cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales Nov 24 – Dec 1

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales for the week of Nov 24 – Dec 1


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Another weekly sale which didn’t actually put anything on sale. They know just changing the splash page items doesn’t count as a sale, right?

they’re putting a new rare and often demanded item from old packs up as a direct to sale item each week and thats it, it seems

All I really want to see for Black Friday is the jetpack mount and half off legacy collection unlocks. And the Music Therapy Probe, which I saw on sale when I came back to the game for the expansion, but didn’t realize it was a temporary sale and not a permanent one. Sigh. Doubt they’ll put that back up any time soon.

… Yes, but the only way to obtain them now seems to be gone (or at least, is not functioning). Putting them in a cartel pack seems easier than going back and fixing whatever is wrong with colicoid wargame, since they seem to have abandoned that flashpoint.

would be nice if the in game store had a sale tab instead of just featured, last week i found some decorations at 33% off that wasnt mentioned anywhere

Because some mounts are ugly/bulky, or maybe you only bought it to use as decoration, to get an achievement, or it was free. Also, rocketboots are not really a mount in that they have a time limit, yet they get counted as one by the randomizer.

The hit size isn’t the issue, it’s the vision blocking. If I’m jumping something (think of Eternity Vault and avoiding the enemies before the pylons), it can be tough to see where to start my jump in some of the bigger speeders.

I just wish the random mount option did not use the rocket boosts as one of the random choices. I like to keep mine for special circumstances (like sentinel turning invisible and blasting past a random set of mobs).

Yeah, I don’t like the rocket boost as apart of the random mount. The frustrating part is that you want to go for distance, then have to mount up again.

Does it put the rocket boots on cool down? I hadn’t noticed if it did or not. I didn’t think it did, but now I’m questioning myself.

I tried it last night… the random mount didn’t put my rockets on cool down. This might have been part of a patch though.

Could be. I tried it when 4.0 first came out and it put my boosts on cool down, so I never tried it again. Guess I should experiment.

Agreed. my main has vendetta for getting ALL the mounts. But then I only ride rancors XD. (I use the others for filling out my stronghold garage.) So if it had like a window full of the mounts we want to use on the randomizer, and we could drag them into or out of it from our abilities tab, that would be awesome.

Took a quick look ingame, lvl 60 token is atm 44% off
going places basic bundle is 40% off
newcomer bundle 50% off
preferred access 40% off
stronghold utility 25% off
Page 2 in the decoraction list are all on sale between 20-30%

why they hide that from the frontpage ? 🙂

Indeed. It’s like that “-10%” on the hypercrates that is there from day one. It’s a pretty sleazy way of marketing. I know for a fact that over here it’s illegal to claim a sale on a price that has effectively never been higher to start with, but maybe it’s different in the US.

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