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SWTOR Patch 4.0.3 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch 4.0.3 Patch Notes. This patch will deploy on Tuesday, December 8 after maintenance (5 AM to 9 AM PST).



December Event Schedule! There is a whole host of events going on in the galaxy this December! All events start and end at 4AM PST (12PM GMT):

  • Dec 8 – Dec 15: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 8 – Jan 5: Star Wars™: The Old Republic 4th Anniversary
  • Dec 15 – Dec 22: The Rakghoul Plague
  • Dec 15 – Jan 5: Life Day
  • Dec 18 – Jan 1: Double XP Event
  • Dec 22 – Dec 29: Bounty Contract Week


  • It is no longer possible to cause the Character Select UI to disappear while deleting characters.
  • Guild Set Rank and the Guild Set Rank Description now reopen if you use the X button to close either dialog.
  • The Odessen Heroic Mission Boards no longer cause errors when quickly picking up new Missions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Alacrity to affect Companion summoning speed and Transport activation times.
  • Khem Val no longer invites his friends to hang out at Sith Inquisitor Strongholds, and many Companions have considerably reduced their nudist tendencies within Strongholds.
  • Players who have completed Chapter I of Knights of the Fallen Empire now have access to Darth Marr as a Stronghold Decoration.
  • Fixed an issue where players lost access to HK-55’s Decoration following Chapter VIII.
  • Placed HK-55 Decorations now properly display a holographic version when HK-55 is summoned.
  • Addressed an issue where Achievements for defeating EPHEMERIS units had no description.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving credit for kills towards the “Kill it with Fire” Achievement.
  • The “Seeking Out Prey” Achievement has been updated to include the Massassi Blood Battler.
  • Fixed multiple instances of disappearing environments.
  • Fixed multiple instances of gaps appearing in the environment.
  • Ziost Cantina Areas now have appropriate music.
  • Black Sun Territory on Coruscant now have more music to match the pacing of the area.
  • Yavin Stronghold doors no longer glow on mouse over.
  • The Yavin Stronghold Entrance Starship Hook now has additional Hook options.

Cartel Market

  • Fixed the Sith Recluse Lower Body Armor name in German.
  • The Adno A-R6 no longer unlocks the Adno Firewasp Decoration.
  • Fixed an issue where several Companion Customizations could not be sold on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • Unbound Loot Boxes can once again be placed in Legacy Cargo Holds.

Classes + Combat


  • Utility Points no longer reset after committing them and closing the Combat Proficiencies window.

Jedi Knight
Jedi Guardian

  • Warding Power now additionally increases Guardian Slash’s critical chance by 20% and increases the damage dealt by Warding Strike by 30% (up from 15%).
  • Beacon of Might now additionally increases the damage dealt by Blade Dance by 30%.

Jedi Sentinel

  • The damage dealt by Clashing Blast has been reduced.
  • Saber Storm now increases the critical strike damage bonus of Blade Rush and Clashing Blast by 15% (up from 10%)


  • The damage dealt by Force Melt has been reduced.

Sith Warrior
Sith Juggernaut

  • Consuming Power now additionally increases Crushing Blow’s critical chance by 20% and increases the damage dealt by Aegis Assault by 30% (up from 15%).
  • Pillar of Strength now additionally increases the damage dealt by Ravage by 30%.

Sith Marauder

  • The damage dealt by Devastating Blast has been reduced.
  • Sever now increases the critical strike damage bonus of Massacre and Devastating Blast by 15% (up from 10%)


  • The damage dealt by Force Rend has been reduced.

Jedi Consular

  • Double Strike now consumes 20 Force (down from 25). Damage dealt has been reduced with respect to the cost reduction.

Jedi Shadow

  • Whirling Blow and Spinning Strike now consume 20 Force (down from 25). Damage dealt has been reduced with respect to the cost reductions.
  • Applied Force no longer reduces the Force consumed by Double Strike, Whirling Blow, Clairvoyant Strike, and Serenity Strike.


  • Mind Quell now increases the damage dealt by Mind Crush and Vanquish by 15% (down from 20%).


  • Deep Impact now increases the critical strike damage dealt by Shadow Technique’s Force Breach effect and Psychokinetic Blast by 10% (down from 30%).
  • The damage dealt by Psychokinetic Blast has been reduced.
  • Clairvoyant Strike now consumes 20 Force (down from 25). Damage dealt has been reduced with respect to the cost reduction.

Kinetic Combat

  • Force Break now increases the damage dealt by Combat Technique’s Force Breach and Slow Time by 30% (down from 50%).

Jedi Sage

  • Updated the tooltip of Force Gust to properly reflect that it only affects the activation time of Mind Crush.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Thrash now consumes 20 Force (down from 25). Damage dealt has been reduced with respect to the cost reduction.

Sith Assassin

  • Dreadful Nightmares now increases the damage dealt by Crushing Darkness and Demolish by 15% (down from 20%).


  • Crackling Blasts now increase the critical strike damage dealt by Surging Charge’s Discharge effect and Ball Lightning by 10% (down from 30%).
  • The damage dealt by Ball Lightning has been reduced.
  • Voltaic Slash now consumes 20 Force (down from 25). Damage dealt has been reduced with respect to the cost reduction.


  • Mounting Darkness now increases the damage dealt by Dark Charge’s Discharge and Wither by 30% (down from 50%).

Bounty Hunter
Shield Tech

  • The damage dealt by Firestorm has been reduced.

Advanced Prototype

  • Prototype Weapon Systems now increases the critical strike damage bonus of Rocket Punch, Rail Shot, Magnetic Blast, Retractable Blade, Thermal Detonator, and Energy Burst by 10% (down from 30%). All additional effects remain unchanged.

Imperial Agent

  • Imperial Assassin now increases the critical damage dealt by Ambush, Penetrating Blasts, Followthrough, Snipe, and Takedown by 10% (down from 30%).
  • The damage dealt by Penetrating Blasts has been reduced.


  • Experimental Explosions now increases the critical damage dealt by Explosive Probe, Interrogation Probe, EMP Discharge, and all area effects by 10% (down from 30%).
  • Explosive Engineering now increases the damage dealt by Explosive Probe, Cluster Bombs, Fragmentation Grenade, Plasma Probe, and Orbital Strike by 10% (down from 15%).
  • Field Command now increases the critical chance of your area attacks by 10% (down from 15%)


  • Series of Shots no longer benefits from the effects of Hew. All additional effects remain unchanged.


  • Corrosive Assault no longer benefits from the effects of Cut Down.

Shield Specialist

  • The damage dealt by Ion Storm has been reduced.


  • Havoc Training now increases the critical strike damage bonus of Stockstrike, High Impact Bolt, Tactical Surge, Gut, Assault Plastique, and Cell Burst by 10% (down from 30%). All additional effects remain unchanged.


  • Deadeye now increases the critical damage dealt by Aimed Shot, Penetrating Rounds, Trickshot, Charged Burst, and Quickdraw by 10% (down from 30%).
  • The damage dealt by Penetrating Rounds has been reduced.


  • Arsonist now increases the critical damage dealt by Sabotage Charge, Shock Charge, Sabotage, and all area effects by 10% (down from 30%).
  • Independent Anarchy now increases the damage dealt by Sabotage Charge, Contingency Charges, Thermal Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, and XS Freighter Flyby by 10% (down from 15%).
  • Conflagration now increases the critical chance of your area attacks by 10% (down from 15%).

Dirty Fighting

  • Speed Shot no longer benefits from the effects of Cheap Shots. All additional effects remain unchanged.


  • Brutal Shots no longer benefits from the effects of Cheap Shots.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Addressed an issue where Solo Mode Missions for numerous Flashpoints were not syncing properly with the Player’s level.
  • Malfunctioning Interrogation Droids in Solo Mode Korriban Incursion are now the appropriate level.
  • Lowered the damage of Darth Severous and Commander Jensyn’s Dual Saber Throw in Hard Mode Korriban Incursion.
  • Players are now synced to Level 11 instead of Level 10 in The Black Talon and The Esseles.
  • Ortuno in Hard Mode Depths of Manaan now properly applies the “Water Field” debuff.
  • Bonethrasher now properly gets increased damage from the Well Fed buff in Karagga’s Palace.
  • Putrid Shaclaw’s Toxic Spit ability now deals less damage during its encounter in Hard Mode Lost Island.
  • Kyramla Gemas’rugam and the Mandalorian Hunter adds in Blood Hunt have had their health reduced.
  • Mentor in Solo Mode Directive 7 now has an appropriate health value.
  • Increased the health of SV-3 Eradicator in Tactical Mode Red Reaper to be more in line with the rest of the Flashpoint.
  • The final bunker defender in all Star Fortress Shield Bunkers has been increased in difficulty.
  • Players no longer see two shuttles spawned on top of each other at the start of Korriban Incursion.

Items + Economy

  • Fixed an issue where equipment wouldn’t suffer durability loss.
  • All Event-related Decoration are now Bind on Pickup.
  • The following Start @ 60 weapons have had their stats and names corrected:
    • Veteran Duelist’s Saberstaff is now Veteran Force-Lord’s Saberstaff for DPS Assassins/Shadows
    • Veteran Force-Lord’s Saberstaff is now Veteran Duelist Saberstaff for Tank Assassins/Shadows.
    • Veteran Bulwark’s Lightsaber is now Veteran Pummeler’s Lightsaber for DPS Juggernauts/Guardians.
    • Veteran Pummeler’s Lightsaber is now Veteran Bulwark’s Lightsaber for Tank Juggernauts/Guardians.
    • Veteran Demolisher’s Blaster Rifle is now Veteran Targeter’s Blaster Rifle for DPS Operatives.
    • Veteran Boltblaster’s Blaster Pistol is now Veteran Med-Tech’s Blaster Pistol for Healing Mercenaries.
    • Veteran Boltblaster’s Blaster Pistol is now Veteran Demolisher’s Blaster Rifle for Tank Powertechs.
  • The following stimpaks will now persist through death correctly:
    • Advanced Battle Versatile Stim
    • Advanced Field Tech Versatile Stim
    • Advanced Bio-Enhanced Versatile Stim
    • Advanced Experimental Versatile Stim
    • Advanced Hyper-Battle Versatile Stim
    • Advanced Exotech Versatile Stim
    • Advanced Nano-Infused Versatile Stim
  • The Enslaved Underwalker Decoration, The Statue of the Burning Skull Decoration, and The Dreadful Altar Decoration no longer drop from Dread Palace, and now drop in the Dread Fortress.
  • Dread Palace loot has been redistributed:
    • 8-Player Hard Mode Dread Master Council now drops a Chest Piece token.
    • 16-Player Story Mode and 16-Player Hard Mode Dread Master Bestia now drops a bracers token
    • 16-Player Story Mode Dread Master Calphayus now drops a Head Piece slot.
    • Dread Master Calphayus now drops gear of the correct Item Level.
  • Common Data Crystal Drops in Tactical Flashpoints have been reduced:
    • First Boss now drops 2 Crystals.
    • Second Boss now drops 2 Crystals.
    • Final Boss now drops 4 Crystals.
    • Bonus Bosses now drop 4 Crystals.
  • Fixed an issue where classes were being awarded loot they could not use in Tactical Flashpoints.
  • Droids and Creatures in Star Fortresses now only require 450 Skill to harvest for materials.
  • Grade 6 Archaeology Nodes no longer appear on Makeb, and have been replaced with Grade 7 Archaeology Nodes.
  • Fixed typos in the names of the Zakuulan Shield and Staff Weapon Display and Rack Decorations.
  • The following items no longer require Artifact Authorization:
    • Trainee’s Body Armor
    • Trainee’s Boots
    • Trainee’s Bracers
    • Trainee’s Leggings
    • Trainee’s Gauntlets
    • Trainee’s Helmet
    • Initiate’s Offhand Saber
    • Scout’s Vibroknife
    • Trainee’s Offhand Blaster
    • Scout’s Shotgun
    • Trainee’s Belt
    • Trainee’s Generator
    • Trainee’s Shield
  • The Ice Scrabbler Jerky Schematic now only drops on Hoth or Ilum, and its drop rate has been reduced.

Missions + NPCs

  • All Class Missions that occur between planets have had their Item rewards updated.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Makeb Weeklies to not progress the Basic Gear Mission. This fix will reset “Basic Gear” Missions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Ziost storyline to not progress following the Mission “Monolithic.”
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Imperial Agent Mission “The Cult of Ki Sazen” to not complete after speaking to Lokin.
  • Treek’s healing ability Fektur Sling has had its healing values corrected, leading to a more balanced healing amount.
  • Text and proper lip synch are now present in the Lt. Pierce Recruitment Mission.
  • Names for Black Sun gang members near the Nar Shaddaa Star Fortress Bunker now appear in French and German clients.
  • An NPC in Chapter VII is now properly referred to as a Nautolan.
  • Fixed Mission prerequisites for several Bounty Hunter companion conversations.
  • Imperial Agents now get appropriate Mission rewards for the Mission “Dark Meeting.”
  • The Balmorra Mission “Secret of Cave 52” now offers Powertechs tanking items.
  • The following Missions on Ilum now have appropriate rewards: Operation Shatterstorm, Tightened Grip, Jam the Transmissions, A Fair Fight.
  • Sith Warriors are now offered a tank shield reward on the Mission “The Transporter.”
  • Tank classes are now offered tanking relics from the Mission “Shelter from the Storm” on Makeb.
  • Addressed an issue where the Bounty Hunting Event Missions were not scaling properly to the Player’s level.
  • It is no longer possible to leave The Founder via the Escape Pod during the Bounty Hunter Missions “Number One with A Bullet” and “Some People Just Need Killing.”
  • Resolved an issue where a player could get stuck during Chapter VII if they logged out on a specific Mission step.
  • The Sith Inquisitor Mission “Testing” now properly displays a Story Mission Icon and purple text.
  • Arcann’s Lightning Storm ability is now resisted by Force Barrier.
  • HK-51 and the Probe Droid now have healing and damage values in their ability tooltips.
  • Players starting the Shadow of Revan Mission chain on their ship now see their companions react more specifically to their relationship status.
  • Long Mission Terminal names are no longer cut off in French and German.
  • Missing subtitles throughout the Knights of the Fallen Empire chapters are now present in French and German.
  • Completing Hard Mode Red Reaper now correctly rewards points for relevant Conquest Objectives.
  • Companions in the Tank role no longer interrupt NPC and Player-channeled abilities.
  • All PvP and Starfighter Daily and Weekly Missions now grant experience based on Character Level.
  • The following Directive 7 Missions now have rewards for level 61-65 players:
    • Immediate Vengeance
    • Violent Uprising
  • Now that every enemy in the galaxy knows not to do so, Treek has ceased repeatedly yelling “You underestimate me!”
  • Plaguehorn, the Rakghoul-Infected Reek on Tatooine, now reduces player’s accuracy with each Roar.
  • The number of Gormak Tech Masters required to complete the Bonus Mission “Cyber Takeover” as part of the “[Heroic 2+] Cyber Mercenaries” Mission has been reduced to 15 from 30.
  • The Mission “[Heroic 2+] Search and Rescue” is now repeatable Weekly instead of Daily.
  • The Alderaan Republic Mission “Red Handed” now rewards 5 Common Data Crystals.
  • The following Flashpoints have been added to the Mission “[Weekly] Tactical Flashpoints.” This will cause the Mission to be reset:
    • Taral V
    • Boarding Party
    • Maelstrom Prison
    • The Foundry
    • Directive 7
    • The Battle of Ilum
    • The False Emperor
    • Kuat Drive Yards
  • The Voss Heroic Weekly Mission is once again available. The turn in step has been removed, and now completes in the field. This change will reset Mission progress.
  • The Alliance Mission “A Kindly Old Monster” now gives a more appropriate error message if players attempt to deploy a probe in the wrong location.
  • The Tatooine Staged Bonus Missions “The Fall of the Sand People” now scales its level and rewards properly .
  • The “Basic Gear” series of Missions now properly grant Common Data Crystals on completion.

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192 replies on “SWTOR Patch 4.0.3 Patch Notes”

So no fixes for tank companions they said that would be in this patch, sill no fixes for the 2 SF Force using companions getting Tech power.

Still no fix for the endgame gear bug. My friend cant equip his Common crystal gear because it requires artifact equipment authorization…

I thought the whole expansion required being Subscribed to begin with. Or is this a Subscriber bug I have not personally experienced?

When Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan was the max expansion it didnt required authorization . Oh well it seems they brought it back.

“many Companions have considerably reduced their nudist tendencies within Strongholds.”—Hope that includes Xalex the naturist…

“Fixed an issue where equipment wouldn’t suffer durability loss.”—Noticed that,but hoped it was deliberate.

“The number of Gormak Tech Masters required to complete the Bonus Mission “Cyber Takeover” as part of the “[Heroic 2+] Cyber Mercenaries” Mission has been reduced to 15 from 30.”—That was annoying.

No idea. I have a 65 Sorc, but I am currently on chapter 7 or 8 and have not yet been to Ondessen or gone to her stronghold, so I haven’t done anything with Khem Val

“The Ice Scrabbler Jerky Schematic now only drops on Hoth or Ilum, and its drop rate has been reduced.” I would be happy, but i think ill kinda miss my stacks of schematics!

I actually thought that one was deliberate, not a bug. At least it didn’t happen during the Great Companion Nerf.

It’s the first line under “Items and economy”

“Fixed an issue where equipment wouldn’t suffer durability loss.”

I don’t know what this exploit is, but credit bloat sucks enough as is, let alone with people abusing a glitch

BW explained after they fixed it with today’s patch. It was possible to buy a stack of items with any special currency, split the stack, and sell it back to the vendor for the price of the whole stack.

Say, you bought a stack of 10 Rakata Warrior decos (50 CDC each) for 500 CDCs. Then if you split the stack into 9 and 1, that one sold back for… 500 CDCs. Split into 8 and 1, sell one back for another 500 CDCs, ad infinitum.

This worked with Gree helix and DNA canisters too.

I am terrified to think that this enabled exploiters to make literally tens of millions of credits per minute.

How in the heck do people discover these things?
I hope the Economy recovers soon enough anyway. Plus adding in the armor wear will help chip away at a bit of pocket change (repair costs still seem to be puny. Maybe because comps dont take wear anymore?)

Every time I get excited for new patchnotes in hopes of some quality of life changes I get disappointed. How fucking hard is it to sort my comps in crafting window by influence level? As a crafter this upsets me so much.

That’s a pretty good idea! If you haven’t, you should go on the suggestion forums and suggest that. I’ve suggested a few things on there that have come into being.

I suggested a lot of stuff on there including this, but it’s all for nothing, devs have things planned and will act accordingly to that plan. Of course if suggestion would blow up and a lot of people would ask for it, they would implement it sooner I hope..

BioWare is too stupid to arrange titles alphabetically.

Sorting companions by influence? I excpect this never to happen.
This idea has to much common sense for BioWare’s dev crew and it’s too useful.

it’s just GREAT to nerf combat AGAIN
clashing blast is not doing *THAT* much damage already and the rest of the skills hit like a wussie
atleast make blade dance channel while moving for combat only that woud make sence

For Sentinels/Marauders:

Its honestly not going to be much of a nerf, but rather a buff. the percentage % they are nerfing it is by 6.2% as far as raw damage, whereas they are increasing its critical up by 5%. Damage and critical, although they go hand in hand, are two completely different stats that operate on separate accounts. overall base damage may have gone down, but the critical bonus is now going to be 15% up from 10%; clashing blast when utilized correctly anyways is a 100% critical chance hit, so its not really going to be much of a nerf, but rather a buff to critical hits, which is very frequent already, granted your accuracy and critical rating is up to par or exceptionally high.

Pretend the critical was unchanged and remained at 10%, but the 6.2% decrease is applied to the overall ‘raw’ damage of clashing blast’s/Devastating Blast’s output. Lets say for example you critically hit upwards of an even 18K (18,000) damage without the 6.2% decrease. Now apply the 6.2% decrease, and 18,000 becomes 16,884k. Although yes a decrease, its not very game breaking. again this is without the critical buff we are now receiving by an additional 5%, which operates completely differently. I’m not familiar with critical % gains on top of auto-crit hits, but I imagine the damage will either remain near same or even increased.

Laziness I assume?
Although since the 4 body types are in the game I expect it wouldnt be too much trouble other than the alien starfortress companions – the Nautalan, hammerhead, etc.

Laziness, you assume, because why?

I assume it’s because these companions will be in the upcoming KotFE chapters, and programming the cutscenes with the companions in their default gear is just easier than allowing for customizations and whatever random gear players want to throw on them. I know that doesn’t fit the narrative of “”OMG I hate Bioware because they don’t do what I want” narrative that so many subscribe to, but it sounds more logical than to assume BW is being lazy.

Because allowing you to gear your companions just as they have done before VERY SUCCESSFULLY with cutscenes is all of a sudden impossible?

I like your logic.

Well… not VERY SUCCESSFULLY(missing dyes, dropped skin textures, original gear loading over actually equipped gear) but certainly mostly successful. I could honestly see this move as a way to avoid headaches. The reality is that some will see this as prudence and others will see this as laziness.

The real interest for me will be with how they handle Kaliyo and other future story companions. Will they be customizable from the beginning or will they be stuck in default gear til the end of the chapter.

As the OP said, all of the humans in this game use one of the four player body types, they just pop a character’s head on it. If an outfit fits a female body type1 player it will also fit mako, vette and most of the other female companions. If this requires “programming” for every new character to have a small art change as you say, then Bioware is doing it wrong. That also doesn’t mean anyone hates BW to say so. There is no reason that Lana and Theron and Nico couldnt be the same with a small amount of effort from an art standpoint.

You mean there is no reason that you can think of. Are you a programmer? Have you ever done any programming? I doubt it, since you seem to think that this is just an easy switch (“a small amount of effort”, as you said) to make from the companions’ current outfits to being interchangeable. Programming isn’t an “art” issue, it’s programming, and since I’ve done a fair amount of programming while getting my degrees, I can attest to how difficult it is with just a few thousand lines of code. It’s not easy, and I for one am not going to hate on BioWare for not pushing the magic button that so many people seem to think they have.

Wow. Get over yourself.

If you MUST know, I have a degree in CIS (That stands for Computer Information Systems- a fancy way of saying programming) and a second degree in Video Game Art and Design.
And i do it for a living.

As I said, but you completely failed at reading comprehension, Programming is clearly not the issue at all. its not even involved in the appearance of the character. THAT is a 3D model – that an ARTIST -not a programmer- made. End of story.

Customization will come. Most likely close to the end of KotFE. There is an appearance slot on each which leads me to believe either Cartel Market items, or in a future pack of some description.

i mean put the gear we want on them like we can with out old school companions not the cheesy stuff they come up that I am sure I will dislike.

Who gives a damn? Tired of seeing this question asked. Reveals you to be a scrub. Sorry, you can’t put Lana in a slave bikini and fap away. All the ways they’ve jacked up this game and you’re worried about not being able to play Barbie dress up with a handful of the 50 companions.

Somebody is antsy. It’s an honest question, since you know…. you could customize your other companions before, there should be no reason they shouldn’t be able to now.

By the way… Lana? Seriously? She looks like a foot.

“there should be no reason they shouldn’t be able to now”

The fact players could customize other companions before is exactly why they had reasons to fix this. The amount of bad taste and 12-year-oldness is already immense in this game.

Because letting everyone force their followers to save the galaxy in bright pink bikinis utterly kills the atmosphere of a story-oriented game.

”The “Seeking Out Prey” Achievement has been updated to include the Massassi Blood Battler.”
Does any1 know where this mob is located?

I think it’s the new mob they added that circles that artifact piece you go to with Talos in the temple approach area

Oh snap! Here I thought they got rid of those ridiculously pricey armor repair bills on purpose to make the game more fun to play!

“In other news, Corruption and Madness sorcs rejoice as their specs were left untouched. With the IO mercs still crying losing its former glory.”

This just in, Khem Val is striped from his friends, and placed back in the tomb, as we praised Khem with his ability to make new friends and drop his old habits, his only best friend now, is the stupid whiny old woman that…. floods his mind. Poor Khem. =(

Fight? Oh, right, this is the internet, where everything is a super serious attack on people and never just an attempt at humor. Thanks for reminding me how thin-skinned people can be.

it’s a good thing they didn’t nerf healers or sages/sorcs, cause that would be totally unfair for warzones.

PVE VS PVP, etc. They need to buff the other healers if they want to nerf sages because of raids. That means buffing operatives, which is HERESY.

Seemingly at random, original romances like Nadia, Iresso, Temple, etc. are being ignored in KotFE content. You should get 2 conversations about your old spouses and Mail from them. The bug stops that from happening. In addition male Bounty Hunters will be treated as if they romanced Torian if they Romanced Mako and female Sith will be forced into a romance with Adronikes (s/p?)

Wait what happens with Torian? I already ran my hunter and I got the letter and everything from Mako. I honestly don’t think the bug is that dependable in its activation. I have sometimes not gotten convos, but still gotten mail for some. I hope that this virus is not mutating.

Hilariously the only romance that the game screwed up for me, if mail is the indicator, was with Kaliyo. So I hope they fix that sooner than February.

Like I said, the bugs surrounding the romances are seemingly random. I took 3 characters into KotFE, 2 were fine (my agent and my Knight). Ironically, the only romance that got screwed up was the one that DIDN’T cheat with Lana.

I was wondering why courting gifts were no longer working on Mako with my Bounty Hunter. I did discover that Talos Drellik would take them, though, so I’ve just been giving them all to him. Figured he kind of swung that way, anyways, from the way he speaks.

A lot of post Act 3 romances were broken by 4.0 and they haven’t addressed it AT ALL. Few lengthy threads on the forums about it. Comps no longer accept “Romanced” gift options and there’s no more romance interaction. Starting to think they aren’t going to fix it until a romance option returns (Kaliyo).

“Khem Val no longer invites his friends to hang out at Sith Inquisitor Strongholds, and many Companions have considerably reduced their nudist tendencies within Strongholds.” What…?

The Sith Inquisitor is one of the imperial classes. A Stronghold is a player home. There was a bug with Khem Val (an Inquisitor companion) in strongholds.

Oh right and they nerfed Force Breach/Discharge and Slow Time/Wither’s damage from the perk by 20%

My damage, it’s not like Tanks would top DPS charts. Wth.

Finally can use my Treeks in DPS mode after this
Now that every enemy in the galaxy knows not to do so, Treek has ceased repeatedly yelling “You underestimate me!”
Thank the maker!

WTF we have to pay for repairs again?!! i through BioWare was giving us free repairs for compensate the 1.5 million credits we spend per toon when 3.0 was release and you have to pay for the new abilities than after early access become free forever!!!

Yeah, not having to repair after fights was nice while it lasted. But it was always obvious that it was going to be “fixed”. 🙁

How can you exploit something that you have no control over with… I know! stop playing until they fix it, so if you die you don’t ‘exploit’ the 0 repair bills, after all it only take them a month to fix the bug

so instead of just bringing the lagging dps up on par with the shadows sents slingers maras snipers etc… let’s nerf ALL of those classes… it makes more work for our devs.

Sometimes the shit bioware does makes little to no sense.

actually they would only have to have buffed a few classes vs nerfing the amount they are nerfing here, it’s only the grd/jugg and mando/BH that needed buffed vs the nerf on shadow/sin slinger/sniper sent/mara

oh I don’t PVP so fuck me right? no fuck you, the game is more than PVP it’s more than raiding, and it’s bullshit when douche bags like you say shit like this.

the burst may have been heavy, however there’s really no reason to hit it so fucking hard, bioware has absolutely zero concept of the word finesse.

Yet more elitist whining from a PvPer, based on ignorance and limited perspective.

The factor always missing in these whining diatribes is player skill. Player skill. Let me reiterate: player skill.

Here’s a quote from a legendary Neverwinter Trickster Rogue after that class was nuke-nerfed: “I am OP. I don’t care about the nerf. I will still make them cry.” And then he posted video of him spectaculalry murdering any and all classes in PvP. Because he was good. Overwhelmingly good.

The core concept of this game was it’d be a story-driven MMORPG (I’ve played this game off-and-on since August of launch year). Howerver, PvPers demand any MMO in which they play must be a competition-based arena. And they wail, moan, screech, and weep incessantly when their preferred class is “unbalanced.”

Are some individual classes broken from time to time? Sure. But BioWare will whip-saw a whole class category based on PvPer complaints about one specific class in that category. BioWare nerfs the whole class category. Huh?

The solution is patently obvious; GW and others have used it for years: toggle PvP skill sets in PvP areas.

Bottom line: never balance a PvE game based on PvP requirements. Yet BioWare does so consistently. And they lose players. They don’t get it.

before you complain take a look at the parses for once
sniper, mara, pt were miles ahead of all the others, was the sin nerf needed ? not really but hey

I wasn’t complaining, just pointing out that they seem to fine tune with sledge hammers instead of scalpels.

Because they act first before thinking, guess they use heavy hits and when people start pointing out the math – they slowly increase. As unfortunate as that is, expect something in the next few months. You’d think this is what the test server was for though, so they could see these actual changes prior to releasing to live.

take a look at parses? Are you a fucking idiot? Balance should not be done based on hitting static targets, PVP balance should be taken from actual pvp players, almost always sorcerers are top DPS in Warzones.

Basically there is a dev that only plays sorc/sage and when he’s testing out the settings against others he gets owned. Whatever class beats him then gets designated as nerf. Unless the sorc is both the best dps and best healer the game is broken to this individual who holds sway over the game.

It’s been that way for awhile, yet whoever that dev is just can’t play the game. Sorcerer has been easy mode since 3.0

Unbound Loot Boxes can once again be placed in Legacy Cargo Holds
This is a good change that took way to long to fix, but at least it’s finally done. Still no romance bug fix though, which is absolutely retarded given how bad Ashara is with getting her influence up. They really need to change that too. The game should not punish players for playing as a female or male version of any character class when it comes to companions and gaining influence with them, especially considering how grindy it is now. Someone should do the math on how many gifts it would take to get Ashara, on a female inquisitor that was maxed pre 4.0, from 10k influence to the 250k cap.

Sith Assassin
Dreadful Nightmares now increases the damage dealt by Crushing Darkness and Demolish by 15% (down from 20%).
This is an absolutely dogshit change that, once again, nerfs one of the least viable specs in the game. I don’t even DPS on my Assassin/Shadow and only tank on them, but still. Holy fuck. What is their goddamn reasoning for this? Any nerf to this spec, no matter how small, is exacerbated because it’s just so bad right now. I just do not get it. Really, I want to hear the reasoning for this from the team at BioWare that handles the class balance in the game. I want to hear how a relatively easy to play burst spec should do more DPS than a more difficult to play sustained DoT spec. Because it doesn’t make any sense in my head. Not to even get on how they continue to fuck up Operatives/Scoundrels. Is it because they have stealth that means they should be pure shit?

Since when? After they fixed the terminal on Odessen so you could get old companions back I used Republic Memorabilia on Ashara and was getting like 400 for a legendary gift on my female sorcerer. Every other companion for a love gift at that influence lever, right at rank 10, was giving about 2000 per gift. And yes I have all 3 of the Legacy of Altruism perks. Granted I stopped after that because fuck that, so they could’ve done it, but I’m actually curious when they patched that in.

Because Asharas all about being wanted :p

Ashara: “What?! You dont want to F me? Well FU then!”

Always hated her, shes all the worst parts of Young Anakin/Luke with boobs added on to distract the libidos of those so inclined to ignore the first part >_<

I keep telling people they do not listen to the PvE players unless it pertains to something broken, like a flashpoint not working or something, everything else is the PvPers who whine the loudest.

I do like the nerfs in a pvp aspect, cause at least now i will maybe not get smacked twice from a stealther and just die, but for PvE it is crippling and completely unnecessary given the health pools of the mobs.

keep saying they should split the nerfs like what other MMO’s do, if they nerf for pvp, than the nerf should only take place in pvp areas, and not affect PvE.

They like to “fix” things with a sledge hammer.

DAMNIT I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!! They are nerfing the drop rate of ice scrabbler jerky… OMFG WHY WAI WAI!!!!!!! damn you bioware, DON’T NERF MY JERKY YOU JERKS!!!!!!!!!!111111one!!!1!1!1!1shift+one!!!!11!1

biofail can swing a nerf bat, but cant be bothered to fix NiM loot, or give us any relevant content… anyone else thinking they are done with the game? i dont see them making any more end game operations just finishing this shite story

Glad I don’t pvp anymore this sorc buff ratio to every other class that may challenge it getting a nerf is absolutely beyond obnoxious. Hope the 8 v 8 sorc pvp matches are fun for everyone no need for any other class to join in now.

Because the Healers kept complaining about all the attention they get when they enter an arena and get focused, they can’t deal with the pressure.

I understand the crit surge nerfs for Advance Prototype and Deception’s Discharge. But I don’t understand them nerfing damage for Ball Lightning and Voltic Slash.

Update 4.0.3

– Events
– Nerf
– Nerf
– Nerf
– Bug Fixed

– More Nerf
– And even more Nerf
– Ah wait one more nerf to do.

deception is a burst spec which was parsing higher than hatred (dot spec). Ideally it should be the other way around.

Some classes have been working too well and I guess these changes will effect PvP more than PvE overall (Ops and HM aside).
I am surprised that Sorcerer Healers were not hit harder to help balance PvP.
They could have added in the Companion Tank fix into this and some Tactical FP adjustments as well, given that these seem more important than a lot of what has been done.

the thing is, if they smack the healing classes too hard, cause they do like to fix with a sledge hammer, it would end up making Ops and HM far too difficult to even bother with, and those players will just quit, given that they like giving everyone even more hp, and making the mobs hit harder.

Bioware cannot seem to get the idea to instance their nerfs strictly to PvP when they are obviously for pvp, which is what these debuffs and few buffs seem to be.

Yeah, I see where you are coming from.
They could do with taking a leaf from GW and just having a separate skill set for PvP (or the skills having a different use), so you can change one without screwing the other.
Otherwise they need to also adjust down the Ops and HM to allow for the greatly reduced DPS.

Who gives a damn about pvp… pvp is for kids only… they shall stop tempering with classes only because useless pvp idiots are whining

Yay, let’s celebrate 4th anniversary by basically screwing AP PT, Sins, Snipers, and adding a ton of unhappines to already dissatisfied community. Best way to celebrate EVER!

This thing has been bugged since hmm…
Oh, that was in… dang i don’t remember…

Wait a second…

… Since achieves have been available actually – patch 2.0.0 for what i recall… somewhere in the middle of last century. Antique stuff, you know.
Pretty weird they fix that but not the access to the rancor’s cage.

Ah, someone is telling me they took over 2 years to fix Kaon FP title and the Gree sabers model and blade still fallback to custom built lightsabers when thrown or loot with.

I wonder what will happen with some NiM boss fights since already now some are very tight dps checks. Irony is of course that NiM loot is still not attractive to go there in first place 🙂

>tight DPS checks on nightmare require the top parsing classes to clear during 10 seconds of enrage.
>Gunslingers, Vanguards, Sentinels, Infil Shadows
>Nerf them all
>Don’t buff the other classes that aren’t making the cut
>Announce that nightmare mode will drop useless 220 tokens as “intended”
>Community praises Bioware for fantastic story content.

To be fair, you can completely trivialise the DPS checks in NiM by making a Crystal of Nightmare Fury.

Now, about the cost of said crystal…

I really don’t like the fact that we have to create those things at all.

Or farm for them.

During ONE weekly event.

Thank you, Mr. Bioware sir! Now some buffs for Concealment/Scrapper, maybe? *hat in hand* Or maybe just some practical, effective AOE?

The only way for scrapper AoE to be back to useful values is if they were to… well, revert every change to carbine burst since 2.0, including the part where a nocrit was supposed to be 60% of a suckerpunch.

So I see the Sorcerer love continues with Bioware! People complain about snipers high damage but have no idea what it takes to survive as a sniper / gunslinger, yet Sorcerers which are easy as shit to play remain buffed to crap. 20% damage reduction on all ability crits and a further 5% reduction on penetrating blasts means that sniper is fundamentally fucked.

The Gunslinger was a bit op-ed, mine is not as good equipped as my main char (Commando) and has ahigher burst dps allready but they only listen to crappy pvp players who like to ruin pve….. But yeah Sorcerer/Sage are more op-ed…. especially as they don’t have force problems, unlike Commando/Gunslinger with ammo/energy

I agree that that the damage was a bit high, but a flat 20% reduction on ALL abilities? that’s just a stupid across the board decision, 5% reduction all and 15% on ambush would be a push, but no, the devs a fucking stupid. It basically means that that ambush now will crit at maximum for 23k -25k even with procs and crit / power stacking. that is insanely low for a pure damage class. At least with commando / merc they have heals and they hit for ~20k

-Prototype Weapon Systems now increases the critical strike damage bonus of Rocket Punch, Rail Shot, Magnetic Blast, Retractable Blade, Thermal Detonator, and Energy Burst by 10% (down from 30%). All additional effects remain unchanged.

Crappy Developing right there. If you don’t know how2balance,stop trying plux. (Let the NerdRage continue,incoming second attempt at fixing PT’s !)

Engi finally became decent (and mostly VIABLE!) for Regs and even Yolo …and you’ve done it again,you’ve f it with it.

-Experimental Explosions now increases the critical damage dealt by Explosive Probe, Interrogation Probe, EMP Discharge, and all area effects by 10% (down from 30%).
-Explosive Engineering now increases the damage dealt by Explosive Probe, Cluster Bombs, Fragmentation Grenade, Plasma Probe, and Orbital Strike by 10% (down from 15%).

Where does the DMG come from now ? MM-Style ? Spamming SoS4life ?. AoE reduced once again (Fair enough,Sorc’s only pop 3k FS now a days). So good ol’ IP/PP-Combo only offers a CC now ..(since it won’t even scratch any more). Welcome to the 2 Button-Disc : EP + SoS = Win.

GO troll somewhere else dude , PT’s are the meta for 2 years plus you can literally place your head on the keyboard and 3 shot people. It was long overdue and the best balance patch in months if not years.

I will cry for you it’s gonna be hard to find another 2 button class like this one. You will actually have to get some skillz… 🙁

I never claimed that PT’s were underpowered (re-read plux). Any ways,a 20% won’t fix PT’s Burst (and especially Global sessions) and you’ll be the first to nerd rage on the Forums about it. SC has been nerfed prior to 4.0 , and once 4.0 got Released it went straight up 😉 (#Developing) . Tech < .

'2Buttons Class' , tell me 1 Class that doesn't consist of 3-4 Buttons.

My Post , indeed was 'Trollish' , because I can't (and never will) take such attempts serious. BW been trying to hard to achieve a Fail attempt and this time,more than usual.

No mention of fix to the credit expl…. Wait, nothing to see here. Please move along
*BW Dev points gun to my head for bringing this up in writing*

How can you exploit something you don’t have control over with? is not like Coratanni exploit were you chouse to do it, its just happen, period.

I am a pragmatic, no BS type of person rather than trying to reach and justify something. I know an exploit when I see it.

i was talking about the repair bills bug (since some people also call that an exploit) didn’t know there was another ‘temple chair’ kind of exploit around, frankly i never understand people complaining about having to grind for something, is a game design for grinding after all, i guess some people just need to have everything by yesterday and don’t want to work for it.

repair bill thing is a bug not an exploit. they wont punish the whole community for not paying their repair bill XD
The stack of credits thing is a punishable exploit because people knew what it was doing and did it on purpose.

They should remove the guilds who used it to win conquest this week from the leader boards and drain the guild bank of all credits and items.

Finally fixed the bug for “kill it with fire” that has been unobtainable and known since only a few weeks after the launch of 2.0 and the achievement-system.

it was the ONLY unobtainable achievement left from pre-4.0 so they must be getting to the bottom of the pile now! or some other plausible explanation, why it has been on the to-do list for this long, and suddenly gets fixed? maybe they just ran out of “important” stuff to do.. and started fixing the game!?

jokes aside, its nice to see that it happens, even though it took a long time.

Im not sure yet, but they wrote it was fixed in these patch notes, so back to trying everything again. a while back i tried EVERY spec with any description or visuals of “burning” and tried the burning grenades from powertech as well, nothing worked back then. hope it might be one of those effects that needs to be applied now.

but if anyone actually knows what triggers it, please speak up! 🙂

“Players starting the Shadow of Revan Mission chain on their ship now see their companions react more specifically to their relationship status”

So, how exactly does one determine the relationship status if, let’s say, one hasn’t played a character in awhile and has forgotten how far along they are in one romance or another?

If you have romanced someone in the past, you will get an in-game e-mail from that person during some of the first chapters.

Did some pars on my slinger and it looks nerf is like 13% (mostly 224 gear) 6.5k on dummy down from 7.5k and then i did same on vanguard (216 gear 4 set bonus) 6.3k nerf around 4-5% WTF

Ok, so basically BIofail took my sniper rifle away and replaced it with a BB gun. What the hell. MM Snipers weren’t even at the top of the DPS ladder. I would have been somewhat ok with the crit reduction, but screwing us over by nerfing penetrating blast is way over the top. How is a class that is purely DPS supposed to be competitive with other DPS classes when it’s now at the bottom of the DPS ladder? Time to switch to my merc I suppose.

Another case of PVPers QQing and Biofail responding with a bunch of dumbass, over the top nerfs. MM went from being a solid ops DPS to being dead last, and what they did to AP PTs, this is bullshit.

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