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SWTOR 4.0 Ruffian Scoundrel Guide by Ironballs

SWTOR 4.0 Ruffian Scoundrel Guide by Ironballs. This guide covers both PvE and PvP.


Intro to Ruffian Scoundrel

Ruffian Scoundrel is a DoT Discipline on a stealth class. Out of all DPS Disciplines in the game, I can hardly think of something that is doing worse damage on multiple weak targets. So if you want to do classic dailies, Ruffian is a bad choice. Unlike other DoTs in the game, Ruffian depends on its DoTs the most and without them being applied to the target, Discipline practically cannot do any damage.

Nonetheless all the criticism, there are many upsides. For instance, this Discipline has one of the most long-lasting DoTs in the game, thus maintaining DoTs on multiple targets is easier. Also, Ruffian has very strong single target DPS and it doesn’t require significant energy management. Despite all the expectations, this Discipline possesses a burst and a very good one, but you can only see it happening in the middle of rotation, there is no way to open with something very hard. The Discipline can easily target switch but you will not be able to do an appropriate amount of damage on target that dies under 15 seconds. Thus, very often it’s not even worth switching.

In this guide apart from PvEside I will also cover little of PvP benefit of this Discipline.


  • Single Target DPS:8 – One of the strongest DoT Disciplines in the game if you play it right. It also deals quite high internal/elemental damage, which matters in PvP.
  • AoE Damage:4 – It gets better in long AoE fights when you are able to DoT spread and consistently keep DoTs up. As it goes for burst AoE damage, this Discipline has none.
  • Group Utility: 5 – In PvE (raids) it can offer stealth revive, offhealing and a raid buff. In PvP (Team Ranked) it gives mass stealth, offheals again and great unkiteble pressure on enemy group.
  • Difficulty:6 – Hardest part is to understand how it works and get used to prioritized abilities. There is nothing hard at performing in this Discipline.
  • RNG Dependent: Yes – Your DoTs may double tick. Chance is 10% and if it double ticks inside Relic proc or inside some other buff, it significantly affects DPS.
  • Burst:4 – You cannot open with burst, but after you dothe first 4 GCDs on enemy target, in the next 4 GCDs you can do completely insane damage. Quick example: you start with Shrap Bomb -> Vital Shot -> Sanguinary Shot ->Blaster Whip. This inflicts almost no damage, but then you can do: Brutal Shots (autocrit after Blaster Whip, also triggers 2% bonus damage from 2p set-bonus) ->Point Blank Shot -> Brutal Shots -> Brutal Shots. In last 4 GCDs you can potentially do about 50k damage, but you need those first 4 to make it work.
  • Sub 30% Talent or Ability Buffs: Yes
  • Bleed effects tick 15% harder under 30%.


PvE Gearing & Stat Priority

  • Accuracy: 684 or more.
  • Alacrity: 800–1000.
  • Critical Rating: 950–1200.
  • Power: everything extra from the stat pool should be put in Power.
  • Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
  • Set Bonus: 6 Piece Enforcer’s Set

PvE Gearing Overview

Disclaimer: there used to be a disclaimer here. But then it took a blaster shot in the knee. Thanks to Naldira’s testing this section of a guide is updated with guaranteed stats. If you play it right of course.

With simplified stat system in 4.0 a DPS only gets to customize four stats: Accuracy, Alacrity, Critical Rating and Power.Ultimately you can use Goblin_Lackey stats, but if you read this section, you may get some extra useful information.


You are bound to reach 110%, otherwise there is no way you can do damage in PvE. At 684 Accuracy rating you get the desired %. Unfortunately there is no nice way to get to 110% Accuracy without at least some overcap. The best set up theorycrafters recommend is:

216 rating

681 Accuracy

4 Enhancements, 1 Augment

220 rating

685 Accuracy

2 Enhancements, 5 Augments

224 rating

701 Accuracy

2 Enhancements, 5 Augments

If I were you, I wouldn’t bother DPSing in 216 rating enhancements. I’d buy 2x 220 high Endurance Accuracy Enhancements for Radiant Crystals and use 5 Augments. Just to not bother with replacing Augments and extra 2 Enhancement spots when you switch from 216 rating to 220 rating.


Going above 1000 doesn’t increase your DPS, there are too much diminishing returns. Going up to at least 900 gives you stable increase, better than any other stat. Starting from 800 Rating you won’t see too big difference though.

There are two Alacrity sources for you:

  • Enhancements (Implants+Earpiece)
  • Augments.

It is absolutely vital to get at least 690 Alacrity no matter what your gear rating is. This is simply the way this Discipline functions – later in the guide you will get explanation why it is so important.

Critical Rating

Many Disciplines need tons of it to be great. It is not the case for Ruffian. Yes, you still need around 1000 Critical Rating, but that is about it. You only need enough Critical Rating to maintain your energy. As soon as you are fine with energy, start investing into Power and Alacrity. This will happen at about 950-1200 Ratingdepending on how aggressively you play and what type of encounter you are in.

There are following sources of Critical Rating for you:

  • Enhancements (Implants+Earpiece)
  • Augments
  • Crystals.


Ruffian can play both with and without extra Power in gear. If you are full 224 and you are capping Critical and Alacrity, Power may be good for you. Otherwise, don’t bother with it. You get regular Power from mods, enhancements and other stuff, so you may wonder where should you get extra Power. Extra Power can be received from two sources:

  • Crystals
  • Augments

Ruffian is a very versatile Discipline, according to tests investing 400 stats budget in Power on the price of Alacrity and Critical Rating barely changes anything (+/-50 DPS). It may change something on different type of encounters though. Remember that Power is a stat for burst damage while Critical Rating and Alacrity help with sustained. On Dummy with high Power and low Critical Rating you will always have energy problems while in a real fight you get too much downtime when you cannot activate any ability, but you energy is still recovering – this feature is beneficial to Power.

PvP Gearing & Stat Priority

  • Accuracy: 0.
  • Alacrity: below 400 rating.
  • Critical Rating: around 1200 rating.
  • Power: everything extra from the stat pool should be put in Power.
  • · Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
  • · Set Bonus: 6 Piece Enforcer’s Set

PvP Gearing Overview

Unlike PvE side, I had enough time and opportunities to test this. First, lets assume you also play Scrapper Scoundrel in PvP and you don’t want to change too much gear between them when you change Discipline. In Scrapper you probably use this set up:

  • Full Power Augments
  • Full Critical Rating Enhancements/Implants/Earpieces.

Easy way to get to Ruffian stats from this set up is buying Alacrity Implants and Earpieces and putting Critical Augments there. So, you will end up with something like:

  • 7 Critical Enhancements
  • 3 Alacrity Enhancements (I still count Implants and Earpiece as Enhancements, it is much easier)
  • 11 Power Augments
  • 3 Critical Augments


In this section I will cover all the utilities Scoundrel class has. I will do it from both PvE and PvP perspective. Some utilities can be used only in PvP, those will have marker (PvP). Also each utility will get a mark according to this scale:

  • Essential. 90% of time utility with such mark is completely amazing and playing without it is pain.
  • Recommended. In majority of situations, a utility with such mark makes things easier for you, but sometimes you won’t have enough utility points to pick them all and may drop it for something that fits situation better.
  • Situational. Only useful in some layouts.
  • Almost Worthless. Amount of layouts it will be of use can be counted on fingers of one hand.
  • Worthless. Never take it.


smugglgedgetup Smuggled Get-up. Reduces all area of effect damage taken by 30%. Recommended

Almost all PvE and PvP encounters have a big share of AoE damage and taking less damage from them is good.

scartissue Scar Tissue. Increases damage reduction by 5%. Situational

5% doesn’t sound like too much, but if you notice having survivability problems – this is a good passive to take.

letloose Let Loose. Blaster Volley deals 25% more damage. Situational

This one pays off a utility point only in a fight with a massive amount of targets where you quite often end up spamming Blaster Volley. Otherwise, difference is negligible.

flashpowder Flash Powder. Reduces target’s accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds after Flash Grenade ends. Almost Worthless

This is a very special utility and if you have ever played Gunslinger, you can treat this utility like a small version of Diversion. This utility is effective only on targets that are vulnerable to Flash Grenade’s sleep in the first place. In other words, if targets don’t have boss immunity buff. Using it in PvP normally doesn’t pay off, 20% is too little. In PvE most of the enemies have multiple hits and 20% can make a difference. There are little amount of enemies in PvE that don’t have boss immunity, so pick this utility only if your group has a problem surviving against enemies without boss immunity.

holdoutdefense Holdout Defense. Slapping a target with Blaster Whip or Bludgeon grants Holdout Defense, increasing your movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds. Essential

Ruffian Scoundrel is a melee DPS, to do damage you must follow the target, to survive you must run around red circles and cleave zones, all you need for it is movement speed. This utility provides a good movement speed bonus and you will love using it.

sneaky Sneaky. Increases movement speed by 15% and effective stealth level by 3. Recommended

As it was mentioned earlier, movement speed is very important and passive 15% will serve you well.

dirtyescape Dirty Escape. Reduces the cooldown of Dirty Kick by 15 seconds. Essential (PvP)

Scoundrels have one of the lowest base cooldowns on a hardstun (Dirty Kick is a hardstun). Reducing it by 15 more seconds works very well if you base your PvP tactic on kicking people below the belt.

curbingshots Curbing Shots. Quick Shot and Blaster Volley reduce the movement speed of targets they damage by 40% for 6 seconds. Worthless (PvP)

Your Shrap Bomb provides 30% slow and does serious damage. You won’t see the difference between 30% and 40% slow effects.


stoppingpower Stopping Power. Tendon Blast immobilizes the target for 2 seconds. Worthless (PvP)

2 seconds is too little to make a difference. Unlike Scrapper, you are not going to global an enemy for 2 seconds, you are playing pressure and you actually need to keep distance in order to not getglobaled yourself.

anatomylessons Anatomy Lessons. Reduces the energy cost of Dirty Kick and Tendon Blast by 5. Almost Worthless

Ruffian Scoundrel has no energy management and to run out of energy you need to spam something stupid really long. Although if you end up using Get The Bulge utility in heroic tier, this one may get handy.

medscreen Med Screen. Your Defense Screen heals you for 5% of your maximum health when it collapses. Situational

If you find yourself using Defense Screen practically off cooldown, this is a good utility.

fleethescene Flee the Scene. Reduces the cooldown of Disappearing Act by 30 seconds and Sneak by 15 seconds. In addition, activating Disappearing Act increases movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Essential

First, this is a DPS increase. Using Point Blank Shot from stealth grants Upper Hand and does increased damage. Second, you are stealth class and doing a stealth revive in PvE or vanishing the area of encounter in PvP is a factor move.

sedatives Sedatives. When Tranquilizer wears off, the target is struck by Sedatives, reducing all damage dealt by 50% for the next 10 seconds. Recommended (PvP)

Out of all Accuracy/Damage debuffs in the game this is one of the strongest. Same utility for Shadows provides only 25% debuff. If you often go in front of your team to sap somebody, do it on a DPS with this utility and your sap effect will be greater.

dirtytrickster Dirty Trickster. Surrender will also purge movement-impairing effects when activated. Situational

There are PvE encounters with many annoying slows and PvP is full of such stuff. If it becomes important for you to get free movement, this utility is completely great – Surrender is off GCD and it has way less cooldown than your stunbreaker.

keepcool Keep Cool. Cool Head now immediately restores 15 additional energy. Recommended

Yes, this Discipline has no energy management. Though sometimes, especially in the beginning of fight, you end up spamming all you got and may run low on energy. This utility actually provides a DPS bonus, because it is helping to recover from deeper energy management issues and when it comes to DPS, you always have to push your maximum. If there are many pauses in fight, you don’t need this utility.

supplementedmedpac Supplemented Medpac. While your Slow-Release Medpac is active on yourself, your damage reduction is increased by 3% per stack. Worthless

There are two reasons for scoundrel to use this utility: he is a healer or he is a DPS queueing for Solo Ranked. Ruffian is not a healing spec and doing Solo ranked in Ruffian is bad.


getthebulge Get the Bulge. Tendon Blast will now grant an Upper Hand. Situational

Using it on Dummy is a DPS loss. You get too much Upper Hands and need to consume them before using your next Blaster Whip – you end up delaying proc of Unfair Advantage and that is a DPS loss. Use this utility only if you are unable to consistently use Blaster Whip on 4m range and you are running out of Upper Hands.

skeddale Skedaddle. When activated, Disappearing Act grants 2 seconds of Dodge. Almost Worthless

If you end up needing an extra Purge, this utility is good. Although I can think of little situations where you would need it.

ko K.O. When used from stealth, Back Blast and Point Blank Shot interrupt and immobilize the target for 3 seconds. Situational

Keyword in description is “interrupt” and that is why this utility is not worthless. In both PvE and PvP you need to interrupt stuff quite often and sometimes interrupting twice in a row works completely great.

Quick PvE example: in the first phase of Kephess encounter in Explosive Conflict you can interrupt droids more often with this utility.

scramble Scramble. Every time you get attacked, the active cooldown of your Dodge is reduced by 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. Situational

If you get constantly attacked by a large portion of Melee/Ranged attacks, this utility works good.

Quick PvE example: during Underlurker encounter Lurkerlings do damage with melee attack called Spike and picking this utility allows to use Dodge for every group of Lurkerlings.

suprisecomeback Surprise Comeback. Pugnacity now additionally grants Surprise Comeback, restoring 5% of total health every 3 seconds and reducing damage received by 20% for the duration. Essential

Scoundrel doesn’t have very good defensive cooldowns. Dodge works only against some attacks and Defense Screen doesn’t absorb huge numbers. If you pick this utility, your Pugnacity will become the best offensive and defensive cooldown. It works completely amazing when you need to keep doing damage under pressure or if you need to survive focus on you in PvP.

hotwireddefenses Hotwired Defenses. Increases the amount of damage absorbed by Defense Screen by 30%. Recommended

Defense Screen is your most universal defensive cooldown – it just absorbs plain damage. Making it 30% stronger is very good if you end up using Defense Screen almost off cooldown.

smuggleddfenses Smuggled Defense. Reduces the cooldown of Escape by 30 seconds, Defense Screen by 5 seconds, and Smuggle by 60 seconds. Situational

This is a special utility and having it in heroic tier is very inconvenient. Basically, if you find yourself needing your stunbreaker when it is on <30s cooldown and/or needing your Defense Screen when it is on <5s cooldown, this utility might be worth taking. Other than that, there are probably better utilities in heroic tier. Note that Scoundrel’s weakest point is getting stunned and this utility kind of helps with you it.

slieightoffoot Sleight of Foot. Trick Move can be used while immobilized and purges movement-impairing effects when used. Worthless (PvP)

Most of the scoundrels are used to avoid danger using their roll. With 4.0 you get an ability called Trick Move that also helps avoiding danger. Neither Trick Move nor roll can be used while immobilized. So picking this utility will get you some free movement. Despite that, it is a waste of utility point – Dirty Trickster in Masterful tier allows you to break immobilizing effect, same goes for your Dodge. There are much better heroic utilities that this.


I am going to cover pretty much all the abilities Scoundrel can use in both PvE and PvP. Purely PvP features will have (PvP) marker next to it. I am going to highlight in marked listnot so obvious, but still important informationabout each ability.

Upper Hand

This is a Passive ability and it is a fundament of every Scoundrel Discipline. Upper Hand is a buff you receive each time you use Blaster Whip or Point Blank Shot from stealth, or you deliver a killing blow. This buff can stack up to 2 times. Some abilities in each Scoundrel Discipline require and consume Upper Hand.

DPS Abilities

sharpbomb Shrap Bomb. AoE8-target 24 seconds DoT that does internal damage.

  • Has a 10% chance to tick twice whenever harms a target. This is RNG and you will hate it.
  • (PvP) Slows affected targets by 30% for the duration.
  • Does 15% more damage on targets below 30% max health.
  • Critical Hits recover 2 energy.
  • Places a 45 seconds Assailable debuff on affected targets. Assailable targets take 7% more elemental and internal damage.
vitalshot Vital Shot. Single target 24 seconds DoT that does internal damage.

  • Has a 10% chance to tick twice whenever harms a target. This is RNG and you will hate it.
  • Critical Hits recover 2 energy.
  • Does 15% more damage on targets below 30% max health.
pointblankshot Point Blank Shot. Has 12 secondscooldown and does high Kinetic plus Internal damage.

  • Triggers passive ability Cheap Shots that increases the damage done by Shrap Bomb and Vital Shot by 10% for 6 seconds.
  • Does increased damage and grants an Upper Hand if used from stealth.
  • Internal damage of this ability is considered bleed effect thus does 15% more damage under 30%, triggers Sanguinary Shot and recovers 2 energy if it critically hits
blasterwhip Blaster Whip. Has 6 seconds cooldown and 4m range, does average kinetic damage and grants Upper Hand.

  • Triggers Unfair Advantage on 10 seconds cooldown.
  • Places a 45 seconds Susceptible debuff. Susceptible targets take 5% more damage from tech attacks.
brutalshots Brutal Shots. Has no cooldown and 10m range. Does weapon damage and for each present bleed effect on target (Shrap Bomb and Vital Shot) does additional internal damage.

  • Exploits Upper Hand.
  • (PvP) Internal damage still happens even if you miss original weapon attack.
  • If used with Unfair Advantage, costs no energy and re-grants Upper Hand.
sanshot Sanguinary Shot. Has 15 seconds cooldown and 10m range, does miserable amount of weapon damage and places a 10 second debuff on affected target. Target with such debuff takes miserable amount of weapon damage each time Brutal Shots or a bleed effect harms it.

  • Costs no energy.
  • Grants Upper Hand.
  • Miserable amount of damage adds up to acceptable amount for those 10 seconds.
  • If target with such debuff dies, cooldown of Sanguinary Shot is reset.
  • (PvP) Only used as a 10m Upper Hand builder. Other than that, you don’t get to triggerthis miserable damage too much and overall amount stays miserable.
thermalgrenade Thermal Grenade. Does kinetic AoE damage to up to 8 targets and has 6 seconds cooldown.

  • This is your best burst AoE skill. RIP Scoundrel AoE.
blastervolley Blaster Volley. Does very little weapon damage in a 10-meter cleave zone to up to 8 targets. Has no cooldown.

  • DoT spreads Vital Shot.
  • Becomes useful in long AoE fights.
  • It is rather hard to aim correctly with Blaster Volley. You will hate it.
  • (PvP) Your main way to uncover stealthers.
quickshot Quick Shot. Does average weapon damage and costs energy.

  • Use it as a filler if you have high energy and nothing better to use.
flurryofbolts Flurry of Bolts. Your basic attack. Does low weapon damage and costs no energy.

  • Use it as a filler if you have energy below 80% and nothing better to use.
tendonblast Tendon Blast. This only becomes DPS ability if you use utility Get The Bulge. In that case,Tendon Blast replaces Blaster Whip when you are more than 4 meters away from boss. It doesn’t trigger Unfair Advantage, it doesn’t place Susceptible, it just grants Upper Hand and deals even less damage than Blaster Whip. It slows down target though if you see any use in it in PvP. The only real upside is thatit is 10m unlike Blaster Whip.
chargedburst Charged Burst. This is mostly Gunslinger ability. Even though it is 1.5 seconds cast that deals weapon damage and can be used from 30m. If you need to do damage from 30m distance, this may be an option. It should not be used in regular rotation ever, only if you literally have nothing better.

Offensive Cooldowns

pugnacity Pugnacity. Has 90 seconds cooldown (120 for other Disciplines). Immediately restores 10 energy, grants Upper Hand and gives 10% alacrity for 15 seconds.

  • 10% alacrity normally means 10% DPS increase. In this case, it is more than 10%, this is your most powerful tool.
  • This cooldown scales down with alacrity.
  Attack Adrenal. Has 180 seconds cooldown. Grants splat damage increase.

  • This cooldown scales down with alacrity.
coolhead Cool Head. Restores 50 energy over 3 seconds. 65 energy with utility. Has 105(120 for other Disciplines) seconds cooldown.

  • This cooldown scales down with alacrity.
stackthedeck Stack the Deck. This is your raidbuff, it gives 10% Critical Chance to all raid members in range. Has 5 minutes cooldown just like all raid cooldowns.

  • This cooldown doesn’t scale down with alacrity.
disappearingact Disappearing Act. Puts you out of combat and in stealth. Has 120 seconds cooldown (90s with utility).

  • Allows usage of Point Blank Shot from stealth.
  • Resets medpac.
  • Gives stealth revive opportunity.
  • This cooldown doesn’t scale down with alacrity.

Defensive Abilities

defensescreen Defense Screen. Absorbs all kinds of damage of a moderate amount and has 30 seconds cooldown.

  • Cooldown can be reduced down to 25 seconds with a utility.
  • Amount of damage absorbed can be increased by 30% with another utility.
  • Additionally another utility provides a healing in size of 5% of max health when Defense Screen depletes.
dodge Dodge. Purges all negative effects (except some scripted effects) and grants 200% chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks for several seconds.

  • A utility can reduce active cooldown of Dodge every time you take damage.
  • Do not always rush to purge yourself with this utility. As a Ruffian Scoundrel you take 30% less damage from periodic damage. Save purge for situation when you really need it.
scamper Scamper. Instantly moves you 12 meters in direction of your camera. Can do it twice, then ability goes on 10 seconds cooldown. Moving out of danger zone on time is just as important as moving inside safe zone and this ability is great for it.

  • Triggers Scurry on a 10 seconds cooldown.
slow-release-medpac Slow-release Medpac. Provides healing on time. You can use it in transition phases to help healers with their job or if you have to offheal.
koltopack Kolto Pack. Heals target for a moderate amount and places a HoT. Has 9 seconds cooldown, exploits Upper Hand and has 1.5 seconds cast time.

  • With Scurry can be used without Upper Hand, energy cost and cast time. Thus, this is completely amazing offheal ability.
diagnosticscan Diagnostic Scan. Your weakest offhealing ability. Heals target for moderate amount for the duration of 3 seconds cast.

Control Abilities

trickmove Trick Move. This is a very nice gap-closer. Unfortunately, cooldown is long. You can close in both enemy and friendly targets.

  • Do not use it while jumping, 90% of cases it won’t work because Bioware.
escape Escape. This is your stunbreaker. Anytime you are controlled check if this ability is eligible – you will know if this type of control is scripted or not (you can’tstunbreak scripted). It is not wise to break control as soon as you get it first time, because cooldown of stunbreaker is very large. It is best to save this ability for situation when you really need it.

  • Cooldown can be reduced by 30 seconds with a Utility.
surrender Surrender. This is your agro drop. Use it to not over agro tanks.

  • With a utility, this can be used to break slow and immobilize effects.
dirtykick (PvP) Dirty Kick. This is your 4 seconds hardstun. It is only 4meters unlike majority of other classes’ hardstuns. On the bright side, cooldown is 45 seconds and it can be reduced down to 30 seconds with a utility.
flashgrenade (PvP) Flash Grenade. This is your AoE sleep.

  • You can use this ability against targets under your DoTs. They will not break your sleep because of passive ability Concussion.
tendonblast2 (PvP) Tendon Blast. This is your slow. It is only useful in pair with utility Get The Bulge, otherwise slow provided by Shrap Bomb will do.
sneak Sneak. This can only be used in stealth to make sure you won’t be noticed for the duration. You can still be spotted by special stealth scan abilities and passives.
triage Triage. This is your cleanse. It is almost useless in PvP unless you want to cleanse somebody’s stun or tech sleep. In PvE your group may sometimes need an extra cleanse and you can provide it.
tranquilizer (PvP) Tranquilizer. One of the best saps in the game in pair with utility Sedatives.It only works on targets out of combat.
smuggle (PvP) Smuggle. Covers all allies around you in stealth. This ability works only on high distance. When you get close enough to the one you are trying to hide from, he can see all the allies you hide. This ability is very good in preventing enemy from using gap-closers and ensure that you will engage combat first.


Point Blank Shot and applying DoTs

Every time you play DoT Discipline, you want to know when to apply DoTs and to make it as easy as possible while also not losing DPS. Most of the time you end up tying DoTs to some ability with similar cooldown. It is possible to do such thing in Ruffian. Point Blank Shot has 12 seconds cooldown and both Vital Shot and Shrap Bomb have 24 seconds duration. Thus, it is easiest to reapply DoTs after each second Point Blank Shot. Now let us analyze if this is good for DPS or not.

Is it good to use Point Blank Shot on cooldown or not? Out of all the abilities, Point Blank Shot does second damage after Brutal Shots in a split second. Also Point Blank Shot grants Cheap Shots. Cheap Shots increase your DoT damage by 10% for 6 seconds. If you use Point Blank Shot on cooldown, you end up having 50% uptime of Cheap Shots and gaining average 5% bonus damage to your DoTs. With all this being listed, it is absolutely crucial to use Point Blank Shot on cooldown.

Another question I expect: Is it good to apply DoTs during Cheap Shots window? Yes, it is. If you have strict order of applying DoTs, for example: Point Blank Shot ->Shrap Bomb -> Vital Shot, you will end up with something like this: your old DoT does its last tick during Cheap Shots->you reapply it -> new first tick also goes inside Cheap Shot window. This is a DPS increase and it only happens if you have strict order for reapplying DoTs. It is very important tonot clip your DoTs. If you applied them first time like this: Point Blank Shot -> Filler ->Shrap Bomb -> Vital Shot and next time you reapply them like this: Point Blank Shot ->Shrap Bomb -> Vital Shot you will end up clipping them and loosing damage. So choose one way of applying them and stick to it.

Shrap Bomb or Vital Shot first?

This is the question I hear a lot and answer is: it barely matters. If you were playing Gunslinger Dirty Fighting, you probably have a habit of doing it in this order: Vital Shot ->Shrap Bomb in order to DoT-spread. In Ruffian your Shrap Bomb is actually better to go first – it places Assailable while Vital Shot places no debuff. Nonetheless, applying this debuff one GCD later hardly makes any difference, so if you don’t want to change your Dirty Fighting habit, keep it this way and don’t worry.

Sanguinary Shot and Alacrity

According to this ability description, it applies a debuff to the target. Target with such debuff will take weapon damage each time Brutal Shots or bleed effect harms target. Bleed effect doesn’t sound clear, does it? I will simplify this for you; here is a list of abilities that trigger Sanguinary Shot damage:

  • Each tick of Brutal Shots. Maximum is up to 3 ticks of Sanguinary Shot for every single Brutal Shots.
  • Each tick of Shrap Bomb and Vital Shot. If it inflicts damage twice because of 10% chance, each tick triggers Sanguinary Shot.
  • Internal part of Point Blank Shot also triggers Sanguinary Shot.

With this knowledge, you are supposed to maximize amount of ticks of this three abilities during Sanguinary Shot window. Especially Brutal Shots, because it triggers triple Sanguinary Shot tick. How to achieve that? Sanguinary Shot lasts only 10 seconds. You end up with 6 GCDs inside debuff window and first of them is Sanguinary Shot. This is so little.

Fortunately, 10 second window of Sanguinary Shot does not scale down with Alacrity. All your other abilities speed up and depending how high you alacrity is, you can fit in more abilities inside Sanguinary Shot window. Here is how much alacrity you need for every extra GCD:

  • 0% Alacrity – 6 GCDs
  • Minimum 5% Alacrity – 7 GCDs
  • Minimum 17% Alacrity – 8 GCDs

To consistently fit in extra GCD you will need at least 0.5% more Alacrity than minimum in order to counter lag issues or in-combat ability activation delays. There is also no way to cap 17% Alacrity by using Alacrity Rating. Nevertheless, there is a solution thanks to Pugnacity – it grants 10% Alacrity and if your base was 7.5%, you end up with 17.5% and will have 8 GCDs inside Sanguinary Shot every time you use Pugnacity. You will still fit 7 GCDs without Pugnacity. Thus having at least 7.5% Alacrity for Ruffian DPS is crucial.

Blaster Whip

There is one common mistake among many Ruffian Scoundrels: they use Blaster Whip on cooldown. The habit goes back from pre-3.0 gaming so I can’t really blame those players.But this is absolutely wrong. Blaster Whip doesn’t do serious damage and you have tons of Upper Hands and only Brutal Shots to exploit them. You gain more benefit from using your Sanguinary Shot on cooldown and reapplying DoTs with Point Blank Shot. Blaster Whip serves merely as a filler to build Upper Hands when you are not capped on them and when you have nothing better to use.

Using Blaster Whip at correct time is an art and comes with experience. It is hard to describe how exactly to use it, most of the time you need to think 3-4 abilities ahead to choose correctly. Here I have tried to write down situations when Blaster Whip is off cooldown, but you should delay it:

  • You are at 2 Upper Hands.
  • Either one of Sanguinary Shot, Point Blank Shot, Vital Shot or Shrap Bomb is ready – use them instead.
  • You are at 1 Upper Hand and Sanguinary Shot is on 1.5 second cooldown (or less with Alacrity). This way you won’t have enough time to consume 1 Upper Hand and Sanguinary Shot will put you over Upper Hand cap.
  • You are at 1 Upper Hand, have Unfair Advantage buff on you and Sanguinary Shot is on 3 second cooldown or less. Same as before – you won’t have enough time to consume Upper Hands you have because Unfair Advantage re-grants Upper Hand.


With Pugnacity you can fit more GCDs inside Sanguinary Shot. Even though you should not use Pugnacity before Sanguinary Shot. It is easy to end up with capped Upper Hands in such scenario. And even more important, Pugnacity will speed up your DoTs if you apply them while the buff lasts. That can be both DPS loss and gain, depending on how you control it.

If you update DoTs during Pugnacity, they are ticking faster, that is a DPS gain. But after that you need to reapply them and it may get messy – you get a downtime on DoTs and it is a DPS loss. Downtime is very bad because you cannot use your Brutal Shots during it, you should avoid it by any means necessary.

Downtime happens because you tie re-appliance to each second Point Blank Shot and it takes 24 seconds to use two Point Blank Shots. Speeded up DoTs last less than 24 seconds, so here is the difference. To keep DoTs tied to Point Blank Shot without downtime, you also need to use 2 Point Blank Shots within Pugnacity window so they get speeded up to same pace.

Pugnacity lasts 15 seconds and first Point Blank Shot will have less than 12 seconds cooldown. To make sure you use two of them during Pugnacity, it is best to use first Point Blank Shot straight after activating Pugnacity. This may be distant from Sanguinary Shot, but it doesn’t even screw up Sanguinary Shot much – you still end up putting more ticks than normally, because your DoTs are ticking faster. Here is example of correct Pugnacity usage:


Point Blank Shot

Sharp Bomb Vital Shot

Single Target Parse

Before you go in a real fight with an enemy thatwon’t die within 30 seconds, it makes sense to practice rotation on dummy a bit. Your rotation consists out of 4 main points:

  • Point Blank Shot and reapplying DoTs
  • Maximizing Sanguinary Shot
  • Correct usage of Blaster Whip
  • Pugnacity

Basically those points were explained in the beginning of Rotation section, so now it is about making it work together. In the big picture making strict rotation for all of 4 this factors is too complicated. But you may create for yourself some priorities to follow. Easiest of them is how to apply DoTs, in other words how much time to wait after each second Point Blank Shot before reapplying DoTs. In the beginning it doesn’t matter much, you can go with easiest:

Point Blank Shot Shrap Bomb Vital Shot

This way you open with something like:

  1. (Stealth) Point Blank Shot
  2. Shrap Bomb
  3. Vital Shot
  4. Sanguinary Shot
  5. Brutal Shots (triggering 2p set bonus)
  6. Blaster Whip (triggering 6p set bonus)
  7. (Stack The Deck)/(Pugnacity)/(Adrenal)/Brutal Shots
  8. Brutal Shots
  9. (Disappearing Act) Point Blank Shot

I know I said that Pugnacity should be used before Point Blank Shot that is followed by DoT re-appliance. But if you do it in the beginning, you will be capped on Upper Hands, so I am making it a bit different in the opener. It will end up in a slight DPS loss because next DoTs will be clipped off one tick when I reapply them first time, but ultimately this is not the best way of reapplying DoTs – it is just a starter example to get used to Discipline.

Although I recommend using Stack the Deck under 30%, it is hard to time it well down there and most of the serious fights last more than 5 minutes anyways, so Stack the Deck can be used twice or more. Using it in opener guarantees that you will do your 6 pieceautocrit during Stack the Deck and won’t mess any Upper Hands.

If you keep doing this rotation over long time, you will see that quite often you end up delaying use of Sanguinary Shot because of priority on reapplying DoTs. In other words, Point Blank Shot or DoTs come off cooldown at the same moment with Sanguinary Shot and you have to choose Point Blank Shot/DoTs because they are more important. This is completely normal for real fight, in which you don’t have 100% access to the target you hit. But for dummy-like fights or phases it is better to fix this problem and achieve using both Point Blank Shot/DoTs and Sanguinary Shot on cooldown. This is how you do it: you add a GCD between each ability in your DoT re-appliance priority to make space for Sanguinary Shot. It will look like this:

Point Blank Shot Filler Shrap Bomb Filler Vital Shot

And Filler is going to be either Sanguinary Shot, Brutal Shots, Blaster Whip, Quickshot, Flurry of Bolts or whatever else you will have at the moment.

For this DoTs re-appliance priority you will need a different opener and I recommend this:

  1. (Stealth) Point Blank Shot
  2. Shrap Bomb
  3. Sanguinary Shot
  4. Vital Shot
  5. Brutal Shots (triggering 2p set bonus)
  6. Blaster Whip (triggering 6p set bonus)
  7. (Stack The Deck)/(Pugnacity)/(Adrenal)/Brutal Shots
  8. Brutal Shots
  9. (Disappearing Act) Point Blank Shot

In this opener because of Pugnacity I shift Point Blank Shot 1 GCD earlier and when it is time to reapply DoTs I am able to do it without clipping or having greater than 1 GCD downtime. If you don’t understand how this shifting works – fine, it is quite complicated to imagine and I am not the best explainer, so just use it and it will work for you.

After this opener just follow your priority on DoT re-appliance, don’t forget to use your Sanguinary Shot off cooldown and manage your Blaster Whip & Pugnacity well. This is how you are supposed to operate in Ruffian on dummy.

For those who wonder about full rotation cycle without cooldown usage, here is a picture for you. I’ve dropped all the abilities in it except the important four. Rest abilities are replaced by a square Filler. Orange square means that Sanguinary Shot debuff is active and white means it is not activeswtor-4.0-ruffian-scoundrel-rotation


As it goes for in-fight rotation, stick to either one of listed in previous section. First starter rotation is better if you are constantly interrupted by mechanics and don’t really have enough time to apply DoTs that long. It is also used in fights/phases where you switch a lot between targets. Second rotation is good for dummy-like phases, but not necessarily that poor on mechanics – just the ones with little interruptions and long enough to allow you applying DoTs in a slow manner.

In any fight that is more challenging than dummy fight you won’t have 100% uptime on boss.Unless you move and even in that case you still may loose GCDs. This is a problem that is common among all melee classes. Although Ruffian is not full melee. Your only melee abilities are Point Blank Shot and Blaster Whip, rest have 10 meters or 30 meters range. And you don’t really have to use Blaster Whip all the time, in fights with plenty of movement you can take Get The Bulge utility and use Blaster Whip only on 10+ seconds cooldown to get Unfair Advantage. Ruffian is pretty mobile and it isn’t as melee as some other Disciplines (like Scrapper for instance). To not loose damage you are supposed to think ahead and constantly check active cooldowns of Point Blank Shot and Blaster Whip in order to organize your movement properly. Most of the time you can stay 10 meters away from the target you hit but you should approach it in one GCD advance when you are going to use your Point Blank Shot or Blaster Whip.

If you need to leave target’s range to perform a mechanic and it can wait a bit, it is best if you do your Point Blank Shot, then get Holdout Defense (check utilities) speed buff from Blaster Whip and run away faster. You can keep doing your rotation for about next 12 seconds until you need to use next Point Blank Shot. This is a very common tactic for stacks on Malaphar the Savage, for huge grenade on Sword Squadron and taking Orbs on Dread Master Brontes. There are many more examples, but let’s stop at this.

Multiple Targets

Ruffian, like any other DPS Discipline in the game, is supposed to do more damage on multiple targets. Ruffian is special in this, so I thought I should cover it too.

Multiple grouped up targets with low HP

It is pointless to apply DoTs or DoT-spread on something that won’t liveenough time to get at least 50% of those DoT ticks. If you need to do AoE damage on grouped up targets with relatively low hit-points, use Thermal Detonator on them. If you still have to hit some main target during this (high HP target), use Thermal Detonator on additional targets only when you don’t have to use Point Blank Shot, DoTs or Sanguinary Shot on main target. If there is no main target, you can spam Thermal Detonator off cooldown and do Blaster Volley the rest of the time. Plus Flurry of Bolts to keep your energy cool.

Many multiple grouped up targets with high HP

In this case you DoT-spread as much as you can while also using your Point Blank Shot on cooldown because it will make all DoTs on all affected targets tick for higher damage. Rest of the time you spam Blaster Volley and use Thermal Detonator off cooldown. Again, Flurry of Bolts for energy.

It is best if you start it all with a Vital Shot on one target and wait with a DoT spread. Delaying it provides 3-5 seconds Vital Shot duration differencebetween initial target and the rest. This means, you don’t need to reapply Vital Shot until initial target with Vital Shot dies. Because each time initial target looses Vital Shot, your spamming Blaster Volley DoT spreads it from all the other targets to initial.

You still need to update your Shrap Bomb, do it on each second Point Blank Shot like on single target rotation.

Not grouped up targets

Well, ask your tank to group them up. If it is impossible, then there is no way you can increase your damage – just focus on one of the targets of your choice. Though there is one case when you can still increase your damage when targets are not grouped up at all, but still located within 30 meters. Ruffian is one of the very little Disciplines in the game that can do it at all and presumably is the best at it. Here it goes in the next paragraph:

Just two targets with high HP

Here is what you can do. Instead of applying DoTs after each second Point Blank Shot, you can do it after every Point Blank Shot, but rotate it on two different targets. During this you keep doing single target rotation on one of the targets while second target just has to be in 30 meters range for both DoTs. Note that in this manner you can target switch very easyif needed, because DoTs are already applied. Also it means that Cheap Shots (granted by Point Blank Shot) will increase DoT damage on both targets because you receive this buff on self instead of placing a debuff on target like many other DoT specs in the game do. To make it easier with target swapping, you can put second target on your focus target and use Focus Target Modifier in order to access it.

Focus Target Modifier and the rest

A few lines earlier I gave an example how Focus Target Modifier can be handy. Though I am not entirely sure that many people know how this modifiers work, so I’ll do my best laying it out for you. Let us start from modifiers you already know, but not quite aware of them: your Shift is a modifier; it changes a meaning of many other buttons if it is pressed. You squeeze button ‘a’ without Shift and you inputa letter ‘a’. If you hold Shift while pressing ‘a’, it will result in a capital version – ‘A’, so the meaning of button ‘a’ was different with Shift held. The same goes for modifiers in game. If you activate an ability, it is used on selected target. If your Focus Target modifier is ~ and you hold ~ while activating ability, it will be used on your focus target instead of selected target. This way you don’t lose a target you had selected but you can still use an ability on some other target that was in your focus.

You can keybind your modifiers in Settings->Keybinds->Targeting


Example and Analysis

As I said earlier in the gearing section, I don’t have the gear to test stuff. I didn’t play Ruffian Scoundrel in PvE since 4.0 so in example parse I will lay down my pre-4.0 parse and current world top Ruffian parse that resembles a lot of my methods.

So here is a chart from my pre-4.0 parse. Here is also a link


Bleeding(Tech) stands for Shrap Bomb. Also note that there are two Vital Shots and they add up to 10.74%. Parsely got updated later so in current world top parse you can see it signed properly:


This is a parse of Naldira @The Red Eclipse and here is a link for you

Differences are not very big, you can see that on Naldira parse Brutal Shots and Sanguinary Shot did slightly more damage. On my parse DoTs and Point Blank Shot did more damage. Even though on Naldira parse Point Blank Shot has higher critical chance than on mine. This explains why Naldira’s parse is not perfect – if you look at the ability usage page, here is a comparison for you.

My parse:


Naldira parse:


I’ve cut the other abilities because they don’t matter for the comparison I want to show. Look at the Average Time column, Naldira’s Point Blank Shot, Shrap Bomb and Vital Shot cooldowns are not synced. You can see 0.9 second difference on Shrap Bomb and Vital Shot usage, this means that Shrap Bomb got clipped multiple times. If you also look at the rotation, DoT re-appliance gets very messy there.

On my parse it is quite clear – both DoTs are on 22.6 cooldown and Point Blank Shot is on 11.2, so after each 2nd Point Blank Shot – 22.4 I reapply DoTs. There is a 0.2 seconds difference, but this is not as big as on Naldira’s parse.

Although I mess a lot with Upper Hand management and you can see it down below in example video. This is probably the reason Naldira has more Brutal Shots damage than me – my Upper Hand management is average.

Example Video

It is always cool to see somebody performing this rotation in action. I don’t have the opportunity to capture anything right now, but I found one old video with me performing this rotation. Video example is actually very bad, at that time I was using Get The Bulge on dummy, but it can still give you approximate vision of the Discipline:


Note: If somebody can capture level 65 parse with a better rotation – you are welcome to give Dulfy link to get this section of a guide updated.

PvP Performance

Regular Warzones

If you play Ruffian in regular warzones, you will most likely end up with high damage output because of multiple DoTs ticking on multiple targets. If you are number farmer, pick yourself a pocket healer and queue in this Discipline. There are 3 main problems you always encounter in regular warzones:


Unlike Scrapper, you don’t get god mode when you roll. You get Scurry so you can heal yourself. This is very little and lets just accept that Scrapper is surviving much better than Ruffian. To alleviate this, you better take maximum survivability utilities. You absolutely must take Surprise Comeback because you have only 90 seconds cooldown on Pugnacity while other Disciplines have 120 seconds. Then I would recommend picking a lot for Defense Screen since this is your most universal cooldown.

As it goes for gameplay, play it safe. Ruffian is one of the squishiest Disciplines in the game. Try to avoid getting attention, hurl your DoTs from behind the pillar and only do your normal rotation if you are not focused. If you are focused – run away, you are very mobile and have many ways of escaping. Use your stuns both offensively and defensively – with proper utility you have 30 seconds cooldown on a hardstun and this is great.

Stuns. You are going to hate stuns, Scoundrel DPS are the most vulnerable to stuns in the game. Consulars and Troopers have an option of damage reduction while stunned, Consulars can also Phase Walk while stunned and sages can Barrier. Gunslinger, Shadow and Sentinel have immunities to stuns, Guardian can use Focused Defense while stunned. Scoundrel healer can at least have some HoTs on himself and they keep ticking while he is stunned. Scoundrel DPS can do nothing while stunned.

Doing damage

This is easy. If enemy team has no tank, you just DoT everything and focus rotation on one poor guy. Remember that you are doing huge internal damage, half of the defensive cooldowns barely affect your damage – watch out for Purges, you should reapply your DoTs if somebody uses a Purge. Also don’t rely on Sanguinary Shot much, this is not PvE. You don’t get to trigger it too much, use it mostly as 10m Upper Hand builder, not as prioritized DPS ability.

If enemy team has a tank, it is still very fun. Always keep DoTs on tank and a target he guards. This way you get rid of tank extremely fast because all tanks are vulnerable to internal/elemental damage.

If you are not into number farming and need to actually kill something, don’t keep DoTs on more than 2 targets unless you occasionally DoT spread. It allows you to focus more damage on target you need to kill.

If you are being kited, start putting DoTs on other targets or heal yourself – don’t waste your time, you have too much 30m range abilities to just stand and wait for root to go off.


This is not the best Discipline for playing objectives. You are still stealth and can guard something very good, but Scrapper is slightly better for it. You can still do great amount of damage and help your team this way. You also have nice offheals, so if you are determined to win the match, you should adapt to your team weaknesses and fill that spot.

Solo Ranked

Don’t do Solo Ranked in Ruffian.

Team Ranked

As it was stated earlier, Ruffian can do great internal damage. This is very good for pressure compositions in Team Ranked, especially the ones with tank tunneling. It also was stated that Ruffian is very squishy and vulnerable to stuns. So playing this Discipline in Team Ranked is not a joke and partially requires your team to carry your poor surviving potential. Same as for regs, let me cover 3 main problems:


Same as in regs, pick maximum survivability utilities and play very safe. You will not lack damage, that is guaranteed. Remember your vulnerability to stuns, don’t get in positions where you can be trapped (stunned) without a healer line of sight. It is also best for you to play with Sage healer because he can use Rescue ability to save you from stunlock.


Unlike many other Disciplines, Ruffian can focus any class. You are very mobile and versatile, only thing that can mess with your damage are Purges. And they still don’t mess so much. You cannot be kited properly, while rooted you just DoT other enemy players. And if you are still in 10m range with main target, you keep doing your rotation. You don’t care about Oil Slick/Riot Gas because you are barely doing any Ranged attacks. As it was stated earlier, your Brutal Shots still do internal damage if initial ranged attack misses. And internal is what matters – it is not affected by armor, it hits through it.

You always want to keep DoTs on tank because all tanks (even Shadow) are very vulnerable to your DoT damage. Then, you want to focus target the most dangerous player in the enemy team. If enemy team has a very good DPS – go on him, if enemy team has a very good healer – pick that one. Why so – it is explained in next section.


You have 30 seconds hardstun if you pick utility. Only Scoundrel and Gunslinger have this option, but Gunslinger can barely utilize it. This means, you can do a hardstun on enemy’s most dangerous target every 30 seconds and this buys you tons of advantage.

Next, utilize your Flash Bang. Most of the time you end up using it in a row with teammates to keep either enemy tank or healer inactive.

You are going to roll a lot, so you will have Scurry quite often, be cautious about your teammate’s HP and use Kolto Pack on them if required.

Always use your Smuggle in the beginning of a round. This prevents enemy team from using multiple pull trick and you get the advantage of starting fight.

Be very careful with enemy DPS, use your Defensive Screen in preventive manner to help healer and tank in your team to keep you alive. Do not use your stunbreaker for DPS purposes – save it for defensive.

Overall, Ruffian is not the best Discipline for Team Ranked. It is also not the worst – Scrapper is worse for instance, it cannot do enough damage if enemy team knows what kiting means. If enemy team runs Powertech/Vanguard tank, Ruffian will be extremely painful for them. Out of all pressure Disciplines Ruffian is far not the worst, but still not close enough to Balance. I’d argue its viability on par with Serenity, because Serenity has very little internal damage – only Sever Force and Force in Balance. Ruffian is for sure harder to play than Serenity though.

About the Author

I am Ironballs (aka Nom) and I am Ukrainian. My scoundrel name is Bully, people may also know me by names Yummy and Thetable. My twitch name is nom_nom_nom_nom (four times, very important).I am founder and the guild master of <Ninja Looters> @The Progenitor.I am playing this game since open beta and bla-bla-bla nobody cares about the author anyways, if I were you I would not read that far.

I enjoy Ruffian gameplay and I recommend all DoT Discipline lovers to try Ruffian.

Thanks to Dulfy for hosting this guide and thanks to all the people who tolerates my personality on a regular basis.Thanks to Naldira for providing the example parse and agreeing on detailed analysis. Cheers to NeNiMel for rating Utilities in his Mercenary healing guide, I’ve taken it as a great example. Not that I have asked a permission or anything, but Ukrainians are barbarians anyways, so don’t expect me to be better.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

149 replies on “SWTOR 4.0 Ruffian Scoundrel Guide by Ironballs”

Nice guide! Thanks for you work ( people will say that later anyway so I am also going to point out that your own parses with newer gear would be nice 😛 But the guide itself is well done)!
Also nice to see people from Progenitor writing guides, shows that our server is not as bad as some people think.
Will you be writing Scrapper by any chance?

Thank you all for your kind words.
I don’t think I’ll be doing Scrapper guide. I definitely won’t do PvP Scrapper guide because I am not so good at it. As it goes for PvE Scrapper, I am just not fan of disciplines that depend on crits too much. I am not giving them enough attention to learn them and lay out my understanding in a guide. I hope somebody with better dedication will do Scrapper guide.

Lovely guide especially your pvp tips.. I love all DoT specs and Ruffian/Lethality is one of my favs ,but as you mentioned, survivability is an all time low with them.. So, this should brace me by quite a bit.
Keep up the good work!

Nice guide. A lot of people beat up Ruffian for being weak but I love it. Sure it may not beat out other DPS classes, but its one of the most fun AC’s to play imo. And if played right, can definitely be beast enough. The only flaw is, as you said, we need MAJOR AoE love! Devs hate us in that department.

There are enough 5000+ Parses online for Lethality/Ruffian. Played right it is on top level and very fun. I can*t understand how so many people are still complaining. Maybe it’ll take some time. I remember years ago when everyone said you should never play an assassin because they are so horrible and many people avoided them in raids. Just look at how many people are playing them today and the love for them.

If you use Get the Bulge, you can get at least 5 Brutal Shots within the Sanguinary Blast window. It actually is a pretty nice opener

Naldira’s delay on Point Blank Shot isn’t a mistake. If you use PBS on cool down, you end up massively delaying Blaster Whip and significantly delaying Sanguinary Shot (even with a gap between dots). This translates into far, far less Brutal Shots usage, which turns out to be a DPS loss. You also get worse quantizing from Unfair Advantage, and the proc appears significantly less in your parse (translating into even less Brutal Shots).

PBS is an amazing ability, and it comes darn close to being your hardest hitter, but it conflicts with everything else you want to do. For this reason, you can only use it when you have enough time and little enough Upper Hand that you’re not going to end up delaying an UH generator in a few seconds. In other words, Brutal Shots > PBS.

Raulos and I did a ton of testing on this point a few months ago. He and I both really wanted a rotation with more PBS usage, which is why the Cheap Shots proc exists at all, but even with the old 20% Cheap Shots rather than the current 10%, using PBS on cool down was an appreciable dps loss.

On a sidebar, multiplication distributes over addition, which means that small hits benefit from crit just as much as large hits do. In fact, in a sense, crit is MORE valuable with small hits since it generates less variance (lots of small-impact crit rolls vs fewer game-changing rolls). Power is simply worse than crit and even alacrity right now. I definitely wouldn’t recommend augmenting for it.

KBN, it has been a long time. I wanted to say something personally. I hate your tanking guides.
Now back to Ruffian. You can use Sanguinary Shot, PBS and both DoTs on cooldown without a delay – it is said so in a guide which you didn’t fully read (just as other guides that you keep criticizing).
Blaster Whip is simply a lower priority – I’ve run tons of tests myself. Blaster Whip is not a bleed effect (unlike PBS), it doesn’t proc Sanguinary Shot inside its debuff time. It also deals completely miserable damage and you have enough Upper Hands to manage. Rotation you propose is undoable in real fight. My rotation may still not be the best DPS wise, but it is very easy to perform. Choose yourself and if you choose your tunnel rotation, dummy is for you – don’t do any OPS, please. If you find somebody with gear who will perform your rotation – make sure he outparses Naldira. Otherwise, all your theorycrafting is not worth it.

About power/crit. Crit is still RNG and I’ve just described in a guide the difference. If you didn’t read it or didn’t understand it, I have nothing to add. I don’t trust RNG Crit. Just like I don’t trust your low Shield Rating in tanking guides. I play safe and I want to have stable DPS, does not have to be the best DPS.

Forgive my hate if you can – I’m trying to keep it to myself as much as I can. I don’t want any drama here, so I’ll probably have to stop answering your messages. Hope it won’t surprise you too much.

I hate my tanking guides too. So much over-simplified. So much left out. But it’s a guide, and that’s what guides do.

Blaster Whip in and of itself doesn’t do very much damage, as you point out. However, *Brutal Shots* does. You want a rotation which maximizes Brutal Shots as much as possible, because it simply does more damage than anything else provided you’re keeping Sanguinary Shot on CD. That means optimizing Blaster Whip, both because it gives you more Upper Hand over time, and because you get closer to the ICD on Unfair Advantage. (you can never *hit* the ICD on UA, because Blaster Whip has a 6 second CD and the ICD is 10 seconds, but you can get close)

I don’t “tunnel rotation”. If I can raid lead, use utilities (like off heals and off rez), target swap intelligently and execute on the most mechanically intensive fights in the game all while keeping up my rotation, there’s no “tunneling” in any sense of the word. My rotation isn’t that hard to keep up if you’re able to a) remember a priority queue, b) have some sense of timing, and c) glance at the boss’s debuff bar every so often. It’s significantly easier than optimizing Kinetic Ward usage, actually.

BTW, screwy audio (sorry; I’ll see if I can fix that at some point), but here’s a 4.0 parse video:

The opener for a dummy is as follows:

(stealth) PBS > SB > VS > SS + Stack the Deck > BW + Adrenal > BS > BS + Pugnacity > BS > BW > BS > Stealth + PBS > BS > SS > BS > BW > (dots and next cycle)

On a boss, where I want Stack the Deck faster for other raid members:

(stealth) PBS + Stack the Deck > SB > VS > SS + Pugnacity + Adrenal > BS > BW > BS > BS > BS > BW > Stealth + PBS > BS > BS > SS > BW > BS > (dots and next cycle)

Regarding crit, yes, it does increase variance. Ruffian already has extremely bounded variance because of its “numerous small hits” property, so crit has less of an impact in that regard than most other specs. In general, the variance increase from crit isn’t that high (for Ruffian; can be murderously high for other disciplines, like Gunnery). Similarly, the DPS impact of stacking some power isn’t that high, though it is a noticeable loss. No boss in the game is going to punish EITHER side of the tradeoff, so it’s perfectly justifiable to go in either direction.

I don’t really take offense at your words, so no worries about drama. It’s your guide, and you can recommend whatever you want to. Your rotation IS simpler and probably a lot easier to maintain if DoT tracking isn’t your thing. I wouldn’t recommend it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. I was just taking unction to the snipe at Naldira’s PBS usage, which seemed unjustified to me given that your PBS usage is suboptimal, not the other way around.

Since I killed Revan pre-4.0 (when it was significantly harder) on all three roles, I’m not sure why you would think your comment has any bearing on my personal skill.

Post-4.0 boss kills are irrelevant.

KBN, the only thing I agree with: post-4.0 kills are irrelevant. Im sorry, my logic can’t agree with anything else you say.

Great job Ironballs! Proof that experience and competence will always be better with a solid clear than “supposedly” doing top damage in boss fights that some don’t even clear!

Clearing something doesn’t, in any way, equate to being right or wrong. You could have the greatest player in the game at a certain spec still manage to clear something with hilariously wrong stats for what they should be using. Does that make them right? No. It makes them skilled enough to be able to pull through despite their incorrect gearing.

It all boils down to the fact that it’s a guide. A guide is intended to introduce new players to a spec so that they can go from there and improve themselves. Giving them incorrect information to go of off isn’t going to aid them in any way whatsoever, and not using crit on a sustained DoT spec in 4.0 is the most ignorant thing I think I’ve read so far in this expansion.

I don’t believe it’s incorrect, just a matter of preference. But yes, of course clearing something doesn’t mean anything. i mean like, what’s the point of endgame pve? To wipe constantly but pull maximum numbers without achieving victory. Or no, you’re right. Let’s “hypothesize” on how to achieve things without actually ever clearing anything “easy” post 4.0 and keep on bashing people’s guides on helping inexperienced players instead of actually you know, being able to say something once you clear it.

Yes, let’s simply be ignorant and act as if the only thing that matters in clearing a piece of content is DPS or gearing. If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that a hilariously large number of factors influence it. It’s possible for a perfectly competent player, or a group of them (less likely though) to fail to clear something out of no fault of their own.

Or are you going to sit here and tell me that you’ve never once in your life had to carry dead weight around? Because somehow I very much don’t believe that. Now then, you’re more than welcome to go to the top of the comments section and see my breakdown on crit. I think you’ll find it quite useful in understanding how it works, seeing as you apparently don’t.

You’re welcome in advance for the lesson, by the way.

So you’re telling me that in a group of likewise individuals where all follow these theorycrafts from kbn you can’t clear stuff because you have to carry dead weight? if you’re all like minded, then… are all of you bad?

Ah yes, how predictable. When people have no further argument to bring to the table the cards always fall back to the ‘bad’ argument. For the record I’m not even on the same server as Ry and his guild. I’m here of my own accord to laugh at how wrong a bunch of hilariously arrogant people are.

With that said, I again urge you to inform yourself as to how crit works from my post at the top of the page. Until you are no longer ignorant of the stat please refrain from commenting further, as I won’t be wasting my time with the uninformed.

Again, you’re welcome for the lesson.
Have a wonderful day, Mr. Random.

I’m sorry I don’t share your sentiments and encourage people to play to what THEY think is best.. unlike you and Ry’s(?) guild, mine actually clears things following those guidelines. But to each his own.

Thank you and have a blessed day, Mr. Noob.

You don’t need to clear content to understand math, or the reverse. For proof, please see the guide above.

You don’t need to understand theory crafting to beat boss fights (just the bare minimum of gearing distribution) but clearly you don’t get that either, for proof please check kills of actual progression bosses.

I have no idea how progression works thanks for the info 😀

>In 4.0 Critical Rating gives bonus to both Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier. It also gives straight Critical Bonus damage in case some attack has 100% Critical Chance due to some talent/set-bonus. But Ruffian has only one autocrit once per minute from set-bonus. It has no critical bonus damage from the Discipline itself and if you look at the parse you won’t see a single hit going over 10k. Ruffian does damage in multiple hits and their basic value is so little that critical hits don’t pay off. Answering why: lets say your non-critical attack hits for 10k, in that case critical will hit for at least 15k (if you have 0 Critical Rating), difference is 5k. If your non-critical attack hits for 1k, critical hit will be 1.5k, difference is 0.5k. To conclude, little hits don’t benefit from critical much because critical means multiplier, to make small attacks better you need something to add not multiply,something like bonus damage, thus you should invest something in Power, not just Critical Rating.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this paragraph is nonsense and shouldn’t be in a guide.

No Smugglin doesn’t know anything, nothing at all, he’s just a retarded monkey that was just in some no name guild Zorz, nawwwwwww m8 nawwwwwwwwww

Write the new guide then. Put in your time and effort to support why this man’s work should be completely discredited given your personal preference and playing style. Then tell the world how much better you are, even though you probably haven’t cleared anything 4.0 NiM except for writhing horror, am i right?

You guys aren’t even arguing over the same thing.

Theory is saying you don’t need to have perfect stats or a theorycrafting background to clear content.

Hei / smugglin are trying to explain why OPs crit ideas are possibly incorrect.

So, either agree to argue about the same thing or please stop.

“Theory is saying you don’t need to have perfect stats or a theorycrafting background to clear content.”

Thank you Kirin, exactly what I was saying. if you actually read my posts, you’ll see that i’m not saying anyone of them is correct. Albeit it’s ironic that I DO agree with the crit rating gearing method over power. What I don’t agree, was the elitist attitude of people coming in telling this guy he’s absolutely wrong about his personal preference even though they do not have the clears nor the credentials to back this claim. if you’re gonna shit on someone else’s time and efforts, make sure you’re the very best at least on your server or shut the fuck up.

Aside from that, yes, I do agree with the crit, but nonetheless ironballz thank you for putting the effort and doing the work and your guide will help many others.

Just because the hilarity has sort of worn off…

I don’t think Smugglin has cleared anything in 4.0 because he unsubbed before it dropped. He’s been on more world first clears (between his characters) than anyone else in the history of the game, including Revan HM, Dread Masters NiM 16 man (one of two total groups to do it pre nerf), Dread Guard NiM 16 man (pre-pre-pre-nerf), Hateful Entity (only group to clear it pre-180s), just to sample a few.

I’d like you to do a word search in the OP for “KBN” or “KeyboardNinja”. You’ll find one place where it’s mentioned. Clearly not the focus of a very substantial guide. I’d like you to also do a search for anything related to progression. Ditto. And yet, that seems to be the focus of this ENTIRE comment thread. It’s really stupid, honestly. I. Do. Not. Matter.

I deal in facts that I can support objectively. Those facts matter. You can’t (or at the very least, haven’t thus far) support your statements objectively, so you resort to ad hominem. Most adults were trained out of that line of “reasoning” very early in life.

You seem to believe that the validity of someone’s facts is tied directly to the success or failure (in a content tier with zero progression) of the GROUP to which they are attached. To make a sports metaphor, it’s like claiming that Jonny Gomes is the highest authority on playing the outfield since he has been on two of the three most recent World Series winners. (and if you don’t know baseball, for context, Gomes is a legitimately terrible outfielder) It’s equivalent to claiming that Ted Williams was a rubbish player because he only ever played in a single World Series (and lost badly), or Roy Halliday was a terrible pitcher for the same reason.

Theory crafting matters in progression. Ask anyone who has actually done serious (especially world first) progression about how much analysis and theory crafting was involved in getting the kill. It’s clearly not the only thing that matters in progression, just like any individual’s skill (or even the skill of all of the individuals) isn’t the only thing that matters. Is theory crafting the only thing that matters? Not even close, and anyone claiming this is wrong.

This thread is UNBELIEVABLY off topic, and devolved amazingly rapidly into ignorant trolling of individuals not even connected to the OP.

I wanna get involved too 😀
soo i’ll add more sport metaphor:
If u say one cant slam dunk with body fat, you’re WRONG! Charles Barkley did it, Boris Diaw and Zach Randolph does it all the time, to mention good players only
HOWEVER, u dont wanna suggest any rookie to gain fat in order to be an outstanding player, do u?….
let be honest, the guide incudes a reasoning why the author not likes crit, what is simply wrong from a mathematical/statistical POV

I didn’t say anything about more or less progression than anyone. I just pointed out the bad math. 30% crit and 70% crit damage provides exactly the same benefit statistically if you hit 10 times for 10k or 100 times for 1k.

I really don’t understand the narcissism you’re carrying Iron, also, COMPLAINING ABOUT CRIT RNG IN A DOTSPEC?????

You do realize that’s the absolute most counterintuitive idea like, fucking ever?

DoTs = more hits = statistically more even, you’re not exactly betting on life and death with one individual hit by stacking more crit, the more dots you do, the more crit stabilizes, and crit over time stacks up. Going to echo Aelanis and say that while I don’t know much about the discipline, as a player of a dot based sustained discipline, discounting the value of crit because it “doesn’t seem to affect individual dot ticks much” is wildly foolish considering the ENTIRE CONCEPT of dot based sustained disciplines is infact incremental sustained damage, and the idea of it being “unstable” is well, laughable.

Anyone complaining about RNG in any spec in 3.0 and 4.0 needs to be reunited with 2.0 Dirty Fighting Scoundrel and early 2.0 Vengeance Jugg, where RNG was so rampant it’d make anyone complaining about randomness cry and die of a heart attack.

Also, why complain about RNG with a so called “raid friendly rotation?” Crit RNG means incredibly little on bosses in comparison to uptime and you know, actual skill, cause unlike a dummy you can’t just wail on it the entire time.

You are welcome to go back in time to 3.0 and tell any Madness Sorc to stack critical. This is a DoT Discipline and you will get a laugh in your face.

I think I understand the concept, but hey, you think so as well. One of us is wrong. I don’t see a point to argue here, only action can show who is right.

3.0 and 4.0 are completely different. I would’ve laughed in your face if you told me to stack alacrity in 2.0, 3.0 changed the game and 4.0 changed the game. Stop resting on your laurels and maybe you’ll learn something new kid.

Comparing crit when you only had like 25% of it and it didn’t affect your multiplier compared to now where it literally does the lifting of two stats, laughing crit off is just ludicrous.

I don’t see how Crit is changed. It wasn’t good in 3.0 because crits didn’t pay off – Ruffian and Madness lost their Critical Bonus Damage to DoTs. It was not regranted in 4.0. You can’t even get to old 69% Critical Multiplier without hardcapping now. Teach me something if you can, I am listening to your reasons. Also note that I dont say ‘dont stack crit’. I say ‘go 1000 crit and then consider investing other stats’.
Can you also stop being so needlessly offensive? Not that I care one bit, but you are risking to get this discussion modded.

the 69% hardcap is irrelevant when you can get to a percentage of 37.76 and 67.10% for Chance and Multip respectively with about 1200 crit and STILL have 2839 power AND 845 Alacrity.

I don’t have the exact equation, but you need to think of it in simple math terms:

Power adds damage and remains static across gear tiers and expansions, Crit multiplies the damage gained off of power according to how much crit you have. We are now at the point where Crit increases the damage dealt by power enough that 1 point of crit is definitively more beneficial than one point of power because with a statistical average the benefit is significantly higher. I’m not PERSONALLY in possession of the exact equations, that’s a Bant question, but regardless of class (even though the Ruffian cool head problem still exists with crits and resource generation) crit is so good that the potential rotational impact of crit (which is very unique to say, Ruffian or Virulence) is almost irrelevant due to the damage gain.

TL:DR, before, if you have the number 1, adding the number 1 to it gives you 2. Multiplying 1 by 1.5, only nets 1.5. The prior is a simplistic example of power, the latter a simplistic example of crit.

NOW, we have SO MUCH power that it’s almost like if you have the number 3, adding one nets you 4, multiplying by 1.5 gives you 4.5. It’s a simplistic napkin math example but the fundemental concept remains the same.

What’re you talking about? My Assassin in full 208 PvP gear with only 2 crit augs is sitting at 69.8-something percent multiplier for crit and 39.48 percent chance.I’m not even stacking crit augments, so if you think you can’t get past 69% multiplier with the PvE stat budget you’re doing something very wrong.

As for specs, crit is exactly what you should be using on a DoT-based sustained spec. The very NATURE of how crit works dictates that. The more hits (i.e. DoT ticks) you have within a time frame will naturally and automatically translate into more critical hits firing and, thus, more stability and less variance. You seem to want to bring up old expansions, so let’s do that.

2.0 was probably the best time for Infiltration. During that time you COULD stack crit to reach 25% chance. Was it viable? Yes. Was it optimal? No. A power/surge build was the most optimal. This was true for most single target burst specs but especially for Deception, as every ability it does, barring Surging Charge triggering, is one the GCD.

Let’s take 2.0 Madness as a comparison. Reaching the 25% diminishing return point on crit chance was ideal for 2.0 Madness, purely from the nature of being a DoT spec. This is even MORE true post-3.0 due to the added feature of DoT spread. The more DoTs you have going on people means a simple figuring of more damage ticks that are going off within the same time frame. Therefore the higher crit chance you have will translate into more critical hits happening. This will then lead to more overall damage.

It’s really not a difficult concept to grasp. Sustained DoT specs have always benefited from taking decent to large levels of crit and it’s even more beneficial now in 4.0 with the combination of crit and surge into a single stat.

I am pretty sure Ninja Looters and Ironballs respectively do not rely on equations to clear bosses, but instead on skill, awareness, practice, and persistence. They, unlike your guild, did not acquire off server help to clear content their equations could not. Theory crafting does not equate to clears, “only actions” do.

Then he shouldn’t tell people how to gear, if he’s going to write a guide he better be willing to back up his opinions and ideas, it’s what every guidewriter on this site has done and will always do if they want to keep their guide.

I’m never going to expect anything I’m going to say to be automatically taken as fact, because that’s A: dumb, and B: unrealistic.

Go and test my stats in comparison with your stats. If you haven’t done that yet, I wonder why you waste your time on this comments. I dont think I should answer more of your comments, because you are clearly whiner type, not action type.

A guide is not a person telling people what to do, but instead suggesting what to do based on things they have personally found that works. You and your guild mates have come on this page to berate a person that took time out of his life to try to help players in this game. However, approaching the situation with, “hey, i may not agree with this, have you tried this?” to lead a civilized discussion is not what is going on here. Instead, people are being “narcissistic”, “elitist”, “dumb”, and “unrealistic” (your words not mine) to debate this.

Come on now, Rydarus, you’re not here with the interests of other people in mind. You’re here because your ego compels you to take whatever chance you can get to prop yourself up and put other people down. You brought up this guide first to KBN, and then jumped into the conversation looking to pick a fight. You jokers in Aisthesis have really reached a new low.

Aye, all these guys in Aisthesis really just bash people on the web. I guess they’re that way because they play on Ebon Hawk and no one clears anything over there so they are the top dogs.

They’re not the top dogs on TEH, and I could explain why, but that’s a somewhat different discussion. It’s mainly their hubris and jingoism that really make them kind of a laughing stock to everyone else. It’s an almost cultish environment over there, with most of the vocal individuals rallying behind their Dear Leader KBN (and trying desperately to emulate him). It’s basically a huge hugbox (I just learned that term), and they don’t actually need content clears to act in this way, just the constant and blind support of each other.

Oh, I didn’t actually see the shout-out in the middle about my rotation. 🙂 I can assure you that I do play with that rotation, though things drift around imperfectly on boss fights (notably, PBS and Blaster Whip get a bit weird). Not to appeal to elitist authority, but I did kill Revan with my rotation (>500k on core), so it can’t be ALL bad.

I will say that, every time I play Ruffian, I have a nagging feeling that there’s something which could be optimized a bit more. Some of the tradeoffs are really non-linear, and I would theorize that there are situations where using Blaster Whip early and capping on UH might be the right way to go, since it opens up a GCD for a PBS without sacrificing a Brutal Shots under Sanguinary Shot under certain circumstances. Things like that. I also like to think about whether or not lower crit builds (I currently run relatively high crit, and I don’t like it) would be better, since they allow use of Cool Head on cooldown without energy capping.

I didn’t say your rotation is bad. I just can’t think of an opener to it that won’t screw up stuff.

In ops I only use use Blaster Whip on 2 UH in 2 cases:
-I need speed buff
-I have Unfair Advantage off CD.

Im not exactly sure about Power, but going high Crit just seems wrong. Must try it first, then judge. Need to make sure gearing section gets updated when people with gear come to agreement.

“In 4.0 Critical Rating gives bonus to both Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier. It also gives straight Critical Bonus damage in case some attack has 100% Critical Chance due to some talent/set-bonus. But Ruffian has only one autocrit once per minute from set-bonus. It has no critical bonus damage from the Discipline itself and if you look at the parse you won’t see a single hit going over 10k. Ruffian does damage in multiple hits and their basic value is so little that critical hits don’t pay off. Answering why: lets say your non-critical attack hits for 10k, in that case critical will hit for at least 15k (if you have 0 Critical Rating), difference is 5k. If your non-critical attack hits for 1k, critical hit will be 1.5k, difference is 0.5k. To conclude, little hits don’t benefit from critical much because critical means multiplier, to make small attacks better you need something to add not multiply,something like bonus damage, thus you should invest something in Power, not just Critical Rating.”

Each time you apply a dot effect, it hits quite a few times. At 60% adjusted crit (relics, buffs, see Hatred) and 66% surge, on a dot that hits for 1,500 damage 7 times, you would average 14,658, versus 12,810 with no critical (and the same power, alacrity, etc., because I’d need to be on my computer to see that difference). Now, consider that you may apply this effect ~20 times on a 1.5 million damage run, and you end up doing ~37,000 damage less. I can guarantee you that a ~10% difference in tech power won’t make up that whole difference. Is the end difference in DPS huge? No. But assuming critical rating is bad because your abilities that hit *hundreds* of times don’t add much damage per hit on a critical hit is a wildly flawed argument.

In utilities, you mention stealth rezzing an ally. I would like to put out there, purely for information, that a single dot, or hot, tick on an enemy, or in-combat ally, will put you in combat, which would mean that you need to let all dots, and hots, fall off of all of your targets to perform a stealth rez. Leave it to Scrapper or Infiltration to manage that, they’ll die less on the inside from the damage loss on a successful dirty rez.

Other than that, I don’t know enough about the rotation or Discipline to comment usefully on it.

As I said earlier to KBN, I want stable DPS, not the best. So 12,810 suits me better than approximate 14,658. I am talking from experience, not from formulas. Trusting crits in non burst spec is bad. Running no crit is also bad, but stacking tons of it for DoT specs doesn’t make sense – you don’t always have dot ticking 7 times, sometimes first 3 ticks matter more than last 4.
Thanks for your input about stealth res. I should have better said that myself in a guide. It is still possible to stealth res in Ruffian, but I agree that it is more challenging than in Scrapper or Infiltration.

Good guide, even though I don’t play that class it gave me good insight on how to play against it. I liked that you described everything. Well done.

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What I always thought was hilarious was the difference in rotation difficulty.

Scrapper is like… 8 skill rotation.
Ruffian is like…. 80 >_>

So let me get this straight. This is a “guide” (quotations for a good reason…..) that is telling people not to stack crit, on a DoT based damage spec, which even has its main bursty hit being comprised of three separate hits…..?

I don’t think you understand how crit works. DoTs by their very nature benefit heavily from crit. It’s simple. The more hits you have in the same window of time the more benefit you get from crit as there are many more hits taking place to benefit from that crit rating. This leads to less variance and a much more stable overall crit string. Let’s compare to a single target spec like Infiltration.

Within a 4 GCD (6 second) window, looking at the maximum hits possible (not maximum damage necessarily) you get the following;

Infiltration – 8 hits (4 uses of Voltaic Slash, doing two ticks each)
Ruffian – 36 hits (4 uses of Brutal Shots for 3 ticks each = 12, estimating both DoTs ticking twice during this window for another 4 ticks = 16, adding Sanguinary Shot adds another 20 ticks so you’re left with a grand total of 36 damage ticks in a 4 GCD window)

[Keep in mind that Sanguinary Shot ticks on every single Brutal Shots or DoT tick. Brutal Shots ticks thrice per use and is used 4 times in this window. That means that each tick generates a Sanguinary Shot tick, totally 3 ticks each use, for 4 uses for a total of 12 ticks. Then each DoT tick grants a Sanguinary Shot tick, with each DoT ticking twice during this that’s an extra two ticks from each DoT, totaling 8 ticks]

Let’s look at the data, shall we? A maximum total of 8 hits versus a maximum total of 36 hits within the same 4 global window. Just going off of pure logic at this point, which sounds LOGICALLY more beneficial from a higher crit chance? I’ll answer for you, it’s the 36.

That’s a total of 28 ticks of damage more than the per-GCD spec gets off in the same time. In other words that’s an extra 28 instances of damage occurring in which you have a chance for a critical hit to happen. When you take this into account it equates to a much higher overall amount of critical hits than a per-GCD spec would be getting with equal percentage of crit chance purely due to the increased number of CHANCES for a crit to happen.

It is this very nature of a DoT based spec, especially Ruffian with how many times it gets to tick during Sanguinary Shot windows, that crit rating is nothing more than the obvious choice. It makes nothing but pure logical sense, as well as mathematical sense, to run crit in these kinds of specs. How anyone could claim otherwise is beyond me.

Ry is the person to talk to regarding alacrity. I’m of the opinion that it’s a disgusting stat. That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s useful, I just don’t like it and don’t play around with it. Besides I play burst specs so alacrity doesn’t do shit for them.

Alacrity speeds up activation and channel times. I tend to use a good bit of alacrity on my Gunnery Mando, TK Sage, and SS Slinger and those are considered burst specs. I haven’t yet played around much with the stats on my Tactics Vanguard to see how much alacrity does for that.

It may have uses but it’s far from optimal. PvE wise I can see using some simply due to how large the stat budget is, however from a PvP standpoint you’ll want to put all of your tertiary budget into crit and augment for either crit or power depending on whether you want more overall DPS (crit) or higher burst (power).

I don’t PvP unless someone wants to pull 1mil+ healing in a match because I suck so bad at PvP. I use about ~750 alacrity on burst spec, more on DoT spec (PvE obv)

what i read so far that for amost every specc around or above 1100 crit and around or above 800 ala is close enough to the theoretical best, that you will be ok for most situations ( except maybe hardcore dummyparsing, as you can see in the comments below many can succesfully raid at nim lvl with non-BiS gear)
however there are more exact numbers in the internet and more adept people to answer this detailedly

This guide proposes you to not get sky high Crit because it is not useful. Your math kind of sucks and I don’t feel like answering to this all, so I will just tell you what is reasonable. My guide suggests you a solution that I have tested and thought of long time – I am not going to explain it several times in different forms for all the people. You are welcome to test my suggestion and compare it to stats you want. Theorycrafting means nothing, especially in PvP. No theory can ever build good enough model to fit in a real fight. Test my stats, compare results, then come here and complain if you have any complaints left.

I’m sorry but you’re simply wrong. Perhaps you should go back to elementary school seeing as you apparently can’t understand basic addition math. As I have stated multiple times by this point; DoTs by their very nature benefit heavily from crit due to the larger amount of hits taking place in the same time frame from which to get a critical hit out of. If that childishly simple concept is beyond your grasp then, frankly, you have no business writing a guide whatsoever. And to be honest I’m starting to question how anyone can take a thing you say seriously since you can’t even understand basic concepts. It has nothing to do with pro or con theorycrafting. It has to do with very basic math that anyone should be able to understand, yet seemingly goes right over your head.

Hey dude. I could take offense for all the bullshit you type, but that would be wrong.
So let me tell you one last time: arguing is pointless. Don’t waste your time arguing. Better do something new to prove your point of view. Commenting is not new, you’ve done too much commenting by now. Stop throwing your concept in my eyes like dust, I’ve understood it from the first time. I have only one thing to back up my concept: it works, I’ve tested your concept and it doesn’t work. If you know better how to run tests – go and do them, then share results.
If you wonder how I came to the understanding my concept, I can explain it to you. But that will be boring and you won’t listen attentively because you think that idea is wrong. So I am not going to waste my time until I see that you are willing to learn something.

Why should I care to learn anything from you? You don’t even comprehend the utterly basic concept of the value of crit in regards to DoTs, and you actually think that anyone who knows even a small bit about this game is going to take you seriously? I’m sorry (I’m really not) but you just sound ignorant at this point. Something working does not correlate to it being correct or even halfway accurate. I suggest you toss out any power augs you have for crit ones and amaze yourself at how much better you’ll do. Until you’re able to understand that, well, I doubt you’ll ever get there.

You aren’t reading my posts, are you? I’ve already tested w/o Power and result was not as good. Learn to read, I am not going to answer any more of your messages.

Also, you call me ignorant but then you compare PvP and PvE stats. It is dumb, because in PvP you have more stat budget – you don’t have to waste 684 rating on Accuracy. You also parsed on Warzone dummy which has way less Armor Rating and Defense/Resist chance.
Too bad I can’t laugh at you because your delusions don’t even amuse me.

I love how you make assumptions. Actually no, I parsed on the fleet dummy, level 65 one. Had I had the accuracy for it I would’ve used the ops one. Also ummm no, PvE gear has a much larger stat budget. Sure you don’t need accuracy for PvP but the difference in item levels and the higher amount of stat per-slot on PvE gear more than makes up for it. Regardless, if you want to keep using an inferior build that’s your choice, but don’t come in here claiming to make a ‘guide’ with blatantly wrong information.

Watch me breaking my word about not answering anymore. I am also going to loose my temper.
You fucking idiot, in 208 gear each piece gives you 137 Alacrity/Critical/Accuracy, that adds up to 1370 plus augments 14*73=1022, in total PvP stat budget for Alacrity/Critical/Accuracy is 1370+1022=2392. 224 gear gives you 168 Alacrity/Critical/Accuracy, so it adds up to 1680+1022=2702. It is bigger, now substract 684 from 2702 and you get 2018 which is fucking lower than 2392. How stupid you must be to not understand this.
And God I swear you just thought about mods, they give more Power in PvE and that is true. But you don’t get to customize them – all mods are same, only stat budget that is worth talking about is customizable one and that is: Crystals, Enhancements, Augments.
My assumption was correct btw, you went on fleet dummy that has no 10% Defense/Resist chance so you can hit it without Accuracy. Operation dummy is the only one where numbers you put out matter, rest dummies are for rotation practice.

I hope next time I will be above this and won’t loose temper, but just so you know, you are not making it easier for me.

Yes yes, come to the dark side. I mean come on, if you can’t even keep your cool over an online discussion in which you can’t comprehend what crit does, how do you expect to function in daily life?

What Hei Atzfel wrote, plus Sanguniary shot – miserable damage?
600 x (20 dot ticks + 4×3 brutal shots ticks) = 19200 damage in 10s = +1920 dps.

Those 32 ticks are enough to apply chrit chance and damage bonus as straight multipliers.
So at 40% crit chance and 70% damage you get to +2457 dps from Sanguniary shots.

“Guides” that tell people basically to forget Sanguniary Shot in PVP is why people claim Ruffian/Lethality has worse damage than Concealment.

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Let me know when you can consistently get enough Sanguinary Shot ticks on a target in PvP. Make sure your target knows how to stun, knockback and line of sight. Also make sure your target knows how to increase its defense chance and parry some of your Sanguinary Shot ticks.

Also my guide points out that Ruffian plays Team Ranked better than Scrapper because Scrapper can be kited easily. Please, make sure you read and understand relevant part of a guide before commenting it.

Scrapper is easier to kite than Ruffian? LOLWUT? You DO realize that Scrapper has full immunity to everything on Scamper, right? That alone makes it harder to kite, and Ruffian’s Scrap Bomb slow doesn’t make up for that. Learn how to Scoundrel please.

Some additional info for all the people: thanks to Naldira best PvE stat testing is over, conclusions will appear in a guide soon enough and you will have something more to rely on. Those stats do not differ much from what currently is in a guide, there are just more details and less maybes. I hope you will like it.

To all Power/Critical discussions&haters: parsing has proved that increasing Power on the price of Critical Rating increases DPS but messes up with energy. In a real fight when you have many pauses and/or multi DoTs, you energy recovers faster and you can use more Power. If you don’t see a reason behind it, you are doing something wrong with this Discipline or your theorycrafting apparatus. More details about exact minimum of Critical Rating will appear in updated version of a guide. I might as well have to mention that increasing Power on the price of Alacrity is a DPS loss, it was a bit of surprise for me to be honest.

According to updated gearing section:

Ruffian is a very versatile Discipline, according to tests investing 400 stats budget in Power on the price of Alacrity and Critical Rating barely changes anything (+/-50 DPS).

So why don’t you keep your poison for yourself?

So you don’t even do the testing for your own ‘guide’ for yourself. Isn’t that neat? Tell me, did you come up with any of this information or did you just ask others? I’m betting on the latter.

With the “full rotation cycle” picture idk the other abilities that are covered up what are they? I wanna know the rotation-rotation

There is no point to make such full rotation-rotation cycle, because:
-Other abilities are priority based.
-You never get to fulfill a full rotation cycle because it lasts 2 minutes and your Pugnacity cooldown is 1m30s. Pugnacity shifts rotation a bit because of its Alacrity bonus and you should use it close to its cooldown (only delaying for some special phase in fight or Adrenal).
-Full rotation cycle only shows that it is possible to use Sanguinary Shot, Point Blank Shot and DoTs on cooldown.

I’ve followed the discussion betweem you, Ironballs, and KBN, Rydarus and Hei. I won’t side with anyone on this.. It has degenerated in a pissing contest with huge egos headbutting. It’s annoying and far from the theorycrafting the argument should have led to.
I’ll just add one thing. The differemce in DPS assumming the exact same rotation between your gearing method favoring power and one favoring crit/alac is under 50 DPS. Assuming a standard deviation of 350 DPS (pretty much standard for a DoTs spec), 95% confidence and 80% power, you’d need 446 parses samples to draw any meaningful conclusion. if the DPS difference is closer to 25 DPS, it goes to 1781 samples… And for 10 DPS difference, 11129 parses.
So neither you nor KBN can prove anything byjust showing achievement and succesful parses. You need huge non discriminated samples to get a decent means and then compare. So… Unless you did the maths, you cannot say if crit is good or bad for DoTs. And since no one here presented the results…. I’ll say I don’t believe anyone but myself. And I say you are both misunderstanding how crit is good for DoTs spec.

More hits = more chances for crit to take place = more benefit from crit. There, crit’s benefit for DoT specs was just explained in one sentence. It’s literally that simple.

Of course it’s not.

More hits means less variance, that’s it. You can assume that with high crit rating you’ll get more stable dps with a DoT Spec than a Burst Spec. Whether or not it’s better than other stats is far more complicated.

I read through a few of your posts and maybe I can clear something up.

Lets say you have a burst ability that hits for 10000. Lets say you have a critical multiplier of 100% so it crits for 20000.

If you have several dots that tick 50 times each for 200 that adds up to 10000.
If all of them crit you’ll deal 20000 damage.

It doesn’t matter how many ticks you get or how often crit is calculated, the damage will be the same if RNG is the same.

No. Takes 1 ability with 7 hits doing 2k damage and another with two hits doing 7k damage each. Assume 100% surge. What can happen with the second ability is :
2 crits : 28k done.
1 crit : 21k done.
0 crit : 14k done.
With the first one :
7 crits : 28k done.
6 crits : 26k done.
5 crits : 24k done.
4 crits : 22k done.
3 crits : 20k done.
2 crits : 18k done.
1 crit : 16k done.
0 crit : 14k done.
So we see our outliers are the same. 14k and 28k.

Now lets try to find out what our average are. Assume 40% crit chance and 100% surge.
mean = damage * (1 + crit) * surge
mean2 = 7k * 1.4 * 1 * 2 = 19.6
mean1 = 2k * 1.4 *1 * 7 = 19.6

So.. Conclusion. More hits doesn’t change the average. So crit doesn’t increase average damage of a multi hit ability anymore than it increase the average damage of a single or two hit ability. It does decrease the variance.

So. No. DoTs spec doesn’t benefit from crit anymore than any other spec. Nor does it benefit any less. By nature, all DoTs specs due to having more hits, thus more samples, have smaller variance.

Smaller variance != DPS increase. It’s litterally that simple.

And most of my post was about you and the Ironballs and a few others arguing without giving thousands or ten thousands data samples or mathematical models we could check out. You were all talking shit over assumptions, false ones at that.

I didn’t say you were right 😉 Just that you both were wrong 😉 Your gearing stats aren’t proved yet. I’m still waiting for the raw undiscriminated 11k samples for each gear set up you tried 😛
But in the end don’t worry about it, Except Kwerty, no one ever posted proved gearing methods here before Bant’s work was made avaible for all.

Well I don’t care if I am right or not. And I am not going to do the samples, you know that.
What I liked though was your math. Too many people in this game don’t know how to do math and it makes me sad.

I know it 😉 You know it. And everyone know it 😉 Point is only way to argue beside doing these samples is to do maths. Not to say it worked for me in x ops or I did x damage on one parse which is by nature an outlier and far from representative. 😉

Not true, since I can link you to my work hosted here that’s older than Bant’s first thread detailing stat calculations, on which Kwerty and I collaborated (a bit). But if you really want to go ahead and make that claim, sure, be my guest.

Sorry I forgot about ya 😛 I indeed forgot about your Deception theorycrafting… I just didn’t know it was also hosted here 😉

Please.. Answer with numbers, math and prove you’re right. if you can’t keep your ego off your opinion. Or can’t argue without it.. Stop arguing with people using maths.

I’ve already proven that OP was wrong but he’s too far on his high horse to understand basic concepts about DoTs and how crit works. Not my problem.

Nobody is arguing that, read properly. The point is that more crit chances don’t matter. It doesn’t improve your dps.

I have a question that not related to gearing and statistic (finally!) 😀
In my guild no one plays seriously scoundrel dps, and when i pug ocassionally i’ve seen a scoundrel dps maybe once in the last 1.5 month. I ony speak abut PVE.
Can someone asnwer me why is that? To my understanding, the spec deals ok damage, better than sages or guardians, maybe better than mandos (not sure about that), but i see way more sage and especially mando, and even guardian too.
So whats the reason behind it? Is it so hard to play, or its bad survivability, or the bad aoe?
I dont have a scoundrel at all just this made me curious lol

This is a very good question and I have been wondering myself for a very long time.
I didn’t find the answer though except that Scoundrel is one of the least played AC. And then there is abundance of Scoundrel healers because those are the only HoT healers in the game. Statistically it indeed leaves little space for Scoundrel DPS. I suspect closest reason is as you stated ‘it is hard to play’. It is not exactly hard to play, but it is hard to figure out how to play in the first place. After figuring out it is plain easy and fun, but majority of people apparently stop at the initial barrier. Again, I am not sure if this is a correct answer.

your answer was fine 🙂

One more thing came to my mind, compared to other disciplines this spec is more difficult than many, and the results are still not stellar. This tier BioWare made the easiest specs the strongest (except watchman maybe). Probably everyone expect the effort/results ratio to be really poor, and that shies away people..

I had (past tense!) two Scoundrel dps’s in the past, deleted them both and now giving it another try for the 3rd time. I’m not optimistic that I will like it this time but still…
Solo pve play is all I do (or rather did) with my Scoundrel and both dps specs are horrible for that purpose (in my opinion). First and foremost your AoE is non-existent, which is the most important thing while clearing trash mobs in solo play. I can’t think of a worse class to be honest (Star Fortress is a pain with Scoundrel dps for example).
Then the DoT based Ruffian spec is -as also mentioned in this guide- probably the worst choice for solo play. Scrapper is so-so, but then you just cycle between the same 3-4 abilities and you need to be behind your target which mostly limits you to use a tank companion.
Finally your healing isn’t that great either. Commando and Sage dps’s can heal their companions quite well when needed in solo play, but Scoundrel is just… meh.
And did I mention your AoE is non-existent?
Scoundrel is actually quite fun to play as a healer but dps specs are simply bad, boring and unfun. But of course, that is my opinion. I rather play one of those “cool” space wizards with shiny laser swords, or go Gunslinger and act as if I’m a space cowboy, or wear heavy armor and carry a big and mean assault cannon that makes some serious noise. But Scoundrel? Yeah, well…

Thanks for the guide!

I remember your post on the Progenitor forums over a year ago where you promised it 😛

What do you think about the 4.0.3 changes where Lethality gets nerfed again? “Lethality – Cut Down no longer increases the damage dealt by Corrosive Assault.”

Seems like it would knock ~3-4% off your dps. Will it still be better than Concealment?

You are welcome!

Wasn’t exactly a year, I think it was in June or something =P As it appears waiting for 4.0 with posting was a better idea than posting it for last several month of 3.X.

4.0.3 changes…that is -5% damage dealt by Corrosive Assault. I don’t think it is a big difference, it will just make people rely on DoTs, Sanguinary Shot and other abilities more. Of course there will be a DPS difference. Definitely not 3-4%, because Corrosive Assault is at ~42% of total DPS. So it is like 5*0.42=2.1; 2.1% DPS loss on dummy and more/less in real fight depending on the fight type and your gameplay. So if current world top parse is 6945, after patch it is going to be 6945*(1-0,021) = 6799.

If it gets even with Concealment on DPS, it won’t make a big deal. These Disciplines were always close in DPS, the difference between them is in the gameplay, not the number output. Lethality has DoTs, long-term multitarget damage and mobility. Concealment has better burst, survival and can easily deal with low HP targets.

Nice guide, I noticed no one has put any 4.0 guides on Scrapper yet, I hope to see one soon if that class is viable right now, I am finally trying one out.

For PvP purposes
A Great guide. However I really disagree on the Masterful utilities. Stoping power can serve you very well unlike Scrapper you are more ranged spec and as you mentioned scoundrel has a poor survivability. So it is a good idea to keep melees on distance. Plus Tendon Blast has quite small coldown, so it will help you to keep enemy on distance frequently. Moreover chaing such enemies as healers or ranges (meaning real rangers like Merc, Sniper) it will help you to temporary stop them from hiding and running, so you can hit them more.
Dirty Trickster seems to me very essential as well. As you mentioned having a low survivability especially being focused scoundrel do need to be more mobile and leave focus as soon as possible. So Dirty Trickster can serve really well in avoiding Master Strike (Ravage) or stopping effects (Sever Force or Leg Shot and many other stopping abilities). Plus coldown is not that long, so it will grant you a some survivability.
Your utilities have a point as well, but imho these utilities grant better survivability and practical apllication.

Utilities vary very much depending on solo q, premade or ranked. And of course your own playstyle, that is why I did not intend to give a list of “must” utilities instead describing how good and bad each of them is. I agree that Dirty Trickster comes in handy both defensively and offensively and Tendon Blast is still a good ability to use. Even w/o utilities I quite often use Tendon Blast, just because there are situations when target is high hp and you have nothing else available. Quick Shot won’t finish target – I need to get closer to it first.

But we havent met. My comments were right, ironballs what are joke. Do us a favour take this silly guide down with your ironballs.

This guide is horrible i cant understand one bit of it! Just delete this guide and get out of dulfy lile seriously wnat to make a guide go on youtube and make one there

Ha, no. In solo you don’t pick your team and the situations are far different. Also, a tank is not guaranteed. And.. poor players. Thankfully PvE-geared people can’t queue anymore as of the post-S4 patch.

If you don’t understand the guide you might have to acquire some basic knowledge about the class first.

Even though this guide is very detailed it’ll be hard to get it when you have no idea what you are doing.

following this guide in gearing makes no since maybe you can help me here. if i use only 3 enhancements or use just the ear and implants im at 400 so there is not way to be below 400 with out removing one of those items which then drops me to 2 something and even with an augment you cant reach 300. Crit wise you cant reach 1200 unless you you do 4 crit augs instead of 3. so how are you getting 400 or less alacrity and 1200 crit using your guide.

Your comment on Supplemented Medpac doesn’t make that much sense. It’s insanely important in helping lethality/ruffian fill its role. It’ll never have the burst utility of concealment/scrapper, it’s more a master-of-none spec. What it DOES do better than anything else I can think of is team support and objectives. Whether you’re solo or in a group, doesn’t matter, lethality is the most reliable objective carrier I can think of. It’s practically impossible for me to lose a solo fight in it, making it a very nice defense spec and also great for luring enemy defenders to an offnode.

Carrying the ball on top of that, and I’d imagine the extra 6% passive DR will serve very nicely in the new warzone coming now as well. Not really any other worthwhile utility in that category, save for the aggrodrop rootbreaker. If you’re not offhealing like mad between your burst (because what else do you have, save for worthless fillers?) then in my view you’re not playing the spec right.

It’s an incredibly versatile class on top of that – if you have lots of healers, you can focus on DPS and healer suppression. If you don’t have enough healing, you can keep probes up and spam your free kolto infusion. Your team will love you eternally.

Since no one has posted a concealment/scrapper guide I’ll post my own humble rotation here:.
Terms are in concealment (operative) speak. Translate scoundrel terms for scrapper equivalent.

BS= Backstab
VS= Veiled Strike

Basically it is one rotation consisting of 2 X (4 ability 6 second blocks).
with a mini-rotation of 3 filler abilities in the same spot in each block.

Block A:

Block B:

For the filler rotation, priority is this:
Volatile Substance
Crippling Slice
Rifle Shot

Only when you have Adrenaline Probe available or within 20 seconds of coming off of cooldown,

(and only then otherwise it will wreck your energy and destroy your rotation),
replace the rifle shot in your filler rotation with:
Stim Boost + Lacerate
Corrosive Dart
Corrostive Dart + Adrenaline Probe.

then back to using rifle shot for filler until adrenaline probe is within 20 seconds of coming off cooldown again. This could be considered your burst filler rotation.

So for an opener, backstab from stealth, block B twice, then right into the regular A-B rotation starting with your burst filler rotation and then back to regular filler rotation. It will be easy to see which filler to use by what is on cooldown and whether adrenaline probe is up, and you should always have a TA available for Laceration when you need one.

For PVP this is a great guide. Especially for a class that few play and very hard to find 4.0 information on. I applaud your recommendation of all power augs and utility choices. Once I had those tweaks I went from hating scrapper/lethality to thoroughly enjoying it. I never realized they have the longest duration dots in the game. Thank you.

Would someone explain why you need 110% Accuracy and not just 100%? How do you have more than perfect accuracy? 100% should be 100%.

I know its late but, if you look at the character sheet and hover the pointer over accuracy it says that when accuracy goes over 100%, it starts reducing the enemy’s defense. I think bosses have a 10% defense chance so the 10% is for that. Not so sure though, that’s just how I understood it.

It defends on the fight. In single target fights or multi-target fights consisting of enemies with high health (Bestia for example) ruffian is the way to go. For fights with several weaker enemies (Draxus) or where burst is required (Raptus NiM) scrapper is the best.

Is this build still viable? I’m getting back into the game and I need a scoundrel build so bad, I can’t find any that aren’t from 80years ago.

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