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GW2 PvP League Begins on Dec 1

GW2 PvP Leagues begins on Dec 1 with your chance to earn the new legendary backpack that also act as a glider.

Hello, Heroes of the Mists!

December 1 marks the start of our very first Player vs. Player League season! The PvP League is an eight-week season where players face off to progress through their division, earning rewards and gaining prestigious items along the way. Our previous blog on leagues has most of the details you need, but we have some further information here to get you going.

Getting Started

If you’re a veteran player, all you need to do is queue up for ranked play from the PvP panel. New players will first need to reach rank 20 in PvP by playing unranked. Mode preferences work for league play, so you can choose to play Conquest, Stronghold, or both. To see your progress, division rules, and upcoming rewards, click on the crossed-swords icon at the top of your screen and click the “League” tab.

Winning a match will earn you a point toward the next tier or division. Matching up against tougher opponents can earn you points for getting close to winning and multiple points for pulling off an upset, so it’s always worth it to play your best and never give up!

PvP League Rewards

As you work your way through the tiers and divisions in the PvP League, you’ll earn rewards. All league play will advance reward tracks. Crossing tiers in the league will earn you gold, shards of glory, transmutation charges, and dyes. Crossing into a new division will also earn you PvP League tickets, which can be spent at the League Vendor to purchase unique items for PvP, components for the PvP legendary backpack, shards of glory, and even llama minis! A new division also means a new badge that will show up on your nameplate, letting others know how skilled you are in PvP.

The first set of unique items obtained in League play is the Wings of Glory, a set of wings based on the Glorious armor set that gets progressively bigger and more exciting as you work your way through the series. Obtaining each pair of wings requires the previous tier, so enjoy each one along the way.

The Path of the Ascension

When the PvP League season begins, everyone will have an opportunity to follow the Path of the Ascension to earn the new PvP legendary backpiece. To create the Ascension, you’ll need the Gift of the Competitor, the Gift of Skirmishing, the Gift of Fortune, as well as the precursor, the Wings of Legend.


The Gift of Fortune already exists to craft other legendaries, but the Gift of Skirmishing is new. To forge the Gift of Skirmishing, you’ll need to collect vision crystals, shards of glory, certificates of support (which can be purchased from the League Vendor), and a perfect mist core that is forged from fragments that are being added to the Glorious Reward Track. If you already have all the armor you need from the Glorious Reward Track, you can choose an extra mist core fragment as your final reward instead to help accelerate you on your path.

The Gift of the Competitor is based on completing achievements. You’ll find these in the Competitive section of the achievement panel. Each achievement category related to the Path of the Ascension has a meta-achievement that provides a straightforward checklist of things you need to do to earn it. These achievements require league play, so make sure to jump into Ranked Arena during the league season.

To obtain the Wings of Legend, you’ll need to earn the entire Wings of Glory series. Once you have the full set of four, you’ll be able to forge them into the Wings of Legend.

Once the Gifts of the Competitor, Fortune, and Skirmishing have been collected and you’ve earned the Wings of Legend, you’ll be ready to create the Ascension. In addition to being a beautiful backpiece with legendary level stats, the Ascension will also function as a glider and have some special animations only available to legendary backpieces.

The Ascension is designed to reward investment in PvP by any player and will require more than one season to complete. You don’t need to be the most skilled player to earn it, but highly skilled players will find that they can progress through the Path of the Ascension faster.

Guild Challenger League

To participate in the Guild Challenger League, all you need to do is form a guild team in the guild menu, party up with at least two other members of your guild team roster, and queue up for league play.

The Guild Challenger League (GCL) will award trophies that your guild can display in your guild hall and Guild Challenger League decoration tokens that you can exchange for special decorations only available from league play. Trophies are awarded to the top 250 teams on the leaderboard, and other awards will go out to as many as 1,000 teams, so there are plenty of opportunities to win prizes in the Guild Challenger League.

The Guild Challenger League uses the ELO algorithm for rankings. At the start of each season, ELO will be reset for all guild teams. Your team’s ELO score will decay over time due to inactivity, so if you’re serious about making it into the Pro League or looking to earn a trophy for your guild, make sure to stay active during the league season. Decay will not be active immediately during this first season so that we can collect metrics to tune the system, but it will be turned on with plenty of time to affect season standings.

The Guild Challenger League is a direct path into the ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League for you and your team. At the end of the league season, if you’re in the top five teams from the Guild Challenger League, you’ll have the chance to face off against the bottom three teams from the Pro League in the Guild Challenger Cup. If you’re in the top three teams from this tournament, your team will join the Pro League in the next season and compete for a share of $200,000 USD.

At this time, the Pro League’s map rotation consists of Conquest maps. Because the Guild Challenger League is a path into the Pro League, teams entering into the Guild Challenger Cup will need to be able to compete in Conquest. For this reason, only Conquest matches will count toward progress in the Guild Challenger League. Stronghold has proven itself to be popular, and we’ll be evaluating it for inclusion into more competitive play in the future. Until then, you can still play Stronghold as a guild team for personal league progress, guild missions, or just for fun.

With the Pro League offering big prizes for the top-tier players, the Guild Challenger League offering a shot at the Pro League for aspiring up-and-coming talent, and the PvP League giving everyone something to strive for, there’s a lot going on in Guild Wars 2 PvP. It’s an exciting time to be in PvP, and we’re looking forward to spending that time with you in the arena!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Wrong location to complain.

Also, they’re not forcing you to wear them, do they? If you don’t like them, don’t wear them. It’s that simple.

Maybe he is fed up with the fact, that a game he likes playing, that started with a strong medieval/rennaissance setting, has become one big fanfic-steampunk-cosplay-comic-con-circlejerk for “special snowflakes” that look like the latest deviantart piece.

You can argue, that it kinda breaks immersion when xXxCuteBunnyGurlxXx runs by with a colorful scarf, angelwings, bunny ears and a glittering shiny sword while you try to slay some bandits.

Not everyone is into all the mentioned things and Anet is not really trying to hide, that some of their staff really got a thing for this kind of stuff.

I’m so glad I care more about how my character looks rather than what everyone else is wearing. It spares a lot of rage issues and temper tantrums.

I think the fact that Anet is gathering more to these players is also a reason to be angry. It’s good to have both, but recently they’ve only been focusing on one of these groups.

So you are more bothered of what other ppl do than what you do?? , how is it fair for that Bunnygurl to tell her sorry we will take everything away from you since this player doesn’t like it because it breaks his immersion lmao grow up

it’s not like you can’t avoid someone from call his character “Trump The Unstumpable” wearing a noble outfit… he will still look medieval but that name…

your just mad because you suck at PvP and will never get one, i think they are better then the pve legendary backpack and it sounds actually pretty simple to get so works for me

That backpiece doesn’t look any more “gay” than, say, Twilight or Sunrise. And those are probably the most popular/common Legendaries I see on players running around.

Anyway, I’m terrible at PvP too so unless this is something that you can slowly work towards even if you never go beyond Bronze tier, I’ll just be filing this under “things I’ll never be able to get in GW2”. The top PvP players do deserve something unique to show off anyway.

except, he clearly stated what he found gay, Rainbows and frilly stars.
Does twilight or sunrise have any of these two? No
Now lets look at Bifrost and Dreamer. Oh they both have those things.

And ps:
The term was originally used to refer to feelings of being “carefree”, “happy”, or “bright and showy”. Bright and showy, those wings sure are.

I tend to find that it’s closet cases who call everything gay a lot. I think you need to admit your hidden desires PK.

“gay looking back pieces”
I have no idea what that means.
What does “gay looking” mean anyway? Gay people come in all shapes and forms and also genders so idk what’s your deal.
Or is it maybe you don’t like shiny things? Get a hold of yourself, skritt hater. D: Unbelievable!

Apparently he thinks stain-glass is gay, because that’s definitely what the piece looks like if you take more than a split second glance at it. He needs to get over his aversion to color.

if you ever been in a gay parade you must know what he means, that homosexual people can be goth, dark or sad like Oscar Wilde is totally irrelevant, but those wings are totally George Takei kind of gay.

I feel sorry for all the ranked people who end up with me. My builds don’t work anymore -.-
Decent Mesmer back piece. Probably.

If only those legendary back items are tradeable, like the gen1 legendary weapons were tradeable in tp, that would be so cool!

So they said we won’t be able to complete this back piece in one season. So how much do I need to invest in pvp to get everything I need? I’m a terrible pvp player and pvp just isn’t my thing, but I still want the back piece.

If you are a terrible pvp player then i am sorry because it seems you need to be at legendary rank to get some gifts
This is just Arenanets attempt to con players into ranked matches :P, have you seen how many times they give the pvp buff in game to get players to pvp ::D

I assume league standing is account-bound and not character-bound? It seems logical, but there is no mention of this anywhere. I wouldn’t want to be stuck on one character for 8 weeks.

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Those are some ugly looking wings. Charr is making every backpiece look crap Q-Q
Goddamn charr, wish they never were playable.
Yes, obviously I want capes 😉

eee they just gave an additional map to the rotation (not mentioning eotm earlier), all the guild upgrades for wvw, starting with tactivators freezing mists, through the ores finishing on those dune rollers or how were they called. it is also evolving

All in all nothing. The new map is shit for just looks pretty in that’s all. EoTM if u consider that an improvement for wvw i don’t know what to tell u.

Guild upgrades yes. I agree they are good. Other then that? shit. Besides that they don’t implement REASONS to play wvw. I hit dominator like last year….besides that, no actual rewards for investing time in it. PvE got legendary armors and backpacks. PvP got legendary backpacks and a ton of means to get good loot/skins via reward tracks (both on top of new maps, mods, systems etc.)

“Once the Gifts of the Competitor, Fortune, and Skirmishing have been
collected and you’ve earned the Wings of Legend, you’ll be ready to
create the Ascension. In addition to being a beautiful backpiece with
legendary level stats, the Ascension will also function as a glider and
have some special animations only available to legendary backpieces.”

So will this mean Ad Infinitum also feature unique special animations?

Anyone know how much pvp season this year have? For that achievement, if only 3 season, it will need twice ruby rank and 1 diamond rank to get final achievement,but for me it’s not easy :/…. I hope there are 4 season this year…

so if we haven’t gotten the achievements from season 1 yet and say the 2nd season started, would it start us up at season 1 achievements where we left off or we can’t ever go back and finish up season 1? and once we’re finish, continue on to season 2?

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