SWTOR Black Friday Sale Nov 26 to Nov 28

SWTOR will be having a Black Friday Sale starting on 12 pm CDT Nov 26 to 11 am CDT on Nov 28.All existing packs are 25% OFF.

Starting on Nov 26 12 PM CDT to Nov 28 11 AM CDT, all existing packs are 25% OFF.

  • Seph

    Meh. They used to have a great Friday hour by hour sale which was like 90% off. That’s about the only think I might care about.

    • SpideyBry

      The hourly 90% off is what I was hoping for. Doesn’t sound like that’s what they’re doing this year.

    • Leah

      yep. that’s the one I was hoping for myself :/ just weekend pack sale is beyond meh, for me at least

    • Secundum

      Problem is they were disliked by quite a lot of people, especially in Europe.

      • Rob Ferret

        That was because most of the hourly items happened when us European folks were either at work or having to get some sleep. Therefore we missed most of the sales due to time differences.

  • Jo

    *twirls finger*

    Wow. So exciting. I will be waiting with bated breath until the packs are on sale. Oh wow. This is almost as thrilling as the time I watched paint dry.

  • Darth Twinge

    not impressed

  • Nomad

    I was hoping for the 50% off legacy unlock for armors.

    • Forumchibi .

      Same. Maybe they just didn’t mention it?

    • WStevens1701

      It might be again. I don’t think they announced they were doing it last year, and I got a *ton* of gear unlocked.

  • Kaslor

    So… “existing” packs? As of right now on the market isn’t that just one pack, Force Alliance? Does that mean they’ll put the other packs up? Newer to the game/market not sure I follow the terminology.

    • Vendrine

      They’ll put the other packs up. By existing they mean every pack they’ve released, including embargoed packs.

      • Rompe Himself

        You HOPE that’s what it means. It could just be packs on the market right now and if so, I would not be surprised given how 4.0 packs have not sold as well as past shipments.

        • Vendrine

          It’s not that i hope that, it just seems more logical. Not that BW wouldnt screw us over with badly relayed info though…

          • Rompe Himself

            Bioware and Logical have not been on speaking terms for some time!! 😀

      • The Great Scott

        I would say the wording of EXISTING would not include the older stuff, I’m going to presume this mean all packs currently on the market, pets and mounts and alliance packs…?

  • Forumchibi .

    Oh, when I read this I assumed it meant that the packs were 25% off and there would still be individual sales running every hour that they just hadn’t announced yet. So this is all we get this year? That’s just awful…

  • Monoracle

    Slightly… underwhelming, to say the least. I’ll just temper my expectations for that big announcement on the 1st to be on the safe side. 🙂

  • David W

    I ultimately decided that the 4.0 packs aren’t worth getting based on my wants/needs, so getting them at 25% off is not too impressive.

    Now if they had bargains like other people here proposed, that would be exciting

    • Rob Ferret

      The trouble with the hourly bargains is that for those of us at work, we miss a load of them, especially with the USA/Euro time difference as well.
      It makes it very difficult to be on when that thing you wanted comes up and so you miss it…but on the flip side I guess it would be more readily available on the GTN.

      • David W

        Yeah. I guess there is no single perfect solution. Maybe daily deals or some such would be better.

  • HadesClutch

    25%? Lol Walmart will be selling 52″ flat screens with a better deal than that.

    • Holyfrog

      Yeah because that is the same.

  • Shadowofdeath

    What ever happened to the hourly sales? such as

    25% off cartel packs is just a joke guys

    • Ben Gimson

      Hourly sales are the shittest idea going. Most people have jobs believe it or not, and with BW’s total disinterest in their customers outside of ‘Murica! hourly sales would be the worst thing they could do.

      • Shadowofdeath

        I know the feeling, I’m in Australia, they even shut our servers down and I’ll tell you now it wasn’t because of a lack of players, we had more players than some of the servers online atm. My biggest favorite with hourly sales is the fact that stuff goes so cheaply

    • Divona

      I liked that idea and those items were also great.

  • Adam Cardin


  • Rompe Himself

    Bwahahahahahaha “Grand sale”???? A pitiful 25% off existing packs?? No discount on single items lile last time?? And they call it a Grand sale!?! Surely they jest!!

    • Rob Ferret

      I think there is going to be an item sales as well by the sound of it, but I could be wrong.

  • Frodo

    WHAT A JOKE! -25% off. That shows the love they have for us. Pity sale.

  • Connor

    Alas I will be away from my desktop while the sale is going on. Well WHen get back I’ll just grab stuff off the gtn

  • AbnerDoon

    Wasn’t the last time the old packs went on sale supposed to be the last time in the old format? I thought they said they would be switched to the new pack style the next time they came up.

    • Ben Gimson

      Not the first time they’ve outright lied. I imagine it probably won’t be the last, either.

      • Holyfrog

        Nor with you.

        • Ben Gimson

          As always, I’m flattered by your attention.

    • Holyfrog

      It says EXISTING packs. Reading comprehension isn’t big with you, huh?

      • AbnerDoon

        Dats true mastah Jesustoad pleas lurn meh bettas!

        • Holyfrog

          Classy. Go sweep your trailer porch, white trash. It’s like just like Ron said……

      • Ben Gimson

        And clearly you haven’t seen the image on the launcher advertising this sale, dipshit…

        • Holyfrog

          No I havent, asshole. It says at the top of this page EXISTING.

          • Ben Gimson

            Do the pre-4.0 packs not exist anymore? Oh wait, they do :’)

            Back to the cave with thee!

  • Infernus

    Here’s hoping they still do the discounts on the items in collections….got some sets I want to spread to the legacy but don’t want to pony up the 240-400 coins for some of them.

    • Rob Ferret

      I’d like to see the half price unlocks too.

  • Aiko

    CDT -> CST

  • Laz

    This is great! No, really! I mean, it’s not like they just did this sale, with deeper discounts, only about a month ago, or anything!

  • The Great Scott

    ya this does feel a bit pathetic, I read last year they discounted legacy unlocks? Ah well, at least its still an awesome game! Sorry, I mean simulation. Coz its all real you know…

  • Jin

    Really???!! That sale is a joke!

  • Rob Ferret

    Now we just have to wait for the packs to come up. A question comes as to if this is an extra 25% (as they normally have the 10%) or just really a 15% extra discount.

  • Ben Fuller

    correct me if im wrong but isnt black friday usually upto 75% off? seems abit low on the sale percentage lol

    • Secundum

      Why would they bother lowering costs that much? At least in the UK, Black Friday is proven to do nothing but lose money for businesses. I’d imagine it holds true for at least SOME businesses in the US as well.

  • Squnik

    Swtor 25 %, really ? Ffs u are one greedy motherfuckers…

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Yeh this isn’t much of a sale, let alone a black Friday sale

  • Deshik

    Thats no black friday, thats light friday maybe

  • Jim

    You guys would complain if someone would offer to save your life 🙂

    • David W

      Well I guess some people would claim that was “catering to bad players” 😉

    • Alek

      Funny that at the end of the Manaan flashpoint you can be angry at someone for saving your life.

    • StrangeDais

      Life in a bubble I suppose.

  • lore

    Should be 50% off the whole cartel market for 24 hrs. Now that would generate a lot of cash. This sale is “meh” at best… I won’t be spending…..

  • Guest

    Undewhelming… I hope at least the collection unlocks get a 50% off like usual…

  • did

    25% is poor indeed. Sales on Black Friday are 40% and even more. 25% makes laugh, nothing more.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    what about collection unlocks for legacy?

    • Secundum

      Aren’t happening.

      • Ahmet Yılmaz

        whaaaaaaaaaaat? no collection unlock discount? :////

        • Edward

          Unsubbing if this doesn’t happen

          • Holyfrog

            That is a stupid reason to quit. Ohh well, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Can I has your stuff?

            • Edward

              Yea? Pretty much finished all the content in the game and unlocked a lot of cartel gear. Not much else left to do but unlock what I got.

              • Holyfrog

                If you feel there is nothing left in the game to do then why stay, and why spend money to unlock things for a game that has nothing to do? I fail to see the logic in your reasoning. A sale should not make you stay. You must have OCD.

              • eaitsinthefag

                I notice you getting more and more vitriolic in your posts Holyfrog, has being a Bioware corporate shill finally worn thin on you? Has EA’s massive dick finally rubbed you raw? Must be. Its okay though, I’m sure there is a rehab or therapy somewheres.

        • Secundum

          Nope. Enjoy your 25% off crappy packs.

  • Unperson


  • Ry

    Wasn’t it last year where they had different items on sale every hour and each item were like 50-75% off. I remember things like the Ashfall Tauntaun and rename characters and whole bunch of items going on sale.

  • Rob Ferret

    What time GMT are these meant to happen?

  • Michael Taylor

    They came up with this way for packs and they are garbage and now this crap just a way to take people money cartel market use to be a good thing now it just as shitty as any other microtransaction system out there

  • JRP

    Yeah, too bad they aren’t doing that kind of a big sale. It would be nice if the Add Character Slot Unlock and the Start at Level 60 Token were on a 50% to 75% off sale, too. Would really make people more inclined to buy them, if they were included.

  • michael fearless

    On the plus side, it’s a three day sale. On the minus side, everything else.

    I like the idea of the various packs, but the price point for the gold packs is just too high for a random drop. At least for me. ENJOY YOUR GRAVY, GUYS!

  • Divona

    So collection unlocks wont happen this year. Meh guess i pass this “sale” since im not interested buying packs or gambling with armor/crystal packs.

  • Rob Ferret

    Well, on the plus side, at this cc cost the hypercrates actually feel like value for money. This is probably he price they should start at.
    I purchased a couple of hypercrates and finally got all the items I wanted bar the companion droid…and now a lot of stuff to sell.

  • Saito

    Worst Black Friday on SWTOR ever…

  • uglykidcid

    Stupidest sale ever. I’ve been waiting since last year for a real sale. Epic disappointment.

  • David W

    Well, in spite of my better judgment I gambled. Here’s how it went.

    1) Despite claims that the sale ran through today, the items I planned to buy were back to full price.
    2) I would not in any shape or form call the rewards in the gold armor pack “gold quality”
    3) The 5 pack of crates provided garbage that I could have acquired on the GTN for less than 100,000 credits—by which I mean the grand total of all five crates.

    Verdict: Screw you Bioware. I think I just bought my last CCs from you.

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