GW2 Merciless Weapon Skins Gallery

A gallery of the new Merciless weapon skins added with Dec 1 patch. They costs 1 Black Lion Ticket each.

Merciless Axe Skin


Merciless Dagger Skin


Merciless Focus Skin


Merciless Greatsword Skin


Merciless Hammer Skin


Merciless Longbow Skin


Merciless Mace Skin


Merciless Pistol Skin


Merciless Rifle Skin


Merciless Scepter Skin


Merciless Shield Skin


Merciless Short Bow Skin


Merciless Staff Skin


Merciless Sword Skin


Merciless Torch Skin


Merciless Warhorn Skin


  • Romo

    Merciless Focus Skin…. Time to become Indy!

  • Alberto “Arceso” Mata Espiga

    Even tho i like some of ’em… Why they keep doing non-effect simple weapons?
    I mean, almost every player on the game wants a too-shiny / too-visible weapon…

    • naked cat

      couldnt disagree more

    • arienim

      there already are waaaay too many overdesigned weapons

    • Dante A. Ventura

      Oh, these are great mate!
      So freaking sexy..

    • Rick

      A bunch of idiots complain every time new sets come out that they want more “realistic” weapons. Completely ignoring the fact that there are more “realistic” looking weapon sets out there than there are “fantastical” sets.

      And as usual, Anet continues to cater to the idiots. Not that this set is bad. I’m rather fond of the focus and pistol.

    • Alberto “Arceso” Mata Espiga

      I’m not saying i don’t like this ones, furthermore i like em overall. But from the people i know, always complain about being lately too insipid.

  • Pink Popstar Ahri

    yay more skins I cant get because of the RNG/Overpriced combo.

  • Lucifer Succube

    Merciless Focus player 18+ ^^

  • Oh give me dagger, focus, sword and pistol XD

  • Ahriman

    Another Blade Theme’d Items from Anet.

  • Mizu

    S&M-themed weapons? I am more OK with this than I probably should be.

  • aimasira

    Does the focus skin have any animation when using skills?

    • Nope

      • Ares Zax

        Aww, that’s a shame. 🙁 I’d have picked up the whip otherwise. LOL

  • Alastor999

    What’s the point of making the focus look like a whip if you can’t use it like one?? It would have made more sense to make it a sword skin and work like the chain whip sword skin.

    Over all… a few of these are interesting, but most of them are boring and unimaginative… I’m saving my gold for something else

  • Lust

    That pistol looks pretty original.

  • Me

    Well… These type of skins look like they were only green or blue quality, so its kinda weird that they value them for 1 ticket. On the other hand, i am actually glad that variety of skins grows so fast in gw2. One does not need glow, nor special effect to look cool. Just a skins to fit to his character.

  • B

    Dat axe

  • Pockets

    And now for a set of weapons you are more likely to hurt yourself with than the enemy.

  • Name

    Most of these are pretty nice. I especially like the scepter and the whip.
    But that pistol is just… what?

    • Rick

      It would have made more sense for the blade to come out of the bottom of the grip, but I think the artist went for a more “balanced” look. What the last couple of sets have clearly shown, is that the designer has no real comprehension of real life weapons. They just come up with “cool looking shit”.

      • Namocol

        I don’t know, I kinda like the pistol (though I do agree that would be impractical in reality)… it works perfect for the thief’s Pistol Whip move. If I had the tickets, I’d get the pistol and sword (and maybe dagger for the sake of completeness) for my thief.

      • Give me cool looking shit any day. Real life need not apply here.

        • Rick

          It’s preference. I didn’t say one way was better than the other.

  • Takahami

    there go my tickets…

  • nadrian3k

    No particle effects no $$

    • mapletaurus

      I’m loving this set because it’s so stark, effective, deadly…

      • nadrian3k

        And completely unnoticeable (in a bad way) at least IMO.

        • Chris

          Not everyone wants to look like a walking christmas tree.

          • nadrian3k

            If you dress like a Christmas tree you will look like a Christmas tree. You try to globalize the bad choices of some.

  • Sarigar

    Does the Merciless Warhorn play Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” over and over?

  • Lilliaan

    This set should’ve came out with the bandit outfit. Can’t help but think that they match so well.

  • commentor

    Uhhh s/m theme? But at least they look so much better than the usual …. Christmas ornaments.

  • I want to have all of them, except for warhorn and torch. But where to get all the tickets necessary for that?

  • jnx

    So nice BUT WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE SWORDS… so close you made an awesome set..

  • Cuddy

    Grabbing that axe and sword tonight. I would take the shortbow, because it’s really cool, but you can get slingshot for dirt cheap on the TP and slingshot is 11/10.

  • Hawks

    I need that focus… too bad I wont get sucked in to that coin slot bullshit.

  • Eternum

    Anyone noticed that they kinda pushed out equal or more gem paid weapon skins than what an actual fcking expansion have?!

    • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

      Yes…they seem to have a new set on almost a weekly basis. I will never pay real money for any of them.

  • Sorean

    First weapon skin theme that Focus has the best skin

  • Konrad Zdunek

    Focus and pistol are amazing, like for some SM

  • Ra.

    I don’t see the WOW factor, and for things like this you think there would be a lot of WOW factor. Hmmm.

  • Salads

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: These look like they belong in a secret bdsm sex dungeon. And I like it.

    • thatdamnrat

      Was it the whip focus that tipped you off?

  • Korey Garabed

    These look like they belong in a torture chamber…. I LOVE IT

  • Nate M

    we’re one step closer to making a Saruman avatar with that staff.

  • HadesClutch

    Greatsword sucks, RIP Merciless set. #Imout

  • Cari

    First thing after logging in I grabbed that GS for my necro. Fits perfectly. I like the simple design and the fact the size of those weapons doesn’t make you wonder what went wrong with scale slider. Good stuff.

  • xIPhantomIx

    Anyone else getting a 50 Shades of Grey vibe?

  • Shaggy

    so close… SO CLOSE. always, the dagger and shortbow and pistol look awkward and unrealistic. the longbow and sword look great though.

    • Revoltado

      Wait, do you want some realistic stuff in a fantasy mmorpg? Ok.

      • Jesus Christ

        Think he meant practical instead of realistic. The blade on the pistol seems more dangerous to the wielder than the enemy. Now if the blade on the pistol was pointed towards the front like a bayonet, that would be great.

      • Shaggy

        i dont necessarily care about realistic, although that helps. i just want things that look like they can be used. that dagger looks like itd snag on their clothing before reaching their neck, and the shortbow looks like itd be awkward to wield in combat.
        i like that aesthetic for one of my mains, its not like i want the entire game to turn realistic. i have other games for that.

  • yeeboii92

    you’re the biggest group of fucking complainers iv’e ever seen.

    • Tiberius Raikage

      Please fill out a “the internet hurt my butt” form, then you can send it to the office of nobody cares.

  • Skobie

    holy crap a new weapon set that look like actual weapons people would use [not beam sword, butterfly bows, weapons on fire, or plants etc etc]

    • DaGhostDS

      Well except the shield unless you like getting hit!

      • cynderplayer

        you can stab things with the shield spikes xD


    Lovin the pistol, GS. and Focus skins !!

  • Hentai Akuma

    gotta tear up the flesh of your hand just to use the rifle

    • valiente_s

      No Pain No Gain 😛

  • nomak

    do you will post video animation of this weapons?

  • Asda

    Ha haaa.. “You guys still want a whip weapon? Here you go fucko!”

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