SWTOR Events Schedule in December

Bioware has posted a list of the events one can expect in December.

The Old Republic in December | 12.02.2015, 10:01 PM

Hey folks,
There are quite a lot of things that will be going on in-game during the month of December. We wanted to share all of them with you so you know when to get in on the action.


  • Dec 8 – Dec 15: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 8 – Jan 5: Log in for 4th Anniversary Rewards!
  • Dec 15 – Dec 22: The Rakghoul Plague
  • Dec 15 – Jan 5: Life Day
  • Dec 18 – Jan 1: Double XP
  • Dec 22 – Dec 29: Bounty Contract Week

For Life Day this year we have made a few changes to the rewards. All previously available rewards, including some items previously only available on the Cartel Market, are available for purchase with Snow-Covered Parcels from the Master of Ceremonies on each Faction’s Fleet. Additionally, we have a few new Cartel Market items in honor of Life Day and one of them might be a tank that shoots snowballs, seriously.


  • Dec 8: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 15: Rakghoul Resurgence
  • Dec 22: Death Mark
  • Dec 29: The Balance of Power

That is everything coming to you in December. Don’t forget about all of the subscriber rewards you can become eligible for in January as well. Thanks everyone.

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53 replies on “SWTOR Events Schedule in December”

Guaranteed it makes some lunatic mad anyway. My eyes got WAY too big and round when I saw “tank that shoots snowballs”. How will I ever stop shooting snowballs?!

Yes, people above this comment are already complaining because they bought stuff with CC, that will now be available to other people without CC. It’s the little things.

Pyre bought me the first set for xmas the one year, the snow blower one, it is very special to me, it was a tight year cash wise, and whenever I am on a cold planet riding my light be-decked snow blower I get sentimental feels.

I am glad other people can have these items without cc. They are fun.

Well yeah, because they mistook the functionality of cartel coins.
Cartel coins doesn’t actually guarantee exclusivity, just the faster way
of getting things. Say you need 4 million credits to unlock your last
Stronghold room. You can grind for the credits using dailies and
crafting and selling stuff, or you can get it instant using cartel
coins. Same goes for… storage space or other unlocks. So getting stuff
one year in advance is no reason to complain if they would understand
this. Another example… i bought the Zakuul dropship last night for 1.5
million credits. Some bought it with 1500 cc way before Kotfe, other
bought it with 1000 cc when the sale went on. Me? I waited for almost 4 months and finally bought it with a reasonable amount of credits.

I hope it shoots giant snow balls that hit multiple people so that you can get parcels faster. But only if the Wampa rug is available. I need it for my Love Shack.

If I had several million credits to spare, I’d have bought them on the GTN, but my daily regiment is non existing. I do have tonso of parcels left from last year though.

I just hope someone will eventually buy them. I don’t want them. I doubt I’ll get enough from a sale to get the Satele shan boots though 😉

So we wasted all those coins on the cartel market and now they’re made free? *Sigh* That’s SUCH a fuckdumb thing to do.

It all depends on what they put up. I doubt it will be the Vectron but more along the lines of the pets and decorations.

Maybe even the two Holo-trees that they didn’t have come out last year, but still showed in the list of decorations. And the other item that they had showed us, but never put into the Cartel Market last Life Day?

While it’s somewhat annoying, you got a whole year to use them, and $10-20 wasted in one year isn’t a big deal.

If you turn it around though, making the majority of the items cartel market exclusive in the first place was against principle, and this is a fix to that mistake.

Agreed. I don’t mind a company trying to make money but I do mind how they go about it. Similar principle. Don’t take something other bought with real money and place it in game where getting it is nothing but a number of clicks away and a small bit of time where the real money is removed. Makes the cartel market look even worse of an option to spend money at.

Pretty much All cm items are “but a number clicks away”.. they can be bought with credits, using parcels is (depending on the pricing) a pretty high grind required actually

And that’s why I don’t buy Cartel Coins with real money to spend on things that I could use my gameplay to purchase 😀 And it’s not “free”, people do still have to do something to get it, they have to grind for the parcels or credits to purchase the items.

I don’t mind too much having spent coins to get all the Life Day decos without any grinding a whole year early, and I look forward to getting duplicates of my favorites this year without spending any coins. It is alarming, though, to see things that were only available on the CM become available from normal gameplay. It seems it would be problematic (in terms of making money) if they made a trend of it, so here’s hoping they don’t.

The thing I’m most disappointed about with this arrangement is that this means we probably won’t get any new Life Day decos this year. I want more pretty ornaments and snowy things.

having used cartel coins to get it doesnt mean it should be exclusive, after all that is not the function of cartel coins
it was just a means to get it faster

Because devs are lazy.

Actually, one-time events don’t make them any money and I’m sure their budget doesn’t allow for it.

pretty much. it’s not cost effective to do one time events and then they have to deal with people upset they didn’t get in on it and access to the new stuff

Because then people will butch about how they missed it, or some of the rewards. (See original Rak containment suit as example) It’s simple really no matter what they do people will be mad.

Better question; why not add a new, recurring event? From a dev standpoint it’s content they can reuse, from a player standpoint it’s actual new content rather than the same set to grind endlessly.

New event would go down well with most, I think.

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What would be nice is in-game emails to remind you these events are starting because I’m always wanting to do them, but completely forget since I seldom go to the fleet.

events are a big MEH already done them to much tired of it anyway
but origin and EA are being nice and put jade empire for free up there so im downloading that and gonna play that
just tired of the game atm and the grind with alliance

In this game are actually for me only 2 events what i like. Gree – Xenoanalyst and combinated pve with pvp. And Life Day Event. I honestly love when i can see snow on myself what is falling down. It’s kinda magic. But Life Day is finny first a few days, because it’s only once per year. Then it is starting to be boring. So Why we don’t have here more interesting events?


Hm. Life Day starting same week as Rakghoul Plague. So there’ll be infected-popping people combined with snowballs on Fleet.
*cues the complainers*

well now that the rakghoul event is broken and NOT going to be fixed in time) we won’t have to wrry about that. People will complain about anything though.

Events are hard for me to remember. I was in the early access in the original game and played for two months before the latency problem rendered the game unplayable for me. Since the time I left and the time I returned in 2015 all of this was implemented. So I tend not to know what they even mean when I see a notice nowadays.

I only learned about the Rakghoul event because of the Lokin quest.

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