareth Martin

                The person who gets to choose what is in the gemstore is Anet. Not you. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. Same as any other shop. Are they upping the price of things you need to play the game? or is it just “fun” and cosmetic items that do nothing per say? I honestly don’t care what price they put on that stuff.

                Another thing is we do not know their over head and money intake in the gem store. So at best you guys are making ignorant statements about “stealing” “robbing” and “shady business practices”.

                Have to messaged Anet about your dislike of their bundle idea? Or are you like the majority who dislike and just bitch to me instead?

              • visher

                >Or are you like the majority who dislike and just bitch to me instead?
                it’s you who started bitching about our bitching about packs

              • Gareth Martin

                I’m replying to your comments. I buy lots of skins.

              • Orion

                you missed my point, what i said is people are getting less choice, i’m not arguing about what is whose choice. ofc anet decides what is to come in gem store, but anets choices limit the choices of the players at the moment

              • Gareth Martin

                They are adding more to the gem store and you are bitching they give you less choices? Go away.

        • Carlos Rico

          I like the way you use big words in order to try to win an argument. What you say is pure BS and makes no sense at all, regarding the subject we are treating. Dont take the rest of us for the fool you are.

    • Isla

      This isn’t a dirty business tactic. Many industries do the same thing. It’s a business, and they have to support their staff – and also funds ongoing/future development, seeing as it’s merely B2P. You can be angry that you can’t buy it, or that you don’t want to spend your money, but it’s a bit unproductive and irrational.

      Dirty would be something along the lines of King’s microtransactions, wherein you’d be encountering (cash) pay walls in game play. The gemstore shit is optional, and it’s odd to hate on them for selling bundles of “new” items and giving us a bit of variety. I’d recommend learning about the industry and how much time, money and effort go into developing a game.. seeing as you think this is a “greed” move.

  • Caleb

    Is there a reason why the shots of charr and asura are from above and not straight on like the rest?

    • better pictures, please :p

      I want to know too, I wondered this earlier when Lyssa outfit arrived. I want to see how faces look and armor when you look straight at it. Not from above 🙁

  • guest

    Too bad. The glider looks really cool. 2000 gems just for that isn’t gonna happen though.

  • lolcat7

    I laugh at all the “boohoo I wanted that skin for 5 gems” complaints. Its a skin for crying out loud. Grow the hell up.

    • Lol, a cat.

    • gamersagainstableism

      And what does ‘growing up’, pray tell, have to do with the warranted feedback of a growing consumer-base giving valid criticism of blatant capitalism and obnoxious business practices? Careful, your white cismale is showing.

      • narm

        Valid criticism? haha that’s gold

  • lolcat7

    Anet is not just a video game company. Its a “for-profit” video game company. It earns around $50 million per year, and you can bet its founders never though of it as a charity. Its base-level programmers make around $80,000 per year. How do they pay those salaries? They make games for money. They advertise for money. They create expansion for money. They want you to have fun because it means they earn more money. Seriously, does anyone think otherwise?

  • Alot

    [anyone with basic life experience knows the whole, “You don’t have to buy it” is bullshit even if they can’t put a finger on why]?

    Walking through shopping malls must be as traumatic for you as it is expensive.

    • Cuddy

      Not traumatic, but I don’t give my business to anyone who jack up the price to stimulate their sales’ figures. Especially digital sales. Brick and mortar stores obviously have leeway, since resources are finite. Nobody complains about the incremental reduction to canned goods or the higher cost of cotton-based clothing, because there are real market factors at work.

      There’s no market factor for this bundling scheme, it’s just a wishful attempt to force players to reach for their credit cards and spend more than they budgeted.

      • Gareth Martin

        These are items no one needs ever. EVER. I say let Anet put them at any price they want. No one is being harmed by high prices except them. You still haven’t shown where this foul play is.

        If people can’t stop spending money to the point that companies have to sell their stuff for cheaper because people can’t control themselves then those people need help. It isn’t the companies problem. I know you are mad salty over not being able to afford glider skins but realise that you are wrong.

        • visher

          realise that u are licking anet’s ass soooo hard.

          • Gareth Martin

            I don’t care who is doing this kind of transactions on their game. It isn’t bad. So unless you got an actual response stfu kid.

            • visher

              Actually, wtf, do you atleast realize that your point on ‘just don’t buy it’ means that this bundle practice just don’t fit it’s purpose – getting more sells? The only point for anet to put anything into gemstore is more money. if ppl start bitching and likes of you bitch even more saying who don’t need what – this further encourages ppl to not buy things. less money = fail. U said yourself higher that you didn’t buy something because it was bundled.
              For example, ppl were salty but never angry at single items in gemstore.

              • Gareth Martin

                Except you forget not everyone shares you thinking of it being a ripoff. I bet if you look through here on every new gemstore addition someone will probably either be bitching or saying “it looks ugly” or “not worth”.

                Are you actually saying no one has been angry about an item on the gemstore ever? That is a bold faced lie.

              • visher

                >Are you actually saying no one has been angry about an item on the gemstore ever?
                >ppl were salty but never angry
                >ppl were salty
                Well, maybe some were actually angry, but that’s like… meh. Though some got a point because overwhelming amount of skins makes gems ingame cost grow. For some ppl who just want to buy bank tabs and some useful things that were in gemstore for ages with their gold not real money that’s a pain in the ass.

                >You have to give proof.
                I’ve already said that practices that feel unfair always start with small things and grow more gross over time. For me, it’s a valid point of these packs being a rip off already.
                “it’s useless” – i won’t say smth really goodlooking for you is useless. Yes, anet don’t sell anything that actually helps you in the game but that’s not the only way of being corrupt for me.

                >Nope, my preferences should not dictate what they sell to everyone. (u from earlier)
                Actually, ppl can dictate ’em, that’s the whole point. Both sides have to find a compromise. Single skins scheme were a good thing for years. Now anet is trying to get more money by packs and it’s understandable but atleast some say no to that.

                If anet continues, well, you’ll see where we’d be in a year or so. Worth case scenario – bank tabs and shit becoming bundled only, gl saying that this stuff is useless. Later – maybe even gemstore becoming real cash only. “Anet won’t ever do that”? Wait and see where greed leads ppl.

              • visher

                Anyway, me typing here is sort of an awful time-consuming addiction when i just sometimes can’t bring myself out of reading or writing comments even though i understand that bothering to give a shit about trying to express personal opinion or to give a shit about some-random-one’s opinion in the internet is completely worthless. LOL

  • Hentai Akuma

    the storm is cumming

  • heinz57

    No one is suggesting they should give things away for free. Also it’s trivial to show that this kind of business model is idiotic, because no one would accept it in any other area of our lives. Imagine if your grocery store stopped selling onions and kiwis, and instead only sold them as a bundle for their combined price. Sure some people would still buy them. But most people would ruthlessly point out the plain idiocy of only offering those items as a bundle and start going to a different store.

    And apparently you would criticize those people, since the grocery store isn’t a charity, it’s “for-profit,” they’re just trying to make money. How do they pay the salaries of their employees? They sell food for money. They want you to eat food because it means they earn more money. Seriously, does anyone think otherwise?

    • lolcat7

      Are you comparing real food to online gaming skins? LOL

      • lolwut?

        Who cares if it is food, skins, or freaking baseball cards? It’s a greedy and stupid scheme.

      • Weißer

        It is about how they sell a product.

        You make yourself look rather stupid by trying to make heinz57 and his rather good comparison look bad. Only your “LOL” could make your already lackluster comment even more revealing.

        heinz57 is right. I myself would have actually considered buying the glider or the outfit individually. But paying 2000 gems for some random skin and dyes I don’t want, kills the deal for me.

        Now comes the real fun. heinz57’s comparison is even better than at first glance. They DO indeed sell bundles of stuff nowadays, simply because they need you to buy at least 2 kg of onions to actually make a profit.

        Same goes for Anet. If they offer stuff individually people might use gems they earned ingame or gold to gem conversion. They will sell more units, but earn less.

        With high gem costs the only people really buying this stuff are people actually buying gems for money. We are back in Canada, where Terrence and Philip get an explanation of how freemium games work.
        A small minority pays high amounts of money for all the shit the developers waste their time on.

        Is it a cash grab? Yes, they prefer hard money.
        Is it bad business? Probably not.
        Does it care about the majority of players? Definitely no.
        Is it a waste of development ressources that puts financial success over integrity? Ask EA and all the studios they acquired.

        Welcome to ComputerGames $.0

      • heinz57

        I used something called an “analogy”. As pointed out, the specifics of the argument don’t matter; you could substitute any two (or more) items in which a significant number of people will be interested in only one of the items.

        • lolcat7

          You kids just don’t get it…

  • Shaggy

    im all for special deal packs, and i think the skins look alright, but i do think they should offer them individually. i mean, i dont give two shits about half the stuff this comes with.

  • Hawks

    Oh look, another “Outfit” that I can’t mix and customize and another cool skin I can only get in an overpriced “Bundle” full of garbage I wouldn’t pay for individually. So still not giving ANet money I otherwise would have.

    • Isla

      They’ve stated in the past that all gemstore armors (going forward) will be outfits, while the in-game armor will be actual armor/armor skins. In response to criticism that the only armor they released was gemstore.

      • Wanderlust

        Damn, i wish those outfits would go away. You see pretty neat things when you give people the option to mix and match.

  • Cuddy

    Gee, they run a business? Why, this comes as a shock.

    What babble, you clearly can’t be bothered to read the heat toward this bundling trick to come up with a strawman this out-of-touch with reality.

  • Raven

    EAnet strikes again.

  • DullaHan

    2000gems just becuz of glider

  • YunJun

    i wish to have that Outfit, but as partable outfit.. well.. it quite expensive.. and i know how the business work, just like other developer company..

    i won’t buy that but i also won’t critics them for that package..

    Buy if u want to.
    Shut up when u don’t want to buy and wait for another outfit.
    quite simple.

    Specially you.. YES YOU.. who don’t buy their product but keep barking bout them..
    Get urself a life dude !

    • Weißer

      And because you don’t intend to buy it you can’t have an opinion about it? Is this what you are trying to tell us?

      If there is a person with an opinion different from yours you should be grateful and have the decency to respect that opinion.

      All those people in the comments commenting on people who voice their concerns or disappointment are making themselves look like fools. You included. You shout “Stop not liking things I like!” and “Stop voicing your opinion in my presence!”. If you want a safe space with trigger warnings, go to tumblr. Meanwhile the rest of us talks about whether or not they like it.

      And a philosophical question especially for you: Shouldn’t he, who tells others to get a life, get himself a life?

      • jacksonbrowne

        You’re an idiotic hypocrite.

        • visher

          So in what exactly is he idiotic and hypocritic and both?

        • Weißer

          Which makes you a hypocrite as well.
          If I am idiotic and therefor wrong for calling someone out on his bullshit, while you deem yourself right for calling me out on my bullshit, you are, well, a hypocrite valuing his own limited opinion higher than the opinions of others.

          The bundle is getting a lot of critique as of now because it is a fact, that its content is random stuff plucked together and there is only a tiny minority that is interested in all of it’s contents.
          It does look like a cash grab and I can’t blame people for being mad, that more urgent things have to wait in the development pipeline for stuff like this.

          The whole “I am above everyone else because things don’t bother me” thing is old. No one is better just because he does not care about something.
          And telling people they can’t have and voice their opinion is never right. Under no circumstances.

          • TeddyBear

            @Weißer : Thank you for making simple thing into complicated one Mr. Wise
            I guess YunJun Hit on the spot for you eh?

          • Jacksonbrowne

            I never said your opinion is wrong, hypocrite. You’re also an idiot, but for different reasons, which I’m more than happy to explain. Let me know.

  • Coldin Torrence

    Drat. That outfit looks so good on the females, but kind of ugly on the males. 🙁

  • Jassa

    So 2000 gems for a blue glider, pearlescent pink/peach weapon, thief style outfit and shadow dyes. It just seems a bit cobbled together, if the stuff actually went well together I’d have been tempted. It’s a good offer but I just wouldn’t use half that stuff 🙁

  • Mmmm grapes

    Buddy, Anet salaries are under the average for the industry.
    sources: people working there.

  • Banditlol

    Not gonna buy any of these rip-off packs, nor a mini human pet what should’ve been a consolation price from that raid boss. Anet is sinking fast with the lowlife greed they’re pulling everywhere, there’s smarter ways to go about making a buck.

    • Lindsay He

      okay, don’t worry bunch of other people bought it, we bought two.

  • NoxInfernus

    Anet has the right right to charge whatever the hell they want for their product and assets. It’s their product.
    We have the right to tell Anet that their pricing is ridiculous and we won’t buy it in the current bundled form. It’s our money.

    If a compromise can be reached and they decided to sell the bundled items separately, they may actually make MORE money from customers who have no intention of buying an overpriced bundle in its current form.

    There are ways of making money where the customer is happy to open their wallet.
    When two parties in the transaction get what they want, everyone wins.

    • visher

      U sir made the best point in this whole comment section, i guess.

  • bringtherage

    Best sale ever. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a Nazi.

    • Ivan

      godwin’s law

  • Suan

    I really hope for some big sale on gemstore on black friday.

  • Nova

    you are an black friday

  • Archi

    i get it that the outfit is part of a pack with some other items, but the outfits are getting more and more expensive. first, that wedding outfit that was 1000 instead of 800, now the crystal arbiter and this are 2000 in these packs. doesn’t matter how much i hangglide, the skin doesn’t matter, i barely look at it. so the outfits are just really, really expensive.

    • kevin

      Before each PUG I ask whether anyone in the group had an online argument about discount skin packages. Immediate kick if so.

      • Archi


        well played, sir.

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