SWTOR Producer Livestream Announcement on Dec 1

SWTOR will have a big announcement for subscribers during the Producer Livestream occurring on Dec 1 from 3 to 3:30 pm PDT.

Announcement about an Announcement. I will be posting details of this announcement if you cannot watch the livestream.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic December Producer Livestream

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New playable class? Zakuul templar? Bio ware please make it happen, it’s literally the perfect time for it. We defeat the eternal empire, the remaining Zakuul knights choose a faction between the Republic or the Empire. Tank spec will use shield and the Lance saber, dps will just use the lance. So perfect.

They have said so many times that there will not be a new playable class. Although it would so work if it was an option as an auto 60 character or even auto 65 if a Zakuul templar

I imagine it would *have* to be an auto-60. Otherwise they’d have to go and redo the whole game to accommodate the new class


I’m not going to begin to theorize — it could be anything related to KotFE, anything related to any person’s Subscriber survey answers, something completely unrelated to both…. it could really be anything, but *HOPEFULLY* if this game’s past has taught the devs anything, it’s to not hype something up bigger than it is. So hopefully this is something we’ll actually care about.

Hmm like so big we should subscribe just for it?? nahh stickin to subbing for a month once they release all chapters..

I was thinking “early release” of more/all chapters if you purchase the 6 month option on/after a certain date.

“If you stay subscribed from December 1st through February 24th when we launch our next chapter, you’ll get your very own Nico Okarr boots!*”

*May or may not be a set of boots already in the game recoloured brown.

Sadly this is probably true. That or a color crystal thats already in the game anyways like orange/black or something XD

We’re shutting it down! You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

In lieu of reparations we have left Eric chained to a pillar in front of the office. Release the Gargon(community)! And folks happy holidays from us at EA.

Well, I wound up with a Life Day outfit when gambling on armor packs. Maybe if Life Day comes back I can finally sell that damn thing.

If it’s for subscribers, my guess is a Veteran Rewards system. Most MMO’s with some sort of subscription have veteran rewards. The longer you sub, the more rewards you get. It’s something I, personally, have been wanting for SWTOR to have for quite a while.

“To meet Disney’s ever changing demands on story development and to coincide with the December release of force awakens, your characters are going to be re-frozen in carbonite for thousands of years, and wake up in this new timeline. Don’t worry, Zakuul sorted itself out, just like the Emperor eating planets thing a while back. Battle the knights of Ren right up till we sell our shares and licensing to Blizzard where you will all enjoy becoming the new WoW expansion, Legion of the StarWars!”

Prepare your shoulders…things are about to get heavy.

They wanted to put a downed star destroyer on a planet and disney said no, this was before the trailer was released which had that star destroyer on jakku but was obviously in the making.

Heh, I remember how anime fans used to think Disney was suppressing all the Hayao Miyazaki movies for nefarious motives.

Darth Disney: Prepare for the tie in to the movie

Bioware: You said the game would be left under my supervision

Darth Disney: I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.

The new menace to the galaxy… Darth Lucas and his evil Gungan army…

Hey…maybe they’ll announce Gungan being available for a Sith Race.
Darth Jar-Jar: Yousa gonna die1

I can only guess, 5 new levels so we can reach level 70.
That would be a grind again, but hey level 70 just because we can.

I always love announcements for upcoming announcements. BTW, on December 2, I plan on commenting on the announcement they have announced they are going to have on Dec 1.:)

Thank you, Dulfy, for announcing the announcement of the announcement. I look forward to reading the details you have announced you will be posting with regard to the announcement it has now been announced will be announced once the announcement has been announced.

XD they should just make it so anyone who puts on the mask becomes Revan so the original one can finally rest in piece

Well I was thinking about how lately, ever damn expansion revolves around orcs…

Bitter? Me? Of course not, why do you ask?

I would genuinely rather see Ewoks and Gungans given a major story role for the next five years than see the tor writers rape Revan any more than they already have…

Whaaaaat? They are going lay of everbody and start the game with a new team and engine!? They leave EA and put the Star Wars licence to a company that isn’t ass!?

Drew Karpyshyn ‏@DrewKarpyshyn 42 min. ago
.@SWTOR We’re announcing this already? Is the world ready? Are WE ready?

~from twitter

They seem to make a big deal out of it. Maybe it’s SWTOR 2 with a good engine the way SWTOR should’ve been..

Gentle reminder of how they hyped the shit out of “Choose your path” and remember what that hype gave us. As a great hip song once said “Don’t believe the hype!!” :p

Gentle reminder: they hyped “Choose your path” only on FB/Twitter without writers to back it up. Last time writers took part in hyping up was before KotFE announcement. Figure it out.

Ironically, my first thought was this:
(Bioware marketing employee facepalms after reading the writer’s tweet.)
No actually…*that* announcement is coming next year. We really need to talk about these things first…

Friendly PSA to everyone to remember this is Bioware we are talking about. Remember the last time they had a HUGE announcement to make and it turned out to be even less then “Meh”. Temper your expectations peeps.

You mean that super hyped announcement that turned out to be a trailer to interest new players. :p Yeah that was a good one. Then they couldn’t understand why people were bummed out. When they had sent emails out about that big announcement and promoted it on Twitter.

Nah I was referring to how they hyped the “Choose your path” video and all it had was old sith warrior cutscenes edited together which made most peole shrug and ask is that it?

that wouldnt really be a subscriber only thing though…
maybe MAYBE its a subscriber only stronghold – only because at one of the last QA things they responded to a question about it that they were entertaining the possibility of some new ones particularly Alderaan and Manaan due to frequent request

Just imagine to go with your instant 60 character token. Instant 50 companion influence tokens!

On sale for a limited time.

Personally I would like to see it announced that future chapters in KotFE will involve planets with new quest hubs and exploration, as opposed to a 9 chapter story then grind like we had so far.

I most certainly agree. Some new hubs and planets for exploration with some dailies maybe, or even more of Zakuul to explore would be nice.

We all want that, but deep down just know it’s not going to happen. Took them 4+ years to figure out they needs to get back to their roots and make SWTOR a bit more like KOTOR. It will take time for those “roots” to grow. The first 9 chapters were fast because it was meant to be an intro into the gameplay changes (Also to teach new insta-60s how to play). MMOs are always grinders, just some hiding it with so many fun things to do, you dont realize until character #5-10 that its just the same shit, different day.

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Are you crazy? Nobody wants this game to become KOTOR. If you like KOTOR go play it. It’s an MMO game, they need to focus more on MMO aspects not story. I want them to make kotor game but not out of this one.

no one want swtor to be exactly kotor, just a few of us wanted that style of story. You want more group activities, that’s awesome, but for me I will play it with or without massive group content. I never PvP, and have my OPS groups set and progressing well. Thats enough for me for now.

Why story? You play through story in couple hours and you’re done, back to shit you’ve already played in this game. Tell me what is the point of fucking story?

Not doing either, I pvp, because pvp is the only thing that is fun at end game. But instead of improving that aspect they make “STORY”

That’s why it did very well at the beginning, but as soon as people went trough the story they stopped playing the game (majority of them).

If I have to explain why story is good for the game, then you will never get it. I saw a comment that you only enjoy PvP. That’s cool. That’s your thing. Enjoying the story for me is being able to give some context to why the PvE grind exists. If I wanted to grind my ass off w/o reward, I would play WoW. I want to be engaged in the game, so I play SWTOR.

dude it’s MMO. I want kotor 3 as much as the next star wars fan, but this game is not kotor. I want this game to be a good mmo in the first place.

You are a fucking broken record. SWTOR doesnt want need to become KOTOR 3. MMOs can be whatever people want them to be. That’s why complete games have Story-based PvE, group PvP, and Group Raiding. You enjoy your favorite part, and I enjoy mine but it all the same goddamn game. How you can’t see that is beyond anyone’s guess. Now please go the fuck away

Are you retarded? I’m sure you are but just to make it really fucking clear to you, I don’t want this game to become kotor3, that’s my WHOLE fucking point, but that’s exactly what Bio is doing with more story content and more soloing experience for the game.

You point is made, but you are lost in the seas of bullshit you taught yourself to think on this subject. No matter what they do with the story, the PvP you enjoy will not go away. The Story of this game is why it still exists, and now those loyal players are getting a few rewards for it. You need to understand these two key things: This game will never go full solo play and KOTOR 3 isn’t happening from within SWTOR. This is the end of my effort here. Grow the fuck up, shut the fuck up, and Happy Thanksgiving you stupid fuck.

Dude what is wrong with you? Do you even read what I’m saying? Am I not being clear enough? Maybe you don’t speak english? Are you trolling?

I would trade SWTOR for Kotor 3 any day, but you cannot make a kotor game from swtor, it’s mmo, all the aspects of the game prohibit it from becoming kotor 3 and instead of working on mmo aspects to make SWTOR better, they keep adding story that will never cling to people like kotor did in it’s time.

Problem is, KotOR did have planets and hubs and side quests. Yes SWTOR had them more obvious like any MMO, but in the 1-50 game it simply felt like a more interactive version of KotOR (which seemed good to some and annoying to others).

The KofTE chapters are not exactly like KotOR either. They’re more guided, whereas you had a lot more choices on what to do in KotOR.

*Gasp* Maybe it will be the “better than cross server” garbage! Orrrrr gamebreaking GSF bug fixes!

Spoiler: It’s not either of those.

Ehm, Lucas might not be such a great director, but when it comes to Star Wars storytelling…. sorry, there is no one better in the universe.

Actually, Zahn would trump Lucas on any given day. I’m sorry, but flubbing the conclusion of the OT with furry midgets that throw stones to kill advanced troopers does NOT a good plot device make. Nor the obligatory comedic relief alien that everyone has hammered into the ground from the prequels. God, I almost feel sorry for the actor that had to unfortunately play Jar Jar.

Fun fact:
Micheal Jackson wanted to play Jar Jar Binks REALLLLLYYYYY badly when the prequels were starting to film.

It’s just a reminder that whatever talent Lucas had in the originals, he seems to have lost by the time the prequels came around. The first two were plotless messes. The third was sort of “average.”

While that might be your opinion, and I respect it, it’s not really the absolute truth. In fact, I think the story of Episodes II and III is much more complicated, engaging and interesting than the classic trilogy. Anyone who claims that Attack of The Clones or The Phantom Menace doesn’t have a plot, has to watch the movie again to understand the plot perhaps. It’s pretty straightforward.

All right. I should have guessed hyperbole would be misinterpreted. No, I didn’t mean literally plotless. But the plot on episode 1 was terrible. Episode 2 had a better plot, but had some major pacing and continuity issues. Episode three was probably closest to the originals but it dragged on in many places.

IMO (of course), the originals > prequels. When it comes to episode 7, I figure I’ll give it a shot for old times sake. But if it stinks, I won’t be seeing episode 8 and beyond.

Including the renaming of Korriban to Moriband, adding new Digital Edition effects to all cutscenes, the new faction: Trade Federation and replacing Revan with Hayden Christensen.

True to form, Bioware never fails to keep its dwindling number of subscribers on the edge of their seats with nail-biting and hair raising announcements.

“Prepare to depart!”

“Why are we preparing, why are we always preparing?! Just GO!”

“oooook, just go….shouldn’t you sit down sir?”

I guess Bioware took a note from Spaceballs on how they do their announcements 😛

T.T now i’m torn between hoping for, and against that. star effect mass war? a crossover that would cause swtor to jump all the sharks.

I do hope this isn’t overhyped for what it is and that whatever subscribers are getting isn’t gated behind some requirement beyond subscription.

They have come to tell us they failed and disney will take over starting with the new emperor named Darth mickey mouse and his apprentice Lord Goofy . We are all doomed lol

Setting aside what I would *like* to see, my guess is that being for subscribers it will either involve KotFE or it will announce some sort of significant impact (“significant” being subjective of course) on how a part of subscriptions are handled.

Is that vague enough? 😉

It may have something to do with the recent survey on “what would you like as a subscriber”, but I imagine it is more game content of some sort.

Scoop: leaked topic of the announcement 😀
And because a good news never comes alone, they’re going to introduce some veteran rewards system so one can finally get the party jawa 😀


If you believe they are announcing Jawa playable race, and/or you think that pic is legit, then do I have a deal for you! I have a lot of land for sale in Baja, CA and it’s going really cheap!

I have a strong feeling that Bioware would prefer star wars races that can talk. Not only would it be a lot less work for them, but it keeps the emotional aspects of the story in tact.
George Lucas was really big on it when advising external partners for lucasarts, so I’m sure they’ve heard it before (seeing as this was in development when he was still active in protecting the IP).
So no Wookies, Jawas, or Selkath.

My guess: being able to change Advanced Class as a “for subscribers only” thing.
I could get behind that. 🙂

‘we were making a huge mistake with level sync and will be making it optional.’

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Some sort of unlock on the gear slots of new companions would be nice along with a bind to Legacy customization pack for the new main characters.

Of course a new companion would be nice too. Perhaps Miot or a Rodian.

Removal of subscription fee and content gates and making it voluntary most likely. That way Bioware no longer has to report massive subscription losses every time EA asks for a report.

ok, shot in the dark using a storm troopers blaster, maybe daily log in rewards? honestly, this is going to drive me nuts all weekend. what precedents are they talking about? and how will something like this be big? none of this seems to make any sense. my brain, MY BRAIN!!!!!

New Subscriber Reward, The Gravestone as your “portable Stronghold” complete with Hooks and the ability to use it as your personal Star Ship.

and maybe you can also be able to pick between different color and light schemes like you could with dyes. that would be big news.

Dulfy you think you could update the ops guides for the 4.0 changes to story mode and stuff? I still don’t know all the changes they made going into an op, make things easier especially for group finder.

I can already tell that these sub rewards that are ‘breaking all precedents’ are going to be non-customizeable companions, reskins, and pets we’ll never actually use. Some MMOs have sub incentives down to a science, while others, such as SWTOR, should clearly be finding alternate means to boost their income. Combined with the slipping and sliding quality of the alliance packs…

Sub only reward: Playable Voss and Natuolan?
New scene when you hit the cantina area in Odessen: An Zakuul Knight comes in, kills Koth, nobody trys to stop him or says a word, Knight leaves, everyone goes about their business.

No, I want the pleasure of killing Koch personally. OR watching Scorpio do it. (‘His’ gravestone indeed!!!!!!! )

Breaking all precedents? They’re going to pay us to subscribe! It’s all about those numbers on the quarterly report.

That was a malapropism. They really meant “breaking all presidents”, because they’re raising the subscription price.

I’m guessing it’s the Forgotten War expansion: the first ever crossover between the Star Wars and Doctor Who franchises with the Doctor as your companion against the alliance between the Zakuul Empire and the Silence.

interesting notion. i would have done with a star wars/mass effect mashup to avoid any copyright snafus and keep things in house. but that’s pretty interesting.

for a second i thought it could be something like they’ve added in Need For Speed World (RIP), a treasure hunt daily event that would give random stuff and better with every day.. but we already have dailies for comms and the possibility to purchase the exact piece we want, so… anyway, i can’t expect anything big, this is not going to be serious..

If this isn’t new ops, PVP, or similar content I’m going to be pissed. Not just new subscriber rewards for the new chapters we already know are coming, which will take a couple hours to do and done.

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