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GW2 Arenanet on fixing Legendary Weapon Collections

Arenanet developers have taken on Reddit to outline their plan for fixing Legendary weapon collections.

Hello all!

My name is Matt Pennebaker, and I wanted to reach out and say “hi.” As many of you know u/LinseyMurdock is rolling off of working on legendary collections as she is needed elsewhere. I will be stepping in and attempting to fill her metaphorical shoes (my literal feet are like twice as big as hers).

I have worked directly with Linsey for a couple of years on rewards, but I want to note that while I helped with early design of the legendary journeys, I was not involved in their detailed designs or implementations. This is important to get out there because it means that I am still familiarizing myself with everything that’s been done, and where things are hooked in to the game. So please, bear with me.

Now that you are bored with who I am, you may be asking, “why is this guy still talking?” First off, rude, second, to get some details about my plans.

  • I have a small team working with me, but we are working on a few different things. Specifically: issues with current legendary weapons, new legendary weapons, and festivals (that’s a topic for another day)
  • The priority for current legendary crafting bugs is as follows:
    • Fix blockers as soon as I’m made aware of them. Anything that halts your progress is unacceptable and I’ll do everything I can to get it fixed ASAP.
    • Fix issues that encourage toxic play or interactions. No collectible should be gated behind failed events, or mechanics that make you upset that another player is playing a specific way. Unfortunately these things take longer to fix and test around the fixes (don’t want to break something else on accident), so the turn around will be slower
    • Fix the smaller things. Things like icons, text (unless it is very misleading, then it gets addressed sooner), and minor inconsistencies. We will get to things when possible, it may just take a while. Something to remember, every minute spent on one bug is a minute not spent somewhere else.
    • If you see something, say something. We actively read reddit posts and the forums. My QA partner (edit: found his reddit handle: u/ANET_Blonk ) is all over things here. We want to know what’s wrong with our content, so please let us know.
  • New legendary weapons! The good news: yes, we are working on them. The bad news: no, I cannot tell you any more about them. Sorry, some things just need to be a secret.
  • Communication: I’m not a very social-media-focused person, and to be honest, have a lot of stuff to do, but I’m going to try my best to be communicative and up-front with you all. There are things I won’t be able to talk about, and things I won’t have the knowledge or authority to talk about, but I will do my best to not hide things from you.

Alright, I think that’s about everything I wanted to cover. I’ll be popping in and out of here the rest of the day so I can try to answer questions you might have.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

49 replies on “GW2 Arenanet on fixing Legendary Weapon Collections”

Or some pretty GS with no overrated effects that fills your screen with shit. I am actually having trouble to recognize, whether that person painting all over place is just player with legendary GS or Bob Ross.

Why does Arenanet keep using Reddit instead of their official forums for stuff like this? Seems strange to me.

The way they dealt with an extremely civil (lengthy (and popular)) thread I put up, they deserve everything they get.

The finance model GW2 uses probably necessitates shelving non-critical bugs and old rough edges for long periods of time (see: permanently) which means that meaningful responses by Anet cannot be made on the forums. That in no way means however that the player base should take kindly to Anet failing to respond to valid issues (or for silencing fair criticism when delivered in civil tones).

Meaningful responses are better for reddit anyway. If a comment isn’t picked up on the devtracker, it’s probably more likely everyone will forget about it when it goes undelivered for 6 months “because time.”

To everyone else: top kek. Sorry the forums are toxic, differing opinions and verbal attacks are worlds apart. The toxic players (who are too great in number to deal with, at least as of 2 weeks ago) too will condescend anyone who tries to post a helpful reply – even if it means making gross assumptions about who they are and what they do.

Galie is a community manager isn’t she? The community managers never seem to have the authority or the required info to actually answer game related questions – plus reposting the rare posts actually made by devs doesn’t count towards added transparency.

toxic? define “toxic” please. Whether or not frustration is expressed in a civil form or not, it’s a frustration nevertheless. Calling it toxic doesn’t change the fact that there are problems to solved. People who are matured can filter out the emotion and get the core problem being described. Toxic or not, it still expresses the issue and can still be considered helpful in certain way. And you know what’s not helpful? calling other people toxic while contributing nothing, offering nothing.

You ever try to offer constructive criticism on the official forums? If its not 100% what the toxic mob wants, you get trolled and unintelligibly yelled at. The forums are filled the brim with toxic people who do nothing other then post uniformed HIGHLY emotional rants with zero solutions or even anything close to constructive criticism. Then the rest of the toxic mob jump on top and pile on the same useless “yeah down with Anet we want blood!” posts.

Cuddy is right, the forums are toxic. And his answer isn’t useless or contributing nothing. It’s a direct response with an exact answer to the question posed directly above it.

The forum being toxic because there are a group of people being “toxic”? what about the group of people being civil and constructive on the forum. Wouldn’t they count? You seem to discount them readily while characterizing the the entire form because of a certain group of people? And “we want blood” ? where? who said that? how many people said that? or is it just your own made exaggeration to fake a point?

Is “toxic” the new “problematic”?
You know, just having a different opinion than you have – or even better – correcting you on something, is not toxic. It is part of a civil discussion.

Like commentor wrote in response: calling other people toxic without contributing anything, is itself the most toxic and derailing behaviour.

and I would +1 his and down vote yours. His approach is correct, while your ability to be objective and respect that others have an opinion as valid as yours is in serious doubt.
Thankfully, your opinion means little to anyone but yourself, since you have yet to post one and can only attack other’s thoughtfully crafted responses.

Haha Weißer posting as “Hogwxld”, real cute. Its obviously you, the obnoxious writing style is the same. You’re the toxic element here, the hypocrite blasting others for their own opinions, under the guise of having a productive forum. You’ve said nothing useful, ever, Weißer/Hogwxld.

“Comprehension problem ?” is an uncalled for direct attack on a legitimate question. Posting is different than reading, the comprehension problem seems to lie with yourself.

What a nice guy. Lets see how much is it gonna improve now that they changed the team. I would be optimistic tho. Cause if a man gives statement like this publically, it means that if he messes up, he will be flamed and hated by comunity like noone else. This means he basically took full responsibility for the near future of legendaries and is willing to dedicate himself to it.

That is why i put my trush in this guy. Not many people has balls to do that.

I haven’t looked into the new legendaries much, is it true that they are essentially locked behind raids (the only way to get some of the mats you need is from the raids)?

Legendary armor is the same stats wise a ascended. Legendary armor just has a special cosmetic look, and the convince of stat swapping. So there is no mechanical disadvantage to not raiding.

I figured the stats would follow the model of the weapons. But let’s be honest, GW2 is a very cosmetic game (wardrobe, outfits, etc). The best armor in GW2 is not so much determined by stats as it is by looks.

I don’t care that is available through raids, I just wish it was also available through another path, since a lot of us joined GW2 to get away from raids and raid based progression (from other mmo’s).

Also, a big “selling point” was no holy trinity. Now with the raids, seems a total 180 on that.

The decision to implement raiding in this x pac (and lock the “best” armor behind it) just seems like a curious design choice overall. They also set the raid bar pretty high. Seems you need mostly ascended. I have it (including a legendary weap) but my guild (and a few other guilds I know) don’t have 10 players outfitted like that. Why “punish” the small guilds or newish guilds? Just really seems to go against the original, inclusive design of GW2.

What do you define as the “best” armor look?

If it’s what you find visually appealing, you have no basis to judge the raid armor yet since we haven’t seen it.

If it’s the prestige from wearing something difficult to obtain, then asking for something to be made easier to obtain so you can wear it defeats the purpose.

The “best” armour (notice the quote marks) is always up to the taste of the player and not many will choose the exact same look. That said, you can put money on the legendary armour being the same distance from standard armour that Twilight is from your standard GS and most everyone seems to have that skin these days
You can say the “best” armour in that it will probably have more fire/smoke/ light effects/ an aura around it or some similar bling that makes us drool. People want something shiny, that’s why aNet released an outfit with dye-able fire effect. If u don’t want it, get asended, if you do, hope u like raids….

ANet is probably listening to the players demanding harder content, that’s fine for them if they want it, but players wanting a relaxing and casual game after work, would rather spend days going through story and exploration for a reward than have a sweat soaked shirt and a couple of hours wasted because one n00b just can’t stand in the right place. But that’s the problem anet has: make rewards exclusive, and alienate half the player base, make it possible to obtain the same reward in an easer yet longwinded way, and you take away the one thing the elite have to show their awesomeness. Which would you choose?

I think it is always best to have multiple ways to obtain items, this way players can play how they like. I know it is more difficult to design this way, but you don’t alienate players in that way. GW2 has a huge pvp population, are they not going to be able to get the armor because they might not raid (not sure if they put in a pvp track for the armor)? That would seem like a design mistake to me, since they are such a big part of the population.

To me, GW2 has always been about exploration of the world, story and pvp. To suddenly add raids and then lock the “best” (subjective, I know) armor behind them just seems like an odd design choice. There are enough raiding for gear games out there, it is just hard to understand why GW2 would follow in their footsteps when they had such success using their own unique approach.

I know I am assuming that the armors will be the best looking. I like the look of most of the legendary weapons, so I think I will like the armors as well. Who knows, maybe I will think they are ugly… They way they implemented it just seems odd to me.

I know looks are subjective. Judging by the legendary weapons, I would imagine the legendary would have all kinds of cool effects etc.

Also, I am not asking for them to make it easier to obtain. I just would like to have an alternate way to get the mats for them outside of raids.

Truthfully, not everyone agrees that raids are necessarily the most difficult content. It is more about managing a team and having consistency. I am sure for some people that aren’t good at jumping puzzles that some of the crazy jp’s in the game would be the most difficult. Difficulty is somewhat subjective based on a players strong points or weak points.

Matt doesn’t sound very comfortable doing this and I kinda imagine this is the product of some teammeeting about the backlash they received lately.

Using Reddit as their official channel of choice is still questionable.
This says a lot about who they want to talk to and how they want to talk to them.

Well, they read reddit _besides_ their own forums – you want to diversify the debate by posting third and fourth choices to be “necessary reading” for aNet developers ?
I am pretty happy that they acknowledge reddit as a channel, which they cannot administrate , lock down and/or erase threads from.

You got a strong point there. Even though Reddit mods have shown to be pretty cooperative regarding the named things.

But I still find Reddit highly questionable. It is after all a popularity contest. And this skews any discussion or feedback into weird directions, where people will hold back their personal opinion for a more generalist one.
For a developer, posting on Reddit is like cycling with training wheels.

Take it as my opinion. I just don’t think a “forum” that is based on popularity is a good basis for feedback. Popular opinions can be wrong.

Part of the difficulty I figure will be trying to get people interested in doing Dynamic Events in older areas such as the Arah Zones.

“No collectible should be gated behind failed events, or mechanics that make you upset that another player is playing a specific way.”

Mistward Helm Casing. The TD meta-event has to be the most frustrating event in GW2. It should drop off ANY dead chak gerent and not be required at the completion of the entire event. There’s more than enough incentive for players to finish. We shouldn’t have to pull our hairs out every three hours because a few Reapers or Druids decided to fight in the SCAR lane and ruined the meta for everyone in the map. Very poor design choices.

Hopefully the new guy does a better job. Some of the old legendaries had unfixed bugs for years. New ones were promised about 2 years ago. Only 3 with expansion with ridiculous requirements. And maybe they will now make serious badass weapons and not joke items like Quip and Moot. I cringed when Linsey previewed the updated legendaries and referred to each new particle effect as “Aweeeeesoooooooome”.

I really wish to meet new legendary weapons comming out from the Top-expensive Items… and now I mainly mean Azureflame 😉

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