GW2 Patch notes

GW2 Dec 1 Update Patch Notes

GW2 Patch Notes for the Dec 1 Game Update.

12/01/15 – December 1 Release Notes
World Polish

  • Verdant Brink
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent “Help Faren train to be a swordsmaster” from ending.
  • Auric Basin
    • Fixed a bug in which Sage Volaar’s head would talk over Dawkkurra’s voice in a cinematic.
  • Tangled Depths
    • Fixed a rare bug that would prevent the egg barrel from spawning during “Collect chak eggs so the ogres can research them,” blocking event progress.
    • Reduced the difficulty scaling for “Collect chak eggs so the ogres can research them,” lowering the time it takes to complete with large groups of players.
    • Fixed a bug that would create too many veteran cave spiders during “Escort Nokta into the Great Tree as he looks for potential pets.”
    • Fixed a bug that would cause Nokta the Tracker to exhibit strange movement patterns during “Kill the champion bat so Nokta can return his pets to camp.”
    • Increased the time delay on a chak lurker ambush that would frequently disrupt events just outside of Rata Novus.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the event radius of “Kill nearby mushrooms to provide the Nuhoch’s beetles with food” to be smaller than the area of the event.
  • Dragon’s Stand
    • Fixed a bug in which the northern lane events might continue to cycle even after the Northern Barbed Gate had opened.


  • Fixed a bug in the Underground Facility Fractal that could block progression in the fractal when using teleport skills just before reaching the reinforced door.
  • Heavy supply bags now have a chance to drop in WvW maps.
  • Fixed a bug in which players were able to spend items that had been soulbound to another character at vendors.


  • The Gift of Fortune can now be salvaged into its base materials.
  • Superior Rune of Thorns: Updated the text for the effect this rune set applies for when the wearer is struck by a poisoned enemy.
  • Players are more likely to get the invisible mushroom spore for the profession they are playing as.
  • Loot bags received in Magus Falls now indicate if they are affected by magic find.
  • Fighting the chak gerent in Tangled Depths now has a chance to give chak eggs even if the event fails.
  • Night bosses in Verdant Brink have had their rewards updated.
  • Several boss events in Tangled Depths have had their rewards improved, and they now have a chance to give chak eggs.
  • Updated the map completion rewards for Southsun Cove to better reflect the effort required.

Profession Skills

  • Rebound: Fixed a bug that allowed elementalists to revive when Vapor Form ends.
  • Lucid Singularity: Fixed an issue that caused this trait to not reduce crippled and chilled durations by 100%. Fixed a bug that caused this trait to heal in a radius when completing an overload.
  • Speedy Conduit: Fixed an issue that caused this trait to apply 5 seconds of swiftness instead of the intended 8.
  • Overload Fire: Fixed an issue that caused the effects of this ability to scale with the character’s size.
  • Overload Water: Fixed an issue that caused the effects of this ability to scale with the character’s size.
  • “Wash the Pain Away!”: Reduced the visual noise on the effects associated with this skill.
  • “Flash-Freeze!”: Reduced the visual noise on the effects associated with this skill.
  • “Feel the Burn!”: Reduced the visual noise on the effects associated with this skill.
  • The following skills have had their effects replaced with a new version to reduce visual noise: Frost Aura, Magnetic Aura, Shocking Aura, and Fire Shield.
  • Tempest: Updated overload-readied voice-over to not play as frequently when moving in and out of water.


  • Detection Pulse: Fixed a bug so that the radius of 600 is correctly displayed.


  • Shield of Courage: The text of this ability has been updated to indicate that it blocks all attacks for allies in the area (and the guardian from the front) while leaving the guardian vulnerable from the flanks.


  • Chronomancer—Well of Eternity: Increased the level multiplier for the initial healing on this skill by 25% to match the intended value shown in the skill facts.
  • Illusionary Wave: Fixed a bug that caused the knockback from this skill to occasionally fail when the trait Imagined Burden was equipped.
  • Chaos Armor: The visual effects have been replaced with a new version to reduce visual noise.


  • Reaper—Relentless Pursuit: Fixed a bug that caused the decreased condition reduction to not function correctly while in Reaper’s Shroud.
  • Executioner’s Scythe: Reduced the visual noise on the effects associated with this skill.


  • Ancestral Grace: Fixed a bug that caused this skill to place the player in combat upon completion.
  • Invigorating Bond: Fixed a bug with this trait that was preventing some pet F2 skills from displaying the updated skill facts.
  • Wilting Strike: Fixed a bug with this trait that was preventing some pet F2 skills from displaying the updated skill facts.
  • Go for the Eyes: Fixed an issue that allowed this ability to trigger blindness at an incredibly fast rate. This trait now has a 12-second internal cooldown.
  • Grace of the Land: Updated the skill facts from the effect granted by this trait to correctly reflect that each stack grants 3% damage instead of 2%.
  • Electric Wyvern—Lightning Assault: Updated skill facts to reflect the launch being performed.
  • Bristleback: Fixed a bug causing this pet’s effective health to be greater than intended.


  • Assassin’s Annihilation: Fixed an issue that prevented this trait from showing up in the combat log.
  • Coalescence of Ruin: Fixed an issue that prevented this ability from dealing damage at the very edge of its range. Updated the effects to portray its combat regions more accurately.


  • Weakening Strikes: Updated the trait facts to include the damage reduction from weakened enemies (10%).

Structured Player vs. Player

  • Added game history to the PvP panel’s home tab.
  • Added game history to the guild panel’s guild-team tab.
  • Added an admin list to custom-arena customization.
  • Removed rank restriction from Conquest game mode.
  • Added a dismiss button to the match-ready prompt.

Forest of Niflhel

  • Removed the rocks at the top of the columns at the Henge capture point.

PvP League Season Begins!
For info on leagues and the PvP Legendary Journey, visit:

  • Play in Ranked Arena to compete in the PvP League season.
  • Climb tiers and divisions to prove your worth in the PvP leagues.
  • Upon entering a division, players are rewarded with unique nameplate badges and PvP League tickets.

Guild Challenger League

  • Play in Ranked Arena as a guild team to participate in the Guild Challenger League.
  • Guild Challenger League is based off the ELO rating type.
  • The top 250 teams will receive a trophy based on their placement for their guild hall.
  • The top 1,000 teams receive some materials to help restore their guild arena.

PvP Legendary Journey—The Ascension

  • Participating in Ranked Arena advances the journey for the Ascension.
  • The Ascension is created from:
    • Gift of the Competitor: Obtained by combining the 4 pieces in the Mystic Forge.
      • Each piece is awarded from completing each of the 4 meta-achievements.
    • Gift of Skirmishing: Obtained by combining various items into the Mystic Forge.
      • 250 Shards of Glory
        • Obtained from reward tracks and PvP League.
      • 1 Perfect Mist Core
        • Obtained by combining 4 mist core fragments in the Mystic Forge.
        • 1 – 2 mist core fragments are obtained by finishing the Glorious Reward Track.
      • 5 Certificate[s] of Support
        • Purchased from the League Vendor.
      • 2 Vision Crystals
    • Gift of Fortune: Not yet available at this time.
    • Precursor: Obtained by combining all 4 tiers of Glorious Wings in the Mystic Forge.
      • The 4 tiers of Glorious Wings can be purchased from the League Vendor.

World vs. World

  • Chests of the Mists will no longer be available from bonus rank-up chests, but they can still be obtained from standard rank-up chests.
  • Significantly increased the number of Proofs of Heroics awarded from Chests of the Mists.
  • Slightly increased the number of Memories of Battle awarded from Chests of the Mists.
  • Any new Chests of the Mists dropped are now soulbound on acquire, as well as stackable.
  • Fixed a few ambient creatures to prevent players from rallying off their deaths.
  • The Auto Turret upgrade now correctly activates turrets at Stonemist Castle.
  • Fixed keep and castle walls such that there are no longer a few odd ranged attacks that pass through them.
  • Catapult boulders are now effective against barricades.
  • Fixed experience rewards for repairing metal walls using characters with a level 2 or higher Repair Master ability.
  • Jerrifer and Ogrewatch guards will no longer engage ambient critters in combat.
  • Fixed a bug in which wood, stone, and metal walls would be visible, stacked on top of each other, right after a new build or reset.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed contestable keep waypoints to be available for a few seconds in between repel events.


  • An NPC has been added to the end of guild rushes that allows guild members, with permission, to end the mission early, and grants them favor before the timer runs out.
  • Fixed a bug on the Quaggan Paddle guild mission. Guilds that did not place the banner to start the race now can receive credit.
  • The guild hall market’s Guild Trader now always sells resonating slivers for 1 commendation each.
  • Crystalline ore has been removed from the cost of basic decorations.

New Items and Promotions

  • A new Slayer’s Outfit is available in the Style category of the Gem Store for 700 gems.
  • A new set of Merciless weapon skins is available at Black Lion Weapons Specialists for 1 ticket for a limited time.
  • The new Winter Chimes Dye Kit brings new variety and depth to metallic colors, found in the Special category of the Gem Store.
  • Wintersday finishers have returned to the Upgrades category. Finalize your opponents with a snowman, a stack of gifts, or a random snow globe.
  • Winter’s Bite and Wintersday weapons are available again at Black Lion Weapons Specialists for 2 tickets during the Wintersday season.

Bug Fixes

  • Gifting from the Gem Store now requires a full account without economy restrictions.

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44 replies on “GW2 Dec 1 Update Patch Notes”

wat is there to nerf about the td meta? its fine, ive been with tts every time they have done it, and 8/10 they beat it

Pointless and too time restricted to rely on ONE guild, it should be done easily as the other 3 maps imo because it really tempers a huge part of the community who bought the expansion and is having mixed feeling til this day.

It’s badly designed. Each lane has horrid scaling, sometimes forcing players out of lanes because they overscale it. It encourages dps only builds and the time between event completion and meta start is way too long. Also the Gerent itself encourages no CC. It’s basically the opposite of everything Anet was trying to do.

The fact that you dont like it doesnt always lead to a conclusion that its badly designed. Its desined not to be fcking easy, so stop bitching about it. If you dont like the way it is, go do DS, which is designed for casuals like you.

No balancing. I guess that means the game will continue to be horribly imbalanced for the next three months.

Because the traps are invisible and you run over them and insta-gib. Happened more times than I care to count running into to defend or kill Lord on new map and I have 21k and heavy armor. I have screenshots I have posted on Not every situation is a duel. No drop-and-forget traps should one shot anybody.

Yep, they have too large of a radius, do too much dmg in a short amount of time and shouldn’t be invisible prior to activation.

Isn’t that true with any aoe spells. God knows where it will casted but only when it starts raining down on us? It’s like complaining Mesmer’s clones should have clone indicator. A few random trap I ran into never killed me or obliterate a Zerg, nothing more than minor annoyance. Weakness of a DH includes little to none condition cleanse, no convincing damage unless you are careless enough to be lured into traps, and they are less inclined to move away from their fortified area, which a) let you guess where the traps are and b) they are helpless range target if they don’t leave the location, and if they do, they leave their biggest weapon behind. Hope it helps. Honestly, doesn’t it feel better to win by conquering the challenge itself rather than lobbying to the high ups to take away the challenge at all.

Between the inexcusably slow balance tweaks and the unwarranted visual nerfs…Anet is starting to tread on thin ice. Shit is getting out of hand and some SWEEPING changes need to be made, with Anet personnel and priorities, to alter course before the current group people drive the game into a brick wall.

If it’s NCSoft directing these decisions, then Anet needs to sever ties COMPLETELY. Buy yourselves out…do whatever it takes…get control of your shit.

I really, really miss the days of these updates adding new armor sets. All we get now are these outfits, and I actually like parts of this one.

Ahh crap, just noticed this a few minutes ago, they stealth nerfed Steal for Thief. It requires a target now, meaning no more target-free out of combat Might, Fury, Swiftness, and Vigor for the party. Seems the thief subforums of the main site are in an uproar about this too (rightfully so IMO, that’s cutting the thief’s support options in half somewhat).

They also gave a new effect to the flameseeker prophecies legendary. When you unsheath the shiel,all kinds of matrix like symbols come down around the wielder.

Thief cannot steal without target, they take out the only way to get a swiftness when stand still or occ, Hard to do JP anymore.

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yes this one hurt. I don’t give ANet a whole lot of lip about things but this one isn’t cool. Every other class in the game has a way to stack boons without a target why now all of a sudden we can’t?

So we have to cross up to 4 league divisions in a single season for the metas?

How is that a “Anyone is able to do it” mentality?

SO when they say “reduced visual noise” from the “Wash the Pain Away” effects, does that mean the appearance of it or the sound of it. Because I swear before, the “what is now a puny pathetic mist spray” used to be a HUGE REVERBERATING RAINBOW aura of mesmerizing VIBRANT intense light!!! If this change is true, and it is not just my eyes (because I also conveniently lol cannot find the pictures I had taken of the old variation when a friend showed it to me – p.s. I only just now got the elite yesterday) then I am very disappointed with Anet :'( *cries* – one of the biggest reasons that I was looking forward to that exact specialization LOL SERIOUSLY!!! <3

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