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SWTOR December Producer’s Livestream Coverage

Coverage of the SWTOR December Producer’s Livestream in which future plans and subscribers rewards will be discussed.

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Ben Irving (Lead Producer) and Musco are present in the livestream.

  • Ben was lead development producer and responsible for most of the updates from patch 2.4 and onwards.
  • Ben quit his job in Australia and moved to Austin, TX to try to work on SWTOR.


  1. State of Galaxy
  2. Player feedback
  3. Chapter X
  4. Subscriber Rewards
  5. Anarchy in Paradise
  6. Events in December

State of Galaxy/Player Feedback

  • Player feedback has been very positive – shows collections of facebook messages/tweets praising the expansion.


Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise

  • Coming out in Feb 11 (Feb 9 with early access).
  • Recruit a dangerous ally (Kaliyo, now known as Firebrand)
  • Continue your personal story and make deadly decisions and face the consequences.
  • Choices really matter in this chapter. There is one choice you will immediately notice the consequence after the chapter finishes and another choice you will notice in later chapters.
  • Short teaser clip of Chapter 10 shown (literally just Kaliyo pointing a gun at the main character and saying one sentence).

Subscriber Reward Program


  • Subscribe from Jan 11 to Aug 1, play HK-55 bonus chapter where you play as HK-55. Date of this chapter release announced in Feb. Also monthly reward for subscribing related to HK-55


  • Be a subscriber by Feb 1, receive early access on Chapter 10 on Feb 9. Early access for all the chapters that comes out in that month if you if you subscribe on the 1st of each month. Suppose to have a new chapter every month.


More in Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise

  • Recruit the Wookie Gladiator, Bowdaar via fight for the Eternal Champion in the lower levels of Zakuul. Defeat enough enemies to earn influence with Bowdaar. It is a solo event where you take on as many mobs as you can.
  • Reach New Heights of Crafting. Adding some new levels to crafting. Give solo players more ways to craft powerful gear.

Events in December

  • Gree, Rakghoul Plague, Bounty Contract Week. More details on the events tomorrow in a blog post.
  • 4th anniversary. Login between December 8 and Jan 4 to receive HK-47 decoration and more.


  • Life Day – all the Life Day rewards available previously will be available for purchase ingame (even those that were previously in cartel market).
  • Double XP to coincide with movie release date.

Producer Letter Livestream Wrap-up | 12.01.2015, 11:50 PM

Hey folks,

Here is a wrap-up of the things we talked about on the Producer Letter Livestream…

Chapter 10 – Anarchy in Paradise will be launching on February 11th. Along with Chapter 10, will be Game Update 4.1 which will include Fighting for the Eternal Championship, Bowdaar as an unlockable Companion through Alliance, and updates to Crafting. We will have more details on those changes in January.
We have a whole host of new subscriber rewards for you as well:

  • Be a subscriber on January 11th and receive HK-55 as a playable Companion when 4.1 launches on 2/9.
  • Be a subscriber continuously from January 11th through the launch of Chapter 16, and receive an entire bonus Chapter where you will play as HK-55!
  • Be a subscriber on the 1st of each month, and receive 2 days of early access to any Chapter which launches that month. This includes Chapter 10 in February.
  • There will also be additional monthly subscriber rewards throughout Season 1, most of which will be themed around HK-55.

Throughout the month of December, we will have plenty of things going on as well. The Gree, Rakghoul, and Bounty Contract events will each run for a week. Log in any time from 12/8 to 1/5 to receive our 4th anniversary rewards, including an HK-51 Stronghold Decoration, more information later this week! We will also be running Life Day and Double XP, more info on those tomorrow.
We hope you enjoyed the stream and want to thank you all for tuning in. If you have any questions about the stream or anything else, throw them in this thread and I will work with Ben on getting them answered. Thanks!


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447 replies on “SWTOR December Producer’s Livestream Coverage”

Yes, but I’m not sure how a hoard of HK-55 related rewards is directly related to Fallen Empire being the current content.

He was popular, I get it. But there are a great many players who couldn’t care less about having one more companion in their alliance. Rewards that ALL players would find useful would have been the way to go.

Then let me rephrase. A variety of rewards that provide more chances for most players to find something of interest would be more appropriate.

He already stated most of these rewards will be related to HK-55. Now the anniversary reward is HK related also. Not everyone is in love with the HK droids. For those who aren’t, this approach to the subscriber rewards program provides no motivation to stay subbed.

I am one who can’t stand the HK series. The only upgrade I want for the one on my ships is to have his vocal processor removed so he stops saying his asinine statements when I need to use my ship.

how does hk interfere with the ship? Are you talking about the ship droid that says he repainted while you were out? because thats a totally different character

He doesn’t interfere with it, the sound of his voice when he greets me is annoying so I want his vocal processor removed.

I think that’s a different droid.
While I DO think HK talks irritating, it’s not as irritating as the constantly repeating crap when you enter your ship. But having the new HK make stupid jokes when we kill someone is close to being that irritating.

Don’t bother rephrasing cause it won’t matter. Check all the comments this douche leaves. All he’s interested in doing is trolling everyone who posts here.

re-sub, in my case. Which I am not. Not until august unless they up their ante with something incredible and/or make level sync optional.

I hadn’t beat NiM DF or DP but I was still tired as hell of running them in HM/SM by the time SoR came out. Too long w/o a new Op is not good and they PROMISED they wouldn’t do it again.

How’s the world smell stuck so far up your own ass? I do NiM content, but that has nothing to do with wanting new Ops.

You’re ignoring the fact BW said they wouldn’t allow another huge gap between ops and straight out lied.

Fine, I’ll make it as clear as possible. They said they wouldn’t allow another year gap like DF/DP NiM-3.0, yet they have. While you may not care about ops, we as a raiding community don’t deserve to be lied to just because we are in the minority.

Oh, I care. I’m a hard-core raider (only missing Revan HM). I’m just not obsessed with ‘MOAR RAIDZ MOAR’ like most of the community seem to be. SWTOR is more than just raiding.

So many people crying about the lack of stuff in twitch chat. “You could have made one new warzone and got more subs than this shit!” What a stupid, deluded little man.

The whole “choices matter” thing is nice in theory, but the butterfly effect is really not a good idea in an MMO with no save points. With the rate they’re putting out chapters, it’s really gonna suck when some choices end up leading to unexpected stuff a year down the line.

Storywise, yeah. The problem is that the game mechanics aren’t made to reflect that. It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if we got the story all at once and knew what sort of meaning the decisions have, but any results outside of the “obvious” ones are going to be frustrations unless we’re given re-dos at some point.

It’s too bad they didn’t have 7 other unique storylines you could play through to get to these plot points all over again. 😉

I agree. Totally. I was actually relieved with the original class stories that my choices didn’t seem to matter and that consequences were really clear at the point of making decisions, because I didn’t want to feel like I’d messed up my story and needed to start again. I replayed half of KOTOR when I realized I’d missed the romance because I did the planets in a certain order. I was glad I had a save at an appropriate point so I didn’t have to do the whole thing over again.

With KOTFE, I played my new lvl 60 through chapter 9 before bringing in my main, and I’m glad I did because with my new 60 I missed the cantina party romance conversation, and so I knew to look out for it with my main. But if they have something far down the line, where my choices so far will determine something really important (like, if a major character dies or not), I’ll be very unhappy. Part of what makes games fun is that, unlike in real life, you can redo things until they go the way you want.

meh, don’t really care if there’s unexpected results from choices I made, as long as there’s logic to them. I would hate it if I had been buttering up a specific companion that I like and then having him/her leave me for some weird reason.

But tbh, I don’t really care about any of the new companions. It’s not that I dislike them (well, I hate hate Lana. If I ever get the chance, she’s going out the airlock right away), but I just don’t really care about them. A large reason for this is the inability to change their gear lookwise.

It would make things easier if I didn’t care. With my new level 60 I don’t really care, because I made her just to have another set of lockouts for ops. It gave me a lot of freedom when I was playing as her. But for my main, I can’t help caring.

So is it going to be 2 or 3 months between chapters going forward? Also why didn’t they just give 51 a 55 customization?

I hope the bonus mission is as long as the special class mission in SoR. :p

“Just giving HK-51 an HK-55 skin” would be a travesty, they are completely different personality wise, that’s why people like HK-55 more.

I told him to value me above the others so it seemed like I was turning him into 51. I think he even made some snide 47/51-style remarks later on.

I was a little disapointed that choice had no real impact. I thought maybe I’d get to override a command given to him by Koth or something…

Not really interested in subscriber rewards so this seems kind of weak to me. Seriously, WHY are we getting so many recruitable companions? The list is HUGE already; it’s going to be Suikoden by the end of KotFE.

Also, where’s the events in December part?

Honestly, when I first landed on Odessan, saw the fortress and the laundry list of recruits, I immediately got Suikoden nostalgia.

But heck, Star Wars Suikoden? I’d be down. 🙂

Yeah and we already have HKs… so this reward seems very meh to me.
But then again I was never really a fan of that droid.

Lol. They never said that. That was just people fans saying the exact same thing they say before every single stream.

I’ll just quote: “At the NYC cantina the topic of queue times was brought up in a conversation between myself, Bruce McLean and and a few members a Redemption? (I think that was the guild). Bruce said they were working on something to reduce queue times, which I responded to by asking if they were working on cross-server. Bruce emphatically responded with, “Better!” I then repeated, “better than cross-server?” He confirmed. I remember this conversation vividly because of how shocking his response seemed to be.” It’s not only that but that they announced this to be soooo big with “Is the world ready?” and stuff and no matter how you turn it, this is not what most people expected from this

That was almost a year ago though. I was referring to this particular stream-every time they do a new stream there are ALWAYS people whining about how it’s not there, and it’s getting boring. It was basically an offhand comment which was likely scrapped, because at the end of the day-PvPers are a HUGE minority.

Why were so many people expecting new Ops or PVP content? From the first to the last announcement it always said something for subscribers. They will never make such content exclusively for subscribers. Go whine about it on a normal stream not one announcing new rewards.

well this won’t get me to re-sub. I’ll resub in august to get the chapters in 1 go.

and with the way some companions are having to be recruited, I’m worried that Bowdaar is locked behind a big fat grindblockade.

If Chapter Ten doesn’t have customizations for the main characters I’m gonna dye from how bored of seeing the armies of Niccos and Lanas I am

There is no way I am staying subbed if they can’t bring the chapters on a monthly basis. And doing the same Star Fortress 6 times, forced into PvP and hunting WBs are not considered “content” for me. I bet my left ball that you can get the Wookie after a looong grind.

Chapters are monthly starting from Febuary. Also remember that Pierce, and Qyzen etc. are optional. (also you can get Qyzen in 30 mins or so just by farming the elite mobs that drop stuff).

Well then im gonna start record videos about it and show it to you cuz if you cant get it in 30 minutes then you just arent smart its way easier to hunt Jagganah on Hoth directly than waiting on forming a group when the WB is up and they did tell that after we got the Wookie theres gonna have a grind for getting the Champion so i bet its not that long to get Bowdaar

And why can’t they introduce quests like the one you recruited Xalek? No stupid farming or grinding just a normal quest.

I HOPE we are able to equip him with either a gun or a tech staff/weapon, EVERY droid companion in game right now is range only. Except for SCORPIO pre-kotfe,

Yeah, blaster riffle only. I was planning on her being my main combat companion on my melee toons because a melee healer is so much better than a range one.

No i think HK-55 is gonna stay dead and the bonus chapter will only be on how he got to meet Lana and Koth before they free the Outlander

I honestly figured he was just HK-47 that Imperial Intelligence had recovered and rebuilt/reprogrammed.

I can see it now HK-47 force ghost guides HK-55 through the attack on Dromund Kaas where he bumps into HK-51, and Treek?, who is looking for their former leader. They team up to escape, go separate ways after the boss fight where HK-55 runs into Lana and his new programming kicks in silencing HK-47 for the remainder of KotFE.

Think of the savings on voice talent, I mean homage to KotoR.

Kind of meh on the announcements, but maybe the details will be better. Not too happy about the fact that we have to wait until February for chapter 10, and 2 days early access doesn’t thrill me either.

But I’ll wait and see. Maybe it will be better than it sounds on paper?

This was possibly one of the most meh announcements ever. I couldnt care less about a companion who is just a gold reskin of one i spent 9+ hrs to get 3 years ago.

yeah, the only difference between the two droids is a slight personality change – i would rather be given a droid part of some sort that i could give my Hk-51 to alter his personality or give him hk-47s memories/dialect. There was a part like that in KOTOR2 that made him a pacifist temporarily for humor purposes, so its already in the cannon. : /

I want HK-47, 51, and 55 all in my team at the same time as 3 companions, and all bickering.

Tell me it would not be GLORIOUS!

What the reward for staying sub’ed that long is, unlocking HK series as a playable race. People been wanting droid race since the game came out.

Completely editing the post to give an entirely different meaning after completely bollocksing it up the first time. Not surprising. Also, “should have been”.

Edited to correct it, it was my original intent. Even posted the same thing on main forums before i posted it here 8P.

Ok, so what’s the BIG announcement again?

– Chapter X – we already knew that was coming. I guess the BIG announcement was they pushed this back a month?
– Kaliyo – Already knew it.
– Bowdaar – So yet, another companion. Added to the list, this was sort of obvious.
– Crafting changes – Like we didn’t know they were going to make even more changes to crafting. They just can’t leave that alone, it’s so fucked up.
– Subscription bonuses – the only thing that will keep trying to get people logging in – another obvious ploy tactic.
– Life Day – Knew that was coming, it’s December.

Still waiting on a BIG announcement.

What i quite disapointed to learn about that livestram is that Chapter’s release is on February instead of being on January like they told they would before

Seems I was at least partially right with “breaking all presidents”. While they’re not upping the subscription price, but they are charging you $120 for a “bonus” chapter.

They’re breaking presidents? SWTOR is gonna start WW III holy huttballs! Btw I think you meant precedence.

No. I mean “breaking all presidents”. You see, American money has old presidents on them. “Benjamins” for $100’s (even though Franklin wasn’t a president), “Jacksons” for $20, and “dead presidents” for money in general has been slang for American money for ages. Sorry it went over your head.

But not all presidents are represented on money, so even by that logic they’d only be breaking SOME presidents, not all.

I think getting HK is cool, although many of us subbers already have him (I didn’t even notice a model number difference). I think giving us a companion for being a subscriber is a good thought, I just think a unique one would have been preferable. Although now that we have like 500 of them from the new expansion a companion isn’t quite as neat as it would have been pre-expansion.

It’s nice information to know although I agree with the consensus that they made this sound like a much bigger deal than it was. I think had they just said, “We’re going to announce some info about the next story line and some new subscriber tidbits” then our expectations would have been more in line.

“Also monthly reward for subscribing related to HK-55”
hopefully that means some character customizations so they dont all look the same. a gold one, a black one, a crimson one, a bronze one etc

HK-55 sniper rifle. HK-55 droid parts (what’s that, they don’t use them anymore? Screw it, let’s do it anyway). HK-55 skin for HK-51. HK-55’s swoop bike (same one as the original KotFE reward, recoloured black and gold). HK-55’s duster (what? He doesn’t wear a duster? Screw it, let’s do it anyway. Subs are so stupid, they’ll buy it regardless).

They said the community team tried to read feedback from every possibly source. Made reports based on all the many comments and posts they saw. Looks more like they read one forum thread about HK-55 and called it a day.

That’s it? Well, it’s not really something for subscribers. It’s more people paying for the new story each month instead of waiting till they are all out and playing them just for one month, bribe kind of thing. It’s not terrible mind you. But it’s rather…”eh, okay.”

Oh dear. So it has begun with Bioware secretly in panic mode with how people are unsubbing until mid next year.

And their answer to address this to keep people from unsubbing in the meantime is this desperate bonus chapter you can only get while being subbed for the entire length of the kotfe release schedule?? Just screams EA doesn’t it? Heaven forbid Bioware actually release the chapters on time and actually come up with new content outside of KOTFE for the player base to do rather then replaying all the old ops and heroics. Is it any wonder people are just unsubbing and returning mid next year rather then stay subbed for 20 min cut scenes and the pure grind that is 4.0 alliance?

I can see each chapter getting pushed back each month so that rather then Feb to Aug release, this will become a full 2016 thing – remember you read it here first.

Man EA has taught them Bioware well with this bullshit bonus chapter. And they are still banging on about how decisions matter despite how chapter 1-9 meant sweet fuck all. Yeah I’ll take their claims with a grain of salt at this time as everything they say of late is just bullshit. Remember how they banged on about the first “meaningful” decision which was whether you killed or spared that Zakuul knight? I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t played but suffice to say, that choice means fuck all with what happens either way.

Also kudos to Bioware for putting rockets on the hype train and coming up with an announcement on bribing the player base to stay put. At least it was better then the “Choose your path” hype train.

“I’d rather be pissed off then pissed on.”

“This is one of those times when the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’ is important.”

Eh, Rompe?

*shrug* If that’s all you have to reply with, THEN you’ll excuse me if I don’t show any care or respect for it if you choose to not put in any effort or intelligence with your response and instead play the role of the loser grammar nazi hmm? On with the show peeps. 🙂

The big sub hemmorhaege was due to the companion nerf. With companions being somewhat weaker but now playable again, it may stop.

They definately ***** up royally with that one.

That 7 month reward cycle seems risky to me. If it was a 6 month reward cycle I would be more inclined to get a 6 month sub, but this seems that the smarter money is on Jan 11 and late July. If the HK-55 chapter is not amazing for those who purchase it then they will have even more trouble convincing us to remain subbed for the duration.

Honestly I know that they are keeping the chapters relatively short, but if they are seriously gonna do 1 LI a month it could be til 2018 til everyone is reunited.

I think the only thing that bugs me about this is just that they’re staggering the announcements for the subscriber rewards, instead of just saying what they are outright. Unless they’re spoilers for the story, I don’t see any logic to that. I would think letting everyone know the rewards ahead of time would create greater incentive for people to be subscribed in order to get rewarded. The HK-55 things are neat, but I’d rather know what else is to come so that I can be appropriately excited, instead of just shuffling my feet, especially since people are already subscribing for the KotFE story anyway.

They probably don’t know what they are yet or still working on the graphics for it. Kinda sucks thou we are getting ANOTHER droid companion that is range, they already destroyed the only melee droid in game.

Didn’t start KotFEon my agent chars, as long as I can’t have Kaliyo back (the reguar way, without the terminal). Don’t want to play without her. The great thing is, now everyone of my characters may have a Kaliyo!

Don’t spoil the moment. Don’t be stupid!

When you get her on Belsavis she is still melee, once you start KOTFE content when you get her back she is then range.

Is it really “don’t let your sub lapse between Jan-Aug” or is it just “be subbed at any point between Jan and Aug”?

You have to be subbed fro Jan 11th ALL THE WAY till August. None of the ‘I’ll sub every few chapters’ crap people were going on about.

So, now i’m going to unsub in february, MAYBE subbing in August and probably watch the extra chapter on youtube…

Like they said, there are monthly sub rewards and you have to be subbed the entire time to get the bonus HK chapter. As with all of these things, there will be a page up on the website with a FAQ that will clearly spell out the requirements. Some people only read the headlines and not the details and then they miss out on the rewards.

It would be nice if they would have some retroactive sub rewards based upon sub time. They are coming up on the 4 year anniversary and so there are a lot of people who have put a lot of time and money into this game for awhile now. While they suggested in the livestream this is to reward people who have been subbed with them a long time, it’s really not. All of the rewards only apply in the future and require no previous sub time.

Was going to be subbed anyway. All I read was “Have some extra stuff. Finally get to play as a companion…sorry it isn’t Qeyzen.” All these people bitching about having to stay subbed like its so much money. Get some perspective. Your mom spent $15 on your McDonalds, before driving you to your friends house today.

15 dollars per month is what I use to eat every month. Yeah its not a big money in MURRIKA! and its lackeys, but for the rest of the world it is.

But the rewards are not bad.
Wish you could get HK-47 too, or use more than 1 companion like in KOTOR (So you could have the HKs bicker in your squad).

I think some of the gripe with 55 is the fact that he’s back (and with a little extra!) purely out of what seems to be fanservice more than anything else. He now goes from being a temporary character who made his exit to the key SWTOR companion of 2016.

While I agree with almost everything you say, you can’t advertise this announcement as the most significant announcement you’ve ever done about SWTOR and come up with THIS. It’s a little disappointing, to say the least. I still love the game and will continue playing as a sub, but seriously, a big huge MEH about February stuff.

I’m just glad it is something new. Playing as something that isn’t your character is a neat idea, and opens us up to all sorts of possibilities in the future. Like a mission where you pilot a walker, or hovertank, or anything along those lines. I’ve been waiting for that kind of thing for a while. I am pretty stoked to have a combat damaged HK 55 complete with mission explaining his return back in the roster, but I am TRULY excited about the possibilities it entails should the devs get their creativity in higher gear.

Agree fully Naq. But I’ve come to expect it on the Dulfy forums. Seems all the ungrateful unsatisfied instant-grat kids post here. EA could put out gold and they would still find reason to complain.

Based on the concept art, the permanent HK-55 has battle damage & extra plating. He looks tougher this way. Now he won’t look like a repaint of HK-51’s Cartel Pack customization or the Yavin one. I just hope he keeps his winning personality 😀

They are running scared at this point anyone can read between the lines, this is an attempt to stop the flood of unsubs that has already started. I would wager a months salary that they have less subs now then before KotFE announcement and are making at least 50% less from CC sales.

Care to justify your statements with… I dunno, facts or evidence or… Anything besides opinions and wild assumptions, Mr. Expert?

Care to prove me otherwise, with i don’t know facts or evidence…Anything besides opinions and wild assumptions, Mr. Fanboy?

When two parties are in a discussion and one asserts a claim that the other disputes, the one who asserts has a burden of proof to justify or substantiate that claim. Your logical Fallacy is: Onus Probandi

I’ve been subbed this game with zero lapses for 4 years now and I won’t get any of these rewards since I’m letting my sub run out this month and not renewing due to lack of end game content. Pretty shitty.

Nope. I’m going to sub for a month after Chapter 16 comes out to play through them all. Plus I’ll probably log in once in a while as preferred in the mean time. I said I was not renewing my sub, I didn’t say I was quitting.

Not sure what to expect so I was more curious than anything.

HK-55 is a pretty cool reward. By giving him up for free is that locking non-subs out from getting him later in the story? All of the announced monthly rewards are OK too.

I sub because I want to play the game not for what extras there is. Having said that, the fact that not all content is free to subs (like race unlocks) I’m glad of the bonus 600 CCs we can get monthly. That in and of itself is worth the sub to me.

I was paying $15 a month after a $50 flop of an expansion about green warriors in a snow storm. Getting expansion content for free is great IMHO. When that no longer appeals it’s time to move on. With KotFE I don’t see that happening for quite a while.

I would prefer HK-47. I like the rust color. And he is the origina HK we know from KotOR.
Star Wars is dirty, rusty, broken. Not shiny and golden like 55.

So… they gave us no release date for chapter 10?

They definitely over-hyped the announcement so some backlash is understandable. Sub bonuses don’t affect me too much though, I sub if I can afford it/plan to play the game that coming month. Find f2p isn’t enjoyable enough, so no sub means I play something else. The bonuses are extra.

That said, narratively this is a strange decision in my opinion. The whole thing is very HK heavy which will put some off, even if later rewards are different. Also given how things were left with HK55 in the previous chapters, I find restricting any further resolution to his character to subs only a bit odd:

*spoilers ahoy!*
You are basically told there is no way to bring him back as he never wanted a memory backup. The truth, it seems, is that he can be brought back via cold hard cash. :p I guess I just think his fate would have been better left to the main story.
*spoilers end*

Hoping they come through with the promise about choices having lasting impact. So far it feels like they could have done better, even given the MMO restrictions. When it does work it’s fun though.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, KotFE was their last chance to remedy their mistakes. Too bad, it was fun while it lasted.

Rekt sub bonus dose nothing >.> Hey sub for half a year so you can play some random mission that will be supper short and probably not worth the 120 bucks

Why should it. It’s just a bonus. If you like the game and sub fro this amount of time anyway, well here’s your bonus chapter. If you don’t sub through it you probably won’t even miss the chapter. Same’s true for HK.

The problem is its a joke we already have a hk droid that dose nothing for us. Plus if they can’t even balance the game what is the point is subbing that long. They made a big deal like oh man great sub bonus inc then its just something that will join the other 20 comps we have after its just a clone of another one. Its not like he will be part of any story in the rest of the expansion.

Unlike all you complainers complaining (and will continue to complain no matter what Bioware puts out), I actually like this. Whats not to like about another HK in my droid army? Subscriber rewards every month. And new chapters. And dont start with all the doomsday talk. This game is pretty populated and isnt in danger of dying anytime soon. Even if all of you move on (and really, you should if you’re so unhappy) the game will still be active.

As for the Sub vs F2P issue, I’ve been a Sub since this game released. I’ll stay a sub. Meh, 12.00 a month is less than a pizza. I’m good with that.

So for the next year or so, subscriber rewards are going to be based around HK-55… Is it me or is there some Deja vu? Niko was a universal disappointment, and i find it vary discouraging that BW is choosing to follow a system that is proven to be broken. Also, as one of those players that prefers to grab account authorizations, character slots and xpacs instaid of subbing, i find it deeply disappointing that BW is locking HK-55 himself behind a sub-gate. Perhaps it was just me, but i was under the impression that he kinda/sorta would return later down the line as a part of the story proper, and would not require any sort of further microtransaction to obtain.

It’s not a microtransation, it’s just prioritising real players. A direct quote from the livestream is “We really appreciate all of you who play the game-mainly the subscribers.”

“We really appreciate all of you who play the game-mainly the subscribers.”
Well that’s new.. Not something I’ve ever heard EAware Austin ever say and i played from launch to a few months after the Scum and Villainy patch.

So, they take HK-55 away and to get him back you have to sub? Won’t affect me since I’ll be subbed whatever, but… some reward :’)

Considering HK-47 was in a similar state after Foundry, and was still able to be rebuilt for False Emperor, it really wouldn’t be a stretch lore wise.

My guess?

Think how you face HK in False Emperor after we destroy it in Foundry, he will be rebuilt by the bad guys, either fully or partially.

When you talk with Lana she points out there is no back up of his personality and Arcann destroyed him so his remains are in his possession.

He’ll be rebuilt as a trojan horse/source of info/assassin droid/higher up body guard and you’ll fight to get him back/reclaims his remainings parts makes the most sense.

Being partially brought back online is my favorite option, we rescue his personality from a computer then scavenge for parts to rebuild him!

Like HK-51, but worse. inb4 Revan HM 16man is needed to get ‘x piece’ of HK-55 (personally, I hate him-much prefer HK-51 and HK-47. Even HK-50 was better than 55-he just lacks the enthusiasm to slaughter that the other models have.).

Same thing that happened with M1-4X, the trooper is forced to destroy him, but the republic agents managed to get him up and running again.
Also, in KOTFE, when you learn HK-55 died anyway, your character can ask if they had a backup of his personality. At that point, I was almost certain they would bring him back 🙂
To get HK-51 you had to go search for the parts as well.
I don’t remember if Scorpio was totally destroyed by the imperial agent, but generally, it is a very common pattern in the game to make broken droids operational again.

Thanks, it’s been a while since I last did the storyline 🙂 I kinda remember her “corpse” laying on the ground in tact, but wasn’t sure.

Yeah, but it would be easy to come up with something like “Scorpio has been digging around and managed to find the personality backup stored somewhere”

I love that so many people are complaining about having to sub to get HK-55 back. you realise that you have to be a sub to get access to the next chapters anyway? or did you think they were going to let you get away with just subbing in august to get everything that others have paid for month by month?
I love that they have done something like this. It gives a bit of extra value to those that sub monthly rather than subbing twice in a year and getting it all. Pretty sure what we have seen so far doesn’t quite live up to all the hype over the last week but then they have said that more info will be released in January about 4.1 so see what happens.

I agree, now if only I had new content to play during the holidays… On in January…
The gifts are nice sure but I would have settled for content.

Indeed, however if for some reason you are unable to subscribe on January 11th then you will never get the resolution to HK-55’s story (presuming they provide it with the companion). Not really the end of the world as you can look it up on Youtube etc. But it being content you can completely miss is still a weird choice in my view.

I like what I am hearing. I was hoping they would add more interaction with your companions something like Mass Effect has. That would be cool so you can still talk with your companions instead of waiting for a chapter to come out.

I’ve been Subscribed now since release and still am but honestly feel like just getting a Chapter per month that’s only around 20-30mins long isn’t worth it. How about adding some more Ops and other Story Content parts? Also how about some more PvP Maps?

I always love how people (especially new subs) complain about lack of Ops when it’s very unlikely they’ve completed the current content yet (Story mode is for filthy casuals and doesn’t count). Even a lot of hard-core raiders haven’t beaten Revan yet-so imo there’s no reason for new ops when 99% of raiders haven’t finished the current raids.

I’ve cleared all the old content I’ve cleared all the new content, Revan is easier now than it was in 3.0, lots of people are going to be clearing it. Can I have some new ops now?

No, because our data that we will never show you says that lots of other people haven’t cleared him. But here, have a free reskinned coat instead!

Yeah well according to them only 10% of the population does ops of any sort(SM, HM or NiM) anyways which just seems preposterous when you look at the amount of pugs going on

Yeah, that one has always bugged me. I can pretty easily accept the 2% figure of doing HMs-99% of pugs are awful at raiding, but doing SM just requires mashing the attack button, and ougs happen all the time.

Was really disappointed by there being no new ops. Think this is the only game in the history of big name MMO’s that hasn’t released a new raid with their expansion.

I really dislike bigger mmo’s but they are shitting all over this game and it’s heart breaking.

But when they are pushing this as a story driven mmo and they force you to do only “old” stuff that alrdy happend long time ago it really dosnt make any sense. They should add more stuff to help and push the story forward. And they make this more for the “casual” players and most dont even care about hm or nm raids so they burn through this even faster so new raids are really needed.

I totally agree with you. Subbing? No problem. But subbing for a game where we get nothing new from mid-October to February, and then we get 1 chapter that takes half an hour, and then if we want a special mission we have to stay subbed for 6 months?! Seriously, like one new chapter a month is just… great. Yeah…

Yeah you know who wants new ops and PvP, or balanced classes, or NiM ops that actually drop NiM gear when you can get a reskinned HK…that does exactly the same thing as your other HK…

So no need to describe from January to August if you don’t need/want a second HK-51?
fine for me.

The only thing not meh for me about this whole announcement is that Kaliyo and Gree event are back, both of which weren’t exactly new.

Current sub runs out at January 8, guess I’ll won’t be back until next december

So the takeaway from this ‘biggest reveal yet’ is more ways for solo players to craft better gear and a HK51 reskin. The former would be useful if solo content wasn’t trivial. The latter would be great if different companions had unique abilities (I want Assassinate back dammit!). Oh and an extra 30 min story if I sub for 8 months straight. Can I just have a bigger CC stipend instead please?

How did you come up with the 30 mins story in the next 8 months? It’s probably going to be more like 30 mins every month.

You need to be a sub from jan 11 to aug 1 to get the bonus HK55 chapter. I don’t _know_ that it’ll be 30 min long, but judging from the length of the other chapters…

Pretty underwhelming way to reward 8 months of straight subscription.

I thought we would get HK-55 back some way, but a Sub reward item wasn’t on my short list. Then theme the monthly sub rewards on it? Adding insult to injury there.

However one thing always gets me: Why does everyone think that when they announce anything Sub reward related, or really any announcement, that Bioware will automatically say everything they always been wishing for is coming true. Does your minds reset the wishing well after every stream? Should know by now a comprehensive announcement rarely happens, and only really when a new Expansion launches.

PvPers: This isn’t your Expansion. Bioware made that crystal clear during the lead up to 4.0. Stop getting your hopes up, its making fools out of everyone of you. Try to enjoy what you have or move on.

Raiders: I’m uber pissed there isn’t a new Operation as well, but Bioware is so busy with Story that a new Op is probably a year away or more. Hopefully not that long, but like the PvPers, we’ll just have to wait.

I was pretty damned excited when HK-55 came up on the screen….and then it was pretty much downhill from there. I think HK is awesome and having SOME rewards tied to him would be okay but not ALL of them. I was also hoping for a reward system that would lend itself to those of us who have been a sub since day 1…or at least a lot of the time previous. While I know it’s almost impossible to please everyone at once…a reward system with multiple choices to pick from would almost certainly come close. As for 2 day early access…..that’s just stupid.

Anyhow, just another hype fest let down. Not really surprising.

“2 days early access”…… not sure everyone understood that portion….. i very sure they mean “Sub suckers who can beta test for 2 days & report all the bugs” sort of thing like 4.0 & 3.0 & 2.0…….. hell, all the early access. Imagine we couldn’t even kill Revan during early access for 3.0. They don’t test or know their game. They just throw it out to us paying customers to clean our own shit….. just like their CS now….. standard automated template reply & thats it.

How do they bring HK-55 back?

It was said there was no back up made of HK-55’s memory core!

That was by Lana or Koth! But……

Did everyone’s favorite little astromech back up HK-55?

It could be as simple as the Alliance mission alert comes from T7 and he tells you HK-55’s memory core is downloaded into his system and could be restored if you could get the frame.

A quick instanced trip back to Asylum to get the frame and go back to T7.

Not much harder than making Nico a drink!

I had to laugh at the fact they kept saying “long time subs” considering the fact that you don’t have to currently be subbed and they are giving over a months notice of the sub by date. Been subbed since day one, how about some retroactive rewards to reward the actual long time subs.

They certainly do like using some weasel wording techniques in their marketing. These really aren’t subscriber rewards, they’re subscriber incentives, since it’s going forward, not inclusive of time spent being a subscriber in the past.

That doesn’t sound like a lot being released in February tbh.

And the only reason why it’s not too terrible is because there’s plenty of progression to do still. (and yes, I get it, a lot of you have cleared these NiM’s before in 2.x. I cleared some too. But I still enjoy doing it.)

No there is literally no progression to still do anymore. You know how every time there is a new op released there is a progression listing on the forums? Why do you think there is no progression posting this time? And there is not a lot being released in Feb. there is only maybe, and I’m being generous with this projection, an hour of content being released. It’s realistically probably closer to thirty minutes.

I mean the personal progression of the new statics and raid groups that formed in 4.0. Obviously the competing progression is negligible, we know this.

And there’s plenty of value in the ops other than competing with other raid groups. And why even bother with competing with other raid groups anyway with ops that were already cleaned up.

The thing is though that roughly 3 weeks into 4.0 a lot of people were already BiS 224 and now(especially after gimme EV and KP weeks) there are probably a lot more people 224 BiS. There is little to no reason for many to go onto NiM content, most people I know and myself included have already cleared that content and if we are already BiS what is the motivation to go do it again? Either way NiM is broken right now and won’t give 224 gear and if you fill out a ticket you basically get a response that in summary says: “Yeah cool story bro we know and we are planning on doing F@ck all about it, you know why? Cuz Conquest is more important to finding fixes for and releasing reskins of HK. You Mad Brah?”

I’m in agreement that the hardcore raiders are basically all min-maxed.

I’m also in agreement that a good chunk of the midcore community is min-maxed. But I still would argue that there are a ton of people in the midcore community (especially with one raiding toon, or people who came into the game late, etc.) who are still not min-maxed.

I for example only have one raiding toon, and I spend a lot more time PvPing than raiding. My 224 gear consists of mainhand, gloves, and a relic. I’ll get maybe one or two tokens this week now that I have 3 alts that can run at 65. I only ever logged in like maybe…. once last week on Wednesday to grind pvp conquest, and the week before probably twice just to raid log.

And other people like me who work or have 18 credits or whatever the case, while perfectly capable of grinding out those marked hard modes with alts, just didn’t have the time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in agreement that we’re getting the short end of the stick as far as content is concerned, but I would seriously give the current raiding content like 4 months before a new raid needs to be introduced. And I get it. No new raids suck. I agree. We were shafted. But this is the path they chose, and I’ll wait and see if we’re getting completely shafted and no new progression comes out.

I just hope chapter 10 is longer than the individual chapters in 1-9 and that they have more meaningful content to do before chapter 11.

I love how the months leading up to KotFE everyone said oh they will release new operation info soon just wait. Then they release a statement saying no new operations and everyone said oh, but there is story! There is more to an mmo than raiding, plus you can run old ops to get new gear. Now… months after KotFE release everyone is done with the story… everyone has mostly full 224’s because of the horrible decision to make EV and KP the priority…. and now everyone is still back going, where is the new content? What have you been spending all this time on? …and suddenly… everyone realizes…. crap… those tinfoil hat people claiming KotFE wasn’t going to have raids and will kill end game completely and Bioware will string along the last chapters over a year with several delays in between……. are now the voice of reason. Everyone knew this was coming… and you all sat back and laughed and defended Bioware and down played everyone’s complaints and suggestions. Well enjoy your single player “mmo” until it ends late next year. This game was released with no raids and was heavy on story content and guess what, it almost died. Then they add raids and boom, successful, functioning game. Now years later Bioware says hey… “Remember that time where no one wanted to play this game and it was almost dead? Yeah, lets go back and adopt the content model we had then, THAT will bring some life back into this game, right?! WRONG, history has shown New Ops = New Players/Returning Players. It has also shown No Raids = No Subs = No Income = Dead Game.

I totally agreed. Look at all the noobs running around in BIS shit. BIS! For noobs incase u dont know & well……….. u are noob… its called BEST IN SLOT gear for a reason. U have to earn it. Not go into some half ass Ops made 4 years ago & get it. I feel so disgusted just looking at the gears now that everyone is wearing. I’m still keeping my 198 set bonus one side cause it means something earning that.

Stop crying over gear and take people who’re skilled enough instead. Not hard.
There are dedicated channels to raiding and pugging with highly skilled people on every server, pretty much.

What you’re writing right there is just resentful and begrudging. I never really understood why people even care about what others are wearing. If it really gets that deep under your skin that other players you (for some unexplainable reason) dislike wear a certain kind of gear, then I really suggest you to get some help.

Complaining about too easy hard and nightmare modes is one thing and I certainly would have loved new raids but this is something different. Your post is just toxic.

OMG! You must be from the #bloodynoobfest bunch. I didn’t say i dislike what they are wearing. Its the way they got it that disgust me. Think back to the “Zorz” incident. They earn everything they got which everyone respected them especially the 198 MH. Then BW came along with a brilliant idea for noobs to earn a better 204 MH thru monolith. Whole grp was so disgusted. Same thing is happening here all over again

1) Disgruntled Customer: “Hey bio-ware I am really disappointed
in the sub’s reward system because (insert reasons) and what I would like to
see or get as a reward would be (insert reward wish list).”

2) Whiner: “This reward system is @$&* and
bio-ware you suck for not giving ME what I want”.

3) Confused Whiner: “Bio-ware will never get things
right what did you expect man? I mean, I am paying for a service I receive and
yet when they are giving me free stuff just because I like to spend my money to
continue w/ the service they still get it wrong.

4) Plain Insane Whiner: “I hate you w/ all my guts
bio-ware, you have no idea what you are doing, @*$& you, you never listen
to ME!!! I have no idea why you even made this game! That’s why I call you
bio-fail! I been here since early (beta? release?) and this ludicrous reward
system is the final straw! I been a sub here for 3 years w/o a subscriber
reward and that was ok, but now that you have decided to give us all this [free
stuff] on top of what I was already getting is a plain insult to gamers
everywhere! Next time you make a game and release it w/o this system just plain
and never even mention a sub rewards system to the subs, it’s preposterous that
after what, 3 years, now you come out w/ this &%@* system and ruin all our
fun. That’s it! I quit! I am never subbing again and probably deleting the game
too! . . . but I will keep haunting the forums, it’s just the right thing to
do. You all know am right!”

Who do you think the devs will pay attention to? Just
some food for thought.

Disclaimer: None of the above examples where made to
resemble or target any specific poster and have been created mostly w/
hilarious intent. I have actually based the examples on people I know IRL.
Happy Holidays!

The point isn’t that ‘we’ don’t like free stuff (which costs dev time)
It’s that we prefer other content instead.. it’s been over a year since we got a new pvp gamemode, and also a while since we’ve seen new ops/fps
That BW decided to spend devtime on rewards that’ll keep me interested for an hour maybe (while also adding a new crafting grind it seems) instead of other content (a wz map and/or a new ops) is what makes ‘us’ angry
And BW again overhyped their anouncement, so expectations were high, so it’s fair imo to blame them for all the shit they’re getting

Ben should have stayed in Australia, he is killing the game, he sucks. This game is going down the drain as a big racket.

Yes hk-55 is cool, but just because of that doesn’t mean base 8 months of game time around him, Lots of laughs!, I’m Jesus, what is going on.

“Player feedback has been very positive – shows collections of facebook messages/tweets praising the expansion.” And ZERO of the masses of posts that say the exact opposite. All this HYPE for a reskinned companion we essentially ALREADY HAVE!!! I KNEW this would be pathetic.

An extra chapter for being sub’ed for 10 months what a rip…an extra chapter that can only be done once per toon… an extra chapter that will be on youtube… what are they smoking! They could of done so much more HK playable race, a stronghold, etc.

This is how you kill a MMO , moving from PvE and PvP content to storyline , not adding new content just increasing the ilvl with every xpack. There is literally no point to play till they pump up some new OPS , PvP maps.

World of Warcraft here I come.

If you were ever playing the primarily story-based TOR, made by a company known for its primarily cutscene-and-story based talking-heads games, games that revolve around plot, characters, NPC romances and dialogue… If you were ever playing this game made by that company primarily for ops and PVP, then you were just deluding yourself, my friend. BioWare always fall back on what they know how to do – Talking heads and dialogue wheels.

So where did you get the idea that this is the entire road map for all things SWTOR in 2016?Ah I see, you made that up yourself.

I do like that will get HK-55 as a companion. Not too excited to have to wait till February for the next chapter. The biggest flaw there is that they took out the old companions and make you wait 6 months or longer to get them back. I want some companions back but you get a warning if you go to the console and there’s the dilemma…what about doing that? What does that mean for the storyline? The statue is nice. However, I am not feeling the “unprecedented subscriber reward” vibe. Also there is no sense of history with BW and they don’t seem to want to give rewards for people who’ve been subbed for many months an years like other games do. So there are some nice things in here but I’m not wowed either.

This is only redeemable if the Hk-55 quest includes a choice to install an HK-47 personality module and the monthly sub rewards include an HK-47 skin and an HK armor set so we can do DROID toons.

They have said that everything is based around HK-55. I am pretty sure that one of the rewards will be his rifle.

hard to say. they said mostly HK themed though. that said his rifle seems a bit of an odd fit, given his rifle as as far as I know the standard model rifle you got as random drops, still I suppose we may not have a modable version of that

I don’t give a shit about tons of another companions. I want for my jug my Vette back! Anyway those sub rewards are a joke no? I am playing money for more then 2 years, because like this game, but it’s still same! Where are new PVP wzs? Where are new interesting and melee friendly opses??? Rewards for subscribtion? Why we can’t recieve some nice fashiioned gear? Why is not here for example some system as Cartel Conis but just for lenght of subscribition and some vendor with old gear (Dread Master 186 token gear what was – still missing it so much, or pvp version if it) Or some special crystals to weapon – still missing complete black crystal. Special mounts? there are many options for sub rewards, but we get instead of it some retarded another reskinned “HK” ….

you can get vette and really any companions back theres a galaxy map in the phased area where the alliance specialist are that allows you to have your companion back. Maybe you should open your eyes and look before whining about not getting something back.

so ture I agree completely , hey bioware/EA where is the blac/black crystal that would have been worth it instead of another dead reskin droid … hello already have hk just not hk-55 which will become a dusty companion … EA take some hint from this guy comments those are worth it 🙂

You do know that at a holoterminal where u get the easy datacrystals for advancing your specialist gets you to get your class comps for combat purposes not sure if it affects your story though

Well, I cant say that was a ground breaking subscriber reward and amazingly awesome. It is okay and i’m, happy to get a new companion, but not until Feb…hmmm. I was more hoping for an additional monthly bonus for being a sub, or a special reward for long time subscribers and things you got in the here and now.
Chpt 10 was already something you’d get as a sub and none of the announced extras really feels like a special extra thank you for subbing.
The statue of HK as a 4th anniversary gift is nice though.

They were, this one was supposed to air in january, now it’s feb. Why they didn’t release it back in december is because “they were on a break”.

they never said when it’d come out exactly. however I expected it to fall around the date it’s falling. Bioware has always made their first patch of a new year in early Febuary

Hell they still have not rewarded me my Makeb Gazebo for completing the staged Makeb weekly and getting achievement before 4.0 launched. I seen other guildies get them. I wrote several tickets and as of yet no Gazebo. Customer service really sucks, I can not say I was hoping for much with this announcement. Some things are cool but they are definitely killing the MMO aspect of the game. We blew through the ten chapters, leveled up super fast and left with repeating the same content over and over. I am even starting to consider playing something else. Oh and that black friday cartel market sale was a joke. I think in the history of this game that was one of worst Cartel Market sales I ever seen. Thank god I do not waste my money on CC. I never get what I want from hypercrates and packs anyways. The hp0ercrates are a big joke. thinking just cause they give 6 extra packs they reduce it to 2 items per pack. smh.

There is quite a bit of entitlement going on this thread. I hink the gripe here should NOT be with the content provided, but with the wording used by BW Marketing in the lead up to yesterdays reveal

They presented Subscriber Incentives which do NOT equal Subscriber Rewards. But the wording they used lead a lot of long time subs anticipate something they didn’t get. That’s the only thing that went wrong here.

I didn’t expect any of that stuff since they already said it’s not coming anytime soon. What I expected was something of substance. Not a desperate attempt at saving future subs with a last minute rush job. And what they said was BIG and used words like “precedence”…well, they still fall behind all the other MMO’s out there…so great job on that “precedence”

ok first of all they did NOT say “”precedance” they said PRECEDENT. two differant things. and yes in terms of what we’ve seen so far, these subscriber rewards do indeed offer a new Precedent. namely that of specific in game content locked to all but a small number of people. weather or not you LIKE that precedent is an open question, but it is certinly precedent setting

I do think that they should have some form of sub reward program. And some stuff is very easily implemented. Stronghold decorations exclusive to sub of x months and so on.
Or mounts etc. there are plenty of things they could do.

Entitlement? What? Since October we will have payed $60 when it comes time for January, and our reward is what is basically equivalent to a LoL skin.

Correct, and you have the choice to sub or not to sub. If all you do is experience the next chapter then unsub and resub when it comes out. If you want the companion and skin and whatever else cosmetic stuff that will be released stay subbed.

See, the thing for me is I would rather they keep all these subscriber rewards and rather fix the plethora of bugs (broken companion arcs, broken romances, broken loot in ops, broken quests, etc.) introduced in 4.0. Now THAT would make me subscribe again. This is coming from a founder who has just Unsubbed for the first time since launch since they broke my main.

Umm. I think they are working on the bugs as well, but that is hardly anything to brag about, it’s just a case of working through the triage list for the bugs.

“Subscribe by Jan 11, receive HK-55 as a permanent companion on Feb 11 when Chapter X comes out.”
You’ll unlock the HK-55 recruitment mission as long as your sub is active by the end of January 11.

If we were in the pre-4.0 era, I would have been excited with the new HK companion. But now, you know, all companions are simply the same. Same abilities same animations… I already have 20+ companions and at the end of chapter 16 I will be at, what, 50 companions??! It really won’t matter if I had 1 more or less.
But playing as HK, however, sounds interesting.

What is the point of any more companions?! They are all the same companion anyway (just re-skinned) and you can’t use more than 7 anyway.

Fix my broken HK-47 instead! I mean, FFS, what good is an assassin droid if it can’t even Assassinate?!

No shit. Read his comment, then read it again. Repeat as necessary until you understand why I said what I did.

Bonus: He asked to fix his HK-47, which no one in this game has. At all. Big difference between fighting one, and having one.

Glad I didn’t see this. I would be even more disappointed.

Thumbs up if you were disappointed too!

Althought there will be always somebody who will be fappin furiously to this.

Maybe they were being sarcastic with the announcements…maybe we just kind of missed the big joke.
The coming rewards are nice in their own way, but not “BIG announcement is the world ready” worthy rewards.
A new free stronghold or player ship, or cross faction/server grouping, that would have been BIG.

I don’t see any of those things happening until another expansion. The days of free strongholds are over. You got the Nar Shaddaa SH free with a few free rooms if you were a sub during the announcement phase. With the release of thr Yavin 4 SH, my personal opinion is that you’ll see new decorations but it’ll be a while (if at all) before you see any new planets or ships and they definitely won’t be free.

Come on BW/EA it’s not THAT hard to please A LOT of the players, release quick new storylines for most of the players, new warzones for PVP’ers and new flashpoints and operations for raiders! (and stop nerfing classes and overpowering others for the pvp complainers)

As far as I can tell, BW/EA has abandoned PVP. I can’t remember the last time they released new PVP content. But then again, I’m not much of a PVP’er.

i’m not a diehard PVP’er but i enjoy a pvp match, but a lot of ppl complaining about new wz’s, so why not give it to ’em? more ppl happy -> more subs -> more money -> good game

Two chapters. More mash 1 button and watch cut scenes for 2 hours. Entertaining for 2 hours. Then done. No new MMO content. None. So disappointing.

They have postet like 40 times that this was only about subscriber rewards. Have they ever made “MMO” content exclusively for subscribers only? No so think again before whining about something.

If you have 20+ alts, that’s 40 hours right there 😉

Besides, the cutscenes are interactive. You don’t just “watch” them. That’s what the dialogue wheel is for.

So, which one of those was the “big” announcement? Chapter 10?? Well, I kind of new it would come out eventually. HK-55 Chapter? Cool, but I don’t see it as “big”. I think the only announcement I’m partially excited about is the subscriber rewards. I guess BioWare finally realized how to utilize the designs that no one would ever buy – just give it for free to subscribers ;P Or a HK-47 statue? LOL, I’m still in shock about how much Satele’s stuff is worth on GTN 😉 This would be fun to have, but essentially worthless. The whole 4.0 was a BIG announcement… I don’t think it can be topped until 5.0

My Opinion and feeling: Congrats Bioware by giffing good gear to noobs that cant even do a proper operation or pvp match with this arena thingie you will give them powerful gear they don’t need it anyway! Normally it was special when i god set bonus before 4.0 and now everyone haves it. also this feels more like you are scared of losing subscribers well i don’t blame them! i did have enjoyed the game a lot but now it has been turned in the game i don’t love anymore i want to thank dulfy for all the effort in all the nice guidelines there were very hande sometimes hopefully when they make star wars more balanced in instead. i will return


Grand Master Yusefudo

I don’t see your point. You don’t feel like you are standing out enough anymore, it seems. So as an elitist you now quit because other people get the same gear as you whom you deem less good. Shouldn’t this be good? I mean if they are noobs then your grand skill should still give you the edge 🙂 (only I doubt you are). And there is a smaller risk of operations and hm fp going badly because of undergearing. This said I actually don’t see this. I just tried to trace your confused argumentation. There isn’t any easier way of obtainign gear now (aside from pvp, where skill should and is mattering and not gear).

I don’t believe he is going to stop playing, he’s all talk. If he was really all that upset he would just quit, not go to a fan site and bitch about it.

Thanks for your reply, i respect you’re opinion. but it will not convince me, but thanks again for the reply.

I’m not trying to convince you of anything. You are all talk and want attention, so I am giving it to you. If you were truely going to leave you would just do it and not come here and reply to people talking about what you said.

Everyone here wants to have attention^^ thats why its called a Forum^^ a community where everyone can haves his opinion, its just i love star wars a lot and i am very disappointed in their work and i already left yesterday.

Hopefully you can respect others opinion next time

‘Good gear’ is only rewarded for skill (progression or pvp), not simply subbing.
Also: *your

Thanks for your reply, i respect you’re opinion. but it will not convince me, but thanks again for the reply

Since when can you craft PvP gear?
And did they say anything AT ALL about the crafted stuff or the stuff from the arena to have a set bonus? Crafted stuff never did have it, so why change it now?
*I have enjoyed/I did enjoy
*turnet into a game
*they were
“when they make star wars balanced in instead.” What? Whaaat?
And don’t even get me started on the errors in punctuation and capital letters.

You have no idea what dyslexia is, do you? If he had dyslexia, he’d be MIXING up the letters. A good example of dyslexia is writing “dslyexcia”

You have no idea what dyslexia is, do you? There are many different symptoms involved with dyslexia and many different ways it can manifest in text based communication. Perhaps you should learn what it is you’re talking about before spouting off.

Anyway, the original poster I was referring to claims to have dyslexia. I took him at his word.

“… claims to have dyslexia” He didn’t write it in his original comment. How am I supposed to know? Run through his profile?

He said it in response to someone. The post was made long before my comment.

Either way, it is ass-holery to attack someone for such poor grammar. Typically I would assume English is their second language and I prefer to welcome non-native English speakers to contribute to a conversation rather than belittle and berate them.

I can sort of see what you mean, but I guess the reality is that the biggest player group in SWTOR are the more casual players. In my guild which was started as a social guild we have people doing ops every night, which they never expected doing before. So in essence the move is successful. I do know what you mean though because there’s nothing special anymore about 220 gear or even 224 gear. It doesn’t bother me as much as it does you clearly but I can see where you’re coming from. I also hope still that next year there will be new ops and perhaps a gear tier that is actually difficult to get, but time will tell. In the mean time I suppose operations are done by a lot more people than ever before and I suppose that’s what they wanted to achieve.

While I appreciate the effort, I am a little disappointed with the subscriber reward program, I thought it would also consider past subribed time and not only upcoming subscribtions where you are basically forced to stick along if you want a little extra something. After all they said they wanted to reward us for sticking loyally to them and that above all includes past subcribtions Im thinking.

Why did you think it would consider past sub time? They never even vaguely mentioned that. If you are let down by that, it’s your own fault.

Its less about what they mentioned, but what I would expect from a subscriber reward program if there is one, for aforementioned reasons. They said we want to thank you for sticking with us so in the future you can get rewards for subscribing again..not exactly a valid argumentation, for someone jumping into the game just now and subscribing gets the same off, is what I meant.

You make a good point. They’ve done it in the past where they give a gift like a crystal, just for being a sub. I wish they did more stuff like that. If I had to design a sub rewards program it would be a mix of that and perhaps a cartel pack a month.

> you are basically forced to stick along if you want a little extra something

What would *you* think could be any logical goal for a “subscriber reward program” than making people “stick along”??

If you reward people for what they did and offer continuous awards you are bound to be perceived far better. They said reward for those that have been sticking along with us thus far, thats past not future tense. Anyway I am finding the continuous rewards not very compelling, but I may subscribe from time to time, because I like the game.

The only “big” thing I can see is the big BS flag waving. They make the claim: “Player feedback has been very positive – shows collections of facebook messages/tweets praising the expansion.” However, I saw a great amount of negative feedback in Twitter especially regarding the changes made to the companions. Apparently, the only way they will listen is when players stop subscribing over these unwanted changes.

so early acces for subs even though kofte is sub only content may i ask why do early acces if this is for subs only lol

its not sub only.. you need to sub to get it, but once you have it it doesnt matter if you are a sub or not

i think that there woudnt be this much qq if they havent said it would be a “big” annoucement. keep expectations low man…

Bang on the mark…it was way over-hyped. If they’d kept quiet and then just announced it, they’d have probably got a good reaction…except for the next chpt now coming a month later.

One Chapter
There is no way to know how long that chapter is. It could be a very long and rewarding chapter, In fact I am sure it is a lot more than what many people are thinking.
But I could be wrong the “chapter” may only take 10 min.

That’s half of the problem: You pay us now you get something that we say is cool, you don’t – you forfeit it FOREVAAAAH! NAO GIVE MONEY OR CRY!

Don’t look at it as one chapter look at it as a trial run. With a huge community push MAYBE we will see a new droid race added. That alone would be reason enough for me to make alt 17 and 18.

It’d be awesome if we could get HK-55 as a comp for the origin stories too but I know it’s impossible 🙂

Did they really over hype this?? From what I saw it they just had a twitter post saying they had a big announcement. (maybe I am wrong and I missed a lot of hype somewhere else) I would say a normal announcement would be you know.. patch update or the dates of the next chapter. this was definitely a big announcement compared to that. While you may not like that it is HK I would still say that they did not over hype it. If it had been Marr or someone else would you all still be crying about it? HK isn’t my favorite but hey This may just make me sub to get another comp. I cant afford to stay subbed for the extra chapter, but if I could I so would. It is more content, that’s what I want and that’s what I like. Also I am really excited about the HK statue.

I think it is just more of an incentive for new players. Or those that saw the original HK quest as too daunting a task.

Actually, this “new subscriber reward” program addresses a flaw in their new expansion model, in the fact that if you are a current subscriber, and let your subscription lapse, you will still have access to all the existing KotFE chapters up to the expiration of the subscription. At that point, you will not be able to access any new chapters until you resubscribe. Between now and Chapter X, there will be no new content and for the Story-focused player, few reasons to continue a subscription. If this player were to continue playing at preferred status, and simply wait until June to resubscribe, and then subscribe for a month, they would retroactively gain access to chapters X though XIV. This player would gain the same amount of story content but only pay for a single month as opposed to six months.

I like the fact we get HK-55 back. However, I don’t think a chapter playing as HK-55 is all that great.
Also, I absolutely LOVED KotFE my first time playing through it. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. It was so much better than SoR. However, like all expansions, once you play through it once and twice and three times and four times (and so on) it gets boring. BioWare bit themselves by letting 60-65 participate in ops via bolster. In SoR you could either do the expansion to get to 60 or do FPs/PvP or something. But for most non-PvPers (like myself) I had no choice but to do the expansion to get to level 60. For KotFE a majority of my toons have gotten to 65 without ever touching KotFE. BioWare now realizes for the most part KotFE is getting stale (do it twice, once all light side, once all dark side, and you’re done) so they needed a BIG announcement. But it was overhyped for what it really was.

“Subscriber Rewards Program” would insinuate that it is an ongoing thing that would live on past August and 4.X.

A reward program is designed to entice you to KEEP paying as well as entice people who have un-subbed or never subbed to pay as well. Its not meant to reward you for paying them already. They don’t make any money for giving you more things for a check they already cashed.

I had no illusions that this was ever going to happen with this announcement but I would really like it if they would tie more stuff to the Legacy. Perhaps 4.1, 4.2??? With 16 toons, KotFE is a grindfest.

Agreed, even if it worked like HK-51 where, once you have him on one character, you can pay through the legacy for the rest of your characters. Then we could pick and choose the ones we want here or there and update at any time. KOTFE 1-9 is exciting and amazing the first time through, but the 3rd+ is like….”why am i doing this?” Im only getting All the companions and building crazy influence on my main. Seems like we’re going to recruit every companion ever on any one class now anyways.

Be a subscriber on the 1st of each month, and receive 2 days of early access to any Chapter which launches that month. This includes Chapter 10 in February.”

So If I be a subscriber on February 1st I will get chapter 1?

The idea of being able to play as HK is … interesting. But the amount of time you have to stay subbed for it is nuts, and almost assures that I’ll be missing out on that. I only go with the non-renewable 60 day sub, and almost always manage to forget to renew for at least a day or two somewhere. Bioware sending sub’s an email alerting them that they have x days left would help, but I could also just check.

And while it’s nice that they recognized our deep love for our old HK, they seem to have missed what I think we missed the most: ASSASSINATE. HK’s just not the same kind of fun without that ability.

So in a way, us all getting a memorial statue of him is very apropos.

that’s a statue of HK-47 not HK-51. from datamined content it seems the 4th anniversy stuff is gonna be a buncha KOTOR themed decos. there’s also supposed to be a painting of the ebon hawk etc

Umm, I killed Malgus some time ago?
And that was even through one of the flashpoints that would be considered a part of the “main” storyline…
I would be rather disappointed by his return.

HK-55, on the other hand, is ‘just’ a droid, so it would be plausible to assume that he was repaired.

Well, initially you didn’t outright kill him, you threw him down a hole. Malgus being killable came later due to, well, players being too dumb. He was never confirmed dead and even was planned to appear in the KOTFE trailer, frozen in carbonite.

Thing is, the story makes it pretty clear HK is perma-fucked. It’s like if I took my computer hard drive and just completely mangled it, I could probably use some of the pieces to rebuild it, but the data (the important shit) would be gone.

I honestly expected we’d get HK and Marr to use outside of the story, just as comps for the lulz. Like with the origin companions. Surprised they’re offering it back to us as a ‘reward’.

I’m only interested about subscriber-only rewards if they finally make all one-time-only achievements hidden and part of a seperate category.

The only reason I unsubbed is because it is impossible to get a 100% achievement completion percentage anyway, no matter if I stay subscribed or not, simply because of one-time-only achievements from before I even started playing.

BTW, I don’t mind one-time-only rewards at all. Just don’t tie the rewards to achievements that penalize newer players simply for not having known about the game’s existence earlier.

They should probably just make those one-time-only ones worth 0 points so they don’t count against the total. There are a few achievements that way, like the one for having all 4 taun-taun pets…

I think this game is still great.
My one beef which is I want to know if we will ever to be able to customize the look of the new companions like the old. That is the only thing that irritates me.
Also would be great if they tell if we romance say Lana will that screw me with Jaesa? My Sith Warrior very much wants to have his apprentice harem of Jasea, Vaylin and Lana. Failing that I would prefer to just stay with Jaesa.
Weighty matters…

They have stated that your past LI will know/learn of your infidelity. Whether it closes or just alters the Jaesa romance is unknown at this time.

You probably have to make a choice or spend some time getting back in good graces. Also Jaesa is less likely to care than some.

It looks like the survey they had awhile back seems to match what they provided. Of the subscriber rewards leading up to KotFE, I voted that the most intriguing rewards that influenced me into staying subscribed was the promise of Nico and the early access.

I assume a majority of responders voted like me in this.

However, what it was lacking was an option to say “OK, these were the best that were offered, but I don’t want these for a template for the whole expansion”

Do you think they’d have developed something for that feedback this quickly, though? Seems very fast to get the results, discuss them and plan how to act on them internally, then to develop them. BW aren’t usually this quick taking feedback into account (and I’m hoping companions aren’t going to be sub rewards till the end of time, since comps are meaningless without story imho).

Feels more like something they were already doing. But I dunno.

I think inserting a character like hk-55 back into the game would be very easy to do. So would early access for the chapters.

As for the special HK chapter. well they could easily write it up between now and when it is due to be released. There is no guarantee after all that it will be of the same quality as the other chapters. For example, they could easily use the KotOR dialogues.

Fair point. Still seems kinda quick to me. That survey only came out recently (far as I know anyway), even if the actual work involved is minor they’ve come to a decision and planned ahead in record time.

Meh, hope the other survey options haven’t been ruled out at any rate.

I wouldn’t say it’s quick. The reward itself, HK-55, already exists, is voiced, etc.

All they really have to do is design a quick mission between now and Feb 9th, and re-activate the ability to summon him. It’s the path of least resistance for them.

No, it did give an option to say that it was called “other”. All you had to do was select it and then say “I liked Nico and early access, but….”

This comment thread makes me want to commit acts of mass facepalming. So many people sad over the silliest things. We all know the game we signed up for and what Bioware has been doing to it. Either roll with the punches or GTFO. It is that simple folks.

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So true. It seems like most comments are negative and yet those people keep playing. I don’t get why people that seem to have so much hate continue to support something they are so unhappy with.

Sometimes I imagine it is people liking something enough to be willing to tear it apart to make it better, complaining like they do is their way in their own minds of contributing to making it the best game it can be. But eventually you use the term “Biofail” or you just rage nonstop and you’ve crossed the line into that weird realm where you hate the thing and you are just tearing it down for others now. Its a murky line though, most don’t know when they’ve crossed it.

Eh, I stopped subbing because I am sad w/ the games state / direction, myself. I want to play it, but they need to start adding multiplayer aspects to their MMO, and giving it repeatable content, not more cutscenes…

I agree with you. FFS ppl it’s an MMO game. If you don’t know what is an MMO go to wikipedia! The problem is new content. I’m GM and what i see ppl came back for expansion and in two weeks disappeared again. Why becouse there is literely nothing to do (ok you got companions and stuff but some ppl don’t care about theat). Yes we are doing weekly Ops but from 16 HM now we can do only 8HM. And what about when we gear up max? There is no new Ops on the horizon. Or from what i suspect it will be after we finish all chapters so September 2016 and sadly my guild will be dead by this time. And lastly i’d like to sey i’m not hater, i like and play swtor from beta test and i am subscriber every month for 4 years now! I just need some mmo content in mmo game am i asking too much???????????

(Sorry for my english if there are mistakes)

Just some of my thoughts, not that anyone in-particular cares..

They wayyy overhyped this, which lead to some people being very negative about it. That was a bad move on their part, generate interest but dont talk about “Are we really doing this? are we ready? is the WORLD ready?” –that implies a seriously big announcement, which this just isnt that.

2nd… if this was pre-4.0, id be way way more excited to get an hk-55 comp. The thing is, though, is I already have 20+ skins / voices to use as a companion, and more are coming. While I like the idea of being able to use all companions for any role in the basic sense, I feel it was poorly done. They are identical in every regard, which makes it not interesting. They should’ve, at bare minimal, kept a ‘default’ mode for each companion that they excelled at and used unique abilities, therefore creating uniqueness to each companion. Comps like Dr. Lokin, who had the cool idea of being able to transform from a healing medic to a dps rakghoul, which was really neat.. should’ve kept that, and been a rare case of a companion being great at 2 roles. Instead, it was removed entirely.. which is silly.

So, I will get another skin / voice to use, that has no incentive to do so.

Next, the mission… this could be a fun little distraction. But you’re kidding yourself if you believe this will be an hour long adventure (without literally stopping to smell the roses). At best, w/ cutscenes, id say 10 mins. These new “chapters” have been frustrating from a replayability view.. great, gorgeous cutscenes, with about 5 mins of really boring gameplay mixed in… I mean, the combat wasn’t even remotely challenging. My sniper literally just used suppressing fire twice, and sometimes a snipe to finish off the 1 enemy that was of higher ranking. That was almost the entire KOTFE thus far… :/

I apologize, I realize this is turning into a long-winded rant, and some of you will just call it bitching and tell me why I am wrong. The truth is, I am not bitching, but I am really sad. I quite love this game, and more importantly the guild members I play with.. but they decided to turn an MMO into a SP cutscene viewer rather than keep it an MMO. I was trying to stay focused on re-gearing for HM ops and such, but I realized after awhile.. why? So I can do the same ops I already did? They refuse to even do new NiM variants of newer ops to at least give something new to strive for there, either… the new story content is mind-numbingly easy, and the choices currently do NOT matter, and they are going to trickle the story 10-20 mins a month…?

I am all for great story content.. it just should’ve been inter-woven with the MMO aspect, even as simple as making the story having a 4 man heroic variant or some such, or parts of if that did require you to, you know, play with people. They are catering to the wrong crowd to sustain an MMO in my opinion. The reason I kept subbing month to month was to play with my friends, but when I have limited time to play and my choices are grinding the same content ive played the last year and a half, or playing one of Fallout 4, Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront, etc etc… its not a hard choice at all, esp. considering the sub cost.

Anyway.. doubt anyone will want to read this, lol. I admittedly kinda rambled here, I normally try to organize my thoughts but… I am really out of it, and just sad about TOR. If you want to call me a whiner, that’s your choice, just know that I actually love this game, just sad by the state / direction of it, sad that I finally unsubbed, and sad I cant find the desire to play more than my once a week op (Which I am bored of but I log in to laugh with my friends.)

-Sad Guppy

After 4 years, the devs are FINALLY listening to the players. I haven’t played SWTOR for the last 4 years for “stuff”. I could not care less about achievements. I could not care less about mounts. I could not care less about gear, as via comms and GTN I will get much more than will I need. I take the time to be overleveled, so I can solo anything I need to

I play SWTOR for the story. I play SWTOR to tell a story. When I roll a toon (and I have over 30 of them across 3 servers), I do so for a specific reason, to tell a very particular and very specific story.

People like you will always find something wrong with the game–that’s your right. But honestly, nobody cares. Seriously. Nobody cares. There are those of us who will play the game as long as the servers are online. We will enjoy the game as long the servers are online. You can go and do whatever strikes your fancy–again, you will not be missed

I care. I feel the same way, how about you respect other peoples opinions? Funny how people like you have this uncanny ability to speak for the masses lol. Strange that.

20 to 30% say players say “story” while bitterly defending buy0wear
20 to 30% players say PvP while also complaining bitterly about PvP
20 to 30% players say “other” while complaining about other players

great community

And in tank form too. I see people complaining about this all over the place. How can they complain if they haven’t even checked? …

We wish you a shitty Christmas, We wish you a shitty Christmas, We wish you a shitty Christmas, now go buy more cartel coins! Love, EA

i want mass effect level of decision making. like i want to be in a life and death situation where either lana or theron take a lightsaber for me, and i have to choose which one dies, or if i did a previous side mission the strike is non fatal and they live. none of this blue red option crap

There’s been a lot of dev posts about the Broken Rakghoul Event not covered on your site, are you being paid off by BioWare to not spread bad news? Use an emoticon if conditions are unsafe…

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